superflymorning sakhi, maiatoday06:19
maiatodayhi superfly06:46
inetprogood evening08:07
inetprosuperfly: wb09:20
superflythanks, dunno what happened there09:20
inetpro(Ping timeout: 258 seconds)09:20
superflyhrmf, probably Freenode's 7 acting up again09:21
Kilosstill in time to say morning superfly and all others09:40
superflyhi Kilos09:42
Kilosrahter poor turnout for the meeting last night. hope that doesnt affect us still being accepted at the powers that be09:55
KilosMaaz, coffee on09:55
* Maaz washes some mugs09:55
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:59
KilosMaaz, ty10:00
MaazEnjoy Kilos10:00
inetprogood morning Kilos10:00
Kilosgood morning inetpro 10:00
inetproKilos: the number of attendants should not matter10:00
Kilosi hope so10:01
inetprowe just need to keep the ball rolling10:02
Kilosoh is that all10:03
inetproKilos: yep, and I think you are contributing in a good way10:03
Kilosdont they want to see growth10:03
inetprothe fruit will grow sooner or later10:03
Kilosi had a look at ptawug they near 200 members10:04
Kilosif not for the need to use googleearth to get pinpointed i would join them10:05
Kilosi see they even cover other side hartebeestpoort dam10:05
inetprowell I don't think you can compare ptawug with #ubuntu-za 10:07
inetprooh and I think we might even have much more than 200 ubuntu-za members on the mailing list10:08
Kilosno but they seem to be a similar kinda venture and help each other with repos and so via wireless10:08
inetproI think drubin knows the number 10:08
inetproKilos: hmm... not exactly the same10:09
inetprowe're just focussing on ubuntu, they are focussed on many things10:09
Kilosno i agree inetpro but if they are into ubuntu then there must be some clever geeks there as well10:10
Kilosand it seems to be a geeky thing to get pleasure out of helping others10:10
inetproKilos: obviously they have some clever dudes there and some of them are even members of ubuntu-za10:10
Kilosoh thats good to hear. do you know who?10:11
inetpronothing wrong with being a member of multiple groups10:11
Kilosbecause i would hate to have to go through the whole please explain why i cant just quickly download stuff10:12
Kilosif they were all ms oriented i wouldnt be interested at all10:12
inetproKilos: they don't provide internet services10:13
Kilosbut it seems a way to get around the bandwidth issues most of the time10:13
Kilosyes i saw that10:13
inetprogetting around it is still illegal10:14
Kilosbut if you can get repos etc over wireless that already will save lots10:14
Kilosis wireless illegal10:15
inetproKilos: nope not exactly, and yes some will probably share stuff like repos over the wires10:16
Kilosthats what i read there that the aim is. to limit the need for bandwidth10:17
inetproKilos: just join their irc channel and ask around10:19
Kiloslol. i tried that but i then get kicked off here because i dunno how to make xchat use 2 different servers10:20
=== Squirm2 is now known as Squirm
nuvolariwhat do you guys think I can use to clean the letters off my keyboard?13:22
superflysoapy water?13:25
superflymaybe meths?13:26
cocooncrashnuvolari: Why do you want to do that?13:33
confluencyTry sugar.13:41
confluencyDIY Dvorak?13:42
confluencynuvolari: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1723853.html13:42
nuvolariconfluency: ye, need to get rid of qwerty :P13:43
nuvolariMaaz: 100*15/60.013:46
Maaznuvolari: 25.013:46
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn_work
* nlsthzn_work waves13:47
* superfly supresses the urge to make a comment about capes and superheros again ;-)13:51
superflyhiya Fantastic_Dan13:51
nuvolaricapes? I likes the capes. Wine, Table Mountain, the sea... :P14:03
Kilosevening all16:39
* nlsthzn_work waves16:40
superflyhi Kilos, nlsthzn_work16:52
nlsthzn_workHi Mr. superfly ...16:54
Kiloshmm me likes that16:54
