dr_willisHmm.. alt-f2 dont seem to work for me in gnome-shell...00:01
yofelworked for me before, well... as in "opened but didn't do anything useful"00:06
dr_willisjust reading at ...  http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/LookingGlass     You currently run it by pressing Alt-F2, typing lg, then Return.00:09
Ian_Cornelg? :p00:11
dr_willis'looking glass'00:11
dr_willisI can see where gnome-shell has a lot of potential.. if nothing else.. it should be easy to 'fix' all the silly design limitations the default gnome-devs stick in it..00:12
ali1234the same can be said of unity00:12
ali1234in fact i think unity is a better starting point00:12
ali1234but who is going to do it?00:12
Ian_Cornei propose dr_willis !00:13
dr_willisgiven the mindset i see commng from caonical.. i think gs is going to be easier to tweak by a few 10000000% :)00:13
Ian_Corneyeah, i think so too :)00:13
ali1234sadly i agree00:13
* dr_willis recalls some official statement along the lines of 'the osd notififer will NOT be configurable' .....00:14
dr_willis'we moved the buttons the the left for.... room for windicators ... that havent  even been implemented yet.....'00:14
ali1234why can't windicators go on the left? that's what i want to know00:14
dr_willisand im not sure if they even will get imnplemnted..00:15
ali1234and why should i even care about them? what's the point?00:15
dr_willis the trend now is to have less menus/buttons at all...00:15
Ian_Cornegnome-shell looks nice00:15
Ian_Cornefirst time i install it00:15
ali1234the justification for global menus is basically "menus suck and we want to kill them by making them hard to use"00:15
dr_willisIan_Corne,  it works decently well.. they seem to have an obsession with the   use of workspacces..00:16
Ian_Cornei wonder00:17
Ian_Cornewhere are the window buttons in gnome-shell?00:17
dr_willisIan_Corne,  does your default gs-theme have a min/max/close buttons?00:17
Ian_Corneno :D00:17
dr_willisMine does.. :) but i messed with gnome-tweak00:17
dr_willisso im not sure how default mine is..00:17
dr_willisBringing back the minimize and maximize buttons00:17
Ian_Corneand an ugly title bar for the non-maximized windows00:17
dr_willisgnome shell and unity seem to share a lot of settings - so my whole desktop is a bit of a hodge-podge of  stuff. :)00:18
dr_willislet me take a screen shot00:18
Ian_Corneoho, mr shoe just found out his wife faked having a baby00:18
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.00:19
Ian_Corneyou could also use imgur00:19
Ian_Cornethe dropdown menus are really nice00:20
Ian_Cornefor the indicators00:20
dr_willisyou dont see in the shot that  chrome and  the xchat  min/max/close are similer.. but differnt. :)00:20
dr_willisIm not sure what the obsession with Monocolor icons are these days either....00:20
dr_willisnetwork indicator WOULD be nice if it actally blinked as you got data... thats basically expected these days.. :)00:21
dr_willismine menus are all white/grey on black.. i can barely read the calander in the clock00:22
dr_willisone 'thing' i would like to see in gnome shell. is put the 'applications' thang as a hot spot at the bottom left.. its just awkward going to the top left.. THEN back down/right a little bit...00:23
Ian_CorneI want them on the left side now tho :p00:23
Ian_Cornethe controls00:23
dr_willisI used ubuntu-tweak and gnome-tweak to twiddle with my settings.00:24
urlin2udr_willis, you ever tried gnome-do or synapse.00:24
dr_willisused gnome-do for a long time.00:24
dr_willisprob. used synapse. i dont recall the name00:24
dr_willis!info synapse00:24
ubottusynapse (source: synapse): semantic file launcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.6-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 375 kB, installed size 1596 kB00:24
urlin2usynapse is like gnome-do I like it better of the 2.00:24
dr_willisi really dont use any of those these days.. i got the 5 apps i use on my panel at the left.. and thats about it.00:25
dr_willisProb i found with a lot of the gnome-do/synapse stuff - is theres so many plugins and extas.. and basically.. I cant figure out how to even use them....00:27
Ian_CorneI must say, compared to gnome-shell, unity looks less fancy00:27
Ian_Cornebut unity is more clear as to what is where00:27
dr_willisthe whole hidden gui/menus/button mindset...00:27
dr_willisbut with that logic.. kde is even more clear. :)00:27
ali1234kde is more clear00:28
ali1234but it is also fugly and confusing in other ways00:28
dr_willisI just constantly forget/overlook the copy dialogs in kde.. :)00:28
Ian_Cornemaybe, but i just don't feel good when using KDE00:28
Ian_Corneit's too much fluff for me,00:28
Ian_Corneand i know I don't have to00:28
dr_willisOne thing i do normally set up in compiz is where the file/copy dialogs are 'always on top' also try to make them stay at the top right...00:28
Ian_Corneguess it's just something personal00:29
ali1234kde desperately needs someone to make a theme that is actually good, and then go through all the apps and make them use consistent font sizes00:29
ali1234and fix it so it can actually centre text properly00:29
ali1234horizontally *and* vertically damnit00:29
coz_ali1234,  that has always been my biggest issue with kde,, "fonts"  and "theme"  both rather bland and unapealling as well as irritating at times00:30
ali1234i totally agree00:30
ali1234one time i tried to make KDE look exactly like 9.04 gnome00:30
ali1234i failed00:30
ali1234although i got close00:31
dr_williswith all the work in 'gui design' and so forth over the years.. you would think every desktop/wm would have learned to make a few 'basic standard' themes..   a light, dark,   blue, grey, and perhaps a larger/smaller'  standard theme sets...00:31
coz_ali1234,  I believe kde requres a little more powerful a systen than  have at th e moment to run properly00:31
dr_williskde is supposed to be able to turn down the eyecandy  on the fly, or via settings to match lower end systems. :)00:32
ali1234gnome isn't exactly light either00:32
dr_willisicewm! :)00:32
coz_dr_willis,  I agree completely,,00:32
dr_williswhich is slightly broken in 11.10... poor icewm...00:32
dr_willisand has 1000+ themes.. 99.9% of them are totally hidious...00:32
dr_willisI just want a nice light blue/grey/ theme.. with not tiny tiny fonts.... thats easy to read....00:33
dr_willisthis grey on black i got in gnome-shell is a bit annoying00:33
