rmg51morning JonathanD09:57
JonathanDhowdy rmg5109:58
JonathanDwhats up?09:58
rmg51just reading the paper10:02
JonathanDlooks to not be raining.10:04
rmg51give it time10:05
rmg51it's supposed to10:06
InHisNameuggh, more rain agan ?10:14
JonathanDI just want to get out and run before it does.10:16
rmg51stop typing start running :-/10:19
SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!10:55
JonathanDhi SamuraiAlba10:55
JonathanDnot a thing10:56
JonathanDjust back from running10:56
SamuraiAlbatrying to vompilr pyrit for OpenCL10:56
SamuraiAlbaSays cl.h missing...10:56
SamuraiAlbanot Vompilr10:57
SamuraiAlbaAnd last night I dreamt my laptop was in Russian...10:57
SamuraiAlbaI can do 3k pairwise Master Keys per sec on my pc with standard Pyrit under Ubuntu 11.04 using CPU10:58
SamuraiAlba8 cores FTW10:58
JonathanDI had to find my way around someones dutch install once.10:58
SamuraiAlbahow did that go?11:04
JonathanDI fixed the problem.11:15
JonathanDShame he was a jerk.11:15
JonathanDthere is a 12 foot by 7 foot by 9 foot "noahs ark" on craigslist.11:15
JonathanDLets make it seaworthy!11:15
InHisNameso, JonathanD are they trying sell it or float it ?14:25
JonathanDInHisName: it's free.14:26
InHisNameLooks like a kiddy play craft.  Something you'd find at please touch museum.14:38
JonathanDI think we should "fisish" it and make it seaworthy.14:41
n2diy I think I've screwed up my system by transferring files between this box and my backup box. My system sounds are messed up, and I think it is because this box is loading modules that the test box is using? Is there a way to test this by editing a file somewhere?17:50

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