Kiloshiya Mr. superfly 16:55
superflyoom Kilos16:58
superflyAnd Uncle nlsthzn_work16:58
Kilosoh is he an uncle as well16:59
nlsthzn_worknope... but thanks for thinking of me :p17:01
nlsthzn_workYours lord and master, Foamy17:01
superflyOh, so it's Foamy nlsthzn_work17:05
nlsthzn_workDo you know Foamy Squirel?17:07
superflyNo... Do I want to?17:09
* superfly raises an eyebrow17:09
nuvolarinaand oom Kilos 17:11
Symmetriawhatsapp on my pc works17:13
Symmetriawhat a hack :P17:14
nlsthzn_worksuperfly: to be honest no... not really... he can be rather bad mouthed and very a-religion... He has had a few funny moments but for all the wrong reasons...17:15
superflyyeah, I figured that was probably part of the Joe Cartoon era17:16
Kilosreal winter night in durban 8°c17:32
Kilospoor nuvolari 17:32
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:32
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:32
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:36
KilosMaaz, ty17:36
MaazEnjoy Kilos17:36
Kiloshi drussell 17:37
Kilosand dan back again17:37
Kilosmust be the fantastic 5 now17:38
superflyKilos: and he's not just any Dan, he's Fantastic_Dan :-D17:38
Kiloshey superfly hows 365 going17:38
superflyKilos: eish, it's currently dead in the water... the framework I was developing it on has reached a dead end, and I'll have to port it to another one, which is going to take a lot of work, and I just don't have time for it right now.17:39
Kiloshas anyone seen drussell  before or is he new17:39
Kilosaw thats sad superfly 17:40
superflyKilos: I think drussell is new in here, either that or he usually uses another nick17:41
Kilosah ty17:41
Kilosoh ya superfly is the pick a day still working with mommy17:45
inetprogood evening17:45
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za inetpro 17:45
Kilosare you new here17:45
inetproKilos: thanks17:45
superflyKilos: no, the server died, and then once I had it up and running she didn't want to do it anymore.17:46
* inetpro never been here before17:46
Kilosoh well inetpro you are welcome as long as you not a winsucks peep17:47
inetproKilos: hmm...17:47
inetproKilos: what is that?17:47
Kiloshave you heard of ubuntu before17:47
Kilosits an OS made by microstinks17:48
Kilosyour server superfly ?17:48
Kilosthe p2 one17:48
inetproKilos: what is ubuntu, can I eat it?17:49
superflyKilos: what about it?17:49
superflyoh, no, not that server17:49
Kilosis that the server that died superfly 17:49
Kilosoh sorry17:49
superflyno, that one is still running... they don't make hardware like they used to17:50
superflymy other one... the one with all the pictures and other files on it17:50
superflyfortunately the pictures were safe, it was the motherboard that died17:50
Kilosinetpro, to the best of my knowledge ubuntu is a very tasty flavour with a linux base17:50
inetproSymmetria: you got whatsapp going on the PC? How?17:50
Kiloskinda like milktart17:50
Kilosoh thats the mb one. lucky hey17:51
Kiloslo nuvolari 17:51
inetprohmm, that calls for a cup of coffee17:51
nuvolarithis bakers milk choc break cookies are the best17:51
inetproMaaz: coffee on17:51
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:51
nuvolarinaand oom Kilos 17:51
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:52
MaazKilos: Yessir17:52
inetpromelktert will be so nice now17:52
Kilosmaybe i must go sleep. felling naughty tonight17:52
Kilosand only pc around17:53
Kilosek lief melktert17:53
inetproKilos: te vroeg om te slaap oom17:53
nuvolarisince wanner is oom stout? :P17:53
Kilosnie net ek nie seun. die vlieg lyk my het ook bietjie stoutgeid in hom vanaand17:54
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!17:55
KilosMaaz, dankie man17:56
MaazGroot plesier my vriend17:56
nuvolariMaaz:  where's mine?17:56
Maaznuvolari: *blink*17:56
inetproMaaz: baie dankie17:56
