akgranerinternalkernel, hey I answered your email to the list18:59
akgranerI think we could talk live CD's and raid all the stores in Asheville and run System Test on them from the liveCD's and see if they are ubuntu friendly19:00
akgranernow that would be a fun day of Jamming :-)19:00
internalkernellol... sounds good to me, what was this talk of BBQ?19:01
akgranerOh everyone can come to my house19:01
akgranerI'll cook some BBQ and we can drink and geek out on Ubuntu all day19:01
internalkernellol! nice... you had me at drink.  :D19:02
akgraneryou know slow cooked pulled pork to go with wiki pages, unity bugs, and ubuntu friendly19:02
internalkerneltotally... along with a good milk stout... mmmm...19:02
akgranerI'll make it an all day long event - so people who have to drive (Like you all in Asheville) won't have to show up for an hour then leave...19:03
akgranerlike 9-6 or something19:03
akgranerwhat do you think?19:03
akgranerUbuntu Global Jam at the Graner's19:03
internalkernelI figure that could work... me and holstein (if he can make it) could probably car pool...19:04
internalkernelotherwise as long as it's on a weekend... my schedule is good.19:04
akgranerI think the kids are going to have some of there friends dropping in and out b/c they don't believe Pete and I work (since we work from home when we aren't traveling- and we can introduce them to Ubuntu :-)19:06
internalkernelon the other hand - the local LUG gets a decent turnout, so I would imagine we might get an equally impressive turnout for an "Ubuntu" event...19:06
akgranereither is fine with me - the LUG group can be invited too19:06
internalkernelI don't work unless I travel either... as far as anyone else can tell.19:06
internalkerneloh, I was thinking - and holstein could probably chime in on this - that we might get a better turn out if we plan it at Firestorm... however, the draw of a home style BBQ... is... well... preferred  :)19:07
internalkernelmy preference will always be with food and drink... but I thought I should bring that side of it up too.19:08
akgranerI am cool with it - since I am the only one out here in no man's land - I can head y'alls way19:08
akgranerit's an easy drive19:08
akgranerinternalkernel, you and holstein talk about it and let me know - as much as I'd love to have you all at the house - if Firestorm will draw a bigger and more diverse crowd then I'm all for there19:11
internalkernelI'll leave it up to holstein... since my decision would be biased for the bbq... ;)19:12
BugeyeDthere's a chance i could make it out sometime that weekend. food and drink sound great. but not necessarily in that order.19:21
BugeyeDhaven't been to asheville in, uh, probably 10 years. no idea about firestorm.19:22
BugeyeDstill have at least one outstanding ubuntu bug plagueing my laptop. it's related to the intel video.19:22
BugeyeDand a new (to me) bug that prevents a flatpanel monitor from displaying anything until the boot is complete. not even the grub menu will show (signal frequencies out of range).19:23
akgranerBugeyeD, did you file a bug?  I haven't heard about that one19:25
BugeyeDthe intel/laptop issue was already filed. the other one i haven't looked for yet - just found the issue last night. and i'm working today, so ... but i do plan to look for it, and assume it's already been filed as well because there's no way i'm the only one seeing something like this.19:27
akgranerwe has some issues with dual monitors and Unity 11.10 earlier19:27
BugeyeDmy issues are with 11.04, haven't looked at 11.10.19:27
BugeyeDone is a customer machine, so i'm not excited about installing beta (or alpha) software.19:28
akgranermy primary machine is still 11.04 but I have a netbook with 11.1019:28
akgraneralpha 3 right now19:28
akgranerfeature freeze was last week19:28
BugeyeDmy primary machine is still 10.10. :) the dual monitor config has been a bear to fix following upgrades, so i dread doing it.19:29
akgranerewww - I wouldn't be excited either - I take it it's a production machine19:29
BugeyeDjust a desktop, but that's "production" for them. otherwise the video part wouldn't matter, as i tend to disable graphical stuff on the servers.19:29
akgraneryeah - I usually upgrade at Alpha 3 but I'm holding off right now19:32
BugeyeDlooks similar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/78130819:36
lubotu1Launchpad bug 781308 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "GRUB2 Boot Screen, on 11.04 "Signal Out of Range"" [Undecided,New]19:36
holsteininternalkernel akgraner22:59
holsteinim reading the scroll back22:59
holsteinim checking my calendar...23:00
holsteinis it that whole weekend?23:00
holsteinright now, im off on the 2nd (in the evening)23:01
internalkernelI think its at some point therein... that was my understanding23:01
internalkernelmaybe like sat afternoon23:01
holsteinsaturday is going to be busy23:01
holsteinwe have the LUG already that day23:01
holsteinwe could just do something for the UGJ there23:01
internalkernellmao... I totally forgot...23:02
holsteinand something else more official too23:02
holsteinim fairly open sunday too23:02
internalkernelit does happen to coincide...23:02
internalkernellikewise... we could separate them out23:02
holsteini can just mention it at the LUG23:03
holsteini have a concert anyways23:03
holsteinnot sure when i need to leave23:03
holsteinim about to 'put my thing down'23:03
holsteinits one of those prjects that just keeps asking for things from me23:03
holstein1st is was a short set at 3pm23:03
holsteinthen, it got moved to 1:1523:03
holsteinthen the "can we rehearse"23:04
holsteinthen, we need to be there at noon?23:04
holsteinthat aint right...23:04

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