coz_dr_willis,  not sure,, does gnome-tweak-tool allow for color changes? maybe gnome-color-chooser?00:34
dr_williscoz_,  i messed with the theme/settings so much in gnome-tweak im not sure what all i did..00:34
dr_willisi even copyed a few files to my home dir..00:34
coz_dr_willis,  that I understand :)00:34
coz_well.. I have decided not to test this version this time,, I think I will just wait until release00:35
dr_willisi found some theme  from a url that basically went to...   .local/share/gnome-shell/extensions   but they dident seem to show up00:36
coz_I did try gnome3 /gnome-shell/and  fallback mode,, I was slightly impressed :)00:36
coz_on fedora that is  hope it is nearly as smooth on ubuntu00:37
dr_willisI tested with the fedora live cd - it was sluggish. due to the nvidia drivers/noveau drivers...00:39
dr_williswhat if all these disrtos start falling back to using the 'default vanilla gnome shell' setup! oh the humanity! :)00:39
ali1234coz_: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/hmmkde.png00:39
ali1234that's as close as i could get, and it took me several days00:39
coz_ali1234,  not too bad actually,,00:40
dr_willisYou can definatly tell the kde 'font' look.....00:40
ali1234yes and the misaligned text on the task bar00:40
coz_why oh why did they choose that font /00:40
ali1234that's actually the ubuntu font lol00:40
ali1234kde just does a terrible job of rendering it00:41
dr_willisRSS Reader   looks 'nasty' :)00:41
ali1234at least i think it is, let me check00:41
ali1234yes, it is00:42
dr_willisNow.. do the fonts in the Firefox menu look the same as in the other fonts?00:42
dr_willisIve noticved  befor - FF looking a lot differnt for the same text/fonts...00:42
ali1234it looks pretty much the same00:42
ali1234maybe a little cleaner but it's hard to tell00:42
dr_willisI had some screen shots once where it was defaintaly noticeable..00:43
dr_willistime to get ready for work...00:45
TechnoCatI installed the 3.1rc2 kernel debs after doing a complete install of lubuntu 11.10. Now, when I try to install flgrx through the additional software dialogue it tells me I have broken packages. I don't seem to have any broken packages. Anyone know anything about this?00:52
coz_TechnoCat,  not sure since my knowledge of ati cards is probably nonexistent,, however, did you try sudo apt-get install -f  or open synaptic packages manager under the "Edit" menu  "Fix broken packages"?00:53
TechnoCatthey don't do much because synaptic says there are no broken packages00:54
escottTechnoCat, i think you need to find an flgrx package to match your kernel00:54
TechnoCatokay, i was wondering about taht, because that is the only thing i have changed00:55
yofelthen probably only the package failed to install. I know that at least the nvidia driver has a dkms setting to not build it against kernel >= 3.100:55
TechnoCatis fglrx official ati?00:57
escottTechnoCat, yes00:57
TechnoCati'll try installing the drivers from the website, but i have never had luck with that in the past00:59
TechnoCatit's unfortunate my wireless card (ralink 539f) only works with the 3.1 linux kernel01:00
VanillaliteOkay Unity doesn't seem to work for me in 11.10 as I get these weird black bars overlaying my top panel and left side unity panel... and when I move around sometimes my screen goes black.... Unity 2d works fine though... have a 48XX series aticard with flx drivers installed... known bug or something I can fix?01:03
TechnoCatnooo, uninstalling fglrx removed gcc too, lol01:06
yofelwell, installing build-essential and the kernel headers should be enough for the driver01:06
TechnoCathow do i see what graphics driver i'm using?01:09
coz_TechnoCat,  in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga01:10
TechnoCatwno't that just show my current gpu?01:10
escottTechnoCat, glxinfo or scanning through xorg.0.log01:11
coz_TechnoCat,  sorry yes,, I was thinking card  not driver01:11
coz_TechnoCat,  is it nvidia?01:11
coz_TechnoCat,  darn,, sorry I gorgot01:11
coz_not sure then01:12
TechnoCatglxinfo appears to tell me i am still in software mode01:14
yofelTechnoCat: checking /var/log/Xorg.0.log will tell you whatever driver X is using currently01:17
TechnoCati don't have an xorg log01:17
TechnoCatyes i do, i'm dumb01:18
TechnoCatanything i should grep this for?01:19
TechnoCat12.670] (II) AMD Video driver is running on a device belonging to a group targeted for this release01:20
yofelread it, it should tell the driver version somewhere. I don't use ati so I don't know what you need to look for01:20
TechnoCatthat looks good01:20
coz_you can try sudo gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:20
TechnoCati'm going to restart01:21
TechnoCatmy laptop keyboard has no sys rq key. =[01:23
TechnoCatoh wait yes it does, just waasn't labled under print screen01:23
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TechnoCatmy glxinfo output: http://pastebin.com/uBfjvMGS01:26
mikii keep getting can't read frame: Invalid argument (0) with tvtime i am currently on ubuntu 11.10 alpha i tried tvtime-configure --norm=ntsc --frequencies=us-cable100 with the hauppuage usb stick i know it's not a driver issue because me-tv works but all i get is a blue and yellow flashing screen anyone with any idea's01:43
mikii was trying to switch to tvtime because me-tv i have to rescan channels everytime i want a particular channel and the picture pixels will scatter with some loss of sound01:51
mikibut me-tv does work in regards to getting cable into the linux OS01:52
mikii have a full ubuntu OS no windows at all01:56
mikiis there a scan for channels anywhere in tvtime?01:57
mikiill check back in a few let me look at docs again brb01:59
pollux_hello everyone03:18
pollux_what a warm welcome how do i do a blushing emot?03:19
pollux_i'm gonna go jack off everyone have a nice night03:19
rww... what.04:09
poolieis it a known bug that the drop down menus intermittently don't appear when i mouse over the top bar?04:10
kyubutsu_kdekde font rendering is just fine in 11.1004:51
kyubutsu_kdein fact, it awesum!04:52
kyubutsu_kdebeen waiting for them to get it right, and .. tis the season04:53
kyubutsu_kdevery exciting release for kubuntu04:54
rwwWhat exciting thing does 4.6 have that 4.5 doesn't? The only difference I've seen is an increased focus on Activities, which I can't get myself to use :P04:54
