jjohansenah, right let me look at the man page more carefully00:00
jjohansentxomon: va_dcl is a define brought in by #include "arargs.h" to define anything that the compiler may need for the old style varags00:04
jjohansenfrom vararhgs.h00:04
jjohansen+#if __GNUC__ == 3 && __GNUC_MINOR__ >= 300:04
jjohansen+#defineva_dcl__builtin_va_alist_t __builtin_va_alist;00:04
jjohansen #defineva_dcl__builtin_va_alist_t __builtin_va_alist; ...00:04
jjohansenso it may expand to nothing, or it can expand to some attributes to tell the compiler the function is using varages00:05
jjohansenI think it is only ever used on implementations that are using varargs.h instead of stdarg.h00:06
txomonso is just something weird and outdated that I shouldn't take care off?00:08
jjohansentxomon: mostly yeah, if you are using varags.h you'll need it, but you should probably be using stdarg.h instead00:10
txomonok, ty very much00:12
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smbdiwic, And I was just about to ask myself... :)07:01
* apw yawns07:50
* smb waves07:50
brycehhiya apw08:15
apwbryceh, hiya, late for you08:15
brycehapw, unfortunately, not really (baby)08:19
apwahh jj syndrome :)08:19
ppisatiso guys, according to the "kernel team new world order" i can't pull req till next week, right? (i mean the new topic branches discipline)08:30
apwppisati, if they have asked you to prepare something, and its prepared i think you can ask anytime no?08:34
ppisatiapw: didn't receive any notification... let me see if reading all the emails help08:37
apwsmb, have they actually told you how they will tell you when there are derivative brach updates to do?08:38
smbapw, ppisati Not exactly. I guess the hope is that I won't miss the bugmail... but  Iam not convinced08:38
smbLast time I asked because I saw an upload message, there was none needed...08:39
ppisatianyway, the new omap4 kernel boots, has video working, etcetc and i wanted to give it to the arm people - i'll put a kernel pkg binary on people.* and push it to zinc so they can start tinkering with it08:40
ppisatirsalveti: ^08:40
apwppisati, sounds good.  this is for oneiric ?08:41
apwahh the new world order doesn't apply to that08:41
apwsend away08:41
ppisatii want top dequeue ASAP so i can concentrate on the slow usb i/o thing08:41
ppisatiok, pull req coming08:42
apwppisati, slow usb> yeah that one is pretty odd, i think smb poked it a bit dunno if he had any insite to help get you started08:47
smbapw, Not too much but we talked about that yesterday08:48
apwsmb, good enough08:48
apwRAOF, was it you who was asking me about mainline drm builds yesterday?09:26
RAOFapw: Yes, it was.09:50
RAOFapw: I haven't tried them yet; I want to see if those commits fix a bug where my external monitor gets permanently turned off.09:50
apwso remind me of the issue, the logs imply there has been no updates for a while now09:51
apware we using teh wrong trees again ?09:51
sijismb, hi09:56
apwRAOF, ^^10:00
RAOFapw: The tree that I looked in FTBFS in ecryptfs10:01
apwoh really, hrm, which one10:01
RAOFI'm looking at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next/current/ whose COMMIT suggests that it contains the commits I'm after…10:02
newbI have a trouble in compile module...10:10
newbcan anybody help?10:10
apwRAOF, seems that the ecryptfs boys have screwed the pooch10:10
apwwill see if i can coax that option off and rebuild10:11
RAOFOf course, I *have* an ecryptfs filesystem.10:11
RAOFJust to make this super awkward.10:12
newbcan anybody help my problem?10:13
newbmy problem is same as here: http://www.incentivespro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21410:13
newbIf I compile my module, It says10:13
newbscripts/mod/modpost: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")") 10:13
txomonnewb, syntax error10:13
txomontry in #c10:14
txomonif here nobody answers10:14
RAOFI guess I could just suck it up, cherry-pick those commits, and build a kernel locally.10:14
newbit is not a syntax error in my program...10:14
newbmy program can compiled in my host PC10:14
newbI'm compile the module in target Embedded board10:14
apwnewb, hm10:15
RAOFDifferent /bin/sh on your host and embedded?10:15
ogra_s/Embedded board/panda/ 10:15
newbyeah, pandaboard10:15
apwnewb so on the machine which failed what does 'file scripts/basic/fixdep' say10:16
ogra_i sent newb here and asked him to compile natively instead of cross with the right headers installer 10:16
ogra_which i would have expected to work ... but apparently it causes that sytax error10:16
