philipballewwould you say team viewer is the best remot desktop shairing tool. or is there something easier or better out there00:23
Geo|zzzyesterday someone showed me an article on how to make aliases in my terminal, and my terminal keeps forgetting the aliases I'm making. Am I making them wrong? Or is there a save command?00:26
escottGeo|zzz, add them to your ~/.bashrc00:27
Geo|zzzOh, that's what they meant. Okay. Uhh I don't have that.00:27
CrOnOs2000philipballew,  i only tryed vnc before let me check what team viewer does and i will tell you my opinion00:27
escottGeo|zzz, you do. files beginning with a dot are hidden to ls and only appear with ls -a00:28
Geo|zzzI pushed ctrl+H. it's not in my root folder.00:28
escottGeo|zzz, if you deleted yours by accident grab the copy from /etc/skel00:29
Geo|zzzI didn't delete it o.O00:29
Geo|zzzI don't delete things from my root folder lol00:29
philipballewCrOnOs2000, alright00:30
escottGeo|zzz, what do you mean by root folder?00:30
Geo|zzz /00:30
escottGeo|zzz, ~/ == $HOME00:30
Geo|zzzin /home I only have lost+found, .ecryptfs, and geo folders.00:31
escottGeo|zzz, $HOME = /home/geo00:33
Geo|zzzFinally some answers!00:34
CrOnOs2000philipballew,  well is paid so they probably ony offer a limited version for free, whats the better software depends if you going to give remore support for many not recurrent users or just share desktops w your friends00:38
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CrOnOs2000exelente parece que en firefox 6 el flash trabaja mejor :D lastima que los plugins que uso no esten todos actualizados01:29
nlsthzn_work!fr CrOnOs200001:34
ubot2Factoid 'fr CrOnOs2000' not found01:34
nlsthzn_workok... that didn't work :p01:34
CrOnOs2000ups, wrong chanel for that last sorry guys01:35
ubot2En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:35
Unit193Heh, no problem (You thought Fr? You also forgot the pipe :D )01:36
nlsthzn_work!fr | CrOnOs200001:36
ubot2CrOnOs2000: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:36
nlsthzn_workah like that...01:36
Unit193I think that was Spanish01:36
nlsthzn_workI am not good with languages unfortunatly :)01:36
nlsthzn_worknot even the ones I speak :p01:36
Unit193Move to ot :P01:36
philipballewhay, when i update versious uf ubuntu is that known to cut off accsess to my ssh server?03:27
philipballewnot sure why though03:28
rickjaruizim new to linux, can anyone help?04:55
rickjaruizim running a server 11.04 on hyper-v, i can i get file access?04:56
urlin2urickjaruiz, maybe what's up?04:56
rickjaruizwhats the best way to get file access remotely?04:56
urlin2uout of my area of knowledege04:56
Unit193Wouldn't you just use SSH? Or sshfs on local network04:57
rickjaruizhow about for copying files?04:57
rickjaruizis that through ssh?04:57
rickjaruizlike putty?04:58
Unit193You could use PSCP (Comes with putty)04:58
philipballewyou can copy files with ssh04:58
rickjaruizwhat do i need to setup on server to enable ssh?04:58
philipballewsudo apt-get install openssh-server i think04:59
philipballew^ anyone confirm?04:59
rickjaruizis gui for server pretty reiable? or should i stay away form it?05:00
philipballewit will slow the system down but its do-able. its just one more proccess you have to worry about on the server05:01
philipballewwhats the server for?05:01
rickjaruizim kind of bored with windows, so just trying to learn05:01
rickjaruizbut i was trying to setup a minecraft server :)05:02
rickjaruizits very easy for me in windows05:02
rickjaruizbut extreme hard in ubuntu server05:02
philipballewrickjaruiz, its not harder, just different05:03
philipballewbut it will run better05:03
rickjaruizi guess u can say that05:03
rickjaruizthe server requires mysql and java 6 jdk05:03
philipballewthen you can install that pretty easily if you need to. were here to help you05:04
philipballewhave you found any guides specificly to set one up with ubuntu05:04
rickjaruizthanks for the help05:04
