rwwI'll update factoids for the new Firefox release shortly. Am going to clean up some factoids at the same time, so it'll take a bit. (in case anyone else was thinking of doing the same)00:03
Picinew firefox :(00:08
rww!fx6 is <reply> Firefox 6 will be available as an update for 11.04 shortly. For 10.04 and 10.10, you can use the unofficial and unsupported PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable00:08
ubottuI'll remember that, rww00:08
rww!ff6 is <alias> fx600:08
rww!firefox6 is <alias> fx600:11
ubottuI'll remember that, rww00:11
* mneptok starts a FLOSS project called "FX6"00:51
Jordan_Umneptok: We already have a FLOSS project called chromium that is a game rather than a browser (whose package causes quite a lot of confusion).00:54
Jordan_UAww, it was renamed to chromium-bsu just to ruine my fun :(00:55
Jordan_Uruin even.00:55
galamarHello. Am I still banned from #ubuntu?01:24
galamarOkay so yes I am banned suppose I didn't need to ask that. how can I get unbanned please?01:27
elkyi'll need to check, hold on01:36
elkygalamar, it appears that you a. are using a non-supported derivative yet asking questions in #ubuntu, b. threatening people and c. ban evading.01:40
galamarI did act in appropriate however I am over that now. A I have read alot of the wikis to better understand my problem. and won't ask for help in the wrong channel anymore. But I don't feel I am guilty of the ban evading because my phone was set to  auto-login to #ubuntu. And when I loaded the irc app it looged in and I was just suprised to be in. and still mad so probably more unnecessary actions from there as well. But my nick was the01:46
galamarsame so I did nothing to evade. Yet if you still call it evading than that is what I was doing and I am sorry for that as well.01:46
elkygiven the variety of hosts and providers that you accessed the channels by, i'm strongly doubting that it's your phone reconnecting01:52
galamarxchat used when on my ubuntu desktop... irssi used when I was attempting to boot from a livecd (I would apt-get everytime so I wouldn't have to reboot to my ubuntu.).... jmirc used on my phone. this has the option to save my preferences to load automatically. I had this set to #ubuntu long before my ban. A it has a different ip address which is why it was able to get in #ubuntu. but as I said if you say evading than I was. Or better ye01:58
galamart I WAS evading and I am sorry!01:58
elkyAnd the threat?02:03
elkyActually, I'm going to let you discuss the threat with Ikonia.02:04
galamarme and Ikonia had a slight battle however I would like to apolo02:04
galamarthat it what I was just saying thank you.02:04
elkyIt's currently the middle of his night, so you'll need to wait until he's around02:05
galamarok if it 9pm where I am do you know what time it will be when he is on?02:05
elkythe middle of your night, but he'll be around when you wake02:06
galamarI recently started a new job and dont have the ability to be the night owl I was. So I may just have to wait until this weekend. As I leave early in a rush and don't have time than either.02:07
elkythe wait will let you figure the best way to word your apology then.02:08
elkyif there's nothing else, you should leave here until then so we can keep track of who we need to talk to :)02:09
galamarOkay, does he keep the same hours on the weekend?02:09
elkyyou could also try memoserv02:09
elkyand either arrange a time or discuss it that way02:09
galamarIs being a ubuntu-op like an actual job for you all?02:10
elkyit can be, i need to go back to doing my actual paid job now02:11
galamarOk thank you and farewell.02:11
tonyyarussoMan, I wish opping had a paycheck.  That would rock.03:10
Flanneltonyyarusso: Just ask for donations from the people you ban!03:11
Coreytonyyarusso: You don't get one?03:12
Flannel"Hi, if you enjoyed your interactions with me, consider donating to me on beggr!"03:12
tonyyarussoCorey: ha.  Maybe HR has the wrong address?03:18
PerfieMI'm ready to "behave" (whatever that means....)03:49