ogra_*headers installed10:17
newbfirst scripts/basic/fixdep is failed but10:17
apwnewb, i don't think i understand what you mean there?10:18
newbRight now, I compile a module in Pandaboard10:18
newbAnd I install the kernel package linux-headers-2.6.38-120910:18
newbAnd then, I compile the module I wrote10:19
newbBut it fails with scripts/basic/fixdep error10:19
newbSo I tried "make modules_prepare" in /usr/src/linux-header forder10:19
newbbut that command also fails...10:19
apwok and on that system where the failure is occuring, what does 'file scripts/basic/fixdep' say10:20
newbSyntax error10:20
newbAfter the failure of "make modules_prepare", the error changed to "scripts/mod/modpost"10:20
apwno i mean the literal command, something like 'file /usr/src/*/scripts/basic/fixdep' what does _that_ command say10:21
newbyou mean that command is "make modules_prepare"??10:23
apwno i want you to run the command 'file /usr/src/*/scripts/basic/fixdep' on the system which is failing the build and tell me what the output is10:24
apwif its long you could pastebin the output10:24
newbIt was10:25
newbscripts/basic/fixdep: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected10:25
apwnewb, no i really, really mean i want you to run the _new_ command i am giving you, not the old output10:25
newbI'll try10:26
newbI can type...10:27
apwnewb if you have netowkr on the machine you can use pastebinit to upload the output10:28
rsalvetippisati: I'd ask you to wait until tomorrow10:28
rsalvetippisati: as tomorrow is the release date for the kernel at linaro10:29
rsalvetithen you'll be getting the kernel from 11.08 release10:29
rsalvetippisati: and as I said, you'd need to revert one patch to make sgx to work10:29
newbit says: /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-1208-omap4/scripts/basic/fixdep: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.16, not stripped /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-1209-omap4/scripts/basic/fixdep: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.16, not stripped10:29
rsalvetippisati: where is your dev tree?10:29
newbapw: this is the output10:30
apwnewb and if you run that /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-1208-omap4/scripts/basic/fixdep directly, does it say Syntax error?10:30
newbthere is no syntax error i think10:30
newbthat is whole output10:30
newbthe compile error is changed to modpost...10:31
apwnewb i mean if you now additionally try and run the fixdep binary on the command line does it error10:31
newbadditionally try and run the fixdep binary??10:32
apwwhat does executing /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-1208-omap4/scripts/basic/fixdep say10:32
newbUsage: fixdep <depfile> <target> <cmdline>10:33
ogra_looks fine10:33
apwok so that fixdep is ok10:33
apwand is a native binary as expected10:33
newbis it okay fixdep?10:34
apwnewb, i think the Syntax error from the attempt to run fixdep is most likely caused by the fixdep it is running not being a binary for the machine you are compiling on10:35
apwthe system things its not a binary so it tries to run it as a shell script, and it errors10:35
newbI execute /script/mod/modpost and it says cannot execute binary file10:35
apwand does that file exist and if so what does the command 'file <name>' on that file say10:36
newbIt says executable, Intel 80386...10:37
newbI think it is not arm binary10:37
apwok so that will not run on your arm machine indeed.  what is the full filename to that file10:37
newbfilename:  /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-1209-omap4/scripts/mod/modpost10:38
ppisatirsalveti: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ppisati/ubuntu-oneiric.git ti-omap410:38
ppisatirsalveti: the pull req is already out, i'll reissue another one when the next update hits10:39
apwnewb, and who built the headers you have installed ?  was that us or you?10:39
rsalvetippisati: ok10:39
newbuse dpkg-buildpackage10:39
apwnewb, and where was it built? on the board or cross-compiled10:39
ppisatirsalveti: BTW, there're some new options about video&c (like OLD_VIDEO_$something) and that prevents some other DSS options to be turned on10:40
newbCROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- do_tools=false dpkg-buildpackage -B -aarmel -uc -us10:40
ppisatirsalveti: when you compile the new kernel you'll see some warnings, revire it and tell me what i have to turn on/off10:41