rickjaruizi dont know any commands at all05:04
rickjaruizit was hard to get network card working05:04
rickjaruizbecause its running as a virtual machine in windows 2008 r2 hyper-v05:04
philipballewso your running the server virtually in a server?05:05
rickjaruizexactly :)05:05
rickjaruizwhat is samba file server, is that for remote file access?05:06
rickjaruizi just ran sudo tasksel05:07
philipballewwhat do you need to transfer files to05:07
Unit193Samba is Windows Shares05:07
rickjaruizim just trying to run mcmyadmin server05:08
rickjaruizi dont even know how to download from server05:08
rickjaruizor should i download form windows and transfer?05:08
rickjaruizhow come it wont let me install OpenSSH server from tasksel?05:09
rickjaruizor is that not how u do it?05:09
philipballewto install software you run sudo apt-get install packagename05:10
Unit193Take a look here https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ and maybe visit their IRC channel at #ubuntu-server05:10
Unit193Here for SSH https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html05:10
rickjaruizis this place for desktop?05:11
urlin2uyeah any ubuntu05:11
Unit193Mainly yes, but some people may know server05:12
* philipballew runs a server05:12
rickjaruizso if i install ssh i shouldnt need ftp?05:12
rickjaruizany reason to use 10.04 instead of 11.04?05:13
holsteinlong term support... arguable stability05:14
holsteini use 10.04 everywhere actually, not just the server05:14
rickjaruizfor me since im new, does it matter which i start with?05:15
philipballew10.04 might be easier as theres less bugs05:16
rickjaruizi love how os installs in 10 minutes05:16
rickjaruizwell, time to make a 10.04 vm real quick05:17
rickjaruiz512mb ram should be fine right?05:17
philipballewwhy do you wanna make a vm and not a hard install?05:17
philipballewfor a server would that be easier maybe?05:18
rickjaruizwell i use hyper-v and i already run multiple windows servers05:18
rickjaruizits easier just to create another vilrtual machine05:19
philipballewprobably true. how are you gonna have everyone connect to play on your virtual machine?05:19
rickjaruizwell i just open the port in firewall and im good to go :)05:19
philipballewtrue. if you have a static ip its pretty easy05:20
holsteinhyperV can give VM's their own IP like virtualbox does05:20
rickjaruizi use no-ip.org05:20
holsteini use dyndns :)05:20
rickjaruizi like being able to use servegame.com domain for free05:21
rickjaruizbut yeah, its a challenge05:21
rickjaruizthis whole linux thing05:21
rickjaruizim use to clicking away :)05:21
* philipballew has no idea about anything windows05:22
holsteinyou're not installing a GUI though05:22
rickjaruizawww no, 10.04 draws every line in my hyper-v console, unlike 11.0405:22
rickjaruizi did before05:23
rickjaruizdidnt seem stable05:23
rickjaruizin 11.04 anyways05:23
rickjaruizmaybe its better in 10.0405:23
holsteinwhats better?05:23
rickjaruizthe gui05:23
holstein11.04 is using unity, im not sure, other than graphics drivers in the VM, why it would seem unstable05:25
rickjaruizbut yeah i know any windows os like the back of my hand, but linux, no clue05:25
philipballeware you running a gui with your server?05:25
rickjaruizi started over without it05:25
rickjaruizi mine run one in 10.0405:25
rickjaruizto test it05:25
holsteinyou should see me with a windows install disc05:26
holsteini remember transitioning over to it being easier to install linux05:26
rickjaruizhow do u run games in linux?05:27
rickjaruizsince its not compatible05:27
holsteini look for games for linux05:27
holsteinand run them05:27
bioterrorwe play xbill05:27
bioterrorand xmahjong05:27
rickjaruizso no cool 3d games then?05:28
bioterrorsome people says they play games with wine, but it seems to be a little pita05:28
bioterrorrickjaruiz, there's lots of cool 3d cames05:28
bioterrorrickjaruiz, http://happypenguin.org/05:28
rickjaruizis it possible to place windows games?05:28