PerfieMSo that ban on #ubuntu can be lifted :)03:49
FlannelPerfieM: Alright.  I assume you remember the conversation last night about code of conduct and IRC guidelines and stuff?03:50
PerfieMyeah boi, I got it all under control now03:51
FlannelPerfieM: Alright.  I've removed your ban in #ubuntu.  Please join there and say something so I can verify I didn't do something wrong.03:52
FlannelPerfieM: Perfect.  If there's nothing else we can do for you, you can leave this channel now.  You're all set.  Have a nice evening.03:53
PerfieMThanks Flannel!03:53
rwwnow i have to go through #ubuntu's banlist and grab all of PerfM's bans, don't I >.>04:09
bazhangjust wait04:09
Flannelrww: I got them.04:17
rwwFlannel: all of them?04:17
FlannelIt was just one, unless he's been banned under various hosts?04:17
FlannelNo, just what bansearch returned04:17
Flannelbantracker isn't liking me tonight04:17
rwwPerfM!*@* is still there, at the very least, and I'd expect hostbans04:17
rww(I suspect that the reason they changed nick was because of the multiple channels that have them banned by nick, btw.)04:20
CoreyI'd be in faor of clearing the banlist.04:22
Coreyrww: And no.  Someone registered perfm's nick to toy with them.04:22
rwwCorey: ah. there goes me and my negative thoughts again04:23
bazhangraid controller driver?04:23
rwwbazhang: yes?04:24
rwwI think my opinions on the banlist are rather evident :)04:24
CoreyIf eir's working well, I'd be in favor if clearing the entire thing out.04:24
bazhangeir is working very well04:24
CoreyThere are a LOT of six month old bans there.  Do we *really* need them?04:25
bazhangeasy enough to reban if they become a problem04:25
Corey  /msg ChanServ CLEAR #ubuntu BANS04:26
rwwFlannel: no more nick and gateway/* bans on PerfM. If there are hostname ones, I'll remove them when I stumble across them.04:26
CoreySimple as anything to re-add them.04:26
CoreyEir's tracking will ensure they're not hanging around forever just because whoever set them forgot.04:26
rwwFeel free to carry on with that message, Corey, but I didn't get anywhere with it. I've been going through and reviewing bans whenever the list gets over about 300 total instead.04:27
rwwHence it currently being ~250 instead of full :)04:27
Coreyrww: Well if I clear all the bans, will people hate me? :-)04:27
rwwCorey: I won't, but some people will probably be rather displeased.04:28
CoreyOkay.  How do we coordinate this?04:28
rwwGive me ircop powers. You work on the banlist and I'll work on k-lining complainers. :D04:29
rwwMore serious: It'd probably end up going to the IRCC if you really want to push it.04:29
Coreyrww: Email best?04:30
rwwCorey: could be an interesting discussion for ubuntu-irc@ list.04:30
rwwI'd suggest bringing it up at an IRCC meeting, but I have a terrible record at this point of actually turning up to them, so :|04:31
CoreyYeah likewise04:33
CoreyEmailing now.04:33
rwwargh, SIFTU's nick makes me think someone is cussing every time I see it04:33
tonyyarussoCorey: In the past we've been able to remove all bans that don't have a comment, which works well.  I have no idea how many commented but obsolete bans there are.04:52
rwwthis does not fulfil my need to see the banlist in #ubuntu completely empty just once :(04:52
rwwCorey: If you haven't seen it already, http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/ircbans.html . The last time we did what tonyyarusso mentioned is rather evident.04:53
tonyyarussoIt's kind of crazy how quickly #ubuntu's list shot back up after that...04:54
rwwPart of that was because nobody used to pay attention to Floodbot bans (and Floodbot used to ban open proxies)04:55
rww(compared to now, where FloodBots own a total of 7 bans)04:58
rwwCorey: I started replying to your email, but it's turning into an essay, so I'll have to ponder how to say less words before sending.05:14
