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jjesse-netbookok quick question as i am working on documention, is Muon the default package manager in Oneric?02:12
yofelit is, as in both muon and muon-installer are installed by default02:14
jjesse-netbookawesome thanks yofel02:14
jjesse-netbookok another question then running the ntebook version and in kate when i go file and then S for save nothing happens02:16
jjesse-netbookseems the secondary level dont work... file s for save or file q for quit doesnt work in Kate02:16
ScottKjjesse-netbook: Sounds like it needs a bug filed on bugs.kde.org.  It's certainly not on purpose.02:32
jjesse-netbookScottK:  thanks its seems like i had this problem some previous releases ago02:32
jjesse-netbookunder what package/option would i file fis?02:32
ScottKkate is it's own package in kde4.7.02:33
jjesse-netbookok back02:33
jjesse-netbooklooks like it is only affecting kate02:33
jjesse-netbookok reported this to bugs: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28023602:46
ubottuKDE bug 280236 in general "problems with second level menu options" [Normal,Unconfirmed]02:46
stefanhi guys - this is probably old news for you but i didn't find a bug-report07:54
stefanwith today's updates i can't log in anymore07:54
stefankdm shows a message-box with a warning07:54
stefanabout qdbus - i found this in kdm.log:07:54
stefanklauncher(3467) kdemain: No DBUS session-bus found. Check if you have started the DBUS server. 07:55
stefankdeinit4: Communication error with launcher. Exiting!07:55
stefan 07:55
stefan(i'm using 11.10)07:55
bambeeI've probably dreamed , but a while ago a phonon video thumbnailer existed... no?08:11
_StefanS_I noticed a bug in the recent update to libqt4-dbus package, /usr/bin/qdbus is missing08:13
_StefanS_not sure who's managing this part08:14
_StefanS_or package08:14
bambeeohh you can use phonon via mplayerthumbs :)08:14
stefan_StefanS_: same problem for me08:14
_StefanS_I just took the old ubuntu4 package and copied the qdbus file in manually08:15
stefan_StefanS_: no answer yet, though... we'll just have to wait ;)08:15
_StefanS_then it works08:15
_StefanS_stefan: are they aware of this ?08:15
_StefanS_I like your name btw.08:15
stefan_StefanS_: hehe ;) i wrote a couple of minutes ago - no answer. then again, this is of course not the right place for bug reports 08:16
_StefanS_yea you're right, maybe we should spam kubuntu-devel mailinglist instead :D08:16
stefanactually, with your info on the package i can file a bug-report on launchpad08:17
_StefanS_oh please do if you have the time08:18
_StefanS_stefan: I think its simply some builderror noone noticed08:18
_StefanS_stefan: or a patch that omits the actual binary08:18
stefan_StefanS_: its actually more or less solved already: percentage <= min_community_part_08:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 827815 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "Can't log into KDE, with error: Could not start D-bus, can you call qdbus?" [Undecided,New]08:19
stefansorry for the garbage before...08:19
_StefanS_err I'm going to comment on that08:19
_StefanS_having qt4-dev-tools installed for normal operation sounds wrong08:20
_StefanS_stefan: thanks -  I'm off !08:21
bambeeit's me or... mplayerthumbsconfig does absolutly NOTHING ?08:42
jussiubiquity from the build of the 15th doesnt seem to work.08:43
ulmloggerbambee: i dont even know what it is08:55
bambeeulmlogger: seriously? it has been released with kde-multimedia08:55
bambeeit does not work here08:55
bambeeulmlogger: it's a kioslave for video thumbnailing08:56
bambeewith two backends08:56
bambeemplayer and phonon08:56
ulmloggerthe thumb aint called config :P08:56
ulmloggeralso the code is crapz(tm)08:56
* ulmlogger was -->>this<<-- close to propose removal from kdemm08:56
bambeemplayerthumbsconfig does not work08:57
