U236Willyprobably the first gui program to burn BD but, I think the ability via growisofs existed earlier on the cli00:06
DaskreechU236Willy: Excellent point :)00:11
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Guest40550well i was thinking to Ubuntu or Kubuntu but idk the difference between these 200:17
Guest40550can help me plz00:17
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde00:17
Guest40550ok idk i rly like kubuntu00:18
Guest40550my problem is i want to every program that can be run on Ubuntu also can run on kubuntu?00:18
rwwYes, it should be fine either way. GNOME apps work in KDE, and KDE apps work in GNOME.00:20
Guest40550hmm so they are the same but they look different00:20
Guest40550thanks also both are gr800:21
Guest40550but i like to keep kubuntu00:22
Guest40550it's a fun os00:22
Guest40550well the Southbridge chip in my is failing and windows is not working even the safe mode00:23
Guest40550but this os is working fine00:23
Guest40550i have 1 more problem00:24
Guest40550i have problem with playing .ts files00:24
Guest40550the KMplayer play it but not like it do it on win00:25
Guest40550seeking wont work00:25
Guest40550the file it's a stream take from my TV00:26
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U236WillyGuest40550: use mplayer from the command line00:28
Guest40550whats that?00:29
U236Willythat's opening konsole and running mplayer from it00:29
Guest40550ok what command00:29
U236Willyimho... i don't like the kmplayer gui... i'm not able to control it like i can at the command line.00:29
U236Willymplayer file.ts00:30
Guest40550plz tell me how to do it00:30
szalGuest40550: he just did00:30
Guest40550got it00:30
Guest40550what about kaffeine and smplayer ?00:30
szalKMPlayer and SMPlayer are quite obviously frontends to MPlayer, Kaffeine is KDE's own multimedia player primarily for video00:31
Guest40550hmm ok00:31
Guest40550wow thats cool00:34
Guest40550how i set the AR to 16:1000:34
szalthe what?00:36
=== sythe is now known as sythe-away
Guest40550Aspect ratio00:36
Guest40550well runing it from command is a bit hard but fun00:40
U236Willysorry i had to take a call00:44
Guest40550smplay works gr800:44
U236Willyeverything from the command line can be altered00:44
U236Willyso i don't know ... wait00:45
ioniteare there any patches for KDE?00:45
U236Willyremember this command -> man mplayer | grep -i 'aspect' (one word -- or whatever you want to look up)00:45
ionitewhat the's most recommended messenger service for KDE?00:46
Guest40550what is mplayer gui?00:46
bazhang!im > ionite00:48
ubottuionite, please see my private message00:48
ionitebazhang: i tried kopete but it doesn't connects me to my messenger service at all. so i removed it.00:49
bazhangionite, then please provide more info as to your exact needs, the errors you get and so on00:50
Guest40550i have to say SMPlayer is rly better than KMplayer00:50
ionitebazhang:  there's no errors. i input my MSN service and my login details but it doesn't show anything on my MSN list. offline users and so on.00:52
Guest40550thanks also for the commands :)00:53
U236Willywhen you use the command line you can use your keyboard to change playback quite a bit00:54
U236Willyi like using the arrow keys to move around a file.00:54
Guest40550hmm ok thanks :)00:54
ionitehow do i check what's my graphics capacity?00:55
U236Willyso.. you can look over the manpage 'man mplayer' at the command line and there's alot of power in the command line version that most graphical frontends (kmplayer/smplayer/etc) don't build into it... it's like a swiss-army knife of video and is far to extensive to put into something pretty.00:56
Guest40550hmm also it can convert?00:56
avihayionite: I like kopete, but it behaves strange, not connecting in some networks I use, partially connecting at other networks. I looked through a few alternatives and settled for Pidgin. it's cross-platform and it used to have a different name00:57
ioniteavihay: great! :) btw do u know how can i check for my graphics card capacity?00:58
Guest40550mplayer can convert files also?00:58
avihayionite: umm, if you mean what your card can do, then ther's a program called glxinfo to list what your card supports01:00
ioniteavihay: so what do i do? install it? can it be found in the synaptics manager?01:01
ioniteavihay: besides that. doesn't KDE have it's own software to show the infos for graphics, ram, processor, etc?01:03
Guest40550ok thanks a lot for the commands well i gtg now01:04
U236Willymplayer can.. but most use mencoder for video conversion or a01:05
U236Willydifferent program altogehter01:05
Guest40550oh ok01:05
ionitedoesn't KDE have it's own software to show the infos for graphics, ram, processor, etc?01:05
U236Willyor 'system monitor'01:06
Guest40550mencoder is it by command line?01:07
U236Willybut of course01:07
U236Willyand the list of flags for that is equally as long and extensive01:08
U236Willyi think devede was a mencoder gui frontend01:08
Guest40550kk let me look01:09
Guest40550it's downloading the KPackageKit list01:09
jmichaelxwould anyone here know whether or not it is possible to get the calendar widget in kde 4.7 to appear and behave similar to the way it did in 4.6?01:10
Guest40550yes it's for DVD making01:11
=== sythe-away is now known as sythe
Guest40550yap thats also cool01:14
Guest40550sorry i gtg so take care bye01:14
Guest40550thanks a lot01:14
yofeljmichaelx: if you disable displaying events in the widgets calendar settings the 2nd panel should go away01:15
jmichaelxyofel: it doesn't go away01:15
jmichaelxyofel: nor does it quit displaying events, apparently01:16
yofelfile a bug, for me it does on one system but doesn't on this one, I didn't file a bug yet though01:16
ioniteU236Willy: but i can't see my graphics memory because it's integrated01:16
jmichaelxyofel: if a person filed a report for every bug in kde 4.7, they'd have work to last for a very long time01:17
yofelso? they have time till 4.7.5 to fix them ^^01:17
jmichaelxyofel: this is KDE, you know that it does not work that way01:18
jmichaelxmany KDE bugs live on and on01:18
yofelwell yeah, but if people don't file bugs they don't get fixed either01:18
yofelrather even less01:18
jmichaelxyofel, the bugs that get reported ofyen never get fixed, either01:18
U236Willyionite: this is true... I'm not sure how to monitor that01:19
