Cheeseheadh00k: dang.00:05
CheeseheadI can recreate them, but ugh if it happens again!00:05
h00k17:54 <        mhall119 > cjohnston: h00k: looks like we're missing all meetings with id 164-17600:12
h00kstandby, Cheesehead00:12
h00kbigbash: what do you want your Wiki name to be? Usually people do FirstnameLastname00:12
h00kbigbash: looks like you already got the hang of it00:14
Cheeseheadh00k: rgr00:33
h00kCheesehead: Looks like they lost a few, we'll see what they say. Feel free to idle in #ubuntu-locoteams for more info00:37
lostsonok then02:59
h00kI purchased a guitar today.03:05
lostsondo you know how to play or is this a new thing ?03:05
h00kI know a G cord, and a C cord03:06
h00kas of tonight03:06
h00ktotally new03:06
lostsoni played for years but havent in a long time03:06
lostsonunless you count guitar hero03:06
h00klostson: I don't think that quite counts03:51
h00kanyway, my fingers are numbing03:53
h00kprobably time to stop03:53
CheeseheadBach on guitar sounds a lot like Metallica03:54
CheeseheadIf both are done right03:54
CheeseheadNo joke. Both are wild baroque variations, and hard to tell apart without the cultural context. And both require somewhat unruly long hair...03:56
CheeseheadJust one was meant for churches03:56
CheeseheadThe other for taverns03:58
CheeseheadOoh. That takes it into philosophy03:58
CheeseheadToo late for that, though. G'night03:59
lostsonugh running games on 11.04 is a fleeting chore all dirty hacks to make things work03:59
CheeseheadWhat kind of games?03:59
CheeseheadWhat kind of hacks?03:59
lostsonpick one03:59
h00klostson: let me know if you get Lugaru running ;)04:00
lostsondamn unity!!04:00
lostsondamn Unity!! again!04:00
h00klostson: are you on Oneric?04:01
h00klostson: let me know if you get Lugaru running ;)04:01
h00k22:53 <         lostson > heh04:01
lostsonnever heard of Lugaru ?04:01
h00k$ ./.lugaru/lugaru04:01
h00kSDL_GL_LoadLibrary() failed: Failed loading libGL.so.104:01
h00kSegmentation fault (core dumped)04:01
h00kIt was in the first Humble Indie Bundle04:01
lostsonlibGL errors are always fun to track down04:02
h00kyeah, I'm not going to try04:03
lostsonusually 2 things either a certain library isnt installed or a coding error04:03
lostsonwell lets see apt-get install xubuntu-desktop will solve this problem04:07
lostsonoh crap i have to go take my pills04:07
h00kgood luck04:08
lostsonthanks I kinda think i am gonna need it cant see to get better no matter what the doctors do to me04:09
h00klostson: still the ... pneumonia or... what did you have going on? Some infection deal?04:10
lostsonyeah pneumonia with a infection in my blood that is what got me in the hospital for 5 days04:11
lostsonahh good ol clementine04:16
h00kokay, I need sleep04:19
h00kI'm passing out here04:19
lostsonok good night04:19
Cheeseheadh00k: Thanks for creating a new Aug 17 meeting announcement: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/178/detail/15:12
CheeseheadAdded three items to that agenda15:13
=== Owner_ is now known as favrenation
CheeseheadA great deal of fun to watch the #ubuntu-locoteams data loss bug slowly gather momentum.21:54
CheeseheadI really like being the snowflake that triggers the avalanche21:55

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