rsalvetiXofrats: were you able to compile with the same native compiler before?00:00
rsalvetiat least with the same version?00:00
rsalvetiif you're using ubuntu you can just use the ubuntu cross compiler00:00
rsalvetilike the package gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi00:01
loolDaviey: thanks00:01
XofratsThis is the ubuntu cross-compiler00:01
Xofratsstarfox@ubuntu:~/module/mods$ arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc --version00:01
Xofratsarm-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu3) 4.5.200:01
XofratsThe native one I used was gcc-4.4.5-8 (Debian)00:02
XofratsBecause Ubuntu no longer runs on armv600:02
rsalvetiyou can try to cross compile with gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi if you're running natty00:03
rsalvetinot the same but at least same major gcc version00:03
XofratsOkay, I'm game for that.  What would I need to install that?00:03
XofratsI guess I kinda figured out, apt-get remove gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi, apt-get install gcc-4.4-arm-linux-gnueabi00:18
XofratsThanks for the pointer00:18
rbelemheya rsalveti00:19
rbelemrsalveti, do you know where i can find documentation about porting an application to arm?00:20
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arcaicoHello, Where I find the usbserial module to ARM?02:32
prpplaguearcaico: usbserial is an option in the linux kernel02:46
prpplaguearcaico: either turn it on it your kernel configuration and compile it in, or compile it as a module02:47
arcaicoprpplague thanks03:02
arcaicoCan you indicate some link to study?03:02
arcaicothere is no file in: /lib/modules/kernel03:03
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mahmohjcrigby: is there an updated u-boot about yet with pxe fixes?08:23
JohanssonI've installed the official pre-installed 11.04  headless image for beagleboard-xm08:23
Johanssonand changed the kernel like it says in the website08:23
Johanssoneverything seems to work fine but the ethernet08:24
JohanssonI've tried insmod g_ether.ko, but it's not working08:24
Johanssonany idea?08:24
ogra_headless is super minimal rather for developers that need a basic system to build on top08:26
ogra_it might miss bits and pieces in userspace08:26
ogra_do you see the NIC with "cat /proc/net/dev" ?08:26
Johanssonum, I'm going to boot it up now and see08:27
JohanssonI know headless is minimal, but I need a minimal system08:27
JohanssonIt's going to act as an on board computer08:27
ogra_alternatively you could use the oneiric server image, that should also not require fiddling with the kernel08:27
JohanssonI won't need a screen08:28
JohanssonI need the ethernet for connecting to it and develop08:28
Johanssonand the spi and i2c in the expansion slots08:28
JohanssonIt's not there, only the loopback interface08:32
ogra_that looks like a kernel bug08:34
Johanssonbut I'm suprised that I couldn't find it anywhere08:35
Johanssonin the forums or google08:36
Johanssonseems like noone tries those headless images08:36
ogra_well, i would recommend to at least test the server image (it is what was headless in natty but has additionally installable packages available08:36
ogra_we didnt really promote them much08:36
ogra_but our QA tests them heavily (thats how we i.e. find out that you need another kernel tarball for certain boards etc)08:37
Johanssonthe server image of oneirc you mean?08:38
ogra_server is headless+a package pool of server packages you can install from08:38
ogra_but uses a 3.0 kernel that should definitely support your board08:38
Johanssonbut still lets me select the packages, right?08:39
Johanssonat least in categories like the natty headless08:39
ogra_the user experience is the same ... just the image is b igger08:39
ogra_because it shops a pool of deb's08:39
Johanssonis it going to fit in a 2GB SD?08:39
ogra_should fit i think08:39
Johanssonok, thanks :)08:39
ppisatiogra_: uhmmm... didn't the early 3.0 omap3 kernels have broken usb?09:29
ppisatiogra_: perhaps that's why he doesn't see the ethernet09:30
ogra_he is on natty still09:30
ppisatiah ok09:31
ogra_and he has a board that came out fater natty released09:32
ogra_its likely that 3.0 will at least be fine with that part ... USb has to be checked indeed, but i think it should work again09:32
Johanssonbut ethernet in the beagle works over a usb interface i think09:34
Johanssonwell anyway I'm installing oneiric, so I'll try09:34
ogra_right :)09:34
