TribaalHi folks11:15
TribaalI'm a member of the Swiss LoCo, and I'll be moving to Ireland in the next couple of months11:15
Tribaalso I wanted to jump in and say hi :)11:16
ebelhello Tribaal11:16
Tribaalhow active are you guys? The page linked seems pretty active11:17
ebelAh relatively.11:17
ebelWe had a geeknic (geek picnic) last weekend11:17
ebelwe have regular irc meetings. (coming up soon, so you can pop along if you want to see stuff)11:17
Tribaalnice :)11:18
Tribaalgeeknics sound like fun11:18
ebelwe'll be taking part in the ubuntu global jam soon, another event you can come along to11:19
ebelwhere in ireland are you moving too?11:19
ebelMost ubuntu-ie activity happens in dublin.11:19
Tribaalmy wife and I are pretty scared (it's the first time we move abroad)11:19
Tribaalgood to know11:19
TribaalSo how many people were there at the geeknic?11:21
ebelvaried. last one was small, only 4. :P11:21
ebelsoon the weather will turn against us :)11:21
ebelThere's also a hackerspace in dublin (TOG), if you're looking around11:22
TribaalOhhhh interesting11:22
ebelubuntu-ie also does semi-regular intermitant meet ups in pubs thoughout the yera11:22
ebelare you on the mailing list? we also have an identica/twitter account11:22
Tribaalnot yet11:22
TribaalIt just occured to me "hey I spend my days on IRC, why not start by hopping on the ubuntu LoCo channel11:23
ebelthis channel is usually pretty active11:23
Tribaalthanks ebel11:38
tdr112anyone know how to add a file to a .war in ubuntu11:43
ebelis it just a zip file with a .war file ending? (i.e. maybe you can unzip add file, re-zip)11:45
tdr112it is a zip ,11:47
tdr112so tar  is not the one to use11:47
Tribaalyou can "sudo aptitude install unzip" then "zip whatever.war [list of files or folder]"11:49
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ebelThe minutes show that we've had this meeting apparently.... http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/153/detail/18:57
ebelwell the loco directory entry for this meeting has details filled in18:57
airurandoanyone around for the meeting19:02
airurandohi carles-091labs19:03
airurandowe'll start in a few more mins19:03
airurandoI was just wondering who was online19:03
moylani'm here19:04
airurandohi moylan19:04
thelodgerG'day all19:05
airurandohowdy thelodger19:05
airurandoebel ping19:05
moylanhi airurando.19:05
airurandoI reckon we should start19:06
airurandoothers may join19:06
airurandoI'll chair19:06
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Aug 17 19:06:36 2011 UTC.  The chair is airurando. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.19:06
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airurandoevening all and welcome to the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo monthly IRC meeting for August19:07
airurandoour agenda for this evenings meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-1719:08
airurando#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-1719:08
airurandoas you can see we have a new bot as MootBot was bust19:08
airurando[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-08-1719:08
airurandowe'll move on19:09
airurandoif you are present for the meeting please indicate so by typing PRESENT19:09
ebelPRESENT (sorta)19:10
airurando#topic Review of previous action items19:10
meetingologyTOPIC: Review of previous action items19:10
airurandofrom last month we had a few actions items19:11
airurando#topic ACTION: infoturtle will organise UGJ Limerick19:11
meetingologyTOPIC: ACTION: infoturtle will organise UGJ Limerick19:11
airurandoinfoturtle can't be here tonight and sends his apologies19:11
airurandohe has done some work on this and asked me to give the update19:12
airurandoMilkLabs hackerspace have been approached and asked to host the Jam on Sept 3rd19:13
airurandoThe initial response has been positive but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.19:13
airurando#link http://groups.google.com/group/limerick-hackerspace/browse_thread/thread/5a63ceb814efbc1319:14
airurandothe above listed e-mail thread gives a good indication of the progress that has been made so far.19:14
airurandoinfoturtle has done great work on this and hopefully it will all fall into place for him19:15
carles-091labsAbout the Jam on September19:15
carles-091labsI was going to host one in 091labs but just yesterday i got the news from jefrey about going to electric picnic19:16
carles-091labsso, I won't be able to host it. Not sure if any of our members will take my place19:16
airurandoThats a pity but not to worry.19:17
airurandowe'll wait for confirmation from infoturtle before promoting UGJ Limerick19:18
airurandocarles-091labs definately next time eh? ;)19:18
carles-091labsI'm at the space at the moment and talking with some of the members. One of them said that he will do it19:19
airurandocool :)19:19
airurandowe can chat on that in a minute19:19
airurandobut that is brilliant.19:19
airurando#topic ACTION: tdr112 will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin19:20
meetingologyTOPIC: ACTION: tdr112 will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin19:20
airurandoI know tdr112 asked TOG.19:20
airurandono confirmation as of yet though.19:20
airurandoebel do you know anything on this?19:20
ebelI will be organising the Dubin global jam in TOG19:21
ebel(at least I'll be approaching TOG about this)19:21
ebelI haven't done it yet, since tdr112 only told me yesterday19:21
ebelBut I'll do it within the next few days. It'll take ~ 5 days to get word back from the tog members to confirm/reject it19:22
ebelso we'll know within 5 or 6 days if we can have UGJ at TOG. I am optimistic19:22
airurandoOK we'll leave it at that19:22
airurando#action ebel will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin19:23
meetingologyACTION: ebel will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin19:23
airurandomoving on19:23
airurandothe last action from July was19:23
airurando#topic ACTION: moylan to generate a doodle poll to decide on the location for the August geeknic19:23
meetingologyTOPIC: ACTION: moylan to generate a doodle poll to decide on the location for the August geeknic19:23