yofelthat's true for most software. Filing a bug does give you at least a minimal chance that it'll be fixed though01:19
jmichaelxyofel: i do totally agree with you on that, although i maintain that there is a persistent and significant quality control problem with KDE (as much as i do very much like this DE)01:21
U236Willyi'm just now coming back01:23
U236Willyi loved kde ... i was a diehard01:23
jmichaelxach... i do need to learn how to become more involve. if only to work on squashing the bugs i hate so much01:23
U236Willythen 8.10 just broke so hard... i went back to gnome waiting for the dust to clear.... NOW i'm falling in love again.01:23
avihayI agree, for example, there's the screen corner behaviour setting, in one version, setting a corner prevent screen locking caused putting the pointer there to lock the screen instead. that issue dragged along for about a year...01:23
jmichaelxU236Willy: yes, i moved to xfce for a while, at the time kde started trying to call their alpha software 'release quality'... but i was back again by 4.201:24
jmichaelx(i am speaking of kde4.0)01:25
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U236Willyi think at the time 8.10 was merging into kde301:26
jmichaelxlinus torvalds made a statement once that sometimes devs need to be told to shut up for a while, and spend some time listening to the feelings expressed by the people who use their software01:28
jmichaelxright now, both gnome and ubuntu/unity devs need to take some of that advice01:28
U236Willyunity is what made me install kubuntu and mint on separate drives..01:29
yofelI don't quite agree with him there. If the project is small enough - ok, but for large projects you need a Q/A team to filter that input or the devs will drown in chaotic user input01:29
jmichaelxyofel: devs can turn a large project into chaos all by themselves, too... and that is not a rare thing.01:31
U236Willyat that earlier time I felt kde went too 'cutting edge' and many people had many problems ... now i think the pendulum swing has come back to 'stability & cutting edge'01:32
jmichaelxyofel: although i would not at all suggest that what you just said wasn't true01:32
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_BS_Can Samba make use of / store passwords encrypted. (NOT talking about exchanging encrypted passwords.)02:48
U236Willy_BS_: I don't really get your question but have you seen this -> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/passdb.html02:59
_BS_U236Willy: Thanks, working on chewing through that now. Let me reask the question more simply - Can Samba make use of /etc/passwd directly, and solely?03:11
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g0thBluesKaj: are you here?05:30
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JarrisHello there, i am using a "elsa winner 1000", can you tell me which driver is best, and how do i change drivers? (linux version 10.04) great thanks in advance07:44
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Jarrissorry for asking again, restarted xserver.. is there someone who can halp me configuring my graphics adapter "elsa winner 1000" on linux 10.04 ?? i would be very thankful for some help09:19
mrjosahi at all!09:44
JohnFlux__Hey all10:01
JohnFlux__Where does samba store which folders are being shared, what the workgroup name is etc?10:01
=== JohnFlux__ is now known as JohnFlux
JohnFluxBecause I can see that I'm sharing two folders10:01
JohnFluxand my workgroup name is "Workgroup"10:01
JohnFluxBut /etc/samba/smb.conf  says something completely different!10:02
JohnFluxThe smb.conf has a different workgroup name ("HOME")  and no mention of the folders that I'm sharing10:02
JohnFluxI needed to restart nmbd too10:06
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alvinI just sent a message to the mailing list, but maybe someone here knows: How can I launch songs from Amarok using krunner, as katapult used to be?10:51
alvinFor people who never worked with KDE3: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katapult10:52
James147alvin: alt+f2:song name... assuming you have the plugin enabled10:53
alvinJames147: All plugins are enabled. That's actually the default.10:53
James147alvin: and you have the amarok plugin installed?10:54
alvinDo you mean plasma-runner-amarok?10:54
DaemonFCI'm still trying to regain my composure after the last round of updates moved qdbus into a dev package (Oneiric) for some reason I can't even imagine10:54
alvinI removed it. That plugin makes play, pause, etc,... available, but not playing a certain song10:54
DaemonFCthen didn't bother making KDE depend on it so it wouldn't start up without that dev package10:54
* DaemonFC head desks10:54
James147alvin: are you sure? it looks like it does (though I dont ahve any songs on this computer to test)10:56
alvinJames147: Yes, I tried and the pakage description doesn't list the funcionality I want. Moreover, the link in the package description to the homepage of the plugin is broken.10:57
natman2Hi, can anyone give some Firefox help ( the problem is only in Kubuntu, not in windows )10:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:57
James147well, it seems to work here10:57
alvinJames147: I'll retry, but that's weird...10:58
James147but not without the plugin10:58
* James147 notes hes on 4.7... which seems to have improved the plugin but it should work on other versions10:58
James147^^ i just tryped the name of the song with out a prefix as well ^^10:58
alvinJames147: Me too. Now it works... And I have tried this before. Well, thank you for askin me to try again.10:59
natman2Cool!, Since yesterday ( i think ) but i can no longer attach a file in yahoo email when using Firefox in kubuntu - i have no problems in windows and my flash plugin seems to have no issues with youtube. In yahoo mail it just appears as if the file is taking forever ( never ends ) to attach10:59
alvinThe only thing that could be better is the default action. That should be 'play'. Not 'remove from playlist'. Let's see if I can change that.10:59
alvinJames147: Something is wrong though. It doesn't always work. If I type the same name of the song that worked a while ago, now nothing appears11:01
alvinJames147: nevermind, it appeared.... only took half a minute. ok. Katapult used to be much faster.11:01