rwwTwo things I'm mentioning that we haven't discussed here yet: 1) the AKICK list also needs pruning (I've said this repeatedly in the past, btw). 2) I'm concerned that the main reason we have such a large banlist is our operators' attitude about how long bans should be kept, and that wiping the banlist would just clear up more space for bans that should be removed and aren't.05:16
rwweir will help with the latter, but as Flannel's rightly pointed out elsewhere, eir and autoremoving bans implies a different philosophy than the one used by some (the majority?) of the team.05:18
* rww goes away from IRC to atom zombie smash05:20
Coreyrww: I think you're right.05:24
Coreyrww: To go a bit further, I don't think I want to be an operator of the kind of channel where "you misbehaved a year ago and your (dynamic) IP is still banned for it" is the norm, y'know?05:24
FlannelCorey: It's not, we clean bans regularly.05:26
CoreyFlannel: I get that, but...05:28
CoreyNow that we have a sane ban tracker in place (a lot of thought went into eir) I'd love to get rid of the bans that predate her.05:28
FlannelI don't see how that's related to the change-in-policy.  Nor does eir actually track bans, just removes them after N.05:29
FlannelWell, I suppose you could consider that "tracking", but it's just "here's a ban!", not providing any additional information.05:29
CoreyFlannel: She does now. :-)05:30
FlannelGlorified, non-lossy, banlist.05:30
tonyyarussoFor what it's worth, I would *like* my bans auto-removed after some configurable time period unless I manually mark them otherwise - we just haven't had the technical ability to do this in the past.05:30
tonyyarusso(Yes, that makes me a lazy op.  AND?)05:30
Flanneltonyyarusso: Two days is a stupid period, and again, it's a departure from our previous policy.05:31
tonyyarussoI said configurable.05:31
Flannelbeing forced to do additional paperwork every time you ban someone isn't condusive to being a 'lazy op'05:32
tonyyarussoYou know what would be super awesome?  Setting the period in the ban comment.  eg /abr Flannel 1 bans Flannel for one day.05:32
tonyyarussoFlannel: I'm not sure what your last statement means.05:33
Flanneltonyyarusso: I frankly don't really think publishing the length of bans is a great thing.05:33
tonyyarussoI should clarify that I mean on a per-op basis.  Meaning, I can tell the bots that my bans should be removed after 24 hours unless they are told otherwise, whereas you can tell them to remove after a week.05:33
tonyyarussoFlannel: Agreed, but it would be convenient ;)05:34
Flanneltonyyarusso: Having to say "ok, eir, I just set a ban, please make it last for at least a month instead of two days" every time you ban someone isn't "lazy op" friendly05:34
tonyyarussoFlannel: How often do you actually make bans that would require an exception to your normal period?  For me it's a very rare event.05:34
Flanneltonyyarusso: I don't have a normal period, so .... always.05:36
Flanneleir is a freenode thing, so unfortunately we don't have the ability to just add/customize it as we want.05:37
tonyyarussoWell, then you just set your defined period to "Never remove for me", and let me enjoy my laziness.05:37
Flanneltonyyarusso: Except we cant add that feature.05:37
tonyyarussoSure we can.  We just need to start intimidating staff into doing our bidding!  Right?05:38
FlannelAlso, when eir was first introduced, it was discussed as an optional thing.  Something operators can use if they so choose.  Automatically removing my bans is not making it optional for me.05:38
tonyyarussoSee what I just said?  My hypothetical model would let you set it to do nothing for you.  Or have it opt-in for all.  Either way.05:40
Flanneltonyyarusso: and that's fine.  Except that it's hypothetical.05:41
tonyyarussoeir is software.  Software can be fixed.05:41
Flanneltonyyarusso: So fix it.05:42
Flanneltonyyarusso: Don't force me to use it in an incomplete state.05:42
tonyyarussoI'm not?05:42
Flanneltonyyarusso: Not you in particular, but it has been, in fact, forced upon me.05:43
tonyyarussoWell, the whine about it to people more responsible for that ;)05:44
