TechnoCatI have a problem with installing the ati flgrx drivers with the additional software dialogue. It always tells me to fix broken packages first. I don't seem to have any broken packages.00:43
TechnoCatthis is a fresh install other than (and this is the kicker) the 3.1rc2 linux kernel and header00:43
TechnoCatfresh install of lubuntu 11.1100:43
Unit193Did you try running   sudo apt-get install -f   in terminal?00:44
TechnoCatand autoclean00:44
TechnoCatand dpkg --configure -a00:44
TechnoCatand update, upgrade, dist-upgrade00:44
Unit193I remember jockey having some issue, but don't remember what it was, let me check00:45
TechnoCatjockey-gtk popped up with an error00:46
TechnoCati think there are 3 other known issues on the wiki with 3.100:46
Unit193Well, I can't seem to find anything, but maybe try #ubuntu+100:50
Unit193It's another IRC channel for Oneiric/11.1000:51
TechnoCatcool, thanks00:51
wsagenthi can anybody pls help me I want to enable auto login in lubuntu 11.0408:27
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czzhow can i change the transparency of terminal in lubuntu?16:24
morriin preferences?16:25
morrimy terminal isnt transparent though but the look is done in edit ->preferences if thats what you mean16:26
czzmorri, not seeing that option16:26
morriwhat terminal gui do you use?16:26
czzmorri, LXTerminal16:27
morrihas it got a menu bar?16:27
czzThere is no transparency options16:27
morriyou cans et the colour in there16:28
morriis it transparent or do you want it transparent?16:28
czzi want the background transparent16:29
morrithats not possible within the gui why would you want it transparent anyway?16:29
czzi want my own style16:30
morriyou need to look for a different terminal than thats capapble of that16:30
morrilubuntu only has small programmes , no fancy ones16:30
czzis this real life?16:31
morrihave a look in synaptic or online whether there are terminals that can be transparent16:31
morriwell it isnt just fantasy16:31
czzwhere can i submit suggestions?16:33
morriotherwise have a look into compiz it does lots of desktop effects16:33
Ogi0nQuestion: let say I have 2 different partition, each with its own O.S., but one of the O.S have full of virus, worm & malware. Is it possible for the virus to go to and infect/affect the other partition?18:48
philipballewOgi0n, you should try to remove those viruis before doing anything else?19:04
Ogi0nyea well if its keylogs or anything that's hard to detect id go for reformat19:07
Ogi0nbut i dont wanna do that, instead of having two account one Admin and one Guest, i was wondering if i could make a seperate partition for Guest user etc so if something silly happens to it ill just reformat that partition19:08
philipballewim gonna assume this is windows with the problem?19:08
Ogi0nbut i was wonderin if that partition is infected will it affect the other one, etc19:08
Ogi0ni mean its possible to still have virus/malware/keylog on linux system or is it really invulnerable?19:09
Ogi0njust making precaution that's all19:09
philipballewits "possible" but not gonna happen19:10
philipballewunless you intentally download a bad script and chmod +x it19:10
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leszekn8 @ all20:17
tzviAnyone have ideas why occasionally on boot my keyboard doesn't work, but on windows it always works? (ideapad y560)21:14
phillwtzvi: for 11.04, nope, there was a bug early in 11.10 testing which has been resolved.21:16
tzviThanx, seems whichever debian I use I get that issue...21:17
tzviEvery other boot no keyboard21:17
phillwtzvi: I can only suggest having a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1541220 That section is dedicated to laptop issues, you may want to post a new enquiry on there.21:19
tzviOK, thanx21:19
phillwif that thread does not really apply to you, start a new one :)21:20

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