bambeeit uses a kconfigdialog (to use the kcfg class correctly),  I don't see the "settingsChanged" signal connected nor MplayerThumbsCfg::writeConfig() called... 08:59
ulmloggerwtf is it for?08:59
ulmloggerand why and when and how?08:59
bambeemplayerthumbsconfig  is the gui used the select the video backend (mplayer/phonon) and to configure the kcfg class correctly09:01
bambees/the select/to select/09:01
kubotubambee meant: "mplayerthumbsconfig  is the gui used to select the video backend (mplayer/phonon) and to configure the kcfg class correctly"09:01
bambeeadditionnally you can clean the thumbnails cache... etc...09:01
bambeeinstall mplayerthumbs and test it (using phonon as backend)09:02
bambeeit does not work :)09:02
bambee(change the backend does not work too)09:02
ulmloggerbambee: because it is kaput09:06
ulmloggerthe thumbers should all be removed09:06
ulmloggerand replaced with a phonon backend09:06
bambeeI agree09:06
bambeeulmlogger: mplayerthumbs use VideoWidget::snapshot() (which is not implemented in pvlc nor pgst)09:56
bambeeuses *09:56
bambeeit should use videodataoutput imho09:57
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bulldog98Riddell: Name = Jonathan Kolberg10:36
bulldog98Affiliation = Kubuntu Ninja10:36
Riddellcongrats on your celebrity status bulldog98, nice article on dot news :)10:38
bulldog98Riddell: thanks10:41
debfxfabo: I'd like to convert gtk2-engines-oxygen to multiarch which requires moving the binaries to a new package13:16
debfxcan we agree on a package name? gtk2-engines-oxygen-tools?13:16
fabodebfx: -bin13:19
fabowe have a bunch of packages prefixed -bin13:20
debfxfabo: ok, works for me13:20
fabos/prefixed/suffixed ;)13:21
* debfx has already purged ia32-libs :-)13:21
stanley_robertsohi all14:12
rbelemQuintasan, ping14:49
rbelemScottK, ping14:56
Quintasanrbelem: pong14:58
rbelemQuintasan, :-)14:59
rbelemQuintasan, could you merge https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime-active-4.7 ?14:59
QuintasanI can merge it once I get home15:00
rbelemQuintasan, ulmlogger acked 15:00
QuintasanI see.15:00
rbelemQuintasan, oki :-)15:00
QuintasanI will merge and upload15:00
Quintasanor I think ScottK has to upload15:00
rbelemQuintasan, thks :-)15:00
* Quintasan is not sure on who is uploading after FFe15:00
rbelemQuintasan, maybe only ScottK 15:01
Quintasanrbelem: Do we have FFe for runtime?15:01
rbelemQuintasan, yup15:01
rbelemQuintasan, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-runtime/+bug/82728315:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 827283 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu) "kde-runtime needs to be updated" [Undecided,New]15:02
Quintasanrbelem: Awesome, could you also do FFe for s-l-c and plasma-mobile?15:02
QuintasanI will review and ack and ScottK can just upload15:03
rbelemQuintasan, i will do that right now15:03
rbelemQuintasan, lets add contour too15:03
rbelemQuintasan, they announced today i think15:03
* Quintasan has to get another FFe for workspace with KWin GL ES as well15:03
QuintasanHmm, I am not sure if we want contour in repo15:04
* Quintasan would like PPA better15:04
shadeslayeryeah, i'd go with a PPA too15:05
shadeslayeri've seen contour ... not so stable15:05
Quintasanrbelem: Besides, PPA can be updated whenever you want15:06
QuintasanYou can't really do that with archive15:06
rbelemthat's the good side15:06
Quintasanrbelem: While you are at FFe, could you file one for kde-workspace and link the bug no. here?15:07
* Quintasan is at driving license course right now15:07
rbelemQuintasan, yup ;-)15:07
QuintasanThanks! 15:08
rbelemQuintasan, you are very welcome :-)15:08
QuintasanThat would be getting much more done for oneeyerick15:08
QuintasanToo bad we are doing it after feature freeze :P15:09
rbelemQuintasan, there isn't how to do that before15:14
