cyberangerVirgin Mobile Broadband2go00:27
cyberangerbetter than boost last june, got a good plan they no longer have, 40 bucks unlimited00:28
cyberangerplugged into my asus eeepc, which has a nice atheros card in it, set to be an access point00:29
cyberangerwrst: ^00:29
cyberangerdrove an hour out, doubled back, now leaving mayville again00:31
cyberangera mifi would have been a little easier, but I already owned this, and besides, where's the fun in that ;-)00:33
cyberangerthe card can take an external antenna, but I didn't get one for it (at least not yet)00:40
cyberangeridk if it'd be worht the trouble00:41
cyberangerit's gone from the house to the interstate, from there it's solid00:42
wrstcool cyberanger01:37
wrstI'm still just on my phone01:37
cyberangerwrst: my phone is just wifi now01:57
cyberangerwell, for data & txt messaging01:57
cyberangerseems to be cheaper that way01:58
cyberangerwrst: KISS method, it's great, but if you notice, I do deviate from it often enough02:18
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: your rsa keys all set?02:18
cyberangerwb Unit19303:08
Unit193Thanks! Stupid USB support deopped again :(03:08
pace_t_zuluhey wrst13:39
wrsthowdy pace_t_zulu how are you doing?13:39
pace_t_zuluwrst: pm13:40
pace_t_zuluwrst: well, thanks13:40
cyberangermorning everyone13:52
cyberangerhow's it going13:59
wrstmorning travlerer14:27
pace_t_zuluso ...19:27
pace_t_zului accepted a new job and put in my two weeks notice this morning19:27

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