alvinMaybe nepomuk is needed? But that eats my resources too much. I need the computer to work.11:02
James147alvin: nepomuk should eat all your resources... the indexer might...11:02
James147shouldnt ^^11:02
* James147 wonders why he always missed the nt :p11:03
alvinaaand, that krunner plugin is buggy... I search for a song, find it (after a while), press the 'play song' button, and, it plays the wrong song.11:03
alvinit just repeats the currently playing song11:03
James147alvin: then you should file a bug report ^^11:04
alvinI don't think you missed it there :-) it's indeed virtuoso or something.11:04
James147alvin: virtuoso is teh indexer11:04
alvinJames147: Yes, several. But where? Does the plugin uses http://bugs.kde.org11:04
natman2okay, re my firefox yahoo mail issue, the problem goes away if i default back to "classic" yahoo mail11:06
James147alvin: not entirly sure ^^11:06
alvinI'll try against krunner11:06
natman2so must be some ajax type issue im guessing11:06
alvinAhm, I just lost weeks of mails? To reproduce: 1) switch to desktop where Kontact is open. 2) stare in disbelief.11:14
lcbhi. anyone know where basket stores its data?11:17
lcbusers's data ...11:17
James147lcb: ~/.kde/share/apps/basket I think11:19
lcbJames147: thanks11:22
lcbJames147: that's the app location but i can't recover some data i had already in a previous installation11:23
James147lcb: try ~/.kde4 (thats the old location)11:23
lcbJames147: thank you11:24
eeanwill I need the alternate install to deal with encrypted partitions?11:29
eeanah shite, thats what the wiki says11:30
alvineean: I think so. I never use the desktop install, so I don't know if the desktop install can do it, but maybe it can do encrypted /home11:30
eeanyea I need whole disk encryption. plus I already have a encrypted setup and I just want to wipe root11:30
James147eean: what drives you planning to encrypt? / or /home?11:30
eeanroot, /home and swap11:31
James147then i think you need the alt cd11:32
eeanI have this already, but need to switch to 32bit from 64bit11:32
DuolosHow would I go about figuring out how Linux sees a certain keypress on my laptop?11:45
DuolosFor example, my touchpad had a touch area to disable it (but it doesn't work in Linux yet)... curious if linux notices me tapping the area but doesn't know what to do with it.11:46
alvinDuolos: Try xev11:50
Duolosalvin: hmm that doesn't show any response.  Thing is, to disable my touchpad, I'd have to double-tap the upper-left corner of the touchpad itself.  Probably needs a specific driver to handle that?11:52
alvinI suppose you need some support for that, yes.11:53
Duolosalvin: is there a workaround to disable and re-enable the touchpad relatively easily?11:55
alvinDuolos: I'm sorry. I have no experience with touchpads. If the driver is a module, I suppose you could use modprobe to disable and enable.12:06
Duolosalvin: No worries.   I did some searching in the repos and found a synaptics utility that does it automatically when typing (which was a pain to accidentally hit the touchpad and move my cursor in mid-sentence lol12:07
BluesKajhiyas all12:30
apparlehello guys, my unrar executable is in a non standard location, how do I make ark find it?12:53
supeadminwho use w3af12:55
supeadminwelcome w3af12:55
James147apparle: best way is probably to add it to your PATH variable12:56
apparleJames147: that's what I'm wondering, how to add to PATH, for bash its ~/.bashrc. What about other apps12:57
apparleJames147: And I don't have admin access, so can't modify /etc/profile12:57
James147apparle: ~/.profile ^^12:59
apparleJames147: actually, I'm using a very old system, and it doesn't have ~/.profile. So should I write setenv PATH <whatever> or only PATH=<whatever>?13:00
James147apparle: not all system have one by default but it should be used if it exists13:12
James147not sure on the syntax though13:12
apparleJames147: logically, creating should work right?13:13
apparleJames147: okay... I'll check, logging out13:14
James147(you will need to log out and back in for it to be read by the session though)13:14
apparleJames147: yeah it worked :)13:18
apparleJames147: do you mind, if I send you a private message?13:19
James147apparle: for what reason?13:21
apparleJames147: KDE related question but not for kubuntu...13:21
James147apparle: sure13:21
James147(though if it is just kde realted then here should be fine)13:22
ioniteare there any patches for KDE?13:46
James147ionite: ^^13:48
James147ionite: um... i would think so... there are patch for all large projects in some form or another13:49
ioniteJames147: do u know how can i do a auto scan for hardware?13:56
James147ionite: auto scan? you mean list your hardware? lspci lsusb lshw  all cant do that13:56
ioniteJames147: my printer has a all in one functions. how can i scan documents over in KDE?13:57
BluesKajionite, install sane14:00
BluesKaj!sane | ionite14:00
ubottuionite: Scanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR14:00
ioniteBluesKaj: what's the command line i should type in my terminal? or does synaptics have it?14:01
DarthFrogionite: Use synaptic to install xsane (graphical user program to do scanning).  It'll pull in all the SANE dependencies.14:02
BluesKajif synaptics has it then it's in apt as well, synaptics is just a gui for apt , ionite , same goes for muon or any package manager14:02
BluesKajerr synaptic14:03
BluesKajsynaptic was broken after the upgrade to oneiric , no textbox for direct entry14:05
ioniteDarthFrog: BluesKaj i got this error You have failed to provide correct authentication. Please check any passwords or account settings.14:05
BluesKajionite, did you mistype your pw maybe ?14:06
DarthFrogionite: Did you preface the command with sudo?14:07
ioniteBluesKaj:  i wasn't even prompted for my password like usual14:07
ioniteDarthFrog: i'm using synaptics to install. why does this prompt appears?14:07
BluesKajit's synaptic , no "s"14:08
latagoreI am not sure if this is expected behaviour: The more windows I have unminimized, the more lag I have. Using the FPS effect, it seems that my computer slows down as I open new windows14:08
DarthFrogionite: Because you're attempting to do a system administration task, it requires root privileges.14:08
DarthFrogionite: Press Alt-F2 and type "kdesudo synaptic".14:09
ioniteDarthFrog: now all my hot keys are not working. :( why does my net book function FN key not working? :(14:10
