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rippsI've found a weird packaging bug. I run a daily ppa for gmpc/libmpd, and recently libtool started naming the libmpd.so wrong.06:19
rippsIn previous builds it has always named the file libmpd.so.1.2.0 -> libmpd.so.1 because LIBMPD_LIBTOOL_VERSION=3:0:2. Now, the last commit in git renamed it to LIBMPD_LIBTOOL_VERSION=3:0:3 and it's now naming the library libmpd.so.0.3.0 -> libmpd.so.0.06:21
rippsAs you can guess this is screwing up gmpc and it's plugins. I've read over the libmpd git diffs and that is the only difference I see made to any of the autotools stuff (not much has changed in months)06:23
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dholbachgood morning07:12
dholbachtumbleweed, happy birthday! :)07:12
tumbleweeddholbach: thanks :)07:13
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iuliandholbach: Morning. How did you know that it was tumbleweed's birthday?09:32
iulianHappy birthday tumbleweed.09:32
geseriulian: dholbach knows everything :)09:32
iulianIt seems so...09:32
iulianNo idea who he does it.09:33
nigelbiulian: facebook :P09:33
nigelbalthough I'll gladly believe that dholbach is all-knowing ;)09:33
nigelbtumbleweed: Happy Birthday!09:33
dholbachI'm not :)09:37
dholbachfacebook indeed :)09:37
DktrKranzfacebook is just a frontend, dholbach is the guy behind it09:39
iulianDo people still use that nowadays?09:39
nigelbhaha, good one.09:39
nigelbI only use it to track birthdays :P09:39
RhondaI use my own reminder file for that.09:40
DktrKranzRTM is quite good09:40
RhondaBut it's easy to remember, tumbleweed is a day late for Debian's birthday.09:40
jtaylorhm are the german mirrors broken? didn't get any upgrades for two days, now changed to us mirror and 175 upgrades available10:07
Laneylp/mirrors I believe10:09
Laneyubuntu/+archivemirrors even10:10
jtaylorindeed my mirror is 2 days behind, thx10:13
tumbleweediulian, nigelb, Rhonda, everyone: thanks :)10:38
hakermaniaHey, how do I upload files to launchpad? i mean i've created Wallch's page etc but shouldn't I include the DEB(s) and the souurce(s) as well?11:52
nigelbwell, why don't you use a PPA?11:56
nigelbif your use-case is to provide debs that is.11:57
hakermanianigelb, I have never made a ppa, any how-to?12:06
nigelbI think this should be a good start https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA12:07
Laneydo you mean a launchpad project?12:07
LaneyI think you do (rather than a PPA), and questions for that are best asked in #launchpad12:07
hakermaniaThanks all12:32
hakermaniamicahg, you're subscribed to wallch, so please get it reviewed asap :( We have only 8 days left and it's a pity, because featurefreeze exception was given...12:38
hakermaniaHey guys, is there any problem the needs-packaging bug to be against the upstream projecT?12:51
jtaylorwill bug 826856 actually be processed by sponsors as it is already confimed by -release?13:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 826856 in meld (Ubuntu) "FFe granted: sync meld 1.5.2-1 from debian experimental" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82685613:17
jtayloror does triaged me sponsoring done?13:18
Laneynow needs sponsoring13:18
jtaylorxes but will it be considered by sponsors?13:26
jtaylorin the past sponsored sync requests of mine where set to confirmed13:26
tumbleweedyes, that may confuse people13:28
freeflyinghi all, whom shall I ask for the upload permission for specific package?13:30
jtaylorI'll set it back to new then?13:31
tumbleweedjtaylor: wouldn't hurt, also wouldn't be too worried13:33
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Laneyanyone got an i386 machine which is running an i386 kernel and oneiric?13:41
Laneyif so, i'd appreciate a test rebuild of mono from oneiric13:41
hakermaniaWhola, wallch in omgubuntu :)13:50
hakermaniaWell guys, I never thought that Wallch could ever go into omgubuntu, I mean, common! But I am really excited :D And I want to share this excitement. Also, please please do something with wallch, or at least, let me know that sb's working on it :/14:11
