jcastrojono: pong00:03
jonojcastro, just to let you know, my X wont start00:04
jonojust did an upgrade00:04
jcastromine on my desktop is boned00:04
jcastrobut I thought it was nvidia related00:04
jcastromy laptop is fine00:04
jcastrois your laptop ok?00:04
jcastroor is it broken?00:04
jonoit is my laptop00:05
jonoit wont boot lightdm00:06
jonojust chatting in ubunt-devel00:06
jcastrooh, I'm in -desktop00:06
nigelbMorning dpm06:02
dpmgood morning nigelb06:02
dpmgood morning all06:02
dholbachgood morning07:12
dpmmorning dholbach :)07:25
nigelbMorning dholbach08:08
kim0Morning all08:09
dholbachhey dpm, hey nigelb08:09
dpmmorning kim008:09
kim0dpm: hey morning08:09
nigelbkey kim008:09
kim0nigelb: dholbach howdy o/08:10
nigelbI'm so fighting nagios today08:10
dholbachhey kim008:10
* kim0 hands nigelb a light saber08:11
nigelbdholbach: hi, starting to run harvest now. (its on ./manage.py update)11:46
nigelbJust giving you a headsup11:46
dholbachfor me it just took 3-4 minutes11:46
nigelbyup, done11:47
nigelbdholbach: do we have caching on that machine?11:48
nigelbmemcached or some such11:48
dholbachin which way?11:48
dholbachno idea11:48
nigelbharvest uses a lot of caching, maybe we should move a lot of things to cache.11:48
dholbachI don't have access to the new machine so I can't check11:48
nigelbcool, np. I'll assume no.11:49
nigelbIf we did the code should have used it.11:49
jussidholbach: where were you based ? (in .de?12:20
dholbachjussi, Berlin, Germany12:21
jussidholbach: ahh, ok. Are you going to froscon?12:21
* jussi will be at froscon, and around the area most of next week.12:22
dholbachI don't think so - I just came back from holidays and will be invited to a 90th birthday on the 22nd in a different part of the country12:23
dholbachsorry :/12:23
jussiAhh well, cant have it all :)12:23
jussibtw, do we know any italians (living in italy) ?12:24
nigelbjussi: apart from paolo?12:24
jussiooh, paolo. anyone know where he lives?12:24
jussi(and his irc nick?)12:24
nigelbSiena, according to FB, and its xdatap112:25
nigelbhe's probably in #ubuntu-ngo12:25
nigelbor -testing12:25
dholbachjust join the italian channel - I'm sure we have coverage of every single city :)12:25
czajkowskihe doesn't always on irc12:25
czajkowskieasier to find him on fb or skype12:26
mhall119nigelb: you need a summary field in your rss feed13:32
nigelbmhall119: oh. what's it supposed to do?13:33
mhall119gives a snipped of text from an article13:47
mhall119like a preview13:47
mhall119readfeeder displays them as a tooltop when you mouse-over an article in the table13:48
mhall119tooltip even13:48
nigelbmhall119: lots of text.. one line.. how much?13:55
mhall119depends, some blogs stick the entire article's text in there13:56
mhall119but about a paragraph is enough13:56
nigelbcool, I'll try to add that.13:56
mhall119often it's just the first paragraph13:56
nigelbits hard to do it right with jekyll13:57
dholbachjono, jcastro, dpm, kim0: time for chatting a bit? :)15:00
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, kim0 all set?15:00
jonogreat minds :-)15:00
jonocreating the hangout now15:01
dpmready to roll15:01
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, kim0 hangout open15:02
dpmabout to join... when my cpu stops going at 100%15:02
dholbachhum, I can't see it - should it just turn up in my timeline?15:03
kim0dholbach: yeah15:04
jonodholbach, yep15:04
dholbachhum, can't see it - maybe jono invited everyone but me? :-P15:04
jonodholbach, I invited the circle15:05
jonolet me check15:05
jonojcastro, you coming?15:05
dholbachjono, last message from you I can see is from 01.08.201115:05
jonodholbach, try now15:05
jcastroI'm all set15:05
jcastrobah one sec15:06
jcastrothe plugin is crashing for me15:06
jonokim0, we lost you15:07
jonojcastro, can you join us?15:08
mhall119paultag: if you be nice to Perl, it'll be nice to you15:19
paultagmhall119: it's ugly15:28
kim0huats: howdy16:20
huatshey kim016:20
huatshow are you ?16:20
kim0how's it going16:20
huatsgreat ! you ?16:21
kim0Ah going pretty good for me ;)16:21
huatshow is the sprint doing ?16:21
kim0huats: all sprints are already over :)16:21
kim0huats: so you saw the css book thing16:21
huatsI was on holiday so I didn't answer16:21
kim0huats: if you're still interested to work on docs, I have tons of stuff :D16:22
huatskim0, I am !16:22
kim0huats: Awesome!16:22
kim0huats: so basically the maintainer of the serverguide just stepped down16:22
huatskim0, yeah I know16:22
kim0and I started reviewing the guide, updating all the info16:22
kim0would be great if you'd step up and share the load ?16:22
kim0Also .. we need to come up with docs for UbuntuCloud (Orchestra + Ensemble) in the serverguide16:23
kim0I need to identify what should go there, once identified, it's a lot of work to hammer into shape as well16:23
kim0want to take a bite of that16:23
huatsinteresting indeed !16:23
huats(sorry I am on the phonegive me 2 secs)16:23
* kim0 nods16:24
* kim0 waves → If anyone is interested in that ↑ as well, let me know16:24
huatskim0, the server guides really interest me16:24
kim0huats: awesome!16:25
kim0huats: can you pick some chapters to review16:25
kim0let's see16:25
huatsand why not giving a hand at the UbuntuCLoud stuff16:25
kim0huats: yeah sure that too! except that this one is still a bit unclear what needs to be done16:26
kim0huats: the reviewing part is the easy one .. starts right away16:26
kim0huats: I'll be having a talk with Daviey soonish (probably tomorrow) to understand what needs to go there, then we can start crunching16:27