Flanneltonyyarusso: I made a fairly straightforward argument; it's not whining.  Sure, I'm stating a grievance, but frankly, the rug was pulled out from under me.05:47
rwwFlannel: Some of our ops clean bans regularly. Some of them don't.06:06
rwwAlso, I note eir is open-source. One option would be to spin up a new instance of it and add our odd particular needs to it. I expected that to happen, actually, but I guess not thusfar :)06:07
Flannelrww: It's a separate issue.  Technical solution to social problem, yadda yadda.  When cleaning bans, other operator's bans are generally cleaned too.  Operators don't 'own' bans anyway.06:07
rwwFlannel: Operators own bans in the sense that if I set a ban, I am responsible for keeping track of it and removing it when it is no longer needed. It is a bit rude to lose track of it and leave it to the person who gets too much time on their hands and cleans up the ban list themselves.06:09
rwwThis happens in #ubuntu, constantly, and it's a byproduct of our "leave bans in place until the user comes in to resolve it, even though that doesn't happen with 3/4 of our bans" philosophy.06:10
Flannelrww: I could see arguments for both sides.  We attempted to help resolve that with ubottu's pings a week later for review.06:11
rwwSwitching to a "I'll remove this ban if the user comes in and resolves it, and if they don't, remove it in a few weeks for me" is a social and technical change, and imho makes for a better system overall, despite the downsides of eir.06:12
FlannelI don't think removing bans immediately as a matter of course is healthy though, just as letting them languish forever is also not good.06:12
rww(or: I'd rather have to say "%~14d drive-by trolling" in PM when setting a ban than go through the slow bantracker and 250 banlist entries to weed out my stuff periodically)06:13
FlannelWe use bans as a tool to effect change in the offenders, not as a time-out period of punishment.06:13
CoreyFlannel: Both are a little naive.06:13
rwwFor most users, if they haven't come by in a fortnight, they're not going to come by. I agree that two days is too drastic of a policy change.06:13
CoreyI find that bans are a great tool to keep the channel sane for the vast majority of participants.06:14
FlannelRemoving them after 2 days skews the ban-mentality too far to the "routine punishment" and away from "lets figure out how to fix this"06:14
Myrttithere are some bans that have been removed in the past and have somewhat quickly been reinstated because these offenders are lifestyle trolls...06:14
CoreyFlannel: As opposed to right now, where you've got a ban on some random IP that's over six months old. :-)06:14
rwwthough I note that elsewhere on freenode (#freenode and #defocus come to mind), 2d is probably plenty06:14
Flannelrww: Yeah, we do get a lot of one-shot run-by misbehavior, but it's difficult, if not impossible, to tell that at the outset.06:14
FlannelCorey: We clean those.06:15
rwwMyrtti: and the reinstatement (and telling eir to get lost as far as that ban's concerned) is pretty trivial06:15
rwwFlannel: no, we don't06:15
CoreyActually, I find my ten minute temp-quiet script is usually far past the attention span of most trolls.06:15
CoreyIt also keeps me from having to mess around with a ban tracker. :-)06:16
rwwI used 10 minute quiets for a while. I didn't find it useful, mainly because I couldn't find a way to override it to say "never mind, leave this up"06:16
Coreyrww: Oh, that's easy.  Wait ten minutes, then hit with a real ban.06:16
Flannelrww: We do.  Recently you've gotten into the habit of nuking the banlist before it gets to the nagging stage, but we do clean it.06:16
rwwFlannel: when I cleaned up #ubuntu-offtopic, there were dynamic IP bans from 2009 in it.06:17
rwwThe same was true of #ubuntu before I started poking at it.06:17
rwwI attribute this to 1) BT doesn't catch bans sometimes, 2) /mode #channel b loses bansetter information. Bans fall through the cracks.06:18
Flannel#ubuntu-offtopic isn't a priority, obviously the bans weren't causing trouble.06:18
