TeknoCoolcan't find the windows partition00:00
evantonlet's say I want to find out if a certain app is in the repos by issuing "apt-cache search", but I don't have instant access to an ubuntu box. Are there free online web frontends for quering repos like this?00:00
scorchgeekTeknoCool: sometimes that happens if the ntfs partition is marked as 'dirty' due to improper shutdown...try rebooting into Windows, shutting down properly, and returning to Ubuntu00:01
Jordan_Udequeued: ActionParsnip: EFI allows you to set the default OS from within the booted system, and this default is a specific EFI executable rather than just a drive. grub-install, when using grub-efi and efibootmgr is available, sets grub (using the supplying distribution's name) as the default.00:01
TeknoCooli'm pretty sure i shut down corectly00:01
jawashinevanton probably packages.ubuntu.com00:01
scorchgeekTeknoCool: it just randomly happened to me when I was dual-booting00:01
TeknoCoolhowever i do get these bluescreens often when i start up windows00:01
scorchgeekit's worth a shot at least, isn't it?00:02
gogetaJordan_U: arch has eft but it always failed on me00:02
gogetaJordan_U: even in a vm00:02
Jordan_Udequeued: Note though that that is all it does as far as firmware is converned, only the default preference is saved. GRUB itself (and all the rest of Ubuntu) still reside only on the hard drive.00:02
TeknoCoolalso this reminds me of a unix based pasword recovery thing i had on a cd that also had problems with dirty drives00:02
mib_mibhi guys, i'm trying to run a ruby rake script using cron, however, i'm getting this error http://pastebin.com/23C0q8UN - but i don't know what permissions to set00:03
evantonjawashin: thank you00:03
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scorchgeekmib_mib: can you run it when you're not using cron?00:04
mib_mibscorchgeek: yep, runs fine00:07
mib_mibscorchgeek: according to the error, seems like a permission issue, i just don't know on what files or folders - as cron usually runs as a different user right00:07
scorchgeekmib_mib: well it depends00:07
scorchgeekwhat user's crontab are you editing?00:08
scorchgeekare you using sudo crontab, or not?00:08
mib_mibi'm using that users crontab actually00:08
mib_mibshould i be using sudo crontab?00:08
scorchgeeknot unless you need root privileges00:08
mib_mibok, i dont need root priveleges00:09
scorchgeekif you're using the same user's crontab as where you can successfully run it manually, I'm stuck00:09
DoggetNeed help with upgrading/installing 11.04. Can't boot into ubuntu, the screen turns all balck and the pc freezes.00:11
mib_mibit seems like it needs to create a directory that it can't00:12
Doggetsorry typo: black not balck00:12
scorchgeekDogget: how far did you get in installing before that happened? and is this a fresh install or an upgrade?00:13
JetJagurXPusr13 If you can see this your suggestion worked.00:14
JetJagurXPI now have my gateway configured to forward network traffic and clients have Internet access.00:14
JetJagurXPThanks for your help.00:14
linuxuz3r_anyone going to linux con00:15
NeedHelpHi @needHelp00:15
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scorchgeekNeedHelp: ...yes, well, what's the problem?00:15
ThomasB2klinuxuz3r_:  !off-topic00:15
NeedHelpI am up to Install 10.04 lucid00:15
DoggetWell Scorch: If I try a fresh install using Wubi or booting from CD, it doesn't get far at all. I don't even get past the logo, in fact I don't get to the logo at all.00:15
scorchgeekas in, you can't boot from the CD at all?00:16
scorchgeekor you install and then can't boot00:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:16
DoggetI am running 10.10 right now and doing the upgrade thingy works ok, all is upgraded until I reboot and boom pc freezes and I need a hard reboot00:16
NeedHelpi'm up to install 10.04 lucid into an existing partition where an ubuntu 11.11 resides ... do i have to install it and chose the 11.11 partition directly ? will this format it for me ??00:17
scorchgeekDogget: can you get to the grub menu? you might try entering recovery mode00:17
DoggetThat doesn't even work Scorch00:17
DoggetI have tried that too00:17
ActionParsnipNeedHelp: do you mean 11.10 or 11.04 ? 11.11 doesn't exist00:17
sam_thas anyone seen floatsaka?00:17
linuxuz3r_NeedHelp, yeah00:17
NeedHelp10.04 * into 11.04 sorry00:17
bazhangsam_t, what does that have to do with ubuntu support00:18
sam_the used to idle here a lot00:18
sam_tand he went missing00:18
szal!seen floatsaka00:18
ubottuI have no seen command00:18
linuxuz3r_NeedHelp, you just need to format the 11.04 partition00:18
bazhangsam_t, actual support only here please00:18
sam_twhere is ubuntu social00:18
NeedHelpfrom Windows ?? or while installing ?00:18
szal!ot | sam_t00:18
ubottusam_t: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:18
bazhang!ot > sam_t00:18
ubottusam_t, please see my private message00:18
linuxuz3r_NeedHelp, why are you downgrading your linux installation00:18
scorchgeekDogget: can you boot from the CD?00:18
ActionParsnipNeedHelp: part of the instal is partitioning, if you choose custom partitioning you can tell Lucid to format the Linux partition (destroying all data) then install itself to the space. If you have a seperate /home partition, tell the installer to use it but NOT format it00:18
torr760what is the best type of IRC00:19
th0rtorr760: one that works00:19
DoggetThe Cd boots up but then again same issue, black screen once Ubuntu kicks and pc is stuck00:19
bazhangtorr760, irc what?00:19
relaKKsim getting the floating input not supported box on the login screen only00:19
NeedHelpThanks @Action00:19
scorchgeekDogget: so you can't even reach a live CD desktop?00:19
torr760like which IRC program is the best?00:19
sam_tfor what?00:19
bazhangtorr760, there is not best00:19
relaKKsit was on the desktop at first but I just changed the refresh rate and got rid of it00:19
torr760just basic uses00:19
relaKKshow can I change it for gdm?00:20
NeedHelp@scro.. : i'm downgrading cause i have a problem with 11.04 busybox :( :(00:20
bazhang!best > torr76000:20
ubottutorr760, please see my private message00:20
scorchgeektorr760: if it's just for "basic uses" why do you even care? as long as you can connect and talk, any client is fine00:20
DoggetI have the option of starting 11.04 in normal mode or recovery but upon clicking on the options, after that nothing happens00:20
scorchgeekwell, to get any further I think you're going to have to boot from the installation cd00:20
scorchgeekit's possible you might be able to salvage the installation, otherwise you'll have to copy your data and reinstall00:21
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ubuntuis it possible to unformat an ext3/4 partition?00:21
wildbat1anyone know ant tools to edit/mount WIM file?00:21
scorchgeekwhat do you mean by "unformat?"00:21
bazhangubuntu, unformat?00:21
linuxuz3r_ubuntu you can recover it00:21
linuxuz3r_in windows00:21
ubuntumy /home partition was accidentally formatted by xubuntu live cd installer00:22
linuxuz3r_if you deleted the partition then created a new one you cant00:22
DoggetWell Scorch one thing though> If I use my old 4850 Ati card all is fine, using my actual 6850 ati I have the problems00:22
ubuntuI didn't delete the partition00:22
ubuntuit was formatted00:22
scorchgeekwell, I think there are tools that can recover from that00:22
scorchgeekbut I don't know anything about the process00:22
ubuntuI'm pretty sure I didn't check the format checkbox00:22
relaKKsanyone know how to adjust monitor settings for gdm?00:22
linuxuz3r_ubuntu i dont think you can00:22
th0rubuntu: after you figure out how to unformat a partition, can you work on uncrashing a car?00:23
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ubuntuso... what are my options then?00:23
scorchgeekubuntu: the general principle is that the data is still (partly) there on disk, but none of the usual filesystem tools can access it anymore00:23
spo0kzIn terminal whats the difference between  ./ and ~/00:23
scorchgeekspo0kz: . is current directory, ~ is home directory00:23
dv310p3rHow can I upgrade firefox from 5.0 to 5.01?00:24
ActionParsnipspo0kz: ./ is the current folder00:24
spo0kzscorchgeek: cool tnx m800:24
ubuntuscorchgeek, so what are my options? get a big pile of unnamed files with photorec?00:24
rauceI've just installed ubuntu on my thinkpad t500, version 10.10 because by friend had the cd already. I wiped the drive and did a fresh installation after a backup. the live cd boots fine (that's what I'm using now) but i can't seem to boot from my HDD, no grub or anything just a flashing cursor.... any help?00:24
seanmc98why does ubuntu not have the normal graphical interface when installed inside a virtual box as opposed to a normal install?00:24
ActionParsnipspo0kz: ~/ is the shorthand for $HOME or /home/$USER00:24
Dogget@scorchgeek: it seems like the graphic card is creating some issues with my 11.04 install. Anybody using a 6850 here and having the same problem?00:24
ActionParsnipseanmc98: it does, the installed OS will be the same00:24
scorchgeekubuntu: try googling around for ext3 data recovery formatted partition or something, I've heard of a few tools that can potentially recover00:24
RodneyJarvisIs there a way when moving data for instance, in the cli, to get a progress bar?00:25
scorchgeekubuntu: past that, a data recovery specialist can fix it00:25
ActionParsnipseanmc98: did you install the guest additions?00:25
scorchgeekubuntu: or you can restore from backup, but I'm assuming you don't have a valid backup if you're asking about this00:25
seanmc98ActionParsnip i know that but its not the same graphic/ UI look00:25
ActionParsnipRodneyJarvis: I've seen some scripts for it00:25
ubuntuscorchgeek, I have an old one... :-(00:25
torr760how do u use  proxy in xcat00:25
Jordan_URodneyJarvis: rsync --progress00:25
RodneyJarvisActionParsnip: Oh yeah...? Do you .... Ahhh Jordan_U Thanks...00:25
ActionParsnipRodneyJarvis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31670700:26
seanmc98ActionParsnip i have no clue if i did all i did was create it using the iso00:26
ActionParsnipseanmc98: get updated, see if it helps00:26
Jordan_URodneyJarvis: You're welcome.00:26
ActionParsnipseanmc98: the guest additions are installable in the menus in the virtualbox window: http://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers/2008/virtualbox-install-guest-additions.jpg00:26
rauceanybody? fresh install, 10.10, thinkpad t500, no GRUB, won't boot and just shows a flashing cursor00:27
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Dogget@rauce: I was just reading that, it might help you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174207100:28
RodneyJarvisActionParsnip: Sorry could you write that link again, I'm in Irssi, now i've opened xchat, so I can see it in the GUI.00:28
ActionParsnipRodneyJarvis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31670700:28
RodneyJarvisActionParsnip: Thanks.00:29
G00053is there a way to put gcc and kernel headers on my machine manually so upon fresh install I don't have to drag my box all the way to my router to be able to "make" my wireless drivers .00:31
DoggetI think the only solution for me left is to try the alternate install, with the text based install. Anybody knows how I can do  from 10.10 without having to kiss my 10.10 install good-bye?00:32
ActionParsnipDogget: from 10.10 to what?00:32
DoggetI have tried the normal upgrade root, no success00:33
ActionParsnipDogget: http://pastebin.com/xKNPUHb6    my method00:34
ActionParsnipG00053: are they not on the install CD?00:35
Dogget@Action is this the text based install or graphical one?00:36
Jordan_UDogget: What happens when you try to boot into recovery mode?00:36
RodneyJarvisDo large file transfers happen to take infinitely longer in the cli than gui?00:37
Jordan_URodneyJarvis: No.00:37
rhin0anyone know why on 10.04 on a touchpad the mouse pointer will sometimes "flick away" fromt he object you want it to click on -00:37
DoggetSame as normal install, I click install ubuntu then black screen after that and the pc hangs00:37
fishscenetouchpad sensitivity?00:37
DoggetSame issue if I perform a normal upgrade as well00:37
RodneyJarvisJordan_U: Thanks, you know when you start something new & wish you hadn't...?00:37
G00053ActionParsnip: you know what , maybe i'm confusing ubuntu with some of the other flavours i've installed00:37
ActionParsnipDogget: its the server upgrade method, just more explained. It will upgrade your desktop OS too00:38
owner_hello folks...need help installing gnome on red hat linux but having problems00:38
fishsceneWhen you "click" or "tap" the touchpad, it changes the imprint and if the sensitivity is too high, it might think you're trying to move the mouse.00:38
fishsceneowner_: Sounds like a redhat question00:38
DoggetWhat is the risk of screwing my actual 10.10 Action?00:38
Doggetof it screwing sorry00:38
IdleOneowner_: try #redhat00:38
urlin2uDogget, your best insurance is a back up of it a image.00:39
Jordan_UActionParsnip: It appears the upgrade process went fine, there is just a problem with 11.04 and his graphics card (or something else that is causing the screen to go black).00:39
ActionParsnipJordan_U: ahhhhhh00:39
rhin0ty fishscene00:40
ActionParsnipDogget: are you on 10.10 or 11.04 presently?00:40
DoggetWell if I was on 11.04 I wouldn't try to upgrade to 11.04 :-)00:40
Jordan_UDogget: What happens when you try to boot into recovery mode (I don't know if your earlier answer was in response to this question, but "recovery mode" is *not* and option of the installer).00:40
ActionParsnipDogget: then my method will upgrade you in a terminal00:40
Dogget10.10 my friend is what I am on at the moment00:41
owner_its empty...was wondering if anyone knows how to start a gnome after installing it on redhat00:41
DoggetBasically if I put my 4850 ati card, I have no issues. If I put my 6850 back in I encounter the install issues00:41
evermanjoin #rave and type !free_everman for free boobies!!!00:41
evermanjoin #rave and type !free_everman for free boobies!!!00:42
FloodBot1everman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:42
Doggetso I need to open an editor and put your method in there is that right?00:42
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NeedHelpHey Guyys :( :( No partition is appearing from the installation menu !!!00:43
NeedHelpI can See hard drives but no parition ::00:44
Jordan_UNeedHelp: What version of Ubuntu are you using? What is the output of "sudo parted -l"?00:44
ActionParsnipNeedHelp: run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see it ok?00:44
NeedHelpbut when i make udisk -l i see they are their00:44
NeedHelpyeap i see :)00:45
NeedHelpall partitions00:45
ActionParsnipDogget: put the ok card in, unintsll the ATi driver then put the 'bad' card in00:45
NeedHelpbut when i start the install just the hard drives00:45
NeedHelpi can only create new partition or use the entire disk00:45
Jordan_UNeedHelp: I specifically would like to see the output of "sudo parted -l" (use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com ).00:45
DoggetBeen there, done that Action00:46
DoggetNothing, same issues00:46
NeedHelpOkis U still here bro i need to Goo and run the Live CD again ;)?00:46
_aaron_what packages are included on the ubuntu server cd, only reason why i'm asking here is no one has answered me in #ubuntu-server00:49
jstooneIs it possible that my Hosting Service (godaddy.com) makes my php scripts non-SQLi able?00:49
fishscene_aaron: I do believe "LAMP" is included as well as some kind of cloud-service00:50
_aaron_fishscene, i Need dhcp samba server and cups00:50
DoggetWell I fear that if I follow your method, the same issue will occur Action :-(00:51
ActionParsnipDogget: could use a boot option to blacklist the driver00:52
wellyHi chaps. Looking at installing webmin on my ubuntu 10.04 server. We already have apache set up on that server and it's configured as we require. I'm concerned that installing webmin might mess with our apache set up. Does anyone know if that is the case or if webmin can leave apache well alone?00:52
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.00:53
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:53
DoggetIt is very starnge though, because when I boot into 10.10 I still need to install the ati driver. I do but using the one directly from Ati so I am running the 11.7 drivers and all is fine.00:53
Dogget"could use a boot option to blacklist the driver" how can you do that Action?00:53
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ActionParsnipDogget: modulename.blacklist=1    you may be able to find a boot option to force vesa driver use00:57
DoggetSorry at lose here Action, where do I have to go to try that option?00:58
george__OK i need some guidance here, my GF's inspiron 14r is having wifi issues and i need answers plus google aint working01:00
george__the chipset is BCM4313 and it only connected to my house01:00
edbiangeorge__: can you describe the issues?01:00
edbiangeorge__: I can get that chipset to work.01:00
george__ok lets see01:00
NeedHelpStill Here /q Jordan_U  ???01:01
MrDaveim going to insall fglxr. Whats the command to restore the default video at shell prompt if driver package install fails?01:01
george__during the install it worked01:01
edbiangeorge__: k...  Now it doesn't?01:01
george__but after kernel update it stopped01:01
george__it will refuse to connect now after installing the wl driver01:01
george__cause my chipset is 431201:02
edbiangeorge__: you said it was 431301:02
george__my netbook's chipset is bcm431301:02
george__her laptop's is bcm431301:03
edbiangeorge__: ....  re-read that01:03
george__no wait, my chipset is bcm4312, sorry01:03
george__im just nervous sorry01:03
edbiangeorge__: don't be nervous :)01:04
edbiangeorge__: so you have a 4312 and she has a 4313. Which are we trying to fix?01:04
george__i want my gf to expirience open source goodness :)01:04
george__im trying to fix 431301:04
edbiangeorge__: the 4312 should use b43 (IDK what you're actually using and I don't much care).  Is the machine with 4313 (the gf machine) online some other way?01:05
MrDaveim going to insall fglxr. Whats the command to restore the default video at shell prompt if driver package install fails?01:05
george__im using wl, didnt know b43 was compatible with 431201:06
NeedHelpOk then when i try to install lucid in 11.04 partition and  when i run the Live Cd i can't see the partitions !! i made an  udisks -l ( i can see all )  then parted -l and it says :  Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!01:07
edbiangeorge__: yes,  but wl is trying to replace it I think for some reason01:07
NeedHelpand Error: Can't have overlapping partitions.01:07
edbiangeorge__: wl (or STA) is supporting all the newer cards.  Anyway, is her machine online via some other method?01:07
NeedHelpand Error: /dev/sr0: unrecognised disk label01:07
george__so it had a working driver before huh?01:07
kwixsonTrying to install OpenSCAD and when I open the app is tells me I don't have OpenGL 2.0 installed.01:07
edbiangeorge__: b4301:08
PythonSnakeI need a free root shell01:08
Nubi1Kenobineed some help with fslint01:08
PythonSnakeanyone can help me ? :(01:08
IdleOne!ot | PythonSnake01:08
ubottuPythonSnake: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:08
liyafeiI can't01:08
kwixsonShould OpenGL 2.0 already be installed with the most recent version of Ubuntu, or will I have to get it?01:08
szalliyafei: you can't what?01:09
kwixsonIf I have to get OpenGL 2.0, how?01:09
tensorpuddingyou'll have to install an opengl implementation01:09
NeedHelpOk then when i try to install lucid in 11.04 partition and  when i run the Live Cd i can't see the partitions !! i made an  udisks -l ( i can see all )  then parted -l and it says :  Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!01:09
tensorpuddingthere's a free one01:09
ActionParsnippythonirc101: sudo -i   will give a root shell01:09
tensorpuddingi think, anyway01:09
tensorpuddingthat it's not included01:09
tensorpuddingthe opengl packages have names like libgl01:10
MrDavehow can i restore my X config/video driver with terminal?01:10
george__edbian: well tomorrow i guess i can see if it works with b4301:10
NeedHelpError: Can't have a partition outside the disk!01:10
NeedHelpOk then when i try to install lucid in 11.04 partition and  when i run the Live Cd i can't see the partitions !! i made an  udisks -l ( i can see all )  then parted -l and it says :  Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!01:10
MrDaveActionParsnip, ?01:10
edbiangeorge__: I'm back01:10
george__edbian: hopefully it will work but i have to purge the bcmwl-kernel-source package first01:11
edbiangeorge__: wl and sta are the same thing.  don't purge that package  (why do you want to?)01:11
tensorpuddingthey're for the mesa opengl implementation01:11
tensorpuddingopengl is just a standard, mesa is the actual software01:11
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kwixsontensorpudding: so I should search for mesa in the software centre?01:11
tensorpuddingit has drivers for DRI (direct rendering) and GLX for integration with X01:11
george__edbian: i know its the same :b i just want to know if with replacing wl with b43 could work01:12
tensorpuddingwhat is it you want to do?01:12
ferzhallo ubuntu'ers01:12
george__ferz: hello :)01:12
edbiangeorge__: b43 does not work on bcm431301:12
tensorpuddingif you just want gl.h to compile, you probably want libgl1-mesa-dev, not sure about that01:12
kwixsontensorpudding: I want OpenSCAD to work properly01:12
edbiangeorge__: it does work on bcm4312 though01:12
george__edbian: oooh :(01:12
tensorpuddingkwixson: do you have instructions for openscad?01:13
george__edbian: i hate broadcom >.<01:13
NeedHelpOk then when i try to install lucid in 11.04 partition and  when i run the Live Cd i can't see the partitions !! i made an  udisks -l ( i can see all )  then parted -l and it says :  Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!01:13
aaasis there a way to turn off some of the effects in unity: maybe something like when moving a window there will be an outline rather than the entire window?01:13
kwixsonI followed the instructions on the OpenSCAD web site for installing the app.01:13
torr760can anyone tell me something cool to hack01:13
edbianaaas: yes, ccsm  (compizconfig-settings-manager)01:14
edbiantorr760: an xbox 36001:14
Dogget@torr you can start by hacking yourself see how it works :-)01:14
aaasediban: but does that enable compiz, because I don't want compiz, or is compiz already enabled?01:14
torr760i dont have one01:14
tensorpuddingkwixson: there is an ubuntu PPA01:14
torr760dogget: what do u mean myself?01:14
tensorpuddingkwixson: it works for lucid, it might work for natty (maybe)01:14
kwixsontensorpudding: PPA?01:15
NeedHelpOk then when i try to install lucid in 11.04 partition and  when i run the Live Cd i can't see the partitions !! i made an  udisks -l ( i can see all )  then parted -l and it says :  Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!01:15
tensorpudding!ppa | kwixson01:15
ubottukwixson: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa01:15
tensorpuddingkwixson: they have it available for maverick/natty01:15
tensorpuddingkwixson: you need to go to software sources, and add the PPA01:15
edbianaaas: compiz is part of unity  (it's already enabled)01:15
edbianaaas: You spelled my name wrong01:15
ferzthis is my first irssi :-))01:16
tensorpuddingkwixson: follow the instructions here: https://launchpad.net/~chrysn/+archive/openscad01:16
kwixsontensorpudding: Okay. I'm appreciating the help, but not sure what you're telling me.01:16
edbianferz: yay01:16
aaasedbian: sorry and thanks01:16
NeedHelpPff xD None can solve my problem :( :(: (01:16
kwixsonI'm going to that link and following the directions now. Thank you.01:16
tensorpuddingkwixson: a PPA is like the repositories that ubuntu has, but it's not official; it's maintained by some helpful guy who has compiled software for you, and once you add the ppa, you can just click-install as you normally would for installing software in the USC01:16
edbianaaas: sure :)  be warned, when you install ccsm it will erase all the settings (that unity made) and you'll have to start turning things on just to get back to normal01:17
aaasedbian: im trying to disable some things to run under vnc, so i dont mind having some things erased ;)01:17
tensorpuddingkwixson: if you follow the link, and do the instructions, it'll add a new source in the software center, then you just look for openscad in that source and install it01:17
NeedHelpéééhhh éééhhh I'm cryiin :( :( :(01:17
edbianaaas: :)  yay!01:18
volkov_ubuntu netbook edition can't recongize my wifi card01:18
tensorpuddingkwixson: just open the software center, open the Edit menu and click on Software Sources, go to Other Software tab, and Add a new source. The APT line will be "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chrysn/openscad/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main" (no quotes), where you put natty/maverick in the YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE as needed01:19
volkov_ubuntu netbook edition can't recongize my wifi card01:20
NeedHelp@volkov None recognize me :(01:20
edbianvolkov_: There is no netbook edition anymore.  What version are you running?01:20
edbianNeedHelp: needhelp with wifi?01:20
volkov_edbian, 10.1001:20
NeedHelpNop Ok then when i try to install lucid in 11.04 partition and  when i run the Live Cd i can't see the partitions !! i made an  udisks -l ( i can see all )  then parted -l and it says :  Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk01:21
edbianvolkov_: a-ha  what chipset do you have?01:21
volkov_intetl atom01:21
edbianvolkov_: what wifi chipset do you have?01:21
scorchgeekNeedHelp: ah, sounds like you created an ext4 drive01:21
george__edbian: what about the open source brcm80211 driver, will that one work?01:21
scorchgeekI think lucid only supports ext3 formatted partitions01:21
volkov_edbian, i don know01:21
scorchgeekNeedHelp: unfortunately I don't know of any way to fix it other than deleting the partition and recreating it01:22
edbiangeorge__: I think the wl / sta driver should be working for you.  (for bcm4313) do you have the laptop online via some other method (for the 3rd time)01:22
edbianvolkov_: Is this machine online via some other method?01:22
volkov_edbian, no i'm on another machine01:22
NeedHelpwhen creating a partition from the whole hard drive which is recognized as empty will this erase it and damage it ?01:22
george__edbian: oh sorry, not it isnt online01:22
edbianvolkov_: run sudo lspci | grep Network    and tell me what number the wifi card is listed as01:23
george__edbian: she doesnt have ethernet access01:23
edbiangeorge__: run dmesg and look near the bottom, do you see anything related to the wifi card?01:23
george__if only i can ssh into her machine...01:23
volkov_edbian, wait plz01:23
scorchgeekNeedHelp: yes, if you delete the partition all data on it will be erased01:24
edbiangeorge__: I think you need to install the top 3 packages listed here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bcm4313&searchon=all&suite=natty&section=all   and make sure all other drivers are removed01:24
scorchgeekNeedHelp: so if you need data off that partition, back it up first01:24
edbianvolkov_: waiting...01:24
george__got it01:24
edbiangeorge__: I don't think you'll be able to fix this without getting online some other way01:24
NeedHelpscrock : there's no partition recognized i want to create a new partition for lucid but i don't want other windows/linux partitons to be hurt01:24
n-iCewhich one would be my webcam since is not being recognized by debian weezing http://pastebin.com/3sXmDaaV thanks01:25
volkov_edbian, 07:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd Device 8176 (rev 01)01:25
hexacodehey you guys...something wierd just happened...i walked up to my laptop (ubuntu 10.04 lts) and i just clicked on one of my open terminals and then the gnome panel just changed into what i can best describe as something resembling a windows 98 panel...wtf is that about?01:26
milamberedbian: could they use aptoncd?01:26
edbianmilamber: I suppose01:27
edbianmilamber: They could also download the packages from the site, and put them on a jump drive.  My point is that this makes it much harder to get the card up01:27
edbianhexacode: the theme bugged out01:27
scorchgeekhexacode: that happens to me occasionally, I just restart the X server when it happens01:27
milamberedbian: no arguments here :)01:27
volkov_edbian, 07:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd Device 8176 (rev 01)01:28
edbianvolkov_: I think that's your wired card.  was anything else listed?01:28
aaaswhere does vnc get its resolution list?  I max out at 1366x768 and I would like to go bigger?01:28
edbianmilamber: :)01:28
kwixsontensorpudding: That's nifty with getting OpenSCAD into the software centre01:28
scorchgeekhexacode: just try logging out and in again01:28
volkov_edbian, no01:28
NeedHelpwhen creating a partition from the whole hard drive which is recognized as empty will this erase it and damage it ?01:28
edbianvolkov_: mmm, not a good sign.01:28
scorchgeekthere are probably less annoying ways to fix it, but01:28
scorchgeekNeedHelp: yes, if there's anything on the drive that's still accessible it'll become inaccessible01:28
edbianvolkov_: sudo lspci | grep Wireless01:28
scorchgeekmainrain: correct01:28
milamberNeedHelp: can you be more specific with your question? if the question is will the drive be destroyed, the answer is no.01:28
edbianvolkov_: or just sudo lspci and read the whole thing01:28
scorchgeekmainrain: erm sorry, typed into the wrong window01:29
volkov_edbian, wait...01:29
kwixsontensorBut I'm still getting a warning when I open the app. It says "Warning: no support for OpenGL 2.0 found!01:29
milambermilamber: and what do you mean by the drive is empty?01:29
edbianvolkov_: waiting...01:29
n-iCewhich one would be my webcam since is not being recognized by debian weezing http://pastebin.com/3sXmDaaV thanks01:29
kwixson...please check if OpenGL 2.0 drivers are available for your system.01:29
Jordan_UNeedHelp: I asked you to pastebin the exact output, and I did not ask you to PM me. You have an invalid partition table and this needs to be fixed before you install Ubuntu.01:29
milamberNeedHelp: and what do you mean by empty drive?*01:29
volkov_edbian, what shall i write from this long list01:30
edbianvolkov_: Look for the wifi card01:30
volkov_edbian, there is no wifi ward, only ethernet controller and network controller01:31
NeedHelpSorry Bro ;) even if i can see the table makin fdisk -l01:31
Jordan_UNeedHelp: The fact that udisks accepts invalid partition tables does not change the fact that things like overlapping partitions can cause *SEVERE DATA LOSS* even if you don't install Ubuntu and thus this needs to be fixed whatever you do.01:31
NeedHelpOkis ;) Thanks Hard To Fix the table ?01:31
Jordan_UNeedHelp: Fixparts may be able to help: http://www.rodsbooks.com/fixparts/01:32
edbianvolkov_: oh, what was network controller again?01:32
edbianvolkov_: maybe that is it01:32
Jordan_UNeedHelp: Unfortunately I need to leave now.01:32
Jordan_UNeedHelp: Good luck.01:32
NeedHelpOkis Take Care ;)01:32
NeedHelp10x ;)01:33
kwixsonSo I guess what I need is to install the OpenGL drivers?01:33
aaasanyone know how to add resolutions to x11vnc01:33
steven_anyone know how to install minecraft sever on linux01:33
volkov_edbian, 07:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd Device 8176 (rev 01)01:33
volkov_edbian, the same01:34
ActionParsnipsteven_: http://www.yourwarrantyisvoid.com/2011/01/09/installing-minecraft-server-in-ubuntu-server/01:34
maahesis there a way to get ubuntu to launch rtorrent in a shell when I click a torrent? I tried setting /usr/bin/urxvt -e rtorrent but that didn't work01:34
edbianvolkov_: yes, thank you.  sudo rfkill list    (is anything blocked??)01:34
n-iCewhich one would be my webcam since is not being recognized by debian weezing http://pastebin.com/3sXmDaaV thanks01:35
zulaxi dont get an ip on my new ubuntu server01:35
volkov_edbian, 0: dell-wifi: wireless LAN01:36
zulaxetc/network/interface says auto eth0 ;iface eth0 inet dhcp01:36
bazhangn-iCe, you're crossposting in #debian , this is ubuntu support only01:36
zulaxand i had internet working while installing it01:36
zulaxnow i dont get an ip01:36
edbianvolkov_: is it blocked?  (yes or no) you need to read the output and think, not just tell me the first line of output01:36
n-iCebazhang: as I said Debian is not recognizing it I am in Ubuntu and is the same01:36
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bazhangn-iCe, you're asking about debian, this is the wrong place for it, please do not ask further01:37
volkov_edbian, soft blocked : no01:37
volkov_edbian, hard blocked : no01:37
edbianvolkov_: hard blocked?   (blocked at all?)01:37
edbianvolkov_: alright then :)01:37
edbianvolkov_: sudo iwlist scan     (does this list wifi networks?)01:37
Serenity5how do i unassign the video printscreen key in ubuntu ( alt+printscreen+k ? )01:37
kwixsonSo are the OpenGL 2.0 drivers installed w/ Ubuntu if your hardware is capable?01:37
volkov_edbian, lo        Interface doesnt support scannig01:38
edbianvolkov_: don't you even think about pasting the whole output mister!01:39
Serenity5in fact why is the video feature undocumented on alt + printscreen + k01:39
volkov_edbian, eth0        Interface doesnt support scannig01:39
Serenity5i dont see it anywhere on the docs01:39
zulaxi can see Ethernet in lspci01:39
volkov_edbian, i'm connected on another machine01:39
volkov_edbian, i told about that01:39
edbianvolkov_: sure, I want you to read the output and answer a yes or no question here in the channel.01:40
edbianvolkov_: I said DON'T copy / paste the output01:40
edbianvolkov_: now, does the output include wifi networks?01:40
Serenity5any devs here? why is the video feature undocumented on alt + printscreen + k01:40
tzhuanghellow, anyone here use the messenger QQ?01:40
tzhuangim trying to get it to work with Empathy, but can't seem to find anything01:41
volkov_edbian, no01:41
edbianvolkov_: what does wlan0 say?  network down?01:41
Serenity5@ devs/documenters: why is the video feature undocumented on alt + printscreen + k01:41
zulaxrestarting the networking gives me at the end no dhcpoffers received01:41
volkov_edbian, there is no wlan001:42
zulaxbut that hard wire works well on my other box01:42
IdleOneSerenity5: please stop. you know that key combo logs the user out.01:42
cyphaanyone on a lenovo?01:43
edbianvolkov_: sudo lspci -k     (what drivers / modules are listed under the (realtek) wifi card?01:43
bazhangcypha, whats the actual question01:43
cyphabazhang: can't get scrolling to work01:44
cyphafor my trackpad or trackpoint01:44
mastaofdisastahey guys, I'm really starting to dislike 11.0401:45
mastaofdisastaout of nowhere it is not booting01:45
mastaofdisastait doesn't get further than grub01:45
mastaofdisastait stopped booting out of nowhere01:46
volkov_edbian, there is no kenrel modules under realtek but subsystem: Dell Device 919801:46
mastaofdisastacan someone help me get 11.04 to boot?01:46
cyphabazhang: i edited xorg.conf, as detailed by a post on ubuntu.com/forum01:46
cyphai can't find the post now, but it didn't work01:47
edbianvolkov_: hang on01:47
funkyHatzulax: are you sure the other computer is using dhcp to get its ip address?01:48
zulaxfunkyHat, interfaces has auto eth0;iface eth0 inet dhcp and its connected to a hub from fouter01:48
edbianvolkov_: sudo modprobe rtl8192CE      or sudo modprobe rtl8176       or sudo modprobe r8192ce_pci   I'm not really sure01:49
Vidaliaguessing; sudo modprobe rtl817601:49
funkyHatzulax: and the server is connected up exactly the same way?01:50
zulaxyes, and i had an ip while installing the server01:50
mastaofdisastaI don't even know where to start, the recovery mode is not booting either01:50
h00kzulax: consider not using a hub, if you can help it :(01:50
zulaxh00k, i will try but it has always worked for me before01:51
volkov_edbian, all 3 not found01:51
zulaxbut this one now01:51
zulaxit says noipoffers01:51
bazhangzulax, you just stated you disabled dhcp01:51
h00kzulax: just because hubs aren't very efficient, anyway. Do you have a link-light on?01:51
zulaxh00k, yes01:52
zulaxbazhang, should i have enabled dhcp on install?01:52
cyphaanyone on lenovo that has gotten scrolling working?01:52
h00kzulax: okay, so you have layer 1. yeah, enable dhcp on that interface01:52
bazhangzulax, you are still crossposting, please don't01:52
edbianvolkov_: :/01:52
edbianvolkov_: i have to research01:53
volkov_edbian, what do you think about installing another version of ubuntu not the netbook one01:53
edbianvolkov_: worth a shot01:53
zulaxh00k, if i still want my router to server as the dhcp server, i souldnt install dhcp on the ubuntu server, correct?01:53
h00kzulax: you want to have your server not serving dhcp, correct. You do want that network interface to be *using* dhcp to pick up an address01:54
zulaxh00k, yes01:54
volkov_edbian, thanks for your time, i'll try01:55
h00kzulax: just for kicks, throw a different device on that network cable, see if it picks up DHCP01:55