VanillaliteRunning Ubuntu 11.10 regular Unity gives me black bars over the top panel and unity panel and sometimes the screen goes black... Unity 2d works fine (using it now) any ideas?04:55
kyubutsu_kdethere have been quite a few small changes and then others like muon [which needs work04:56
kyubutsu_kdeand am content with what i see04:56
jbichaVanillalite: use Unity 2D then! ;-)04:56
rwwI use aptitude exclusively :S04:56
billybigriggeranyone had problems with ati drivers and jockey?04:57
VanillaliteAlso if it matters I have a 4830 Ati Card with the FGLXR installed04:57
VanillaliteI can post a screen shot if need be too :P04:58
kyubutsu_kdealso, rww, 11.10 runs on 4.705:00
rwwah, yeah, I was misreading packages.ubuntu.com. You know what I meant :P05:01
rww(4.6 to 4.7)05:01
kyubutsu_kdeyou should give it your best unbiased look.  it might even make you nostalgic since your gnu gnomes look nothing like the good ol' stuff05:02
kyubutsu_kdeand kde pretty much still has the same feel from 4.x series05:03
billybigriggerjockey is giving me problems trying to install ati propriatery drivers, complaining about held broked packages, i've ran apt-get -f autoremove and autoclean with the same error05:05
billybigriggeris there an alternate method of installing ati drivers?05:06
kyubutsu_kdeanother thing, i got a radeon hd 5450 on this cube and have not found any issues on the gallium 0.4...  whoa, am not using the proprietary driver!  just figured05:06
kyubutsu_kdeand i got acceleration and effects going.. whoa05:07
kyubutsu_kdesure, its a 2.80ghz pentium, 3gigs of ram.. but still05:08
kyubutsu_kdequite cool05:10
billybigriggerno one has had the same jockey problem i'm having?05:11
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:11
kyubutsu_kdeyah, this looks so good i totally forgot it was gallium i was using05:20
billybigriggerany laptop users experience a mouse delay sometimes switching windows, or just randomly using their lappy?05:21
billybigriggerkyubutsu_kde, where do you set your video driver nowadays? i see theres no xorg.conf05:22
kyubutsu_kdekickoff>applications>system>additional drivers05:24
kyubutsu_kdefglrx is sitting there , you run that and that's it05:25
kyubutsu_kdebut am betting you're on gnomunity05:25
billybigriggerand jockey won't install that driver05:26
billybigriggercomplaining about broked held packages, but cleaning apt still won't solve the issue05:27
kyubutsu_kdei say wait for the next update and see what happens05:28
kyubutsu_kdejockey is known to do things like this in alpha testing05:28
billybigriggerk how do i tell what driver im using then?05:28
billybigriggerin the olden days i would check xorg.conf...now i have no clue what driver im using05:29
kyubutsu_kdeto be honest, i have no idea how unity handles stuff lately.. i only tried it for a week for testing05:30
kyubutsu_kdebillybigrigger: although, i think glxgears should throw you some info05:32
billybigriggerwell not having catalyst and ati config sucks05:34
billybigriggerwell it's as fast as glxgears can go 60fps, syncd to the refresh rate05:35
billybigriggersys info shows me Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS88005:36
billybigriggerhow do i turn on effects now05:37
billybigriggerhow do i change my video driver?06:03
billybigriggerim stuck with vesa drivers06:03
bullgard4_Why does GNOME 3 provide Thunderbird and not Evolution by default?06:07
micahgbullgard4: Ubuntu provides thunderbird as a default, not GNOME06:08
bullgard4_micahg: My understanding is that Ubuntu GNOME 2provided by default Evolution but Ubuntu GNOME 3 provides Thunderbird by default. I would like to know what caused this change.06:10
popeyyou understand incorrectly06:10
bullgard4_popey: Please elaborate.06:11
micahgbullgard4: Ubuntu oneiric's mail default is Thunderbird, previouionsly it was evolut06:11
popeyre-read what micahg said06:11
popeyUbuntu 11.04 ships Evolution by default06:11
popeyUbuntu 11.10 will ship Thunderbird by default06:11
popeyUbuntu 11.04 is based on GNOME 206:11
popeyUbuntu 11.10 is based on GNOME 306:11
popeybut GNOME itself ships evolution, not Thunderbird06:12
bullgard4_popey: And I would like why Ubuntu ships in Oneiric GNOME 3 Thunderbird although Ubuntu ships in GNOME 2 Evolution by default.06:14
jbichaGNOME also ships epiphany as the default web browser06:14
popeybullgard4_: Since Ubuntu started it has tried to ship the best of breed in each category of app06:15
popeysometimes that means changing applications06:15
bullgard4_jbicha: You did not anser my question.06:15
popeye.g we switched from Rhythmbox to Banshee06:15
popeyand now switched from Evolution to Thunderbird06:15
bullgard4_popey: "The best of breed" is a vage answer.06:16
micahgbullgard4: the mail default has nothing to do with GNOME versions06:16
popeybullgard4_: a number of people over the years have requested thunderbird as the default06:16
popeybullgard4_: many times it's been looked at06:16
popeyfor a number of reasons the decision wasn't made to switch in the past06:17
micahgbullgard4_: please see this blueprint for more information on the choice: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-default-email-client06:17
jbichabullgard4_: you're welcome to continue using Evolution, many Ubuntu devs still use it06:17
bullgard4_jbicha: Yes.06:18
jbichabullgard4_: Ubuntu does not ship everything GNOME does nor does GNOME ship everything Ubuntu does06:18
popeybullgard4_: it was discussed at the last Ubuntu Developer Summit06:19
bullgard4_micahg: Ah! Thank you very much for your help.06:22
Amaranthhmm, is mono uninstallable for anyone else?06:34
bullgard4_Amaranth: When speaking about "installation" one usually means a DEB program package. What package do you speak about?07:01
Amaranthbullgard4_: mono-runtime says it won't install due to mono-gac not being there but mono-gac says it's installed07:01
Amaranthhaven't checked versions yet, too lazy07:01
AmaranthI'll probably go fix it if it's still broken when I was to use banshee07:02
bullgard4_Amaranth: On my Oneiric computer mono-gac is installed.  My Banshee works all right. I do not see a necessity for me to de-install mono-gac version 2.10.3-107:04
AmaranthRight then, you don't know what I'm talking about. That's fine then07:04
bullgard4_Amaranth: have fun.07:05
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dsathe /msg NickServ help08:57
