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harry_whats the diffrence between 'su' command and 'sudo su -' command ???05:12
AlanBellmorning all06:06
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders if AlanBell is wake yet. Perhaps he has been celebrating the UK loco reapproval with oodles of pimms.06:36
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: yes06:38
TheOpenSourcererAmbiguous answer ;-)06:38
AlanBellI had about a pint and a half of pimms+lemonade06:38
MartijnVdSat this time in the morning?06:55
MooDooAlanBell: congrats on the re-approval, apologies i couldn't make the meeting, someone decided to have fake contractions last night ;)06:56
MooDoooh morning all06:57
diploMorning all07:09
diploThey are great aren't they MooDoo07:09
MooDoodiplo: fake contractions?07:12
MooDoodiplo: not when you're at 8+15 :)07:12
diploBeen a few years for me now, but the unknown bit gets the heart pumping a bit07:14
MooDoodiplo: yup :D  shame as i really wanted to come to the re-approval meeting......07:15
diplolol, I like your priorities :P07:15
diploNo IRC on the phone ?07:15
MooDoodiplo: oh yeah, you know how it is, think you're wifes in labour and PANIC!!!!! :D07:15
daubersGah, stupid ffmpeg07:16
christelMooDoo: i gather you had an exciting day huh? :)07:20
MooDoochristel: evening, yes, false alarm though :S AGAIN!!!! lol07:21
christelthe joys of braxton-hicks!07:22
livingdaylightAnyone familiar familiar with subsonic? just dl it but do not see it anywhere in menu. Alt+F2 and "subsonic" doesn't launch it either. anyone?07:22
MooDoochristel: that's the one :D07:22
MooDoochristel: but we're so close now, i could be the real thing :)07:23
christelsuper exciting times ahead :D07:23
MooDoochristel: oh yes, little brother is dead excited, albeit it VERY clingy :D07:23
diplolivingdaylight, Open a terminal and try running it rather than alt f207:24
diploSo you can see any output07:24
livingdaylightdiplo cheers07:25
livingdaylightlivingdaylight@pebble:~$ subsonic07:25
livingdaylightStarted Subsonic [PID 2408, /var/subsonic/subsonic_sh.log]07:25
livingdaylightWhat does that mean?07:25
MooDoolooks like it's ran :)07:26
popey"Started Subsonic" what do you think that means?07:26
MooDoolivingdaylight: it looks like it's started as a daemon07:26
MooDoops -ef | grep subsonuc     see if it's running :)07:26
diploIt's also outputting to a log file, maybe worth seeing if anything in there07:27
livingdaylightok, guys, apparently its running but can only be accessed from a browser07:28
livingdaylightI'll check into that07:28
dauberspopey: ffmpeg seems to have decided to crop the videos I compressed overnight, even though I've not put a crop thing in07:37
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popeydaubers: crop by how much?07:39
daubersenough to take the presenter off the right hand side and just show the slides07:39
popeydid it change aspect ratio?07:39
daubersNo, same aspect07:39
daubersDone it to all 13 videos I was compressing07:40
popeyI'd do one at a time then ☺07:40
dauberspopey: Was fine until I added a deinterlace step07:42
* daubers wonders if a compressor cluster would be quicker]07:43
daubersIs it me, or is this startting to look a little bit lcars with the thick darker lines running around the edges http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=71707:45
popeylooks too busy to me07:45
popeyalso.. having pirated films in a screenshot fail07:45
popeyalso the black blob next to pidgin where he painted by accident07:47
diplolol popey I hadn't noticed that07:48
diploAnyone let him know ?07:48
daubersseriously, it's not far from that to this http://www.lcars.org.uk/07:48
MartijnVdSthat would make it more Enterprise-y07:50
MartijnVdSNCC-1701-D Enterprise-y :)07:51
daubersI for one welcome our new Federation overlords......07:51
MooDookaplah!   oops damn found out :)07:52
bigcalmUg Ug08:07
bigcalmI think I'm still recovering from the weekend08:08
christelpoor bigcalm08:08
bigcalmThank goodness that it's a 4 day week08:10
bigcalmGood morning my dear christel :)08:10
christelGood morning <308:10
gordthats not an actual screenshot btw ;) just a mockup08:15
gordof what users might have08:15
popeythat makes it worse08:16
popeysomeone actually _thought_ about what goes on screen rather than just pressing print-screen08:16
gordfun little fact that no one has picked up on but i spent like, an entire *day* working on! if you change your wallpaper, we pick out a colour from it and change the colour of unity to suit :)08:20
popeyhe says that in the post08:20
ubuntuuk-planet[Paul Mellors] Movies on demand. - http://paulmellors.blogspot.com/2011/08/movies-on-demand.html08:21
davmor2morning all08:23
^aDaMMorning all.. :)08:24
diploMooDoo, have you tried handbrake as well to rip dvd's ? I prefer it over acid rip08:39