Johanssonogra_, it says the same during the installation as the natty version10:00
Johansson"No network interfaces detected                                            ?10:00
Johansson ?                                                                           ?10:00
Johansson ? No network interfaces were found. The installation system was unable to   ?10:00
Johansson ? find a network device.  "10:00
Johanssonops, sorry for the crappy copy-paste10:00
Johansson"You may need to load a specific module for your network card"10:01
ogra_hmm, first file a bug :)10:01
ogra_do you have other USB devices you can see ... i.e. with lsusb ?10:01
Johanssoni don't have any other usb device connected10:01
Johanssoni can try I mouse or something to see if it shows up, when i finish the installation10:02
ogra_just run lsusb, it should at least show you hubs etc10:03
Johanssonwell, something is working10:21
JohanssonBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub10:21
JohanssonBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub10:21
Johanssonoh, nice10:25
Johanssonogra_, it doesn't work out of the box, the ethernet10:25
Johanssonbut the usbs work10:25
Johanssonwith modprobe g_ether, now the usb0 interface is up10:25
ogra_yeah, gadget wont indeed work by default10:25
Johanssonbut i don't know why insmod g_ether.ko doesn't work10:25
ogra_but a general network connection should10:26
Johanssonthe interface usb0 for the ethernet gadget is up10:31
Johanssonbut dhclient can't find a dhcp server10:32
ogra_yes, but we dont load any gadget modules by default afaik10:32
Johanssonand the leds in the ethernet aren't on either10:32
ogra_leds on the ethernet ?10:32
ogra_why would you have any leds lit up ?10:32
Johanssonthe physical connector has 2 leds10:32
ogra_you use gadget ethernet10:32
ogra_not the NIC10:33
Johanssonthe one that comes with the board10:33
ogra_you know what g_ether is, right ?10:33
Johanssonyes, but if i'm not mistaken, the ethernet connector in the board10:34
ogra_(hint, itr has nothing to do with the network card at all)10:34
Johanssonworks that way10:34
Johanssonit's wired through an usb10:34
ogra_it initializes a usb ethernet connection on the mini USB port10:34
Johanssonoh, then I was mistaken..10:35
Johanssonin all the info I've read everyone was using usb0/usb1 devices for ethernet10:35
ogra_ogra@panda:~$ ifconfig |grep HWaddr10:36
ogra_eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 2e:40:70:f0:12:0610:36
ogra_ogra@panda:~$ uname -a10:36
ogra_Linux panda 2.6.38-1309-omap4 #14tiomap4v201107060935 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 6 08:35:55 UTC 2011 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux10:36
ogra_(thats oneiric though, but the kernel should still be the same as natty's on this install)10:37
Johanssonbut that's a different board10:37
Johanssonthat's a pandaboard, right?10:38
ogra_oh, wait, you said beagle10:38
Johanssona beagleboard-xm revC10:39
ogra_yeah, that might be usb0 ... but its definitely not g_ether :)10:39
sijiogra_, yes it's usb010:39
ogra_though i thoght we fixed it for both boards10:39
sijiu guess dhclient usb0 will work10:39
Johanssonit's not g_ether the module then?10:40
ogra_right, just ignore g_ether10:40
Johanssonwith g_ether the usb0 is up, but dhclient not working10:40
ogra_unless you want to actually use g_ether indeed :)10:40
Johanssonthen what would be the right module to load?10:41
JohanssonI'm reading that it's treated indeed as an usb gadget10:41
ogra_it shouldnt10:42
ogra_its a fully fledged USB NIC10:42
ogra_just weirdly named10:43
Johanssonuh, strange10:43
ogra_did you ifconfig usb0 up before running dhclient btw ?10:44
Johanssonit shows in ifconfig -a10:44
ogra_and what did the installer actually offer you ?10:44
ogra_it should tell you name and description of the device before trying to configure it10:45
Johanssonit says that it couldn't detect any network interface10:45
Johanssonthen i just tried modprobe g_ether10:45
Johanssonand usb0 appeared10:45
ogra_you are sure it wasnt there before ?10:45
ogra_hmm, weird10:47
Johanssony can reboot and try again10:48
Johanssonyep, no network interface when i reboot10:54
Johanssononly lo10:54
ogra_very weird10:54
ogra_and thats natty ?10:54
Johanssonno, oneiric10:55
ogra_ah, no, wait10:55
Johanssonnatty didn't even work loading g_ether10:55
* ogra_ is active in too many channels today10:55
Johanssonmodprobe g_ether with natty gave an error10:55