airurandomoylan do you want to provide a synopsis?19:24
moylanfirst time using doodle.  we got a fair number of votes and people selected st. stephens green.  but about 1/3 who voted for their turned up.19:25
airurandoat least the sun shone mostly19:25
airurandosmall turnout19:25
moylancan't really think of a better way to get the word out to more people.19:25
airurandobut good company19:25
moylangood fun.  i enjoyed it.  pics will be good come next reapproval :-)19:26
airurandoslashtom has many :)19:26
airurandowe'll move on to agenda items proper19:27
moylanfound one on my samsung tab that's quite good.19:27
airurando#topic Ubuntu Global Jam19:27
meetingologyTOPIC: Ubuntu Global Jam19:27
airurandowe have discussed venues already19:27
airurandoDublin and Limerick are in progress19:28
airurandoGalway is also stepping up to the plate hopefully :)19:28
airurandocarles-091labs you say you have news!19:29
carles-091labsone of our members is going to host the event for me19:30
mokmeistersorry guys for the late arrival19:30
carles-091labsNot sure how succesfull this is going to be. I was looking forward to this... Next time i'll be there19:30
airurandohi mokmeister19:30
mokmeisterhi airurando19:31
mokmeisterhi carles-091labs19:31
airurandocarles-091labs success isn't the driver19:31
airurandogetting together and having fun is19:31
mokmeistereverything has to start somewhere!19:31
airurandoas few people as you like19:31
carles-091labsI know....19:32
airurandocarles-091labs onto some praticalities19:32
airurandowe usually promote these jams on the Ubuntu Wiki, LoCo Directory, our website and twitter/identi.ca19:33
airurandoany objection to this?19:33
carles-091labscool... Hopefully will get some people outside our members19:33
carles-091labsno, no19:33
airurando091 labs kindly host a Global Jam event etc etc19:34
carles-091labsWe will promote through our channels also19:34
airurandoare 091 Labs OK with a 10am to 6pm ish timeframe on 3rd Sept19:34
airurandogreat promote away19:34
airurando the hope is always to promote the hackerspaces and ubuntu19:35
airurandocarles-091labs so you have no objection to me promoting this as outlined above19:36
thelodgerShouldn't be a problem19:36
thelodgerOne member will be there from 10am and I should be back in town by 3pm19:36
carles-091labsyeah... just confirming with the member that will host it.... and he's fine with it19:36
airurandoabsolutely brilliant19:37
airurandoany support or info you may want holler here or drop a line to the mailing list19:37
airurando#agreed 091labs will kindly host a UGJ Event19:38
airurandobah new bot not working properly19:39
airurandomoving on19:39
airurandolast agenda item19:39
airurando#topic Event Planning19:40
meetingologyTOPIC: Event Planning19:40
airurandothis is mine also19:40
airurandoI'm just wondering whether or not we should try to plan and lock down events alot sooner than we currently do.19:41
airurandoI agree with moylan, I don't know how we can get the word out better about events19:41
ebelhow do you mean?19:41
carles-091labswhat event is this?19:41
airurandocarles-091labs all events19:42
airurandoUbuntu Hours19:42
moylanjust wondering.  would a google calendar for ubuntu ireland help?19:42
airurandomoylan the loco dir is supposed to do something along those lines19:43
airurandoebel I mean we don't finalise details of things until a week or two before they are due to happen19:43
airurandoWhere possible I think we could do alot better on this19:44
airurandogeeknics could be organised and agreed upon months in advance19:44
airurandonews of the  event could filter out better in these situations19:45
airurandoJams should be organised as soon as the dates are announces19:45
airurandowe'll as soon as practical after the announcement19:45
airurandojust a thought19:46
ebelhmmm maybe....19:46
ebelyou're right about some events that we know in advance...19:46
airurandoI don't think it be much harder to lock the details down sooner19:46
airurandopromote them sooner and for a longer period19:46
ebeltwould mean being more organised19:46
airurandokeep your calanders free kind of stuff19:47
airurandonot a whole lot more organised19:47
airurandobut a bit19:47
airurandowould need to make decisions quicker also19:47
airurandodate one month19:48
airurandovenue the next19:48
airurandothis eats away at time19:48
airurandomoylan thoughts19:48
airurandocarles-091labs thoughts?19:48
airurandothoughts anyone?19:49
moylanwe should streamline the decision process.  maybe the next time the doodle poll should be a location + date selection in one poll.19:49
moylanalso maybe block book the 1st saturday of the month for events or something...19:49
ebeli agree to try to give it a go, but i'm a terrible one for the procrastinator19:50
carles-091labswe can definetly try19:50
airurandomoylan I agree but I think actioning it at one meeting and agreeing on it at the next may even be too long19:51
airurandoI just wanted to get folks thinking on this19:51
carles-091labsthere's always the mailing list... we don't have to wait that ling19:51
airurandowe can leave it here19:51
airurandocarles-091labs that is a good idea19:52
moylanmight put more activity onto the mailing list19:52
airurandowe can all think on it19:52
airurando#topic any other business19:53
meetingologyTOPIC: any other business19:53
carles-091labsnot from me19:53
airurando#topic next meeting date proposed for Wednesday 21st of September.19:54
meetingologyTOPIC: next meeting date proposed for Wednesday 21st of September.19:54
airurandoany objections19:54
airurandoas there is nothing else we'll finish up here19:55
airurandothanks all for attending and participating19:55
airurandolooking forward to UGJ Galway joining in this year!!!!19:56
carles-091labswelcome and thank you19:56
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Aug 17 19:56:14 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot . (v 0.1.4)19:56
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-08-17-19.06.moin.txt19:56
airurandothanks everyone19:56
airurandomust dash19:56
ebelthanks for chairing airurando19:56
airurandotalk to you all soon.19:56

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