_Groo_Quintasan: i uploaded TH last night, went to sleep late doing the pakcage... today is digikam2 turn15:15
_Groo_Quintasan: sorry for the delay :P i had a few packaging problems15:16
QuintasanI myself didn't finish kwin gles up until today :) 15:31
debfxfabo: do we even need those oxygen-gtk programs? oxygen-gtk-deco seem to be broken, whatever it's supposed to be doing15:33
QuintasanJontheEchidna: lol, Im at the course and I forgot to turn off sounds, suddenly: I AM BULLETPROOF15:52
Quintasansomeone sent me a text message15:52
fabodebfx: demo is useless, dunno for deco. we could ask upstream15:56
* ulmlogger thinks ScottK is supposed to start a shitstorm WRT breaking qt16:01
ulmloggerbulldog98: pingpingpingopgp0ingoignpoigong16:04
Quintasanulmlogger: What exactly was broken?16:13
bulldog98ulmlogger: pong16:15
ulmloggerbulldog98: we need kubuntu tablet16:16
ulmloggerQuintasan: dunno, qdbus was moved around, see mail on kubuntu-devel16:17
ulmloggerbulldog98: so, I have default settings semi-ready, if you could make sure that we get the packages in with help from Quintasan that would be super awesome16:17
ulmloggeralso bulldog98 or Quintasan should poke cjwatson so that we get a tablet image going16:17
QuintasanOh, ScottK told me to work with slangasek on it but I wasn't able to irc much until 1716:17
Quintasanulmlogger: When I'm supposed to ping him to get tablet image rolling?16:20
ulmloggerQuintasan: now ^^16:23
ulmloggerQuintasan: I guess we'll need a seed and then he can do the setup in ubuntu-cd and stuff16:24
QuintasanDo we have a seed?16:24
ulmloggerScottK actually might know the process of getting an image better than me16:24
ulmloggerQuintasan: not yet16:24
ulmloggerQuintasan: for now we could just use desktop as the seed, I suppose we should talk about the relations between seeds16:25
ulmloggerI think that tablet should be part of the mobile seed branch16:25
ulmloggerQuintasan: actually cancel that16:25
ulmloggerhold on16:25
ulmloggerlet me think16:25
QuintasanHow about you do that?16:25
* ulmlogger is busy with phonon and kde stuff unfortunately16:25
ulmloggeralso I'll need to get the settings done as bulldog98 and I are the only people with a tablet16:26
ulmloggerQuintasan: so it might make sense to simply merge tablet into mobile and perhaps rename mobile16:26
* bulldog98 hasn’t got too much time, since my grandma is visiting us16:27
ulmloggeras both require touch-enabled interfaces it would make sense to be the same image, or at least in the same seed branch (as we had with netbook and desktop)16:27
* ulmlogger waves fist at bulldog9816:27
ulmloggerwell, doing settings now16:27
bulldog98ulmlogger: but I’ll do as much as possible16:27
ulmloggerQuintasan: lets wait with the seeds until ScottK is available so we can talk this over16:27
ulmloggerbulldog98: you just need to delegate the upload process and stuff :P16:28
* ulmlogger tests his settings package16:28
bulldog98ulmlogger: send it too me, cause the current one doesn’t works well16:29
debfxfabo: deco just displays two weird windows. seems to be a test tool for window decorations16:29
Quintasanrbelem: How are FFe's?16:31
markeygood evening from Ulm :)16:32
markeyulmlogger (Harald Sitter) is sitting next to me16:32
QuintasanWe kinda noticed that :P16:32
bulldog98Quintasan: +116:33
rbelemQuintasan, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/828111 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/828159 https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/82809316:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 828111 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] share-like-connect" [Undecided,New]16:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 828159 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "kde-workspace needs latest kwin-gles" [Undecided,New]16:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 828093 in plasma-mobile (Ubuntu) "plasma-mobile needs to be updated" [Undecided,New]16:35