MooDoodiplo: nope, i did actually just try the first one i found and it seemed to work ok :)  i'll look into it though cheers :)08:40
popeyhandbrake is good08:40
MooDooyeah it looks it, i'll give it a try08:41
MooDooanything to stop my son driving me nuts ;)08:43
gordmini-itx gave me a tracking number, the tracking number gives you a specified time when the item will be delivered of about an hour, taking all the fun out of refreshing the page constantly08:45
popeyMooDoo: what's he doing?08:45
MooDoopopey: ah just normal toddler stuff, want to watch that dvd, 2 mins later, no that one, not that one no that one....lol08:46
popey"no" is the answer08:46
popey"You watch this one or none at all"08:46
MooDooi know i know, just wanted a better solution than changing dvds all the time :)  it's the ggek in me :D08:46
diploMooDoo, exactly the reason why I started 'backing' mine up08:47
gord"you watch this one or i'm putting on the live stream of parliament"08:47
diploAlso the problem with finger prints all over the DVD's08:47
popeyminecraft 1.8 will have beef!08:48
gordlove film has streaming of kids shows if you have that and a ps3 or something08:48
gordpopey, i thought minecraft already had beef? from punching cows?08:49
MooDoothat reminds me, not looked at the map in ages08:50
gordoooh pork08:53
diplogord, do you have LoveFilm ?08:53
gorddiplo, yup08:53
diploBeen thinking about trying it for ages08:53
diploDo you use it on your PS3 ?08:53
diploMight try there trial thing on there then08:57
diploI'd rather that than get Sky Movies I think08:57
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diploWhich package are you on ?08:59
gordone that gives me streaming and two disks09:00
bigcalmpopey: looks like pork will be stackable as well?09:08
bigcalmThings that makes you go...09:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Jonathan Riddell] 245 Desktop Summit Names to Find - http://blogs.kde.org/node/447009:21
HazRPGmorning boys and girls :)09:36
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:59
brobostigonhi MooDoo10:00
judgeyhey guys im just setting up lamp on ubuntu server - im doing sudo  tasksel - how do i pick lamp in ssh. I press enter and it just shuts down10:05
judgeydont worry i worked it out, space bar ;)10:10
gordhehe i like that it shuts down when you press enter10:19
gordcos i mean, who would do that?!10:19
MooDoojudgey: spooky, i've just ran that myself :)10:20
judgeyu installed this yet?10:22
judgeysudo  apt-get  install  phpmyadmin10:22
judgeyi can not load it in my web page10:22
diploDidn't know they had packaged it :) shows how little I use it10:22
diploHad a look in error logs ?10:23
judgeyit installed ok by the looks of it just says it aint there10:23
judgeywhen i try and load teh page10:23
diploRestarted apache ?10:24
judgeytryed that to :|10:24
diplo/etc/init.d/apache2 restart10:24
diplo /var/log/apache2/error.log10:24
diploSee if any errors10:24
judgeyThe requested URL /phpmyadmin/ was not found on this server.10:24
diploNot sure how it works with it symlinks into it or whether it's added to httpd.conf10:25
diploI'll just google a mo10:25
diploOk, it uses phpmyadmin.conf in /etc/apache2/conf.d/10:27
diploJust have a quick look and see if that looks okay10:27
judgeyill look now thx10:27
judgeywot am i looking for diplo10:28
diploWhere it's linked to, I suppose I could install it a mo and take a look, I do all my mysql via cmd line10:29
diploDownloading now10:29
judgeythanks loads10:29
judgeybrb need some coco pops lol10:29
diplosudo ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf10:34
diploSeems to not be symlinking10:35
diploIt says its caused by not selecting apache2 on install10:36
diploBut I  defo did and had same issue10:36
diploThe above fixed mine10:36
judgeywow kool nice one, will i have to use that cmd again if i reboot the server or anyrhing?10:38
diploNo should be fine10:38
diploUnless you rm it10:38
judgeykool, right next thing i need to do/learn is to add users and passwords for mysql databases10:40
judgeyfound it10:41
judgeyhaha kool10:41
MooDoojudgey: just click the privaliges tab :)10:41
judgeylol just found that ;p10:42
diploOr via the command line is just as easy :)10:44
judgeyok thats all good forums and database all done and working, now to add a domain is the a controll panel for that?10:54
MooDoonot really, you'll need to edit/create a conf file.10:55
diploBasics there judgey10:59
judgeycheers will read mow :)10:59
directhexi ordered my new phobile moan \o/11:01
popeygo on!11:03
popeynew pre?11:03
Myrttioh my how expensive the N9 is going to be :-/11:13
popeyand oh my how unavailable..11:14
Myrttiit's a good thing I'm fairly depressed already at everything11:15
