ronnochi Cheri703! How have you been?01:22
Cheri703doing alright overall01:22
ronnocHow's Ubuntu-Ohio been? Not feeling too overwhelmed, I hope!01:23
Cheri703my to-do list is large, but not entirely u-ohio stuff :)01:24
ronnocheh well that's a Good Thing :)01:25
Cheri703yeah, but I keep procrastinating :) though I have been productive in other ways this past week01:31
Cheri703am a bit discouraged though, my business isn't bringing in enough money, so I've been looking for some sort of side income, and no such luck so far :/01:32
ronnocWhat is your business, if you don't mind me asking?01:33
Cheri703not too many office jobs in my area...mostly manufacturing around here01:33
Cheri703I do computer support/repair, etc01:33
ronnocahh... me too, and a bit of consulting, as my side job. I agree it seems to be rather feast of famine... :/01:33
Cheri703and I have a reasonable skill set, and type 84wpm (took a test the other day :) ) but...the temp places I went to haven't contacted me with anything, and most of the other places in town aren't hiring, or it's crappy retail or sales, which I don't want01:35
Cheri703there is a call center that apparently really wants me, but since I'm car free, I can't manage the hours they'd need01:36
ronnocahh we have a lot in common - I'm car-free too atm :)02:37
Cheri703yeah, I get along alright with the buses here02:50
ronnocheh. not here, sadly :/04:38
paultagCheri703: ever try out the trobber code?13:34
Cheri703not yet13:35
Cheri703might take a look after my errands later13:35
twotwozombiemorning all14:02
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* skellat grumblesmurfs23:13
Unit193Howdy, it's been mostly dead for a bit :P23:15
skellatThis is my first day off from work in 10 days23:16
skellatSomebody went on maternity leave and I was suddenly pushed into almost over 40 hours23:17
skellatConsidering that I am a part-timer, that's not cool23:17
skellatWill you be at OLF, Unit193?23:18
Unit193I would like to be a few days, but I should be able to make it to one23:18
Unit193Congrats on getting on Council ;)23:19
skellatI'm just there to record their open session23:20
Unit193So you should be for all days?23:20
Cheri703if I have independent transportation down to OLF, Unit193 is welcome to carpool with me23:20
skellatI only get that Friday23:20
Cheri703(still working out logistics of it all)23:20
skellatThe only reason I get that Friday is because it is my 30th birthday23:21
Unit193Cheri703: Thanks, I do hope you can go down, but I don't know how I can help you in return :P23:21
skellatI dunno.  The whole field deployment for Erie Looking Productions is kinda open for debate.  I sent a note to Council asking that somebody call my engineer to discuss what they envision for ELP to do so that he can plan out equipment load.23:23
Unit193Oh stinking fish... http://www.extremetech.com/internet/92792-mozilla-takes-firefox-version-number-removal-a-step-further23:30

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