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RoAkSoAxzu/win 415:13
hakermaniaRoAkSoAx, huh?15:17
RoAkSoAxhakermania: typo15:20
hakermaniaRoAkSoAx, hard to believe you :P15:30
kklimondama ktoś pomysł na krzesło do biurka za 700-900zł?15:56
kklimondaups wrong channel.. heh15:57
Quintasankklimonda: wrong channel :)15:57
kklimondaI've restarted weechat after few months, and it has reordered channels..15:57
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hakermaniaWhat do REVUs do nowadays? Bug fixing? http://tiny.cc/ne0fi17:44
hakermanianowadays= these days17:45
Laneyyou've been advised a few times to get your package into Debian first, and that remains your best chance of getting into Ubuntu (it will involve making the Ubuntu specific features optional, which is no bad thing as it allows your software to be more widely used)17:49
hakermaniaLaney, no way. I know it seems like I impatient but I'm not! REVU is for uploading ubuntu specific packages and going through debian is not a solution, it will get me in worse trouble while i'm going for final exams!18:04
hakermaniaLaney, the thing is, can REVU do what it was designed for?18:04
paultaghakermania: policy is almost identical18:04
paultagREVU is for ubuntu changes, mostly18:04
paultagnew packages should be in Debian18:04
hakermaniapaultag, *mostly*18:05
paultaghakermania: if your package is in good shape for Ubuntu, there's no reason you'd get kickback from Debian18:05
micahgpaultag: no, REVU is for new packages, Ubuntu changes just go inthe sponsorship queue18:05
paultaghakermania: small things like shipping a changelog, but that's not your duty18:05
paultagmicahg: wait, seriously?18:05
paultagmicahg: why does REVU even exist anymore, then?18:05
micahgyeah, we just send most of them to Debian anyways when they are ready18:05
LaneyREVU reviewer time is extremely limited18:08
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hakermaniamicahg, so even if time expires and sb reviewes the package, will it be sent to debian?18:41
micahghakermania: no, you would have to submit it to Debian (you're welcome to do that now if you like or after the review), is the needs-packaging bug in the sponsorship queue (ubuntu-sponsors subscribed)?18:42
hakermaniamicahg, I have a question about the needs-packaging bug. Does it have to be against the ubuntu distro?18:49
hakermaniamicahg, I just subscribed ubuntu-sponsors18:52
hakermaniaBut why so?18:52
hakermaniaAlso i'd like to send it to debian after the review, so as to ensure that everything package-related will be ok18:53
micahghakermania: yes, as it needs packaging in ubuntu18:53
micahghakermania: where's the bug?18:54
hakermaniamicahg, which bug?18:54
micahghakermania: the needs-packaging one18:54
Laneyif it's not against ubuntu then the upload cannot close it18:55
hakermaniaLaney, I have it against the project, is this a problem?18:56
Laneywhy not just open an additional task?18:57
hakermaniaLaney, do you mean I should make the bug against ubuntu?18:59
hakermaniaAnd where does it specifies that it should be this way?19:00
micahghakermania: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages19:03
hakermaniamicahg, so, i make the bug against ubuntu and then I update it also to the deb package? (changelog)19:13
hakermaniaBTW 100 motus have seen the bug and nobody told me that it should be against ubuntu -_-19:13
* micahg doesn't recall seeing the bug19:16
hakermaniamicahg, you were the 101th :P19:16
* micahg still doesn't know where th ebug is, # please?19:16
hakermaniawops, w8 a moment19:18
hakermaniamicahg, the above link shows the bug as to be an 'ubuntu' one (it says bugs in ubuntu), but the same bug is being seen in the project's bugs. What's going on?19:20
micahghakermania: bugs can have multiple tasks19:30
hakermaniamicahg, can you please tell me what should I do?19:42