MyrttiI see participating in this conversation on my phone is useless and my opinion is propably unneeded and wanted. More sleep for me, thxbai06:18
FlannelIt's not the end of the world if a dynamic IP ban lasts for a year accidentally; it probably won't affect anyone.06:19
FlannelI fully agree that we could do better at cleaning.  Like all aspects in life, we could eat healthier, clean our house more, etc, etc.  That's just a constant.06:19
FlannelBut it's not the end of the world if a ban accidentally gets missed.06:20
Flannelrww: Your "how do I stop a quiet from auto-removing" scenario can easily be extended to eir, you have to remember to go back and make it permanent/longer.06:21
rwwIt's not "a ban", it's a lot of bans. Plus people don't clean their bans. The only reason the banlist isn't perpetually full is because me and one or two other people have been going through and stopping it from getting that way.06:21
FlannelAnd now that I'm thinking about that, is it ban evasion if a ban is automatically removed accidentally?  Obviously not, but I'm sure this will come up.06:22
rwwFlannel: No, it can't. With eir it is trivial to extend quiet/ban lengths. With autobleh it is not doable afaik.06:22
rwwI've been reading #ubuntu-ops for rather a long time. I remember how it was a year ago. I remember Floodbot constantly complaining about the banlist being full. Please don't try to tell me that before I recently started nuking the banlist things were okay.06:23
Flannelrww: People would take the time to remove enough bans to keep us going.06:23
FlannelAgain, having old dynamic IP bans aren't likely to cause issue.06:23
rww#ubuntu constantly having 400 to 450 bans set was ridiculous.06:23
FlannelI don't know why having a banlist that's only got 50 bans in it is chic right now.06:23
Flannelrww: It's really not anything.06:24
FlannelThe only affect I can think of is that ubottu has to sync it whenever she starts up.06:24
Flanneleh, wrong effect.  What I get for changing sentence structure midway through.06:25
rwwIt's a pain in the backside. We have 250 right now and I can't tell whether I've removed all the relevant bans when I unban a user because BT isn't helpful and the banlist is too full for me to look through it.06:25
Flannelrww: So, sounds like we have a problem with the bantracker then.06:25
rwwAnd then we end up not knowing if someone's supposed to be banned or not because one person sees that bans have been removed and another sees that bans are still there. This has happened twice in the last two weeks.06:25
FlannelSince I don't think expecting people to sort through 50 bans, quiets, etc is any better than 200.06:26
rww50 is a hell of a lot easier to sort through than 20006:26
FlannelBut either way isn't smart.06:26
rwwThe problem we have is that the number of stale bans makes it necessary to have a bantracker in the first place to index them all.06:26
FlannelStale or active, you still have to sort through them.  I don't see how a factor of 4 is the difference between "zomg crazy" and "it's good"06:27
rwwAnd even assuming that we need enough bans set that we can't keep track of them all and need a BT to do it, the secondary problem is that probably more than half of the bans in BT aren't actually commented, so we don't know what the heck's going on even if we do manage to find them.06:28
rwwMyrtti: go back to sleep, phone IRC is hell :)06:29
Myrttiit used to worj06:29
Flannelrww: I'd argue that fixing that problem is much more beneficial (especially the fringe benefits) in the long run.06:29
Myrttimy script that is06:29
Tm_Tnon-descriptive bans (lacking comments or other clear reason why) are big problem06:30
Tm_Tand I'm to be blamed of that too06:30
FlannelEspecially when the ban is late and there's no nick in the hostmask.06:30
rwwFlannel: Nobody is fixing Bantracker. Your argument is completely meaningless given that. We're sitting in a holding pattern waiting for BanTracker 2, and I hate to be pessimistic but eir is here now and will help, and Bantracker 2 has zero lines of code written afaik.06:31