philipballewsome. takes work05:28
bioterror!wine | rickjaruiz05:28
ubot2rickjaruiz: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:28
ubot2Factoid 'crossover' not found05:28
holsteinrickjaruiz: how about this... linux is *way* more likely to play a windows game than the other way around05:28
bioterror!cedega ! rickjaruiz05:28
ubot2bioterror: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:28
bioterrorno cedega :(05:28
bioterrorthat was some cool stuff back in the years05:29
rickjaruizbut yeah learning linux makes me feel like ive just started using a pc05:30
rickjaruizso do u guys just memorize all the commands?05:31
bioterrorand all the places05:31
bioterrorand all what we have changed05:31
bioterrorand plus plus plus more05:31
rickjaruizyep, this is going to be a challenge05:31
holsteindo you memorize all the things to click on in windows05:31
rickjaruizbut i like challenges05:32
bioterrorI have to remember all the GNU/Linux stuff at home, Windows XP/Vista/7 stuff at work and some Solaris stuff too05:32
holsteindoesnt take me long to forget those too ;)05:32
bioterrorand oh well05:32
philipballewits more just not always memorized to memorize, but experance brings memorzation05:32
rickjaruizclicking has more pictures :)05:32
bioterrorhalf of the things are done with the proper shell configuration05:32
holsteinyeah, going between them is challenging05:32
rickjaruizeasier for me to memorize pictures that words i guess05:33
rickjaruizi use to hate anything that require command lines, thats why I push myself to learn linux :)05:34
bioterrorahhh, this windows xp generation05:34
rickjaruizyeah, i guess so05:35
philipballewmy friend told me "phil, I will never use a cli, I grew up in the 90's"05:35
bioterrorat the end of the 90's05:35
bioterrorI was born in the beginning of the 80's, I lived best parts of my life in the 90's ;)05:36
rickjaruizyeah im 8405:36
rickjaruizdos and windows 9805:36
rickjaruizi mean 9505:37
rickjaruizhow do i get back to this software selection05:37
rickjaruizis that tasksel?05:37
holsteinyou can always do it afterwards05:38
holsteinthat can be some commands you learn to run :)05:38
rickjaruizwhich command is it?05:38
holsteinwhat are you wanting to do?05:38
bioterrorI got a new work laptop! (not that new, but better than my current). Installing Linux and I'm going to run Windows 7 in virtualbox for VPN and Outlook stuff05:39
rickjaruizjust to see that menu again05:39
rickjaruizhehe, im doing the opposite05:39
holsteinbioterror: score :)05:39
bioterrordecided to go wild and I made 4096MB swap :D05:39
holsteinim just going to wipe win7 on this netbook next time05:40
holsteinive only booted it up a few times05:40
bioterrorholstein, have you tried MeeGo?05:40
rickjaruizyeaa windows 705:40
holsteinbioterror: its been a while... i took a really early look at it05:40
holsteinthat and jolicloud...05:40
bioterrorI would probably go with the MeeGo on netbook05:41
bioterroror something minimalisti05:41
philipballewthats used for cell phones to05:41
holsteineh, im just running normal 10.04 actually05:41
holsteinfull compiz and all ;)05:41
holsteinits not bad... i got 2gb's of ram05:41
rickjaruiz10.04 took twice as long in hyper-v05:42
rickjaruizthat sux05:42
holsteini want a meego phone...05:42
holsteinwhat took twice as long?05:42
rickjaruizthe os install05:42
holsteinloading? booting?05:42
rickjaruiznot very compatible with hyper-v i guess05:42
holsteinmicrosoft has released some things that didnt make it in til recenly AFAIK05:43
holsteini wouldnt lose any sleep over it... linux runs great in VM05:43
rickjaruizhopefully the ubuntuserver updates will fix it05:45
holsteincould... probably not though05:45
holsteinthe kernel versions max out, and im pretty sure those are the goodies you are missing... still, its not a deal breaker05:46
rickjaruizoo, i think i found the fix05:52
rickjaruizyea, no more painting every line05:54