latagoreionite: Do you have a FN lock key?14:11
ionitelatagore: how do i check?14:12
latagoreLook for a button called FN lock on your keyboard :P14:12
ioniteDarthFrog: i did that and i am still prompted for password14:13
DarthFrogionite: Good.  That's what you want.14:13
DarthFrogGive it your password.14:13
ioniteDarthFrog: no i mean. i'm still prompted for the wrong password aunthentication14:14
DarthFrogWhat do you mean, wrong authentication?14:14
ioniteDarthFrog: i used to be able to input my password and then it'll proceed to install but now it just by pass asking me and prompts me a authgentication failure.14:14
DarthFrogYou must have waved a dead chicken at it.14:15
ioniteDarthFrog: anyway just give me the terminal command line to install14:16
ioniteDarthFrog: that might help. thanks14:16
DarthFrogionite:  "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xsane"  All on one line.14:17
ioniteDarthFrog: now the terminal is working. so affer installing SANE i'll be able to scan right?14:18
DarthFrogProbably. :-)14:19
ioniteDarthFrog: on many occasions i have to restart inorder to detect my WLAN. why is that so? can't it auto detect and connect?14:19
DarthFrogionite: Do you have the network mini-icon in your systray?14:20
ioniteDarthFrog: yes i do14:20
DarthFrogCan you use that instead?14:20
ioniteDarthFrog: that's what i've been using. and i've already set it to connect automatically but on many occasions it can't detect either my mobile broadband or my present WLAN. i have to restart inorder to do so.14:21
DarthFrogionite: That's a nuisance.14:22
ioniteDarthFrog: sane installed successfully but it can't detect my all in one scanner and printer14:22
ioniteDarthFrog: where do i insert this? Add ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0182", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes" to /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules.14:23
DarthFrog /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules. :-)14:24
ioniteDarthFrog: where do i type this?14:24
ioniteDarthFrog: how do i even begin typing this?14:24
DarthFrogEdit that file and append that line.14:24
ioniteDarthFrog: edit that file? i've got no file?14:25
ioniteDarthFrog: where's the file located?14:25
DarthFrogkdesudo kate /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules14:26
DarthFrog /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules *is* the file.14:26
DarthFrogATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0182", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"    is the line you want to append.14:26
ioniteDarthFrog: that's the above line for?14:27
ioniteDarthFrog: what do u mean append?14:27
DarthFrogAdd the line at the  bottom of the file.14:28
ioniteDarthFrog: how do i add? all in a single line?14:29
DarthFrogYes, it's one line.14:29
ioniteDarthFrog: do i have to add before label ends14:29
ioniteDarthFrog: u mean i can add that line anywhere?14:31
DarthFrogStick it at the bottom.14:31
ioniteDarthFrog: last line: libsane_rules_end14:32
ioniteDarthFrog: i'll enter right after it?14:32
ioniteDarthFrog: then i'll click save?14:32
DarthFrogEnter it above the rules_end line.14:33
ioniteDarthFrog: what about scsi_rules_end?14:33
ioniteDarthFrog: before or after?14:33
DarthFrogEnter it above the rules_end line.14:35
ioniteDarthFrog: there after? save and then restart comp?14:35
DarthFrogYeah sure, above the scsi line.  Stick it between two other "ATTR" lines.14:36
ioniteDarthFrog: so i'm restarting now...14:36
ioniteDarthFrog: so much for u help! :) btw, any idea about my networking problem?14:37
DarthFrogionite: no on the networking.14:37
BluesKajBBl, stuff to do14:44
ioniteDarthFrog: i was prompted this14:56
ioniteDarthFrog: failed to open device 'brother2:bus1;dev1': invalid argument14:56
DarthFrogionite: Is it a USB device?14:59
ioniteDarthFrog: yes14:59
DarthFrogThat line in libsane.rules actually needs to be between the LABEL="libsane_usb_rules_begin" and LABEL="libsane_usb_rules_end" lines.15:00
ioniteDarthFrog: yep. i did that15:00
DarthFrogHmm.  Don't know then, sorry.15:01
ioniteDarthFrog: sorry what's the command in terminal to open the lib rules again?15:09
DarthFrogTo look at it or edit it?  Use "less" to read a file at the command line and "kate" to edit the file graphically.15:10
DarthFrogUse "history" at the command line to see what commands you've previously issued.15:11
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone, i imported bookmarks into rekonq, now it shows up the kmenu, i removed all the bookmarks in rekonq still it shows in the kmenu15:15
DarthFrogUse kmenuedit.15:16
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phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: its not showing as a menu item, it shows as a search result in kmenu15:29
latagoreI am not sure if this is expected behaviour: The more windows I have unminimized, the more lag I have. Using the FPS effect, it seems that my computer slows down as I open new windows15:31
latagoreOh wait that's the right one15:32
T_Burnguys help me....how can i rotate my webcam ?is it possible to change webcam[grab]file???15:38
T_Burnit is upside down15:38
PiotrNyou could use a set of mirrors15:39
DarthFrogOr turn the camera itself.15:40
PiotrNbut, iirc for gspca webcam drivers there was a switch to change it15:40
PiotrNare gspca still in use ?15:42
PiotrNor all are now in UVC ?15:42
BluesKaj router got a firmware update , now all the networked pc IPs were wrong , so i proceeded to change them back when the router auto rebooted and reset the IPs to their previous settings...weird stuff15:44
BluesKajbumped us off the internet without warning15:46
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latagoreI am not sure if this is expected behaviour: The more windows I have unminimized, the more lag I have. Using the FPS effect, it seems that my computer slows down as I open new windows16:40
BluesKajlatagore, which graphics card and driver?16:48
latagoreA really old card, ATI Radeon X160016:48
latagoreDriver... I just remembered I forgot to install the proprietary one16:49
latagoreSo the default that ships with Natty16:50
latagoreand @BluesKaj, in case you aren't keeping up16:51
BluesKajlatagore,  not sure , check in system . additional drivers16:51
latagoreBluesKaj: None are displayed16:51