MeekoHello. Anybody here have tested 11.10 on the med-2011 refresh of the MacBook Air?09:29
dsatheanyone having issues with data cards10:00
dsatheon 11.1010:00
dsathesuddenly mine is not recogonised10:01
drussellso I'm having some strange issues with wireless on a fully updated 11.1010:32
drusselllenovo x201 with standard 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 35)10:33
drussellI can select the connection in network manager fine...10:33
drussellit connects10:33
drussellbut then it seems as if the connection won't actually pass any traffic10:33
Ian_Cornehave you tried this with another wireless network?10:36
Ian_Corneor a different system on the same network?10:36
drussellIan_Corne: and this is where it all gets a bit odd..10:37
drussellIan_Corne: no other machine on my network has any problem with the wireless connection10:37
Ian_CorneI've not seen this particular issue yet10:38
Ian_Corneat elast not in this channel for this alpha10:38
drussellIan_Corne: thanks, I'm poking about in the logs but I can't see anything obvious10:39
drussellIan_Corne: but it's also difficult to describe, so awkward to raise a sensible bug on10:39
dsatheIan_Corne: my wireless datacard (EDVO) is still not being recogonised , although lsusb lists it10:44
Ian_Corneare you in all the correct groups?10:45
Ian_CorneI'm sorry don't really have time for troubleshooting, and for wireless stuff, i usually just search the internet far and wide, try different drivers and stuff10:46
TechnoCatanybody know anything about the ati radeon 6310 and linux kernel 3.1rc2?12:19
TechnoCatas in, why can't i get them to work together12:19
TechnoCatalso, how do i remove the ati binary drivers?12:21
PiciWe don't have 3.1 in Oneiric.12:21
dr_willispackage manager tool, or the jockey-gtk app ibelive TechnoCat.12:21
TechnoCati downloaded a deb from kernel.ubuntu.com12:22
TechnoCatjockey-gtk fails at startup. =\12:22
dr_williswell thats not a good idea TechnoCat  to be using kernels like that..12:22
TechnoCati have to for my wifi card12:22
dr_williswe basically cant trouble shoot it at all.12:22
dr_willisbut is it a testing kernel? or some ppa? or what exactly?12:23
dr_willisguess it needs more testing. :()12:23
dr_willis$ uname -a12:23
dr_willisLinux CowBuntu 3.0.0-8-generic #11-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 12 20:20:03 UTC 2011 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux12:23
TechnoCatguess i'll be using windows until it is more stable12:23
TechnoCatdamn you manufacturers! giving me windows drivers only!12:24
dr_willisi think thats the latest for 10.11    Not sure when the kernel-freze takes effect.  Might allready have..12:24
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule12:24
dr_willisSeptember 15th    KernelFreeze,12:24
TechnoCatso you mean kernel 3.1 won't make it into 11.10?12:24
dr_willisNo idea.12:25
TechnoCatis a kernel a feature?12:25
dr_willisthe kernel is the core of the os...   so they want to freeze it early in the testing phase.. but still  theres alwyas new features in the newer versions tha tpeople want.. so its a catch-22 situation..12:25
TechnoCatwell hmmm12:26
dr_willisKernel Freeze seems tobe right befor beta2 is scheduled..12:26
TechnoCati guess i can look at more cutting edge distros12:26
PiciIts not unpresidented, we've changed kernel in the past in the middle of testing12:27
TechnoCatoh, i didn't see "kernelfreeze' hiding there12:27
dr_willisUbuntu has never tried to be cutting edge..  :)  theres 100's of disrtos out therre..  depends on your needs.12:27
TechnoCatcan anyone recommend a cutting edge debian based distro?12:30
BluesKajhiyas all12:30
BluesKajTechnoCat, yeah Kubuntu 11.10  :)12:32
TechnoCatdid debian switch to kfreebsd kernel?12:32
TechnoCatBluesKaj, with a 3.1 linux kernel12:32
BluesKajwell, it's close TechnoCat , 3.0.0-8 , but havent seen anything mentioned about 3.1 ...isn't it a bit early in the game for that.12:34
TechnoCat^^^ this is why i want 3.112:34
BluesKajwantb and need a different things , be carefulwhat you wish for :)12:35
TechnoCati wish for wireless12:35
BluesKajTechnoCat, so you 3.0.1 right ?12:36
PiciNo, 3.112:36
PiciLinus released the rc12:37
BluesKajI see nothing in the posted url about 3.112:38
* Pici hasn't looked at the url12:38
TechnoCatyeah, it says 3.0.112:38
TechnoCatwhich apparently i misread12:38
TechnoCatbut still, 3.0.1!12:39
TechnoCati guess i'll try that today12:39
TechnoCatmaybe fglrx plays nice with 3.0.112:39
TechnoCatoh hmm, 3.0.212:41
BluesKajTechnoCat, . yesterday I was advised to tru wicd-kde for wifi ralink 2780 usb adapter , which hasn't worked since 10,04 ...and after reboot and giving wicd passhphrase wpa2 worked right from the get go. ..surprised me12:41
TechnoCatBluesKaj, it works flawlessly on kernel 3.1 ;]12:42
TechnoCatjust now graphics is borked12:42
TechnoCatbut i'll try it12:43
TechnoCatif i can remember to in 7 hours!12:43
BluesKajwhich graphics ?12:43
TechnoCati can't get opengl to work12:43
TechnoCatglxgears fails to even start12:43
BluesKajif wifi works flawlessly on kernel 3.01 , then why are you wishing for wireless ?12:45
TechnoCati'm not, now i'm wishing for opengl in 3.112:45
TechnoCatbut everyone says why 3.1 and i say wireless12:45
TechnoCatwhich takes me to there is no support for 3.112:46
TechnoCatand you're going to be driving me in circles asking that12:46
BluesKajok , nm ... this discussion is over for me12:46
Ian_Cornewhat does networkmanager have to do with this?12:48
TechnoCatlike he said, he was surprised it worked12:49
BluesKajIan_Corne, not the networkmanager in kde , but wicd-kde12:52
Ian_CorneBluesKaj: i was joking about "ok, _nm_ ..."12:52
Ian_Cornebut nvm :)12:53
BluesKajalright :)12:53
TechnoCatif 3.0.1 makes it to oneiric, i'll be happy panda12:59
CarlFKwhat's the command line image bin poster?13:49
CarlFKwhich I think it tied into one of the bug reporting tools13:49
CarlFKhmm, I should ask this in #bugs13:49
bullgard4_'man gsettings-data-convert': "gsettings-data-convert reads values out of the users GConf database and stores them in GSettings." What is GSettings?13:59
Prettohi, can anyone help about this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/668304/?14:26
Prettoit starded after today updates14:26
Airon90Hi you all, is there someone who have problems after last upgrade?14:27
Airon90I have problem with package apport, because Aptitude says that there is a "continue" not in a loop14:28