rickjaruizhow can i get a remote gui file access?06:03
selyndaso every once in a while my screen gets all distorted and ubuntu crashes...08:42
selyndaget seem to find any solutions on the forum, or through google, anyone know anything about this?08:43
philipballewselynda, i can see if i can maybe point you in the right direction08:44
philipballewfirst off im gonna ask you a few questions to get what type of computer you have and what your running08:44
philipballewwhat version of ubuntu do you have?08:44
philipballewwhat is the model of your computer?08:44
selynda11.04 and its a dell, desktop08:45
philipballewdell what?08:45
philipballewwhen you say 11.04 are you running ubuntu with unity or another distro like xubuntu?08:45
geirhaGuess the problem just occured again08:46
philipballewi was gonna recomend he/she do aditional drivers. or maybe install 10.0408:47
philipballewbut geirha what can you do08:47
geirhaYeah, definitely sounds like a crappy graphics driver08:49
philipballewif that didnt work id have him/her past bin lspci -vvv and then id search for a bug on that model and see if there was an upstream patch that the new kernal has. then have her install the driver. but oh well...08:50
philipballewbut i run chunchbang on one of my laptops08:51
philipballewand it broke today08:51
philipballewtime to re install that08:52
urlin2uphilipballew, you were asking about arch yesterday. http://archbang.org/08:53
philipballewhey! looks nice, im trying to faind a good small minumial ppc distro08:54
philipballewlubuntu is to clunky08:54
urlin2uphilipballew, it is arch without the hassle of the usual install, I like that myself.08:54
philipballewI could maybe make a ppc version somehow08:56
philipballewthat looks nic08:56
bioterrorarchbang is waste of time08:57
urlin2uI think it is fluxbox DE?08:58
bioterrorofcourse you can try how the pacman works, but that's all08:58
philipballewhow is it bioterror08:58
bioterrorbecouse it's far from the point of arch linux08:58
bioterrorand it's just dull openbox + tint208:58
bioterroranybody can do that in an hour08:58
urlin2usupported by arch though, uses their repos you v=can have what ever DE you want08:59
bioterrorwhy not just install arch08:59
philipballewsome might not want to08:59
bioterrorlast time I checked, archbang had hal in the daemons too08:59
urlin2ubioterror, I have no big deal, just saying your opinion is yours and represents you.;-)09:00
bioterrormy opinion is right09:00
* philipballew still cant find a good guide on a ppc system with openbox.09:00
philipballew^ google has failed me!!!09:01
urlin2ucan I nominate you as the worls overlord.09:01
bioterrordump that ppc and get yourself a real computer09:01
bioterroryou can run MorphOS for the fun09:01
philipballewbut i got it for free and its a shame to let it go to waste!09:02
* philipballew never throws a computer away...09:02
bioterrorI recycle them for scavenge09:02
bioterrorthey can take the best parts for better use09:03
bioterrorlike copper and stuff09:03
philipballewi take them apart and make my other ones better\09:03
philipballewi run on old hardware09:03
bioterrorgood for you09:03
bioterrorold hardware is slow and not so compatible09:03
philipballewbut there is no body to buy them here.09:03
philipballewi can get it to run usually?09:04
bioterrorfor the PPC I would suggest Debian09:09
urlin2uphilipballew, where you at?09:09
philipballewi like debian09:18
tnuisHello,I have tried to intall ubuntu onto a usb 3 times now and evreytime the same thing happens. After succesful installation the pc boots into ubuntu in dos. I have to enter my username and password in dos and login is succesful. Then it stops and waits for me to type in commands or something. evrything seems fine only i am missing the whole graphical interface. No desktop or nothing. Any ideas?13:41
tnuisInstalling on a system with noe other hardisk or os. just striaght from cd to a 4 gb usb hdd13:42
holsteintnuis: hello13:42