* Quintasan is building kwin-gles and testing it16:35
* rbelem goes to lunch16:36
shadeslayer"Team to pring the power of plasma active to Kubuntu."16:37
shadeslayerhehe ;P16:37
bulldog98shadeslayer: that one is good :)16:39
shadeslayerQuintasan: fix it on your team lp page16:39
QuintasanHow am I responsible for THAT?16:40
QuintasanI'm not even a member :P16:40
Quintasanyofel: ^^16:40
shadeslayerhahah :P16:41
Quintasanand kde-workspace runs with -j116:46
QuintasanI wonder wtf16:46
Quintasanmgraesslin: ping16:46
mgraesslinQuintasan: pong16:46
Quintasanmgraesslin: Is it possible to build only kwin and kwineffects from whole kde-workspace or one would need to patch the source?16:47
mgraesslinyou need the kde-workspace libraries around16:47
mgraesslinif you have that you can run cmake in workspace directory and afterwards compile only kwin16:48
QuintasanWell, now I'm essentialy double-building workspace but in another directory16:48
Quintasanmgraesslin: compile kde-workspace -> install it -> go to debian/build-kwin-gles -> build workspace with GLES -> install to debian/tmp-kwin-gles <--- that's how we do it now (in short)16:50
QuintasanThat won't work too16:50
mgraesslinthe easiest solution is to pull the build system changes from master16:51
QuintasanHow do they work?16:51
mgraesslinit builds kwin twice: once as kwin and once as kwin_gles binary16:52
Quintasanulmlogger: ^^^16:52
QuintasanCan we somehow magically patch the source and think it will go unnoticed?16:53
mgraesslinbut it's only a temporary solution till kwin can load the right backend at runtime16:53
QuintasanWell, now I'm DOUBLE building the whole workspace16:53
* mgraesslin does that all the time in the CI system16:54
Quintasanmgraesslin: Well, that temporary solution is better than building whole workspace, would be the diff to source code big?16:57
mgraesslinmostly CMake files are changed16:57
mgraesslinQuintasan: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/101979/16:59
CIA-52[lp:kubuntu-dev-tools] Rohan Garg * 117 * bin/astyle-kubuntu Update arguments passed to astyle for astyle versions 2.01 and upwards16:59
mgraesslinand https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/102002/16:59
mgraesslinbut the kwineffects library has been split into kwineffects and kwingl(es)utils libraries17:00
QuintasanGLES doesn't work with NVIDIA driver?17:00
mgraesslinin 4.7 there is still GL code in kwineffects17:00
mgraesslinso you would have to change the patches to keep one library and build just kwineffects twice17:01
Quintasanmgraesslin: IS there a list of working drivers?17:01
bulldog98ulmlogger: what have you installed on your tablet an modified?17:04
bulldog98to get it working17:05
mgraesslinQuintasan: no, radeon works fine, nouveau sometimes, Intel mostly17:05
shadeslayer^^ \o/17:06
shadeslayernow if only radeon could ... wait a minute17:06
shadeslayerulmlogger: bulldog98 yofel NO MORE AMD UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE OVERLAY17:06
shadeslayeri just noticed that :P17:07
ulmloggerbulldog98: plasma-mobile & runtime & libs & share-like-connect17:10
ulmloggersettings will be up in a bit17:10
ulmloggercurrently having dinnger17:10
bulldog98ulmlogger: have you added the PPA?17:11
ulmloggerall from git17:11
debfxScottK: do I need a FFe to build gtk2-engines-oxygen for multiarch?17:13
shadeslayerdebfx: question, i don't understand why we need to re/build packages for multiarch17:18
QuintasanIT'S ALIVE17:18
shadeslayeri mean, all multiarch does is give x86_64 users access to x86 packages right?17:18
Quintasanrbelem: Were patched kdelibs uploaded? I want to testbuild s-l-c before advocating17:22