Airon90What should I do?14:29
jibelAiron90, this is bug 82803714:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 828037 in apport (Ubuntu) "package apport 1.21.3-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 101" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82803714:30
Airon90Thank you, I hope that there will be a solution soon. Thank you :)14:31
bullgard4_Pretto: Your question: "can anyone help about this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/668304/?" is not cleverly put. Please tell us what annoys you.14:34
Prettobullgard4: jibel answered Airon90, he is facing the same problem as I am14:34
bullgard4_Pretto: Yes.14:35
idleoneI am getting an error when trying to log in. "Cannot call D-Bus. Can you call qdbus?14:40
idleonenot sure what to do now?14:40
escottidleone, is dbus-daemon running14:40
idleoneescott: I have no clue14:40
idleoneI'm in tty now, how do I check?14:41
idleoneps aux | grep dbus-daemon shows it running14:42
idleoneI get this error with GUI login after I enter my password14:42
escottidleone, how about accounts-daemon14:43
idleoneescott: that is not running14:43
idleoneI do recall an update this morning with something about accounts14:44
kyubutsudbus crashed after updates today!14:44
BluesKajBBl, stuff to do14:44
idleonekyubutsu: any work around?14:44
kyubutsunot likely14:44
escottidleone, reboot is probably the easiest14:44
idleoneescott: I have tried rebooting 3 times and still get the error14:45
=== kyubutsu is now known as kyubutsu_kde
idleonedid I mention I am running Kubuntu+114:46
escottidleone, you won't be able to login through lightdm without the accounts-daemon, and i can't find any kind of lightdm documentation14:46
idleonenot using lightdm14:46
idleoneusing kdm14:46
idleoneawesome apport and apport-kde are failing to configure now also14:48
idleoneWhy Kubuntu!!! why are you failing me now :(14:48
kyubutsu_kdei could login to terminal but qdbus [dbus] crashed to pieces.. critical error14:49
idleonekyubutsu_kde: yeah logging in to terminal works14:49
idleoneit's the GUI that is failing14:49
idleoneoh well guess I'll be using irssi for a little bit14:50
kyubutsu_kdeam kinda freaked out but we still got time til release14:50
idleoneI'm sure it will be fixed soonish14:51
* Pici reminds himself not to reboot14:51
idleonePici: might want to change the topic and put something about d-bus14:51
PiciIs there a bug logged or something concrete that we can put there?14:52
idleonenot that I know. kyubutsu_kde might know14:52
kyubutsu_kdenegative, i didnt retrieve the crash log14:52
idleoneI got a reason to go outside today14:53
kyubutsu_kdei was running alpha3 as-is .. so my guess is someone else WILL experience dbus crash soon14:55
idleonebooting to live cd. I need a gui :/14:55
idleonesudo reboot -now and please fic d-bus soon14:56
kyubutsu_kdedo not reboot ! danger! possible dbus crash on kubuntu+1 systems!15:00
kyubutsu_kdesomething like that15:00
kyubutsu_kdebug reports needed !   >:(15:01
kyubutsu_kdeakonadi has been crashing on log out too.. and now dbus .. i think they might be related15:05
IdleOnekyubutsu_kde, Would there be a d-bus crash log in /var/crash ?15:10
IdleOneI don't see any15:10
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...15:11
=== Guest65594 is now known as kyubutsu
kyubutsuIdleOne: no crash log   :(15:16
IdleOnekyubutsu, here either15:16
IdleOneit just broken :(15:16
IdleOnenot finding anything in launchpad either15:19
kyubutsuthis a fresh bug , i tell you15:19
kyubutsui updated daily .. it was something in yesterdays patches15:20
IdleOnekyubutsu, I update several times a day.15:20
IdleOnethis is definitely new15:20
kyubutsuyou on livecd now?15:21
kyubutsuand there is nothing at all about the crash on hdd?15:23
kyubutsui mean , not even old crash logs or..15:24
IdleOneI have a few old crash logs but nothing about d-bus15:24
kyubutsui see15:24
IdleOneI have akonadi_agent_launcher fontcofig_voodoo apport-kde15:25
kyubutsui was watching an akonadi agent bug that crashed on log out15:32
kyubutsufiled on it two days ago15:32
kyubutsuactually, i didnt file it. it was there already so i just marked it as 'being affected by it'15:34
kyubutsui hate duplicates15:36
kyubutsubut now i cannot find it !15:36
topylidoes/will trunderbird talk to the evolution-data-server, or will it just be hacked into the unity calendar applet?15:41
bullgard4_topyli: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-default-email-client15:44
topylibullgard4_: thanks, but that says nothing about it (except that it won't work in this cycle by default)15:46
bullgard4_topyli: I do not know any more about these proceeding. Sorry.15:47
bullgard4_'man gsettings-data-convert': "gsettings-data-convert reads values out of the users GConf database and stores them in GSettings." What is GSettings?15:49
topylilooks like the calendar applet will be as useful as it is in windows15:49
topyliyou can see whether the 19th is a friday, but not whether or not you have meetins on that day15:49
Ian_Cornethe new 'registery' bullgard4_15:50
Ian_Cornefor all the settings15:50
bullgard4_Ian_Corne: And how can I access it?15:50
topyliregistry eh :)15:50
Ian_Corneit's basicly that topyli :p15:50
Ian_Cornea registery of all the settings15:50
topyliif you insist15:50
bullgard4_Ian_Corne: The command 'gsettings' accesses it. But I would like to know if a graphical tool helps me accessing it.15:55
Ian_Cornei have no idea15:56
bullgard4_Ian_Corne: Thank you very much for your help.15:58
t1m310rddoes anyone know how to install LightDM in Natty16:08
bullgard4_t1m310rd: I don't think that your plan is a good idea.16:10
SpamapSgot this basically streaming in my .xession-errors:16:38
SpamapS(nautilus:7383): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_value_get_object: assertion `G_VALUE_HOLDS_OBJECT (value)' failed16:38
SpamapSHave not yet updated to the "borken" glib.. any advice?16:38
MeekoAnybody here tried ubuntu 11.10 on the mid-2011 macbook air?16:38
SpamapSMeeko: I have 11.04 on a MBA 4,1 ... been thinking about giving oneiric a shot16:39
SpamapSMeeko: since 11.04 requires multiple hacks just to boot into 1024x768 w/ no 3D :-P16:39
MeekoSpamapS: And it's fully functional?16:39
SpamapSNo. :(16:39
SpamapSi915 misbehaves16:39
SpamapSkeyboard mapping is missing16:39
SpamapS(so no fn+anything)16:40
SpamapSOccasionally the sound works16:40