BluesKajlatagore, ok maybe you can upgrade to proprietary driver from ati , but first we need to know what's installed , sudo lshw -C video| grep driver16:54
latagoreBluesKaj: I just installed fglrx just a few seconds ago16:55
BluesKajlatagore, then you will need to reboot16:55
latagoreBluesKaj: I'll get back to you in a bit then16:56
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latagoreBluesKaj: Desktop effects does not seem to be working. I cannot "resume desktop effects"17:01
=== lidia_ is now known as faLUCE
BluesKajlatagore, were the desktop effects working previous to the fglrx install ?17:02
latagoreBluesKaj: Yes they were17:02
BluesKajiirc fglrx depends a lot on the xorg.conf file settings like DRI=yes etc17:03
latagoreBluesKaj: How would I go about configuring it? Any guides?17:04
BluesKajbut that was many distros ago , so i'm not sure how to help17:04
latagoreBluesKaj: Alright17:04
BluesKajbut it's worth searching around , because that card should run dri and 3d without a problem17:05
latagorealright. It would be nice if distros could come nice and preconfigured nicely ]:17:06
latagorecould come preconfigured nicely*17:06
latagoreBluesKaj: I managed to brute force a few settings and change compositing to XRender, which should do for now17:07
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gene76What is fwcutter called when 10.04 LTS is installed?17:34
holocaust84Hi peeps, I myself love KDE but I share my computer with someone who is too used to working with a GNOME interface.  I'm following an online guide to install GNOME 3 along side KDE (kubuntu 11.04)... the guide instructs me to input "gksu apt-get update", I am told I do not have this, I then "sudo apt-get install gksu" and retry the original command, I get a GUI box asking for my root password, I enter it, it says it17:35
holocaust84is incorrect.  I just typed this same password into Konsole to run the session as root, and it is indeed the correct password, any clues?17:35
eeanmhey. is there a ppa with amarok 2.4.3 in it?17:38
eeanmulmlogger: ^^ :D17:39
holocaust84eeanm did you try just naming the version of amarok with normal "apt-get install" command? usually works for me with a lot of programs17:39
eeanmits 2.4.017:40
eeanmand I have ppa:kubuntu-ppa17:40
gene76What is fwcutter called when 10.04 LTS is installed?  I need to unpack some winders drivers for a netgear WNA3100 radio dongle17:40
holocaust84eeanm: try "sudo apt-get install amarok 2.4.3 ... if you have another version you may need to try "sudo apt-get autoremove" after doing this17:42
eeanmit tries to install a package matching the regex 2.4.3 :D17:45
holocaust84Maybe I misunderstand the question lol, long day :)17:45
eeanmW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found17:46
eeanmW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found17:46
eeanmI do get this on apt-get update...17:46
eeanmI just did apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa17:46
eeanmah that must be it, it ain't working somehow17:47
holocaust84eeanm: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:[name of what you want without these brackets]17:53
holocaust84it should add the PPA's and the GPG key17:54
eeanmthere she is17:55
holocaust84All good? :)17:55
eeanmmissing /backports17:55
eeanmyea I think so17:55
holocaust84the GUI way would be to go to <system><admin><software sources><other software> click 'add' and put in the APT line (prefer the good ol' konsole though17:56
holocaust84Hi peeps, I myself love KDE but I share my computer with someone who is too used to working with a GNOME interface. I'm following an online guide to install GNOME 3 along side KDE (kubuntu 11.04)... the guide instructs me to input "gksu apt-get update", I am told I do not have this, I then "sudo apt-get install gksu" and retry the original command, I get a GUI box asking for my root password, I enter it, it says it17:58
holocaust84is incorrect. I just typed this same password into Konsole to run the session as root, and it is indeed the correct password, any clues?17:58
jmichaelxholocaust84: where did you read that? gksu is used when running gtk GUI apps with superuser privileges. apt-get is not a GUI app.18:01
holocaust84jmichaelx: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Install-GNOME-3-on-Ubuntu-11-04-194085.shtml ... This guide, first thing that came up on duckduckgo.com (laziness I admit)18:02
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jmichaelxholocaust84: 'gksu apt-get update' is just wrong18:03
CoboldHi folks. I have a problem with my language settings on Kubuntu18:03
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.18:03
jmichaelxholocaust84: it should be 'sudo apt-get update'18:03
Coboldwhen I tried to install support for Japanese language input methods, the system language got automatically switched to Japanese. I since fixed that for Kubuntu, but my Firefox still displays all websites like Google or Ubuntu wiki in Japanese. >_> Does anybody know how to change that?18:04
holocaust84jmichaelx: I'm aware of most day to day commands (by no means a novice but enough to scrape by) and I too was confused by it, but blindly following a so called "guide" from the website hehe.18:04
eeanmCobold: firefox has its own language setting hidden somewhere18:05
CoboldThe menus are no longer Japanese18:05
jmichaelxholocaust84: also, when you use sudo/gksu/kdesu, the password that is supposed to be entered in the dialogue box is the password of the user (if that user is allowed superuser privileges using sudo). that is not the same as the root password18:05
eeanmCobold: reminds me of when I go to Finland... google starts displaying gibberish even when I'm logged in18:05
James147holocaust84: replace gksu  with kdesudo if you using kde and are following a guide for ubuntu18:05
Coboldeeanm: wiki.ubuntu.com is also in Japanese now, it's not just Google18:06
jmichaelxJames147: no, in this case he needs sudo....18:06
James147(though in that case just use plain ole sudo ^^ no need to use gui auth for command line prog18:06
holocaust84Pici: Thanks for that, I've recently been messing around with various linux variants, including openSUSE which has gnome3 running fine, as does Fedora 15, so it didn't occur to me that it wasn't yet functional on ubuntu18:06
James147jmichaelx: I was talking more generally18:06