edbianvolkov_: researching...01:56
mastaofdisastaso, my laptop has been working fine with ubuntu / windows 7 dual boot.  now out of nowhere linux stopped booting.  I get as far as grub.  I push enter to choose linux as the OS.  then I get a blinking cursor but it stays there01:56
mickeythemeowon ubuntu 11.04 once you select "ubuntu classic" does it stay that way every time you log in ?01:56
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d1g1ta1Can anyone recommend a faster alternative to dd that will copy entire ext3 & ntfs partitions including deleted files and whitespace?01:57
edbianvolkov_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168647601:57
volkov_edbian, i'll see01:59
mastaofdisastait's sad to see that my windows 7 is booting up normally and that's what i'm using to get on this irc channel01:59
maheanuuIs there a IRC chat for Ubuntu Skype?02:00
xanguamaheanuu: skype has  forums02:00
maheanuuOn IRC02:01
mickeythemeowwhy my ui change to from black color to grey color suddenly ?02:01
PolahGood morning02:01
propmanwashed out penguins02:01
dddbmtHi guys, I'm trying to search through all files in a directory in order to see if any of them contains a specific string. I've tried "grep <string> /path/*" but no luck.02:02
xanguamaheanuu: ask on skype forum¿02:02
hexacodehey you guys...something wierd just happened...i walked up to my laptop (ubuntu 10.04 lts) and i just clicked on one of my open terminals and then the gnome panel just changed into what i can best describe as something resembling a windows 98 panel...wtf is that about?02:02
xangua!language | hexacode02:03
ubottuhexacode: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:03
Jim455Rguys anyone in here can help me ?02:03
xanguahexacode: opened already Appearence setting¿02:03
Bonzwow lots of people02:03
hexacodexangua i havent but ill look02:03
Bonzanyone have any hints as to why the ubuntu distupgrade does not work within the update manager02:04
xanguaJim455R: if you don't describe your problem, no one can02:04
mastaofdisastaso, my laptop has been working fine with ubuntu / windows 7 dual boot.  now out of nowhere linux stopped booting.  I get as far as grub.  I push enter to choose linux as the OS.  then I get a blinking cursor but it stays there02:04
DeviceZer0hello all. Is there a better app then cheese to capture from my webcam? Cheese is not capturing from my cam properly. IT records like 1 frame then craps out02:04
hexacodexangua it was the clearlooks theme that i saw...but how on earth does it just switch to that when i click on a terminal?  i wonder if someones in my computer02:04
dddbmtJim455R: Don't ask to ask, just ask.02:04
Jim455Rin the ubuntu network proxy preferences02:05
Polahdddbmt: find -name "*<string>*"02:05
Jim455Rignored hosts02:05
Jim455Ri don't understand how it works02:05
dddbmtPolah, that'll just search for the string in filename? I want to search inside file.02:05
Jim455Rwhy localhost is added to ignore lst?02:05
Jim455Rhow can i add an ip with a port there02:05
Jim455Rif i want for e.g to ignore a specific dns server with port 5302:06
Jim455Rhow do i type it there?02:06
Polahdddbmt: Oh, I see. Someone else could probably help you better then.02:07
_aaron_how to restart a service via terminal02:08
zykotick9Bonz, do you know what distupgrade is?  It doesn't upgrade you to a new release.  What isn't working?  UpdateManager does a dist-upgrade by default when run.02:08
dddbmtPolah, I'll try ask in #debian. Thanks for your time though!02:08
zykotick9_aaron_, "sudo service FOO restart/start/stop"02:08
_aaron_zykotick9, thanks will try02:09
kiichirohey I have a very old flash drive that doesn't even get recognized until hours if that until ubuntu will recognize it, I believe it to be usb 1.0 is there any way to make it automount faster or for me to go into terminal and tell it to look for usb 1.0 since I believe it only looks for 2.0+02:10
Bonzzykotick9: it pops up a window at top saying 10.10 is available which i select and pops up another window with an update button, but on selecting update it closes window and reverts back to previous dialogue doing nudduh02:10
Beav3rI am having a problem with getting a ndiswapper-installed pci wireless adapter to work. In nm-list it's showing up correctly after installing ndiswapper now but in the windicator the wifi isn't showing up. It's a linksys WDM300n02:11
zykotick9Bonz, ok that i can't assist you with.  It was a terminology problem however, that is NOT a dist-upgrade.02:11
Bonzi have done upgrades in the past when i was using debian potato, woody, sid, etc but do not want to trash the system by not doing it the ubuntu way02:11
zykotick9dddbmt, "grep -R <STRING> /path"02:11
zykotick9Bonz, FYI debian updates go much better then ubuntu ones.  Best of luck, I never recommend people upgrade Ubuntus - fresh install is usually easier.02:13
dddbmtzykotick9, I got it going with "grep <string> /path". thanks though!02:13
zykotick9dddbmt, you need -R or -r for recursive02:13
Bonzzykotick9: so they gui thing was informational value only with no dist-upgrade support available i am guessing02:14
dddbmtzykotick9, yup. But I only needed to search in one dir. no sub-dirs.02:14
zykotick9Bonz, dist-upgrade means "install new packages" not "update to new version of ubuntu"02:14
kiichirohey I have a very old flash drive that doesn't even get recognized until hours if that until ubuntu will recognize it, I believe it to be usb 1.0 is there any way to make it automount faster or for me to go into terminal and tell it to look for usb 1.0, I think I have to disable ehci or echi or something like that?02:14
Bonzi take your point with the fresh installs but this is a dual boot thing which was messed up by the other clueless person who installed it for me02:15
PolahBonz: You have update manager installed right? You can run "do-release-upgrade" at the command line to upgrade your distribution, use sudo of course02:15
zykotick9Bonz, see Polah's comment above +102:15
Beav3rI am having a problem with getting a ndiswapper-installed pci wireless adapter to work. In nm-list it's showing up correctly after installing ndiswapper now but in the windicator the wifi isn't showing up. It's a linksys WDM300n. Anyone have any ideas?02:18
Bonzcool that seems to be working02:19
[THC]AcidRaindoes anyone know anything better for linux than ventrilo server? the 8 slot limit even in an open source environment is rediculous. any ideas? i tried teamspeak with ubuntu and rly didnt like it02:19
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Bonztrying to upgrade so i get a newer version or irc client with less insects02:19
PolahAcidRain: Mumble. Cross platform and open source.02:19
rww[THC]AcidRain: Mumble is the usual server for that sort of thing.02:19
PolahAcidRain: Just to avoid confusion, the actual server program for Mumble is called Murmur.02:20
kiichiroguessing no one has anything for my proble,?02:20
NCS_Oneanyone using FF 3.6.18 give me some help?02:21
[THC]AcidRainrww, but is there a native mumble client for windows?02:21
Polahkiichiro: Are you sure the USB drive is functioning correctly, i.e. tested it on another computer?02:21
Polah!ask | NCS_One02:21
ubottuNCS_One: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:21
[THC]AcidRaini would like to setup a universal environment02:21
rww[THC]AcidRain: yes02:21
PolahAcidRain: Yes. Mumble is available for all OSes.02:21
kiichiroyeah on a xp environment is loads right up, but on ubuntu it takes hours, sometimes it just doesn't load at all02:22
rwwNo it isn't. Certainly the popular ones, though :)02:22
[THC]AcidRainPolah, sounds great02:22
Bonzkiichiro: i used to have that problem so i just mounted the thing manually in /etc/fstab02:22
kiichirohow do I manually mount?02:22
edbiankiichiro: sudo mount /path/to/device /path/to/folder/02:22
NCS_OneI on ubuntu 10.4 with FF 3.6.18 and when I do to this web page the FF and ubuntu get very slow, is it only me?  http://www.printinottawa.com/business_card_printing.php02:22
[THC]AcidRainkiichiro, mount02:22
PolahAcidRain: It has a fairly simple chat box built in as well, that doesn't require opening an additional window like in Ventrilo. I suggest you read up on Mumble user/group permissions though.02:22
NCS_OneI mean I go02:23
Gunz4MiPPleis there a limt on how many indicators will auto start02:23
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kiichirofstab as in text document correct02:23
[THC]AcidRainPolah, im actually on it now. but first im going to test something i found ')02:23
Polahrww: Fair point (:02:24
kiichiroedbian,  could you give me an example? like my flashdrive is named KINGSTON and is /media/Kingston02:24
Bonzkiichiro: there was a good howto for mounting usb stuff by uuid on the net sumwhere but no ideas on the url sorry02:25
PolahGunz4MiPPLE: Indicators for what?02:26
Gunz4MiPPlethe indicator area02:26
kiichirowell I'm in the fstab if you know what to do from there?02:26
Gunz4MiPPlei think I remember there being a limit on how many indicators will autostart on a new session02:26
Jim455Rhow to stop multicast in ubuntu network?02:27
Gunz4MiPPleit might just be a problem with where the app is trying to put an autostart02:27
PolahGunz4MiPPle: On your panels? I guess you could display as many as you could fit, although if you have a lot then there may be some issues or longer load times with them02:27
Gunz4MiPPlePolah: i am thinking its built into dconf or gconf, a limit02:28
Gunz4MiPPlecause sometimes i have to manually start some indicators02:28
edbianWho just asked me a question about mounting?02:28
Bonzkiichiro: #/dev/sdb1      /flash  vfat user,noauto,exec   0       002:29
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Bonzbut as you see i no longer use it02:29
edbiankiichiro: If it's at /media/Kingston it's already mounted02:29
kiichiroas I've said, it does the automount very slow and has to redo it upon startup every time02:29
paijem-cantikhello, anyone here experienced with phpmyadmin setup on nginx02:30
merchus_se lee?02:30
bazhangpaijem-cantik, on debian?02:30
paijem-cantikdebian or ubuntu .. i think not to much differences02:31
kiichirois there a specific way I'm supposed to edit fstab?02:31
bazhangpaijem-cantik, you're using debian02:31
kiichiroI clicked and won't let me save it02:31
TheEvilPhoenixpaijem-cantik:  there's an nginx channel: #nginx02:31
usr13kiichiro: You have to use sudo02:31
zykotick9kiichiro, are you using sudo / gksudo to open the file?02:31
TheEvilPhoenixkiichiro:  gksudo gedit /etc/fstab02:31
usr13kiichiro: or gksudo02:32
Polahkiichiro: You need to do it using sudo. If you're using gedit then use gksudo gedit /etc/fstab02:32
kiichirothanks guys02:32
kiichirookay thanks lol, sorry really still new to linux ig02:32
TheEvilPhoenixpaijem-cantik:  you'll need to set up PHP correctly with nginx02:33
paijem-cantikbazhang: some time ...02:33
TheEvilPhoenixpaijem-cantik:  then it should work.02:33
TheEvilPhoenixpaijem-cantik:  support for that is in #nginx, btw.02:33
bazhangpaijem-cantik, you're crossposting in #debian , your using debian, dont ask for debian support here02:33
paijem-cantikTheEvilPhoenix: yeah, i have setup it correctly i think.. test phpinfo works normally02:33
paijem-cantikbazhang: i'm using ubuntu natty02:34
paijem-cantikbazhang: now using ubuntu natty02:34
volkov_emerald doesnt work02:34
usr13paijem-cantik: Then why are you crossposting to #debian?02:34
bazhangvolkov_, its not maintained nor supported02:34
TheEvilPhoenix!emerald | volkov_02:35
ubottuvolkov_: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.02:35
TheEvilPhoenixdamn it, stupid lag02:35
noneabove1182hey guys, ive got ubuntu 11.04 running in a virtual box, and i ran accelerated graphics to get unity working, but now everything is really choppy, has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it ?02:35
paijem-cantikusr13: i hope, somebody there can help me too :)02:35
noneabove1182*accelerated 3d graphics02:35
paijem-cantikusr13: i think not much differences between them for phpmyadmin configuration02:36
rwwpaijem-cantik: If you're using Ubuntu, don't post in #debian, it's rude. If you're using Debian, don't post in here, it's rude.02:36
noneabove1182let me know if you can help me even if not immediately02:37
paijem-cantikrww: okey, thanks for the advices02:37
noneabove1182hey edbian maybe you can help me :P02:38
paijem-cantikrww: okey, i will try to #nginx .. maybe some help on there02:38
edbiannoneabove1182: what's up02:38
noneabove1182im running virtual box02:38
kiichirois there a way to use xkill without terminal? terminal kinda froze02:38
noneabove1182edbian but with 3d graphics the screen isnt refreshing properly02:38
edbiannoneabove1182: I have no idea :(02:39
bazhangkiichiro, alt f202:39
edbiannoneabove1182: 3d graphics is something new in virtualbox02:39
noneabove1182edbian ah well :P02:39
edbiannoneabove1182: good luck friend02:39
Jim455Ranyone knows how to disable ubuntu mutlicast ??02:39
kiichirothank you bazhang02:39
Beav3rAnyone have an idea why wifi isn't showing up in the network drop-down menu if I have PCI adapter installed?02:39
noneabove1182edbian thanks haha02:39
edbianBeav3r: What card do you have?02:39
Beav3rIt's a linksys WDM300N, drivers installed with ndiswrapper02:41
usr13Beav3r: lspci |grep -i wireless  #show us what it says02:41
JoknJim455R: why disable multicast?02:41
Jim455Ri don't use it02:41
Kaapahey there. Trying to create a PXEServer to install ubuntu but having some difficulties with dhcp server02:42
Beav3rNothing for wireless. It shows up as a network controller subsistem: Linksys Device02:42
JoknI don't know about desktop version, but you should be able to do it through ifconfig02:42
Kaapatrying to run dhcpserver in the host, but the host itself is getting a ip02:42
usr13Kaapa: Where is the DHCP server?02:42
KM0201Beav3r: that's all it says?.. does lspci identify it?02:42
usr13Kaapa: YOu need to trun OFF the dhcp server on your router.02:43
Kaapausr13: on the same box02:43
Kaapawell, I need the dhcp server in the router02:43
Kaapaelse I won't  be able to do a net install02:43
usr13Kaapa: The host should have a static IP.  (You can't have two dhcp servers running on the same LAN).02:43
KaapaI'm trying to run the dhcp server on eth0 only02:44
usr13Kaapa: So turn off the dhcp server on the router and let the dhcp server on the PC take over.02:44
Kaapathe router is wireless02:44
Beav3rKM0201: When I just do lspci it shows Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4321 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)02:44
Beav3rSo I must have screwed up somewhere.02:45
KM0201Beav3r: i believe that needs the STA driver02:45
Kaapausr13: can't this be done without removing dhcp form the rourter?02:45
Kaapathe router is wireless, and I'm trying to use nat with a phisical cable02:45
Beav3rOkay, now I'm carpet burning to this thing so how should I go about getting that?02:45
KM0201Beav3r: yup, the STA driver..  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#Installing STA drivers02:45
Nubi1Kenobineed some help with finding a path to a network drive in terminal mode02:46
Beav3rOkay. So I should probably clear the blacklist it had me set up when I installed ndiswrapper, then?02:46
KM0201Beav3r: afffirmative02:46
usr13Kaapa: It will be much easier if you just turn off the dhcp server on the router and let the dhcp server on the PC take over.02:46
noneabove1182hey guys ive got a problem of my screen not refreshing properly (kinda choppy and only when i do an action) when im running ubuntu 11.04 in a virtualbox with 3D accelerated graphics and unity, any one able to help ?02:46
Beav3rAlright. I'll give that a try.02:47
Kaapausr13: the dhcp in the router is over the wireless connection. Over the wired connection is working ok02:47
Raisoranyone know where I can find linux raid drivers that work with ubuntu 64 and the EVGA X58 FTW3 motherboard?02:47
Kaapabut for some reason, when I do the wired connection, the computer that's acting as a bridge is losing access to the internet02:48
usr13Kaapa: Are they intergrated?  Or not?02:49
usr13Kaapa: What router do you have?02:49
Kaapausr13: I'm trying to install ubuntu in a laptop that doesn't have an optical drive and usb boot doesn't work02:50
Kaapausr13: so I'm trying to use another laptop to act as a pxeserver and use net install02:50
usr13Kaapa: What subnet do you have on the Wireless?  What subnet do you have on the wired network?02:50
Kaapawireless: 192.168.1.X; wired, I'm chosing 192.168.0.X02:51
ChilaquilesI created a DVD to be able to be played on my DVD player using DeVeDe but when I insterted it into my DVD player it says it's not able to play because it's not made for this region, Does anybody know how can I change this?02:51
usr13Kaapa: What do you mean, you are choosing?02:51
Kaapausr13: I'm configuring /etc/dhcpcd for those values and assiging that class to eth102:52
_aaron_I need help with my dhcpd.conf02:52
=== m00se is now known as Herpina
=== Herpina is now known as m00se
cuneythow can i install mysql devel library on ubuntu via apt-get?02:57
Jokncuneyt: search for the package using apt-cache search <package>02:58
dreamy_hi, ive lost hyperZ from ubuntu version 10.04 and up.. anyone knows what i can do?02:58
Jokncuneyt: once you find the package just do sudo apt-get install <package>02:58
ArseneReiDoes firefox follow an gtkrc or Xdefaults? I recently upgraded to natty and I suddenly the colors seem to follow my terminal's background color.03:00
_aaron_I need help with my dhcpd.conf03:01
kwixsonHow do I move my /home directory to another disk?03:02
traskersCan anyone recommend a good font that can be used for creating small icons such as a speaker, headphones, etc. to be used in a conky setup?03:03
rypervenchetraskers: Ask SIFTU in #filmsbykris, he has a nice one.03:04
zykotick9kwixson, COPY your current /home to the other drive, then specify a /home mount in fstab.  Once it's tested working you could remove the origional /home/* BE SURE TO UMOUNT THE NEW HOME FIRST!03:05
kwixsonzykotick9: Thx. Might have more questions.03:06
Jim455RGUYS !!03:06
Jim455Ri want a network status on the panel03:06
Jim455Rthat shows the speed in real time03:06
Jim455Rup/down speed03:06
dreamy_why arent there any games at the games section on ubuntu 10.10 software center?03:07
Beav3rKM0201: I installed the packages as instructed from that page (dkms and bcmwl, fakeroot and patch weren't on the CD) but the STA does not show up in the additional drivers program. Do I need to locate those missing packets elsewhere or are they not needed for 11.04?03:08
KM0201Beav3r: hmm, did you try restarting?03:09
scorchgeekdreamy_: that's unusual, I've never had missing items03:09
Beav3rIt's booting now, I wasn't sure if it would help or not since the doc didn't mention it.03:09
scorchgeekdreamy_: try running sudo apt-get update03:09
KM0201Beav3r: actually....   Note: A computer restart may be required before using the wifi card.03:10
Beav3rYeah, but I thought that was after activating the STA driver.03:10
KM0201ah, thats true.03:10
ChilaquilesI created a DVD to be able to be played on my DVD player using DeVeDe but when I insterted it into my DVD player it says it's not able to play because it's not made for this region, Does anybody know how can I change this?03:12
Jim455RHELP ME!03:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:13
scorchgeekJim455R: well, we don't know what your problem is03:13
Jim455Ri want somethign that shows the speed of the LAN03:13
Jim455Rin the panel03:13
KM0201Jim455R: in the panel?.. hm.03:13
scorchgeekJim455R: in GNOME?03:13
Jim455Ryea gnome03:13
KM0201onlyt hing i know fo is Top, but it's command line03:14
Jim455Ri want lik windows in the taskbar you see an icon with numbers in it03:14
Jim455Rshowsing the network speed in realtime03:14
scorchgeekyou don't see numbers usually...?03:14
bazhangJim455R, why not use conky instead03:14
Tech-1or gkrellm03:14
zykotick9Chilaquiles, from what I'm reading looks like you can choose NTSC or PAL in devede, which did you choose, and are you in the US?03:15
Jim455Rbazhang yeah very nice03:15
Jim455Rbazhang i want it in the panel03:15
Jim455Rat the top or bottom03:16
Jim455Ryou are closing to what i want03:16
Chilaquileszykotick9: I'm in Mexico, and I chose PAL03:16
Tech-1gkrellm = http://imagebin.org/16804603:16
scorchgeekJim455R: try the package "netspeed"03:16
Chilaquileszykotick9: it's that the problem?03:16
scorchgeekJim455R: then run sudo killall gnome-panel, and you can right-click on the panel and add it03:16
scorchgeeklooks exactly like what you're asking for03:16
zykotick9Chilaquiles, PAL is typically Europe, but I'm not 100% what Mexico uses, my guess would be NTSC though03:16
bazhanghttp://www.webupd8.org/2011/05/how-to-display-network-upload-download.html Jim455R03:17
kwixsonzykotick9: Okay, I've copied everything to the new disk (the /home directory that is)03:17
zykotick9kwixson, do you see /home in the new location or the contents of /home (ie the user names)03:17
User809any ubuntu tablets available?03:17
Jim455Ryes scorchgeek .. damn good one03:18
Jim455Rthank you very very much03:18
AnonSpyfriends a good vpn for backtrack 503:18
_aaron_zykotick9, it doesn't matter if he chooses ntsc or pal he need to change the region of the disc to region 003:18
Chilaquileszykotick9: I think it's NTSC, like this map says right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:PAL-NTSC-SECAM.svg03:18
rwwAnonSpy: Backtrack Linux is not supported here. Ask #backtrack-linux.03:18
bazhangAnonSpy, try the bt channel, its not supported here03:18
Chilaquileszykotick9: or what do you think?03:18
zykotick9Chilaquiles, perhaps _aaron_ has more info?  But i'd try with NTSC and see if that works.  Best of luck.03:19
kwixsonzykotick9: Check that. I thought I had copied everything, but didn't03:19
User809i know smartQ r7 has a ubuntu e-reader that's as close as i found to a tablet :(03:19
Chilaquiles_aaron_: how can I change that to region 0?03:19
bazhangUser809, thats really out of scope for this channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic03:20
kwixsonHow do you copy everything properly. I assume there's more to it than dragging and dropping.03:20
scorchgeekkwixson: copy what properly?03:20
bazhang!home > kwixson03:20
ubottukwixson, please see my private message03:20
_aaron_Chilaquiles, is it an iso of a dvd or a video file that you are converting03:20
=== Arcademan is now known as Arcademan`
Chilaquilesiso of a DVD03:21
d1g1ta1one of my users deleted his hard drive partition... is there a utility that let's me put it back without reloading all his software?03:21
=== Arcademan` is now known as iArcade
zykotick9kwixson, you need to be sure you copy with permission intact.  "sudo cp -ra /home/* /NEWLOCATION/" should work.03:21
scorchgeekfunny you ask, someone asked about unformatting a partition earlier today...I don't know of one off-hand03:21
jef91I have a display manager compiled and installed, but it didn't add itself to the list of display managers by default like most do (EG, LXDM and GDM). How can I tell the system to find and use this new display manager at startup? Right now I have to manually run "sudo elsa start" from the tty03:22
scorchgeekd1g1ta1: I think there's a way to recover data from such an area, but it's probably not worth the effort unless there's no backup03:22
scorchgeekI also don't know anything about it:)03:22
=== iArcade is now known as Arcademan
lemonsI'm on 11.04 and today ubuntu has been randomly lagging after I'm gone for a few hours and come back. Programs seem to run fine, but my mouse is extremely laggy. No processes are using a lot of CPU or memory though so I don't understand whats wrong. Why is it doing this, and is there anyway to fix it without restarting my computer?03:22
Chilaquiles_aaron_: I have an avi file, and I'm using DeVeDe to convert that avi file into a ISO then I want to burn that to be able to play in my DVD player03:22
scorchgeeklemons: try logging out and logging back in again, or do you want to avoid that too?03:22
zykotick9kwixson, be sure to see that link that bazhang sent you!  It's pure gold for what you are doing.03:23
_aaron_Chilaquiles, one second please03:23
lemonsscorchgeek: i dont mind doing that, but it didn't fix it when this first happened earlier today03:23
scorchgeekyou might also check your mouse batteries if you have a wireless mouse, that can cause a lot of lag03:23
lemonsI'm using a wired logitech G50003:23
=== jeremy-4201 is now known as G-Style[work]
urlin2ud1g1ta1, this is a option, been known to find the deleted partitioning, if not written over and generally messed with. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk03:23
scorchgeeklemons: well, no more ideas then, sorry03:24
lemonsis it possible that the G15 daemon for my keyboard would be causing it? its the only thing new i've installed, and i think i installed it today03:24
Chilaquiles_aaron_: ok03:24
ChrisRJerseythat's strange it says I can't comment in this channel...03:24
ChrisRJerseyah, nevermind then03:24
scorchgeeklemons: seems plausible, they both have something to do with input devices at least03:24
bazhangChrisRJersey, what says that03:24
lemonsthey're both wired though which is weird. i guess i'll uninstall it then reboot and see if it happens again03:25
Jim455Rbazhang thanks for you help03:25
propman!home > propman03:25
ubottupropman, please see my private message03:25
jimubaois there a good link of how to set up samba?03:25
jimubaobasically i wanna shared once of my harddrive from my ubuntu to the network03:26
bazhang!samba > jimubao03:26
ubottujimubao, please see my private message03:26
ChrisRJerseybazhang, the nihongo channel, i miss-commented in this one03:26
ChrisRJerseythey're right under each other on my list03:26
ChrisRJerseyI don't suppose you know why this might be happening?03:27
VekuI'm having problem installing Flash player on Ubuntu..anyone have any idea?03:27
kwixsonThanks all. I'll try to parse the instructions in that link and see if I can make it work.03:27
_aaron_Chilaquiles, what version of devede are you using03:27
scorchgeekVeku: what exactly is going wrong?03:27
Vekuscorchgeek: well I go to their website..select which version I need..and that's it..nothing happenes..03:28
Chilaquiles_aaron_: 3.16.9 I guess It's the last one since I just downloaded and installed03:28
ubuntui'm a new usr03:28
_aaron_Chilaquiles, ok one more second03:28
ubuntuwhich the platform is linux03:28
VekuI started to think thres something wrong with the OS installation or something03:28
bazhangubuntu, pardon?03:29
scorchgeekubuntu: and do you have a question for us?03:29
ubuntuand i want to get some help about these03:29
bazhangVeku, install from the package manager03:29
scorchgeekVeku: try installing the package flashplugin-installer through the package manager03:29
bazhangubuntu, whats the exact question03:29
ubuntui find i can't install some softwares03:29
bazhangubuntu, what software03:30
ubuntufor example, linuxqq_v1-1.0.2-beta1_i386.deb03:30
scorchgeekso, what do you do and what error do you get?03:30
Vekuyeah..I think I konw what your talking aobut..03:30
scorchgeekVeku: what?03:31
urlin2uVeku, have you ruen a update?03:31
Vekuwhen i use the web browser..a window pops up saying i should install flush plug-ins03:31
ubuntubecause  it shows that  "could not open **  ,Archive type not supported03:31
Vekubut when I click to install..it says it cant find the package or something03:31
Vekuso I went to the website03:31
scorchgeekVeku: try running the command "sudo apt-get update"03:31
Vekuand thats it?03:32
PolahVeku: Open up a terminal (ctrl+alt+T) and type this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer and then enter your password and press y when prompted to install.03:32
scorchgeekVeku: what Polah said, that's the other part :)03:32
bazhangVeku, dont install from the website; please listen, and install from the package manager03:32
merlotHello, I have c++ program that I would like to put in a .deb package and make available for people. I'm not familiar with the build scripts anyone with a url?03:32
scorchgeekubuntu: sounds like that package might be corrupt, you might try downloading it again03:32
Vekusounds good..so do I have to do the same thing for Google Chrome then?03:33
bazhang!compile > merlot03:33
ubottumerlot, please see my private message03:33
bazhang!packaging > merlot03:33
scorchgeekVeku: I think it may be automatically installed in Google Chrome03:33
Flannelmerlot: #ubuntu-packaging probably has plenty of info03:33
scorchgeekat least that's what I'm told when I go to their site03:33
merlotgreat thanks guys!03:33
Vekuyeah..thats wht i thought..so I wanted to dl Chrome..03:33
Vekubut it wouldn't install afterward!03:33
bazhangVeku, they add repos, go to their site03:33
Vekusays somekind of error03:33
ubuntubut i download it again03:33
scorchgeekVeku: what error03:34
bazhangVeku, you need to update your package list: sudo apt-get update03:34
_aaron_Chilaquiles, try changing it to NTSC it might just change the region to 0 which is universal. the only other info i can give you is to check out doom9.net03:34
Vekusomething...<= some numbers...03:34
scorchgeekVeku: please paste the exact error, it's hard to tell what the problem is otherwise03:34
ubuntuand i get the same software  in different place03:34
Chilaquilesit's that better? or I can change the region to 0 with doom9?03:35
ubuntuand i try to install it03:35
bazhangubuntu, you want to use qq?03:35
ubuntubut i give me a wrong03:35
bazhangubuntu, empathy can handle qq03:35
VekuIm currently using mirc client on windows..what irc client is good for Linux..and how should I install them?03:35
Chilaquiles_aaron_:  it's that better? or I can change the region to 0 with doom9?03:35
scorchgeekVeku: I personally like irssi, but there are tons03:35
theadminVeku: Ubuntu comes with XChat03:35
theadminVeku: irssi is a great one, too03:35
bazhangVeku, from the package manager, as all else03:35
bazhangtheadmin, you mean empathy as default03:36
Vekuso where do I find the package manager? settings menue?03:36
scorchgeeksystem --> applications --> synaptic package manager on gnome03:36
_aaron_Chilaquiles, doom9.net is a website with tools for video editing  but i would try NTSC03:36
theadminbazhang: I think Ubuntu used to come with XChat at some point03:37
Vekuso I have to run the command..and then use the update package?03:37
scorchgeekVeku: you can install flash just from the command lin03:37
Vekuso I dont need to use the package manager?03:38
scorchgeeksudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer03:38
scorchgeekthe package manager is good for browsing packages you don't know the name of03:38
scorchgeekif you do know the name you can install it through the manager, but it's usually faster not to03:38
Vekugot it..03:38
scorchgeekI wrote the command wrong03:39
Vekuso the irssi is already in the package manager?03:39
Vekuor I need to d/l that?03:39
scorchgeekthat should have been sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer03:39
scorchgeekirssi is there, sudo apt-get install irssi03:39
scorchgeekbut run the update one before anything else, since you're having trouble your package database might be out of date03:39
wildbat1any tools to edit/mount WIM file under linux??03:40
Vekuok so I'll write down all these commands and log off windows and...yeah.. :D03:40
ChilaquilesI always have problems with the USB not recognizing them, sometimer I have to restart the computer with the USB stick plugged in, otherwise it doesn't recognize them right away. Is there any fix for this?03:40
scorchgeekChilaquiles: the USB not recognizing the USB sticks?03:40
scorchgeeker, the computer not recognizing the USB sticks?03:40
Chilaquilesscorchgeek: sorry, Ubuntu doesn't recognize the USB sticks03:41
Anom01yhi, for some reason I have a webserver running on my Ubuntu machine, but I don't know which program is running it..03:41
scorchgeekAnom01y: chances are it's apache, that's the usual webserver (though I'm not sure why you have that going on)03:42
rwwAnom01y: "sudo netstat -lnp --inet", look for local addresses ending in :8003:42
Anom01ywhen I go to this website      http://localhost:80  it pulls up a page saying "it works! This is the default web page for this server. The web server software is running but no content has been added yet."03:42
Anom01yscorchgeek, I did install it but didn';t think it would be running03:43
JoknAnom01y: kill the server03:43
ubuntu__is this the best place to ask tech support-ish questions?03:43
rwwAnom01y: why not?03:43
Joknunless you're using it for something lol03:43
bazhangwildbat1, whats a WIM file03:43
scorchgeekAnom01y: oh, well usually if you install it it starts running, why did you install it if you didn't want it running03:43
Anom01yok thaanks03:43
Anom01ywell not yet03:43
=== ubuntu__ is now known as benzene
Joknoh just stop the service then sudo server apache2 stop03:43
=== benzene is now known as benzoic_acid
Anom01yis there any special program that identifies any servers on your computer that are running ?03:44
bazhangubuntu__, ubuntu support, tech-ish stuff in #ubuntu-offtopic please03:44
FlannelAnom01y: It sounds like apache.03:44
scorchgeekAnom01y: did you run that netstat command earlier?03:44
benzoic_acidbazhang: thanks03:44
FlannelAnom01y: but `service --list-all` will list everything (including things installed by default which should be running)03:45
FlannelAnom01y: Er, sorry, service --status-all03:45
dinkyd00when I press ctrl-alyt-[1-6] I get the terminal login  but the resolution seems to be off, I only see characters after the first few -- any ideas?? much thanks03:46
=== G00053 is now known as G00053|beers
scorchgeekdinkyd00: what do you mean by 'only seeing characters after the first few'?03:46
dinkyd00scorchgeek: it seems like the resolution is set higher than the monitor is set for -- it is a 16:9 widescreen03:48
Internetinatorhow do you pronounce ubuntu03:48
dinkyd00if that makes sense03:48
alazare619_can someone help me make sense of this03:48
JimmyNeutronyou - bun (as in your bottom) 203:48
tensorpuddingInternetinator: uu-BUNN-too03:49
scorchgeekdinkyd00: usually the screen in those terminals is somewhat distorted on widescreens in my experience03:49
scorchgeekif that's what you mean?03:49
dinkyd00scorchgeek: that's what I was thinking .. that doesn't make it ok tho. =( any work arounds or things I can do to make this less unpleasant?03:50
Jim455Rbazhang thanks man for the link. it worked perfectly03:51
Jim455Rreally appericate your help03:51
bazhangJim455R, welcome03:52
Jim455Ri asked here for days03:52
scorchgeekdinkyd00: check out this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125779103:52
Jim455Rthis is very amazing and simple way to give me the infos about the lan speed03:52
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest13454
dinkyd00scorchgeek: thanks .. I'll give it a shot03:54
dinkyd00I gotta run -- KEEP UBUNTU K00L!!03:54
SinghamHi...I have installed ubuntu 10.10 and then installed the video drive from the "Additional Drivre's" options.After installation it asked me to restart.and when I restarted the laptop,It started in text mode.What might be the prob ?03:54
Singhambazhang : Can you please help me ?03:56
arooni-mobile1) running 11.04 on my t420; unity becomes unresponsive several times per day.  to solve; i go into a different tty; and do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart ;; is there a better solution?  2) is there a way to get ubuntu to stop prompting me to enter my login password after i've logged in (something about a keyring)03:57
scorchgeekSingham: when you boot into recovery mode there's an option to restore the X server configuration or drivers or something. You might try that.03:57
scorchgeekarooni-mobile: well, this isn't a way to make it stop hanging, but pressing ctrl-alt-sysrq (printscreen key)-K kills the X server and deals with that a little bit faster :)03:58
installubuntuI'm trying to install lubuntu on Toshiba satellite a50 series and its always crash when it portitioned the hd please help03:58
arooni-mobileso its control + alt + printscreen  + the letter k ?03:58
theadminscorchgeek: No need for Ctrl03:59
theadminarooni-mobile: It's Right Alt+PrtSc+K03:59
installubuntuanyone ?03:59
SIFTUarooni-mobile: that is an optimus enabled laptop right?03:59
arooni-mobilescorchgeek, is this a known problem with laptops?03:59
Singham<scorchgeek> : Where I am unable to get it03:59
scorchgeektheadmin: I thought sometimes the alt gets captured by the screenshot taking thing? I dunno, I usually add it just to make sure03:59
arooni-mobileSIFTU, it can be; mine isnt.  its running the intel integrated graphics.  when i bought it; it seemed as though nvidia would  never support optimus on linux04:00
Singham<scorchgeek> : It opens just like terminal04:00
scorchgeekSingham: in your GRUB menu when you boot up, there's a recovery mode option04:00
scorchgeeksorry I wasn't very clear on that04:00
SIFTUarooni-mobile: yeah I had hard hangs on my Dell XPS until I moved to kernel 3.0.. about once a day04:00
SIFTUarooni-mobile: and the intel is about 3 times faster on 3.0 according to glxgears04:01
arooni-mobileSIFTU, so is that kernel coming in the next ubuntu release?04:01
scorchgeekSingham: if you don't see the boot menu automatically, press escape right before ubuntu starts loading04:01