holsteinlets clarify a few things, and we'll go on with what could be happening13:42
holstein"the pc boots into ubuntu in dos"13:43
holsteinwhat does that mean?13:43
holsteinyou are presented with a text login, into the ubuntu installation?13:43
tnuisit never boots up in any graphical way like windows desktop. Only black screen with white letters13:43
holsteinare you just saying dos = that text login?13:44
holsteintnuis: OK...13:44
tnuisyes dos = text login13:44
holsteinfor the record, that is *not* dos13:44
holsteintnuis: are you using a CD to install?13:44
tnuisok sorry for that, dont know what they call it these days. been 15 years since i worked in dos and this looks the same to me...:)13:45
tnuisYes installing from a cd straight into a 4 gb usb hdd13:45
holsteintnuis: what image? the normal LIVE installer?13:45
tnuisno other harddisk or os in the syste13:45
holsteintnuis: i'll tell you what im pretty sure the issue is13:48
holsteinyour graphics hardware doesnt support linux well13:48
tnuisdownloaded ubuntu 11.04 - latest version and in step one and choose create cd and will be using windows under step 2 . Ref http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download13:48
holstein*before* i install ubuntu, i take the live CD, and i *dont* install... i boot it live13:49
tnuisFor the record I also tried installing on a different pc, 2 pc in total. with eax-800xt graphics card i beleve13:50
holsteintnuis: right, but have you tried loading that CD live?13:50
holstein*not* installing?13:50
holsteinif you cant get the live CD to a desktop, the installed version wont go either13:51
tnuisNo, I can try that also.13:51
holsteinthere are options13:51
holsteintnuis: sometimes, i try different live CD's til something 'just works'13:52
holsteinand i either make a note of what its using as far as kernel version and whatever13:52
holsteinor i just use that CD to install13:52
tnuisok, so this happens more often? Cause everything seems fine, nothings hangs or anything like that. its just that i am getting text on black svreen instead of a gui13:53
holsteintnuis: i would suggest trying ubuntu 10.04, thats the latest long term support13:54
tnuisOk i will tryour suggestion and come back to you afterwards:)13:54
holsteintnuis: sure... this is just a little fiddly13:54
holsteini wouldnt say it happens often, but vendors dont support linux sometimes13:54
holsteinyou should let the manufacturer know you are having a challenging time13:54
tnuisok, what is the diff  betweeen normal version and Long term support. I see 11.04 comes in both versions?13:55
holstein11.04 is *not* a long term support13:55
tnuiswhat does long term support mean?13:55
holstein10.04 is an LTS, that means longer support... 3 years for the desktop and 5 for the server13:55
holsteinthe normal 'in between' releases are supported for 18 months13:56
tnuisso it is better for me to choose lts?13:56
holsteintnuis: theres no 'better' in linux13:56
holsteinjust options :)13:56
tnuisok:) I am learning. been a windows user for 20 years:)13:56
holsteintnuis: its *too* easy to use the live CD's for diagnistics13:57
holsteinit literally has no effect on the machine you are running it on13:57
holsteinyou get to see pretty much what that operating system is going to look like13:57
tnuisexcatly. i will try that until i can see a desktop:)13:57
tnuisany experence using ubuntu as a NAS os13:58
tnuisI can see it is based on samba13:58
holsteinhttp://www.turnkeylinux.org/fileserver for example13:59
holsteintnuis: "it" is based on whatever you want to base it one13:59
holsteinsamba is one way to share data on a network13:59
tnuisOk thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. You have a nice day :)14:00
holsteintnuis: anytime :)14:00
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Zebraany video or resolution experts around?15:10
ZebraI've been trying to set up a box for Ubuntu and everything works well until I log in. Once the main Ubuntu screen comes up, there's a problem with the resolution. The screen is a mess an unreadable.15:12