jmichaelxJames147: also, gksu is for gtk apps. kdesu is for qt apps18:06
Piciholocaust84: It'll be working correctly in the next release of Ubuntu, but the gnome3 release happened too late in the release cycle for things to be properly integrated.18:07
James147jmichaelx: yeah...18:07
James147(and kdesudo for kubuntu)18:07
m4730is there anybody who actually flipped his web cam for 180'?18:08
m4730i doubt....18:08
jmichaelxJames147: but kdesudo is only used for qt apps, regardless which desktop environment is being used (not that you do not already know this)18:08
holocaust84Okay thanks peeps, I'm going to leave things as-is until Gnome 3 is stable, and my friend will just have to put up with using my system on KDE, or get his own damned computer! :)18:08
James147jmichaelx: how is it only used `for` qt apps?18:08
jmichaelxholocaust84: i have a feeling you migh be better off that way18:08
James147jmichaelx: i have used it with gtk apps loads of times18:08
jmichaelxJames147: that is what it is for18:08
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jmichaelxJames147: you may have, but that defeats the whole purpose18:09
James147jmichaelx: its a qt front end to launching gui applications... not just for launching qt applications18:09
holocaust84I may just get around the whole sudo issue and run as root, I have no security concerns (other than my own stupidity, but backups take care of that)18:09
James147jmichaelx: whats the difference between gksu and kdesu[do] in terms alunching application then?18:10
jmichaelxJames147: kdesu is generally what you want to use when launching qt apps from the command line. gku for gtk apps. most documentation explains it this way18:10
James147jmichaelx: thats because it assumes if you using a gnome app your comming from gnome and if your using a kde app your commming from kde..18:10
m4730it is relative18:11
James147i would say kdesu[do] is generally used on kde kde system and gkso on gtk systems... not for the spicific apps18:11
m4730now i have a question....how to bloody flip cam for 180' i cannot look myself like this anymore....18:12
jmichaelxJames147: you may ultimately be correct, although there is documentation out there that explains otherwise (again, perhaps wrongly so)18:12
holocaust84As a side note, couple of questions (not really looking for help, just curious on opinion) 1) Peoples views on Unity (I have to say I can see a lot of effort and hard work went into it, but it doesn't translate to me well at all, it's basically unusable for me right now) and 2) Would running kubuntu (lite I think it's called?) on an ASUS EEE Pad Transformer be a viable option?18:13
James147jmichaelx: not wrongly... more documenttation for ubuntu focuses on gnome, not kde so it rightly uses gksu (dosnt mean you cannot use kdesu)18:13
James147jmichaelx: but anyway :) as long as there is no functional difference (unlike sudo vs [gk|kde]su)18:13
James147holocaust84: 1) looks good for newer less technical users... but like most of gnome I like to ahve options of how i do stuff :) 2) it runs fine on my eee 1005ha :)18:15
jmichaelxJames147: there does appear to be little to no functional difference, which would also support your explanation18:15
James147jmichaelx: from what I under stand they do the same function but there are two because they hav different dependencies (dont want to install gtk if you only use kde or kde if oyu only use gtk)18:16
holocaust84James147: Yeah it felt verrry dumbed down and I don't think it got along too well with my graphics card (even with propriatary drivers enabled) , as for the eee pad, it's a tablet / netbook hybrid not a typical netbook, and has android as the default OS, so I'm concerned with driver issues, but I'll no doubt try it out :)18:17
James147as for kdesu vs kdesudo I think is bacuse kdesu wasnt as functional in teh early days so someone rewrote it (though i could be wrong)18:17
jmichaelxholocaust84: what graphics card are you using?18:17
holocaust84jmichaelx: 2x NVIDIA GTS450's in SLI18:17
James147holocaust84: i think i looked at it breefly... and someone was able to get ubuntu running on it (though it wasnt stright forward)18:18
holocaust84James147: it just arrived today via Fed EX, currently waiting the 8 hour saga for it to fully charge, can't wait to get my hands on the little beauty hehe.18:19
James147yeah... was really intrested in it but really need something with a full os on18:19
James147(and dident want to risk it not being able to run kde)18:20
holocaust84James147: From looking at the specs of it, I can't see any reason why the hardware would fail to handle all that kubuntu can throw at it, but I suppose it comes down to compatibility not performance.  That's my main concern with trying it18:21
Coboldyay I found the hidden firefox settings. No more Japanese :D Ok thanks, bye18:21
James147holocaust84: I was more consirned with being able to get it on there in the first place :)18:21
jmichaelxholocaust84: i would also think it could handle a full-blown kde install (barring compatiblity issues)18:21
holocaust84I quite like Android anyhow, especially this latest version, so it's no biggie, but certainly will be fun to try18:22
holocaust84I'm just not so keen on Google hehe.18:22
jmichaelxJames147: holocaust84this is all very OT, but i am very interested (as i am sure many others are) in being able to use linux on tablets. android sometimes makes me feel as dirty after using it as windows does18:23
jmichaelxholocaust84: it can be nice, but android is locked-down, and layered with proprietary junk18:24
* James147 points to #kubuntu-offtopic :)18:24
holocaust84I like Android on my smart-phone, it's a beautiful little interface for a phone, I've yet to try it on a tablet, and as jmichaelx just said, its basically windows, goes against most if not all of my beliefts and desires for OS's, in its defense though, it's pretty, it's quick, and it's functional, but if I could get Kubuntu working on it, with all the functions enabled, I'd drop Android in a heartbeat. And yes this18:26
holocaust84is very off-topic so my apologies hehe [end of OT rant]18:26
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skramer_seems I have a problem with Amarok always forgetting what's in my local collection. Every new start, it believes my collection is empty. Any hint what could be the reason?18:34