SIFTUarooni-mobile: not sure.. I dont run ubuntu sorry04:01
SIFTUarooni-mobile: but I'm sure you could find it in a PPA04:01
arooni-mobileSIFTU, yeah i just get scared when changing kernel out of step with release04:02
theadminarooni-mobile: From what I know the next release, 11.10, still comes with 2.6.x04:02
arooni-mobilesad day for me04:02
arooni-mobilemaybe unity will be more stable... maybe.04:03
SIFTUarooni-mobile: those 2nd gen intels with the nvidia GPU (optimus) were a real problem for me in 6.38 and 3904:03
Singham<scorchgeek> : Ok what next ?04:03
scorchgeekSingham: you should have a menu04:04
scorchgeekand unless it's changed since I last saw it there's an option to repair the graphics driver or something? sorry I don't know exactly04:04
Singham<scorchgeek> : Wait04:05
installubuntupartioning here need help04:05
=== aparna__ is now known as Singham
Singhamscorchgeek : What to select in that menu ?04:08
scorchgeekSingham: hmm, is there not something about graphics?04:09
Singham<scorchgeek> : failsafeX option ?04:10
scorchgeekwell that will load the system, at which point you could try to fix the drivers04:10
scorchgeekit wasn't what I was thinking of, but I guess I misremembered, or else the option I was thinking of has been removed04:10
scorchgeekyou might try booting failsafe X and reinstalling the drivers04:11
scorchgeekunfortunately I have to go, so good luck04:11
intelinside2020How to configure USB Modem in ubuntu 10.0404:11
HeGuruintelinside2020: make/model of the modem?04:12
ccmonsterhey guys, when I managed my media mounts in pysdm, it seems that root gets r/w perms04:12
intelinside2020HeGuru: Tata Photon Plus04:12
ccmonsteri want to set it so I have rw perms, but i have to run pysdm under root, so not sure the best way to do this04:12
HeGuruintelinside2020: well its rebranded as tata photon, can you give the USB ID of the modem? run lsusb on the shell to find that04:13
intelinside2020HeGuru: iam in windows as i use that modem to connect internet so how to see that in fo in windows04:14
gugugagai got 2 tv tuner how to select the one i like on tvtime ?04:14
HeGuruintelinside2020: Start device manager (right click my computer and properties then hardware) find the modem, right click->properties, then go to device information04:15
_aaron_help setting up dhcp server04:15
ActionParsnip_aaron_: look into dnsmasq04:15
DonaldKeyzhow do i know if i have 32 bit or 64 bit version?04:16
HeGuruintelinside2020: you might also want to check this out: http://linuxers.org/howto/how-set-tata-photon-huawei-ec1261-ubuntu-1004-lucid-lynx04:16
HeGuruDonaldKeyz: uname -a04:17
_aaron_help with dhcpd.config04:17
ActionParsnipDonaldKeyz: uname -m    u686 = 32bit   x86_64 = 64bit04:17
ActionParsnipi686 sorry04:17
ccmonsteri cant get tixati to write to a drive, it says it cant create folder. Not sure how to see what user the app is running under04:18
ActionParsnipccmonster: what username does it run as normally?04:18
intelinside2020HeGuru: that was the link which i refered first04:19
ccmonsteri assume as me?04:19
HeGuruintelinside2020: sorry I just joined04:19
ccmonsterbut when i go into the drive in nautilus and look at the folder properties, it says its under root04:19
ccmonsterwhich is odd. because I thought I made the owner as me, so...yea04:19
SIFTUccmonster: you tried the dynamic configuration rules like in http://pysdm.sourceforge.net/screenshots/udev_04.png04:19
gugugagawho know anything about tvtime ?04:19
ActionParsnipccmonster: check, then you can make a group with root and the user in and make it the group owner of the folder. Make a note of the current owners04:20
ccmonsteris that the suggested method ActionParsnip ?04:20
ccmonsterSIFTU, i was messing with that.04:20
_aaron_ActionParsnip, I'm getting an error in my dhcpd.config04:20
ActionParsnipccmonster: its one way, i don't think there really is a suggested method. Could ask in #php or similar04:21
HeGuru_aaron_: ask/explain your question04:21
ActionParsnip_aaron_: There will be dnsmasq how tos online04:21
intelinside2020HeGuru: V-ME101   HSIA USB Modem04:21
SIFTUccmonster: so its mounted as root but the actual file permissions need to be changed from root to your user?04:21
HeGuruintelinside2020: I need the device ID, you should find it in device information, something like: USB\VID_1241&PID_E000\5&1DC3342F&0&204:22
_aaron_HeGuru, it says that my subnet.mask combination is bad04:22
ccmonsterSIFTU, I guess that's one method04:22
crkingwhere should I active my numlock by the help of LightDM?04:22
ccmonsterWhen i right click in the folder, it shows owner/user as root:root04:22
HeGuru_aaron_: pastebin your file to http://goo.gl/ixcN904:23
ccmonsterbut whne i am in dynamic configuration, I made the owner me.04:23
ccmonsterif i go back and look at the permissions, it still shows root.04:23
SIFTUccmonster: ok well you can change that easy enough.. what file system is it?04:23
ccmonsterdo i need to unmount then remount?04:23
SIFTUccmonster: no it's probably just the file permissions04:23
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ccmonsterok, because it says I can't unmount because I am not hte owner.04:24
ccmonsterlittle confusing, you could say04:24
SIFTUccmonster: sudo chown <user>:<user> <filename>04:24
ccmonsteris that the best way?04:24
SIFTUccmonster: try that one 1 file, if it works it's easy to do it for the whole device04:25
ccmonstershouldn't i use the pysdm if possible? I mean, it's suppose to be a great tool, no?04:25
yaswanthis it best os for fast internet?04:25
ActionParsnip_aaron_: what mask have you assigned?04:25
SIFTUccmonster: it depends how it mounts it.. generally root needs to mount filesystems unless it's a fuse filesystem04:25
crkingif i want to start my system with numlock on and i have GDM i should an script to /Int of GDM if i use kdm something else. how ould i do that with lightdm.????04:26
ActionParsnipyaswanth: is what?04:26
ccmonstera fuse filesystem?04:26
ubuntuwhy the Ubuntu system doesn't support the software which is *.deb04:26
ccmonsterand it's a ntfs drive04:26
SIFTUccmonster: yeah runs under the user04:26
SIFTUccmonster: ah ok04:26
ccmonsteri have a floating drive that I share between my win boot and nix boot04:26
bazhangubuntu, it does.04:26
bazhangubuntu, you wanted to use qq?04:26
ActionParsnipubuntu: it does, the packages you install are all debs from the install CD or the official repos04:26
yaswanthfor browsing are downloading purpose04:26
ActionParsnip_aaron_: yikes, clas A....really?04:26
ubuntubut it can't install eve.deb04:27
ActionParsnipyaswanth: there is no best OS for that, that is a none specific need. Any recent OS will do that04:27
_aaron_ActionParsnip, i've tried a class C aswell04:27
ccmonsterSIFTU, it said chown: changing ownership of `Stowaway/': Read-only file system04:27
ccmonsterwhen i tried to chown the whole mnt04:27
ActionParsnipubuntu: sure it can. just double click the file, or run:  sudo dpkg -i filename04:27
SIFTUccmonster: have you got ntfs-3g installed?04:27
ActionParsnipSIFTU: its part of the kernel now :)04:28
ccmonsternot sure04:28
HeGuruintelinside2020: its a Haier CE100 modem, follow this post to get it working http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/bb/viewtopic.php?t=579&sid=90d9d77f0679aa6290a20b27399f570004:28
yaswanthwhich is the best browser for this os04:28
SIFTUActionParsnip: ah ok04:28
ccmonsteryes, it is installed SIFTU04:28
ActionParsnipyaswanth: there is no single outright best browser for any OS04:28
ActionParsnipyaswanth: there is no single best anyting in life04:29
crkingno idea?04:29
ubuntuthe problem is not the permissions04:29
ubuntui give them execute04:29
ActionParsnipyaswanth: you are using an OS which promotes freedom and choice, yet you ask some strangers in a channel what to think and use...smacks of microsoft don't you tink?04:29
yaswanthatleast can you tell which browser you are using04:30
ubuntubut the OS  don't support them04:30
ActionParsnipyaswanth: arora and chromium-browser04:30
ccmonsterok so ntfs-3g is installed04:30
ActionParsnip!browser | yaswanth04:30
ubottuyaswanth: Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)04:30
_aaron_ActionParsnip, HeGuru, http://paste.ubuntu.com/666981/04:31
ActionParsnipyaswanth: take your pick04:31
theadminOkay, this is weird04:31
SIFTUccmonster: I have never used that GUI you are talking about04:31
theadmin"Opera (Qt..."? Opera has a Gtk version as well.04:31
ActionParsnip_aaron_: my dns is scewed right now so I get no web access, will check in a while04:31
ActionParsniptheadmin: update the factoid then ;)04:31
ubuntuhow can i get the picture04:31
yaswanthk nice thank you . . . and can you tell best use this os04:31
theadminActionParsnip: Ah true, how do I do that again?04:31
ubuntucan you tell the way04:31
intelinside2020HeGuru: thank u i wil go check and come back :)04:31
_aaron_ActionParsnip, ddns-update-style none;  default-lease-time 86400; max-lease-time 86400;  subnet netmask {    range; }04:32
ActionParsniptheadmin: /msg ubottu !browser is Browsers available for Ubuntu..... etc04:32
ccmonsteris there a config i can write to have it work on boot?04:32
yaswanthhey actionparsnip i am askng you only . . . best use of this os04:33
SIFTUccmonster: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/<your-NTFS-partition> /{mnt,...}/<folder>04:33
bazhang!manual | yaswanth04:33
ubottuyaswanth: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:33
bazhang!wiki | yaswanth04:33
ubottuyaswanth: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.04:33
bazhangyaswanth, please read those links first04:34
HeGuru_aaron_: change to
ccmonsterwhats the /{mnt.....} part04:34
ActionParsnipyaswanth: its a very flexble OS, it can be whatever you want, from a wireless access point to a file / mail server to a standard desktop for word processing / email PC04:34
HeGuru_aaron_: in the line subnet netmask
SIFTUccmonster: the directory you wish to mount it under04:34
rwwtheadmin: please link me to a GTK-based version of Opera04:34
ActionParsnipyaswanth: you use best FAR too much, you need to expand you r horizons on what an OS is and can be04:35
vekuis scorchgeek gone?!04:35
HeGuru_aaron_: you might want to switch to Class B or C however04:35
theadminrww: I don't know about the official downloads, however, in Pacman's dependencies of Opera there is "gtk2: for gtk integration", soo...04:36
theadminrww: I thought that's official, sorry04:36
vekucan anyone please tell me how to install Gnome3. I'm new on Linux.04:36
arooni-mobilewhen does 11.10 come out?04:37
rwwarooni-mobile: October04:37
theadminveku: It's unsupported on Ubuntu.04:37
theadminarooni-mobile: The Ubuntu versioning scheme is year.month04:37
bazhangveku, its not supported, and will break unity. avoid it04:37
bazhang!gnome3 | veku04:37
ubottuveku: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.04:37
HeGuruarooni-mobile: in 11.10 11 is 2011 and 10 is Month 10 (October) so 11.10 will be release in October 201104:37
ActionParsnipveku: emphasis on the WILL BREAK bit04:37
vekugot it04:37
vekuso I need Fedora then?04:38
ActionParsnipveku: if you hang til October you can use Gnome3 there, why is it so critical to use Gnome304:38
theadminveku: Fedora, Arch, Gentoo... Any more up-to-date distro04:38
_aaron_ActionParsnip, HeGuru, changed it to class C but now it says to check the syslog04:38
HeGuru_aaron_: you also changed your range accordingly? also pastebin any errors from /var/log/syslog04:39
vekuwell cause I was told the desktop environment is more efficient and clean..and intuitive..and what not..04:39
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: makes knowing when releases are EOL too ;)04:40
theadminveku: I wouldn't say so.04:40
ActionParsnipveku: you could always run a VM and see for yourself04:40
vekuwouldn't that be slower..04:40
ActionParsnipveku: depends on config I guess04:41
cfeddemost of the time "easier" means "more like something I already know"04:41
theadminveku: Well, I'd say Gnome3 is counter-intuitive04:41
vekuActionParsnip: how do I run VM on ubuntu?04:42
vekutheadmin: why do you say so?04:42
theadminveku: Virtualbox04:42
ActionParsnipveku: could always take a partition image, install gnome3 then restore the image if desired04:42
Axlin|MBYou could also dual-boot, if you wanted to run it natively04:42
_aaron_HeGuru, i knew i forgot something i forgot to bind it to the interface so how do i do that agian04:42
ActionParsnipveku: virtualbox is simple to use04:42
vekucool. how do I get virtualbox?04:43
HeGuru_aaron_: edit /etc/default/dhcp3-server04:43
ActionParsnipveku: its in the repos04:43
vekumight be easier than making partitions..hehe04:43
vekuActionParsnip: ah, I'm kinda new to Linux...so ..I don;t really konw where repos at..04:44
overcluckerveku there are 2 versions available in the repos, virtualbox and virtualbox-ose, wither will do, the later is open source though04:44
theadmin!info virtualbox | veku04:44
ubottuveku: Package virtualbox does not exist in natty04:44
ActionParsnipveku: install it like you would any other software04:44
theadmin!find virtualbox04:44
ubottuFound: virtualbox-guest-additions, virtualbox-ose, virtualbox-ose-dbg, virtualbox-ose-dkms, virtualbox-ose-fuse04:44
ActionParsnip!info virtualbox-ose04:44
ubottuvirtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.4-dfsg-1ubuntu4.1 (natty), package size 14793 kB, installed size 42956 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 all)04:44
theadminWow, virtualbox OSE is out-of-date04:45
theadminHuh, 4.0.4... They just forgot to rename the package did they04:45
vekuso I have to d/l it?04:45
theadminveku: apt-get install virtualbox-ose04:45
ActionParsnipveku: yes, use software centre04:45
HeGuruveku: you might want to download from virtualbox.org they have ubuntu packages and are up to date04:45
ActionParsniptheadmin: needs sudo, users can't install packages04:45
theadminActionParsnip: sudo or su or sudo -i or... Let the users decide ;)04:46
vekuok..so I'm on their website..04:47
ActionParsniptheadmin: either way, it wasn't part of your command, so the user will get an error04:47
vekuwhich one whould I get..i386 or AMD64?04:47
gugugagahow to change my internet connection dns ip address and make it permanent ?04:47
ActionParsnipveku: you don't need the site, you need the software centre04:47
vekumy OS is 64 bit04:47
vekuhow do I get there..04:47
ActionParsnipveku: I did say TWICE....04:47
theadminveku: Bah, it's in the applications menu04:48
theadminActionParsnip: Well, I think it's rather intuitive that a package manager is to be run as root.04:48
jukebox-zeroSo, I guess this might be a little odd. I'm compiling mplayer from source for the second time, doing it this time because I didn't like how the installation done by make install doesn't show up on either aptitude or apt-get, synaptic, etc. This time I'll be using checkinstall. My question is, I could pass something like --pkgversion="1:$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)-git" to check install, but do I have to? And since aptitude and apt-04:48
jukebox-zeroget, etc will recognize the package, do I have to worry about it being a candidate for upgrades, or in this case downgrades? Also will aptitude recognize it as satisfying dependancies?04:48
vekusorry someone was saying they have updated one on the website thats why..04:48
ActionParsnipveku: press Windows key and type: software04:48
ActionParsnipveku: the app will show04:49
ActionParsnipjukebox-zero: you can use apt-pin to prevent it updating04:49
theadminjukebox-zero: Yes, just make sure it has the same name. It won't downgrade, APT keeps the most up-to-date version.04:49
vekuwell nothing happenes if I press windows key...but if I type software..a software update window pops up!04:50
gugugagawho knows how to change my internet connection dns ip address and make it permanent ?04:50
jukebox-zeroActionParsnip: Thanks04:50
theadmingugugaga: /etc/resolv.conf.04:50
gugugagathat's temporary04:50
ActionParsnipveku: or in the applications menus etc you'll find it. You can also run: gksudo software-center04:50
jukebox-zerotheadmin: Just the same mplayer pkg name or the same version as what's in repos?04:50
gugugagai can't seems to save it and make it permanent04:50
theadminjukebox-zero: Just the name04:51
urlin2ugugugaga, I use openDNS and set it static in my router04:51
gugugagaeach restart will bring in my isp default dns04:51
jukebox-zerotheadmin: Thanks, cheers.04:51
theadmingugugaga: Do you use NetworkManager?04:51
ActionParsnipgugugaga: set it in network manager04:51
vekuok so the Terminal is telling me 'gksudo' is not installed..04:51
ActionParsnipveku: are you using Kubuntu?04:52
gugugagadoes it comes with ubuntu or required installation ?04:52
ActionParsnipveku: then use:  kdesu software-center04:52
theadminveku: Bah, open a terminal and run this: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose04:52
ActionParsnipgugugaga: yes its the gui thing you configure your network with04:52
theadminActionParsnip: I don't think KDE editions come with the software center, with it being a Gtk app and all. Or am I wrong?04:52
ActionParsniptheadmin: probably easier04:52
ActionParsniptheadmin: not sure, I've not used KDE in AGES04:53
theadminActionParsnip: Goood :D04:53
overcluckersudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose04:53
ActionParsnipveku: you can use: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose    as theadmin said, and install in a terminal. Be sure to close software centre04:54
KM0201i'd rather install the non-free vbox.. seems to have better usb support04:54
vekuyes..I'm doind exactly that!04:54
ActionParsnipKM0201: its just to try gnome304:54
vekualmost done.04:54
r3mveku: you can use: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose as theadmin said, and install in a terminal. Be sure to close software centre04:55
HeGuruKM0201: there isn't a non-free version anymore, just one oss version with non-free USB support available as installable package04:55
vekuyeah, I don't think I have a software center though..04:55
KM0201HeGuru: hmm, well i just always use the version from vbox.org.. :)04:55
gugugagawhere is the network manager ?04:56
r3mveku: you can use: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose as theadmin said, and install in a terminal. Be sure to close software centre04:56
ActionParsnipgugugaga: its the little network icon on the panel04:56
theadminr3m: There is no need to repeat twice :D04:56
gugugagathe one with up and down arrow key ?04:56
ActionParsnipgugugaga: yes04:57
JokesOnYou77hi all04:57
ActionParsnipgugugaga: set the interface to dhcp (address only) and you can specify DNS manually there04:57
gugugagai click on it dsl edit04:57
vekuoh and also..how do I get Compiz fusion guys?04:57
ActionParsnipveku: its already installed04:57
ActionParsnipveku: 2 words:  de-fault04:58
vekuso I nned to cnfig settings? where?04:58
gugugagaactionparsnip , i dont see any option that allowed me to do that04:58
theadminActionParsnip: That's one word.04:58
JokesOnYou77if I wrote a basic xsession file do i need to use chmod on it before it will work properly? And, if so, which chmod numbe, 700?04:59
ActionParsnipgugugaga: under the interface type tab (wired, wireless etc) you will see your connection. Click edit then click IPv4 settings04:59
vekuis it 'desktop effects' under settings?!04:59
urlin2uveku, not available in natty as a woking app, but there is another called displex that does the same and more  http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/sfnet_displex/releases/04:59
gugugagaactionparsnip , it shows manual , pppoe , pppoe address only05:00
theadminJokesOnYou77: I think 744 would suffice, but yeah, you can use 700 in case you're paranoid05:01
RealEyeshello all you ubuntu losers!05:02
RealEyeslets see some conky setups!05:02
RealEyesscreenshots! dotfiles!05:02
theadminRealEyes: Offtopic.05:02
CoreyRealEyes: Did you have a support question?05:02
theadminRealEyes: Please go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:02
theadmin!offtopic | RealEyes05:02
ubottuRealEyes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:02
JokesOnYou77theadmin: Thanks.  I honestly don't know the difference. I have a tutorial that's recommending "chmod +x ~/.xinitrc" and that somehow didn't seem right05:03
CoreyWhy would a config file ever need to be executable?05:04
theadminJokesOnYou77: 1 = execute, 2 = write, 4 = read. Sum them up and you'll see what other numbers mean, i.e 7 = 4+2+1 = full access05:04
ActionParsnipRealEyes: there are hundreds of configs with examples dude05:04
JokesOnYou77and what05:04
JokesOnYou77what's +x ?05:04
ActionParsnipRealEyes: good conky setups use a bit more than just a config file05:04
theadminJokesOnYou77: Add executable right05:04
JokesOnYou77ahhh, thank you :)05:05
theadminJokesOnYou77: Another notation of 700 would be: u=rwx,g=,o=05:05
JokesOnYou77user=read wright, execute ?05:05
theadminJokesOnYou77: Yep, others - nothing, so just empty space05:06
Beav3rDoes anyone know why I would hang at the purple spash screen on boot after re-installing 11.04?05:08
RealEyesActionParsnip: Im on Arch ;D05:09
RealEyesand uh, I just wanted to see some others05:09
overcluckermy conky displays irc messages05:10
ActionParsnipRealEyes: then your OS is offtopic here05:10
seclm193how do i go about installing the banshee beta?  i added the ppa already05:11
IdleOneRealEyes: coming into the channel with "hello all you ubuntu losers!" was your first mistake. Second mistake is being off topic.05:11
maxagazhow to reinitialize sound preferences opn my computer, set it exactly how it was during the install on maverick05:12
maxagaz ?05:12
ActionParsnipseclm193: then run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade05:12
RealEyesi started with ubuntu05:12
wrekthey. does anyone know how to input a "command" when adding an action in the keyboard shortcuts? the help document is not clear what it means to put in a command.05:12
seclm193ActionParsnip, i tried that but it doesn't show an update for banshee05:12
wrekt(such as "launch totem etc)05:12
maxagazmy microphone doesn't work (but it works on other machines)05:12
ActionParsnipseclm193: check the ppa contents on launchpad, it may be a different package name05:13
ashickur-noorI use ailurus for this05:13
maxagazI tried to fix it using alsamixer, but nothing works05:13
ActionParsnipmaxagaz: does it work in sound recorder?05:13
seclm193ActionParsnip, it shows the Package as banshee05:13
Beav3rI'm having an issue booting. I hang at the purple spash screen. No HDD activity, esc takes me to a black screen.05:13
ActionParsnipseclm193: what is the PPA address please05:14
ashickur-noor@Beav3r Use left or right arrow key to see what is happening backword05:14
ActionParsnipBeav3r: log in to ubuntu classic desktop and get 3D acceslleration sorted (if possible)05:14
JokesOnYou77ok, I just wrote a custom xinitrc file but startx fails unless i run it as root.  What did I do wrong?05:15
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: do users have execute / read rights05:15
_aaron_HeGuru, my eth0 isn't in my ifstate05:16
ActionParsnipseclm193: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get --reinstall install banshee banshee-community-extensions     should do it05:16
Beav3rHow do I go about logging into the classic desktop and sortin out 3d acceleration? Also, this was working fine approx 1 hr ago.05:17
seclm193ActionParsnip, thx i'll try it05:17
ActionParsnipBeav3r: you select the session on the login screen05:17
JokesOnYou77I just ran chmod 700 on it as root, exited and tried startx again as a user and now i've got a blank screen :/05:18
seclm193ActionParsnip, trying it now05:18
Beav3rI'm not getting that far. This is right after POST. I just tried booting to recovery where it freezes at Loading Initial ramdisk.05:18
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: then only the user has any access at all, if users need access you will need to give more access05:19
_aaron_how do i check to see if my network card is installed via terminal05:19
seclm193ActionParsnip, i'm getting "Reinstallation of banshee is not possible, it cannot be downloaded"05:20
DonaldKeyz _aaron_ lspci05:20
=== frankbro is now known as frankbro|sleep
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: use chmod to give more access, where is the file located and I'll check mine for you05:21
HeGuru_aaron_: ip link05:21
ActionParsnipseclm193: strange, if you run:  apt-cache policy banshee    do you see the ppa?05:21
JokesOnYou77chmod 777?05:22
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: where is the file please?05:22
MagicJI have connected an ELO touch screen to a 10.4 system - the horizontal mouse moves correctly, vertical is sort of upside down - moving my finger up moves the mouse pointer down - any ideas?05:22
seclm193ActionParsnip, i see it, let me try to install it again, i just purged removed it05:23
_aaron_HeGuru, i don't understand05:23
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HeGuru_aaron_: run ip link to get list of network cards05:23
wrekt(btw is it recommended/superflous to upgrade from 10.04 to 11.04?)05:23
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: hmm, I don't have the file myself05:24
seclm193ActionParsnip, was kinda weird, but it's downloading and installing 2.1 now.  just needed to apt-get --purge remove banshee05:24
ActionParsnipwrekt: you will need to upgrade to Maverick first05:24
_aaron_HeGuru, ok i have the info that it says now what05:24
ActionParsnipseclm193: the wonders of PPAs05:24
JokesOnYou77I'm making a custom cli install in a VirtualBox for a friend. It's not a standard file05:24
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )05:24
HeGuru_aaron_: do you see your interface? eth0 etc.? if yes then your network card is installed05:25
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: This is the tutorial i've been using: http://xwinman.org/basics.php05:25
_aaron_HeGuru, yes ok but how to I bind that to my dhcp server05:25
JokesOnYou77What's the apt command for reinstall?05:26
JokesOnYou77I think I might just need to reinstall Xorg and it's dependants05:26
seclm193JokesOnYou77, sudo apt-get --reinstall install whatever05:26
seclm193JokesOnYou77, I believe05:26
maestrojedI formatted a new harddrive with gparted. I can't write to the drive because of permissions. looks like the drive is owned by root. I log in as maestrojed. How can I fix this?05:26
HeGuru_aaron_: you have to add it to /etc/default/dhcp3-server05:26
JokesOnYou77thak you05:26
seclm193JokesOnYou77, if that don't work just run sudo apt-get --purge remove whatever , then sudo apt-get install whatever05:27
seclm193JokesOnYou77, it redownloads the files05:27
ActionParsnipmaestrojed: is the partition you created on an internal drive?05:28
spo0kzI created a 2.93gb truecrypt volume on /dev/sda which is labelled /dev/sda5.  I basically didnt know what this 2.9gb was doing free in the first place bgut went ahead anyway, now i can access it because the system is already using it. cant delete it either now cos the system is using it right, must be a config file somwhere that is pointing to it to be used in ubuntu , maybe it was the swap partition or som shiznit,  any05:28
spo0kz thoughts ?05:28
maestrojedActionParsnip, yes05:28
BeeverI'm now getting a Hardware Error Check Machine Events Log.05:28
wrektActionParsnip, in your opinion would i gain from going 10.04 to 10.10 to 11.04 or is it very much similar to 10.04 LTS?05:28
JokesOnYou77maestrojed: it has to do with how you have the partitions set to be mounted.  Are they ntfs?05:28
rickjaruizubuntu on hyper-v, anyone? :)05:29
_aaron_HeGuru, no subnet decloration for eth005:29
th0rspo0kz: that might have been your swap partition05:29
erickj92Hello. I just installed ubuntu and edited my xorg config file (This is it: http://pastebin.com/zTrr9Kwg ). I can't get my second monitor working and it says "Unkown" for the first one when in the Monitor settings. I have ubuntu 11.04 and a nVidia 9800 GT graphics card.05:30
spo0kzth0r: obviously im running fine without the swap, is there anyway i can stop the system using it temporarily  ?05:30
maestrojedActionParsnip, how can I fix it? In gparted? Reformat?05:31
ActionParsnipwrekt: your question seems muddled. If you want to get natty then you MUST upgrade to Maverick (10.10) first. The Natty and Lucid desktop support is EOL on the same day so is the same in that respect05:31
th0rspo0kz: I think it is 'sudo swapoff', but not sure05:31
ActionParsnipmaestrojed: then you should add an entry in /etc/fstab to mount it as user writable05:31
ActionParsnipmaestrojed: it will also make it mount at boot05:31
JokesOnYou77If I run sudo startx does it mean I'm running the entire session as root?05:32
rufsketch1Hello everyone05:32
rufsketch1I'm trying to access the files on my windows machine from linux05:32
spo0kzth0r: thx thats put me on the right track05:32
rufsketch1But smb:/// doesn't even see the machine on the network05:32
maestrojedActionParsnip,  I don't want to boot to it. Just write to it. I should mention this is a 3tb drive so it have to be a gpt partition table table05:33
rufsketch1My PS3 does though05:33
maestrojedActionParsnip, I will poke around that file. Thx05:33
rufsketch1how can I set it up05:33
rufsketch1none of the howto's have been very helpful05:33
Goku283Trying to connect through a home network?05:33
rufsketch1Goku283 yes05:33
Goku283Can you ping the IP address of the windows machine ?05:34
erickj92Hello. I just installed ubuntu and edited my xorg config file (This is it: http://pastebin.com/zTrr9Kwg ). I can't get my second monitor working and it says "Unkown" for the first one when in the Monitor settings. I have ubuntu 11.04 and a nVidia 9800 GT graphics card. Thanks in advance for any help. :)05:34
rufsketch1I got it :D05:34
FloodBot1rufsketch1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:34
ActionParsnipmaestrojed: yes you will still need to set accesses05:34
Goku283easy eh ?05:34
rufsketch1smb:///(IP address) works05:34
Goku283good job05:34
rufsketch1though none of the guides say to do anything like that05:34
wrektActionParsnip, ok thnx if they are the same EOL i dont think thers an advantage for me as im nervous my setup might not remain intact through an upgrade so ill stick with this version as long as i can.05:34
ActionParsniprufsketch1: if you add an entry in /etc/hosts you can use the name you set05:35
spo0kzth0r: yes defo was the swap05:35
Goku283lol some one should make a new one05:35
maestrojedActionParsnip, okay, I am looking at fstab right now but I don't know much about what I am seeing :)05:35
HeGuruerickj92: you have to use the nvidia X server settings software to configure your second monitor05:35
ActionParsnipwrekt: could go for a clean install. Feels like brand new (plus you'll not have old configs messing things up)05:35
ActionParsnipmaestrojed: you'll find guides online05:35
erickj92HeGuru, I can't seem to turn up any programs on Google. Is it a manual thing I must do?05:37
erickj92Oh wait.. it's in my apps heh05:37
erickj92HeGuru, thanks :) I think that'll do it! Really appreciate it!05:38
HeGuruerickj92: welcome :)05:38
i5noc! openstack05:38
_aaron_HeGuru, no subnet decloration for eth0 but yet i have added it to the /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server05:38
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:39
i5nocah ok05:39
FloodBot1i5noc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
i5nocshush FloodBot105:39
ActionParsnipi5noc: think about what you just wrote...05:39
erickj92Now if some one could tell me how to enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart X I'd be in business ;)05:39
ActionParsniperickj92: its in keyboard layouts05:39
theadminerickj92: There's no need. Use Alt+PrtSc+K05:39
erickj92Ok guys, thanks a ton! :D05:40
Goku283What does alt prnt scre and K do?05:41
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theadminGoku283: Restart X.05:41
Goku283restart the machine or just the session ?05:41
theadminGoku283: Actually, kill all processes in the current TTY, but... Acts the same when X running05:41
Goku283Ah k05:42
i5nocActionParsnip, o i thought first05:42
_aaron_ActionParsnip, I am still having problems getting this DHCP server working just having problems binding it to eth005:43
i5nocwhat method(s) have you used; what howto?05:44
i5nocwhats the scenario?05:44
_aaron_i5noc, yes05:45
i5noc<i5noc> what method(s) have you used; what howto?; <i5noc> whats the scenario?05:45
ActionParsnip_aaron_: http://johnlewis.ie/setup-dns-dhcp-and-content-filtering-using-dnsmasq-and-havp-in-ubuntu/   may help05:45
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i5nocthat's a really great howto05:47
Goku283Hey guys, i got myslef banned or something from ##linux channel. I made silly comments during a serious discussion i think? how do i get myself back into the channel and be able to talk again ?05:47
i5nocyou ask in a channel that has to do with the NETWORK not another random channel05:47
i5noci.e. try #freenode05:47
i5nocthey will then tell you they have no control over channel politics and your SOL05:47
i5nocTHEN youll want to review your logs and mssg the person who banned you and apologies05:47
_aaron_i5noc, no subnet decloration for eth0,  and now the server wont start isc-dhcp-server05:48
Goku283Ok, Thanks05:48
Random832Goku283: I last saw you simply leaving the channel with no indication of being banned05:48
i5noc@ _aaron_ i'll lay off as ActionParsnip is still active - less confusion ;)05:48
Goku283Yeh becuase i try to type and i press enter but it want let me post ?05:48
Random832unless you are saying you are banned under a different name05:48
Goku283i have been silenced...lol05:48
Random832maybe ##linux requires nicks to be registered05:49
Goku283i can still enter05:49
i5nocRandom832, it does05:49
Goku283i was able to talk at one stage05:49
_aaron_i5noc, I can't do it his way my machine is offline and i'm just trying to make a simple intranet05:49
i5nocthen ident to nickserve05:49
Goku283but then i got blocked or something i think05:49
theadminGoku283: Identify yourself with NickServ.05:49
i5noc_aaron_, lessee05:49
theadmin!register | Goku28305:49
ubottuGoku283: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:49
i5nocGoku283, first your not ident'd ^^05:49
i5noc_aaron_, ok machine is offline and you want it to hand out dhcp - that machine could not get online if you wanted it to?05:50
Random832if you were banned you couldn't join05:50
theadminRandom832: Depends on the style of ban, there is +b and +q05:50
theadminRandom832: With +q you just can't post05:50
Goku283I think i must of got +q05:51
_aaron_i5noc, no not likely05:51
Random832oh, i'm used to quiets showing up in the ban list05:51
Random832Goku283: there are only five entries in the quiet list and none of them are you05:51
Goku283Must be my nick then... tks for the advice guys05:52
theadminGoku283: Again, register your nickname.05:52
scoundrel50aum, I have a problem, I had an update via update manageer just now, and went through the process, and it looked like there was a kernel update too, so it asked to reboot. My browser I use, is Google Chrome, which I had no problems with before the update, now, it crashes all the time, I can barely use it. Would anybody have any ideas why it would suddenly be like that.......I am running Ubuntu 10.10...when I restart it, ti keeps asking me if I05:52
scoundrel50a want to restor back to what I last cloed but that is an error, I didnt have a problem with closing it before, but that restore keeps coming back all the time,  but I cant do anything because it keeps freezing...the version of Google Chrome I have is 13.0.782.112......05:52
Random832Goku283: make sure it is registered and identified05:52
Goku283Yeh ill do it later, im in no rush05:52
theadminscoundrel50a: The old kernel should've been left over. Boot to it.05:53
scoundrel50aoh, I take it there is a problem after the update with Chrome then, yes?05:54
wrektActionParsnip, re" a clean install. I have the OS on its own partiton '/' but the home folder that contains all my applications and docs and so on would be lost... according to the help documentaion you are supposed to have a seperate /home partion but i dont think i have that :(05:54
zykotick9theadmin, i think it highly unlikely that a kernel update would mess with Chrome.05:54
theadminzykotick9: Who knows, I had Firefox crash on a specific kernel, it just segfaulted05:55
ActionParsnipwrekt: then you can restore the data using your backups?05:55
scoundrel50awould a purge and reinstall possibly do the trick and get it to work?05:55
wrektActionParsnip, can i? i guess ill look into that now....05:56
ActionParsnipwrekt: sure you have a backup regime right..05:57
scoundrel50awould a a complete uninstall of Google Chrome and reinstall work, or would it be the same?05:59
millertimek1a2m3if I'm running ubuntu in a vm on a host05:59
GeodudeGoogle Chrome closing your session, too?05:59
wrektActionParsnip, actually i only backup some of my data (like spreadsheets and documents) regularly. my multimedia i backup every one in awhile onto external. but ive never backed up my home folder05:59
scoundrel50aand no, it just hangs on everything, and I have to shut it down05:59
abelis there any midiea convereter from any to any convereter?05:59