ogra_well, it definitely sounds like a kernel bug you should file10:55
ogra_afaik we only have revA XMs in the team so its hard to test such issues10:56
ogra_do you see any oopses or some such in dmesg ?10:57
sijiogra_, I think revA also having the same issue10:57
ogra_siji, well, then we would have seen it during release testing10:57
Johanssonthat's strange, should've noticed it10:57
ogra_natty definitely has a working NIC on the XM revA10:57
Johanssonout of the box?10:58
sijiogra_, yes it's working but every boot i have to establisht he command dhclient usb010:58
siji(dont knw whether it's a bug or not)10:58
ogra_that would have blocked the release if such an issue would have shown up during final release testing10:58
ogra_though check the known issues page, it might be that there were issues with the non netbook images the netbook images dont have10:59
sijiogra_, ok10:59
sijiany way i simply  made a init script and executing it while booting which solved my prblm :)11:01
Johanssondhclient usb0 doesn't work for me i'm afraid11:01
ogra_well, you dont see the NIC at all11:02
ogra_thats different11:02
ogra_since you dont even have usb011:02
Johanssonbut with modprobe g_ether it shows up11:02
ogra_thats a totally different device, ignore gadget stuff11:02
Johanssonsiji, does g_ether shows up in your lsmod?11:02
Johanssonok then11:03
sijiJohansson, checking ..11:03
ogra_sadly they are both named usb*11:03
sijiJohansson, no11:03
Johanssonthen the problem is that I need to load the right module, which I don't know11:03
ogra_the omap kernel should have all bits the beagle needs compiled in11:03
ogra_can you pastebin /var/log/dmesg soemwhere ... after a boot without touchuing g_ether11:04
sijiogra_, me ?11:05
Johanssonno, me probabl11:05
ogra_siji, no11:05
Johanssongotta go now, we'll back in about half an hour and will check11:06
Johanssonbtw, thanks for the help11:06
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Johanssonogra_, the full dmesg: http://pastebin.com/CZq8WfXJ12:00
ogra_well, looks like it doesnt have any NIC there, thats definitely a kernel issue12:02
Johanssonwill it be fixed compiling a new kernel?12:03
ogra_well, first of all make sure to file a bug, then hassle ppisati about it enough to make him fix it ;)12:04
ogra_(you can alsdo try to bribe him with beer or so, that might even get faster results)12:05
Johanssonhehe, ok12:05
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^ have you heard of XM revC board NIC issues ?12:05
Johanssonbut my question was if the problem is with this image12:06
Johanssonor if there is no support at all for this nic in the kernel12:06
ogra_well, thats what the bug is supposed to tell us :)12:06
ogra_afauik it should just be the same  smsc adapter the panda uses12:07
ogra_and i think it should be even compiled in statically ... though that might have changed since i touched omap3 kernel stuff last12:08
rsalvetiogra_: it seems that there's an issue with usb x revc12:09
ogra_aha !12:10
rsalvetistill didn't check the details yet, but I remember the patches to fix it were applied12:10
ogra_well, that would explain everything then :)12:10
rsalvetiso could be a new bug against 3.012:10
rsalvetieven with linaro kernels12:10
ogra_well, he sees it on natty too12:10
ogra_i was about to suggest to try a linaro .deb12:10
ogra_but if thats the same it wont be worth the effort12:11
rsalvetihm, weird, I remember we fixed this at natty12:12
rsalveti[    0.079040] OMAP3 Beagle Rev: xM C12:12
rsalvetiit's properly identified12:12
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ogra_bah, crap ... the ac100 installer cant work the way it is designed12:37
ogra_infinity, i fear i need to go back to the overlay initrd and to using abootimg on antimony12:39
ogra_infinity, the tarball is renamed n times i will never have the right filename in the initrd12:40
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rsalvetiogra_: in theory http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git;a=commitdiff;h=ee67d920c47e8a804560eed1e3b8f3157df50fe2;hp=bbe1f061a9bcc183c60921a70c98c08668bb9984 fixed the revc support for natty12:53
rsalvetiat least this was tested by some folks that had revc and it worked fine12:53
rsalvetibut this is not at the released kernel12:54
rsalvetiguess we have that documented at the wiki page12:54
ogra_well, the wuestion is if it is in the revC kernel that tobin offers as tarball :)12:55
ogra_you cant use the release kernel anyway with that board12:55
