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AlanBellso, meetingology and topic changes and such17:06
AlanBellI am interested in feedback on the talkativeness of the bot17:07
AlanBellin general I think it should not talk in channel unless it has something useful to say, such as the outcome of a vote17:08
AlanBellit should acknowledge commands with private messages, and change topic with /topic if it can17:08
AlanBellone thing I will do is "#startmeeting force"17:09
AlanBellwhich will end a running meeting if someone forgot to end it17:09
PiciGood idea.17:10
ubot4Factoid '1' not found17:11
charlie-tcaplus is a factoid now?17:12
ubot4another contentless ping... sigh...17:12
charlie-tcaI didn't mean to do that, really :)17:13
charlie-tcaI think having the bot respond to commands in a private message would be a good way to handle things.17:14
AlanBellso /msg charlie-tca I got your link to http://foo.com17:16
charlie-tcaoh, and meetingbot does not cause a topic change to be visible. The only visible change is the bot response that it changed the topic. It is not really changing the channel topic.17:16
charlie-tcayes, AlanBell17:16
charlie-tcaI think that would be good17:16
AlanBellwhat I wanted to do with the topic was attempt to change /topic and only if that failed (not enough rights) to announce in channel17:17
AlanBellthe chair has just said #topic bar in channel, no need to repeat it17:18
AlanBellbut setting the /topic means it is there for people joining halfway through the meeting17:18
charlie-tcaso, maybe it is changing it but not echoing the entire topic change?17:19
charlie-tcaI am using weechat, and every time a topic changes, I get both old topic and new topic, but not when the meeting bot does it17:20
m4vcharlie-tca: that's a weechat's setting afaik, I turned it off myself17:21
charlie-tcaright, but you don't get that old topic/new topic when meetingology changes the topics17:22
m4vthat's odd I don't think the bot changes topic in a different way that we do17:23
charlie-tcaso, the the topic in -meeting really becomes whatever the current agenda topic is named as?17:24
charlie-tcaand someone joining a meeting might see TOPIC:  odds and ends17:25
charlie-tcaand that is all they get at that time17:25
AlanBellthat is the idea, yes17:25
PiciIf thats how their client displays it to them.17:25
AlanBellI was going to add a meeting title command17:25
AlanBellso it would say "QA Meeting: odds and ends"17:26
charlie-tcaThat would probably be better. Joining a channel whose sole topic is "Odds & Ends" doesn't say much about it17:27
charlie-tcaThat doesn't even say there is a meeting in progress17:28
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