millertimek1a2m3and I want to server a webpage from within the ubuntu that is a guest (being run in the vm ware)05:59
millertimek1a2m3how do I visit the webpage that the virtual machine is servering from the host?06:00
millertimek1a2m3I would assume06:00
millertimek1a2m3localhost:<some port number>, but I've never done this so I'm not sure06:00
theadminmillertimek1a2m3: The virtual machine should have a 10.x.x.x style IP.06:00
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theadminmillertimek1a2m3: Check the ifconfig06:00
Mango-chani was wondering how do i use the at command to run something in one whole line?06:00
Diaoerwhat`s the webserver you used?06:01
theadminMango-chan: mplayer /usr/share/sounds/KDE-Sys-Log-In.ogg | at 7:0006:01
theadminMango-chan: If that's what you mean06:01
millertimek1a2m3thanks man06:01
Mango-chanah, thank you06:02
Mango-chanlet me try that06:02
SIFTUMango-chan: or if you want to run multiple commands seperate with &&06:02
User123abcI'm having an issue with my thinkpad t61 - the special "Thinkvantage" key, which should generate "XF86Launch1" generates nothing. If I run acpi_listen and xev they don't throw any events when it's pressed.06:03
Mango-chantheadmin: i tried that but it runs the first part immediately06:03
theadminMango-chan: Oh, hm...06:04
theadminI'll be back soon.06:04
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ZopiacAnyone use Ardour?06:05
scoundrel50aok, ask again, if I uninstalled completely, and reinstalled would that work, or would it make no difference06:06
wildbat1anyone got the link of MiniCDs for 10.04.3 ?06:06
wildbat1or is there one ?06:08
Riku_i am currently using ubuntu natty & my  KB and external usb mouse tend to stop working... is there a fix?06:09
ActionParsnipwildbat1: there should be a minial ISO of about 10Mb06:09
ActionParsnipwildbat1: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso   32bit06:09
ActionParsnipwildbat1: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso   64bit06:10
ActionParsnipwildbat1: MD5 hashes are: 7b383bcf55f09b1bb7e6614ed6e67a0e   and     d260ca4ad6d0c81bf5cf38a63fa63b5b   respectively06:10
Riku_i already changed setting within opengl & changed the powerbtn script to fix the mouse06:10
ajahfailed at installing packages from update manager , The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources. and this is from details section boot-repair boot-repair-common boot-repair-ubuntu clean-ubiquity-common google-chrome-beta ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.3 wine1.306:10
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:10
wildbat1ActionParsnip: but  that's 10.04? not 10.04.3 right?06:10
Riku_i even ran a rmmod & modprobe for the usb optical mouse06:11
Riku_doesnt work06:11
Kartagisthere is a bash ccript I've written. can I use it as is if I add it to nautilus context menu?06:12
Riku_root@Twilit-Castle:/home/riku# xinput list06:13
Riku_⎡ Virtual core pointer                    id=2[master pointer  (3)]06:13
Riku_⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer              id=4[slave  pointer  (2)]06:13
Riku_⎜   ↳ Microsoft Microsoft 3-Button Mouse with IntelliEye(TM)id=6[slave  pointer  (2)]06:13
Riku_⎜   ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad              id=8[slave  pointer  (2)]06:13
FloodBot1Riku_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:13
Riku_⎣ Virtual core keyboard                   id=3[master keyboard (2)]06:13
Riku_whoops sorry06:14
ActionParsnipwildbat1: once you get updated it will be 10.04.306:14
ActionParsnipwildbat1: not sure what release those are to be honest06:14
wildbat1ActionParsnip: oh ~ okay~ then ~06:14
wildbat1ActionParsnip: thanks. ^^06:15
SIFTUKartagis: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NautilusScriptsHowto06:15
Riku_why are you running 10.04.3 anyways??06:15
SIFTURiku_: it's the LTS release06:15
Kartagisthanks SIFTU06:15
Riku_ah ok... makes since06:15
Riku_i installed straight copy of 11.0406:16
Riku_i know rock.. thanks for the catch06:16
ActionParsnipRiku_: natty server is eol waaaay before lucid is ;)06:16
wrektActionParsnip, would this scheme work: create a backup of /home. reformat my /dev/sda so there is an additional partition for /home. then install 11.04 on the / partition? and then somehow place the backup copy of /home into the new /home partion once 11.04 is on / ?06:16
Riku_really?? wow06:17
scoundrel50aok, its not Google chrome, its something in the update that is conflicting with google chrome, i have gone back one kernel and it works ok06:17
scoundrel50aso the update has broken google chrome06:17
uRocksilly question, when running Windows Server 2008 in an ubuntu vbox, how does one hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to log on?06:17
riddlerhow do i make ubuntu the default loader in boot so i dont have to press the arrow to select it06:17
Riku_i hate and like natty at the same time.... very much laggy though06:18
Random832uRock: there should be a menu item06:18
ActionParsnipscoundrel50a: if you rename your chrome settings folder, does it work with vanilla settings06:18
uRocknatty is awesome06:18
Random832i think host key [i.e. right ctrl] + del does it to06:18
ActionParsnipRiku_: runs great here (but I use LXDE + openbox)06:18
uRockthanx Random832 will give it a shot06:18
scoundrel50aActionParsnip:how do I do that, and I will have to go back into the new Kernel to try06:18
wildbat1natty is too buggy :> i am going back to 10.04 :>06:18
Riku_i just wish that my usb optical mouse would work06:18
abeli coudnt install handbrake please?06:19
uRockabel, how did you go about it?06:19
Riku_parsnip: nice... your system is probably newer than mine too.. i cant even run unity due to my hardware06:19
Riku_abel: which ubuntu are you isng?06:20
abel uROCK:i ws trying to add to my resource list frop ppa but still i coudnt06:20
Riku_try... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-snapshots06:21
KartagisSIFTU: that means it works :)06:21
Riku_then update06:21
scoundrel50aActionParsnip: ok thanks any way06:21
SIFTUKartagis: cool :)06:21
FriGiNi'm in a pickle. im not sure where to start so i'll try to explain what happened so i can find how ot fix it. Installed ubu 10.10 restarted. getting "grub rescue>" "cannot get c/h/s values" my search (mind you i am on a cellphone connx at just over 56k) shows that i gotta get into nix and do a fdisk mod.. per http://bit.ly/oyxp5m .. as im using my thumb drive to try to get into ubu its stopping mid load first time it stops if i touch a06:21
Riku_able: read this... http://crackednoodle.blogspot.com/2010/06/install-handbrake-on-ubuntu-1004.html06:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:22
KartagisFriGiN: ^^06:22
FriGiNKartagis: ikr?06:22
Kartagiswhat's ikr?06:22
abelRiku_: it give an erro with "Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-snapshots: <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>06:22
uRockabel, I installed by running "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases" then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install handbrake"06:22
FriGiNi know right.06:23
FriGiNthe problem is that part of the hdd is ntfs.. im told that is whats failing me here.06:23
abelurock:it gives an error"Error reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-snapshots: <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>"when i try to do it?06:23
urlin2uFriGiN, who told or what told you it's failing?06:24
uRockabel, is your firewall blocking it?06:24
FriGiNabout 3 webpages..06:24
FriGiNits the info i kept bumping into and they all suggest 1 of 2 things. format and retry, and i cant do that, or do the fdisk trick06:25
abelurock:idont thin so?06:25
urlin2uFriGiN, the fdisk is for identifying the partitions, here is what that is from. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files06:26
abeluRock:is there another midea converetr??06:27
uRockRandom832 ftr I anded up having to use the on screen keybaord in the server to log in06:28
FriGiNurlin2u: like i said i cant boot live cd/usb06:28
Random832uRock: there was no ctrl alt del option in the menu?06:29
zykotick9abel, you could try winff which is a front end to ffmpeg as a media converter06:29
FriGiNurlin2u: for whatever reason it dies mid load06:29
uRockRandom832 didn't see it06:29
urlin2uFriGiN, you installed by booting a cd or thumb, did you use a nomodeset option than?06:29
uRockabel, I use ffmpeg for conversion, handbrake for ripping baackups06:30
brodulHi, where can I download the lastest x86 server edition kernel06:30
brodulThe generic one06:30
FriGiNits a thumbdrive no i i dont think i did nomodeset option06:30
uRockRandom832, I found that option, thanx06:31
abeluRock:how can use ffmpeg?i think it is not graphical06:31
uRockabel, it is cli only06:31
FriGiNi used yumi multiboot itsgot backtrack5 ubu10,10 and ubu11.0406:31
urlin2uFriGiN, just to be sure here you have ant=y othe OS;s on the hd?06:32
uRockafter installing from the USC, open a terminal and run "man ffmpeg" I am no pro with it06:32
urlin2uany other*06:32
uRockafter installing from the USC, open a terminal and run "man ffmpeg" I am no pro with it abel06:32
FriGiNyes win7 32bit06:32
zykotick9abel, you could try winff which is a front end to ffmpeg as a media converter06:32
FriGiNnot on THAT hdd.. but its installed on another hdd06:32
urlin2uFriGiN, did you happen to install from widows?06:33
urlin2uFriGiN, IE a wubi06:34
abelzykotick9:thanks it works now but is that smart i mean that converts to all kind of midea?06:35
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zykotick9abel, anything ffmpeg can do - which is a lot06:35
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chaospsychexhow do i burn a disc without creating a checksum ?06:37
urlin2ugnomebaker i sfaster if that is what you want06:38
chaospsychexgnomebaker, disc burning program?06:38
urlin2uchaospsychex, yeah06:38
chaospsychexbrasero says 'Burning Disc (100% Done) but its creating an image checksum. can i hit cancel and it will complete the disc or cancel everything ?06:39
urlin2uchaospsychex, don't know but the other I don't think does, it is way faster.06:40
chaospsychexi will install it after this disc is done06:40
zykotick9chaospsychex, there is a way to disable the md5 generation in brasero06:41
chaospsychexoh ok,i need to do that. takes forever06:41
urlin2uzykotick9, forgot about that. ;)06:41
chaospsychextakes almost as long as it takes to burn the disc06:42
urlin2uchaospsychex, in plugins in brasero06:43
JoeR1does anyone know the most recent kernel? (Google was very counter productive in this regard)06:43
llutz_JoeR1: general kernel? "telnet kernel.org 79"06:44
fredrik_I have a virtualbox problem. I have an XP installation and a usb unit with special usb drivers. Problem is that when I install the driver it can't find the unit. If I click on the USB Icon in lower right corner in VB I can see the unit (called numark omni control) and a bunch more usb controlers. But they are all greyed out.... Why?06:44
urlin2uJoeR1, mine in natty is 2.6.38-10 generic06:44
Riku_fredrik: did you install the add-ons??06:45
JoeR1looks like kernel.org is reporting a 3.0.206:46
fredrik_Riku_, did you mean the guestaddons?06:46
JoeR13.0.1 I mean06:46
fredrik_Riku_, If so then yes06:46
Riku_fredrik: that plus there some extras with plugins06:47
llutz_JoeR1: yes, released two weeks ago06:47
JoeR1dang, that means I'll have to compile06:48
Riku_fredrik: did you install the other plugins required??06:49
fredrik_Riku_, que?06:49
somsipchaospsychex: I get this when the previous media has not been properly umounted. Did you just burn another disc previously?06:49
ubontoo-us3rwhat's the command line to edit grub206:49
llutz_JoeR1: there is a daily kernel ppa, iirc06:50
JoeR1llutz perhaps but the source is already down so I may as well, lord knows I could use the practice06:51
fredrik_Riku_, What other plugins? Plugins to VB or plugins to the numark usb unit?06:51
Riku_all of it06:51
JoeR1llutz - my mistake, the source wasn't yet down but I shall still compile just for the heck of it06:55
llutz_JoeR1: if you think you have to, have fun06:55
JoeR1indeed, I do so love compiling . . . . NOT!06:56
Nick-WIhi all06:59
llutz_JoeR1: idk, last kernel i compiled was 2.0.2somewhat. nope, i love different  things :)06:59
Nick-WIjust wondering how to install 32 bit wine on ubuntu 64 bit help please06:59
JoeR1should be cannonical07:00
Fwbhey guys just managed to get ubuntu 10.10 working via vbox. but i need a ftp client any recomendations?07:00
JoeR1you can use the ubuntu software center07:00
llutz_Fwb: lftp07:00
somsipFwb: filezilla07:00
Nick-WI>>JOeR1 THX07:00
rwwFwb: Places -> Connect to server07:00
Fwbfilzils psge wont load07:00
JoeR1Nick-WI, no prob, just out of curiosity what are you wanting to run in wine?07:01
Riku_Nick-WI: here.. http://wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit#head-6425d16f19f5058ca4cb93961bdbd4265468dc6107:01
Nick-WI<JoeR1> mp3tag07:01
Fwbi was trying to download latest firefox. is the mozilla site down?07:02
Riku_hopefully that helps07:02
JoeR1Nick-WI, I don't know exactly what you are trying to do but my distro of Ubuntu has built MP3 tag editing abilties that are quite nice07:02
llutz_Nick-WI: whats wrong with easytag or kid3?07:02
Nick-WII just like mp3tag07:03
Riku_Nick-WI: here.. http://wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit#head-6425d16f19f5058ca4cb93961bdbd4265468dc61 <--- for wine32 to 64bit07:03
Nick-WInothing wrong with other07:03
JoeR1Nick-WI, very well, enjoy07:03
Fwb:( i cant get any ftp clients working07:04
Nick-WIthx all of you, i going to tray07:04
Nick-WIlet all know07:04
JoeR1bext of luck Nicj07:04
JoeR1an, I suck at typing today07:05
Fwbwe all do sometimes joel07:06
JoeR1Indeed, for example you called me Joel and there is no L in my name07:07
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:07
clifftoni need help...07:08
JoeR1that was a wireless fault07:08
clifftoni have an external hard drive, that i want ubuntu to mount as a drive, so i can use it with unetbooting, but ubuntu is seeing drive as a media device so unetbooting wont recognize it......?07:08
clifftonwhat do?07:09
vindolinis there a software way to disable a notebook keyboard? I'm using an usb keyboard at my desk and my cat loves to sleep on the notebook keyboard.. pressing all kinds of keys07:09
Fwbis someone able to help me get a ftp client working pleas07:09
clifftoni have an external hard drive, that i want ubuntu to mount as a drive, so i can use it with unetbooting, but ubuntu is seeing drive as a media device so unetbooting wont recognize it......?07:09
JoeR1cliffton I will have to cede to my colleagues I am not sure I know the answer to that one07:10
theadmincliffton: There's no need to repeat.07:10
Riku_on occasion my KB will tend to lockup.. but now my usb optical mouse... idk what to say about that one07:10
JoeR1Vindolin - I think yes to question but let me check something real quick07:11
Riku_cliffton: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB <--- try this07:11
clifftonriku_ already there07:12
Riku_cliffton: ok good07:12
clifftonok so automatic mount point is /media07:12
clifftoni want it to mount to /sda/xxx so unetbooting will see it07:12
icerootcliffton: ?07:13
clifftonwhoops mount to /dev/xxx07:13
icerootcliffton: you cant mount TO /dev/xxx07:13
clifftoniceroot here i will repeat question07:13
clifftoni have an external hard drive, that i want ubuntu to mount as a drive, so i can use it with unetbooting, but ubuntu is seeing drive as a media device so unetbooting wont recognize it......?07:13
Riku_be careful though... you could end up bricking your drive07:13
icerootcliffton: ubuntu will see the device as /dev/xxx and the partition as /media/xxx07:14
icerootcliffton: mount or df -h will tell you the devicename of /media/foobar07:14
clifftonok drive is empty maye your partition manager a?07:14
JoeR1vindolin, I seem to recall that you can do that but I just can't remember how right now07:14
cliffton"/dev/sdb1 on /media/babee cakes type ntfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,uid=1000)07:15
Riku_cliffton: sudo apt-get install mountmanager07:15
Riku_install that07:16
clifftonbabee cakes is my extrenal drive so the mount point is sdbq1?07:16
clifftonok one sec07:16
theadmincliffton: No, the mount point is /media/babee, /dev/sdb1 is the device file.07:16
clifftonok installing now07:16
clifftonok got it installed07:17
nbubuntuhi , I need help on android phone , using galaxy tab 7 inch and ubuntu 10.10 but i cannot connect with usb , ubuntu 10.10 doesn't show the drive07:21
nbubuntuthank you :)07:21
Riku_xinput list found my usb mouse.. but doesnt work07:22
pingviniusGreetings to all. The type program mailagent is necessary to me07:22
pingviniusfor ubuntu07:23
Riku_maybe IRQPOLL perhaps07:23
theadminWell winff is awesome, thanks to whoever suggested it here (not to me, just to someone) :D07:23
lostvoiceshi guys im trtying to setup a static IP. when i  do and then go to connection information it sstill shows the dynamic ip. i wanted something like  but it chooses  what could stop it being static?07:23
=== kyle_ is now known as deployment
Riku_pingvinius:: try EXIM07:24
auronandacepingvinius: sudo apt-get install mailagent07:24
gadgetdevillostvoices, if you want a temporary solution run ifconfig <interface name> <ip address>07:24
gadgetdevillostvoices: if you want a permanent solution you need to edit /etc/interfaces see here for how to do that: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-static-ip/07:25
HalabundIs there some photo viewer for ubuntu that can open photos fast, like Picasa on Windows?  The default one takes ~4 seconds to show each photo (with a progress bar...), and does not preload the next one.07:25
Kaolenlostvoices: To add to that, I seem to remember that I had an issue with a static IP address when I set up a Debian box. What I had to do was set it up with very verbose options in /etc/network/interfaces (gateway, mask etc) and then restart networking completely. /etc/init.d/networking restart07:26
shomonhi, how can I get a more cutting edge version of bluefish than 2.0.1? I'm in ubuntu 10.1007:26
lostvoicesKaolen:  wow that sounds kinda harder :)07:26
Kaolenlostvoices: Perhaps, but it's the only way I know how to do it. Don't learn anything if you don't spend 3 hours trying every variation you can think of right?07:27
GitchHi all. I've got an issue with my desktop after upgrading to 11.04. I'm not using unity but using Ubuntu legacy. When I log on I see the Ubuntu look and feel, but after a relatively short time, it drops back to the horrible clunky gtk theme everywhere.07:27
cyb3rjunkielostvoices: i suggest u: go tips.linux and learn Linux basics.07:27
=== mrdeadlocked is now known as mrdead-clone
cyb3rjunkielostvoices: it's ubuntu centric. u will learn all in about 3 days07:28
=== mrdead-clone is now known as mrdeadlocked
Gitchfeels like there are two conflicting theme managers both trying to run my desktop07:28
zen_monkeywich is the diference between file size and file size on disk? eg. one stands 5Mb and the second 12Mb07:29
zen_monkeyfor the same file07:29
rabbi1how to open .dwg file in 10.04  ?07:30
icerootzen_monkey: a file is stored in sectors and a sector has a specific size07:30
icerootzen_monkey: also there is a difference between MB and MiB07:31
gadgetdevilzen_monkey: file size represents the actual size of the file. Hard drives use something called a "block size" to address space on the drive. This block size is an indivisible unit, so even if you have a file that is less than the block size, you take up the entire block.07:31
icerootzen_monkey: sorry, block instead of sector as gadgetdevil said07:31
=== ab_ is now known as Guest242
zen_monkeyiceroot, i understand the sector idea, but such a difference between both means disk fragmentation?07:32
icerootzen_monkey: fragmentation has nothing to do with that07:32
gadgetdevilzen_monkey: You don't need to worry about fragmentation with Linux. Ext 2 & 3 don't need to be defraged like NTFS for Windows07:33
devrali just did an e2fsck on my (unmounted) ubu desktop installation from a liveCD. afterwards, it won't boot to the GUI, but services like SSH are running. help?07:33
llutz_gadgetdevil: stop spreading the myth of "ext won't fragment". it does fragment, not as vfat but still. in fact there are just no defrag-apps available07:33
theadminllutz_: Nevertheless, it doesn't affect the performance... at least not noticeably07:34
llutz_theadmin: up to a certain percentage, right07:34
zen_monkeyok, so what causes the difference between the numbers? eg. Total file size 510 Mb and disk size 4.1 Gb...??07:36
gadgetdevilzen_monkey: where are you getting this information from? ls?07:36
zen_monkeyeven more fun... du -sch says 488Mb07:36
Ubuntu1104Userim 1104 i want to upgrade to 1110 how make upgrade 6407:36
zen_monkeyright clic -> properties for the first two of them07:36
mimi_guys please coud you tell me how can i change with new login screen for my ubuntu 10.04?07:37
m_ritehey guys. any idea how to get a second keyboard running on my machine? i'm working with a friend who sits beside me. it would be cool if he could just use the second keyboard and type away07:37
scarleoI have a samba share (on suse) that announce on my lan, when trying to browse the announced share (on ubuntu) it says "Unable to connect", but if I add the location manually (connect to server) it works. Anyone knows what's going on??07:37
Ubuntu1104Userm_rite, second machine07:37
deploymentin windows the ntfs permissons can be set at one levela nd then pushed down to all files/folders and etccc inside.07:37
gadgetdevilm_rite: Synergy synergy-foss.org07:37
devralafter doing an e2fsck on my ubu desktop installation (unmounted, from a liveCD), it gets stuck booting to GUI, but some services like SSH are running. any ideas?07:37
theadminm_rite: You can't really use two keyboards *at the same time*.07:37
deploymentcan this be done with linux?07:37
Ubuntu1104UserHow to go 64bit07:37
Ubuntu1104Userhow to make ubuntu primary07:38
theadmindeployment: chmod -R07:38
Ubuntu1104Userwithout cd07:38
theadmindeployment: Or chown -R07:38
Ubuntu1104Userwhen i installed i did inside windows thing07:38
Laserstheadmin: Not even Bluetooth Keyboard? :)07:38
Ubuntu1104Userso i get dualboot menu07:38
gadgetdevilIt's called Synergy guys it is cross platform OSX, Windows, Linux, Unix and it's FOSS software. I use the package "quick-synergy" to easily configure it.07:38
theadminLasers: Hm, bluetooth and USB could work07:38
Ubuntu1104Userlasers: no07:38
LasersI'll give it a try!07:38
LasersI have one! I'm testing it!07:38
gadgetdevilhttp://synergy-foss.org It's more awesome than a KVM07:38
zen_monkeygadgetdevil, file properties show 510Mb and 4.1Gb and du -sch 488Mb...07:39
Ubuntu1104Useranyone help07:39
theadminLasers: If you type at two at the same time, won't there be random interference? Like if two keys are pressed on both keyboards at the same time, it'll get messy07:39
Laserstheadmin: I don't think he plan to use both keyboard at same time. Retard plan. I know.07:39
delli inserted a usb...now how to know what file system that usb device is formatted to07:39
theadmindell: sudo fdisk -l07:40
devralafter doing an e2fsck on my ubu desktop installation (unmounted, from a liveCD), it gets stuck booting at starting cupsd07:40
Ubuntu1104Useri love you too07:40
Ubuntu1104Usersure ill get the picnic stuff07:40
Ubuntu1104Userhehe its a panda eating a roof07:40
Kaolenzen_monkey: To answer part of that, could the difference shown in the size be the difference between using 1024 and 1000 when changing to Mb?07:40
Ubuntu1104Useri got a secret its on the tip of my tongue on the back of my longues and im ganna keep it cuz i know something you don't know07:41
Ubuntu1104Userhey guys i have 32bit 1104 i want to go 64bit 111007:41
Ubuntu1104Userhow do so07:41
zen_monkeyKaolen, that can suit for 510 to 488... now i just have to understand that 4.1 Gb?07:41
KaolenThat... I'm not quite sure about XD07:41
Ubuntu1104Userhowmake 60mb of space07:42
llutz_!11.10 | Ubuntu1104User07:42
ubottuUbuntu1104User: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:42
theadminUbuntu1104User: You must reinstall.07:42
theadminUbuntu1104User: There is no way to convert between 32- and 64-bit07:42
mimi_please tell me how can i change my login screen iam new to the ubuntu?07:42
Ubuntu1104Userwhy not07:42
Ubuntu1104Userfix it make it for me07:42
devrale2fsck screwed up my ubuntu desktop install. the boot process gets stuck at starting cupsd. help??07:42
llutz_Ubuntu1104User:  .. take your fish and troll away <°))))><07:43
theadminSomeone here needs a certain kind of hammer ;)07:43
KaolenI was going to suggest something with rm and the root of the filesystem, and the -r and -f options.07:43
zen_monkeymimi_, http://www.multimediaboom.com/how-to-change-login-screen-in-ubuntu-11-04/07:43
accelbesides cheese, what other webcam software comes with ubunnntu?07:43
Laserstheadmin: USB + BT Keyboard = Successful!07:44
accelI want to see if I can get real time ideo07:44
accelcheese is kinda slow07:44
accelgiving me about 2fps07:44
cyb3rjunkieUbuntu1104User : yo man just accept it is not possibel07:44
cyb3rjunkieu better ask linus torvalds07:44
cyb3rjunkieKaolen: it would be great advice !!07:45
theadminKaolen: A less hardcore version is "kill -s SEGV 1" :D07:45
KaolenHaha, I just didn't want to write that actual command out in case someone tried it without thinking (and as root).07:45
scarleoI have a samba share (on suse) that announce on my lan, when trying to browse the announced share (on ubuntu) it says "Unable to connect", but if I add the location manually (connect to server) it works. Anyone how I can fix that??07:46
rwwfyi, posting dangerous commands in #ubuntu tends to get one banned.07:46
cyb3rjunkieKaolen: i dont think newbs would have idea about root usr , but some Skids might try it with Sudo07:47
devralmy ubuntu desktop GUI won't start. gets stuck at starting cupsd. doing startx in console gives me: Server is already active for display 007:47
KaolenAll the same damage in the end. Though I like theadmin's idea, I might just shut down my boxes with that all the time.07:48
Riku_would IRQPOLL work for fixing usb mouse??07:48
=== rulezer0 is now known as frapinlap
theadminKaolen: That causes a kernel panic :D No real good for a shutdown07:49
Riku_devral: did you install the gnome-desktop?07:50
dellwhen i do "fdisk -l /dev/sdb" to know the format of my usb file system then it says "Cannot open /dev/sdb"07:50
Kaolentheadmin: That pushing the power button is extra work I suppose. Since half the time, the box isn't local.07:51
devralRiku_ the GUI works if i connect to the freenx-server that is running, so a GUI is installed, yes07:51
mimi_please tell me how can i change my login screen iam new to the ubuntu?07:51
stixHi guys. Where can I find some docu about creating an Ubuntu template? I mean like a live-cd, that installs Ubuntu with my specific setup and packages I have selected to be installed.07:51
devralRiku_ the problem started after i did an e2fsck on the unmounted system disk from a livecd07:52
wildbat1!remaster | stix07:52
ubottustix: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:52
=== wildbat1 is now known as wildbat
Riku_devral: best rec is just to re-install system07:52
cyb3rjunkiehi everyone, does any one know good overclocking tools for Ubuntu ?07:53
Riku_you broke your x1107:53
=== wildbat is now known as Guest71821
sumanhi i just bought my new portable hardisk model :- PQI h566 500gb ... but its not recognized in my pc... can you please suggest a soultion07:54
sumanall i can see is a light glowing in the device07:54
=== Guest43980 is now known as MichealH
stixgreat thanks :)07:54
devralRiku_ is there an easy way to bring along all the services/programs? configs and /home are easy enough07:54
=== Guest71821 is now known as wildbat_semi_afk
=== wildbat_semi_afk is now known as wildbat_semiafk
Riku_devral: not really... try fixing with vesa, if that doesnt work you need to rebuild07:55
Cpt_Zyphis it possable to install gnome 3 on ubuntu .. or are there major problems with that?07:56
devralRiku_ how do i try the vesa thing?07:56
Riku_x11 config07:56
sumanhi can any one help me out with my problem07:56
devralRiku_ /etc/X11/xorg.conf?07:56
Riku_Cpt_Zyph: yes gnome 3 works fine on 11.04 along with unity.. just make sure your hardware supports it07:57
sumanhi i just bought my new portable hardisk model :- PQI h566 500gb ... but its not recognized in my pc... can you please suggest a solution all i can see is a light glowing in the device07:57
Riku_devral: yes07:57
frapinlapdoes anyone know if my Epson RX580 printer is supported under 11.04? it's not even showing up under lsusb as a connected device07:57
deploymentsuman: can you see it in disk util or gparted?07:57
devralRiku_ that would explain the problem. "cat: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory"07:57
jeep85bonjour ici07:57
rww!gnome3 | Cpt_Zyph07:58
ubottuCpt_Zyph: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.07:58
rww!fr | jeep8507:58
ubottujeep85: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:58
Cpt_ZyphRiku_ ok just making sure .. i use this laptop a ton but the gnome 3 is looking slick and figured it has been out long enough to give it a try.. and didn't want to go back to fedora.. im learning but want to limit my distro exposure till i learn more07:58
Riku_devral: there you go...07:58
Cpt_Zyphaa thank you bottu *)07:58
Riku_frapinlap: i am checking07:58
sumandeployment: No i cant see my disk anywhere07:59
urlin2ufrapinlap, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrintersEpson08:00
frapinlapi've checked the forums and it appears to have been supported at one time08:00
Riku_frapinlap: are you running 32 or 64-bit?08:00
frapinlapi've tried installing the linux driver08:01
frapinlapbut it only helps with the recognition over bluetooth08:02
sumanhi my portable harddisk is not supported on the pc08:02
sumancan any one please suggest any solution08:02
sumanp.s:- its not visible on gparted as well08:02
Kaolensuman: Is this is a usb disk?08:03
sumanyes its a USB PORTABLE HARDDISK PQI h56608:03
sumanits a usb 3.008:03
sumanbut i have usb 2.0 in my system08:03
JoeR1oh my god, this stupid readme for the 3.0 kernel actually says "Don't take the name root in vain" comments like that are why linux folk get made fun of08:04
Kaolensuman: I honestly don't know how that works out, I haven't had much exposure with USB 3.0. However, does anything relevant come up at the end of the 'dmesg' command? Something about "new USB device found" etc.08:04
RenatoSilvaany plans for supporting gnome 3?08:05
=== cyb3rjunkie is now known as cyrus
goofriderhi all, can someone give me some tips of how to troubleshoot samba + openldap integration issue? Samba as users to change password every month but users can't change password (only sudo smbldap-passwd works)08:06
rwwRenatoSilva: Ubuntu oneiric uses GNOME 3. Ubuntu 11.04's official repositories are sticking with GNOME 2, per our stable update policy.08:06
sumankaolen : this is the output after that commend http://pastebin.com/mX3MihBv08:06
m_ritehey guys. any idea how to get a second keyboard running on my machine? i'm working with a friend who sits beside me. it would be cool if he could just use the second keyboard and type away08:10
markskil1eckm_rite: that is a cool idea (although I have no idea how to solve it)08:11
goofriderhi all, can someone give me some tips of how to troubleshoot samba + openldap integration issue? Samba as users to change password every month but users can't change password (only sudo smbldap-passwd works)08:11
m_ritemarkskil1eck: it's really cool. we used it on windows before and had a lot of fun with it :D08:11
Kaolensuman: If I am not mistaken, it doesn't look like the kernel even registers that you plugged anything in.08:11
JoeR1m_rite, well I could only offer advice that would have both working in the same field so I think this is not what you want08:11
m_riteJoeR1: what do you mean, field?08:12
m_ritethe goal is to not have to go "wait a minute, let me just hand you over the keyboard" every time he wants to take control and type something08:12
JoeR1m_rite, it would be recieving input from both keyboards as if they were one08:13
m_riteJoeR1: yes, that's the plan08:13
JoeR1m_rite, have you tried pluggin them both in at the same time?08:13
m_ritethey are08:13
Kaolensuman: Looks like all you have that is possibly relevant is "usb 1-5: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2". And at that point, I wouldn't know what to do.08:13
JoeR1m_rite, ok, one moment, This may take me a moment as i am currently compiling a new kernel08:14
m_riteJoeR1: ok08:14
m_riteJoeR1: can you give me a teaser to what your idea is?08:15
Riku_goofrider:  try this... http://books.google.com/books?id=gpbk66Y_s5sC&pg=PA84&lpg=PA84&dq=ubuntu+11.04+samba+with+openldap&source=bl&ots=rIAs8nIrtG&sig=eYkgYopqWYe0rSzV_CVoJ4C17IE&hl=en&ei=hiZKTsjQG8qUtweQicmjCg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=8&ved=0CFYQ6AEwBw#v=onepage&q&f=false08:15
rlyHow am I supposed to get an adhoc network up and running on Ubuntu with an atheros chip?08:15
rlyI followed instructions, and it does not work.08:15
goofriderthanks Riku_ , I'll take a look at it now08:15
iceswordzise: hi where you from08:15
Riku_no prob08:16
rlyThat is, I shared the connection with other computers and I had no security settings configured.08:16
rly(to establish a base line)08:16
rlyI do get: wlan0: No active IBSS STAs - trying to scan for other IBSS networks with same SSID (merge)08:16
JoeR1m-rite, sorry i was in the bathroom08:16
RenatoSilvarww: what's unity exactly, a gnome 2 app, a gnome 2 patch, a gnome 2 fork?08:17
JoeR1m_rite, I am going to plug a spar into my machine and see if I can remember how I did this before08:17
goofrider@ Riku_ , actually I;ve been through similar steps, I have gotten it all working over a yr ago (with no monthly password reset and user could change password). these 2 problems surfaced a few months ago.08:17
m_riteJoeR1: ok, awesome, thanks08:17
goofriderI just need some pointers as to how to narrow down the problem08:18
JoeR1m_rite, are both USB or is one PS/2?08:18
rwwRenatoSilva: Unity in 11.04 is a plugin for Compiz that provides a shell as an alternative to GNOME Panel, GNOME Shell, etc.08:18
rwwRenatoSilva: 11.04 runs it on top of GNOME 2. Oneiric runs it on top of GNOME 3.08:19
m_riteJoeR1: both identical USB08:19
JoeR1m_rite, are both plugged in right now?08:19
m_riteJoeR1: yes08:20
RenatoSilvarww: so it's a *compiz plugin*! and it just runs on top of gnome 2/3 as any regular gnome app. Ok, thanks for the info!08:20
JoeR1m_rite, can you give me a paste bin of lsusb?08:20
m_riteJoeR1: they're working now08:22
JoeR1very well08:22
JoeR1m_rite, well done08:22
m_riteJoeR1: i don't know why but they do. i replugged the second one and it works, awesome08:22
m_ritethanks JoeR1 :)08:22
m_riteplus: i now know the command lsusb :D08:23
JoeR1m_rite ls also has other uses08:23
JoeR1m_rite, I would look into it if I were you but enjoy your new found duplicity08:23
ziga_Can anyone help me? My sound stopped working in Xubuntu.08:23
JoeR1ziga_ I can try, I am running Xubuntu so we shall see if i am useful08:24
m_riteJoeR1: i will, thanks. I'm gonna reboot and see if it still works then08:24
JoeR1m_rite, ok good luck08:24
ziga_JoeR1 what can i do? It worked yesterday just fine08:25
theadminziga_: Have you tried looking at alsamixer, changing the master channel to PCM or Speaker, and such things?08:25
JoeR1ziga_ do you still have the volume control on your panel?08:25
Riku_man... i am falling asleep & i cant even fix my own problem08:26
ziga_i have no volume panel on my panel it is gone08:26
szal!sound | ziga_08:26
ubottuziga_: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.08:26
ziga_i ll probably have to do something in terminal08:26
ziga_here is my alsamixwr comand output:08:27
ziga_Card: HDA ATI SB                                                                                                                               F1:  Help               │08:27
ziga_│ Chip: Realtek ALC270                                                                                                                           F2:  System information │08:27
ziga_│ View: F3:[Playback] F4: Capture  F5: All                                                                                                       F6:  Select sound card  │08:27
ziga_│ Item:08:27
JoeR1ziga_ indeed, one moment please, also i was in the other window you opened08:27
FloodBot1ziga_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:27
JoeR1ziga_, try to use pastebin for that08:27
ziga_joe i am now in a sepparate window :)08:28
ziga_come there08:28
ziga_please :)08:28
szal!paste | ziga_08:28
ubottuziga_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:28
szalziga_: and stay in the channel so that others might benefit from the help you get as well08:28
llutz_oops, sry08:29
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com08:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:32
ziRewrites don't work, when I've got allowoverride all to /, a2enmod rewrite and the .htaccess itself, what else could be wrong?08:37