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RoAkSoAxhowdy guys14:23
RoAkSoAxI was wondering what mirror to use to install arm (i.e. archive.ubuntu.com)?14:23
ogra_whats your installation taget device14:24
RoAkSoAxogra_: cool14:25
RoAkSoAxusing a pandaboard14:25
ogra_what image ? they should all be properly pre-configured to DTRT14:26
ogra_(i.e. the mirror should be pre-selected)14:26
ogra_if not, thats a bug that should be filed14:27
* ogra_ could really need some brilliant idea for the tarball naming problem14:36
* ogra_ looks at infinity trying to find out if thats a snore coming from there or not14:36
infinityogra_: Hrm?  How does the filename matter?15:20
ogra_infinity, it i ued to find the file :)15:20
infinityWell, find-live-filesystem is going to give you a consistent filename on antimony.15:20
ogra_ele i would have to iterate over all posible tarballs and check all md5's (as you noticed before)15:20
infinityOf course, it might change again when you publish.15:21
ogra_if i create the md5sum file before find-live-filesystem, the filename is differebt15:21
ogra_right, and publishing chnges it again15:21
ogra_with my way of doing the post processing on antimony i know the final filename15:22
infinityThe md5sum file shouldn't matter.  It could just be stdin, for all one cares.15:22
ogra_so that wasnt a problem before15:22
infinityAnd actually, no.  You still don't know the final filename with doing it all on antimony.15:22
infinitySince we rename dailies to ubuntu-$version-whatever when we publish milestones and final releases.15:23
ogra_hmm, right, thats in cdimage15:23
ogra_a review would be appreciated before i merge that15:23
infinityYour script just needs to know all the possible names it could be looking for, I suppose.  Or a pattern.15:26
infinityWhy didn't you use the live-build helpers to mount/umount your special filesystems?  Would have avoided that case statement, since it already knows the right thing.15:26
ogra_either that or i could pre-filter against the filesize15:27
ogra_you mean lb_chroot_sysfs and friends ?15:28
ogra_how do i call them, are they in PATH ?15:28
ogra_also do they mount in the right chroot :)15:28
ogra_given i seem to have two15:28
infinityYou call them as "lb chroot_sysfs $args"15:28
infinityAnd yeah, they operate on chroot/ not on binary/foo/blah.15:29
infinityThe one in binary is just a copy of the other.15:29
ogra_hmm, so i should change my code to point to chroot/ then15:29
ogra_infinity, bah, that now looks boring http://paste.ubuntu.com/668365/15:39
ogra_any obvious typos ?15:40
ogra_hmm, i could drop rootpath as well i guess15:41
infinityNope, but you want to pass "$@" as the second argument to all your lb calls.15:41
infinityIn the case of those three, it probably doesn't matter that it gets all the arguments, but one never knows what some crazy person might do later. :)15:41
infinityAnd yeah, the rootpath thing is pointless.15:41
* ogra_ adds, though the code only chcks for install|remove anyway15:42
infinityYeah, I know.  It's just lb best practice, since all the tools are meant to potentially care about environment.15:43
infinity(And they really should have a better way of doing that than passing the CLI on to everything)15:43
infinityBut whatever.15:43
ogra_heh, yeah15:44
ogra_ok, merging and uploading ... i'm curious if it will work :)15:44
infinityIs 9:45am too early to hit the gin?15:46
ogra_depends on the amount of tonic15:46
infinityAhh, that's how it works?  Good to know.15:47
infinityMy best friend's grandpa died last night, and I did the only sane and manly thing -- kept him up all night drinking.15:47
infinityAnd now I'm trying to sort out how to operate on 3 hours' sleep with a splitting headache. :P15:47
ogra_alka selzer ftw15:48
ogra_and yes, after a 3h night gin at 9:45 is a sanr thing15:49
ogra_(if you drank the night before)15:49
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steev_using an ubuntu core (oneiric) base, i've gone through and installed ubuntu-desktop, and I'm getting a few issues, one being locale can't seem to set the default locale (is this because I'm in a chroot without a kernel yet?) or am I missing something else, I do recall it asking me for the locale(s) to use, and I set it to US/US/UTF-8, the other is that dpkg seems to die because of modemmanager, ar20:46
steev_e these known issues already?20:46
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