kamalhi Launchpad people...   Uploading to my PPA just now yielded:01:17
kamal   550 Changes file must be signed with a valid GPG signature: Verification failed 3 times: ['General error', 'General error', 'General error'] : Permission denied.01:17
kamal... but to my surprise it actually did accept the upload.01:17
kamaloh and to clarify...  the package *was* signed properly, and I upload to PPA's all the time and have never seen such a message.01:19
lifelessbug 79895701:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 798957 in Launchpad itself "Uploads are seemingly (but not actually) rejected" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79895701:19
kamallifeless: that's it all right!  thanks.01:20
lifelessit will likely be 7-8 hours before we can fix, its scary but cosmetic - sorry.01:20
kamallifeless: np, I can live with that :-)01:20
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micahglifeless: is that error this that bigjools posted about? https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg07751.html01:25
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lifelessmicahg: no01:26
micahgoh, no, it's the GPG one, right01:26
GTRsdkcan someone help me get rid of a second account?01:40
GTRsdkI need this one removed: https://launchpad.net/~i-rs01:42
lifelessplease open a ticket at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad01:46
GTRsdklifeless, using the account I want deleted?01:50
lifelessGTRsdk: either. If you just want to merge them you can use the merge interface01:50
GTRsdklifeless, I have put the question on the answers page01:51
GTRsdklifeless, should I assign someone?01:52
lifelessno unless you are their manager ;)01:55
GTRsdklifeless, I'm merging them01:58
michaelh1Hi there.  bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro is running terribly slowly today and has for the last ~4 hours.  Any ideas?02:14
lifelessmicahg: canterbury internet being naffed ?02:15
michaelh1lifeless: nah, this is from EC2 in Virginia02:17
lifelessusing bzr+ssh02:17
michaelh1It was fine ~9 am, went to kack around 11 am, is still slow02:17
micahglifeless: hmm?02:25
lifelessmicahg: ?02:25
micahg[21:15] <lifeless> micahg: canterbury internet being naffed ?02:25
lifelessmicahg: michaelh1 and I live in the same region; as far away as you can get from London02:26
micahglifeless: ah, just looks like tab complete failure :)02:26
michaelh1Yeah, you can have a cup of tea in the time it takes for a SSL handshake...02:26
lifelessmicahg: ah yes, tab fail.02:26
lifelessmicahg: + failure to read :>02:27
lifelessmicahg: sorry02:27
micahglifeless: no problem :)02:27
michaelh1714kB     0kB/s \ Finding revisions and has been for 15 minutes...02:42
michaelh1(is slowly ticking along though)02:42
lifelesspossibly overloaded server02:42
lifelessno sysadmins for a few hours though02:42
michaelh1Yip.  Hopefully when it finishes this part it will be faster...02:43
michaelh1...1203kB     0kB/s - Finding revisions02:59
RAOF"debcheckout libglib2.0-0" errors out with: bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/glib/ubuntu/.bzr/branch-format: Unable to handle http code 405: expected 200 or 404 for full response.:03:16
wgrantRAOF: s/code/bazaar/03:16
RAOFwgrant: Ta.  The VCS-Bzr line needs to be updated, obviously.03:18
michaelh12301kB     0kB/s \ Finding revision03:40
* michaelh1 cancels the job until tomorrow...03:40
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cemcI'm trying to upload some package to my PPA from ubuntu 10.04 with dput and I'm getting the following: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/667930/05:24
cemcyesterday I uploaded to another ppa the same way and it didn't complain. I tried that passive_ftp option it suggests but it doesn't work05:24
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michaelh1Any server admins about?  My bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro/4.6 is terribly slow06:38
lifelesscemc: thats the bug listed in the topic of the channel06:43
cemclifeless: indeed... sorry about that, didn't notice. thanks06:46
benonsoftwareHow do I find out what teams I am waiting to be approved on?09:01
cgreganHello Launchpad Team! I'm having a problem with a restriction in Blueprint subscription. It seems my Canonical Private team is not able to subscribe to a Blueprint. Is there a way to force this?09:14
lifelesscgregan: known limitation09:23
cgreganlifeless: workaround?09:24
lifelesscgregan: if by force you mean 'make the blueprint error if anyone tries to view it', yes.09:24
lifelesscgregan: don't use a private team :) - sorry, I know thats not great, but - let me dig up the bug.09:24
cgreganlifeless: ok....hmm....problem is my team is a canonical only and we discuss internal company business on our mailing list09:24
lifelesscgregan: basically we have very strict limits on the interactions private teams can have with othero objects; we *now* think we have a design where we can loosen this.09:25
cgreganlifeless: great.....any ETA? Is there an LP working group I can follow to check in on progress?09:25