RenaKunisakiwhat's the shortcut key to pause the process in a terminal again?08:39
icerootRenaKunisaki: ctrl + z08:39
RenaKunisakiah thanks08:39
theadminRenaKunisaki: To bring it back up, "fg jobid"08:39
theadminRenaKunisaki: Where "jobid" is the number you should get when you suspend iirc08:40
davidmorrisor fg with no arguments if it's the most recent paused process08:40
Guest3258Hey all, How do I get into the Wine chat room?08:41
auronandaceGuest3258: /join #winehq08:41
theadminGuest3258: /join #winehq08:41
theadminauronandace: Y U FASTER THAN ME?08:42
theadminauronandace: never mind xD08:42
Guest3258Thanks men! :D08:42
=== Guest3258 is now known as BlueWolf
SpiderFredhi how to start visible terminal running specific command ater starting my X? I added urxvt to my xinitrc and it opens terminal but I have no idea how to also run command08:44
=== ross is now known as Guest58033
davidmorrisman urxvt, there's probably an argument as to what command it will run?08:45
BlueWolfauronandace: I have downloaded the firefox package in my downloads, how do I install it. Whats the best way?08:45
Guest58033any one tried Oza Unity08:45
Guest58033sorry Oz Unity08:45
theadminBlueWolf: Is it the tarball? Or the .deb?08:45
SpiderFreddavidmorris: I take a look at it08:46
BlueWolftheadmin: firefox-5.0.1.tar.bz208:46
urlin2uGuest58033, looks like atweaked netbook version08:46
cousin_mariowill FF6 be available on natty anytime soon?08:46
davidmorrisBlueWolf: get the .deb, and it will install on double-clicking.08:47
Guest58033yes OzuNITY ROCKS08:47
auronandaceBlueWolf: firefox 5 is already in the repos if you are using natty08:47
theadminBlueWolf: Unpack it to any folder.08:47
theadminBlueWolf: Run the "firefox" file located in there08:47
auronandace!info firefox | BlueWolf08:47
urlin2ucousin_mario, it is in a ppa08:47
ubottuBlueWolf: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 5.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.2 (natty), package size 14799 kB, installed size 29868 kB08:47
cousin_mariourlin2u: do you think it will be included in the official repositories?08:48
auronandace!packages | BlueWolf08:48
ubottuBlueWolf: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:48
urlin2ucousin_mario, I don't know.08:48
theadmin30 thousand? I somehow thought it actually had around 90 thousand...08:49
auronandacetheadmin: not sure how uptodate that factoid is regarding amount of packages08:50
urlin2ucousin_mario, here is a link to the ppa and how to set it up http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/mozilla_team_firefox_next?dist=maverick08:51
kaellanhow do i find what swap partetition is being used ?08:51
urlin2ukaellan, you only need one08:52
triunityHow does one change from LibreOffice to OpenOffice?  I installed it from USC, but it never showed up...  And it says you launch it from libreoffice, which doesn't make sense...08:52
BlueWolftheadmin: I double clicked on the firefox, it update but did not install?08:52
theadminBlueWolf: Sorry, I think you misunderstand the fact that this package is *not* an Ubuntu package, and thus will *not* integrate with Ubuntu menus and other things without special street magic08:53
kaellanurlin2u: im deleting he backtrack partition and a old ubuntu partiion so now i need t know what one of the swap partitions im using for this instal of ubuntu08:53
urlin2utriunity, you would have to wipe libre and download from open office, libre is ahead of open office now thgough.08:53
darksethi... I have problem. I can't install any ubuntu (dvd or live cd) , becouse when i start installer, and chose language, keyboard... get info theh cdrom coould not be find and mounted. I check logs and i think its problem of i82365 module becouse it dont load08:53
urlin2ukaellan, the swap isn't important for installs, delete all and make a new one with the new partitioning for the install.08:54
cousin_mariourlin2u: thanks, but I'd rather not use an unofficial package for such a critical task08:54
triunityYea, but libre base has serious issues... and those issues didn't exist in openoffice.  So im ok with oo being slightly less advanced...08:55
urlin2ucousin_mario, cool08:55
kaellanurlin2u even if i lready got the ubuntu i want instaled already ?08:55
triunityThanks for the headsup though08:55
urlin2ukaellan, screen shot gparted so I can see whats up http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add08:56
BlueWolftheadmin: It is. It Opened up in ubuntu. And I made sure it was an ubuntu package when I downloaded it.08:56
ziga_anyone here knows how to fix sound problems? I have no sound icon in taskbar08:56
BlueWolftheadmin: It just wont install in the ubuntu directory08:57
kaellanurlin2u: http://imagebin.org/16807208:57
theadminBlueWolf: *facepalm* That's exactly what I'm talking about, it is NOT AN UBUNTU PACKAGE. It's not a .deb, it's a .tar.gz.08:58
kaellanurlin2u i have deleted the backtrack partition and now i need to remove the corect swap memmory08:58
urlin2ukaellan, just remove the one closest to the unallocated, you only need one, also how much ram do you have?08:58
urlin2ukaellan, there is no correct08:59
kaellanurlin2u: i got 6 gig 1333 mhz on this laptop08:59
NicheOWAThey guys, I need some help with my dual booting. Earlier today I ran the Windows installer on my Drive E:, I decided to use the Live CD disk to overwrite the entire Drive E: and install Ubuntu that way instead. When I boot my comptuer now and have the option to boot Windows 7 or Ubuntu, when I select Ubuntu I now get an error08:59
urlin2ukaellan, cool your swap is fine then I suggest the one to remove as it will give you more unallocated .09:00
NicheOWATI think it's still trying to boot the Windows installed partition even though I created a new one, how do I go about fixing this? I'm such a noob09:00
urlin2uNicheOWAT, run sudo update-grub in ubuntu09:00
szalNicheOWAT: first, define 'an error'09:00
NicheOWATurlin2u, how do I get to ubuntu? Says Windows can't find that partition whenever I try to boot Ubuntu09:00
NicheOWATI'm in Windows 7 now fyi09:01
urlin2uNicheOWAT, did you install inside of windows?09:01
triunityNicheOWAT, if both are fresh, just install do a reinstall with windows, than install ubuntu on top.  That is the best way09:01
NicheOWATEarlier today yes, but I just used the LiveCD to overwrite that09:01
ziga_the best how to about dualboot i have ever found is here: http://www.lancelhoff.com/restore-grub2-after-installing-windows/09:01
urlin2uNicheOWAT, yes to me09:01
urlin2uNicheOWAT, yes to a wubi install?09:02
BlueWolftheadmin: Ok then, please could you give me the Url for the firefox site.09:02
NicheOWATwhat? Wubi install?09:02
NicheOWATdon't know what this means09:02
theadminBlueWolf: Open a terminal, run this: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox09:02
urlin2uNicheOWAT, first tab the user name so we know who you af=re answering. Did you install ubuntu from windows?09:02
NicheOWATurlin2u, the first time I installed Ubuntu ealrier today, yes I did install it with Windows. However I just used the Live CD to install Ubuntu, erasing the Ubuntu that was installed with Windows earlier09:04
NicheOWATI overwrote it because it limited me to 30GB when I ran it through Windows09:04
zambahow can i make a bootable usb from an iso?09:04
urlin2uNicheOWAT, can you screen shot gparted or run a script to pastebin, you will have to onstall gparted.09:04
theadminzamba: There are many ways, unetbootin, usb-creator, lili09:05
NicheOWATurlin2u, I don't know what any of that means09:05
urlin2uNicheOWAT, gparted is a partitioner on the live cd.09:06
zambatheadmin: what works?09:07
milamber!usb | zamba09:07
ubottuzamba: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:07
urlin2uNicheOWAT, if you can't boot ubuntu we will have to use the install disc to fix it so a screen shot of gparted will get us closer, boot the live cd.09:07
theadminzamba: All of those I listed would work with Ubuntu.09:07
zambathis is not about installing ubuntu, it's about writing bootable iso images to usb09:07
NicheOWATOk, I'm going to reboot with the Live CD.... I'LL BE BAWK09:07
zambatheadmin: as i said, this is not about installing ubuntu09:07
alks;] cant get  MS windows media player  to run on playonlinux :/, it installs and does not run  (looking for a solution for DRM protected files)09:08
gluesniffmonkeyI have one ubuntu laptop that refuses to connect to my wireless router at home.09:08
gluesniffmonkeyAll the settings are the same in networkmanager.09:09
dr_willisplayonlinux is a wine frontend. so check the wine app databese alks09:09
gluesniffmonkeyhow do i troubleshoot this?09:09
kaellanurlin2u: hmm i dont find how to make the partition im on bigger/increased over the amount of free space09:09
urlin2ukaellan, I don't understan that.09:09
kaellanurlin2u: how to make a partiion bigger?09:10
urlin2ukaellan, sorry you have to do it from a live cdturn off the swap when you do.09:10
milamber!details | gluesniffmonkey09:10
ubottugluesniffmonkey: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:10
kaellanurlin2u: ok09:10
kaellanbbl then :)09:10
urlin2ukaellan, cool turn off the sap to do it.09:10
pyghassenis there any chat room for ubuntu server?09:12
milamberpyghassen: #ubuntu-server09:12
pyghassenthanks milamber09:12
milamberpyghassen: np09:12
=== wiki is now known as Guest85523
gluesniffmonkeyrunning 10.04 networkmanager wireless security wpa & wpa2 Personal IPv4 settings Automatic (DHCP) working with imac and acer aspire one09:15
gluesniffmonkeywith acer extensa 4630z same settings on ubuntu 10.04 and can't connect09:15
dr_willisgluesniffmonkey:  what witeless chipset would be handy also09:16
dr_willisits one of those importsnt details.09:16
alksahhh so as i look in wine app database it says that drm protectd files does not work on wine installed windows media player.. so no need to fix it09:16
gluesniffmonkeyi can connect to wireless wpa2 everywhere but at home09:16
alksdoes anyone know how to run drm protected files in ubuntu09:17
dr_willisalks:  vbox running windows09:17
alksi have only 2gigs ram09:17
vanquish349where is the geddit executable file, i need it for greese monkey09:17
dr_willisit can work09:17
triunityalks, the vb will work fine with 1/2 that09:17
alksok ill try it then09:18
vanquish349please anyone09:18
gluesniffmonkeyWireless card is Atheros Communications AR928X09:18
triunityGive the VB 512MB of ram ;)09:18
szalvanquish349: hint: it's gedit, not geddit09:18
dr_willisvanquish349:  use  which  command09:18
vanquish349szal: yeah i know spelling mistake09:18
gluesniffmonkeyThe router is Linksy WAP 54G09:18
vanquish349dr_willis: what do you mean09:18
dr_willis'which gedit'09:19
urlin2ualks, if you have a legal windows disc and key just dual boot.09:20
alksurlin2u,  i have dual boot just wanted to make it work straight so i could get rid of window someday09:22
vanquish449sorry, stupid unity froze on me again09:22
vanquish449so how do i open gedit from a folder place things09:23
urlin2ualks, good goal. ;-)09:23
vanquish449so can someone help me09:24
dr_willisclarify the problem. ;)09:24
vanquish449dr_willis: i am starting to use greasemonkey09:25
vanquish449to make a script you have to put a few bits of info in and then chose an editor you want ro use09:25
vanquish449then a folder thing comes up09:25
dr_willisyou mean a file requestir dialog box asking for the editor to use?09:27
vanquish449dr_willis: yeah09:29
dr_willisso use 'which gedit' to get the path09:29
vanquish449ohh i see09:29
NicheHey guys, I "Try Ubuntu" on the Live CD and it's been loading for 20 minutes since... Is this normal? I have a quad core computer, it's not slow09:31
Niche*I clicked09:32
triunityNo, that is not normal09:32
theadminNiche: It's not normal. Make sure it was burned well, there is an option to check disk integrity in the boot menu09:32
triunityIt shouldn't take more than a minute to load09:32
theadmintriunity: It often does take more than a minute. Not more than 3 mins though.09:32
szaltriunity: let's say 2 or 3, but certainly not more than that09:33
NicheAlready checked for integrity after it burned and it appeared to be fine :S09:33
JoeR1quick question, does anyone know how long, on average, "make" takes during the compile on the 3.0.1 kernel?09:33
triunityLoL, ok------  if loadtime => 360: print "error"09:34
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:34
NicheIf print "error" sudo reboot09:35
whoppergatorJoeR1: that is REALLY dependent on the system compiling the kernel...09:35
gluesniffmonkeygtg. Try this qagain later09:35
theadmintriunity: What's that language? :/09:35
triunityNiche ewww, that can lead to infinate reboots, bad programer, shame on you09:35
dr_willisNiche:  whats your video chipset. you may need that nomodeset option09:35
JoeR1whoppergator, gee really!? wow, that totally make me wish I would have asked for an average time09:36
NicheHaha, I have zero programming knowledge :D09:36
whoppergatorJoeR1: haha, nice09:36
NicheVideo chipset? I have no idea, how do I figure that out?09:37
triunityIts ok Niche, i forgive you, this time.  But next time i cut off a finger...09:37
whoppergatorJoeR1: on my old-school dual-core intel core laptop, it can take 15 minutes when i've customized a lot.09:37
NicheIf finger = -rm sudo reboot09:37
dr_willisive seen it take severl hrs. ;)   so now your average is  2 hrs09:38
JoeR1whoppergator, I only ask because I have been going for many hours now and I have no idea how much longer it has09:39
rumianomHi, what might the problem when mouse is hard in interacting if there is huge wifi usage, both usb wifi dongle and wireless usb mouse?09:39
triunitySignal Interferance09:39
whoppergatorJoeR1: Oh, well I'm coming from a gentoo background in that respect, so my kernel are pretty lean. If you're compiling ALL modules or something then that could take that long09:39
milamberJoeR1: http://xkcd.com/303/09:40
triunity@rumianom --> Your wifi dongle and wireless mouse may be interfering with each other09:40
rumianom@triunity thanks09:41
whoppergatorJoeR1: what are you running the compile on? you could also parallel-ize some of it?09:41
triunity@rumianom, to test, try a normal usb mouse and then do something internet intensive, and see if the mouse acts up.  If it does, than you have more serious issues09:42
=== ubuntu is now known as Niche-LiveCD
Niche-LiveCDhey guys09:42
Niche-LiveCDnow I'm trying to resolve my issue09:42
Niche-LiveCDbad programmer her09:43
triunityYepperz, i remember09:43
Niche-LiveCDso I mentioned this 30 minutes ago, but I'll restate my problem09:43
JoeR1whoppergator, this is a Pentium d, first gen dual core 2g ram09:43
whoppergatorJoeR1: Woah, that's why. Are you compiling the default ubuntu sources?09:44
szala heating plant, and not the fastest one at that ^^09:44
rumianom@triunity i don't have normal mouse, but changing channel should be okay or I have to change bandpass 2,4 -> 509:45
JoeR1whoppergator, no, I nixed some options09:45
claviusmondcan anyone tell me why streamtuner wont show stations for the live365 or basic.ch channels?09:45
rumianom@triunity is there a tool for ubuntu to check the traffic on every channel?09:45
claviusmondor, suggest any other radio streamer that works better than this one09:45
triunityUmm, on my phone there is, im not sure about ubuntu though09:45
Niche-LiveCDEarlier today I installed Ubuntu 11.04 with the Windows Installer. I decided later on in the day to install Ubuntu 11.04 with the Live CD. After installing with the Live CD, when I get the option to boot Windows 7 or Ubuntu, the Ubuntu does not work and says Windows cannot find the partition.09:46
triunityMaybe try a different channel and just see if it helps09:46
Niche-LiveCDAn image of my fdisk -l can be seen here: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1489/screenshotrootubuntuhom.png09:46
Niche-LiveCDAny ideas?09:46
JoeR1whoppergator, oh well screw it, I'll just have to endure and wait until the Bulldozer comes out09:46
fish_i have a really weird issue.. i try to fix hostname -f, right now it says 'Name or service not known'. as far as i know, it looks up the local ip. so if i put the hostname for in /etc/hosts, it should work09:47
Y3Nhi all09:47
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, did you put the sdb first in line to boot in the bios?09:47
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u, not that I know of09:47
Niche-LiveCDI barely know what I'm doing09:47
Niche-LiveCDis there a way I can fix that in Terminal if I didn't?09:47
whoppergatorJoeR1: oh well, gl. I remember spending whole nights compiling back in college days :)09:47
fish_but it seems tools like nslookup and host don't read hosts, but ping for examples does. /etc/nsswitch.conf is correct (files before anything else for 'hosts'09:48
JoeR1whoppergator, I suspect most of tomorrow will be spent on this as well09:48
triunityNiche, grub2 is most likely broken, follow this: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/how-to-recover-grub2-linux.html09:48
rumianom@triunity was is the name of your iphone app?09:48
Niche-LiveCDIf I follow this tutorial: http://www.lancelhoff.com/restore-grub2-after-installing-windows/ do you think it will fix my issue? I'm just afraid it's going to remove my Windows partition and then I'll have zero working partitions09:48
triunityAndriod, sorry!@09:48
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, is sdb a slave hd?09:49
Y3Nany1 using Lusca here?09:49
triunityRumianom, I know they have one for iphone, my friend uses it...09:49
whoppergatorJoeR1: make sure you use the -j# make opt, where # is the number of jobs to help in the future09:49
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u, no idea09:49
froeshi guys... cant seem to install vlc.. any ideas???09:50
rumianom@triunity ups read iphone but there was phone ;) so what is the name of this app?09:50
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, so we can make sure grub is in the sdb hd masterboot record you just have to have it read first in the bios.09:50
JoeR1whoppergator, ok I'm on it, perhaps I will see you tomorrow and report on the event09:50
szal!info vlc maverick09:50
whoppergatorJoeR1: for a dual core, use 3, so something like: 'make -j3 && make modules_install'09:50
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.4-1ubuntu1.7 (maverick), package size 2001 kB, installed size 4512 kB09:50
triunity@rumianom Honestly i can't say.. I've seen my friend use it, but I don't know its name offhand, search the app store...09:51
JoeR1whoppergator, at this rate that won't come up until some time in january09:52
szalfroes: try uninstalling libva1 first09:52
triunity@rumianom, the forums recommend wifi radar, which is available from USC09:52
Y3Nsomebody.... plz help me out,  my Lusca error with warning "squidaio_queue_request : WARNING - Queue congestion" if anyone know how to fix it, i am appreciate, Thanks09:52
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, open gparted on the live cd it is in the menu and take a screen shot I want to make sure no partitions are open.09:52
whoppergatorJoeR1: If it's something you have to do a lot, consider compiling on a faster machine. There is no rule you have to torture that particular box09:53
doriteyIs there anything you can do on Ubuntu that can't be done on Windows or OSX? I'm asking because I just got a MacBook and I'm setting up virtualizations of all the OS' I might need to access in the future.09:53
triunityJoeR1 -->  ubuntu 11.04 server edition.  It isn't tied down by a gui, may be your saving grace09:54
triunityDoritey --> Not get viruses?09:54
ricky26Does anyone know where I'd look if Ubuntu is being weird with a specific USB device?09:54
doriteyWell, I mean in terms of functionality09:54
szaltriunity: futile for Mac OSX, I guess09:54
JoeR1whoppergator, this is the fastst machine I have right now and the only one runnning linux anyway09:55
szalfutile argument, that is09:55
triunitySzal, mac's get viruses... don't let them fool you09:55
whoppergatorricky26: did you look at your dmesg output already?09:55
ricky26whoppergator: Yeah, nothing.09:55
doriteyApparently Linux has viruses too.09:55
ricky26whoppergator: Pressing buttons on the USB device causes gdm to restart. ;P09:55
doriteyI think it's just a matter of the OS' popularity.09:55
JoeR1triunity, no gui!? that sounds like the like a freaking nightmare09:55
triunityDoritey, The main virus on that page has an uninstall command... really?09:55
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u, http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/2312/screenshotdevsdagparted.png09:55
rumianom@triunity thanks i have found the same - installing :)09:55
whoppergatorricky26: wow, lovely. kernel issue?09:55
JoeR1triunity, also I have linux server on my NAS09:55
doriteytriunity: Well whatever, I'm just wondering if there's anything Ubuntu can do that Windows or OSX can't.09:56
urlin2udoritey, There has not yet been a widespread Linux malware threat of the type that Microsoft Windows software faces09:56
ricky26whoppergator: I'm hoping it's not a problem with kernel, because the device has no specific drivers.09:56
doriteyI.e. is there a reason for me to virtualize it09:56
ricky26whoppergator: It's a usb audo/HID hybrid all the info is in the descriptors.09:56
triunityYes, there is more hacking software on Linux than Win and Mac combined09:56
doriteyDoes that include programming IDEs and stuff09:57
doriteybecause i would like a neat programming environment09:57
wildbat_semiafkanyone know how too loop boot alternate ubuntu ISO ? i tried iso-scan/filename but it seem not working .09:57
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u, did you see my gpart?09:57
=== wildbat_semiafk is now known as wildbat
triunityDority, there are a few great IDE's like Eclipse09:57
ricky26The crash isnt consistent either, sometimes it works properly, and sometimes it assigns all the buttons from 0, ie LMOUSE, RMOUSE etc, and I can't click with my actual mouse.09:57
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, okay close everything the open the disk utility and unmount everything as of now you have sda2 open we want none open the key you see in gparted means mounted.09:57
triunityIm not sure if that is on Mac/Windows (seeing as i don't use them)09:57
doriteytriunity that's cool09:58
doriteyActually now that I think about, I'm sure at least Windows has an equally powerful selection of programming tools.09:58
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, yes that was a picture of only one HD you have 3, we want all not mounted.09:58
triunityEvery major OS has nice programming tools09:58
doriteyWell, maybe I should just skip using Linux for now.09:58
whoppergatorricky26: i don't think i can help much without more info, what exactly is the device?09:58
triunityWhat about the hacking?09:59
JoeR1doritey - windows has an amazing selection of progrmming tools09:59
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u, how do I unmount with Disk Utility09:59
doriteyjoe75 ya09:59
milamberdoritey: why are you thinking about transitioning/virtualizing? linux has a really great server stack with LAMP, but unless you provide details, we won't be able to tell you any specifics. as for switching for the sake of switching - i don't really recommend that. learning for the sake of learning - ok though :)09:59
ricky26whoppergator: Logitech G93009:59
triunityJohn the Ripper will cry...09:59
ricky26whoppergator: I am just fighting lsusb for the descriptors09:59
triunityand AirCrackng... and and...09:59
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, there are unmount buttons for each partition in each HD.09:59
whoppergatorricky26: oO, is that a camera?09:59
ricky26whoppergator: No09:59
doriteymilamber: I'm into web/design/programming/development and I'm just setting up virtualized environments that I may need for later09:59
squigI laugh when some one suggests php as being pretty good09:59
ricky26whoppergator: Don't ask about the logitech webcam on my desk09:59
ricky26whoppergator: That causes lock-ups in Linux09:59
ricky26whoppergator: I shoulda learned really. ;P10:00
doriteyI'm just wondering if there's anything Ubuntu does better than Windows/Mac that isn't a free software foundation-argument10:00
ZutaraHi. need help with moving a window from my second monitor (left) over to my first (right). Can't use mouse because whenever I click the stupid window moves.10:00
doriteylike ITS FREE or whatever.10:00
doriteyI mean in terms of actual functionality.10:00
MrokiiHi. I sthere a way to tell Gnome-Terminal (via some preference-file) to open with an initial window-size?10:00
whoppergatorricky26: haha, yeah sounds like kernel issues, sorry i'm not more helpful10:00
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u, do I even unmount my current Linux installation hard drive?10:00
squigdoritey, we have significantly increased performance (like 40% for our tasks)10:00
ricky26whoppergator: Yeah, the camera one definitely is.10:00
triunityDirity, for webdev, Mac and Windows are fine, Linux has Equally good software, but nothing amazingly unique...10:00
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, do you also know how to change HD list in the bioos move them around for reading at boot?10:00
whoppergatorMrokii: yes.10:00
ricky26whoppergator: It's due to Linux being far too optimistic in usbcore.10:00
sarmionwhen i boot up natty it says unable to mount?10:00
auronandacedoritey: there are lots of different filesystems supported on linux10:01
doriteysquig thats cool10:01
Niche-LiveCDurlin2u,  negatory10:01
ricky26whoppergator: But the G930 is a pita, because sometimes it works fine, and just replugging doesn't seem to fix. I have to reboot. Which makes me think it's a service setting it up crazy.10:01
urlin2uNiche-LiveCD, we will be wasting out time till you do.10:01
whoppergatorMrokii: go to the edit menu, then under profile preferences there is an option for that10:01
milamberdoritey: the lamp stack would be the only argument then. getting apache mysql and php or perl or python is a breeze on linux10:01
squigdoritey, windows 7's file server is almost as fast  as nfs from 2000 (and before)10:01
Mrokiiwhoppergator: oh, thanks. I thought that would be something needed to be done via some prefs-files.10:02
triunityDority:  Linux is also great for recovery.  If your windows dies, having a dualboot Linux can save your life/work10:02
whoppergatorMrokii: it used to be something that could only be done by passing a command line option, but the newer versions have that handy option10:02
triunityOr just a live CD10:02
sarmioni just keep .iso on external10:03
ricky26whoppergator: Argh, I think I'm gonna have to believe it's logitech being shite with USB again.10:03
Mrokiiwhoppergator: Okay, found it. Thanks again.10:03
Zutaratriunity: damn right. The LM9 Lice CD saved some of my files when I had to reinstall10:03
whoppergatorricky26: yeah, i have a dual-boot desktop that makes me unplug the mouse and plug it back in everytime i switch, or the scroll wheel will go into SUPER sensitive mode10:03
ricky26whoppergator: lol10:03
triunityZutara:  thats what im talkin' about ;)10:03
ZutaraHi. need help with moving a window from my second monitor (left) over to my first (right). Can't use mouse because whenever I click the stupid window moves.10:04
ricky26Incidentally, is there any set of scripts for building ubuntu from scratch? :p10:04
ZutaraI want to move the Minitube window back over10:04
Zutarawon't wrok with mouse though10:04
SlartZutara: I'm not sure if devilspie works with separate monitors but it might be worth a try10:04
Slart!info devilspie10:04
ubottudevilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.22-1 (natty), package size 28 kB, installed size 128 kB10:04
ricky26whoppergator: Thanks for your thoughts on my problem btw. :)10:04
whoppergatorZutara: if you hold down alt, it used to let you drag a window with the mouse from any window position10:04
whoppergatorricky26: np! :)10:05
Zutaraalt = no dice :(10:05
AdvoWorkhow can i check if/what firewall is running on my server?10:05
* Zutara installs devilspie10:05
doriteysquig milamber and triunity: With the risk of sounding belligerent and while I do appreciate Linux's technical prowess, I don't really consider it very interesting from a desktop functionality standpoin. Like, I'm talking about emulating Ubuntu for the purpose of getting access to things I don't have on Windows or OSX.10:05
doriteyAnd in that case, it won't do much if Ubuntu's only selling point is that it's faster/more secure or whatever.10:05
SlartAdvoWork: iptables -L will give you a list of some of the rules for iptables10:05
doriteyGet what I mean?10:05
whoppergatorAdvoWork: are you looking for something besides grepping through ps?10:06
urlin2udoritey, why are you here this is Ubuntu support, not arguments.10:06
ZutaraDP installed. now what?10:06
Slartdoritey, squig, milamber, triunity: this is a channel for ubuntu user support.. discussions such as this one might be better done in #ubuntu-offtopic10:06
sarmionAny nifty linux commands?10:06
JoeR1doritey the "selling point" that get ubuntu/linux downloaded more often than not is that it is free10:06
AcidpunkThat and 95% of software on the platform is free as well10:07
SlartZutara: you'll have to check the man page.. man devilspie   should be a good start10:07
triunitythere are a lot of programs on linux that can't be found on mac/windows, but if you don't need/want those programs there is little point.  Like nmap, john the ripper, aircrackng, and the like...  Not to mention  if you are a web dev, you may want linux as a vb for the point of checking compatablity with your sites10:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:07
sarmionI've just switched to Linux from windows...is why i ask...10:07
milamberdoritey: i understand what you are saying. most people here are very much a fan of the right tool for the job. if you have the right tools then there is no need to switch. (excluding the arguments you have already excluded :) )10:07
SlartZutara: I've never actually used it myself.. just heard it being recommended10:07
urlin2uStop feeding the troll10:08
auronandace!terminal | sarmion10:08
ubottusarmion: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:08
JoeR1doritey, I'm with you thought, for the most part Windows 7 or Xp is a great OS with an fine amount of versatility and I would NEVER recommend any distro of linux to friend that isn't interested in spending hours of every day just trying to acclimated to a new OS10:08
Slart!ot | JoeR110:08
ubottuJoeR1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:08
richtroyesarmion grep and find are nifty linux commands10:08
doriteytriunity, milamber and JoeR1: Good points, to all of you.10:09
richtroyeand man, and apropos, they're good commands too10:09
doriteyurlin2u and Slart: Ok. :-)10:09
sarmionwhat? @richroye10:09
AdvoWorkSlart, its basically im trying to get my ubuntu server to connect to a mysql connection on a remote connection. it works from otherpc > remote, but not ubuntu server > remote. Any suggestions, i cant see aything blocking it on iptables10:09
Slartdoritey: thanks =)10:09
urlin2udoritey, there is a #ubuntu-offtopic10:09
JoeR1cram it Slart - I was talking about Ubuntu I just said linux in a generalization10:09
doriteyI'm there.10:09
richtroyesarmion You were asking for nifty linux commands, and I gave you four10:09
triunityJoeR1  I disagree, my grandmother uses linux just fine.  In fact i have to help her less on linux than i did with windows...10:09
SlartJoeR1: talking about ubuntu is offtopic in this channel as well.. this is for user questions/support.. not discussion10:10
sarmion@richroye Grep and Find10:10
richtroyesarmion  Perhaps another channel is better for your question, maybe #linux10:10
triunityis it #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntuofftopic?10:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:11
SlartAdvoWork: hmm.. if you haven't set anything up there shouldn't be anything blocking.. there are no default rules setup.. ie everything should be open on a default install..10:11
Nicheurlin2u, my pc restarted and now I am unable to boot windows or linux. It just says Grub and tells me to press Tab10:11
JoeR1triunity, well different stroke for different folks, I can say that i am pretty sure Ubuntu is ill suited for power users like myself, I lack the high end programmer prowess and I am not on the day care level either and U-linux seems to be too much trouble for not enough benefit but I am still trying10:12
ZutaraI've got no idea of where to start with the geometry command10:12
SlartAdvoWork: I'm not really sure what can go wrong with the mysql stuff.. haven't used it that much myself.. and never to a remote computer10:12
SlartZutara: hang on.. let me install devilspie and see if I can make sense of it10:12
milamberAdvoWork: you have to bind your ip in the my.cnf10:12
milamberAdvoWork: to enable remote connections on the default mysql server10:13
urlin2uNiche, first you are going to have to open the bios and put the sdb hd before the others for this to work. To be honest for me it is 3:13 am I need to crash, so others may be able to help.10:13
AdvoWorkmilamber, is this still the case though, because i can go anymachine > remote machine  = ok, but ubuntuserver > remote machine = fail.. isnt the bind bit supposedly done on the remote side? which i have proven already works?10:14
NicheKk thanks for your helps10:14
triunityWell Joe I guess each has there own.  I've installed linux on about 80 - 90 computers, and about 30 or so server installs.  Most of my clients get a hold of it rather quickly...10:14
urlin2uNiche, this is any easy fix If I was there about 5 min work, but on the web with a new user this could take awhile, I need to sleep.10:14
beginnerhi everyone, i have something to ask: is it possible to have Compiz and Unity together10:14
milamberAdvoWork: not sure what anymachine > remote machine means? and no the bind bit is on the server10:14
dr_willisbeginner:  thats the default. so yes10:15
dr_willisunity runs on top of compiz normally10:16
Zutaraew. Unity.10:16
triunityQuestion.  I have a python script on my desktop, is there any way of running it, merely by double clicking?10:16
dr_williseww you said eww.10:16
Zutaratriunity: yes10:16
SlartZutara: hmm.. it seems devilspie is more of a "configure stuff the way you want them to be" instead of "change things around with the command line"10:16
triunityZutara:  Agreed, unity is horrable.  I tell my clients that it is broke, and switch them back to gnome10:16
Zutarawell this sucks10:17
whoppergatorbeginner: if you want to configure compiz, there is always the compizconfig-settings-manager package10:17
triunityZutara, might elaborating on how?10:17
ricky26triunity: chmod +x filename :p10:17
Zutararight click, choose properties, click permmissions and check the run this file as...10:17
Zutaraor that10:17
triunityWay beyond that...10:17
ricky26triunity: If that doesn't work add #!/bin/env python as the first line10:17
triunityWarning: unknown mime-type for "Hello World" -- using "application/octet-stream"10:18
triunityError: no such file "Hello World"10:18
beginnerThanks guys..10:18
ricky26triunity: #!/usr/bin/env python10:18
triunityand to ricky --> bash: /home/omega/Desktop/test.py: /bin/env: bad interpreter: No such file or directory10:18
* Zutara sighs "Why is there nothing on the internet about this prob?" & tries using pluses in his google searches. :p10:19
AdvoWorkmilamber, i mean my general machine here i can connect to mysql on the remote machine so i know the remote machine is accepting connections, but on my ubuntu server, i try the same connection and it times out(so surely that means something on the ubuntu machine is blocking it?)10:19
SlartZutara: this seems more usable.. not easy.. but still more usable http://movingtofreedom.org/2010/08/10/arranging-windows-from-the-gnulinux-command-line-with-wmctrl/10:19
triunityHeyy Ricky, it works, thank you ;)  I guess its really my fault for not putting the first line in.  Shame on me, ehh?10:20
* Niche prints "Hello World"10:20
ricky26triunity: :P10:20
ricky26triunity: No problem.10:21
dr_willispython is very structured.  so are scripts. ;)10:21
milamberAdvoWork: i don't think you are presenting your problem clearly. you are describing the remote machine as the mysql server. you are saying that you are trying to connect to that server from your server and it is timing out?10:21
milamberAdvoWork: and based on the info provided i would say it sounds like a router issue10:21
triunityDr_Willis, Yea, python is structured, but typically i run python by typing in terminal:  python script.py10:21
triunityWhich doesnt require the : #!/usr/bin/env python10:22
dr_willistriunity:  use thae #! and you dont need to10:22
wildbatanyone know how too loop boot alternate ubuntu ISO ? i tried boot option "iso-scan/filename=the.iso"  but it seem not working .10:22
NicheSigh, how did I screw up a ubuntu install guys? That is like crashing a bike with training wheels10:23
triunityDr, when i run it without that, it just opens python, doesn't actually run the script10:23
dr_williswildbat:  boot iso with grub2 you mean?10:23
whoppergatorwildbat: what are you trying to do?10:23
wildbatdr_willis: yes10:24
wildbatwhoppergator: boot the alternate iso wit grub210:24
