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jbichahere's a nice Gnome 3 interview, not sure if works for UWN or not but a lot of Ubuntu is from Gnome 320:35
pleia2unfortunately if we included all articles about upstream projects we'd have no room for actual Ubuntu news20:36
* pleia2 checks out the interview though :)20:36
jbichapleia2: that's fine, I can just post some articles and it's up to y'all to decide whether it's worth putting in the UWN or not20:37
* nlsthzn_work is also gald for somethint to read :p thanks jbicha ... been a long boring night thus far20:37
jbichaI'm not going to get upset if it doesn't measure up20:37
pleia2jbicha: thanks!20:38
jbicha...and maybe some people here just like to read the news :-)20:38

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