ZebraAny thoughts?15:12
nlsthzn_work:/ wow... he stayed around long...15:23
IAmNotThatGuynlsthzn_work, I also felt the same :P15:24
nlsthzn_workIAmNotThatGuy: I know IRC is ususally used for a quicker fix to problems but that was ridiculous :p15:26
IAmNotThatGuyhe he15:26
vltWhat does "(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module!" mean?18:34
vltI’m trying to use an Nvidia video card.18:35
vltI already installed “nvidia-173” packages. What do I need to do to activate the nvidia driver?18:35
philipballewhey holstein, ready for your interview?20:51
holsteinphilipballew: we'll see :)20:55
holsteinim excited about it20:55
philipballewalright, ill sit in in case they need and +1's or anything20:57
urlin2u+!1+  +120:57
holsteinthanks philipballew20:58
holsteinurlin2u: o/20:58
nlsthzn_workooohhhh.... holstein is this meeting good news or bad news for you (potentially)?20:59
urlin2uyoh hope things go the way you imagine.20:59
holsteinnlsthzn_work: i suppose it depends... ubuntu membership20:59
nlsthzn_workholstein: double edged sword :p20:59
holsteinnlsthzn_work: hehe21:00
nlsthzn_workWell, good luck... hope it goes well (which ever way you want it too)21:00
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No__hello maybe someone uses ASUS 1015PN?22:30
No__hello i have dual boot with win7, every time i reboot i need to /etc/init.d/network restart maybe someone knows how to solve this?22:45
CrOnOs2000what version of ubuntu are u using22:51
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
CrOnOs2000did you try rcconf to check that network is runing on your default runlvl?22:53
No__how to do it?22:54
CrOnOs2000just run rcconf that will show you what services are started at each run lvl grafic interface is runlvl 522:56
philipballewthey left :(22:56
CrOnOs2000philipballew, ? who left22:58
Pauliaxdual boot with win7 i have every time to /etc/init.d/networking restart23:03
CrOnOs2000Pauliax, are you No__?23:04
Pauliaxwhat to do23:04
CrOnOs2000did you try rcconf ? (sudo apt-get install rcconf)23:05
CrOnOs2000Pauliax, so what happened?23:11
tobiasreaper_shood i configure rcconf somehow, because same shit hapens?23:14
CrOnOs2000just run it as root check that network service is activated23:15
Pauliaxthanks for advice but no better23:23
CrOnOs2000then you need to check your boot log and see what is the problem23:24
Pauliaxno problem except pulse audio23:25
PauliaxRTNETLINK answers: No such process .. what does it means?23:26
CrOnOs2000seems your network is not ready at start23:27
Pauliaxhow to check boot log?23:27
CrOnOs2000quick fix may be add /etc/init.d/networking restart to .bashrc23:28
CrOnOs2000logs are on system->admin->logs23:29
Pauliaxsorry but where is .bashrc?23:29
CrOnOs2000on your home directory is a hiden file you need to ls-a to see it or enable show hiden files on nautilus23:30
Pauliaxbut boot logs what filter to use?23:30
Pauliaxroot or home23:31
CrOnOs2000about logs i not shure maybe network?23:32
CrOnOs2000and try syslogs too23:33
Pauliaxadd /etc/init.d/networking restart to .bashrc to the end of file?23:38
CrOnOs2000yea not shure that will work but if im not wrong that will run that comand when you enter at your user23:40
CrOnOs2000you still have the same problem just will do your fix for you always if that works23:41
Pauliax.bashrc - not helped23:44
CrOnOs2000dam i do have an idea whats happening23:45
Pauliaxexecpt that i am noob?23:46
CrOnOs2000seems for some reason your networks is not ready the first time the network service runs23:46
CrOnOs2000when you run again then works23:47
Pauliaxyes, exatly but why23:47
CrOnOs2000im noob too23:47
CrOnOs2000why dont you try at #ubuntu main chanel they seem to have more time on this23:48
Pauliaxok  thanks for your time23:48
CrOnOs2000np sorry i cant help23:48

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