lifelessits not currently scheduled for any team to work on, though I know most teams would love to do it :)09:26
lifelessbug 40527709:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 405277 in Launchpad itself "Private teams are not able to join other teams (public or private)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40527709:26
lifelesscgregan: it may not look like its about the same thing, but its the same root cause.09:26
cgreganthanks...I would be happy to put some Pints on the table to expedite! :-)09:26
lifelesscgregan: I suggest you file a bug about this particular scenario (so we can make sure we fix it when we do the other work - or possibly fix it earlier)09:26
cgregangreat...will do09:27
lifelesscgregan: are you in platform ?09:27
nigelbok, FYI, I now find it hard to subscribe myself to a bug.  Well, at least not very intuitive.09:27
cgreganlifeless: OEM Services09:27
lifelesscgregan: what I mean to say is, there is an escalation process for getting stuff to queue jump - the stakeholders group09:27
cgreganlifeless: ah..yes09:28
lifelesscgregan: I think smagoun is the OEM rep to that group; you can raise the bug with him09:28
cgreganlifeless: I have a stakeholder :smagoun09:28
lifelesscgregan: (after filing it)09:28
cgregancool....I will09:28
cgreganthanks for the info09:28
lifelessnigelb: patches appreciated!09:28
lifelesscgregan: no probs; this is an area we can make lots of improvements to09:28
nigelblifeless: I would, gladly, except its a UX thing which needs discussion more than patching.09:29
nigelbI think a mail to launchpad-dev is in order maybe?09:29
lifelessnigelb: uhm, kindof.,09:29
lifelessnigelb: there are bugs around this already; with some analysis.09:29
nigelboh good!09:29
lifelessnigelb: I think you'll file mrevell can give some guidance on what the existing user testing found09:30
nigelblifeless: awesome, I'll shall poke when I get off work09:30
lifelessyellow didn't get as long a run at the subscriptions as they had hoped, and some bits are more of a compromise situation than they wanted.09:30
mrevellnigelb, Please do :)09:31
cgreganlifeless: bugs for LP go here? https://bugs.launchpad.net/~launchpad09:35
nigelbwithout the ~ I think09:35
lifelesscgregan: thats the LP engineering team09:46
lifelesscgregan: you want bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad09:46
cgreganlifeless: sorry....yeah...no ~09:46
michaelh1Any server admins about? My bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro/4.6 is terribly slow10:19
Laneyare the i386 buildds real or just i386 chrootson amd64?10:33
bigjoolsPPA buildds are all virtual10:36
ajmitch& the same for the ubuntu archive? i386 kernel & libs?10:37
diecksry, wrong terminal :)10:41
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bigjoolsubuntu builders are real10:44
wgrantLaney: Some have i386 kernels, some have amd64.10:48
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hakermaniaHello. I've made this project over here in launchpad: https://launchpad.net/wallpaper-changer The project is currently waiting for review in REVU for inclusion in 11.10. Do I have to open a PPA or a launchpad project in LP?12:37
jelmerhakermania, a Launchpad project isn't necessary for REVU12:37
hakermaniajelmer, but it's the opposite here12:38
jelmerhakermania, how do you mean?12:39
hakermaniaREVU project is necessar in lp because it has to close a lp bug on its initial release. This mean that a lp project has to be created12:39
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jelmerhakermania, that bug should be filed against the "ubuntu" project in Launchpad12:46
hakermaniajelmer, i'm talking about the needs-packaging bug12:46
jelmerhakermania, yes, that shouldn't be against the upstream project12:47
jelmerhakermania, see the link on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages12:47
hakermaniajelmer, anyway, I made it against the upstream project and there's no problem (definitely, the reviewers care about bug's existence only).12:49
hakermaniajelmer, do you think the bug should be against ubuntu?12:51
jelmerhakermania, yeah, it should be against ubuntu according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages12:54
jelmerit looks like a bug task has already been opened against ubuntu on that bug12:54
beatpanicgood afternoon! stupid question about python launchpadlib, is it possible to login to launchpad with launchpadlib in an automatic fashion? I mean without browser intervention thanks!13:07
tumbleweedbeatpanic: browser intervention happens once, when you authorise the script forever (or for a limited time, if you choose)13:10
beatpanictumbleweed, ok, I understand now thanks13:11
directhexwhat type of hardware is rothera ?13:16
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* directhex whistles the "everything's broken and i have no idea why" song14:49
Laneyit wouldn't be so urgent but for the upgrade bug14:50
wgrantdirecthex, Laney: Huh?14:56
directhex<directhex> what type of hardware is rothera ?14:56
directhexwe've got mono failing to build on i386, but only on ubuntu buildds and some random mailing list person's xen vm. doesn't fail in debian or locally in pbuilder14:57
