ubuntuanyone there?00:02
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Fudgehi, can anyone tell me how to stop xfce4-panel from loading?03:05
Fudgei wish to use gnome-panel so the panels accessible03:05
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raevolhey how do i set up a folder to sync on ubuntu one? in xubuntu :[06:00
JoeR1Is anyone awake in here?08:49
Sysipop a question and see08:49
JoeR1I don't need help someone else does but I am compiling a new kernel, I just wanted to make sure someone was here before sending him08:50
JoeR1ask you question here, I have to use the facilities08:57
ziga_I am using latest xubuntu installed from live_cd and my sound stopped working after a period of time08:59
ziga_there is no taskbar sound icon, what can i do?08:59
well_laid_lawnI'd right click the panel and add it and see what it comes up with09:00
ziga_oh it is working lol09:06
ziga_thx :D09:06
ziga_i am sorry :D09:06
jbrouhardthat's gotta be the quickest support ever.09:07
well_laid_lawnthe important bit is if it comes up again next boot...09:13
burnhi, pidgin is auto starting, how can I disable that please?09:35
well_laid_lawnyou've probably saved a session and are booting into it each time - next login try a new session09:36
burngood id!09:36
ubottuTo clear your session, go to Settings » Settings Manager » Session and Startup (tab Session), quit any programs you don't want to open and click "Save Session". The next time you log out, uncheck the "Save session for future logins" -checkbox from the quit menu.09:38
knome^ just wrote that for yer pleasure :)09:39
burnthx knome :D09:58
Sysiknome: is it wise to have unicode on factoids?09:59
knomeSysi, don't they all do09:59
Sysiwell, that is undertandable propably even if you have ??s instead of »10:01
Fudgeany repos so i can get xfce41010:06
Sysinot official, you can search for PPA:s10:07
Fudgeguess there isnt any alpha beta rc's of xubuntu with it?10:11
knome!session > Sysi10:12
ubottuSysi, please see my private message10:12
Fudgelooks like its in alpha210:17
Sysiknome: propably, for some situations10:17
knomeSysi, if there is any other factoids you think need revisiting, just PM me.10:32
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n2diyFudge, don't know how to stop it from loading, but killall xfce4-panel will remove it, and xfce4-panel will start it up again.17:44
n2diyI think I've screwed up my system by transferring files between this box and my backup box. My system sounds are messed up, and I think it is because this box is loading modules that the test box is using? Is there a way to test this by editing a file somewhere?17:49
forestoIn Firefox , is anyone able to drag the address bar icon to a Thunar folder and have it create a web shortcut (desktop file)?  It's supposed to work, but fails for me using Firefox 5.0 and Thunar
beardygnomedoing that just saves the page for me20:29
beardygnomeforesto: where did you see that it was supposed to work?20:29
forestoI've forgotten where I first read about it. (I've been using that feature for years, until recent software upgrades broke it.)  I can go look for a reference, I suppose.20:31
beardygnomeno worries, i don't use firefox that much myself, so was just interested20:32
forestoHere's one reference in the Firefox docs:  http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Creating%20a%20desktop%20shortcut%20to%20a%20web%20page20:33
beardygnomehave you successfully done this since xfce moved to 4.8?20:37
beardygnome(i'm wondering whether it's ff or thunar that's changed)20:37
foresto@beardygnome: I have not.  I'm not sure whether it's Firefox or Thunar that changed.20:42
ChristopherNGWow! no one has reported any problems for almost 2 hours22:17
charlie-tcaThose with the issues can't stay connected today ;)22:50
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: lol22:52
ChristopherNGHow are you today anyway?22:52
charlie-tcaI am great!22:53
charlie-tcaAnd you?22:53
ChristopherNGYeah good, I think im coming down with OCD or becoming a Hypercondriac22:55
ChristopherNGI read online that the HIV/AIDS can stay in the system for 10 years before any symptoms so im going to go get test for it and diabetes on thursday.22:56
charlie-tcaTests are good. It helps alleviate future issues22:57
ChristopherNGYeah thats true, Just not really slept for a few nights properly been worried sick.22:57
maykoI've been trying all day to get an external microphone to work on my xu10.10 system; it is now further complicated in that alsamixer does not seem to run in the terminal and soundrecorder is no longer functioning. Any ideas?23:00
charlie-tcaBest advice I ever got, I read in a book by Robert Schuller, "If you worry a lot about something, and it happens, worry did not stop it. If it doesn't happen, you made yourself suffer a lot of agony for nothing."23:00
charlie-tcarestarted yet, mayko?23:01
ChristopherNGmayko: Your mic is usb or one with an audio jack?23:01
charlie-tcaYou can try installing pavucontrol, which might be able to turn that on through pulse audio23:01
maykoi've restarted, yes; the mic is an audio jack23:02
ChristopherNGmayko: Really obvious but it happens make sure you have raised the microphone volume in the sound preferences otherwise the people on the other side wont be able to hear you.23:02
ChristopherNGIts a common mistake23:02
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maykoWhen I go to the mixer, there are sliders for Capture, but none for a microphone - the same was true in alsa in the terminal before it disappeared23:03
mayko(the captures are all the way up too)23:03
maykotrying pavucontrol23:04
maykoI am interested in pavucontrol's Input Dev. tab, yes?23:05
maykotryna nother restart brb :D23:11
maykohrm i followed this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1101063&page=2  and now sound recorder appears to work again but still nothing from the mic :(23:17
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