MaazPlesier inetpro17:56
nuvolariMaaz: fine17:56
Maaznuvolari: *blink*17:56
nuvolariMaaz: I said fine17:56
Maaznuvolari: Huh?17:56
nuvolaribe like that17:56
inetproSquirm: wb18:02
Kiloslo Squirm 18:02
* Squirm grumbles18:03
SquirmI'm trying to find a way to unlock my 3g Modem I bought in the UK :/18:03
Kiloswassup lad18:03
Kilosoh hold on18:04
SquirmDC Unlocker doesn't seem to pick up my modem, yet it says it does18:04
Kilosi got the site on my external i think18:04
KilosSquirm, i got mine from this site18:07
Kilosmost likely without the last bit18:07
Kilosi got an arab modem18:08
* nlsthzn_work walks like an Eqyptian...18:09
Kilosand you know about modeswitch Squirm 18:09
Kilosusb-modeswitch in synaptic other wise pc sdoesnt see 3g modem18:10
Kilosi think it was usb-modeswitch18:10
SquirmI just need to figure out how to unlock it first18:10
Kilosthat link above18:11
Squirmyeah, but then how to actually do it18:11
Kilosi think i had to register before they helped but then it was within 2 hours18:11
Kilosthey give you a code18:11
Kilosoh my goodness18:12
Kilosthen i had to plug it into a windows pc and let it install 18:12
Kilosthen when you got a local sim in it will ask for the code those peeps will give you18:13
Kiloscalled a NCK code18:13
Kilosand maybe a NSCK code18:13
Kilosgood luck18:15
* Squirm breathes18:17
Squirmhere in town they wanted to charge me R150, thats almost 15 pounds18:17
inetprohmm... "then i had to plug it into a windows pc"? that is just sad18:18
Squirminetpro: it's sad they only make windows specific software18:18
Kilosyeah inetpro the 3g modems dont install to ubuntu as they do to windows 18:19
Kilosand it wont ask for an unlock code unless you are in its own program18:19
inetprosurely there must be a simple AT command to talk to it?18:19
Kilosthey lock them to the service provider18:19
Kiloslike our mtn and voda do18:20
Kilosdo like i did. installed xp on p3 just to unlock the modem18:20
Kilosthose gsm guys were very helpful18:22
Kilosthey even supply firmware for modems and flash goodies18:23
Kilosi didnt go that far just unlocked and it works kiff18:23
Squirmthat's all I want18:23
Kilosthey will give  you the unlock code18:24
Kiloswindows peeps can even get a program that will work the code out18:24
Squirmyeah, I tried DC Unlocker18:24
Squirmwhich should unlock it, doesnt need a code or anything18:25
Squirmbut idk, I think it's just my pc not liking my dongle18:25
Squirmthats actually what I think it is18:25
Kilosthose gsm guys know all about fones and 3g modems, that their game18:25
Kilosyou gotta install usb-modeswitch18:27
Kilosthen network manager works kiff18:27
Squirmof which I dont have either18:27
Kilosoh yes you not on ubuntu hey?18:28
Squirmwill have to figure something out that doesnt use gnome. I could just settle for wvdial18:28
Squirmim still with debian though18:28
Kilosi tried that but it didnt work for me18:28
SquirmI've had it working before18:29
Kilosbut anyway you will first need the unlock code put into the modem18:29
Kiloswe got ians working on kubuntu18:29
Kilosthose gsm guys will help you Squirm 18:30
Kilosonce it is unlocked it will work on any OS18:31
Kilosaw dan cucked without greeting18:45
inetproKilos: at least I'm still here18:46
Kilosya thanks man18:46
Kilosdit bietjie koud ne inetpro 18:47
inetproKilos: my feet are freezing18:47
superflyinetpro: sheep skin slippers :-D18:48
Kilosyeah mine too, and hands and nose and ears18:48
inetprosuperfly: ahh, sounds nice and warm, where do I get those?18:48
superflyinetpro: there's a pharmacy in Caledon that sells them :-P18:49
* inetpro should take a ride to Caledon on the scooter18:49
inetproKilos: how far is Caledon from here?18:50
inetproKilos: is dit baie vêr?18:51
Kilosek dink in die kaap18:51
Kilosheel ver18:51
Kilosdaar is plekke hier18:52
Kilossal sis vra as sy uit die bad klim18:52