apwnewb, ok so you can only use cross-compiled kernels to cross-compile external modules and you need to use a native build kernel to native build external modules10:41
ppisatirsalveti: s/revire it/review them/g10:41
apwas the headers packages you are using contain copies of the binaries which are needed for the build, like modpost10:41
rsalvetippisati: sure10:41
ppisatirsalveti: cool, thanks10:41
newbso what i have to do?10:44
apwuse nativly compiled headers if you are compiling on the board and cross-compiled headers on your cross-compile environment10:45
ogra_just build on the panda10:46
ogra_that excludes such issues10:46
ogra_for a single module that wont make much difference in build time10:46
apwbut you must use native header packages to do that, not ones you cross-compiled10:46
newbthe compile of kernel in panda takes too long time....10:46
ogra_you want only a new module 10:46
ogra_no need to compile the kernel10:46
apwjust use the one from the archive10:47
newbI need to change kernel too10:47
apwthen you need to build both in the same place10:47
newbI need to use gpmc in pandaboard10:47
apwthen you need to compile both your kernle and your external module in the very same environment10:47
newbso I need to modify kernel10:47
rsalvetippisati: do you have a bug already for the issue with pulseaudio consuming 100% of the cpu?10:48
rsalvetippisati: when using natty we also had that issue, as described by bug 81663810:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 816638 in linaro-ubuntu "Pulseaudio consumes 100% of the cpu when trying to play a sound with natty's linaro LEB and 3.0.0-1402-linaro-lt-omap " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81663810:49
rsalvetibut I still didn't reproduce with oneiric, so would be good to have your results10:49
ogra_newb, just out of curiosity, what are you using gpmc on a pandaboard for there is no flash ? 10:50
newbI want to connect FPGA10:50
apwRAOF, ok the issue for your build is that the new ecryptfs stuff is starting to use a new symbol from security/keys/encrypted.c, which means that if ecryptfs =y then that module needs to be =y, and it is =m and so its not there and blammo no buildy10:50
apwRAOF, now as it is a new requirement it is not obvious if you are able to move ECRYPTFS_FS=m for your test build then life will be ok10:51
sijiapw, any updates on the Bug #82458910:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 824589 in ubuntu "improper Touch Screen Driver module(for arm beagleboard) for TSC2046 in the Expansion board,and it connect with DM3730 by SPI port ." [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82458910:52
apwRAOF, so if you want that specific build you should be able to take a linus tree, git reset --hard to the sha1 in COMMIT, apply the patches in the directory, update the config and build the result10:53
ppisatirsalveti: nope, no bug yet10:58
* ppisati -> lunch11:00
sijismb, ping 11:09
smbsiji, Hi11:49
sijisorry for bothering you11:50
sijiJust want to clarify something regd. kernel building 11:50
smbsiji, Sure, just ask away11:50
sijiI am trying to build it from my host PC(for omap3 beagle)11:51
sijiAnd downloaded the kernel source from kernel.org , config file from ubuntu natty (/boot/config-2.6.38-8-omap11:52
sijiso just want to confirm that if i did make modules with cross-gcc will it generate the module ?11:53
smbsiji, You should generally be able to cross compile. But when you took the kernel source from upstream (which is 3.1-rc2 right now) the question is what version is running on your arm board. This may be completely incompatible11:55
sijismb, I think i have downloaded the right version 11:56
sijimy arm kernel is 2.6.38-811:56
siji(ubuntu natty -omap3)11:57
smbppisati, Probably has the latest runes how to set up the cross compile part correctly, but still. Is there a reason you did not take the git tree from kerne.ubuntu.com for natty and changed to the ti-omap3 branch?11:57
smbsiji, ^11:57
sijicose i think there is some bug in the desired module (ads7846) 11:57
smbHm, actually natty already seems to be ti-omap4...11:58
sijiactually the rootstock already built the the desired kernel module 11:58
sijibut failed to insert it11:59
sijiBug #82458911:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 824589 in ubuntu "improper Touch Screen Driver module(for arm beagleboard) for TSC2046 in the Expansion board,and it connect with DM3730 by SPI port ." [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82458911:59
* smb looks at the report12:00
