Pezhedzhello edubuntu community03:30
DamianosHello Pezheds03:31
Pezhedzis anyone gracious enough to help step me through troubleshooting my wireless setup?03:31
PezhedzI've searched and searched and tried everything with no success on the forums. :(03:31
DamianosI'll try03:31
Pezhedzyay!  Thank you!03:32
Damianoswhat exactly is the problem?03:32
PezhedzI have an hpDV2700 Broadcom 431103:32
Pezhedzand have not had the wireless card recognized.03:33
Damianosso it's not showing up in network manager?03:33
Damianoswhat about if you do a  ifconfig?03:34
Pezhedziwconfig only displays lo and eth003:34
Pezhedzsame with ifconfig (with additional info)03:35
Damianosdon't know what else to do...the only time I've ever had a NIC not detected was when I first started tinkering with Linux and a reinstall fixed it03:39
Damianossorry I couldn't be of help03:39
DamianosI wonder if manually adding it to /etc/network/interfaces would do anything03:40
Pezhedzno worries. i figured I'd try the IRC channels to see if anyone ran into the same sort of trouble03:40
Pezhedzhow do I do that?03:40
Pezhedz(manually add it to /etc/network/interfaces ?)03:41
Damianoswell before network manager came onto the scene network interfaces used to be configured using the file /etc/network/interfaces03:41
Damianosit should be commented with instructions on how to add an interface03:42
Pezhedzah ok03:44
PezhedzI think i stumbled upon that. I'll look at that again.03:44
Pezhedzthanks for your time, Damianos.03:44
Damianosdammit he left03:47
jbichahi, I have a merge proposal for bug 692295, am I going to need a FFE too?21:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 692295 in gcompris (Ubuntu) "New upstream versions - gcompris 9.4 and 9.5 were released at 2010-11, please package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69229521:56

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