wgrantrothera is not Xen, but that's about all I know.14:57
wgrantSomeone like lamont might know more.14:57
lamontwgrant: rothera is an antartic base.  that'd make it circa 2004 tech14:59
wgrantI would have guessed 2004/2005, but that's not immensely useful :)14:59
directhexcan we try a rebuild on a different piece of tin?15:00
Laneycan you find out what machine built https://launchpadlibrarian.net/77383717/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-i386.mono_2.10.4-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz too? someone retried it before I Got to see15:00
lamontmodel name      : Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz15:00
lamontcpuinfo claims 215:00
Laneylamont: what kernel?15:00
lamont2GB of RAM, 2GB of swap15:00
Laneyarch, I mean15:00
lamont32bit only15:00
wgrantLaney: That was rothera.15:01
wgrantAutomatic build of mono_2.10.4-2 on rothera by sbuild/i386 1.170.515:01
Laneyah yeah, didn't know what to look for15:01
Laneyso it got rothera twice.15:01
directhex<directhex> can we try a rebuild on a different piece of tin?15:01
lamonthow is it dying?15:01
Laneyassertion failure when building the docs15:02
Laneyworked in debian15:02
Laneyand locally, and ppa15:02
Laneylocally was i386-on-amd64 though15:02
lamontI wonder if it just plain runs itself out of disk15:02
lamonter, swap15:02
directhexwe're not ram heavy15:02
directhexwhat does this look like, java?15:03
lamontthe machine doesn't support 64-bit15:03
lamontyou said docs15:03
lamontand hell, gettext is java these days, at least for part of it.  makes me cry a little15:03
directhexit builds on arm, don't those arm boxes lack ram?15:04
Laneybut does it build the docs?15:04
* lamont hip deep in some other stuff15:04
directhexLaney, yessir15:05
directhexLaney, we do a full build of everything, so we can run the test suite15:05
Laneyfair cop15:05
directhexso we did a successful build on the arm box "genip"15:05
achadwickIf I copy a PPA package named with "~maverick1" in my PPA's maverick series to a different one and ask it to be recompiled, will the ~maverick1 be replaced with, say ~natty1 automagically?15:07
Laneyzirconium built it last time15:07
* achadwick assumes this is the right place to ask that question.15:07
bigjoolsachadwick: no, it won't15:08
Laneylamont: so if you can give it back to zirconium, that might be a useful test15:09
Laneydon't know if you can do that15:09
achadwickWas guessing that was too much to ask. In my case I guess I do a -sa build targetted at Lucid as ~lucid1 and a -sd build following it for each of the other series I want to support in turn.15:16
bigjoolsachadwick: you can't recompile the same source in different series anyway15:18
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achadwickThat's annoying. I assumed the .orig.tar.bz2 was series-independent. Mostly it's a pain because my source is absurdly huge.15:23
* achadwick sighs. Really need to organise more bandwidth.15:24
nigelbachadwick: work off a VPS maybe?15:24
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deryckHi, abentley.  Pitching to you.  (I *think* this is the normal time, though I'm usually late.) :)17:00
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deryckabentley, I pinged earlier, but I've formally handed off IRC to you now. :)19:30
abentleyderyck: gotcha.19:30
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memei need help useing bzr to push source to a project19:48
abentleymeme: What's the problem you're having?19:57
memewell i think i figured it out mostly i dont know how bzr workes and how it pushes stuff to a launchpad project but i think i am figureing it out20:07
achianghello, i've a question around the way that bzr and launchpad interact. let's say i have two branches: ~team/project/branch, and ~team/project/test. i submit a merge proposal from test => branch, it gets merged, and everyone is happy20:46
achiangbut i don't like ~team/project/test cluttering up launchpad code page. is it safe to delete that branch?20:46
achiangi know that trunk will have all the commits from test, so bzr will do the right thing, but iirc, launchpad will also display a link to ~team/project/test and say that code was merged from there... so if that branch gets deleted from LP, does that break that feature?20:48
tumbleweedachiang: the branch will get its status set to Merged, and thus not clutter up the code page any more20:59
achiangtumbleweed: ah, that is interesting. so a merged branch isn't supposed to show up on code.lp.net/~team/project/ ?21:00
tumbleweedthe default is to show branches with an "active" status21:01
tumbleweedthere are two inactive statuses: merged and abandoned21:02
tumbleweedyou can still find them if you want to21:02
achiangtumbleweed: ok, thanks. now i see what you're talking about -- there is a drop down that says, "branches with status"21:02
achiangtumbleweed: so, i must be looking at a project that has many unmerged branches21:02
achiangtumbleweed: thanks for the explanation21:03
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