smbsiji, Those kind of failure sounds like the module was build with the wrong headers somehow...12:00
sijismb, right but i have build it by rootstock 12:01
smbsiji, I think I am not sure what you mean with rootstock12:01
sijismb, sorry 12:01
sijirootfile system building tool12:02
smbProbably something doing a chroot to build12:02
sijiand there is a option in rootstock tool to build the kernel image too 12:03
sijiwhich generated those modules 12:03
smbThere seems to be something wrong with the tool or its usage then... But to get me correct, this driver is in the ubuntu kernel code and just not enabled or you need a newer version of it?12:05
sijithe driver is there in the ubuntu kernel source +it has generated the loadable module 12:06
sijismb, you understood ?12:06
smbhmm, I try to parse... I may be a bit slow today...12:07
sijiok :)12:07
sijiactually rootstock tool with the parameter linux-omap generated the RootFile System with initird and vmlinux of 2.6.38-8-omap 12:09
smbMy confusion is that you said, that you got the kernel.org code and try to compile the module. The first question to me somehow is: why in the first place do you need the module compiled. You said there is a bug. So the original kernel package has the module but it does not work12:10
sijiah ,got it12:10
sijiSo you mean this bug is not only for ubuntu kernel 12:11
sijismb, what you will recomend ?12:13
smbWell maybe or maybe not. But generally its hard to claim it a bug when you try your own compile and it does not work as expected. At least not against a distro. You can say the module does not work and needs to be fixed or does not exist and should be enabled12:13
smbsiji, And even just for giving help, there is a lot of information missing. Like the exact release and kernel version you are running. Where the module in question comes from, why it was made. Just looking at the content of the bug report there is unfortunately more questions open than answered.12:19
* smb notes that we here may know how to compile kernels but have to mind-reading powers ;)12:19
sijismb, I assumes ubuntu-arm natty  is enough to indentify the kernel version 12:21
smbsiji, There are updates12:21
smbIt is clear that it is 2.6.38 but not exactly which upload12:22
sijiya may be .But this is build by rootstock for me 12:22
smbYeah, but as I do not know what it is, I cannot say what it does exactly ... And what it takes as a source12:25
smbThe module disagress about symbol could be wrong headers or slightly different configuration in something used by the module12:26
tgardnerppisati, are you ready for me to upload the meta package for oneiric ti-omap4 ?12:44
tgardnerppisati, never mind, just saw your email12:45
* herton has to run an errand in business hours, back in 1h hopefully13:06
* smb notices with some relief that assigning the topic branch tracking bug to him does make the notification go into a bucket which is not overflowing with other stuff..13:27
apwsmb, heh something works then 13:35
bjftgardner, ogasawara : http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/_kernel_hot_.html14:45
bjftgardner, ogasawara : this is the start of a "kernel hot list"14:46
ogasawarabjf: cool, I'll take a look14:46
ogasawarabjf: AM column stands for ?14:46
bjfogasawara, "Affects Me"14:46
ogasawaraah, thanks14:47
tgardnerbjf, is the AM column the metric that makes a bug 'hot' ?14:47
bjftgardner, ogasawara : bdmurray clams that "heat" is working better, i'll be adding a "heat" column and if it works i may drop the CO SU AM columns14:47
ogasawarabjf: ack14:48
tgardnerbjf, how is heat measured?14:48
bjftgardner, ogasawara : we'll run with them all for a bit14:48
bdmurraytgardner: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/view/head:/database/schema/trusted.sql#L184614:50
bdmurraytgardner: the calculation is right there14:50
tgardnerbdmurray, so I merely have to mark my bug private and a CVE to bump it to the top of the list.14:51
* ogasawara back in 2014:53
bdmurraytgardner: yes that'd do it14:56
tgardnerbdmurray, given that private bugs and CVE's generally come to us by fairly direct routes, does it make sense to have them in the hot list ?15:00
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-afk
bdmurraytgardner-afk: well the same calculation is used for every package and project in Launchpad so I'd say yes15:01
=== tgardner-afk is now known as tgardner
tgardnerbdmurray, well, I can sort bjf's page by column, so it makes it easy to ignore CVEs at least.15:08
bjftgardner, apw wanted the cve's on the list15:08
