mdkejbicha: thanks for taking care of yelp, that's right. I'm not sure about synching gnome-user-docs from Debian - I don't know what the state of it in Debian is. I was planning just to sync it with upstream git06:53
mdkejbicha: oh, I see that you've synched from Debian already. I guess that makes this branch out of date now - https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/gnome-user-docs/oneiric06:56
mdkejbicha: what I've been doing is maintaining that branch so that it can be easily synched from the latest upstream via "bzr merge lp:gnome-user-docs", that way we don't have to rely on Debian or upstream releases but can use the latest git06:57
jbichamdke: whatever you like, not much has been happening in Gnome recently07:01
jbichaI figured syncing with Debian was a good start though07:02
mdkejbicha: I guess what we should do it sync the packaging of the latest package which you uploaded to that branch, so that it stays up to date, and we can keep synching with upstream Gnome when appropriate - does that make sense?07:03
jbichamdke: you mean ship git snapshots of upstream Gnome?07:04
mdkeyes, that's what we've always done in the past07:05
mdkelp:gnome-user-docs is a bzr import of the upstream git07:05
jbichamdke: ok, that's fine, it just hadn't been pushed to the repositories yet, we were still using a rather old snapshot07:07
mdkejbicha: do you have upload privileges?07:09
jbichamdke: not yet...07:10
mdkeit would be good to have someone who can take care of yelp uploads and so forth07:11
jbichaI help with the Desktop Team & they sponsor my uploads07:13
mdkethat's great07:13
mdkejbicha: would you be able to merge the package that you uploaded to the ~ubuntu-core-doc/gnome-user-docs/oneiric branch? I could try to do it but might get stuck if there are many packaging changes - I don't understand things like quilt07:18
mdke(if you agree that it makes sense to keep that branch going)07:24
jbichamdke: sure, but the packaging is pretty simple07:27
mdkeI can give it a try this weekend otherwise07:29
jbichamdke: what about just overwriting the branch with debian's svn experimental branch? or do you want all 1946 revisions in the source tree?07:36
mdkejbicha: I think that keeping the revisions means that we can sync more easily from the upstream branch, unless I've misunderstood07:46
mdkeI may be wrong about that though07:46
mdkethe branches are based on the same base07:47
mdke-> work07:53
jbichalp:ubuntu/gnome-user-docs only has 44 revisions, I could copy that over instead07:53
mdkejbicha: I don't that lp:ubuntu/gnome-user-docs could sync from lp:gnome-user-docs, because they have different bases, but again, I may be wrong about that19:55
mdkejbicha: I recall that failing in the past but I don't know whether bzr has changed its behaviour20:00
jbichamdke: probably not, you could just take the current oneiric branch and copy and paste the upstream git pages into it20:05
jbichaI don't know how to make it more automated and work20:05
jbichaPPA recipes can do that I believe but that's not what we're wanting20:06
jbichaI noticed today that upstream's releases exclude the .stub and .page-old, I need to add a filter like that in our rules file20:07
mdkeMy approach would be to copy the packaging changes that you have made manually over to lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/gnome-user-docs/oneiric, and then synching with upstream is as simple as "bzr merge lp:gnome-user-docs". But I may not have understood your response20:08
jbichamdke: oh ok, maybe that would work, I don't have a lot of experience with merging branches20:14
mdkeI think it should work, that was the whole point of maintaining gnome-user-docs in those branches20:15

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