Flannelrww: Shuffling things around for no good reason just because we haven't made progress on our original plan is a stupid way to run things.06:32
rwwFlannel: Ignoring ideas that will help the situation while waiting for a pie in the sky plan that nobody is working on is even stupider.06:33
FlannelEspecially when their original interface is misconstrued (I have complete faith that this wasn't intentional)06:33
Flannelrww: I'm not ignoring ideas, I'm just saying that we obviously didn't think this through, or that we misunderstood and need to reconsider, because I don't believe "lets use something we don't have control over which inadvertantly change the way we approach bans and/or puts additional requirements on our operators" is a good plan.06:35
FlannelI should maybe use enter more often.  Making sure I have all my verbs (and not too many) in long statements like that is troublesome in irssi.06:39
rwwI don't consider the additional requirement of talking to eir to be a problem. If anything, it'll make it more likely that bans have comments if it's used properly. That we're using freenode's eir instance instead of rolling our own with our custom hackery is odd to me and I agree probably should be changed. I'm wondering why we chose to do that.06:40
rww(I guess to avoid having Yet Another Bot that needs hosting 24/7)06:41
Flannelrww: Still, eir was advertised (yesterday even!) as an optional thing.  This is not currently optional.06:41
rwwFlannel: If I were changing the current situation, I'd clone eir and change the default to #~7d. (notify about ban after 7 days, do not autoremove).06:42
FlannelI think that'd be a sane default, yes.06:43
FlannelOh, look, an eir webpage.06:44
rww(Perhaps eir can have different defaults for different channels. If so, cloning is not strictly necessary, but given that there are other hacky changes needed for Floodbot integration, it's probably something to strongly consider.)06:44
FlannelHmm, more importantly, why did google not show me this webpage earlier when I searched for info on eir.06:44
rwwtsimpson's email did link to that page, if it's the one I'm thinking of :P06:45
FlannelYeah, it did.  But google didn't for me.06:45
Flannelit does now though.06:46
ubottuHow to use eir, see http://freenode.net/eir.shtml06:46
rww!eir is a bot for managing ban expiration. For usage instructions, see http://freenode.net/eir.shtml . For source code, see https://dev.freenode.net/redmine/projects/eir06:47
ubottuI'll remember that, rww06:47
rww!forget eir-#ubuntu-ops-team06:47
ubottuI'll forget that, rww06:47
Flannelrww: I modified !eir to include <reply> etc06:50
ubottu<reply>eir is a bot for managing ban expiration. For usage instructions, see http://freenode.net/eir.shtml . For source code, see https://dev.freenode.net/redmine/projects/eir06:52
rwwFlannel: I think that "!factoid is <reply> factoid is blah" is someone's pet peeve, which is why I didn't do it :P06:55
Flannelrww: Well, it comes into play with uppercase first characters (all factoids are converted to lowercase), and also with aliases, I believe.06:56
Flannelmeh, now I have to figure out the ignore-for-pings syntax in irssi.06:57
Flanneloh hey, this is this channel.06:58
rwwFlannel: I'm now pondering whether one could have Encyclopedia silently convert !foo is bar to !foo is <reply> foo is bar upon factoid addition/editing and deprecate !foo is bar syntax.07:02
Flannelrww: You'd have to check for the special cases upon editing, so you don't automatically come up with foo is <reply><alias> baz07:04
Flanneland the like07:04
rwwAmaranth: I just ignore him these days :(07:05
Flanneland you'd have to strip out channel specific bits of the factoid.07:05
Amaranthrww: he tries so hard07:05
FlannelNeither of these are undoable, but I'm wondering where other leopards would hide.07:05
rwwAmaranth: I started getting irritated at 90% of his questions being trivially Googleable, so I decided to disengage.07:05