bjftgardner, there will be _no_ private bugs on this list as it is a public list15:09
tgardnerbjf, well, I can sort such that I can ignore apw as well15:09
apwtgardner, yeah mostly as there actually should only be a couple on there as we only have a couple open... i need to clean them up and this will help15:09
tgardnerbjf, so this is gonna get updated regularly ?15:10
bjftgardner, every 30 minutes the list is refreshed, the data is refreshed more frequently than that15:11
bjftgardner, there is also a mechanism in place to add a specific bug to the list, right now the list is based off of several tags15:12
bjftgardner, the tags currently tracked are: "kernel-key", "iso-testing", "pc-cert", "kernel-cve-tracking-bug"15:14
tgardnerbjf, ack15:14
ogasawarabjf: is there a tag to use to remove a bug from the list?15:16
bjfogasawara, no15:17
bjfogasawara, if it were tagged and on the list because of "kernel-key" you could remove the tag, but other than that, no15:18
brendandsconklin - is it still the case that the natty kernel will be respun?15:38
sconklinas far as we know, yes. HWE is still working with upstream as far as I know. Status has not changed since the last email status update.15:39
apwsconklin, is there a kernel with the relevant patches reverted?  i have a machine with a display regression in -11 and want to make sure its the same issue15:40
sconklinapw: talk with vanhoof. I believe that there are only a very limited number of machine configurations which exhibit this and if you have the same problem, you could be helpful for testing15:42
hertonapw: if it is related to i915, I have some built kernels here, with patches reverted: http://people.canonical.com/~herton/lp81432515:44
hertonbut built amd64 only15:44
apwherton, ok i suspect i am i386, but i also am not any of the suspected platforms15:47
vanhoofapw: some sort of corruption? ... can you correct w/ cycling dpms?15:47
sconklinapw, herton: My understanding is that for the platform which was reported, the problem still exists upstream, and that if you revert the patch which seems to have introduced it, you lose graphics on all Sandy Bridge platforms. So we're waiting until we understand it before we do anything15:47
apwnope mine is a black-screen in X, damn15:48
hertonsconklin: if we revert that patch we reintroduce bug 79175215:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 791752 in linux "Can not toggle Display to External only mode " [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79175215:49
sconklinherton: right15:49
vanhoofwhich impacts SandyBridge as a whole15:50
apwbut that isn't a regression from the previous version, so thats ok15:51
* apw is unsure it makes sense to hold every other fix in the tree while one decides. the problem which it fixes is in the kernel out there, and will be the same in the kernel with the revert, so is it not safe to revert and release while we wait for the fixed fix15:54
ppisatismb: i found another bug related to the clk on omap4, but it didn't fix the i/o problem... crap...15:56
hertonapw: it is a regression, on -proposed kernel15:56
smbppisati, Suboptimal... But hey, another bug bites the dust... :)15:56
apwherton, which the 791752 itself or the bug introduced by its fix15:57
apwherton, that was an OR question15:58
* smb giggles15:58
vanhoofapw: on my end its just a question of the bigger win, the regression really does seem like a corner case, on a relatively niche subsystem of machines15:58
apwherton, was 791752 a regression in -proposed, or only the breakage by its fix15:59
vanhoofhowever, a regression is a regression, is a regression :)15:59
apwvanhoof, well thats not what policy says even if you are right15:59
hertonapw: only the breakage by its fix15:59
apwok so its broke in -updates and without the fix its broke in -updates, so i am wondering why we are sitting there waiting for upstream to possibly maybe fix it, rather then either reverting or releasing15:59
hertonapw: now I'm confused. 791752 doesn't look a regression, but a bug in natty. the fix for it brought a regression (bug 814325)16:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 814325 in linux "fuzzy and corrupted display with update in natty-proposed" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81432516:01
ppisatismb: yeah, if i keep this pace, sooner or later i'll find the right bug :)16:01
smbppisati, And the panda won't jump into ones face when trying a simple upgrade... :)16:02
* herton -> lunch16:03