whoppergatorNiche: details? sorry i missed your earlier attempt with urlin2u10:24
SlartZutara: that utility worked for me.. note though that if you're using desktop effects (compiz) you have one huuuge desktop.. so if I want to put my irssi window on the desktop to the right I have to move it to coords 2000,10  (my screen is ~1900 pixels wide)10:24
SlartZutara: here are some more commands http://tomas.styblo.name/wmctrl/10:24
sgo11Hi, I am running ubuntu 11.04 natty. did all the upgrades. Intel graphic card. Currently, my screen resolution is not correct. it's restricted to 1024x768. It might because of long VGA cables? (I used two VGA cables and connected them together to make a long one). how to solve it?10:24
dr_williswildbat:  i got some bookmarks on it at delicious.com/dr_willis10:25
sgo11I even tried xrandr --addmode VGA1 1920x1080, but it gave me error: xrandr: cannot find mode "1920x1080"10:25
triunitySecond part of the question, when it runs, it asks: "Do you want to run or display its contents?"  Can i just force this particular script to run always not display?10:25
ricky26sgo11: Which intel card?10:25
NicheWhoppergator, ubuntu not booting. I tried to fix grub and now neither boot10:25
whoppergatorwildbat: is there something wrong with using a flash stick or burning to disc?10:25
sgo11I am very sure my monitor and PC support 1920x1080. I used it before with short cable.10:25
sgo11ricky26, sorry, can't remember. but it's very new one.10:26
sgo11ricky26, I used 1920x1080 before with a short VGA cable. right now, due to the distance between the PC box and monitor, I has to use long cable. so I used two VGA cables. not sure if this is the cause.10:26
whoppergatorNiche: is this an initial dual-boot install of ubuntu? also, are we talking two hdds here or one with multiple partitions?10:27
ricky26sgo11: Did you use the same OS before?10:27
NicheMultiple hdds10:27
ZutaraWell, it moved the minitube window. now it's in my second workspace, on my first monitor and the top half of the window is above the edge of my 1920x1024 monitor.10:27
sgo11ricky26, yeah. ubuntu 11.04.10:28
ricky26sgo11: You've installed the appropriate xorg-xserver-video-X packages right?10:28
whoppergatorNiche: ah, okay. so when you boot, you are seeing grub load, but it can't find the configuration partition?10:28
NicheDownloading x chat now so I can relay more info10:28
sgo11ricky26, actually, I have two PCs and two monitors. they are the same setup and model. another one with short cable (provided by PC) works now in ubuntu 11.04.10:28
NicheOn smart phone now10:29
sgo11ricky26, what is that? just default installation. then upgrade. install vlc, ubuntu-restricted-extras etc...10:29
ricky26sgo11: Graphics drivers, if you didn't do anything special with the first PC you shouldn't need to.10:29
ricky26sgo11: You could always try looking at the two X11 logs to make sure they're both using the same driver.10:30
=== ubuntu is now known as Niche-LiveCD
ricky26sgo11: because that'll be what is restricting the resolution if it's a software problem. ;P10:30
rabbi1guys, unable to start font viewer....10:30
sgo11ricky26, I didn't do anything special with the first PC. just the VGA cables are different. One with PC provided VGA short cable. Another one with two long VGA cables bought from some shop.10:30
sgo11ricky26, how to check which driver is using?10:31
rabbi1any suggestion , how to check .. can't find gnome-font-viewer in syn mgr also... how can i reinstall ?10:31
wildbatdr_wills: thanks for the link don't see one for alternate CD10:31
ricky26sgo11: Just look at /var/log/Xorg.log10:31
dr_willisim glad i now use dvi and hdmi on all my pcs10:31
* Zutara 's resolution is restricted to 640x480 on his CRT.10:31
ZutaraBefore I reinstalled it was fine. What gives?10:31
wildbatwhoppergator: just making a multiboot USB :>10:31
Niche-LiveCDwhoppergator, I am trying to get grub to detect my Windows install by typing "sudo update-grub" in Terminal, but Terminal returns "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat 'aufs'.10:32
beginnerhi, does anyone know how to kill X server in Ubuntu (Alt+ctrl+Backspace does not work with me) ?10:32
dr_williswildbat:  pendrivelinux site has some tools to automate it. try thete10:32
Zutarapkill xorg maybe? (or something along those lines10:32
triunityNiche, you are forgetting a step!!!10:32
dr_willisbeginner:  thats been disabed for ages10:33
whoppergatorbeginner: switch to a terminal with ctrl-alt-F1, then log-in and KILL10:33
sgo11ricky26, ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 10.0, is this the line I should look at?10:33
whoppergatorbeginner: if you want that feature back, you can enable it in the keyboard config10:33
* Zutara has been using Ctrl+Alt+Bckspc for a few years.10:33
dr_willisbeginner:  sudo service gdm stop or restart is one way also10:33
Niche-LiveCDwhoppergator, also I was following some instructions online, and accidentally mounted my Windows partition (sda2) when I meant to mount my Linux partition (sdb2). I typed "mount /dev/sda2 /mnt" Did this do something that I need to reverse now?10:33
Zutaraworked fine everytime10:33
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap10:34
ubottuIn an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key10:34
whoppergatorNiche-LiveCD: if you have rebooted since then don't worry about it10:34
triunityNiche do this: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda10:34
Niche-LiveCDwhoppergator, ok I have10:34
beginnerdr_willis thanks that's what exactly i looking for..10:34
ZutaraSo why did they disable it? It's helped me out loads of times.10:34
rabbi1font viewer isn't starting. any suggestion , can't find gnome-font-viewer in syn mgr also... how can i reinstall ?10:34
ricky26sgo11: Not quite. For example, my Xorg log has a lot of messages from RADEON, for my AMD graphics card.10:34
dr_willisZutara: x devs decided to i belive10:35
sgo11ricky26, ok. so which line should I look at? I have no idea...10:35
ricky26sgo11: If one of the logs mentions for example i915 or similar, and the other doesn't, it could be something weird.10:35
ricky26sgo11: Basically, if the logs look the same, there's no problem. :P10:35
Niche-LiveCDtriunity, I did but it returns the same thing. ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda10:35
Niche-LiveCD/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat `aufs'.10:35
sgo11ricky26, well. the log files are very long. I have no idea if they are the same or not...10:35
sgo11ricky26, I am pretty sure there must be some other ways to check the driver....10:36
ricky26sgo11: There probably is10:36
ricky26sgo11: XD10:36
ricky26sgo11: You could try glxinfo.10:36
ricky26And look at the vendor string.10:36
triunityNiche:  Run:  sudo chroot /mnt10:37
sgo11ricky26, Error: unable to open display by running glxinfo.10:37
ricky26sgo11: Try the other PC.10:37
sgo11ricky26, wait.10:37
Niche-LiveCDtriunity: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda10:37
Niche-LiveCD/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat `aufs'.10:37
sgo11ricky26, sorry. I did it in the wrong PC. i did it in ssh..10:37
ricky26sgo11: Haha :)10:38
triunityrun chroot /mnt first10:38
Niche-LiveCDtriunity: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo chroot /mnt10:38
Niche-LiveCDchroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory10:38
whoppergatorNiche-LiveCD: need to mount the ubuntu partition first?10:38
* Zutara can get all that info by running /exec -o inxi -G10:38
ZutaraGraphics:  Card nVidia NV43 [GeForce 6600 GT] X.Org 1.7.6 Res: 1920x1024@50.0hz10:38
Zutara           GLX Renderer GeForce 6600 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! GLX Version 2.1.2 NVIDIA 195.36.2410:38
triunitysudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt && sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev && sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc && sudo chroot /mnt10:38
triunityAssuming sda1 is your mount point10:39
ricky26Zutara: how terribly fancy.10:39
Zutarahow so?10:39
stixcan I somehow "unconfig" ubuntu, so that it will ask the user to set a new pass and do networking settings etc, when it boots the next time?10:39
triunityStix: OEM install10:40
ricky26Zutara: Never heard of this so-called inxi. :p10:40
whoppergatorwildbat: are you making a multi-boot USB using grub-2?10:40
triunityStix, you will need the Alternitive install DVD10:40
Zutarait's an XCaht command ricky10:40
stixtriunity: how is that? Something I should have chosen during install?10:40
ricky26Zutara: Yeah10:40
ricky26Zutara: I figured /exec ran something called inxo10:40
stixhmm alternative?10:40
ricky26Zutara: from that line.10:41
Niche-LiveCDwhoppergator, ah, there we go10:41
ZutaraAlthough there probably is a way to do that in Terminal10:41
triunityOhh, is this for another user, or for a new computer?10:41
dr_willis!info inxi10:41
sgo11ricky26, vendor string are all the same.10:41
ubottuPackage inxi does not exist in natty10:41
Niche-LiveCDwhoppergator, I've entered those in now. Is there any way to check and see if this will work before rebooting?10:41
wildbatwhoppergator: yup everything else was working ~ then hitting the wall with ubuntu alternate CD10:41
triunitystix: Ohh, is this for another user, or for a new computer?10:41
ricky26sgo11: In that case, I'd say the drivers were fine on both machines.10:41
whoppergatorwildbat: if i remember correctly, the kernel in the alternate cd isn't named the same or in the same folder as the normal cd10:41
stixtriunity: it is for a template on our vmware environment10:41
sgo11ricky26, ok. so what next? I really have to fix this issue....10:42
Niche-LiveCDAfter mounting and trying those other commands successfully, I just tried to update my grub and it gave me something else10:42
Niche-LiveCDroot@ubuntu:/# sudo update-grub10:42
Niche-LiveCDsudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu10:42
Niche-LiveCD/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).10:42
sgo11ricky26, some people online fix this issue by running, xrandr --addmode VGA1 1920x1080. but I got error.10:42
IdleOne!paste | Niche-LiveCD10:42
ubottuNiche-LiveCD: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:42
ricky26sgo11: I'm outta ideas sorry. You've tried the xrandr line which would be the next port of call.10:42
sgo11ricky26, ok. thanks for the help.10:43
triunityNiche: Ok you do update-grub AFTER restarting your computer, and running ubuntu for the hard drive, not the live cd10:43
wildbatwhoppergator: i know ~ i got it to "boot" but then in the installation it look for CD drive instead of the iso :<10:43
ricky26sgo11: np, sorry I didn't help much : <10:43
sgo11anyone else have any ideas how to fix my screen resolution problem? thanks.10:43
Niche-LiveCDah ok I'll try it then10:43
Niche-LiveCDthanks guys10:43
sgo11ricky26, no worries. thanks a lot for your reply and patient. :)10:43
triunityNiche, if you still have your alt, you needed to run, sudo grub-install /dev/sda10:43
whoppergatorNiche-LiveCD: did you pass in the bindings when you chrooted?10:44
ZutaraHa HA! Fixed Minitube's window. Right click on very bottom of window and chose move to left Workspace. :)10:44
rabbi1font viewer isn't starting. any suggestion , can't find gnome-font-viewer in syn mgr also... how can i reinstall ?10:44
NicheAHH freaking crap guys... Rebooting into live cd again10:44
NicheI'm not going to get any sleep before work :(10:45
triunityNiche, once you reboot, follow this exactly::: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667191/10:45
triunitythis assumes that sda1 is your mount point10:45
whoppergatorwildbat: how did you get the others to look for isos instead of the cd drive? did you use a loop mount?10:46
stixtriunity: like this one here: http://efreedom.com/Question/2-175905/Linux-Network-Configruation-Wizard10:46
ricky26back to kernel hacking I go. :p10:46
wildbatwhoppergator:  the ubuntu iso take iso-scan boot option. but it seem alternate cd don't10:47
_vaibhav_I want to print text, from command prompt like.  $echo "hi" > /dev/usb/lp0 , I tried it nut didn't work.. Is there any way I can print from HP laser printer? am using buntu 10.04 and HP aserjet 102010:47
whoppergatorwildbat: the only thing i can think of right now is creating a custon initrd where you could either do the loop mount yourself, or better yet, take the normal ubuntu initrd and replace the alternate to get that function back10:48
triunitystix honestly my knowledge of virutalization is low.  You could run a self deleting script at startup that requests all that information10:48
thrillERboyHi, How do I display contents of a file in terminal?10:48
jpdsthrillERboy: cat $filename10:48
triunityThe idea being once the script is completed it deletes itself and removes itself from startup10:48
whoppergatorthrillERboy: or 'less' if it's long10:48
thrillERboyThanks jpds and whoppergator Works great :)10:49
stixtriunity: it really has nothing to do with virtualization. I just want it to invoke a network and password tool on boot10:49
beginnerthrillERboy type cat <filename>10:49
hazamonzoHey folks. This may or may not be the place to ask but.... im trying to launch a ubuntu AMI on my ec2 server... there are loads to choose from but i would like to use a virgin copy on ubuntu 11.04 x64. Im following this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide although im still not sure how i can filter the list of community AMI's to the official virgin copy of ubuntu to launch. Any thoughts?10:49
thrillERboythanks beginner :)10:49
triunityWhat network info do you need to be asked?10:50
triunitylike time zone info10:50
milamber_vaibhav_: just pipe it. <whatever command> | lp10:52
TophenYes. I'm back. With one final question.10:52
triunitystix: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667193/10:52
TophenDoes anyone know if I can read ext4 on windows at all? I'm using QEMUManager and I need to set the physical disk but it's not appearing.10:53
triunitystix: EDIT http://paste.ubuntu.com/667194/10:53
hazamonzoIm just looking for the correct ami id...10:53
stixthanks :)10:53
Nichetriunity, no go after running those commands10:53
triunityReally... Niche, I believe karma is not with you...10:54
auronandaceTophen: it is better to use a storage partition of ntfs to access from both windows and linux10:54
triunityNiche, you did: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667191/10:54
TophenOk but to install linux on?10:54
NicheTriunity, I am at a grub screen, it's allowing me to type10:54
TophenI installed linux to an ext4 partitio10:54
triunityOhhh no no no10:54
NicheYes, all of that triunity10:54
whoppergatorhazamonzo: google reveals!: http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/ just browse to the version you want10:54
triunityis it giving you::10:54
TophenAs i was going to boot off it. Seeing as how I can't, I'm running it through a vm on windows.10:55
NicheYes, grub>10:55
hazamonzowhoppergator: Aww thanks pal :)10:55
TophenAnd when I'm choosing to boot it on that I can't see it.10:55
triunityNiche, dude, you are at the wrong screen...10:55
milamberTophen: i think ext2read is what you are looking for10:55
TophenOk, ill check that out. Thanks.10:55
triunityYou need to be on a live cd to do this10:55
milamberbut auronandace is correct. if you have files you will need access to on both machines it is best to set up a fat/ntfs partition10:56
NicheI didn't type that stuff in grub> I did it in terminal on the live cd. After rebooting, I get stuck at grub>10:56
triunityOhh ok...10:56
triunityGo to live cd and do this:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/667201/10:57
triunityThis purges your current grub config10:57
triunityBut only do this, don't do the other commands10:57
sgo11ricky26, well. I have setup 1920x1080 with xrandx successfully now. by --newmode and then --addmode. but the screen display looks fuzzy....10:57
triunityin theory, it will log you straight into ubuntu, and you will lose windowz for a lil while, but after the fact, once your in ubuntu, running the last part will give you windows back10:58
ricky26sgo11: You probably need to tweak the timings, look at the mode in xrandr on the PC where it works. :p10:58
triunityI had to do this once, when i changed my swap file allocations http://paste.ubuntu.com/667201/10:59
sgo11ricky26, how to do that? i even don't know what the timings is....10:59
Night-Hacksis there any games to play in bash ?10:59
ricky26Night-Hacks: nethack, install it.10:59
NicheDoing now, crossing my fingers11:00
triunityI have faith in you!11:00
triunityPlus, what could possably go wrong?11:00
ricky26sgo11: I can't find the flag to show the timing values in xrandr. XD11:01
Night-Hacksricky26: are they just Net games ?11:01
ricky26sgo11: Gimme a sec.11:01
ricky26Night-Hacks: nethack is not a net game. ;p11:01
sgo11ricky26, ok. thanks.11:01
rabbi1font viewer isn't starting. any suggestion , can't find gnome-font-viewer in syn mgr also... how can i reinstall ?11:01
triunityNight-Hack, Ubuntu Software Center has plenty of games...11:01
Night-Hacks triunity: just want bash games11:02
ricky26sgo11: xrandr --verbose11:02
Night-Hackswhile working on server and ...11:02
ricky26sgo11: Look for the correct resolution on both PCs11:02
ricky26sgo11: Presumably the timing values (all the extra added lines) will be different11:02
ricky26sgo11: You can then do --newmode like so:11:03
ricky26sgo11: xrandr --newmode "1024x768" 63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync11:03
ricky26Where you've got11:03
sgo11ricky26, ok. should I remove the one I added first?11:04
ricky26name, refresh, h width, h start, hend, htotal, vwidth vstart vend vtotal and then the +/- v/hsync flags11:04
ricky26sgo11: You probably should as it doesn't work11:04
love4linuxHello.. I installed ubuntu 11.04 on an Asus Eee Pc 1015pe and the wireless card (RT3090) is not functioning. It is recognized by ubuntu in lspci but the networkmanager refuses to start the wireless device.. can anyone help me?11:04
=== Mud is now known as Guest80472
love4linuxany drivers maybe that i have to install?11:05
ricky26love4linux: lspci just lists the hardware identifiers for a device, you should check whether a driver is loaded for it.11:05
Night-Hackslove4linux: use hardware and drivers11:05
whoppergatorrabbi1: how are you starting the font viewer?11:05
love4linuxokay checking it now11:05
rabbi1whoppergator: from menu....11:05
rabbi1whoppergator: -%u11:06
whoppergatorrabbi1: for me, it's not working unless i start it from the command line and pass in a font file11:06
rabbi1whoppergator: gnome-font-viewer %u11:06
farhad2161Can i install gcc from ubuntu-server-11 CD?how?11:06
chewyhi guys, i d like to make my IP be another one. is there an easy way for such a thing? (is it called a proxy?)11:06
triunitychewy.  lrn2socks511:07
whoppergatorrabbi1: have you tried that from the command line?11:07
rabbi1whoppergator: yeah, it gives Error opening file: No such file or directory11:07
triunitychewy, do you want to change your internal or external ip address?11:07
NicheSTILL at grub> after running those commands in live CD trinity :S11:07
chewytriunity, well, i d like to mod the external ip address.11:07
triunityNiche, dude... I don't know what else to try.11:08
whoppergatorrabbi1: well that sounds like a path issue then, not a problem with the program11:08
sgo11ricky26, when I run xrandr --rmmode "1920x1080_60.00", I got "X Error of failed request:  BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)" that name is the one I added.11:08
chewywhat do you suggest?11:08
triunityI mean, other than a complete reinstall... but dude... you did everything i know11:08
wildbatNiche: dual boot ?11:08
whoppergatorrabbi1: most fonts are in the /usr/share/fonts directory11:08
NicheWell, 2 different hdds. One with W7 one with ubuntu11:09
ricky26sgo11: Have you swapped back to the small resolution?11:09
chewyNiche, what is your problem?11:09
sgo11ricky26, yeah, that is what I first did.11:09
farhad2161Can i install gcc from ubuntu-server-11 CD?how?11:09
szalNiche: did you change HDD boot order in the BIOS in the meantime?11:09
triunityChewy, if you are trying to change your external ip, that is more of a learning thing...11:09
NicheCan't get either to boot11:09
love4linuxNight-Hacks i cant find anything listing "hardware and drivers"... I only found "additional drivers" in the control center11:09
ricky26sgo11: x__x no idea. try adding the new mode and deleting it later.11:09
sgo11ricky26, maybe I should kill x first?11:09
ricky26sgo11: You might also need to sudo to remove display modes, (though I don't see why).11:09
sgo11ricky26, I tried sudo. the same error.11:10
wildbatNiche: do see if you see "boot" folder : ls /11:10
rabbi1whoppergator: ok, so what should i do, should i mention that in command line?11:10
Night-Hacks love4linux: i meant in system->administration->11:10
chewytriunity, well i wanted to know if there was a GUI like tool for such a thing. cause i think it s a long way to go through this.11:10
NicheSzal, which hdd should boot first, w7 or ubuntu?11:10
Night-Hacks love4linux: hardware drivers11:10
love4linuxNight-Hacks strange...there is nothing there as well11:10
chewyand once i ll know how to do it (if i don t mess it all), ... well, google music will be avail. all around11:10
NicheWildbat, no I don't think I did11:11
szalNiche: my guess is, the *buntu HDD (that's what works here w/ a dual-Linux-boot system)11:11
love4linuxNight-Hacks maybe I should install a package for that?11:11
Night-Hackslove4linux: yes, im on older version11:11
chewyNiche, ... can you tell me your whole problem? new install? grub mess? lost partitions?11:11
sgo11ricky26, what is delmode? should I use --rmmode or --delmode?11:11
love4linuxNight-Hacks okay brb to install that11:12
triunityChewy, what you don't realize is, this is something you do in firefox/chrome, its not a system issue.11:12
whoppergatorrabbi1: so, something like: gnome-font-viewer /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf11:12
chewytriunity, really? i thought i had to install a proxy server, like squid for instance, ...11:12
triunitychewy -- Firefox --> edit --> preferences -->advanced --> network --> connection --> settings11:12
chewythen use it as a gateway...11:12
NicheChewy, all of the above11:12
AdvoWorkmilamber, basically, i have a serverA and serverB(remote)  i can use serverB locally ok, i can connect from my local pc here to serverB fine. I try and connect from serverA to serverB and it times out. This means serverB is fine? but serverA is stopping something working, but any idea what?11:13
chewyNiche, ... mmmm i arrived late, i can t read anything. if you can pastebin your problem...11:13
triunityOk, are you trying to BECOME the proxy, or just use a proxy?11:13
farhad2161Can i install gcc from ubuntu-server-11 CD?11:13
rabbi1whoppergator: yeah, i got that font, but that's not we need right....11:13
ricky26sgo11: I dunno, even the xrandr man pages are pretty lax. You can try --delmode too. It's not too crucial if it doesn't get deleted as it might get cleaned up when you close X11 anyway.11:13
chewytriunity, i d like to use google music. but it s only avail. in US. so i d like to make it beleive i m in US :)...11:13
IdleOnefarhad2161: install build-essential package11:13
chewyso i ve heard i should go the proxy way..11:14
chewybut it seems so hard, ...11:14
dirk_Hi guys, I have a question. I can't get my dualscreen working right. Looks like he is stretching my wallpaper but I can't drag application to my other monitor. I read somewhere that I need to disable 'seperate X screen' and enable TwinView but it's disabled and I can't click it. Any idea's? :-)11:14
NicheI changed my hdd boot priorities. Now my pc hangs before even getting to the grub>11:14
triunityOk chewy, you do NOT need a proxy server for that.  A proxy server will allow you to BECOME a proxy, which you dont want or need11:14
whoppergatorrabbi1: so what are you after again?11:14
triunityYou need to use a basic proxy to mask your ip...11:14
milamberAdvoWork: it sounds like a router issue. if you can connect locally to a server, but not remotely, it is more likely than not a router configuration issue11:14
wildbatNiche: what you see in the ls ?11:15
rabbi1whoppergator: just a normal font viewer how we get in windows....11:15
farhad2161IdleOne: how?can u give me the command?11:15
chewyNiche. ok. triunity, ok too. thanks a lot, so in browser this should be enough?11:15
sgo11ricky26, ok. brb. let me kill X first. thanks.11:15
rabbi1whoppergator: i think we got to load something different11:15
triunityChewy, for a basic howto --> http://technicalbliss.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-to-use-free-proxy-with-firefox.html11:15
chewyNiche, you changed in grub the hdd priority?11:15
IdleOnefarhad2161: sudo apt-get install build-essential11:15
whoppergatorrabbi1: you'll have to define normal for me. are you looking for a font browser, or a font-viewer?11:15
rabbi1whoppergator: what do you think of fontmatrix ?11:16
chewyNiche, you can no longer access your grub interface? even by hitting e at the boot prompt?11:16
farhad2161IdleOne: i wnat to install from cd,this command do nothing11:16
rabbi1whoppergator: in that case, font browser11:16
farhad2161IdleOne: this command try to connetct to internet11:16
AdvoWorkmilamber, but i can connect remotely to it, via a local pc, just not from serverA.. serverA is an ubuntu dedicated server, so surely something has to be stopping the connection from going out?11:16
chewyif your system is THAT bad, you just have to chroot into it from a live distro, liveDVD or live USB. and repair the boot/grub whatever.11:16
triunityIdleOne, try:11:16
triunityping google.com11:16
milamberAdvoWork: do you have a firewall on the server?11:16
chewythank you triunity11:16
triunityTo insure that you have interwebz11:17
NicheAha, I chose the incorrect hdd. I am now successfully booting ubuntu after changing priority.11:17
triunityHeyy Niche!!! Good job!!!11:17
triunityI never doubted you11:17
triunity(ok, that might be a slight lie)11:17
chewyNiche, great. this was one line in grub then?11:18
whoppergatorrabbi1: oO, yeah then you'll need to install something else, maybe xfontsel or gfontview11:18
rabbi1fontmatrix is in the syp mgr...... will check these two aswell11:19
doriteyOk I've decided to emulate Ubuntu via vmware11:19
doriteybut I'm wondering, will the 64 bit version work on my MBP?11:19
rabbi1whoppergator: thank you.... mix of words, how these people name it.... :) ha ha11:19
chewyor the BIOS chose the bad HDD? :D  glad you solved it.  i have to go guys. triunity, thanks! that s a nice start. then i have to do the same in linux, and to find a US ip address :)11:19
doriteyBecause it says 64bit AMD and the MBP has an intel processor11:19
whoppergatorrabbi1: great, yeah go with that, the x tool and the gfontview are really old11:19
milamberdoritey: MBP?11:20
doriteyMacbook pro.11:20
rabbi1whoppergator: thank you..... :)11:20
NicheHey guys, when I enter "sudo grub-update" it's saying command not found11:20
milamber!amd64 | doritey11:20
ubottudoritey: AMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64%20Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.11:20
doriteyBut it doesn't offer an Intel download11:20
love4linuxNight-Hacks the only application that I found about listing hardware is lshw-gtk... is that the one you are talking about?11:20
doriteyonly ADM11:20
milamberdoritey: basically amd64 and intel 64 are the same. amd just went to market first so that's what everyone calls it11:21
Night-Hackslove4linux: let me check11:22
love4linuxNight-Hacks how would this application help me fix my wireless NIC? shouldn't I check if the module for the wireless card is loaded in the kernele?11:23
Night-Hacks love4linux: have you installed the driver ?11:23
_aaron_I am having errors setting up my dhcp server problems with some kind of configuration11:23
AdvoWorkmilamber, afaik no, can i check some how(that was my original Q when i came on this forum really) i've looked at iptables -L can't see anything atall for outgoing, but i dont see anything blocked?11:24
love4linuxNight-Hacks emm no I havent but I searched in synaptic for ralink or rt3090 and it didnt come up with anything... do you know the name of the driver for this wireless nic?11:24
milamberAdvoWork: you are trying to access mysql remotely correct?11:25
AdvoWorkbut the remote server allows connections from my local pc, just not from my ubuntu server11:25
whoppergator_aaron_: more details...11:26
milamberAdvoWork: are your server and the local pc on the same lan?11:26
neumaennlhi, I want one of the partitions of my HDD to be mounted rw on boot. I tried pysdm, but when I had that program mount the partition, eclipse could not access it, even though ls -l showed that it was writeable. When I mount the partition via the file manager, eclipse has no problem accessing it.11:26
sgo11ricky26, when I run "xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00"  148.50  1920 2008 2052 2200 1080 1084 1089 1125 +hsync +vsync". I got error:"X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)".11:27
_aaron_whoppergator, Not configured to run on any interface11:27
th0rneumaennl: create an entry for it in /etc/fstab11:27
milamber!fstab | neumaennl11:27
ubottuneumaennl: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions11:27
Night-Hackslove4linux: check it11:28
AdvoWorkmilamber, no, the ubuntu server is a dedicated server hosted elsewhere, and the new dedicated server(remote) is also hosted elsewhere off this network11:28
Night-Hacks love4linux: lspci -k11:28
ricky26sgo11: o___o11:28
neumaennlhow does the file manager know which name to use in /media/ to mount the partition?11:28
Night-Hackslove4linux: check your nic is using which module11:28
Jim455Ri finished playing with ubuntu. what now11:28
szalNight-Hacks: in the case of automount, it either uses the volume label or, lacking one, the device node name11:29
whoppergator_aaron_: that would seem pretty self-explanitory to me, have you double-checked your config file?11:29
love4linuxNight-Hacks I found a threat in ubuntu's forum about this wnic and i have to install proprietary drivers from ralink11:29
milamberAdvoWork: all i can say, again, is that it sounds like it is a router issue. do you have access to the router for the server that is not connecting?11:29
love4linuxNight-Hacks I will do that I ll check back with you11:29
Jim455Rguys in gnome. do you konw the close/maximize/minimize icons at the top right corner ?11:29
AdvoWorkmilamber, a router stopping the connection IN, or out?11:29
Night-Hacksszal: what you mean ?11:30
sgo11ricky26, I am getting crazy on this. will VGA cable quality affect the screen resolution? I never knew this before...11:30
_aaron_whoppergator, I can't remember how to specify it in my config searched google but no help there11:30
whoppergator_aaron_: what dhcp server are you using then?11:30
dirk_Jim455R: What about it?11:30
milamberAdvoWork: server going out. it is common practice to prevent servers from outgoing connections so in case they are compromised they can't report out anywhere11:31
ricky26sgo11: Honestly, I have no idea, but not that I know of. : <11:31
_aaron_whoppergator, isc-dhcp-server11:31
Jim455Rdirk_ is there a way to change the size ?11:31
szalNight-Hacks: wrong nick, that was supposed to go to neumaennl11:31
sgo11ricky26, let me try something else. thanks. brb,.11:31
whoppergatorJim455R: what about icons?11:32
_aaron_love4linux, Night-Hacks, rtl8187 driver should work11:32
AdvoWorkmilamber, ahh ok, fair enough. i cant get access to their router as such, would this be in any config files or anything11:32
dirk_Jim455R: System/Preferences/Appearance and go to fonts.11:33
Night-Hacks_aaron_: i think so but love4linux says it doesnt.11:33
whoppergator_aaron_: so, have you gone to /etc/default/dhcp3 and looked for INTERFACES=""?11:33
_aaron_whoppergator, yes11:33
love4linux_aaron_ should i get that from ralink's website?11:33
whoppergator_aaron_: so what's the problem then? i guess i don't understand11:34
milamberAdvoWork: probably not, you would have to convince the network admin that your server should have outbound privileges. and the probability of that going over well is inversely proportional to beard length11:34
_aaron_love4linux, Night-Hacks, the best place for information on wireless drivers for linux is backtrack but thats all i can say11:34
dirk_Jim455R: You can adjust Window title font.11:34
_aaron_whoppergator, i have even tried to fallow this tut http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-and-configure-dhcp-server-in-ubuntu-server.html11:35
zhanglearnhow can we use syslog?11:36
whoppergator_aaron_: so you set-up your configuration file, kicked off the init.d and got an interfaces error? i don't know what your level of networking experience is, so don't be offended, but did you check that your interface is named correctly and up?11:37
dirk_zhanglearn: What do you mean with 'use'?11:37
love4linux_aaron_ okays... i ll check that if anything else doesnt work11:37
_aaron_whoppergator, It doesn't matter what experiance anyone has any and everyone makes mistakes lol11:38
zhanglearnit means which kind of message should be logged by syslog and which should by our own log server?11:38
dirk_Anyone experienced with dualmonitor setups?11:39
Zutaradirk_: I yes11:39
whoppergator_aaron_: :)11:39
dirk_Zutara: I can't get my dualscreen working right. Looks like he is stretching my wallpaper but I can't drag application to my other monitor. I read somewhere that I need to disable 'seperate X screen' and enable TwinView but it's disabled and I can't click it. Any idea's? :-)11:39
Zutarahm. tried resatrting x?11:40
dirk_Does a reboot count? (Using Ubuntu since 2 days.)11:41
Zutarayes. scratch that off the list. lol11:41
dr_willisdirk_:  whats your video chipset11:41
ZutaraI have problems with mine11:42
_aaron_whoppergator, why is "/etc/init.d/networking restart" deprecated11:42
dr_willisany more details then that dirk.... ;)11:42
Zutaradirk_:  do /exec -o -inxi -G in here11:42
ZutaraGraphics:  Card nVidia NV43 [GeForce 6600 GT] X.Org 1.7.6 Res: 1920x1024@50.0hz11:42
Zutara           GLX Renderer GeForce 6600 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! GLX Version 2.1.2 NVIDIA 195.36.2411:42
dirk_sh: Illegal option -11:43
AdvoWorkhow can i tell if iptables is stopping a connection out of the server?11:43
whoppergator_aaron_: i think the idea is that using init.d scripts in general is depreciated11:43
ZutaraXChat dirk?11:43
dr_williswhoppergator:  cirrect11:43
dirk_yes :p11:43
dirk_Want me to change client?11:44
Zutaraand "/exec -o inxi -G" no dash before inxi. woops. :p11:44
dirk_sh: inxi: not found11:44
Zutaraok.. WTH?11:45
dr_willis!find inxi11:45
ubottuFile inxi found in quassel-data, spyder11:45
dr_willisive never seen inxi befor today.11:45
htmlhi yall11:45
Zutarahey html11:45
Zutaradr_willis: wow11:45
htmlZutara,  hi :)11:46
Zutarahow long you been kicking Ubuntu?11:46
html]me ?11:46
dirk_sh: /home/dirk/bin/inxi: not found11:46
dirk_sh: pastebinit: not found11:46
htmlZutara,  me ?11:46
_aaron_whoppergator, no subnet declaration for eth011:46
htmlhis the doc , i bet  most of the time linux his been around11:47
=== leonidas_ is now known as Guest48345
dr_willisinxi is not in ubintu as far as i can tell from searching the repos11:47
whoppergator_aaron_: so are you up and running?11:47
ZutaraWhy is there no repeat in minitube? That'd save my life right now.11:47
dirk_I can try download the plugin for XChat.11:48
Zutarainxi isn't in ubuntu? should be. it works fine in Mint 9 LTS11:48
dr_willisubuntu is nit mint..  ;)11:48
Zutarait's based off of it. so most everything should apply. including that11:48
dr_willisZutara:  sparently not true11:49
_aaron_whoppergator, nope apparently i have to in my dhcp.conf file declare that it is to bind to eth011:49
szal[13:45:21] <ubottu> File inxi found in quassel-data <- just to remind you that you don't have to guess11:49
whoppergator_aaron_: yes, that is the INTERFACES line, no?11:50
dr_willisthis is why we send mint users to the mint channels11:50
* Zutara scratches head11:50
Zutarait wasn't working wearlier. So I've been here for 3 hours11:50
_aaron_whoppergator, that line is in a different file11:50
triunityCan we ask Kubuntu specific questions in here?11:50
Zutarahey bayu11:51
_aaron_whoppergator, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667230/11:51
dr_willistriunity: yes11:51
szaltriunity: yes, you can, but you should prefer #kubuntu for that11:51
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps  what tool do I use in a fresh install of ubuntu to connect to my windows/.cifs shares?11:51
triunityDoes Kubuntu have a guest session, like ubuntu?11:51
dr_willisEryn_1983_FL:  the filemanager should be able to do that11:52
* szal doesn't know of a pre-installed guest account11:52
Eryn_1983_FLwhich one?11:52
bayuZutara:Respectfull greeting from Indonesia,thanks11:52
whoppergator_aaron_: ok :)11:52
dr_willisgnomes nautilus. and others11:52
ZutaraIndonesia? nice.11:52
ZutaraNautilus Rules11:52
Eryn_1983_FLits  trying..11:54
htmlif i got a lighter login manager  , what would happen , 10.10 remix, atom 1.6 ghz  1gb ddr311:54
dr_willisEryn_1983_FL:  you can aleays try enering the url directly if browsing dont work11:55
