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andyrockgood morning06:35
RAOFsmspillaz: I've just had gtk-window-decorator go totally insane and eat all my memory via mesa - bug #827818.  Anything you want from me?06:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 827818 in unity (Ubuntu) "Runaway memory usage in gtk-window-decorator" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82781806:54
oSoMoNgood morning07:02
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mardyKaleo: hi, practical question: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/757818 has been fixed in Bamf, should I mark it as fixed in unity-2d too? What is the correct procedure here?08:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 757818 in unity-2d "bamfdaemon crashed with SIGABRT in dbus_g_connection_register_g_object()" [Critical,New]08:02
Kaleomardy: you can mark it as committed in u2d as well, and then released when it is in bamf08:15
mardyKaleo: ok, thanks08:15
mardynerochiaro: hi, about bug 827673: in r672 the panel doesn't set a size policy on its widgets -- maybe that code just need to be removed from r673?08:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 827673 in unity-2d "[panel] indicators are shifted offscreen to the right" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82767308:20
nerochiaromardy: i think that the problem is that the appname widget was setting its own policy before, and now i'm setting it globally, but i noticed i use a different policy. i'm gonna try and use the old one08:22
mardynerochiaro: you are right, it was set to "Ignored". But then, unless we introduce a complex set of flags for the dconf schema, or we let the applets set their size policy (I vote for the latter, for the time being)08:25
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nerochiaromardy: what if if the expanding flag is set i just set the policy to Ignored instead of Expanding ? I mean, it would be exactly what was happening before, just moved to the panel manager08:27
nerochiaromardy: the logic is not wrong, the only mistake was to use Expanding instead of Ignored08:28
nerochiaromardy: i vote for just fixing that08:28
mardynerochiaro: wouldn't make much sense...08:28
nerochiaromardy: why not ? it was making sense before08:28
mardynerochiaro: a better option IMHO is if the "!" flag means: "the size policy is set by the applet"08:28
smspillazRAOF: gtk-window-decorator doesn't use mesa08:28
smspillazRAOF: there is a memory leak however, I've got a fix for that08:28
mardynerochiaro: actually no...08:29
nerochiaromardy: the ! flag right now is used by something completely different08:29
nerochiaromardy: i.e. leftmost only08:29
mardynerochiaro: sorry, got confused with the "expanding" key08:29
nerochiaromardy: but we can add a new flag that say "don't force a size policy on this applet" if you think it's better08:30
mardynerochiaro: I just vote for removing that dconf key, it's useless and confusing now08:30
mardynerochiaro: yes, "don't force a size policy on this applet" is better, but then why can you specify it for just one applet? It doesn't make much sense...08:30
nerochiaromardy: right. so what about a new flag like ! that you can put on as many applets as you like and for all those applets the policy won't be forced ?08:32
mardynerochiaro: that might be, but OTOH I don't see why we need it now08:33
mardynerochiaro: now we can simply let all applets specify their size08:33
mardynerochiaro: if we want to change it later, we can add the size information in the dconf file, and the panel will override the applet's size policy08:33
nerochiaromardy: ok, i'll do that then. the only reason why i wanted the size policy to be in dconf is for flexibility and not having to hack the unity-2d code when we need something like, for example, a different size policy on the appname applet (for whatever reason).08:36
nerochiarowithout having to hack the appname applet08:37
nerochiarobut i'm ok not having that flexibility for now, it's not something OEM needs right now08:37
mardynerochiaro: yep. But then we'll probably need something more complex than just a choice between Ignore and Fixed (we might want Expanding, MinimumExpanding, etc)08:38
mardynerochiaro: so it's better to wait till we have some requirement, and then design a schema that could accomodate all08:38
nerochiaromardy: agreed. let's just remove it for now and let each applet set its own policy. in this case are you ok for having the base applet class set the default policy to MinimumExpanding and then other applet override it (for example appname will have Ignored)08:39
nerochiaromardy: and i mean Fixed when i said MinimumExpanding :)08:40
mardynerochiaro: sure, seems reasonable08:41
mardynerochiaro: see, that that class is useful ;-)08:41
nerochiaromardy: it was like that before anyway ;) ok. i'm going to do that and then push an MR for you, if you're ok reviewing it08:41
mardynerochiaro: sure, great :-)08:42
mardyKaleo: you can now use my address @canonical.com, it will help me to keep the e-mails in the right folder :-)09:22
nerochiaromardy: https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/unity-2d/panel-size-policy-up-to-applets/+merge/7182909:23
mardynerochiaro: cool! :-) I approved and added one unrelated note; if you are still modifiying that file, you might want to add that check in, too09:29
nerochiaromardy: i'll have to submit another MR for that, but it can be done if you want to09:30
nerochiaromardy: i still have the file open ;)09:30