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ashwinis there a way i can stop creating temporary files by kwrite,kate?18:41
well_laid_lawnashwin: isn't there a setting in the menu for them for that not to happen?18:43
agyeiis there a way to add music files to the playlist of vlc using the right click menu in dolphun?18:45
ashwinwell_laid_lawn: i dont see it anywhre18:53
well_laid_lawnashwin: I remember seeing a menu setting for not making backups in one of them but haven't used them in a while18:55
James147ashwin: there is one ^^18:58
James147settings > configre > save and open > uncheck local files under backup on save18:58
ashwinJames147: thanks19:01
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)19:07
IppatsuManHi all. I'd like to use a different engine for GTK-based apps (right now I am using gtk2-engines-oxygen). I installed gtk2-engines-murrine, but it does not show up in System Settings -> Application Appearance -> GTK+ Appearance -> Widget Style (it only shows Raleigh and gtk-oxygen). How can I fix that?19:08
IppatsuManOh, I had to install murrine-themes. Thanks anyway.19:13
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pedahzurJust upgraded to Kubuntu 11.04 (from 9.04).  Everything is working well, except for a couple small (low impact) glitches.  The system will suspend/resume just fine (YAY!) if I do Fn-'Stand by key' (this is a laptop). But it will not sleep if I close the lid. In the power manager, I have "Sleep" set as the action for closing the lid, but to no effect. Ideas?21:45
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Guest56221Yesh why i put my laptop to sleep i gett a dark screen and can't log back on22:00
pedahzurGuest56221: sometimes linux's sleep/resume code is not compatible with a laptop.  Can you hibernate and resume?22:03
Guest56221pedahzur: yes hibernate works ok althought my cpy stays on22:04
Guest56221pedahzur: i have an asus22:04
pedahzurGuest56221: so it hibernates, but it doesn't shut down?22:05
Guest56221pedahzur: yes the screen turns off but but i still hear my fan working and when i resume i actually get an error msg22:06
Guest56221pedahzur: il says failed to suspend. Failure was reported as : Cannot hibernate22:08
James147Guest56221: so by works ok you mean not at all?22:08
pedahzurGuest56221: Hmm...how much swap did you allocate when you installed?22:08
Guest56221pedahzur: i din't create any partitions manually. Did the intall next to windows option22:09
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pedahzurGuest56221: This wouldn't affect sleep, but might affect hibernate: have you rebooted since your last kernel upgrade?22:09
Guest56221James147: i mean when i hibernate it shows a failure pbl but at least my laptop doesnt freeze on a dark screen. But when i do suspend i get a dark screen and my laptop freeze22:10
Guest56221pedahzur: i have rebboted several times my laptop.22:11
James147Guest56221: dosnt mean it "work ok" just means its broken in a different way...22:11
Guest56221James147: yes it's broken in a different way22:11
Guest56221James147: i thought that it might be because i installed ubuntu next to windows instead of replacing windows22:12
pedahzurGuest56221: Can you open a terminal and type 'top' and hit enter?22:12
James147Guest56221: shouldnt make a difference22:13
pedahzurGuest56221: in 'top' what does it say next to Swap?22:13
James147^^ some laptops just dont like to sleep/hybernate in linux... it stems from a problem with the acpi specs ... :p22:13
James147^^ or free -m :)22:14
Guest56221260 000k about22:15
Guest56221of swap memory22:15
Guest56221James147: what is the acpi specs ?22:15
James147the standard which governs things like how computers should sleep ^^22:16
Guest56221ok so i guess i can't really fix it then ?22:17
Guest56221it's not to anoying but it's unfortunate that's all22:17
James147might be possible... but I do not know how... although the hybernate might be due to not enough swap (as ram gets written to the swap space during hybernate22:18
lcbGuest56221: is acpid running? did you by any chance kill that service for good?22:23
lcbi have an asus too and i never had probs with it22:24
lcbnot this one, btw22:24
Guest56221lcb: how can i know if acpid is running22:24
lcbservice acpid status22:24
pedahzurGuest56221: How much memory do you have?22:24
lcbin terminal22:24
Guest56221lcb: 4g of ram22:24
pedahzurGuest56221: Yeah, 4GB of RAM and only 250MB of swap...you won't be able to hibernate.22:25
pedahzurGuest56221: Sorry to split...gotta run.22:25
Guest56221lcb: k thanks22:26
lcb250 of swap? how's that?22:26
James147pedahzur: not true ^^ only need enough swap for the ammount of used ram ^^ which is probally more then 250mb anyway :D22:26
Guest56221i don't know22:26
lcbGuest56221: is acpid running?22:26
Guest56221i guess i should havee put 1go of swap22:26
Guest56221lcb: i think so22:27
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info22:27
Guest56221is says22:27
James147^^ that should tell you how to increase the amount22:27
Guest56221acpid start/running , process 100922:27
lcbGuest56221: indeed you need to increase swaping. but, anyway, disable desktop effects and any other stuff you might have always running in your system and try again22:28
Guest56221lcb: how do i disable dekstop effects ?22:29
lcbthat's just to check if the time to take to put your laptop to sleep or whatever decreases22:29
lcbGuest56221: "System Settings" then "Desktop Effects"22:30
Guest56221lcb: ok i stopent desktop effects22:31
Guest56221i still get acpid start/running, process 100922:32
lcbwait... you need to increase swap partition. how big is your drive?22:32
Guest56221750 G but i think i have less on linux22:33
Guest56221i don't know how much i have on linux22:33
James147"df -h" should tell you22:33
lcbdo you have .. like 4 G to give to swap?22:33
lcbGuest56221: if you do, increase that partition to 6 GB. is better to do that with a partition manager outside your system(s), meaning if youhave a boot cd use it.22:36
lcbi'm not sure if swapping off within system and increasing it will do any bad, btw22:37
Guest56221i have 23go left of space22:39
lcbGuest56221: other question... are you running your other Operating Systems simultaneously and expect the computer to hibernate?22:39
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Guest56221lcb: no i am just runing ubuntu22:39