inetpronee superfly, so vêr gaan ek noie oorleef op daai scootertjie nie18:52
Kilossy het paar weke terug vir swaar gekoop18:52
superflyyes, Caledon is in the Western Cape18:53
* inetpro should perhaps just get a foot spa18:54
Kilosinetpro, sy se ook by n apteek. pharmarama18:54
Kilosinetpro, ^^ look there18:56
inetprothanks Kilos18:57
Kilosthank me if they have got near to you18:57
inetproKilos: sadly it won't help now19:04
Kilosonly help now is a hot bath then bed19:04
inetproas kids we used to just dunk our feet in salt water and ash19:08
Kilos hot water helps if its only cold feet19:09
Kilosthen once warm put socks19:09
Kilosi go bath and sleep now fellas. dont be up too late19:09
Kilosen lekker slaap19:09
inetproKilos: ek gaan ook slaap19:09
SquirmSorry Friend but i don't have free codes to this model19:10
inetprogood night19:10
Kilosmore dan19:10
Kilosoh my Squirm 19:10
Kiloskeep googling . somewhere there will be a site that has then19:11
Kilostry the modem manufacturer as well19:11
Kiloslook by the sim for make and model19:12
Squirmwill look around19:12
Squirmit's ZTE MF10019:12
KilosMaaz, google how to unlock a ZTE MF100 usb modem19:13
MaazKilos: "TestBox2 -ZTE MF-Modem All Unlocker! [Archive] - GSM-Forum" http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/archive/t-812502.html :: "modem | How to unlock broadband modem: unlocked dongle, unlocked ..." http://telecomandinternet.com/2010/07/how-to-unlock-broadband-modem-unlocked-dongle-unlocked-code-and-unlocking-software/ :: "ZTE MF100 Unlock code" http://www.gsmlover.com/unlocking-codes-log-files-requists/17694-zte-mf100-unlock-code.html :: "zte19:13
Kilosgood luck squirm. sleep tight19:13
Squirmchhers Kilos and thanks19:13
inetproKilos: I see on some site they even hase away the ghosts with feet in a salt water remedy19:14
Kilosi dont have ghost probs19:15
Kilosits the living that bug me19:15
LangjanHi to all the young boffins, are you well? 19:28
nlsthzn_workHi Uncle Langjan 19:28
nlsthzn_workI am well and you?19:28
* nlsthzn_work isn't a boffin but still being polite :p19:29
LangjanGood to hear, I'm also doing fine thanks. Just being polite already makes you a boffin...19:30
nlsthzn_workHehe, OK :)19:31
LangjanMy screen goes upside-down when I select extra visual effects on my Ubuntu 10.10. Any suggestions about what to do? Tried to reset to upside down but it reverts before I can sort out the inverted buttons. 19:31
=== nlsthzn_work is now known as qazxswedc
=== qazxswedc is now known as nlsthzn_work
Langjannlsthzn, now I have to learn to type qazxswedc and I am not even getting nlsthzn right yet...hoekom maak julle dit so moeilik vir die oumense?19:43
nlsthzn_workLangjan: :) sorry was busy on another channel... but an easy way to do IRC is to type the first few letters than press tab ;)19:47
LangjanExcuse my ignorance - what is IRC?19:48
nlsthzn_workoh, we are currently chatting via IRC... Interet Relay Chat :)19:49
Langjannlsthzn, wow! Thanks 19:50
Langjannlsthzn, any ideas on the upside-down screen? 19:50
nlsthzn_workLangjan: upside down screen?19:52
Langjanyes, when I select extra visual effects, the screen goes upside down19:53
nlsthzn_workhaha... that is weird (and annoying I am sure)19:54
Langjanvery much so, I tried to get to the screen settings to see if selecting upside down mode will sort the problem, but perhaps that is not the right solution.19:55
nlsthzn_workTo be honest I am not sure and very far from a Linux machine right now...20:00
LangjanOK thanks, it's not serious.20:01
nlsthzn_workSokkies... that is an awesome name for IRC :D20:46
SokkiesHaha thanks. why do you say so? or are you being sarcastic20:47
nlsthzn_workNo... it is... might be because I haven't been in SA for a few years and miss a bit of afrikaans but I like it :)20:49

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