rwwFlannel: yeah, the impression I get is that changing anything in ubottu is 10 times harder than it seems at first glance.07:06
=== Amaranthus is now known as Amaranth
ikoniaanother ubuntu-tweak failure07:15
ikoniait's the modern day automatix07:15
bazhangdoes ubuntu tweak do something that gconf-editor or the like cannot?07:15
bazhangso just breaks things then07:16
Tm_Tit's just a yet-another-UI07:16
Tm_Twith features like that, yes07:16
ikoniaI wish authors of tools like this would contribute to gnome tools directly if they have a better idea than whats there07:16
popeylooks less like an ubuntu-tweak failure and more like pilot error07:16
Tm_Tbazhang: no, automatix07:16
bazhangTm_T, ultamatix is the successor.07:17
ikoniapopey: I suspect that is realisitc more than the tool, but the tool doesn't help matters07:17
Tm_Tbazhang: I know (:07:17
bazhangused in UE07:17
Tm_Tnow I'm very amused, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatix_%28software%2907:17
Tm_Tit's notable enough to have wikipedia entry07:18
bazhangwhich has two users in its channel, one an ubuntu member07:18
rwwI don't like Ubuntu Tweak, but I don't think it's really fair to compare a tool that runs gconf commands to a tool that runs sudo apt-get -y with some truly braindead options.07:18
Tm_Trww: indeed, different caliber07:19
bazhangworld breaker vs. annoyance07:19
ikoniaI'm sitting it in the same camp07:19
ikoniathe author is a good guy, I've spoke to him about trying to get it into the repos with some documentation for support, or even feeding parts of it into gnome, but he can't be bothered07:20
Tm_TI consider it in very different place in harm scale with automatix, but I do support it similarly: none whatsoever07:21
bazhangand viktor35 was just banned from -ru for trolling07:21
rwwikonia: I was getting there :P07:24
ikoniaI can't be bothered, we all know what his intention was, why drag it on07:24
bazhangof course they usually remove their bans within an hour or two07:24
bazhangsurely he means backtrack07:25
bazhangyep just found it07:28
jpdsbazhang: Well, everyone in -ru is troll.07:38
bazhanghey! I'm the founder in there!07:38
jpdsЧто rww сказал.07:39
rwwCyrillic is all Greek to me :(07:40
jpdsrww: It is descended from Greek writing.07:40
rwwjpds: that was the joke :(07:40
bazhangSt. Cyril07:41
rwwPSA: http://i.imgur.com/FyW8l.png07:42
ikoniag0t's changed the bot so it doesn't respond in pm any more, just channels09:45
Myrttiikonia: LOL. I suppose he considers it to be an upgrade of some sort?11:02
Myrttioo, get out the firecrackers11:15
Myrtti#ubuntu has been quiet for five minutes11:15
galamarIs Ikonia here?11:25
IdleOnenot sure if he is active but maybe we can help you?11:27
galamarI need to apologize to him.11:28
IdleOnego ahead, he will see the scroll back in here or you can PM him11:29
galamarOkay I will PM him.11:30
IdleOnegalamar: Please part this channel as per the no idling rule. thanks.11:36
galamarOk sorry11:41
galamarMy client doesn't allow me to type and view at the same time. I was writing a msg to ikonia and forgot i was still active.11:42
ikoniafor the record (I'll do BT now) galamar sent me a nice pm apologising, so I'll remove the bans on him12:16
Piciyay wrong information day :(13:27
ikoniawhere / what13:27
Piciash/bash/sh bleh13:27
ikoniabad day ?13:27
PiciI'm having a bad day already, yes.13:28
ikoniaoh, what's up with that ?13:28
PiciJust annoying little things.13:28
ikoniamay I suggest drop all, and leave for the day ?13:28
PiciNothing serious :)13:28
PiciOn deadlines, need to get thigns done.13:28
LjLPici: i'm using Windows now because i like free software, and also because my btrfs failed because it's not a journalled filesystem13:28
PiciLjL: I'm sorry to hear that :(13:29
ikoniaLjL: welcome back from the alsp13:29
* jussi hugs LjL :(13:29
LjLPici: the least bad thing that happened during the past days, really. thing is, this computer keeps rebooting by itself during the first minutes it's up, so the hard disk got garbled up13:30
LjLikonia: wish i didn't have to come back :\13:30