lcbare those in Virtual Machines?22:39
Guest56221lcb: virtual machines ?22:40
lcbahh ok, i think you said something like "for linux... space etc".22:40
Guest56221yes i dedicated 30go ti ubuntu ( linux ) and i hac 23go left of space22:40
James147^^ you just need to create a swapfile if you want to increase the size of swap ^^22:40
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info22:40
lcbGuest56221: ok, to do the things by the book: (do you have your installation CD)?22:41
Guest56221lcb:  i have no CD22:42
lcbchanging the terminology... instead of partition we'll call it simply SIZE. You do need to increase that swap size. with your installation CD , run it and open de Device Manager of it. then increase the size of that SWAP to 4 or 6 GBs22:43
Guest56221istalled directy with the ubuntu site22:43
Guest56221i know what partition is22:43
Guest56221the thing is i dont have the CD22:43
lcbDevice Manager (no) Partition Manager22:43
Guest56221is there any other way22:43
lcbdo you have ultimate boot cd or hiren's boot cd ot partmagic aside?22:44
Guest56221no cd whatsoever22:44
Guest56221no usb22:45
lcbone of 256 for instance?22:45
Guest56221i could create a CD i guess22:45
Guest56221i have aa 1go usb key22:45
lcbcan you backup what you have in there and install something in there?22:45
Guest56221Yes i can use my usb key22:48
lcbGuest56221: in terminal type: sudo apt-get install unetbootin | then insert your usb pen | run unetbootin | select from Distribution "Parted Magic"22:49
Guest56221lcb: kk one sec22:50
lcbon the bottom of unetbootin you have "Type:" Select carefully. it needs to be your usb pen. should be something like sdb1  or sdb2 or something. SDB!22:51
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lcbi hope if someone sees anything that might be wrong pls tell it. i never played with swap after installations.22:53
Guest56221lcb: yes22:53
Guest56221lcb: then ok22:53
Guest56221and start intall i guess ??22:53
lcbGuest56221: check everything before proceeding22:53
lcbdo not install in other partition or drive. make sure is that usb pen22:54
* James147 thinks its easier to create a swap FILE22:54
lcbJames147: with one already there? how to expand it while the system is running? swapping off?22:54
James147lcb: why touch it? just create a new swap file ^^22:55
Guest56221lcb: yes i put type:usb22:55
Guest56221disk image iso i guess ?22:55
James147https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#Four-step%20Process%20to%20Add%20Swap%20File  ^^22:55
lcbJames147: as i said, i never played w swap. i really don't know any method besides the one outside the running system22:56
* James147 has linked to it 3 times now ...22:56
James147ooo fallocate is now though :)22:58
James147new ^^ :p22:58
Guest56221lcb: once i reboot what do di do ?22:59
Guest56221do i do22:59
lcbJames147: makes sense that "Four-step Process to Add Swap File". Although i don't really believe is good for novices (as i am)23:01
lcbGuest56221: after running from the usb (your pc needs to recognize the pen, if not you need other steps, in the bios utility boot order)23:03
James147lcb: whats not good about it? it gives you the commands and is FAR simplier then editing partitions23:03
Guest56221lcb: ok thanls23:04
lcbwell, Guest56221, Guest56221:  if i recall right you'll get several options to run that utility. select the graphical one. then, after loading select the partition manager.23:05
Guest56221lcb: kk thanks alot23:06
lcbthen increase the size of swap. now is up to you to use this method or the one of creating a swap file from that page.23:07
lcbGuest56218: you might need to DEcrease the size of the previous partition, before swap so swap could expand.23:08
James147he left23:08
lcbdoing a couple tings at same time and didn't notice :)23:08
lcbJames147: editing fstab and stuff... i don't really think is good for someone who doesn't know how to run in CLÇI :)23:10
lcbbut anyway, editing partitions is always not safe, unless we know what we are doing and play safely23:11
lcbhe might be having more problems besides hibernation due to those 25l MB swap23:12
James147lcb: then just say "echo '/mnt/swap none swap sw 0 0' | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab"  ^^23:12
James147I doupt it with 4 gigs of ram23:12
James147lcb: currently using 0mb os swap with no problems23:12
James147^^ my laptop ram for ages (and sitll might be) without any swap23:13
James147without issue23:13
lcbJames147: my understanding, to use acpi in kubuntu, we might need like the 3 times the size of ram23:13
James147lcb: incorrect23:13
James147lcb: to hybernate you need at least the ammount of ram currently being used23:13
James147this is normally, these days, much less then your total ram23:14
lcbit depends the amount of processes, no?23:14
James147in older times it needed to be ram + used swap23:14
lcband the load of those processes23:14
James147lcb: yes... but very few people would use more then 1-2 gigs of ram23:14
James147(that would want to hybernate)23:14
lcbthis machine barely uses swap either but i never checked logs about when i close the lid23:15
* James147 is only using 1.4G here and on my server ^^23:16
James147and my server has minecraft running on it :)23:16
lcbJames147: tweaked, i bet. now imagine most of users taking care of disabling some services and functionalities23:16
James147barly tweked... this is a new install on my desktop23:17
lcbmost ppl don't even know that most of services are not necessary. well, a lot of them23:17
* James147 hasnt turned anything off yet on this box23:18
lcbmatter of fact i discovered today i don't have bluetooth on this laptop. so i disabled everything related to it.23:18
lcbbtw, there is a nice utility to help on those services, sudo aptitude install bum23:22
lcbbesides the "Services Manager"23:22
lcb"Service Manager", not services manager. i think is not in menus23:24
lcbit's hidden somewhere23:24
James147there is one in system settings for kde services23:24
lcbprobably that one though23:25
lcblet me check23:25
lcbyeah, same one23:25
lcbhmm, playing with 'bum' i see i have postfix running. why's that?!23:27
lcba sudo apt-get --purge remove might tell23:28
lcbThe following packages will be REMOVED:: bsd-mailx* google-earth-stable* lsb-core* postfix*23:29

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