tjaaltonherton: exactly, the -proposed fix is for 791752, which affects every SNB machine using the built-in gfx. and what vanhoof said16:09
tjaaltonah, gone16:09
apwtjaalton, right but they are broken already, and not having the fix doesn't change that16:13
vanhoofapw: also as a side note, the regression introduced exists in 3.1 mainline as well16:13
vanhoofapw: worth noting, its not natty specific16:14
apwvanhoof, yes but its not in the kernel in -updates16:14
apwso you have to have a really good reason to introduce that regression to those users16:14
vanhoofapw: fair enough, we'll see what more we can turn up today, and I'll update you all again on where we stand16:15
vanhoofright now its not clear if its limited to the T510 + hybrid graphics + intel as default gpu OR arrandale + hybrid graphics + intel as the default gpu16:15
apwso we have no idea as to the size of the regression, thats not a positive16:16
vanhoofwell we have a decent sizing, however this configuration isn't exactly prevalent, so a bit tricky to track down testers16:16
vanhoofI can tell you everything else is not exposed ;)16:17
vanhoofgive us the day to see what more can be turned up, and we can take it from there16:17
jjohansenso my 7 year rode his bike into a tree on the morning running, its been an interesting morning so far16:25
smbjjohansen, hopefully not too badly ran into it. Kid and tree surviving?16:27
jjohansensmb: yeah, the tree got the better of him, though I must say from the moaning he is still doing he thinks he is dying16:28
jjohansenreally just a few good scraps, nothing quite as good as his face plant though16:29
apwjjohansen, heh, as long as he doesn't start throwing up16:29
jjohansenapw: yeah, that would make things worse16:30
smbjjohansen, I guess it can feel rough. Though its sometimes hard to say where the pain stops and making use of the situation starts...16:30
jjohansenoh I am pretty sure he is into the making use of the situation16:31
jjohansenhis moans got quite a bit loader when mommy came in :)16:31
smbjjohansen, Help, this wound needs a substantial amount of sweets to mend. :)16:32
jjohansenhehe, yeah16:32
apwjjohansen, heh typical, tells you he is fine then16:33
apwjjohansen, you need some "well if you are sick we can't have <favourite dinner>, it'll have to be gruel"16:34
=== ogasawara changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Oneiric Kernel Version: 3.0 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - August - 23 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
jjohansenapw: sadly he already know what dinner plans where for the night, but perhaps we can use dessert as the lever :)16:35
* smb -> gone16:53
kobrienEvenin'. I'm trying to boot kernel version 3.0 under Ubuntu 11.04 amd64. After I select it in grub, I'm presented with a purple splash which never goes away. I never get further than this. Any ideas on how to fix?17:00
apwkobrien, you'd want to turn of graphical splash and see if if you can get some diagnositics17:02
apwkobrien, which would be editing the command line in grub2, change the =$linux_gfx_mode for =text and then remove quiet splash and replace that with debug17:04
apwkobrien, oh and the vt.handoff=xxx bit as well, get rid of that17:04
kobrienapw: thanks, I'll try that now17:08
apwogasawara, ok i've just pushed a major update to the devel config summary tools for use for next UDS17:23
ogasawaraapw: awesome, was actually just going to start shoving bits in a wiki for some of the P specs17:24
apwogasawara, we need some work on the OVERRIDES which i'll try and do a bit of tomorrow17:24
apwogasawara, but we only shove it in raw anyhow.  once you have the config blueprint and spec i can shove in an early one from your tree17:25
ogasawaraapw: cool17:25
ogasawaraapw: I'm also not sure how much more of the module config review I'll be able to knock out between now and kernel freeze, so I'll likely carry that over to P as well17:26
apwogasawara, well, i am inclined to think of things out of policy as a bug, so not really subject to the freeze17:26
ogasawaraapw: most are usually powerpc changes, so as long as it builds I'm not too worried.17:27
apwogasawara, even more so as they are only a ports port17:27
ogasawaraapw: I was also going to ask if we should rip out the ppc64 bits17:28
ogasawaraapw: as I recall that was a one time thing for natty?17:28
ogasawaraapw: or is there value for us to carry that along17:28
apwogasawara, there is a possibility we may need then i suspect, and they are easier keep in and maintain as we go through the rebases17:29