QuintasanWe have to wait for ScottK anyways, since only he can do anything about uploading17:24
* shadeslayer wonders whats the best way to strangle DBus17:27
micahgdebfx: I can tell you that slangasek has requested and FFe in the past for multiarch since it has the potential to break other applications that use the package in question17:32
micahgshadeslayer: multiarch changes where files are stored on the fs which can break applications which make improper assumptions about file locations17:34
shadeslayeroh ..17:34
shadeslayerdid i mention the new apport package is broken?17:35
micahgshadeslayer: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/apport/1.21.3-0ubuntu417:40
shadeslayeri already fixed that myself17:41
bambeeulmlogger: http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/desktop-summit-akademy-guadec-group-photo-2011.html  <-- where are you?17:47
yofelshadeslayer: oh fun, fixing17:57
shadeslayeryeah :P17:57
shadeslayeryofel: wait, what are you talking about?17:58
yofelno, 'pring' :P17:58
shadeslayerah ok17:58
* bambee has a new game... "where is harald?"... the goal is simple, you must find harald on the ds photo in 5 minutes... good luck :P17:59
bambeethe winner wins a cookie, a beer and a chocolate :D18:00
yofelbambee: make that find rohan, more of a challange :P18:06
bambeemouarf :P18:07
bambeeindeed...actually I've only found Riddell, valorie and you18:07
bambeetrying to find lydia too...18:12
shadeslayeri'm hidden behind Vishesh Handa xD18:12
rbelemQuintasan, it is in the https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active/+archive/ppa18:18
Quintasannope, it is on REVU18:18
Quintasannew packages are on revu18:18
rbelemQuintasan, about the kdelibs18:18
Quintasanppa packages are not really a material to submit imo18:18
Quintasanwe need it in archive18:19
rbelemQuintasan, to testbuild slc18:19
Quintasanrbelem: You've got a nice business card18:47
QuintasanRiddell: Can one use Ubuntu font for business cards?18:57
rbelemQuintasan, business card?19:01
rbelemQuintasan, i uploaded latest slc to revu19:01
rbelemQuintasan, the openbossa one?19:01
* Quintasan suddenly wanted to have his own business card19:02
* yofel needs a kubuntu business card..19:02
QuintasanMakes me look professional19:02
yofel+1 ^^19:02
Quintasanyofel: Use gLabels dude19:02
yofelhaven't tried that yet, thanks19:03
Quintasansheytan did some but I can't no longer find them nor I think printing them would be cost-effective19:03
sheytanQuintasan http://www.sendspace.com/file/n6il1019:07
QuintasanHere is what I did19:14
* Quintasan thinks we could include icons for contact info19:15
Quintasanbut I have to go:P19:15
_Groo_gn guys, gonna go home, have digikam2 to upload :P19:55
debfxmicahg: moving a gtk2 theme to a multiarch path can't really break applications20:00
muntiKubucan't login to 11.10. kdm is saying  'can't start Dbus. can you call qdbus?'. ??20:00
debfxmuntiKubu: known bug, as a workaround you can install qt4-dev-tools20:01
micahgdebfx: in theory it would break anything looking for it in a hardcoded dir20:01
muntiKubudebfx: ok..will try. thnks20:01
debfxmicahg: well sure, the theme could stop working but that doesn't really break applications20:03
debfxbut I'll just ask for a FFe20:03
ScottKdebfx: We've been doing FFe for multi-arch changes.20:50
Quintasanyofel: What do you think about the plain-ol' business card of mine?20:56
yofel~ok, although I would move the 'kubuntu' to the top right corner20:56
yofeland maybe some font size changes20:57
yofelbut not sure there20:57
QuintasanWe need designers!20:57
* bambee thinks to sheytan20:58
bulldog98Quintasan: ping nuno :)21:01
bulldog98or agateau21:01
debfxScottK: bug #82836021:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 828360 in gtk2-engines-oxygen (Ubuntu) "FFe: Build for multiarch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82836021:04
