ajmitchoh dear00:56
ajmitchjust saw http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/5458448/Malware-virus-hits-MetService-website00:56
ojwboh, so that's why we've had all this snow...01:31
ojwbit must have got into the weather control computers01:32
* ojwb didn't even realise the metservice served ads01:34
ajmitchit's not something I noticed either01:34
ajmitchmaybe they can have some 'switch to ubuntu' ads on there after this01:35
ojwbseems a little odd for what is (according to that article) a state run site, but OTOH perhaps it's better than higher taxes01:36
mwhudsonmetservice is a SOE isn't it?01:37
mwhudsonso in theory supposed to make it's own money where possible01:37
ojwbmwhudson: that's what the stuff article says01:37
ojwbbut there's a question of what's appropriate01:38
ojwband while I don't have direct recent experience of serving ads, I doubt it is all that lucrative01:39
ajmitchgetting malware in was probably lucrative for whoever did it01:40
ajmitchespecially as this one was apparantly a 'pay to fix your PC now' scam01:40
chiltsawesome, the golang-nz group has been created, first meeting in September21:11
chilts5 people on the list so far21:11
snailchilts: i wonder whether they'll write a go player ...21:15
snailchilts: URL?21:15
chiltssorry, was just writing an intro email :)21:31
chiltsI've announced it on the golang-nuts list too21:32
* ojwb hasn't played go in years23:45

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