huatskim0, ok please let me know16:27
kim0huats: ok, I finished reviewing the first chapter .. why don't you start reviewing bottom-up16:27
huatskim0, that is a good idea16:27
kim0huats: so maybe VPN -> clustering ...etc16:28
kim0till we meet :)16:28
* kim0 hugs huats .. You're made of awesome16:28
huatsdon't say that before we met ;)16:28
kim0the time is tight .. we need to get this done before 11.1016:28
kim0your help is really needed16:29
kim0and hey, if you can think of others who can help .. shoot right away :)16:29
kim0I'll email the server list right now16:29
huatskim0, I'll ask to some of the guy from my company too tomorrow (may be they can review a few stuffs too...) and since I am the boss they won't say no ;)16:29
kim0huats: so the workflow is, you branch the serverguide (which is docbook xmls), fix a chapter, upload to your LP branch, file a merge proposal ..16:30
kim0it's not hard, but if you need help, ping me16:30
huatskim0 I'll give a look tomorrow16:30
kim0huats: okie dokie .. thanks a lot .. I'll let you know once I get more info about the ubuntucloud pieces16:30
huatsand I'll let you know16:30
huatskim0, if we start to be more than 2 it might be a good think considering a pad where we list the whole chapters to claim16:43
kim0huats: yeah or bugs .. let's wait n see16:58
huatskim0, I might start with the chapter 22 ;à17:02
huatsbecause you didn't mention it17:02
kim0Yeah you sure can17:04
nigelbmhall119: r? https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/harvest/cache-add/+merge/7190417:08
nigelb(just the cache bits)17:08
dholbachthanks nigelb17:09
dholbachI'll call it a day now - see you all tomorrow17:09
nigelbdholbach: g'nite!17:09
dholbachI'll play around with it first thing tomorrow :)17:09
* dholbach hugs you all17:09
nigelbsure :)17:09
* nigelb hugs dholbach 17:09
jcastrojono: want to feel like you've accomplished nothing as a guitar player?19:30
jonojcastro, ahh yeah, I saw that19:52
jcastrojono: hey you had a compiz thing you were working on with sam right?20:04
jcastrothe prerelease is available in a PPA if you want to confirm/deny a problem20:05
jonojcastro, I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/81814220:09
ubot2Ubuntu bug 818142 in unity "Black box painted when logging into to Unity" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:09
* AlanBell pokes jcastro with http://developer.ubuntu.com/support/23:26
AlanBelltells people to join #ubuntu-app-devel and embeds a webchat pointing at it, but the channel is invitation only23:27
akgranerthanks AlanBell !23:27
akgranerI was just doing what the site said23:27
AlanBellcan you raise it with jono (it was raised here last week too I think)23:28
akgranerI don't think jono likes it when I raise things with him...just a feeling I get...23:28
akgranermaybe if I didn't raise my voice so much - that might help...23:29
akgraner(just kidding)23:29
AlanBellI was directing that at jcastro (and would have directed at jono if he was in channel)23:29
akgraneryeah - jcastro you can do that - thanks! :-)23:29
akgranerhey AlanBell do you if you file a bug against the installer slide show  - using  ubuntu-bug installer?23:31
AlanBellubiquity I think is the name of the installer23:32
akgranerI'm challenging myself to file 3 bugs per week - but I don't know where a bug about the wording on the installer needs to go and I've never filed a bug without an error message asking me if I wanted to file a bug23:32
akgranerahh gotcha23:33
akgraner:-)  thanks!23:33
AlanBelloops, sorry23:34
AlanBellwell that is the ubiquity bugs I have filed23:34
akgraneroh cool23:34
AlanBells/that is/those are/23:34
akgranerit's confusing to me when it says uninstall version number and reinstall23:35
akgranerI keep reading that as why would I reinstall the version I just uninstalled23:35
akgranerPete was listening to me and a friend install it Ubuntu and they were confused as well23:36
AlanBelloh, in the simplified partitioning bit?23:36
AlanBellif you already have Ubuntu on the disk23:37
akgranerhe was like what do you mean there is nothing for a new install yes there is - no there's not - it's the second one in the list - ok then you read this - then he says fine file a bug23:37
AlanBellthat is the trouble with simplifying things, it confuses people who know what they are doing23:37
akgranerhe's like I wound have never in a million years read that the way you are...23:38
akgranerusers he says :-) (but he meant it in a good way I am sure)23:38
AlanBellakgraner: tried doing the install with orca running yet?23:38
akgranerno I haven't23:39
akgranershould I?23:39
AlanBellthat will help you with your 3 bugs/week objective23:39
akgranerwhich version  - 11.10?  or a Natty install or does it matter23:39
akgranerI'll use the Alpha :-)23:40
AlanBelloneiric would be the most useful to file bugs against23:40
akgranerwill do then23:40
akgranerPete was like  - Amber you HAVE to file bugs - yelling at me doesn't get bugs fixed it just pisses me off...23:41
akgranernot b/c there are bugs but b/c I am yelling at him and I don't even realize I am yelling at him...poor Pete23:42
akgranerno wonder he is traveling for 3 weeks straight23:42
AlanBellI should go to bed. Night all o/23:42
akgranerAlanBell, night!23:42
akgranerthanks for your help and suggestions23:43
mhall119akgraner: you know how Michelle's started using the hashtag #whymommydrinks ?23:57
mhall119Pete should start using #whykerneldevsdrinki23:58

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