apwwe should definatly drop them in 12.04 if we've not used them by then17:29
ogasawaraapw: ack, definitely no pain in carrying them, I hardly notice most of the time17:29
* tgardner --> lunch17:44
ogasawaraapw: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/KernelPConfigReview - empty spec template for now, but feel free to throw any bits there17:48
apwogasawara, will do17:48
apwogasawara, initial update in the spec18:26
ogasawaraapw: ack, thanks18:26
apwi'll try and remember to update it regularly going forward18:26
hertontgardner: are you still looking at  the chromium lockup on lucid? I'm curious if with environ patch not reverted, but with the oops fix applied we still get a hang, and if yes, if it's on kernel (sysrq-w could help). Only place I can see it could may be deadlock because of that patch, would be getting the cred_guard_mutex, or task_lock inside get_task_mm (although get_task_mm was being used before in environ_read)19:04
tgardnerherton, I was able to get both symptoms, the lockup as well as the oops. I could try just the oops fix just to be sure.19:06
hertonI think would be good to check, just in case19:07
apwtgardner, if you could let me know any testing results there as i have looking at why thats bust tommorrow on my list19:32
tgardnerapw, k19:32
hertontgardner, apw: the oops fix (commit 76597cd upstream) should go into natty master-next as well. hardy doesn't need it, checking here the backport doesn't patch m_start with ERR_PTR19:33
hertondo you think I should see with sconklin and respin the lucid/maverick kernels, or can we wait? (I would respin maverick with the oops fix, and lucid with the revert + oops fix)19:37
tgardnerherton, lemme verify lucid first19:37
tgardnerherton, oops fix applied to natty19:38
* jjohansen -> lunch19:49
* ogasawara wonders who won the race to push to the repo, me or tgardner 20:06
* ogasawara guesses I won since I had no conflicts20:06
tgardnerogasawara, I'm thinking you did too.20:07
tgardnerogasawara, but I also pushed an updateconfigs commit afterwards20:07
ogasawaradamn, I thought I ran an  updateconfigs after rebasing20:08
* kamal is cheering at the finish line \o/ in celebration of mjg59's backlight patch finally landing!20:09
kamaltgardner, ogasawara: thanks!    mjg59: super-duper-ultra-bright-thanks!20:11
apwtgardner, was it you who was complaining about the two handed alt-tab alt-down thing ?20:34
tgardnerogasawara, seems like you just did 3.02, and now greg has already released 3.0.320:34
ogasawarasheesh, already?20:34
* ogasawara rebases20:34
tgardnerapw: not me. that would imply a sophisticated use of the keyboard.20:34
apwmust have been jjohansen :)20:35
jjohansenyeah I hate that20:35
jjohansenI do complain about it almost daily lately20:36
jjohansenwhat I really hate is unity not letting me turn it off, even when resolving conflicts in ccsm20:36
apwjjohansen, well ccsm does have a keybinding for it, and moving it to alt-` seems to be _much_ less annouing20:37
jjohansenapw: hrmm I hadn't thought about that20:38
jjohansennow if I could only get to ccsm, unity layering issues strick again20:38
apwjjohansen, i think thats the osx binding :/20:39
jjohansenapw: how am I not surprised20:40
jjohansenapw: that is much better thankyou20:41
apwjjohansen, yeah at least one can single digit it20:41
apwthough this thing shows empty spaces for iconified windows ... sigh20:42
apwjjohansen, i have filed like 8 bugs in two days :(20:50
jjohansenapw: yeah I keep finding them because you beat me to filing them20:51
tgardnerherton, I've backed out the revert for CVE-2011-1020 on Lucid. It appears that that the oops fix is the right patch.21:00
ubot2tgardner: The proc filesystem implementation in the Linux kernel 2.6.37 and earlier does not restrict access to the /proc directory tree of a process after this process performs an exec of a setuid program, which allows local users to obtain sensitive information or cause a denial of service via open, lseek, read, and write system calls. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-1020)21:00
hertontgardner: oh, cool. So I think we can go forward then and respin just with the fix, and hardy shouldn't be affected and can be released21:02
tgardnerherton, correct21:02
hertonok, I'll "reopen" hardy tracking bug etc.21:03
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* tgardner -> EOD21:07
apwherton, thats good news, the revert not being required, just the extra fix ... 21:15

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