ScottKdebfx: Please attach the diff and then ask slangasek to review.21:04
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bambeefringe ... this serie rocks... really ... <321:07
QuintasanI'm pushing kwin-gles branch, can anyone review?21:08
QuintasanScottK: Can you upload modified kdelibs and runtime?21:08
ScottKAfter I approve the FFe.21:08
ScottKDid I do that already?21:08
QuintasanWhere the hell is Rodrigo?21:09
ScottKI'll probably need a nap anyway.21:09
QuintasanPullin' a Rodrigo I guess21:09
ScottKSpeaking of Rodrigo.21:09
QuintasanScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4libs/+bug/827286 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-runtime/+bug/82728321:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 827286 in kde4libs (Ubuntu) "kde4libs package needs to be updated" [Undecided,New]21:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 827283 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu) "kde-runtime needs to be updated" [Undecided,New]21:09
QuintasanBoth have ulmlogger's ack21:09
QuintasanOnce I'm done with pushing kde-workspace I'll attach a diff to my FFe21:10
Quintasanyofel: pingo21:11
yofellike pongo21:11
QuintasanFeelin' like reviewin' mah gles branch?21:11
QuintasanNow with fixed' library21:12
QuintasanLet me push this stupid branch21:12
Quintasan20mb lol21:12
QuintasanSomeone must have pushed some pornon in there at some point21:12
Quintasanyofel: IMHO the logo should be a little bit smaller :S21:13
Quintasanyofel: How about we get Rodrigo get the guy who designed his business card to design something for us?21:15
Quintasanyofel: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~quintasan/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace/revision/55121:15
yofelheh, sure. But IMO the logo is ok, but it's in the wrong corner and the other text is mis-aligned21:15
yofelthe card is a tad too... plain though21:16
QuintasanHere is http://i.imgur.com/xvV1q.png21:16
yofelthere are ubuntu example cards, those aren't too bad21:16
QuintasanNever seen em'21:16
QuintasanI might steal something21:16
* yofel hits the wiki21:17
QuintasanOh there21:17
Quintasan"You have won $350000000" from Google Lottery21:17
QuintasanSeems legit.21:18
shadeslayerof course :P21:18
Quintasanyofel: Well, TBH the fonts there look like !@$$%#@21:18
QuintasanAnd try printing those :/21:19
yofelthe one from Jacob is nice, but it's missing content21:19
Quintasanrbelem's is black, meaning you get black paper and print the hell out of it21:19
shadeslayeranyone seen this :http://www.markshuttleworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/dash_home_11.10.png ?21:19
yofelI wouldn't go for black, but there's defenitely not enough blue on yours21:19
Quintasannot enough blue? :DDDDD21:20
Quintasanbrb fixing21:20
Quintasanshadeslayer: What is this? Looks like err21:20
yofelwell, blue dots with shadow like on plymouth in a corner would look nice (if it fits)21:20
shadeslayeri can't quite figure out wth is being done on the screen :P21:21
yofelthat is *far* too translucent and hurts my eyes just looking at it21:21
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
shadeslayeraltho ... it actually is pretty neat in terms of a touch friendly interface21:22
shadeslayernice large buttons21:22
yofelyeah, but make the dash darker21:22
shadeslayerless ... translucent21:22
yofelright, and this "window" border looks gross21:23
* Quintasan has no design sense21:24
yofelagreed :P21:25
yofelthen again, mine isn't much better I think21:25
Quintasanyofel: http://i.imgur.com/aBrdz.png I heard you want blue so we put blue in your text so you can poke your eyeballs while you use your eyes21:25
* Quintasan does the "No design sense" dance and runs away21:25
yofelfor the fingerprint that's actually not bad...21:25
* yofel would've used some gray level21:25