mardynerochiaro: if you don't mind, I think it could save us some trouble in the future, when 3rd parties will write their plugins :-)09:31
nerochiaromardy: however it's a bit useless i think, because if you call addWidget(0) Qt will not crash or do anything stupid, just not add any widget09:31
mardynerochiaro: ah, I didn't know09:32
mardynerochiaro: then let's forget about it09:32
nerochiaromardy: actually I have not tried, but seems reasonable they do check their pointers09:32
mardynerochiaro: let me have a quick look, I've the qt sources somewhere here...09:32
nerochiaromardy: ok, i'm curious too now09:33
nerochiaromardy: but i have faith in your former colleagues09:33
mardynerochiaro: ah, actually that addWidget is a method of Unity2dPanel09:35
mardynerochiaro: ok, it goes back to Qt anyways...09:35
mardynerochiaro: oh, nope :-) *w is the widget being added, and they do w->parentWidget() before any checks :-)09:37
mardynerochiaro: so better check for it in unity-2d09:37
nerochiaromardy: ok, i'll add the check and the trolls lose a few points09:39
nerochiaromardy: https://code.launchpad.net/~uriboni/unity-2d/panel-check-valid-applet/+merge/7183409:45
ephanI have a question09:48
ephanHow can an applet be invalid?09:48
nerochiaroephan: if the plugin just return NULL for whatever reason09:49
ephanThanks, I sort of understand09:49
mardyephan: it's not really something that we expect to happen, but if we don't do that check, the panel will crash and then enter a crash loop (because it's auto restarted)09:51
andyrockjaytaoko, hi09:51
ephanAnybody on Unity 4.8 can test something quick for me?10:05
davidcalleephan, I can help10:10
ephandavidcalle, can you open the dash, enter some text, then do Ctrl+A and Ctrl+X (so select all, and then cut)10:11
ephanOn Natty (Unity 3.8) I get a weird symbol10:11
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davidcalleCtrl+A works, but Ctrl+X (or +C  or +V) inserts a symbol10:12
ephanThanks davidcalle, I guess that's a bitesize bug10:12
davidcalleI guess it is.10:12
ephanI'll also check the code and see if I can fix it10:14
davidcalleephan, thanks :)10:14
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andyrockephan, about ctrl+something10:35
andyrockis an already reported bug10:36
ephanHm, when I reported it didn't warn me of anything, can you give me ID so I can mark it as duplicate?10:36
andyrockephan, Omer already reported it as a duplicate10:37
ephanah thanks10:37
RAOFDBO: I hope you're fixing bug #825029 in the next release, because it's driving me *insane*11:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 825029 in unity (Ubuntu) "When alt-tabbing to an application with multiple windows the focused window is not raised" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82502911:00
om26ersmspillaz, Hi! around? Would it be fine if I close unitydialog related bugs for now?11:08
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cdbsnjpatel: https://code.launchpad.net/~bilalakhtar/unity/software-center-integration-for-o/+merge/71905 Some parts are implemented, managed to workaround the tooltip trouble by adding a subroutine14:57
cdbsnjpatel: Thanks a lot for helping! No need to get down and merge that branch straight away, take your time, it can land up till UI freeze14:58
cdbswhich is 8 days away IIRC14:58
njpatelcdbs, thanks, DBO some coolness15:05
njpatel[up arrow]15:05
DBOnjpatel, ?15:07
njpatelDBO, cdbss branch linked above15:09
jjohansenis there a design document to why unity alt-tab behaves the way it does?16:45
smoseri apologize for my ignorance18:08
smosercurrent(ish) oneiric in Unity. when i click on the date in the top left , it brings up a calendar18:08
smoserpreviously, in that calendar i could click the arrows to go see other months18:09
smoserthat seems broken now18:09
smoser(and for quite some time for me inoneiric)18:09
smoseri'd open a bug, but i dont really even know what package that thing is , or what it is18:09
jjohansensmoser: yeah that one really bothers me too, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/80750918:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 807509 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Cannot click on Calendar to select another day, month or year" [High,Triaged]18:17
smoserthanks for the link jjohansen18:19
sbtetedg, hi, is there anything else I have to do to get my indicator-messages patch committed?18:48
tedgsbte, Nope, actually going through code reviews right now :-)18:49
sbtetedg, ok, great18:49
nhainestedg: when you're done with important things (like code reviews) I hope I can ping you to ping someone about Ubuntu business card artwork.  :)18:55
tedgnhaines, Hmm, did that never come out?  :-/18:56
tedgnhaines, I thought that doctormo made some, no?18:56
nhainestedg: no, I never heard back from ivanka and then I waited for the release to settle and then she fled.  :)18:56
tedgnhaines, She's in SF right now, if you can catch her ;-)18:57
nhainestedg: doctormo's design... let's just say isn't very consistent with the branding guidelines.18:57
nhainesHaha, the airport's just 30 minutes away. ;)18:57
tedgnhaines, Let me ask around and see who might have it.18:57
nhainesLess, actually.18:57
nhainestedg: you're golden.  Thanks so much!  :)18:58
tedgnhaines, She's doing the whole thing on motorcycle... so airports aren't much use :-)18:58
nhainestedg: they might be for me though!  I'd rather play 3DS for 45 minutes than drive for 7, hehe.18:58
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