Piciikonia: maybe we should move that conversation in here?14:04
ikoniayes, I think so14:04
ikoniaI was going to let it slide until that last comment14:05
IdleOneMyrtti, FuzzyNuts is back. the nick alone makes me want to ban them17:59
MyrttiI know17:59
IdleOnethey don't seem willing to stop trolling18:00
Myrttispidersense tickles18:03
IdleOneI set the ban for 15 minutes, will see if they start up when the ban gets removed18:04
ubottuFirefox 6 will be available as an update for 11.04 shortly. For 10.04 and 10.10, you can use the unofficial and unsupported PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable19:33
rww!fx6 =~ s/will be available as an update for 11.04 shortly/has been released as a security update for 11.04/19:34
ubottuI'll remember that rww19:34
Jordan_UYay :)19:42
ubottuIn ubottu, guntbert said: no lucid is <reply>Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)19:42
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100419:42
Jordan_UOn the subject of ban clearing. If we did decide to "/msg chancery clear #ubuntu BANS" and all hell does indeed break lose how difficult / disruptive would it be to re-instate the bans (given preparation for that eventuality)? More disruptive than a bad netsplit?19:46
rwwit's chanserv. btw.19:47
Picichancery :(19:47
rwwCorey's client autocorrected or something.19:47
rwwJordan_U: I could do it in about 10 minutes and a bunch of channel spam.19:47
Jordan_Urww: Then it sounds like a worthwhile experiment even if it does fail. I'd like to know how many trolls really are waiting for a chance to disrupt the channel and are being stopped solly by bans.19:50
Jordan_Urww: How long would it take you to tell eir not to undo all that work in two days?19:52
rwwJordan_U: not long, I'd just tell it "#~30d reinstating pre-apocalypse ban" until it stopped nagging me19:52
rwwdownside would be that eir would then think I owned them. I'd prefer to run a ban ownership list before clearing and have people reinstate their own bans from that list afterwards if they want19:53
rwwthat'd also give people an opportunity to decide whether they want particular bans kept or not19:54
rwwtsimpson: so I'm guessing you get this a lot, but what precisely is it in Bantracker that makes it take a minute to load?20:05
rwwt-dialin.net user alert :D20:06
tsimpson1) the DB is huge, 2) the plugin inefficient, and 3) too much voodoo20:07
PiciIt is very inefficient.20:08
PiciWhat a surprise. fsefdsfd is a dip.t-dialin.net address.20:09
rwwI did mention that, yes :)20:40
Picirww: oh, I missed it20:41
rwwyou don't have all of that ISP on highlight yet? ;)20:41
rww#ubuntu's banlist is the smallest it's been since April right now :)20:42
galamarHello. Did my apology to ikonia suffice to have my ban lifted?20:49
rwwgalamar: ikonia mentioned that he was going to remove your bans. Can you /join #ubuntu and make sure you can join and speak, please?20:53
galamarYes i can thank you20:55
rwwAlrighty. If memory serves, there were a few bans on you, so if you get a message about being banned in the future drop by and let us know. Hopefully you're all set, though :)20:55
rwwStandard note: please follow our guidelines and the code of conduct when in #ubuntu. You can see them at any time with /msg ubottu !guidelines20:56
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
bazhanggentoo64 just seems to be making random statements as "support"23:48
bazhangcheck "about:config for that"  how?   "no idea"23:48
bazhangalready spoken to him in PM about telling people to "just google it"23:50
rwwPerfM in #ubuntu, I'm not touching it because I'd prefer to establish multiple ops banning him.23:54
rwwbest to go with a nickban, imho23:56
bazhanghe's rejoined but muted apparently23:56
rwwchanges IPs frequently though, in my experience23:57
Jordan_USince he's a webchat user.23:57
Piciyou can't mute webchatters23:57
PerfieMI got outta control in #ubuntu, only because I thought I was in #ubuntu-offtopic. I am terribely sorry23:58

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