Zutarahtml: like a lighter Window and/or desktop manager?11:55
urlin2uhtml, do you mean desktop?11:55
Eryn_1983_FLyeah there is no url bar on nautilus11:55
Zutaraless CPU use for a lightweight WM/DM11:55
dr_willisie  smb://ip.of.the.bix/sgarename11:55
dr_willisEryn_1983_FL:  is to... ctrl l11:55
szaldr_willis: please readjust your fingers :P11:55
Eryn_1983_FL ok that wokied11:56
Eryn_1983_FLdr_willis:  I would never of though to do that..11:56
Eryn_1983_FLthats like wow.11:56
dr_willisshare browsing is always briken for me11:56
htmlurlin2u, , Zutara ,a lighter login manager  ,11:57
dr_willis1box i got sees all the lan sharra11:57
ZutaraHow do you mean?11:57
dr_willisand thats my boxee bix.11:57
urlin2uhtml, lighter login manager do you have any in mind?11:58
Eryn_1983_FLok thanks  dr_willis11:58
theadminurlin2u: Try lxdm. Desktop-independent, very lightweight and easily configurable11:58
liaquatI am new user of Ubuntu 11.04. I don't know how to install scim avro11:58
liaquatPls help me how to install scim avro11:58
dr_willislighter login manager wont gain a lot. theres slim and lightdm :)11:58
urlin2utheadmin, why I'm not asking?11:58
bazhangliaquat, you mean ibus?11:58
Zutaraliaquat: sudo apt-get install ...11:59
theadminurlin2u: Sorry?11:59
MarchaelHi, is there something way for updating ubuntu to ubuntu server?11:59
htmlurlin2u, yes, i heard the linux action show talking about it on there most recent show11:59
urlin2utheadmin, ;-----)11:59
bazhang!lamp > Marchael11:59
ubottuMarchael, please see my private message11:59
ZutaraMarchael: you'll have to reinstall everything11:59
liaquatI would like to type Bengali on my system11:59
bazhangliaquat, then use ibus11:59
dr_willisMarchael:  just istall the services you want. and the server kernel if needed11:59
BluesKajHowdy all12:00
szalmoin BluesKaj12:00
BluesKajhey szal12:00
liaquatit says unable to locate12:00
nicker913hey everybody12:00
liaquatWhat does ib mean?12:00
bazhang!info ibus | liaquat12:00
ubottuliaquat: ibus (source: ibus): New input method framework using dbus. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.9-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 384 kB, installed size 3516 kB12:00
_aaron_whoppergator, I think I might know whats wrong and how to fix it I will let you know in about 5 min's12:01
Zutarahi gigitux12:01
htmlurlin2u,yes i wanted to know if there is a speed itmprovement, from the stock ubuntu 10.10 remix on my netbook12:01
liaquatnot clear. I don't understand this.12:01
An_Ony_MooseI have ubuntu installed on a logical partition and want to move it to the first primary partition. What is the chance of success if I use dd to copy the partition, then modify fstab as necessary and update grub?12:01
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus liaquat12:01
urlin2uhtml, your best speed imporovment would be more ram I have the same chip with 2 gigs, but the lxde desktop was suggested, does that sound familiar from the show?12:02
htmlbut i cant buy it , and yes12:08
_aaron_whoppergator, nope didn't work12:09
p3rsistAnyone has a good ppa backport for PHP 5.3.6?12:09
whoppergator_aaron_: so i just started one on my computer to test, and it seems to be up12:10
ycyhi there12:10
clifftonany one up12:10
clifftoni need help agian12:10
bazhangcliffton, then ask12:10
_aaron_whoppergator, did your eth0 already have an ip address12:11
bazhangp3rsist, why that particular version check the ppa search page on launchpad12:11
bazhangjjjjjj, /join12:11
clifftonok, so i have an external usb drive connected, but it's read only and I cant change it to anything else,12:11
whoppergator_aaron_: i did it over wireless, so to prevent a disconnect here, i left it up the whole time. yes it already has an ip address12:11
cixahello, how di i install this package: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+package/conkeror12:11
_aaron_whoppergator, ok because my eth0 doesn't have a ip yet12:12
_aaron_whoppergator, that could be the problem12:12
whoppergator_aaron_: umm, you should manual establish one. it can't assign itself an ip after all12:13
dirk_cliffton: Google says: Mount USB, open Gparted, find the device en unmount?12:13
_aaron_whoppergator, how do I staticly assign a ip agian, ifconfig FOO12:13
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/i386/conkeror/0.9.2+git100804-1ubuntu1 cixa from this link12:13
clifftondarn it brb sorry guys stick with me dirk12:14
liaquatHow can I type Bengali in Ububtu 11.04?12:14
whoppergator_aaron_: yah, or for something more permanent just configure it in /etc/network/interfaces12:14
liaquatI have found no way????????????????????12:14
bazhang!ibus | liaquat12:15
ubottuliaquat: IBus is used to allow multilingual input such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Devanagari and Dravidian characters in !GUI applications - see also: !SCIM. For more info on Ibus see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus12:15
bazhangliaquat, I gave you a link to read earlier, here it is again; please read it this time12:15
liaquatIn the dropdown menu I don't find Bengali12:15
bazhangliaquat, then install the language package12:15
liaquatHow to do that??????12:15
_aaron_whoppergator, how by that i mean what tags, switches, commands  via the interface file12:15
bazhangliaquat, did you read the link?12:16
clifftonok im back sorrry aobut that, installing g parted now12:16
liaquatI read it but found no Bengali12:16
liaquatHow to install language pack?12:16
clu3guys, where is the active desktop bg image kept? (I'm using gnome)12:16
cixabazhang: thanks12:16
liaquatbazhang, how to install language pack?12:16
clu3liaquat, use apt-get ?12:17
clifftondirk_ what was step after installing g parted? also i can reformat and partition if i need to,12:17
bazhang!info language-support-bn | liaquat12:17
ubottuliaquat: language-support-bn (source: language-support-bn): metapackage for Bengali language support. In component main, is optional. Version 1:9.10+20090909 (natty), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB12:17
bazhangliaquat, install that ^12:17
whoppergator_aaron_: something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/667249/ or did you mean something else?12:17
dirk_cliffton: Unmount the device with Gparted and mount again.12:17
CarlFKwhere can I see a partition's guid?12:18
bazhangCarlFK, using sudo blkid ?12:18
_aaron_whoppergator, thats exactly what i ment one sec got to fix it now12:18
CarlFKbazhang: yep - thanks12:18
Jim455Ris there any easy and good theme editor in ubuntu?12:18
clifftonok i unmounted how do i remount? or just unplug and plug back in12:19
Jim455Rfull featured one12:19
clifftondirk_: "failed ot mount, the enclosing drive for the volume is locked"12:20
_aaron_whoppergator, whats the location of that file again12:21
dirk_Hm, let me check that. Moment.12:21
clifftoni appreciate it12:22
whoppergator_aaron_: /etc/network/interfaces12:22
stixAnyone tried the oem-config tool? Everytime I run the oem-config-prepare command, I can no longer boot my ubuntu?12:23
clu3hello,when i import a new bg image for desktop, where is that image file copied to?12:23
dirk_cliffton: Did you use the pendrive in Windows?12:24
clifftonit's an external usb hard drive, and yes i have used in windows but it has been formated since thin12:24
dirk_It's NTFS, maybe you can try to format it in FAT32?12:25
qinclu3: Tooltip shows path, mouseover in image in gnome-apperance...12:25
clifftonk one sec12:26
_aaron_whoppergator, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, your welcome to come over anytime for some booze btw can you point me in the direction of how to setup samba server via terminal12:27
hashplingto repair a filesystem should we "sudo fsck -p -v -u /dev/sdb1" ?12:28
clu3qin, i added a new image from /home/clu3/Desktop/bg.jpg and I activated it. Now the gconf value of /desktop/background/picture_filename is still /home/clu3/Desktop/bg.jpg . What's weird is i already moved that file bg.jpg to another location, yet the desktop still shows, so it must have been incorporated to Gnome somehow, i wanna modify that value12:28
bazhang!samba > _aaron_12:29
ubottu_aaron_, please see my private message12:29
clu3qin, gnome-appearance list doesn't have that image in the list12:29
_eddie_hello, my high and critical cpu temperatures are messed up since i installed ubuntu. can someone help me get it fixed?12:29
hashplingto repair a filesystem should we "sudo fsck -p -v -u /dev/sdb1" ?12:29
_eddie_I don't seem to find a solution on a web12:29
_eddie_on the web*12:29
dirk__eddie_: How high is it?12:30
qinclu3: Do new gconf setting stays after reboot?12:30
_eddie_dirk_, high and critical are 100*C12:30
clu3qin, yep12:30
hashplinghow do i repair a corrupted file system?12:30
clu3i already rebooted, and it's still the old path.12:30
_eddie_dirk_, and my regular cpu temp is ~70*C12:31
whoppergator_aaron_: chk the bot pm and you should be good to go, have fun12:31
qinclu3: What about bg?12:31
_aaron_whoppergator, oh i almost forgot how do i add it so any server that I want is started when the machine starts12:31
dirk__eddie_: Which version do you use?12:31
clu3qin, the bg works as expected, i.e the image is now the bg12:31
_eddie_dirk_, 11.0412:31
RichiHdo i need to add a multimedia repository to ubuntu same as for debian or are the packages in multiverse current and with all codecs, etc?12:31
clu3qin, so basically gnome must keep /clone that bg image to somewhere else12:32
hashplinghow do i repair a corrupted file system?12:32
dirk__eddie_: Strange. Because I read it was a bug on 8.04.12:32
qinclu3: Did you try to move pic, to test it?12:32
bazhangRichiH, ubuntu-restricted-extras covers most everything, you could perhaps take a look at medibuntu.org for anything else12:32
clu3qin, i already did, and reboot. The pic was on my Desktop, now my desktop is totally clean12:33
dirk__eddie_: Does it reboot, or slowing your system down?12:33
clu3what i actually wanna do is how to activate an image to be active bg image , from command line12:33
_eddie_dirk_, sometimes when it is overloaded it turns off12:34
clifftonok i formatted fat32 my only issue is im going to use unetbooting to put  win 7 instalation files on it, and i thought htose had to be ntfs format?12:34
_eddie_dirk_, I figured that is CPU way of defence12:34
_eddie_from overheating12:34
whoppergator_aaron_: if you mean how do you control what services start automagically on boot, then i usually install sysv-rc-conf12:35
theadmincliffton: Unetbootin does not support windows 7, you.12:35
qinclu3: Interesting, find ~ -name yourpicnamehere ?12:35
dirk__eddie_: Yes, that's good. I just hoped it didn't and the cpu monitor was just crazy :P.12:35
clu3qin, i tried that too, from / , and could only find my moved bg.jpg image12:35
clifftoni know it doesnt support but i read tuturial online and it said just select iso and pick your win7 iso which i got12:36
clu3qin, i just tried to modify the gconf value, directly and it activates right away12:36
_eddie_dirk_, I have hp 6730s laptop12:36
whoppergator_aaron_: the usage is sysv-rc-conf [ --level *levels* ] *service* <*on|off*>12:36
clu3do you know how to modify that gconf value from command line?12:36
bazhangwhoppergator, you mean upstart12:36
bazhang!upstart | whoppergator12:37
dirk__eddie_: And it's not just a  hardware problem? Fan that is full of dust, etc?12:37
ubottuwhoppergator: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:37
clifftoni think this is going to work thank you guys!!12:37
dirk_Great cliffton :).12:37
_aaron_whoppergator, thanks worst comes to worst i can always man it12:37
qingconftool -t string -s /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename pc/path/name12:37
_eddie_dirk_, I cleaned it... I mean, fan is quite I'm sure if I can speed it up it would cool CPU down12:38
_eddie_dirk_, do you know how can I speed the fan up12:38
dirk__eddie_: Thats bad practice, it's not designed for speeding it up. You will blow up your engine.12:38
[THC]AcidRain_eddie_, send more power12:38
qinclu3: ^^^12:38
clu3qin, nm, found it :)12:39
=== ben__ is now known as bicranial
_eddie_dirk_, so what do I do?12:39
vulnHello there. So let's say I installed Ubuntu on Windows through WUBI. I wonder how much space my installation will have.. ?!12:39
clu3gconftool --type String --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /home/clu3/Pictures/wallpapers/bg.jpg12:39
RichiHbazhang: thanks12:39
[THC]AcidRainvuln, it will tell you. you can set how much space a vm will have12:39
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, pardon?12:39
bazhangvuln, you need to expand it?12:40
[THC]AcidRainbazhang, sry. _eddie_ if you want to know that. take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, #defocus12:40
vuln[THC]AcidRain: it didn't tell me. df -h did12:41
dirk__eddie_: Did you check your processes?12:41
vulnbazhang: I'm doing tests on this machine. But it may receive a big load of files and I don't want it to get overloaded.12:41
_eddie_dirk_, that's all I do :D I type sensors and then I type top -d .5 to check what is going on12:41
whoppergatorbazhang: i still have trouble wrapping my head around upstart, how then would i tell it to start dhcpd on startup?12:41
_eddie_dirk_, now the processes are ok, around 90% idle12:42
bazhangvuln, you can expand it if need be, just check the wubiguide for how to do so12:42
bazhang!wubi > vuln12:42
ubottuvuln, please see my private message12:42
[THC]AcidRain!wubi > me12:42
ubottu[THC]AcidRain, please see my private message12:42
vulnThank you bazhang. It may sound silly, but let's say my partition has Xgb and Ubuntu happens to have X/4gb for it (apparently according to df -h). Would it automatically expand in case more space is occupied?12:43
dirk__eddie_: Last I would suggest is just trying a reboot? :P12:43
_eddie_dirk_, I did that as well12:44
theadminvuln: No, it won't12:44
bazhangvuln, no, you would need to expand it12:44
theadminbazhang: Expanding a wubi setup isn't so simple12:44
dirk__eddie_: Sorry, can't help you any further. :(12:44
bazhangvuln, its not a vm like vbox with the dynamically expanding virtual image12:44
_eddie_dirk_, ok tnx12:44
=== zhanglearn_ is now known as zhanglearn
vulnbazhang: aw, ok.12:45
vulnThank you ;D12:46
[THC]AcidRainhow do i add a user to a group if the user already exists?12:46
kyle_I have a ubuntu PC setup with some software that requires updates... And the OS sometimes needs updates. I'm scared, so i would like to update do full backups. I have plenty of external space.  What should I do.12:48
htmlif i got a lighter login manager  , what would happen , 10.10 remix, atom 1.6 ghz  1gb ddr312:48
htmlhow do i go about attaining that login manager12:49
=== ben__ is now known as bicranial
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, what are you scared of? when ubuntu does updates, it only updates package names. unless you are doing a distro upgrade12:50
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, and in which case, i would NOT update the os. thats just me personally. ive had bad experiences going from ubuntu 9.04 to 10.1012:51
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: Just don't want to break software with updates12:51
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, you mean like dependencies no longer being met?12:52
dirk_[THC]AcidRain: usermod -a -G groupname username12:52
[THC]AcidRaindirk_, i ended up using adduser ftpuser ftpuser. and it appeared to work.12:52
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: OK, but the software needs updates and I have seen people have issues with it.  So I need to make backups but you never know what these update appz do12:52
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: Yeh12:53
osmosis_paulhi, somebody know what is the name of the application to open for example remote files of other sever with my text editor in my local machine12:53
htmlkyle_,   [THC]AcidRain  , agreed ,  unless you are  doin the back up for you files   then you go about  a slightly diffternct12:53
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: Or the software update disabling it's own application.12:53
osmosis_pauli want execute remotely an application and see the results in the local application of my machine, because that server dont have graphical interface only terminal12:53
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, well im pretty sure that when a package is updated, it never loses certain functionality.12:53
dirk_osmosis_paul: Bluefish can do that I believe.12:53
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, but hang on. you are on 10.10?12:54
EgyParadoxosmosis_paul: You can ssh the server and edit using vi12:54
Picikyle_: 10.10 was not an LTS release.12:54
Kingsydoes ubuntu have ntfs support?12:54
kyle_it's not the ubuntu i'm afaid off the most, it's the software12:54
kyle_google, fog project.12:54
Kingsyawesome :)12:54
PiciKingsy: That doesn't mean you can install it on an NTFS partition though.12:55
KingsyEgyParadox: just wanted to check before I wipe my windows installation and try and read my other drive with ubuntu :)12:55
kyle_So anyway I would like to do a Clone zilla backup or something.  But what works the best?12:55
osmosis_paulEgyParadox, but you can not run the console o JMeter12:55
KingsyPici: yeah I don't need to install on ntfs.. just read it from naulilus12:55
kyle_pici: 10.412:55
PiciKingsy: Thats just fine.12:55
osmosis_paulthat's why i'm looking for this kind of remote application12:55
Kingsynice :)12:55
Picikyle_: You just said 10.10 though.12:55
Jim455Rhow to install windows border theme ?12:55
Jim455Rin ubuntu ?12:55
osmosis_pauldirk_, bluefish dont looks like he can do that12:55
KingsyPici: I am finally making the move from windows to linux.. no windows machines will be left in my house12:55
kyle_pici: testing, nono. am sorry12:55
Kingsyscary stuff :)12:56
Jim455Rthis is not a full theme but the top titlebar12:56
bazhang!themes | Jim455R12:56
ubottuJim455R: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:56
dirk_osmosis_paul: Correct. I thought you only wanted to edit text files :).12:56
kyle_pici: i know you knwo your stuff.  What should I use?12:56
Jim455Rbazhang i already have the windows border theme. how to install it12:56
osmosis_pauldirk_, yeah i put that example to make it clear ;-) any other idea?12:56
Picikyle_: I'd backup my settings and just go for it.12:56
JustSighDudesAm I seeing the same process over and over again in htop because each line is a thread or what's the deal here?12:57
kyle_Pici: yeh thats because you know linux to fix isses :(12:57
bazhangJim455R, drag to the themes manager, assuming its a valid one, or modify in the same location12:57
kyle_pici: also do you know if ubuntu works with 512e HDD's?12:57
osmosis_paulSomebody can tell me an application to run in remote machine and get the feedback in my local application, like with text editor but with JMeter GUI12:57
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, http://www.multimediaboom.com/automate-backups-for-ubuntu-10-10-10-04/12:58
osmosis_pauland no, i cannot run remotely the JMeter, firewall stuffs12:58
Picikyle_: A hard drive? There shouldn't be any compatiblitly problems at all there.12:58
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: yes...12:58
kyle_pici: it's a new Advanced format type..12:58
[THC]AcidRainkyle_, does this not answer your question?12:58
i42nosmosis_paul: ssh -X12:59
kyle_pici: www.dell.com/512e-drives12:59
ManUnderPresshi all guys12:59
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: Sorry, does what answer?12:59
dirk_Anyone know how I can fix the dragging problem with my dualscreen setup? I cannot drag my application to my other monitor.12:59
[THC]AcidRainthe link i posted had a tool that you may be interested in called "back in time". a system backup utility12:59
[THC]AcidRaindirk_, 11.04?13:00
dirk_[THC]AcidRain: Yes13:00
kyle_[THC]AcidRain:missed link.  I do use backintime at the moment, but i just don't know if i have captured everything i need.13:00
[THC]AcidRaindirk_, when you find out let me know :)  i been just right clicking, send to workspace13:00
Picikyle_: It *should* work. If anything you'll just lose some usable diskspace.13:01
i42nManUnderPress: hi13:01
kyle_[THC]AcidRain: are there files in ubuntu that will not backup because they are in use?13:01
ManUnderPressi42n : I need 2 know wt dif. btwn windows and ubuntu13:01
[THC]AcidRainPici, but kyle_ is worried about apps being broken, cause dependencies go out of range. or some updates actually disabling apps.13:01
bazhangManUnderPress, thats not really a support question13:01
[THC]AcidRainPici, i have seen very few cases. and i mean like 1! where a dependency had to be 1 > 2 <13:02
ManUnderPressok forget question13:02
coz_ManUnderPress,  full control over the system13:02
Pici[THC]AcidRain: That shouldn't happen, and where it does it should be noted in the release notes.13:02
ManUnderPressI'm beginner in ubuntu and I faced more prob.13:02
[THC]AcidRainPici, yea thats what i thought rly.13:02
bazhangManUnderPress, then ask clear questions, all on one line13:03
coz_ManUnderPress,  understood.. can you explain one problem at a time,, we may be able to work through them for you13:03
* airtonix grumbles about grammar and english13:03
ManUnderPressand I dislike that ubuntu and find windows more reliable13:03
bazhang!ot | ManUnderPress13:03
ubottuManUnderPress: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:03
ManUnderPressand i dislike back 2 windows again13:03
osmosis_pauli42n, what do you mean?, with ssh -X the remote terminal dont have interface grafica13:03
coz_ManUnderPress,  that is not true,, the fact is  Ubuntu is far more reliable13:03
bazhangManUnderPress, this is ubuntu support only.13:03
[THC]AcidRainthe group i added to ubuntu isnt showing up in the gui for permissions... why?13:04
coz_bazhang,  and I fall for it everytime :(13:04
GoodADall user use ubuntu are stuxnet activated in computer.13:04
[THC]AcidRaini used groupadd ftpuser. and it doesnt show up13:04
bazhangGoodAD, that is nonsense13:04
=== moorah is now known as access1
ManUnderPressplease don't be angry for me I want 2 explain my prob.13:05
ManUnderPressI will explain my prob. in ubuntu13:05
GoodADfor what ubuntu make the same problem with my fancooler, and iran have problem with centrifuge when stuxnet ubuntu are activated?13:05
[THC]AcidRainManUnderPress, pm13:05
ManUnderPressI need 2 install sql server13:05
ManUnderPresshow can I do it please13:06
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)13:06
ManUnderPressalso I need 2 install ssh but I've broken pack.13:06
[THC]AcidRainManUnderPress, apt-get is your terminal default package handlr13:06
ManUnderPresswhat should I do ?13:06
airtonixManUnderPress: start reading13:06
PiciManUnderPress: Tell us what errors you are getting.13:06
[THC]AcidRainManUnderPress, if you are wanting to install servers like these. i would first suggest upgrading to the latest distro. 11.0413:07
ManUnderPressairtonix I've read before13:07
[THC]AcidRainManUnderPress, sudo apt-get mysql (i think) google.com13:07
Pici[THC]AcidRain: Thats unessessary.13:07
airtonixManUnderPress: apparently not enough13:07
[THC]AcidRainPici, for just an sql server, it is. but what about other apps that he would wish to run along side with his sql server?13:08
nio707dhello all13:08
Piciairtonix, [THC]AcidRain: enough with the rtfm suggestions.13:08
ManUnderPressI try 11.04 but I lost my desktop and all env.13:08
nio707hello all13:08
=== bicranial_ is now known as bicranial
PiciManUnderPress: You said you had a problem installing, you need to tell us what errors you are getting for us to help.13:08
ManUnderPressE: Invalid operation mysql13:09
ManUnderPressthat is err13:09
ManUnderPresswhen try :-> sudo apt-get install mysql13:09
ManUnderPresserr is : --> E: Invalid operation mysql13:09
IdleOneManUnderPress: that error is expected because [THC]AcidRain has the habit of not giving full commands13:09
napsterI use istanbul for screen casting13:09
airtonixManUnderPress: apt-cache search mysql-server13:09
napsterbut I'm unable to get proper screencast13:10
IdleOneManUnderPress: answer Pici and perhaps he can help you13:10
[THC]AcidRainIdleOne, sry :(13:10
popeynapster: use recordmydesktop, ffmpeg or kazam instead?13:10
ManUnderPressok I will search thanx all sorry 4 noisy13:10
coz_napster,   actually on linux  either  recordmydesktop or better still ffmpeg  is going to give better results for screencasting13:10
airtonixManUnderPress: no really apt-cache search will show you the proper package name.13:10
PiciManUnderPress: sudo apt-get install mysql-server13:10
napsterpopey: tried recormydesktop before, but it is the same13:10
popeynapster: http://lwn.net/Articles/452233/  # this is how I screencast13:11
popeyworks well13:11
napsterpopey: oops! n00b here :)13:11
ManUnderPressyea it started install :-->  sudo apt-get install mysql-server13:11
ManUnderPressthnx :)13:12
ManUnderPressPici thnx u13:12
PiciManUnderPress: you're welcome.13:12
ManUnderPressbut I wanna know13:12
ManUnderPressI've progrmmed in visual basic 6 before13:12
airtonix. . .13:12
[THC]AcidRaini added a group to my system. "addgroup ftpuser" and the group does not show up in the right click, properties, permissions. is this normal?13:12
ManUnderPressand I sell more application13:13
PiciManUnderPress: I'm sorry to hear that.13:13
airtonixManUnderPress: a gui interface to track murderers?13:13
=== sean is now known as Guest64130
ManUnderPresscan I do it in ubuntu with other programing language ?13:13
[THC]AcidRainairtonix, #ubuntu-offtopic13:13
=== Guest64130 is now known as sean_circle
airtonix<[THC]AcidRain> oh ok13:14
ManUnderPressPici tell me please13:14
FoolsRunHi, I have a stupid question: I have created a bootable USB that works on most of my computers, except one old one which only supports "USB-ZIP" booting. Is there any way to make a bootable Ubuntu USB stick in USB-ZIP format?13:14
airtonix<ManUnderPress> yes, use pyside13:14
[THC]AcidRainManUnderPress, anything that can be done in VB6 can be done in almost any other language13:14
PiciManUnderPress: You want a list of programming languages you can use on Linux?13:14
napsterpopey: I copy paste that script and tried running it13:14
napsterpopey: but I get errors! could I paste all of them here?13:15
airtonix<ManUnderPress> you can even program gtk with visualbasic if you compile it with mono13:15
[THC]AcidRainnapster, pastebin.com13:15
ManUnderPressPici -> sorry right now I'm beginner  in ubuntu13:15
lewis93I am on a Toshiba Satellite L500D laptop and am unsure how to get my wireless LAN card up and running. Could someone walk me through it, please?13:15
airtonix<ManUnderPress> http://zetcode.com/tutorials/visualbasicgtktutorial/13:16
napsterpopey: http://pastebin.com/xEVWD88E13:16
ManUnderPressairtonix --> ok ineed 2 learn new programming language what can I start with ?13:16
ManUnderPressI will follow link thnx man13:16
airtonix<ManUnderPress> python then python with QT13:16
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
airtonix<ManUnderPress> you will love python much more than visualbasic13:17
ManUnderPressis it good with Database ?13:17
popeynapster: install sox and you probably need ffmpeg from medibuntu13:17
htmlKingsy,  dont wipe windows, even though i hate to say it,  but most businesses products run "ONLY wundows"   and some linux apps are only made for windows, like win32 diskmanager, to get a img on a flash drive13:17
airtonix<ManUnderPress> of course13:17
napsterpopey: ok13:17
MrNthDegreeManUnderPress, it can work with SQLite MySQL and PGSQL so yes13:18
lewis93How do I install a realtek LAN driver?13:18
ManUnderPressairtonix --> I mean can I do commercial application ?13:18
htmllewis93,  for ?13:18
airtonix<ManUnderPress> of course.13:18
nio707i need to ask you guys one question since i use ubuntu 8.04lts so i think i can ask here my question about the buildroot mechanism13:18
lewis93html, for toshiba satellite pro l500d13:18
theadminnio707: Sorry, 8.04 is no longer supported.13:19
Picitheadmin: Sure it is.13:19
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.13:19
airtonix<ManUnderPress> but if you've been coddled with visualstudio then i suggest you transition to QTDesigner13:19
theadminPici: "ended on May 12 2011".13:19
ManUnderPressMrNthDegree --> that is good news13:19
ManUnderPressbut I think I need 2 be expert in OS Ubuntu first , is it right ?13:19
htmltheadmin,  really  no even the packages?13:20
airtonix<ManUnderPress> although i create most of my "Ubuntu" applications with gedit13:20
Picitheadmin: *desktop* support ended on May 12th, server support continues until 201313:20
Picitheadmin: I'll update the factoid to clairfy.13:20
theadminPici: Oh... Nobody stated it's a sever. But thanks.13:20
airtonix<ManUnderPress> using python and qt means the application you create can run on macosx, windows, linux and meego13:20
MrNthDegreeManUnderPress, no need to be an expert in Ubuntu to code in Python13:20
ManUnderPressI will13:20
htmllewis93,  did you try a search ?13:20
airtonix<ManUnderPress> http://zetcode.com/tutorials/pyqt4/13:21
ManUnderPressright now the choice is python13:22
airtonix<ManUnderPress> that is only the basics of python and qt4, i suggest you research pyside instead of using qt4 though13:22
ManUnderPressok I will go ahead 2 python13:22
lewis93html, yes I searched on Google but cannot find anything. The best I could find was instructions on how to install a Toshiba driver on Feodora13:22
airtonix<ManUnderPress> http://diveintopython.org/13:23
lewis93html, would ndiswrapper work?13:23
ManUnderPressthanx all13:23
ManUnderPressthnx airtonix 4 help13:23
ManUnderPressC U later13:24
Nomad1Hello, since upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 had some issues with my 3g modem, i.e. have to plug in and unplug at least four times before it connects, anyone had that issue. Fails to initialize the modem correctly the first couple of goes.13:24
htmllewis93,  drivers from that era is hard to come by,  and was much made , up til 10.04 ish to 10.10,13:24
ksbalajiWhile booting after the 1st stage, I sometimes the process hangs with blank screen and cursor at top left. How to move further without rebooting? mine is 10.04 LTS13:24
icerootNomad1: does the modem also have a normal usb storage? so usbmodeswitch would be an option13:25
Nomad1Yes has some USB storage on it that acts as a CD ROM.13:25
Nomad1Usually works after the third or fourth unplug though.13:26
Nomad1Also enabling and disabling 3g a couple of times will make it work as well.13:26
lewis93html, what do you suggest?13:26
bazhanglewis93, whats the chipset13:27
Nomad1It is a Nokia CS-12.13:27
Nomad1Thanks for the advice though about the usb mode switch will try that.13:28
ScuniziI got a warning yesterday that root was getting full and then almost immediately after that everything ceased to function.. reboots get me to the login screen and then error with the root full message.  I've booted to a live cd .. how do I fix from here?13:28
[THC]AcidRainhttp://pastebin.com/EEw9PCh1 - could someone plz verify my file permissions? still trying to get this right for my ftp server13:29
lewis93bazhang, AMD Athlon x2 2.1 GHz   - I think that is what you meant? I am unsure13:29
bazhanglewis93, please paste.ubuntu.com the output of lspci from the terminal and give us the url13:30
jrib[THC]AcidRain: you need execute permission on the directories.  Not sure why you don't want ftpuser to have them on Uploads specifically13:30
[THC]AcidRainjrib, but why do i need execute permissions on directories?13:31
lewis93bazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667305/13:31
bazhang!pl | Foxik13:31
ubottuFoxik: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:31
jrib[THC]AcidRain: because you can't do anything inside the directory without them :D13:31
bazhang!google | me13:32
ubottume: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.13:32
g0tResults for | me on Google:13:32
g0thhow do I get digital audio out to a surround system to work in kubuntu?13:32
Foxikit is english room?13:32
jribFoxik: yes, what language do you prefer?13:32
[THC]AcidRainjrib, are you sure about that? i thought to execute meant to run something like a perl script...13:32
jrib[THC]AcidRain: not for directories13:32
FoxikI am from Poland13:32
tawhid111hi Konsole13:32
jrib!pl | Foxik13:32
ubottuFoxik: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:32
Konsolehello there :]13:33
tawhid111i have got a question13:33
tawhid111i just took computer science13:33
=== ellimistd is now known as dreich
tawhid111and it says13:33
coz_tawhid111,  ok  spit it out in one sentence if possible :)13:33
tawhid111Profile an HCI Developer13:33
tawhid111ok can anyone direct me to something like Profile an HCI Developer or what could i write  about plz im very confused13:34
Picitawhid111: This doesn't sound like an Ubuntu support question, perhaps #ubuntu-offtopic would be better.13:34
=== vastu is now known as pgulley
bazhangg0t disable that13:34
tawhid111ok done13:34
coz_tawhid111,   probably better asked in a channel like ##linux13:34
Konsoletawhid111, You can always google search also ;)13:35
[THC]AcidRainjrib, even with 774 permissions. i still cant upload. i get critical file error - permissions13:35
ubuntuhello all!  :)13:35
ubuntuhow can i join to channel?13:36
lady_ghhello world!13:36
jrib[THC]AcidRain: and with 775?13:36
ubuntuhello galaxy!   :D13:36
jrib[THC]AcidRain: how are you trying to upload exactly?13:36
[THC]AcidRainjrib, filezilla13:36
jrib[THC]AcidRain: using ssh or an ftpd?13:37
ubuntuplz help me to join in channel X?13:37
html HCI Developer, whats that ?13:37
DeadmanIncJSwhat are you trying to join ubuntu13:37
lady_ghwhere can i found usefull command line programs for linux ?13:37
Konsoleubuntu, try /join #channel13:37
ubuntui eant to join in C+13:37
ubuntu+ channel13:37
htmldr_willis,  ...13:37
Konsole: /13:37
Pici!register | ubuntu13:37
ubottuubuntu: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:37
jrib[THC]AcidRain: are you sure the ftpd is running as ftpuser?13:37
ubuntui don't hav account13:37
Piciubuntu: you need to register one to join there.13:38
ScuniziI got a warning yesterday that root was getting full and then almost immediately after that everything ceased to function.. reboots get me to the login screen and then error with the root full message.  I've booted to a live cd .. how do I fix from here?13:38
[THC]AcidRainjrib, no im not... but i am sure that i am logged in as ftpuser, and that ftpuser is added to a group called ftpuser13:38
Konsolepici, Everybody loves not using google don't they ......13:38
ubuntuplz describe for me to join13:38
jrib[THC]AcidRain: what ftp daemon are you using?13:38
Foxikdear English men, goodby?! :D13:39
Piciubuntu: what ubottu just said is what you need to do. If you can't follow those instructions you can ask in #freenode: /join #freenode13:39
Konsoleubuntu, if you're unsure on how to register an IRC account google search it as for joining a particular room use the /join #channel command13:39
coz_Scunizi,    look here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14092013:39
[THC]AcidRainand proftpd is running as "acidrain"13:39
htmllady_gh,  ask dr_willis,  hes the guy that can sovle or redirct you to the answer ;)13:39
yorickI'm trying to run 3D applications in 10.04 using a gnome guest session13:39
yorickbut they're all crashing13:39
Scunizicoz_: thanks13:39
ubuntuvery much13:39
[THC]AcidRaini dont see what an app is running as has anything to do with it though... im still logging in as a different user13:40
htmlyorick,  what are you useing?13:40
KonsoleNext question will be what is C#13:40
yorickhtml: how do you mean?13:40
yorickhtml: for example quadrapassel. It segfaults on a gnome guest session13:40
ubuntuhow can i work on channle in adium in macintosh(MACOSX)  ?13:41
=== ubuntu is now known as repozitor
MechanisMhello ppl. I have a problem. I used terminal as root. and tried to chmod some file. instead of it I'm recursively chmoded to 777 all /etc/ folder.. how to chmod it back? I mean I need original value.13:42
Scunizicoz_: that link might work ok if I could log into my system.  at this point I can't get past the login screen.13:42
jribMechanisM: reinstall13:42
coz_Scunizi,  ok  mm let me check hold on13:42
KonsoleMechanisM, Rofl.13:42
icerootMechanisM: use your backup, never use a root shell never use 77713:43
bazhangKonsole, thats not helpful nor ontopic13:43
Konsolebazhang, didn't realize laughing was a topic genius. Try again.13:43
icerootMechanisM: you can use another ubuntu-installation and read all permissions with getfacl and restore it on your system wit setfacl13:43
icerootMechanisM: but reinstall or your backup is a better idea13:44
bazhangKonsole, this is for ubuntu support only; please take the chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic13:44
Konsolebazhang, Unless you have rules to show me stating laughing is prohibited i suggest you give it a rest.13:44
auronandace!lol | Konsole13:45
ubottuKonsole: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.13:45
icerootKonsole: #ubuntu-offtopic13:45
coz_Scunizi,  I am drawing a blank here,, a good search string might be     ubuntu root filesystem full13:45
KonsoleGigidy :)13:45