SpamapSI was thinking I'd give oneiric a shot this week actually.16:41
MeekoHehe. Sounds like I'll wait.16:41
MeekoHow is gestures treating you?16:41
SpamapSIts basically just a small machine to run terminals on.. I don't use it for much else.16:43
SpamapSWatch a movie here and there when there's no in flight wifi ;)16:43
SpamapSI think gestures is a generational thing.. I couldn't care less about them. :-P16:44
MeekoHehe. I got rid of my stationary and laptop and now using MBA as a primary machine. (with external screen). I miss ubuntu, though.16:45
SpamapSI have the 11" .. its really just for planes and use downstairs on the couch ;)16:46
SpamapSMeeko: it should work in 11.10 .. lots of i915 improvements in 3.0.016:47
SpamapSAnd I believe we have the version of mesa required16:47
bullgard6What timer program isto be recommended in GNOME 3?17:48
BluesKajgetting the message "cannot cal D-Bus , try qbus ? " or something like that , .choosing okay just brings me back to the login page with the message after I try to login18:12
PiciBluesKaj: Someone mentioned that earlier.18:13
BluesKajany ideas on this ...seems rather serious18:13
PiciIf you can find me a bug # I'll throw it in the topic.18:13
BluesKajPici:  I'm on irssi so I have no browser to search18:14
Piciw3m :)18:14
xnox_nigher lightdm nor gdm start18:22
xnox_something about gio18:23
xnox_=( *sigh*18:23
charlie-tcaPici: what about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/82775318:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 827753 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "libglib 2.29.16-0ubuntu1 breaks desktop session - downgrade fixes" [Critical,Fix released]18:24
charlie-tcaguess I should have looked first18:24
Picixnox_: please update/upgrade18:25
bullgard6What timer program is to be recommended in GNOME 3? --  GNOME will not install teatime due to missing dependencies.18:26
Picibullgard6: I'd file a bug about that.18:26
xnox_Pici: charlie-tca: thanks was looking for something like that18:27
bullgard6Pici: Hm. --  Yes, I will.18:27
yofelif BluesKaj comes back, the qdbus issue should be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/82781518:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 827815 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "Can't log into KDE, with error: Could not start D-bus, can you call qdbus?" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:28
gotoI installed ubuntu alpha3 and want to install gnome3. but i got an error by installing the gnome-packet:  gnome : Depends: gnome-desktop-environment (= 1:2.30+7ubuntu3) soll aber nicht installiert werden18:31
gotoE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:31
goto"soll aber nicht installiert werden" => "should not be installed"18:31
gotodon't know where the problem is, can anyone help?18:31
trismgoto: install gnome-shell and/or gnome-session-fallback if you would like a gnome 3 session18:31
gotook, i will try that18:32
billybigriggerwhat's with the title bar font after today's update?18:53
tzoscott I upgraded to the alpha of oneiric and now I have no desktop. (Yes, I do know better and impulse got the best of me). I don't have any package errors. tty7 stops outputting after Starting Timidity++. lightdm is running. Just nothing graphical on any terminal...19:06
bullgard6tzoscott: Analyze /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:09
tzoscottbullgard6: 'nvidia' module fails to load. It suggests reviewing kernel log for additional errors. /var/log/messages is empty (literally)...19:11
Ian_Cornetzoscott: apt-get install nvidia --reinstall19:12
trismtzoscott: /var/log/messages is disabled by default in recent ubuntu versions, check /var/log/kern.log for kernel messages and /var/log/syslog for just about everything else19:13
tzoscottIan_Corne: "Unable to locate package nvidia"19:13
tzoscotttrism: thx. Will check there..19:13
bullgard6trism: Did Ubuntu follow other ditributions by abandoning /var/log/messages?19:17
tzoscottOK. /var/log/syslog: gdm-simple-slave: gdm/custom.conf: No such file.    Rerun dpkg with a reconfigure?19:18
tzoscottOK, if I run 'dpkg-reconfigure lightdm' I get warnings from dpkg-maintscript-helper, warning environment variable DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_NAME missing, DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE missing.19:21
tzoscottIs this why I am missing the conf file?19:21
tzoscottAt this point I am open to running any DM. If I get this to a desktop I will sit tight on my install until the official beta comes out. :-)19:23
yofelbullgard6: yes, errors are in syslog now19:26
trismbullgard6: this is the changelog message where it was added: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rsyslog/4.6.4-2ubuntu419:26
tertittenanyone know if the look and feel that is talked about here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/717 is in 11.10 alpha3 ?19:31
tzoscottAny suggestion for how to resolve the error gdm-simple-slave: gdm/custom.conf: No such file ?19:32
urlin2utertitten, was on mine yetserday after a update.19:32
urlin2uthe look anyway tertitten19:33
tzoscottActually that can't be the error anymore... I reconfigured to use lightdm. And it has configs. Hmm19:33
tertittenurlin2u, ok, thanks19:34
dsathelsusb gives Bus 006 Device 003: ID 12d1:1446 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E1552 (HSPA modem)19:34
dsathebut its not being detected by nm applet19:34
dsathecannot connect19:34
dsathecan i connect via command line19:34
trismtzoscott: you could check the log files in /var/log/lightdm but it seems like you are using the nvidia, so you may want to check dkms status first to see if the modules are built19:35
tzoscotttrism: Thanks. Unfortunately 'lightdm' does not appear in dkms' search results. nvidia does, but a lot of it looks pre-11.10 info,19:39
tzoscottPutting this another way, can anyone confirm they are running oneiric with nvidia?19:40
tzoscottand amd6419:40
tzoscottlightdm is running, and it says on terminal 7. Damn, I'm never jumping off a cliff with my eyes closed ever again.19:41
trismtzoscott: lightdm can run without nvidia working, it spawns children for the x session, which will require nvidia19:42
tzoscotttrism: any way to fall back to nv or even a generic display driver?19:43
trismtzoscott: lsmod | grep nvidia; to see if the module is running, dkms status should say something like: nvidia-current, 280.13, 3.0.0-8-generic, i686: installed19:43
