dpmgood morning all06:02
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kelemengabordpm: hi, do you have a second?16:00
dpmkelemengabor, sure, just finished off a call16:01
kelemengaborso, the time for the Natty langpack updates testing is up, but we got no response from those three languages (es, sl, pt_BR) that reached 100% coverage in ubuntu-help translation - this quite kills the point of having updated base packages. What should we do?16:04
kelemengaboralso, Andre_Gondim report in: don't you want fully translated Natty help in -updates? :)16:07
dpmhit them with a stick!16:07
dpmlet me give them a heads up on the list16:07
Andre_Gondimlet me see16:08
kelemengaborAndre_Gondim: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/LanguagePackUpdatesQA16:08
dpmkelemengabor, I've just sent a reminder to the translators list and to each team's list. Let's have another chat tomorrow to see if anyone has signed off those languages in the meantime16:19
kelemengabordpm: okay16:19
dpmthanks for looking at this kelemengabor!16:20
kelemengaboryou are welcome :)16:21
kelemengaboralso, there was a question raised on the list by Hannie: will there be another update for the docs translation (for Natty)?16:22
kelemengaboror rather: should we do another?16:22
kelemengaborI think we should talk about this with the docs team, and develop a clear schedule for next cycle, as it would be great to have more time to translate the docs, but their help would be needed16:26
happyaronanyone know about how to translate codeblocks? it seems the wiki on codeblocks.org is largely out dated.16:35
dpmkelemengabor, yeah, I agree. Perhaps we should have a UDS session for that as well (common schedule for updates)16:51
dpmhappyaron, no, I don't know, sorry16:51
happyarondpm: hey, it's not your problem... I believe it's codeblocks developers' problem.16:53
happyarontheir wiki contains only out dated instructions, there release tarballs contains no translation, their forum has nobody talking on this issue for 5 years. But in svn trunk, there is POT files in non-standard directory, and I don't know where to place the translated files...16:55

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