tumbleweedhakermania: getting it into Debian would have been way faster, you could have got in ages ago. But I did promise you a re-review, and I'll look at it right now20:55
hakermaniatumbleweed, are you god?20:59
tumbleweedno, but I'll review it :)20:59
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jtaylorwe fixing flightgear is fun21:10
jtaylordepends on a library with a billion sshared libraries, no upstream build system for them and no debian patchsystem ._.21:11
jtaylorcan one handle circular dependencies in shared libraries somehow?21:19
tumbleweederr you really sohuldn't have that21:22
jtaylorwell I do21:22
jtaylorbut don't blame me, blame flightgear developers ^^21:22
jtayloror the debian maintainers even :O, upstream doesn't provide shared libraries at all it seems21:23
tumbleweedthat's not that uncommon21:24
tumbleweed(upstream not providing shared libraries, but debian making them happen)21:25
jtayloryes but it fails when the static libraries where not designed to be shared and have these ugly dependencies21:25
jtaylorhm seems easier to again just disable --as-needed21:26
tumbleweedtry to avoid that, if possible21:26
jtaylorit can probably be done in a minimal way21:27
jtaylorcan one use the positional property of as-needed with automake?21:27
jtaylorif you put it in LDADD it complains ...21:27
tumbleweedif you want some fun FTBFSs, you are welcome to complete the vtk transition. I ran out of steam :)21:27
tumbleweedit complains?21:28
jtayloryes "linker flag belongs in ldflags"21:28
tumbleweedoh I see what you mean21:28
tumbleweedno idea21:28
hakermaniaSomebody was talking about bugs' tasks and that I should add one to mine so as to be a valid needs-packaging bug21:33
jtaylorwhat kind of ftbs are the vtk ones?21:34
jtaylorneed adapting for new api?21:34
tumbleweedjtaylor: mostly nasty as-needed & no-add-needed21:37
tumbleweedand the all the reverse build deps fail to build on armel because of a missing dependency21:37
jtaylorhurry flightgear builds with only one change21:37
tumbleweedjtaylor: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/vtk.html21:38
jtaylorI'll have a look when I'm bored (which is often ;) )21:38
tumbleweedjtaylor: you sound like you need things to do. I wish I knew more people liek that :P21:39
hakermaniaHow much time does lp to post a new ppa?21:45
hakermaniafalse positive21:47
sum1nilHi, I have a question - I am attempting to learn packaging and am following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate21:49
sum1nilbut when i get to debuild -S -sa the end product fails21:50
jtaylorsum1nil: what is the error message?21:50
sum1nilit is on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/XPc71PB5 at the end of the output21:51
ajmitchlooks like the changelog is still referring to 0.5.2, so it's trying to diff against the orig.tar.gz for that release21:52
ajmitchthough you appear to be trying to update to 0.6.121:53
sum1nilI believe the main hitch is dpkg-source: info: use the '3.0 (quilt)' format to have separate and documented changes to upstream files, see dpkg-source(1)21:53
sum1nildpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source21:53
jtayloryes your working copy tree should be identical to the original tarball + the debian dir21:53
jtayloryou should also use 3.0 (quilt);  mkdir -p debian/source; echo "3.0 (quilt)" > debian/source/format21:54
ajmitchfix the version in debian/changelog, make sure you have a brasero_0.6.1.orig.tar.gz21:54
jtaylorits a package format where all patches against the upstream source are saved in debian/patches and applied with the program quilt21:55
sum1nilthanks let me follow these suggestions and get back to you. thanks21:55
sum1nilhi again, the suggestions worked great thanks22:13
sum1nilon to the next exercise, cya later22:14
hakermaniatubmleweed, I'm going to bed LOL, anyway, thanks again...22:15
* tumbleweed wasn't suprised by the quality of wallch :/22:21
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