* yofel runs nvidia with KDM but still uses nomodeset as well19:43
trismtzoscott: you can try nouveau, someone else may be able to walk you through reverting to that (I think just removing nvidia-current and moving /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of the way). I never really use it because it spins my fan at 100% all the time19:45
tzoscottlsmod|grep -i nvidia yields nothing. dkms status is interesting: nvidia-current is listed twice: 2.6.38-10 generic, and 3.0.0-8-generic. Both x86_6419:46
bullgard6trism: Thank you very much for your help.19:46
yofeltzoscott: does lsmod|grep -i nouveau give something?19:46
tzoscottThe current loaded kernel is 3.0.0-8-generic19:46
tzoscottyofel: Yes. A table of system names and numbers. Nouveau itself is in red text.19:47
yofelnot good, nvidia can't work if nouveau is loaded19:47
yofeltzoscott: a) file a bug b) edit /etc/default/grub, add nomodeset to the default command line, save and run update-grub19:48
yofelafter a reboot nvidia should work19:48
tzoscottSweet. hope it is that easy. OK brb19:49
tzoscottyofel: OK, I get to lightdm now. After I log in, the screen flashes a line of console text and I am bounced back into lightdm. greeter log mentions some Gtk-critical errors, but I don't know if that's what bounces me back to lightdm20:02
tzoscottyofel: In any case, you trism bullgard6 were a big help. At least I get DM. I think the remaining error might just be software and I should wait it out..20:03
tzoscott... and apologies for tying up folks with questions. Been doing software for 20 years, and I know better than to jump into an alpha without being prepared. (Tho I did it for the last 4 Ubuntu alpha releases, and was never burned by it).20:07
tzoscottHave a good day, all. :-)20:08
bullgard6[GNOME 3] How can I delete all plays? Using Synaptic is not enough. The plays re-appered after the recent upgrade.20:09
trismtzoscott: no need to apologize, we're here to help if we can20:11
tzoscotttrism: Kind of you to say that (and help), but I recognize I shot my foot here even if you don't say it. :-)20:13
tzoscottBTW I've been using Linux since 1994. First Slackware, then RH, Debian, back to Fedora, and Ubuntu since Dapper20:16
Ian_Corneis it safe to update atm?20:32
Ian_Cornewith the dbus stuff that's going round20:32
yofelIan_Corne: that's qt only, and for a workaround install qt4-dev-tools20:35
Ian_Corneah ok20:36
Ian_CorneI'm on lightdm20:36
yofelnote: multiarch is freakin' confusing if you have no way to keep the packages apart in aptitude o.O20:36
Ian_Corneso np normally?20:36
yofelwell, shouldn't affect anything that doesn't use qt (or qdbus rather)20:37
escottanyone know what is going on with all the certificate errors in 11.0420:40
escottempathy in particular keeps complaining20:40
ali1234i'm getting that with pidgin20:41
janisozaurwhere is "regular" tray in oneiric? I have some apps that have icons there but don't use appindicator20:41
ali1234i think it's a problem of the servers20:41
escottali1234, i really dont care but i cant get empathy to shut-up no matter how often i say remember this20:42
ali1234they keep changing the certs20:42
ali1234i'm getting it from twitter and facebook20:42
escottali1234, the fact that im getting it from so many places suggests its a problem with the keychain20:44
Ian_Cornesame escott20:44
Ian_Corneput yourself on 'offline'20:45
Ian_Corneit not off but at least you won't get IM's on your laptop instead of your desktop :p20:45
escottok and dist-upgrade just asked to install libc6:i386... i think i will say no20:48
jbichaescott: that's part of nspluginwrapper & Flash working with using x86 libraries directly20:51
jbichamultiarch is the buzzword20:51
ali1234multiarch is a good idea20:51
ali1234i have a 64 bit server with a chrooted 32 bit install because of ia32libs20:52
ali1234it sucks and every time i upgrade anything it breaks20:52
BUGabundoany tips on getting my sound working ? :( please?20:53
escottjbicha, but why is it showing as NEW? can i avoid it by enabling sevenmachine ppa?20:53
jbichaescott: it shows as NEW because it wasn't installed on your computer before20:54
jbichait's an indirect dependency of ubuntu-restricted-extras20:54
jbichait's better just to let it install, it won't break your Flash20:54
escottjbicha, im just confused because i have flash already. im not clear on what i would need libc6 for20:55
ali1234maybe something else. wine maybe?20:55
ali1234or anything that is 32 bit only20:55
yofelescott: flash uses the 32bit libraries, now it's installing the mulitarch package instead of using the ones from ia32-libs20:55
escottyofel, ok thanks... found the wiki page20:56
BUGabundowhere's crisum when we need him :(20:58
ali1234BUGabundo: did it work before?20:58
BUGabundoali1234: yep20:58
BUGabundotill a few days ago20:58
ali1234then do a git bisect20:58
ali1234on the kernel20:58
BUGabundoI'm already alternating between the archive repo and the audio team ppa20:59
BUGabundoill try an older kernel on the next boot :\20:59
ali1234you need to go back to an older version21:00
ali1234like 2.6 :)21:00
ali1234then do a bisect to find exact commit21:01
ali1234then email the person who wrote that commit21:01
BUGabundoor use an hammer on them21:03
ali1234chances are you'll end up at a commit that makes you say derp21:04
ali1234then just email a patch21:04
BUGabundowhat are these pre-installed live images?21:06
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
BUGabundoyofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668628/21:32
BUGabundolet me guess, you have purge-ppa installed?21:32
yofelI can't really track down what's wrong there either21:33
Ian_Cornethat looks nasty BUGabundo21:37
BUGabundoE: Problem executing scripts DPkg::Post-Invoke 'if [ -x /usr/bin/debsums ]; then /usr/bin/debsums --generate=nocheck -sp /var/cache/apt/archives; fi'21:39
BUGabundoE: Sub-process returned an error code21:39
BUGabundoA package failed to install.  Trying to recover:21:39
BUGabundoIan_Corne: this looks worse21:39
BUGabundosome install script has a typo21:40
Ian_Cornethat's not thaaat bad21:40
Ian_Cornebut it can be hard to pin down21:40
BUGabundoit happened when installing ppa-purge21:41
BUGabundoif anyone can reproduce21:41
yofelI can reproduce that since a few days ago21:42
* yofel admits he forgot to file a bug >.>21:43
Ian_Cornethe horror!21:44