Quintasan"Close without saving"21:26
bulldog98Quintasan: actually it looks quite good21:26
QuintasanTroll is a art21:26
ulmloggerbambee: no where21:27
ulmloggerI only attended the intersting bits21:27
* Quintasan thinks the sheytan ones are nice but printing those would be "Y U SO EXPENSIVE BUSINESS CARDS?!"21:28
bambeeoh ok21:28
Quintasanulmlogger: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~quintasan/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace/revision/55121:28
QuintasanHow does that look?21:28
yofelConflicts: kde-window-manager (= ${binary:Version})21:30
bulldog98Quintasan: link to sheytan’s desing?21:30
yofelare you sure that should be '=' ?21:30
QuintasanHmm, more like =<21:30
Quintasanbulldog98: http://www.sendspace.com/file/n6il1021:31
QuintasanApart from that?21:31
QuintasanAhh, shouldn't kde-window-manager conflict with -gles as well? :S21:32
* Quintasan fixes21:32
Quintasannot =<21:33
Quintasan>= :P21:33
yofeler, >= ?21:34
Quintasangreater or equal, right?21:34
yofelwell, why greater?21:34
yofelor I'm too tired...21:35
QuintasanIf you think like that we can make it =21:35
QuintasanSince you can't have BOTH installed at the same time21:35
QuintasanAnd you won't get -gles package before that upload21:36
yofelIMO <= would be right. Also, looking at the policy you can junk the Breaks part if you use Conflicts21:36
* Quintasan drops the breaks then21:36
Quintasanulmlogger: What the hell I'm supposed to use =< , = or >=?21:37
Quintasan<= lesser or equal21:37
QuintasanYou even made me confused21:37
bambee<= lesser or equal than, >= greater or equal than, = exactly equal to ,  << stricly lesser than21:38
* Quintasan goes with >=21:39
QuintasanI also think we should make libkwineffects conflict with each other21:39
* yofel doesn't get why we need to conflict against future packages, but whatever21:40
* Quintasan drops conflicts on library and testbuilds to see what happens when he installs21:40
yofeluh, the libs should conflict each other right, but I think it's enough if you add that to one of them21:41
Quintasanfinal edition is http://paste.kde.org/11108521:41
QuintasanOnly conflicts, right?21:41
yofelconflicts is enough, but the libs should conflict too21:42
yofelI still don't agree with the >, otherwise fine21:44
Quintasanulmlogger: PING21:44
Quintasanor ScottK21:44
QuintasanOne of them should be able to enlighten us21:45
bulldog98Quintasan: I can’t download that21:46
Quintasanbulldog98: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69524/kubuntu-buisnesscard-dark.svg.tar.gz21:46
bulldog98Quintasan: thx21:47
Quintasanyofel: IMO, why on Earth should we conflict with EARLIER version you are not going to have?21:48
yofelbecause you don't want to fix that in the NEXT upload?21:48
QuintasanMakes sense21:49
QuintasanLet's see what policy says21:49
yofelor rather, if you use >=, and build ubuntu6 and have ubuntu5 installed, it WILL break21:49
QuintasanThat makes even more sense21:50
QuintasanAlso, why do I have Conflicts on -gles as well?21:52
Quintasanyofel: <pinheiro> Quintasan: just use our wallpapers and moo21:57
Quintasanmoo as in http://uk.moo.com/c22:01
yofelQuintasan: they're in svn22:11
RiddellQuintasan: you can use the Ubuntu font for anything you like (same as any font, there's no copyright law in that regard)22:14
Quintasanoooh Riddell is here22:14
Riddelldobry wieczór22:15
Riddellgosh, how do you even begin to pronounce wieczór?22:16
QuintasanRiddell: Apparently "This is pronounced as “DOH-brayh VEE-choorh”."22:17
QuintasanI mean, our grammar is even more fck up22:18
bulldog98yofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668665/22:22
yofelah thanks22:23
Quintasanyofel: uk.moo.com22:24
QuintasanSPACE INVADERS22:24
* Quintasan orders 100022:24
yofelhm, they're even affordable22:26
bulldog98yofel: how do you set ninjas?22:28