PiciKonsole: It is not helpful or needed to laugh at other users' problems here.13:46
jrib[THC]AcidRain: pasetbin: 1) current permissions on a problem directory 2) full input and output of your issue (error) 3) ps output containing your ftp daemon13:46
napsterwhen I use unzip, it recreates the archive directory structure while extracting files. Is there anyway to override this?13:47
Scunizicoz_: thanks .. I'm looking too.  not sure how that happened.  my root should be between 15 & 20 megs.13:47
jerriy1Hi chatters, can any of you help me on Amarok?13:47
jerriy1Amarok is totally bust13:47
coz_Scunizi,  yeah this one is a bit puzzling,, I have not come across it before,, so the cause and solution should be pretty interesting13:47
jerriy1It crashes EVERYTIME I want to play something13:48
jerriy1My system is Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)13:48
[THC]AcidRainjrib, http://pastebin.com/Wzc2nKVC13:49
bazhangjerriy1, tried other players? some corrupt music files in there perhaps? rebuilt the library?13:49
yorickI'm trying to run 3D applications in 10.04 using a gnome guest session. They all crash. They work fine on the main account however.13:49
jerriy1 bazhang: I do have other players but they don't play all the files so I'm trying to see what happens with Amarok13:50
auronandaceyorick: what 3d apps?13:50
jrib[THC]AcidRain: it says "anonymous access granted", is that normal/expected?13:50
yorickauronandace: all. glxgears, quadrapassel, supertux213:51
yorickauronandace: you name it, it crashes.13:51
bazhangjerriy1, what are the problematic ones? got the w32codecs installed as well?13:51
[THC]AcidRainjrib, i believe so. i never told it to connect anonymously13:51
jerriy1 bazhang: what's w32codecs?13:51
repozitorI want to login in channels with adium13:51
jrib[THC]AcidRain: I would investigate this "Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply", it does not seem normal13:51
repozitorbut i have'nt ip adress13:51
repozitorplz help me13:51
bazhangjerriy1, from medibuntu.org , you can download the .deb from there13:51
iDirkThe dualscreen dragging problem is killing me. Can't figure out why I can't drag applications to my other screen :S.13:52
jrib[THC]AcidRain: what does "groups ftpuser" return in a shell?13:52
yorickauronandace: I think it might be permission-related13:52
jerriy1 bazhang: yes i have those but I'm not able to play something called windows media files13:52
bazhangjerriy1, wma?13:52
[THC]AcidRainftpuser : users ftpuser13:52
jrib[THC]AcidRain: acidrain and ftpuser should be able to write to the directory then13:53
yorickit segfaults in 0x01538328 in ?? () from /usr/lib/nvidia-current/libGLcore.so.113:53
auronandaceyorick: what is the output if you run them from the terminal?13:53
bazhangjerriy1, sounds like a drm issue rather than a amarok issue frankly13:53
jrib[THC]AcidRain: can you write to the directory in a local shell (not through ftp)13:53
yorickauronandace: segmentation fault.13:54
jrib[THC]AcidRain: as ftpuser13:54
Scuniziwhere do older kernels live in the file system?13:54
=== `mOOse` is now known as kjkh
[THC]AcidRainjrib, so how do i set this up to do it through ftp? cause every guide ive read to this point has told me its all about permissions13:54
jerriy1bazhang: it's QTL13:54
paulotem como mudar para o portugues?13:54
jrib!pt | paulo13:55
ubottupaulo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:55
auronandaceyorick: hmm, odd.. not sure what to suggest sorry13:55
jerriy1bazhang: by that I mean a streaming file (that ends in .qtl)13:55
jribpaulo: nada13:56
[THC]AcidRainjrib, ok my question is then, how do i make it so a user across ftp, can write to a directory. assuming all of my file permissions are correct13:56
=== kjkh is now known as m00se
jrib[THC]AcidRain: did writing to the directory as ftpuser using a shell, work?13:57
[THC]AcidRainjrib, to test this, ill just change my permissions to ftpuser, and do a mv?13:57
jrib[THC]AcidRain: don't change any permissions13:58
htmlyorick,  what are you using as a 3d effects ?13:58
[THC]AcidRain... then how do i test it for user "ftpuser"?13:58
ScuniziCan I delete everything in /var/cache ??13:58
[THC]AcidRaini cant just do su - ftpuser?13:58
bazhangjerriy1, those are quicktime streaming files, seems totem can play them if ubuntuforums post is still applicable. did not see anything about amarok supporting them as of yet though13:58
yorickhtml: nothing?13:59
jrib[THC]AcidRain: sure13:59
jrib[THC]AcidRain: why not?13:59
yorickhttp://pastebin.com/MiRCV4Eg my glxinfo output13:59
jrib[THC]AcidRain: to start another thread of thought... how did you install proftpd?14:00
[THC]AcidRainjrib, through a shell, i went to the "Uploads" folder, and did "touch text.txt" it worked14:00
jrib[THC]AcidRain: as ftpuser, correct?14:00
[THC]AcidRainjrib, through software center14:00
[THC]AcidRainjrib, correct14:00
htmlyorick,  what are you using as a 3d effects , as in compiz?14:00
ScuniziCan I delete everything in /var/cache without causing any issues?14:00
jrib[THC]AcidRain: how is proftpd running as the acidrain user?14:00
PiciScunizi: Why would you do that?14:00
dddbmtHi guys. I used nautilus to stfp onto a server. By the connection broke and now I can't reconnect, is there a way to restart nautilus - or should I restart some ssh-thingie?14:00
[THC]AcidRainas a stand alone? is this your question...14:00
jrib[THC]AcidRain: can you do: ps -ef | grep proft14:01
jerriy1bazhang: qtl and also ASX14:01
ScuniziPici: I need to free room in root so I can log into my system.. I got a message that root was full and on the next boot it won't let me past the login screen14:01
jrib[THC]AcidRain: well like I said, I have never used proftpd before but it seems to me like it would have to run as root to be able to read things like /etc/passwd so you could login14:01
PiciScunizi: Removing the contents of /var/cache/apt/archives/ should be okay.14:02
[THC]AcidRainjrib, http://pastebin.com/Gc7D4gSC14:02
[THC]AcidRaini was told running any remote app as root was bad14:02
bazhangjerriy1, no idea with amarok, totem and mplayer can however14:02
ScuniziPici: ok.. I'd also like to check for older kernels that can be removed.. where do they live?14:02
jrib[THC]AcidRain: it probably starts as root and then switches to nobody.  It's running as "nobody" according to your output14:03
yorickNothing on the guest session14:03
[THC]AcidRainhmmmm. jrib, how do i switch its user?14:03
jrib[THC]AcidRain: anyway this is likely some sort of proftpd configuration issue, not a permissions issue14:03
jrib[THC]AcidRain: it's fine as it is14:03
yorickCompiz on the main account14:03
PiciScunizi: /boot/, but you really should remove the packages that installed those, and also re-run update-grub afterwards.14:03
[THC]AcidRainjrib, what ftp server do you use?14:03
jrib[THC]AcidRain: I do not use one14:04
[THC]AcidRaini am willing to start over and cast out days of knowledge. lol14:04
[THC]AcidRainwhat ftp server would you suggest?14:04
jrib[THC]AcidRain: is there a reason you want to use an ftp server instead of ssh?14:04
iceroot[THC]AcidRain: i dont suggest plain ftp14:04
iceroot[THC]AcidRain: easy to catch passwords14:05
ScuniziPici: understood.. this is kind of an emergency fix.. I can't do things normally in the system because I've been locked out.. so perhaps with a little room it will let me in and I can clear out a bunch of stuff in the more normal fashion.14:05
[THC]AcidRainwhat is difference in ssh? jrib, i like ftp because its only way i know that my users across the world can access my files without having to be half smart14:05
roastedQuestion - I have 2 NICs in my system. DHCP Server is configured for eth0. However, (insert long hardware failure story here) on the new system now it's coming up as eth2 and therefore not starting. How can I "rebind" DHCP Server to eth2 from eth0?14:05
[THC]AcidRainjrib, rly my new question is. is there a ssh client? for window users and such.14:06
Wallace__So I have a directory which is rwxrwxr-t (note: stickybit) owner/group are both 'user', containing files which are r--r--r-- owned by root.  I am logged in as user.  I expect that I cannot rm the file, because I don't own it, but the ubuntu allows me to rm it.  Where am I going wrong?14:06
auronandace!putty | [THC]AcidRain14:06
ubottu[THC]AcidRain: PuTTY is an !SSH client for Windows. Please see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage and downloads. See also !scp (Secure CoPy)14:06
PiciScunizi: You may want to look at the contents of /var/log/ as well, if unneeded, you can get rid of the older log files in there.14:06
jrib[THC]AcidRain: your users can use sftp basically the same way they use ftp. filezilla is able to do this for example (or winscp or nautilus on linux)14:06
[THC]AcidRainjrib, and what are some sftp servers?14:07
ScuniziPici: I've looked there.. it's a pretty small directory overall.. file sizes are in the "k's" so pretty nominal14:07
jrib[THC]AcidRain: just give them ssh access and they will be able to use sftp.  Do you care that they have ssh access?14:07
[THC]AcidRainjrib, i run several several other servers. earth having access to ssh wont effect anything will it?14:08
jrib[THC]AcidRain: "earth"?14:09
[THC]AcidRainearth = everyone14:09
[THC]AcidRainjrib, i want to create a public ftp account. that anyone can download all public files, and add to 1 folder, called "uploads" then from there i will manage them myself14:10
jrib[THC]AcidRain: that's something probably better suited for an ftp server, but see what others say14:11
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[THC]AcidRainhttp://blog.markvdb.be/2009/01/sftp-on-ubuntu-and-debian-in-9-easy.html jrib, after looking at this, it appears it would work the same way as what im thinking a normal ftp server should work like14:12
elacheche_anishello every body, i have a question please :)14:12
Toph2elacheche_anis,,, ask away14:13
EgyParadoxelacheche_anis: ask ;)14:13
wolfricwtf is playing on the trance channel for rhythembox...14:14
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:14
elacheche_anisHey Toph2 & EgyParadox :D .. how can I view the photo in the wiki page as thumbnails please..14:14
wolfricok maybe it was just intro... but still very odd...14:14
elacheche_anisping EgyParadox & toph :)14:16
elacheche_anisping :)Toph2,14:17
DamagedFileshi...how can I find all corrupted files in a USB stick?14:17
Toph2elacheche_anis,,, explain a bit further on what you want to do14:17
DamagedFilesI need to resize some images, but each times Phatch finds a corrupted image file, it freezes...so how could I erase all corrupted files?14:17
bazhang!google | me14:17
ubottume: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.14:17
g0tResults for | me on Google:14:17
elacheche_anisToph2, checkout this page and you will undestand what I want to do: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/Artwork14:18
EgyParadoxelacheche_anis: it is very big?14:20
Toph2elacheche_anis,,, i don't know,, someone else may respond14:20
elacheche_anisThx any way Toph2 :D yes EgyParadox I want to change all the pic to thumbnails :)14:21
DamagedFilesso...theres not a way to find corrupted jpg files?14:21
Wallace__Anybody know if the stickybit on directories works with a 2.6 kernel on ext4?14:22
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ikoniaWallace__: yes, it does14:25
htmlstickybit , whats that?14:25
Wallace__ikonia, any reason then that I am able to delete files I don't own, with sticky bit set?14:26
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ikoniaWallace__: can you show me an example of the permissions ?14:26
jasonmsphey all.  Any recommendations for a GUI for iptables on 11.04?14:26
Wallace__directory is rwxrwxr-t and file is r--r--r--  directory is user:user and file is root:root - I am logged in as user14:26
Wallace__ikonia, my understanding is that user should not be able to delete the file14:27
Wallace__nb: user is not a member of root14:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:28
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ikoniaWallace__: /window 1714:29
ikoniaWallace__: sorry, let me test something, as that doesn't seem right14:29
Wallace__ikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667353/14:29
Wallace__ikonia, yeah, it definitely doesn't seem right to me14:30
SubNormalcan any one tell me why my connection is "eth0-eth1" I know I have 2 cards but why isint it "eth0" and "eth1"?14:31
ikoniaWallace__: you are the directory owner, so that is why you can delete the files14:33
DamagedFileshow can i find corrupted files in a folder?14:33
ikoniaWallace__: (assuming you are doing this test as the user steve)14:33
Wallace__ikonia, I thought you had to be the *file* owner to delete14:34
ikoniaDamagedFiles: you can't unless you have something to reference them against14:34
ikoniaWallace__: according to the man page, the items owner, the directory owner or the super user14:34
ikoniaWallace__: I was a little surprised too14:34
ikoniaWallace__: the sticky bit is set on the directory in your example, so anything under that directory will be effected14:35
DamagedFilesand how come...nautilus prints a grey space when a jpg is corrupted?14:35
ikoniaDamagedFiles: because it tries to read it and it's not complete14:35
DamagedFilesso there's no tool reading batch files and checking if they are complete or not? that's weird...14:36
Wallace__ikonia, hmm, I want a directory that I can add files to, but not delete from14:36
ikoniaDamagedFiles: not weird14:36
ikoniaWallace__: let me ponder14:37
DamagedFilesit's weird...because nautilus is able to know that file is damaged without comparing to anything..14:38
darkwinisbackhello everybody, i tried to connect to a host via ssh with public keys using this german tutorial (http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ssh#Authentifizierung-ueber-Public-Keys) but the host is still asking for the password. the public key is in authorized_keys on hosts side14:38
Sub_ZeroCan someone invite me to the #wine channel?14:38
ikoniaSub_Zero: try ##winehq14:38
Sub_Zeroikonia no one there14:39
icerootdarkwinisback: that is working here without problems. try to do it again14:39
ikoniaDamagedFiles: that's because it tries to read each file and can't so knows it's corrupt14:39
ikoniaSub_Zero: there is14:39
Sub_ZeroAh it's just one # doh14:39
DamagedFilesso...why isnt there a program that makes the same thing file by file?14:39
darkwinisbackiceroot: tried it 5 times...14:39
Wallace__ikonia, srry, was on phone.  I wonder if I change the directory to root:user it will work14:40
icerootdarkwinisback: any errors during that steps? is /var/log/auth.log showing errors?14:40
ikoniaDamagedFiles: because you'd have to read each file into an associated application (eg: an image file into an image view) to know it was incomplete14:41
Wallace__ikonia, hmm, that seems to do it14:41
ikoniaDamagedFiles: or you'd need a reference of the file being ok for you to compare against14:41
ikoniaWallace__: ahh, nice14:41
hroiim looking for a way to check if I used my computer on a day one week ago14:41
Wallace__ikonia, weird....but thanks for your help - I doubt i'd have figured that one out :)14:41
ikoniaWallace__: sorted it on your own, it was interesting14:41
ytuklExtract files to directory ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins or14:42
hroimy computer is always running, and I stay logged in all the time... only I use the screensaver to lock/unlock the desktop.14:42
ytuklwhere i can find it in ubuntu?14:42
darkwinisbackiceroot: wait a moment14:42
DamagedFilesthere should me some kind of image inspector or something...14:42
beginnerhi guys... is this possible? installing the kubuntu os to a 64GB SSD disc... and my home directory to a 1TB SATA?14:42
jribbeginner: sure14:42
ikoniaDamagedFiles: you could write a script to do it, but it's not that easy as you've nothing to know it's corrupt beyond vewing each file14:42
ytuklExtract files to directory ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins                              where i can find it in ubuntu 10.04?14:42
beginnerwill this really improve the performance?14:42
ikoniaytukl: its in @/.gnome2/gedit/plugins14:43
ytuklwhast @14:43
netspyis there a way to do an upgrade bypassing current updates? want to migrate from lucid to natty14:43
Wallace__hroi, best suggestion is to examine files in /var/log (e.g. messages, syslog) and see if that reports anything that would indicate you were active14:43
jribnetspy: what do you mean by "current updates"?  And why do you want to avoid them?14:43
ytuklikonia: I opened File System and i don't see .gnome214:44
ikoniait's a hidden directory, and it's in your home directory14:44
EgyParadoxnetspy: you want to upgrade from lucid to natty without upgrading to maverick?14:44
netspyi mean my lucid has demanding updates but don't have the time14:44
darkwinisbackiceroot: Aug 16 16:42:35 v22232 sshd[1770]: Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/XXX maybe something like that?14:44
jribnetspy: you should update14:44
netspythat is it EgyParadox14:45
bizukifuthis is denmark caling14:45
EgyParadoxnetspy:Just do a fresh install14:46
ytuklikonia: how i can extract files to hidden directory?14:46
ikoniaytukl: just put the path you want to extract to when you extract14:46
bazhang!cn | jjjjjj14:46
ubottujjjjjj: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:46
nodestoolwhat is the name of what i want to do ( i have a server with no monitor, i want to add desktop programs and server, and connect to that server from remote location)14:47
ytuklikonia: ok it worked, thanks14:47
E3D3Hi all. I made Conkeror my default browser. It opens new windows when I click links outside Conkeror. I tried to change that but no good result yet. According to #conkeror is my Conkeror-configuation okay. Who can help me with this ?14:48
nodestoollike rdesktop but where the server is ubuntu not windows14:48
drussellnodestool: it's very similar... just called, remote desktop, examples of which are vnc, or possibly LTSP depending on how complex you want to go14:49
martianIs there a way to get Nautilus to show a text mode path widget instead of the button based one?14:53
RawChidHello, can anobody explain to me what a "greeter" is?  (like greeter session or greeter theme)14:53
fmauromartian: yes14:53
martianfmauro: How? :)14:53
fmauromartian: open gconf-editor14:53
nodestooldrussell: vnc and there are packages for that i am guessing14:54
fmauromartian: go to apps/nautilus/preferences14:54
martianfmauro: ahh it's not a gui toggle thing. Okay, I can find it! Thankya14:54
bazhangRawChid, gdm greeter for instance14:54
stealzHow do I change the Ubuntu Gnome Menu Icon (10.04)14:54
fmauromartian: it's always_use_location_entry14:55
fixxxermetHey everyone.  I am trying to install ubuntu 10.04 server and grub is having trouble installing.  http://imagebin.org/168103 is the error and my partition layout.  /boot (/) is in LVM14:55
RawChidbazhang, so what does a greeter?14:55
martianfmauro: Didn't there used to be a way to toggle between the two at one point?14:55
fmauromartian: I think, ye. but it's gone now to my knowledge14:56
FirefisheI'm upgrading to 10.10 from 10.04, then immediately doing an upgrade to 11.04 from 10.10.  I'd like to ask, what is the better upgrade tool, ubuntu's (gnome's) or kde's?  I use both desktops.14:56
RawChidI know a lot of Display Managers contain Greeter things. But it still isn't very clear to me...14:56
PiciFirefishe: They both do exactly the same thing. It doesn't matter which you use.14:56
bazhanghttp://live.gnome.org/GDM/2.22/Configuration RawChid14:56
usr13Firefishe: I don't think there is a difference14:57
martianfmauro: Isn't it a bummer when features are removed! Well, thanks again.14:57
slideok the Unity bar wont go away...... this is really annoying, anyone know how to fix?14:57
RawChidThank you bazhang !14:57
fmauromartian: np mate14:57
usr13Firefishe: But it is recommended that you first have your present version fully updated before attempting a distribution upgrade.14:57
FirefishePici, usr13:  Well, if that's the case, which is the more verbose and informative?14:57
Firefisheusr13: already done :)14:58
PiciFirefishe: Use the cli method if you want more information.14:58
bayuTesting using Backtrack 6,414:58
DamagedFileshow can i tell imagemagick to skip a file if it returns error?14:58
Picibayu : We do not support backtrack here, please use their support channel at #backtrack-linux14:58
PiciDamagedFiles: Are you using morgify or convert?14:58
FirefishePici: ummm, how do I use the command line to do a distribution upgrade?  What's the command for that?14:58
PiciFirefishe: sudo do-release-upgrade14:59
doriteyI just installed Ubuntu in VMware, and when I ran it for the first time it said something about my hardware not being compatible, and that it could only run "classic" Ubuntu. What does this even mean?14:59
doriteyClassic in comparison to what?14:59
clu3guys, My first "app" for ubuntu . check out my simple todo list app : https://github.com/clu3/ubuntu-desktop-todo-list  . I'd really appreciate it if you have any feedback14:59
bazhangdoritey, no 3d14:59
bazhangdoritey, ie unity14:59
clu3qin, ^^ that's what i've been asking you14:59
ashickur-noor@doritey you may have install Ubuntu 11.0414:59
ikoniadoritey: it means your virtual video card is not compatible to run the full graphical experience so goes to "classic" mode, which is less14:59
RawChidbazhang, I've read your URL. But can you or someone else explain in 1 or 2 sentences what a Greeter is?  I'm translating Ubuntu and am not sure if I should translate "Greeter"14:59
FirefishePici...I've never tried that.  If it bonks, will it do the same as the gui-based tools, and auto-cancel the install and revert back properly?14:59
doriteyWhat is unity14:59
doriteyIs it some kind of new interface for ubuntu15:00
ikoniadoritey: the desktop you are using15:00
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to the classic GNOME desktop; see !classic.15:00
PiciFirefishe: Yes.15:00
RawChidCan I see it as the "login screen" of GDM bazhang?15:00
FirefishePici: thank you.  I prefer cli when available....danke.15:00
bazhangdoritey, the 3d dock and new interface for 11.04 and beyond15:00
DamagedFilesPici: mogrify15:00
doriteySo Ubuntu previously used "classic GNOME desktop", and now runs something called Unity?15:00
doriteyAnd this is what I can't run15:00
usr13Firefishe: There are two ways, the gui and sudo do-release-upgrade15:00
bazhangdoritey, not in a vm, right15:00
Firefisheusr13: I'll try the cli this time15:00
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:01
doriteyOk. Is there any way to get around this that you know of?15:01
ikoniadoritey: no15:01
FirefisheScall: Ah!  Just answered my next question :)15:01
bazhangdoritey, no idea, try the vmware channel perhaps15:01
doriteyThat stinks.15:01
ikoniadoritey: complain to vmware15:01
RawChidI have seen Unity working in Virtual Box,15:01
PiciDamagedFiles: I'm not sure if that is possible. You may want to use convert in a loop instead.15:01
RawChidSo it IS possible15:01
ikoniaRawChid: not in vmware its not15:02
DamagedFilesPici: convert is part of imagemagick?15:02
PiciDamagedFiles: yes.15:02
naxais there a way to log al file operations in the system?15:02
PiciDamagedFiles: Heck, you could use mogrify in a loop but only one file at a time.15:03
usr13naxa: What do you mean?15:04
usr13naxa: Commands given at command line?15:04
iDirkCan anyone point me in the right direction to fix my dualscreen problem? The problem is I can't drag applications to my other monitor. Trying all day with no success. Nvidia chipset.15:04
naxausr13: no, i mean that all file opening, modification, deletion would be logged.15:04
usr13naxa: hummmm....15:05
naxausr13: pretty much as the journal but keeping these information even after committing.15:05
rumpe1naxa, maybe inotify15:05
naxarumpe1: I check it thanks!15:05
* fmauro is now happy to know about the inotify api15:07
Nitaxokay, i'm trying to set up a directory where all files created are +rw for any member of the group.  I figured out the setgid bit, but how do I set the default permissions for the group?15:08
naxarumpe1: any idea for logging prints?15:08
rumpe1naxa, print jobs?15:08
naxarumpe1: yes15:09
rumpe1Nitax, sounds like umask15:09
Nitaxbut is umask a global setting or is it local to particular directories?15:09
Nitaxalso, I don't get what the point of setting the uid or gid bits is without also having default permissions for the group or user?15:10
rumpe1Nitax, don't know for sure... but it works with mounts and you can bind/mount directories.15:10
doriteyHi. What does LTS mean.15:12
rumpe1doritey, long term support15:12
doriteyI don't understand from reading the description on the Ubuntu site.15:12
shinsukei want to completely format my hdd. what is the fastest way by software to do that?15:12
doriteyYes but what does it actually mean15:12
jpds!lts | doritey15:12
ubottudoritey: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)15:12
doriteyWhat does "will be supported for 3 years" men15:12
bazhang3 years desktop, 5 years server doritey15:12
rumpe1doritey, it means you get updates for several year, unlike the other non-lts-versions15:12
doriteyGet updates?15:12
doriteyI don't understand.15:12
usr13Nitax: umask is a global setting but only for the particular user files15:13
bazhangsecurity etc15:13
rumpe1doritey, you don't know updates? o.O15:13
doriteyI know what an update is, but I still don't see how the versions differ.15:13
doriteyHow does 10.04 regular differ from 10.04 LTS15:13
usr13shinsuke: fsck15:13
doriteyLTS means "long-term-support" but I don't understand what this means in that context15:13
Nitaxright, so this is a directory for a project that is shared across users and I want new files created in this directory to be +rw for the whole group15:13
iDirkWhat part you don't understand? :P15:13
bazhangthere is no 10.04 regular gnome doritey15:13
rumpe1doritey, there exists no "regular" 10.04, which isn't LTS15:13
Picidoritey: 10.04 is supported for 3-5 years depending on if you're talking about desktop or server packages.15:14
doriteyOh, I'm thinking of 11.04.15:14
doriteyWell, what's the diff15:14
bazhang!notes > doritey15:14
ubottudoritey, please see my private message15:14
doriteyOr like, what does LTS actually entail from a technical/functional standpoint15:14
Picidoritey: 11.04 is a year older than 10.04 (version numbers indicate the YEAR.MONTH of release)15:15
Picidoritey: er, newer*15:15
PhoenixSTFhello is there any channel for support on eeepc's?15:15
bazhang!alis | PhoenixSTF15:15
ubottuPhoenixSTF: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*15:15
usr13doritey: LTS is just a switch that is set that tells your update-manager to only do a ditribution upgrade to the next designated LTS. i.e. 8.04 10.04 12.0415:15
doriteySo when is it decided that a version is LTS15:15
Picidoritey: LTSes are every two years.15:16
adm_2how to know whicj bootloader is working ? after an upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04, i had some file for lilo, some for grub and some for grub215:16
Picidoritey: Whats wrong?15:16
rumpe1adm_2, your bootscreen should tell you that15:16
doriteyI still don't understand. What does it actually mean when a version of Ubuntu is "LTS". It has "long-term-support", but what does that even mean? Does it mean that you get tech support?15:17
adm_2rumpe1: i have no bootscreen, only a ssh connection15:17
doriteyDoes it mean that the version is supposed to be supported?15:17
doriteyOk, but in what context?15:17
Gentoo64doritey, means its supported long term15:17
doriteyBy what/whom?15:17
rumpe1doritey, no... just updates over a long periode15:17
jpdsdoritey: You get supported for a longer time, than a normal release.15:17
doriteySo Ubuntu LTS is supported in updates.. b15:17
doriteybut how15:17
doriteywhat does this mean15:17
Picidoritey: It means that security packages are available for 3-5 years depending on which packages you are talking about and supported in community support places like here.15:18
Gentoo64doritey, in ubuntu you get updates for packages for a certain amount of time until the version ends its life. lts just has longer life15:18
usr13It means that that 8.04 and 10.04 have longer end of life.  It means that 6.04 and 8.04 and 10.04 are designated as Long Term.15:18
adm_22 years support for normal release, 5 years for LTS15:18
rumpe1doritey, it means, that if you have a non-lts version, you have to switch earlier to a higher version or you risk security issues15:18
jpdsdoritey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases15:18
Piciadm_2: 18 months.15:18
usr13!lts | doritey15:18
ubottudoritey: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)15:18
asdqqhi, I got some errors with mplayer and some video files. I read that it was working with a newer version that the one from 11.04. Where can I find more up to date mplayer debs?15:19
Picidoritey: Perhaps something that discusses how software is installed and updated in Ubuntu would be helpful?15:19
rhin0which is now up to 10.04.3 and is rock solid15:19
adm_2oups ok Pici15:19
bazhangasdqq, from their homepage, a ppa or compile it yourself15:19
doriteyYes Pici15:19
PhoenixSTFI have a bit of a issue with bcm4313, cant get it working with 802.11n, has anyone tried to use broadcom-sta-comon?15:19
edbianPhoenixSTF: You CAN get it working?15:20
doriteySo LTS versions are old versions of Ubuntu that get the same software releases as new versions, whereas non-LTS versions cease to get software releases when a new version of Ubuntu is released?15:20
Picidoritey: Let me find a good link.15:20
PhoenixSTFedbian, i can't get it working on 802.11n only g15:20
Picidoritey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware is rather informative.15:20
edbiandoritey: Well LTS releases get updates for longer than normal releases but there is more overlap in all of the releases then what you described15:21
edbianPhoenixSTF: Which driver are you using?15:21
usr13doritey: So 6.04 reached EOL in April 2009 and was superceeded by 8.04.  8.04 reached EOL  April of 2011 and was superceeded by 10.0415:21
Picidoritey: Think about this: A non LTS release gets updates for just 18 months. In an LTS you could have that install running for 5 years and continue to recieve updates.15:21
doriteyWhat decides when a release is LTS15:22
bazhangusr13, 6.06 actually15:22
PhoenixSTFedbian, don't know lol, how do i check that?15:22
Piciusr13: For the desktop packages. Server support for 8.04 continues to 2013.15:22
doriteyWho's to say that X.XX specifically will be supported15:22
doriteyand not X.XY15:22
doriteyor Y.YY15:22
edbianPhoenixSTF: sudo lspci -k15:22
edbianPhoenixSTF: It will have a large output, you can pastebin it if you need help reading it.  The wifi card is probably near the bottom.15:22
AngelousHello, I was wondering if it's possible to put in the motd Hello, blah. Today is "datehere".15:23
adm_2someone for my pb, i can t boot after an upgrade 8.04 to 10.04,  how to determine which bootloader is working ?15:23
Jim455Rhow do i uninstall pastebin ?15:23
Picidoritey: They are every two years. And the decision is made before work on the release begins.15:23
ikoniaAngelous: sure15:23
usr13bazhang: doritey Oh, ok.  I stand corrected.  it's 6.06 not 6.04  And yes, we're talknig tesktop when we say 3 years, it's 5 years for server.15:23
ikoniaadm_2: there should only be 1 boot loader15:23
AngelousWhat would the synatx be then, ikonia? I'm no bash expert, or anything.15:23
PhoenixSTFedbian, http://pastebin.com/v85MqZR815:23
edbianPhoenixSTF: It will list 'drivers' which is the driver that is currently being used, and 'modules' which is every driver that is installed on the system (but not being used).  drivers are modules in linux15:23
r_a_fdoritey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS15:24
Picir_a_f: ah, thanks.15:24
ikoniaAngelous: use the date command `date` or use a script to do "echo todays date is `date`" > /etc/motd each day15:24
PhoenixSTFedbian, ya i can see it15:24
edbianPhoenixSTF: You say wireless n does not work right now?  I have no experience setting up wireless n but I do have some experience with wifi cards in general.15:24
Picidoritey: The link that r_a_f posted has a great image of how the LTSes are supported.15:24
r_a_fPici: np ;)15:24
AngelousNo, ikonia. What I'm wondering if how I would integrate it into the file.15:24
adm_2ikonia: i have files for lilo, other for grub and some for grub2 Oo, how to restore a solid situation (only a ssh connexion)15:24
edbianPhoenixSTF: Let's just try to use the other driver that is listed there.  sudo modprobe -r wl     (to remove wl) and sudo modprobe brcm8021115:24
bazhangJim455R, you mean pastebinit ? pastebin is a service not a package you install15:25
PiciJim455R: Did you mean the pastebinit package?15:25
usr13bazhang: doritey doritey My ubuntu system here was previously 6.06 and was upgraded to 8.04 and then to 10.04 It's been through them all.15:25
ikoniaadm_2: you should only have 1 boot loader, at worst two if you dia a grub1->grub2 upgrade,15:25
bendrasI have a box with "fresh" ubuntu 9.04. Is it safe/OK to upgrade to newer version without getting latest updates for current version?15:25
ikoniaadm_2: remove the config files for the boot loader you are not using15:25
edbianPhoenixSTF: btw, sta and wl are the same driver.  I think they use one another in operation like b43 and ssb   not really sure about that though15:25
PhoenixSTFedbian, well at home not where i am right now, i have 2 routers with 802.11n but my card only gets g 54mbps15:25
osmosis_paulsomebody know if xfoward works with ubuntu?15:25
ikoniabendras: no15:25
ikoniabendras: you need to go through each release15:25
doriteyusr13 alright15:25
doriteywell, thanks to everyone for explaining15:25
AngelousNo, ikonia. What I'm wondering if how I would integrate it into the file.15:26
edbianPhoenixSTF: Are you saying you can't test the card?15:26
trismAngelous: add a script to /etc/update-motd.d/ that uses echo and date as ikonia suggested15:26
ikoniaAngelous: I've just told you15:26
PhoenixSTFedbian, yes well that is the issue, if it aint working with N, if I install the15:26
edbianPhoenixSTF: my suggestion is just to use the other driver that's installed and see if that works.  Can you not do that because you don't have a wireless n signal where you are?15:26
usr13doritey: You'll find the LTS/normal switch on the update-manager15:26
PhoenixSTFedbian, no i dont have a N signal where i am15:26
edbianPhoenixSTF: Well then how are we supposed to fix this? :P15:26
trismAngelous: except without the redirect, so: #!/bin/sh then on the following line echo "Today's date is `date`"15:27
PhoenixSTFedbian, but i have a neibours router that has N, i cant get into it but i can scan!15:27
bendrasikonia: so 9.04 > 9.10 > 10.04>10.10 > 11.04 ?15:27
ikoniabendras: correct15:27
htmlis there a way i can use linux on windows desktop with out a vm on a public pc(windows 7)15:27
adm_2ikonia:  i remove all concerning lilo, how i forced an upgrade from grub to grub2 ? is there a way to upgrade grub2 to accept the new kernel ?15:27
ikoniahtml: no15:27
Jim455Rhow to uninstalll pastebin package15:27
edbianPhoenixSTF: Do you mean you CAN'T get into it?15:28
ikonia!grub2 > adm_215:28
carl_xdcc send #4215:28
ubottuadm_2, please see my private message15:28
ikoniaadm_2: look at "update-grub"15:28
bazhangJim455R, you cannot, its a service15:28
PiciJim455R: What package?15:28
bazhangJim455R, its called pastebinit15:28
usr13doritey: You'll find the LTS/normal switch in the settings menu of the update-manager.  The choices are "Long term support only"  and "Normal releases"15:28
PiciJim455R: pastebin isn't a package name. Are you referring to pastebinit?15:28
Jim455ROK@!! Adriver me crazy15:28
Jim455Rhow to uninstall it15:28
bendrasikonia: but the fact that 9.04 wasnt updated to latest pacages before upgrade to 9.10 wont breake anything hard?15:28
ikoniabendras: yes, it will15:28
Jim455Rhail !15:28
bazhangJim455R, from the package manager, just like everything else15:28
ikoniabendras: the upgrade will probably not run15:29
PhoenixSTFedbian, i dont have access, i dont have the password to connect to it, but i can scan if it has N!15:29
htmlikonia,  i know there is  but i dont remember the name,  and its like  a mac tool bar with ur apps on it15:29
Braber01Anybody know the defaut location do download perl Modules to in Linux?15:29
ikoniahtml: there isn't15:29
ikoniaBraber01: it's distribution specific15:29
Picihtml: If there is it isn't distributed or supported by us.15:29
PhoenixSTFedbian, http://pastebin.com/MRdvDZWJ15:29
edbianPhoenixSTF: I see.  so switch the drivers with the commands I gave and run sudo iwlist scan and see if the N networks show up15:30
bendrasikonia: it sais Upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10, 23 minutes remaining. Fingers crossed15:30
Braber01ikonia: on Ubuntu15:30
Jim455RTHANK YOU!15:30
Jim455Ri removed pastebinit15:30
edbianPhoenixSTF: Your wifi card is eth1?  mmm, strange15:30
ikoniaBraber01: depending on what they are (libraries for exampl) it's normally /usr/lib15:30
bendrasikonia: or might be there is backup repos to get latest packages for discontinued versions in such cases?15:30
doriteyok usr13 thanks15:30
htmlPici,  ill show you'll if i can find it15:30