yofelwell, I'll file one as soon as apport failing to install doesn't cover that error ^^21:44
BUGabundoI need to downgrade pulse21:54
BUGabundoto test the audio :(21:54
urlin2uBUGabundo, you can do it in synaptic and lock it if needed.21:58
BUGabundoRead oneiric-desktop-amd64.iso. Target 58.4% complete.22:26
BUGabundothats' a lot of changes for just a week :S22:26
Ian_CorneI've had LOOOTS of updates22:26
BUGabundoI'll leave for the weekend to upgrade all my isos22:27
BUGabundo20GBs is a lot22:28
BUGabundomy PC is already burned with the DD of an USB drive :\22:28
BUGabundostupid USB IO22:28
BUGabundoI can't even see what I'm typing22:30
BUGabundobe glad I gave one typo that time22:30
Ian_Cornehaha :D22:30
BUGabundothe lag is so big I typed this all before screen refreshed22:30
ali1234i get that too22:30
ali1234really annoying when using dd22:31
ali1234although i haven't seen it happen since i upgraded my memory22:31
ali1234to 16GB22:31
BUGabundoI have 4gbS22:34
BUGabundoPLUS ONE 2gb SWAPFILE ON ssd AND ON 10gb SWAP FILE OVER ethernet22:34
BUGabundooops sorry caps22:34
BUGabundodding from usb (old laptop drive 5400) to NAS over ethernet is fun22:35
BUGabundoI can't pin point where the load is, but nothing works... everyting is lagged22:35
BUGabundomem is free, SSD has no IO, usb has some, and netcard is at max22:35
ali1234i used to have 4GB ram when i when i had the problem22:35
BUGabundobut shouldn't slowdown the entire system22:35
ali1234i always ran out22:36
ali1234i think it is related to disk cache personally22:36
BUGabundoso you think it's the disk buffers?22:36
BUGabundoill have to set them lower22:36
BUGabundolet me do a $sync22:36
BUGabundoand flashu it out22:36
BUGabundoif I don't come back, you know what happened22:36
ali1234yeah if you dd a big file, it's going to go disk -> ram -> cache -> ram -> device -> ram -> cache -> ram real write22:36
BUGabundoits 300GBs22:37
ali1234and of course it's going to also churn out all virtual memory to achieve this if swappiness is set to max22:37
ali1234so try tweaking that maybe22:37
ali1234i also believe this is what makes firefox so slow on linux22:38
ali1234due to the way it insists on having it's own disk and ram caches22:38
ali1234with the way linux disk cache works there's a good chance that firefox's disk cache ends up in ram and it's ram cache ends up on disk in virtual memory22:39
BUGabundo 3840                 51584K                 51584K                     0K                  99%                 dd22:39
ali1234causing massive amounts of thrashing22:39
ali1234what does free -m say?22:40
BUGabundowanna laugh?22:40
BUGabundoclosing chromium make *everything* faster22:40
ali1234chromium uses a lot of ram... more than firefox22:40
BUGabundo$ free -m22:40
BUGabundo             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached22:40
BUGabundoMem:          3963       3867         95          0        774       198522:40
BUGabundo-/+ buffers/cache:       1108       285522:40
BUGabundoSwap:        13047         11      1303622:40
BUGabundodepends on the mem leaks LOL22:40
BUGabundoI saw it use 5GBs of RAM once22:41
BUGabundoon a quick refresh on atop I saw it using 12GB of virtual mem22:41
ali1234yeah 2.8GB of disk cache and only 95MB free22:41
BUGabundo1.1GB used for cache22:41
BUGabundo2.8 free22:41
ali12342.8GB free when you don't count disk cache22:42
ali123495MB free if you do22:42
ali12341.1GB of memory used by "not disk cache"22:42
BUGabundothat would be FF22:43
=== compengi is now known as compengi`
BUGabundo22786       827         0       46K      1.2G    282.9M         0K       76K    bugabund    bugabund      7%    firefox-bin22:43
BUGabundo21419       227         0      968K      1.1G    118.3M         0K        0K    bugabund    bugabund      3%    pidgin22:43
BUGabundopidgin is not helping either22:43
ali1234that's virtual memory though22:43
=== compengi` is now known as compengi
ali1234they're only using 400MB between them really22:43
BUGabundo300MBs for firefox with just one tab22:43
BUGabundoits not bad :P22:43
ali1234firefox allocates more memory depending how much you have22:44
ali1234also adblock+ doubles its ram usage22:44
ali1234yes it literally doubles it22:44
BUGabundowith the amount of ad lists I have22:44
BUGabundoit must quadruple them22:44
BUGabundolet me compare chromium22:45
BUGabundowith and without22:45
BUGabundo27922       397         0    59049K      1.3G    134.7M     -7004K       32K    bugabund    bugabund      3%    chromium-brows22:45
BUGabundo28054      1754         1    59049K      1.3G    75404K     22652K     4628K    bugabund    bugabund      2%    chromium-brows22:45
BUGabundoaddons on chromium DOUBLE the ram usage22:46
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
BUGabundo-rw-r--r-- 1 bugabundo users 159G 2011-08-17 23:54 /mnt/NAS/homes/bugabundo/disks/320.img22:54
BUGabundohalf way done22:54
bjsnidermy chromium doesn't get anywhere near that bad22:58
BUGabundodo you have 200+ addons ? :P jkjk22:59
BUGabundoor maybe not.....22:59
bjsniderno, i can definitely say i don't have 200 addons22:59
BUGabundobugabundo@BluBUG:~/.config/chromium/Default/Extensions$ ls -1 | wc -l23:00
BUGabundohalf of those aren't even enabled23:00
Ian_Corne$ ls -l | wc -l23:05
Rods_Tigerwhat was that complicated command I typed in a few days ago to make the screensaver stop working? It?s failed to perform so I need to re-issue it again.23:09
escottRods_Tiger, gnome-screensaver-command --deactivate?23:12
DaekdroomIs compiz/Unity currently broken for anyone else?23:23
jbichaDaekdroom: I recommend you use Ubuntu 2D or maybe even Gnome Shell23:26
jbichaUnity is getting an updated build tomorrow so maybe it will improve some of the issues23:26
DaekdroomI temporally moved to Gnome Shell23:27
jbichaooh, Gnome 3 has time travel now?! ;-)23:28
DaekdroomOh. What a misuse of an adverb :P23:31
urlin2uanybody lost the left panel, and applets on the top left?23:50
urlin2uuhh top right23:50
billybigriggercan anyone here tell me how i choose what video driver i'm using?23:53
billybigriggersince there is no more xorg.conf23:53
Daekdroombillybigrigger, create a xorg.conf file.23:54
DaekdroomYou can do it by shutting down X server and using X -configure in a terminal. It'll generate a .conf file you should edit and then move to the correct directory.23:55

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