yofelI just set ninja=1 when calling pbuilder: sudo -E ninja=1 pbuilder build...22:28
bulldog98yofel: ok22:28
yofelyou need to edit the sources list by hand though after creating the basetgz22:29
bulldog98yofel: that was what I’m up to right now :)22:30
ulmloggerQuintasan: pong22:36
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
Quintasanyofel: http://i.imgur.com/ku0y3.png22:45
Quintasanulmlogger: Do you has KDE e.V business card?22:54
ulmloggerwell, I am e.v. member yet I do not know about it22:54
ulmloggerthe e.v. is a big time mess22:54
ulmloggerI blame Nightrose22:55
* Quintasan demands Kubuntu business card22:56
QuintasanI'm not designer-ish enought to get something good looking done22:57
* yofel needs some time to think about his design22:57
Quintasanservices over at moo seem to be good22:57
Quintasanfor printing22:57
Quintasanjust give me a design22:57
QuintasanNo matter how you look at it rbelem has superior business card22:58
* yofel hasn't seen his22:58
Quintasanlet me scan em22:59
* Quintasan abandons the design warship22:59
yofelI got a redhat and a collabora one at the key signing session22:59
yofelI can't say I like the design much though...23:00
yofelat least not the front23:00
Quintasanyofel: http://i.imgur.com/TBGMt.jpg23:02
Quintasanand http://i.imgur.com/UjbTF.jpg23:02
QuintasanThe third one has the other side white so I didn't bother :P23:02
bulldog98yofel: is icecc fixed in oneiric?23:02
yofelit is23:03
bulldog98by whom?23:03
yofelQuintasan: hm, not too bad. But not quite my taste either23:03
yofelbulldog98: fabo fixed it in debian and we synced23:03
* bulldog98 hugs fabo23:04
Quintasanno matter where I slap the Kubuntu logo it doesn't somehow fit23:05
Quintasanwe might have a crappy logo23:05
yofelthe 'kubuntu' part is ok, but the tiny icon looks totally off23:06
QuintasanMAKE IT BIGGER23:07
QuintasanBIGGER IS GOOD23:07
yofelthat looks even more horrible23:07
yofelput the icon at the backside23:07
QuintasanYou mean23:07
Quintasanwhite background23:07
yofelalthough I was wondering if I should put a KDE-ish logo there23:08
Quintasanonly the blue gears there in the middle23:08
yofelfor example23:08
Quintasanand on the other side your info with kubuntu23:08
QuintasanI'm tired23:08
QuintasanGood night.23:08
rbelemulmlogger, ping23:13
rbelemQuintasan, sleep tight :-)23:14
rbelemScottK, ping23:14
ulmloggerrbelem: pong23:17
rbelemulmlogger, i will postpone fileshare stuff. afiestaas asked me to work on the kfileplaces23:18
rbelemulmlogger, he thinks that it higher priority 23:19
rbelemulmlogger, and it will be ready for 11.10 :-)23:20
ulmloggerI have no idea what kfileplaces is, but if alex thinks it is more important I'll trust his judegment :)23:20
rbelemulmlogger, it is the places from dolphin and file select dialogs23:21
ulmloggerrbelem: ah, the sidebar thing?23:21
rbelemulmlogger, yup23:21
ulmloggerwhat is there to be done?23:22
rbelemulmlogger, refactoring23:22
ulmloggerI see23:22
rbelemulmlogger, to a better look23:22
rbelemulmlogger, and more networking funcionality23:22
ulmloggeroh, that i really over due23:23
ulmloggerbleeh, I am drunk :D23:23
rbelemulmlogger, :-D23:24
ulmloggeralso I am talking to way too many people at once :D23:24
ulmloggerI blame it all on Ulm, it makes you wanna drink more, pretty horrible I might say :P23:25
rbelemnice :-D ulmlogger is a multi threaded guy23:25
ulmloggermulti thread with segfaults :P23:25
* rbelem misses these moments with the kubuntu team23:27
yofelok, glabels is far too simple of an app for the design I have in mind..23:34
bulldog98yofel: write klabels and make it better :P23:35
yofelnah, I think what I have in my mind is complicated enough to require inkscape or krita ^^23:36
rbelemyofel, do you know if kdelibs and -runtime got uploaded?23:37
yofeland no23:37

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