Myrttithis would make me even more sad, if it were possible11:15
MyrttiAlanBell: where do you want me to file a bug about the Ubuntu UK map? :->11:18
Myrttialternatively, do you have any advice on how I should be doing the addition of second pin? I seem to be failing, still11:19
bigcalmMyrtti: if you are failing, then there is a ui bug11:20
Myrttior documentation bug11:21
HazRPGbrobostigon: hey dude, you got a moment?11:22
HazRPGbrobostigon: Android based question :)11:22
MooDooHazRPG: ask away, others might know ;)11:24
HazRPGIts rooting related :)11:24
MooDoohehe rooting rocks, i bodged my way through updating mine to cyanogen :D11:25
HazRPGI haven't done it before, so its new to me... seems I can backup fully (as in Nandroid backup) without root, I can't get root without first unlocking the bootloader... and to do that it wipes your phone (*sigh*)11:25
HazRPGI think this is the only thing I've ever been worried about rooting/hacking11:26
HazRPGdoesn't help that there's more than one way to do it11:27
HazRPGquestion is, which is the best way?11:27
HazRPGor which has people done they would recommend11:27
MooDooi just followed the instructions on the cyanogen site and hoped for the best [which isn't the best way:)11:27
HazRPGI've already gone the MyBackup/SMS Backup+ stuff to make sure everything is backed up... currently undergoing an SD card backup to grab all those things and have them sitting at my desktop.11:28
brobostigonHazRPG: i have yes, but it seems MooDoo is helping you.11:28
HazRPGbrobostigon: did you just follow the cyanogenmod directions too?11:29
MooDoobrobostigon: help away, i did the bodge it and scarper mention :)11:29
directhexpopey, yeah, new pre. on the company plastic11:29
popeydoes the pre use gstreamer then? :D11:30
brobostigonHazRPG: mostly, yes,11:30
judgeywot phone?11:32
HazRPGNexus One :)11:33
directhexpopey, as it happens, yes11:34
judgeyhave u seen11:35
judgeygod this is so hard11:37
judgeyadding a domain is the hardest part11:37
HazRPGI have read about SuperOneClick, but I read somewhere that it doesn't work with 2.3.4 I think11:37
judgeyyer i just saw m811:37
judgeyloads of stuff here tho11:38
directhexHERE IS MY DETAILED GUIDE TO ROOTING A WEBOS DEVICE: type "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart". touch the "developer mode" button. flick the developer mode switch, click restart11:38
directhexyou now have root. enjoy.11:38
Howiegood afternoon everyone11:39
judgeyHazRPG:  here is a diffrent one click thing11:39
directhexto access your rooted device, plug into a PC with the SDK installed, and run "novaterm" to get a root shell. or install a terminal emulator directly on the device via palm-install or some other utility11:39
Howieis ubuntu ment to beep on shutdown?11:40
directhexdepends on the hardware, i think11:40
HowieI press shutdown and the bios speaker beeps loudly11:41
HazRPGjudgey: just looked through the list, seems that only Nexus One (2.2) has been tested, but it might not work11:42
Howieis this ment to happen or it it a mistake?11:42
Howieor is it just me?11:44
MooDooi can't remember if my laptop does it or not11:45
HazRPGMy sister's laptop (DELL & Acer) use to beep on reboot/shutdown, so I wouldn't worry about it11:47
HazRPGits a BIOS feature, think it can be turned off (but don't quote me on that)11:47
HazRPGits just to alert the user that a shutdown/reboot has been instigated11:47
MooDooturn off system sound in biod11:48
* Howie goes into bios setup11:49
Howiewhat menu is it cmos setup (standard) or something else?11:49
HazRPGshould be CMOS stuff :)11:51
drussellother way would be to blacklist the pcspkr11:51
Howieor just unplug the speaker?11:52
drussellHowie: well, I wouldn't recommend diving inside your laptop to do that11:53
Howieits a desktop11:54
Howienot a laptop11:54
Howieso will it work or muck it up?11:56
dwatkinsthere should be an option for that, Howie - you shouldn't ned to disable the speaker entirely (although some BIOSes allow you to do this)11:56
drussellHowie: yeah that will work fine, but the software change is easier than getting the case open ;o)11:56
drusselldwatkins: depends on the bios, some do, some don't, just luck of the draw11:57
dwatkinsindeed drussell11:57
Howieso where will it be in setup on an amibios11:58
drussellHowie: if you can't see it, it's probably not there11:59
Howiein that case its not there11:59
HazRPGbrobostigon: did you pick clockwork mod or amon_ra's recovery method?12:02
brobostigonHazRPG: amon_ra12:02
HazRPGbrobostigon: any reason for picking that one?12:02
HazRPGOr are both the same?12:02
brobostigonHazRPG: i dont remeber. but on my htc dream, there were some differences, yes.12:03
HazRPGbrobostigon: hmm, seems this wiki doesn't tell you how to get root, it just shows you how to unlock the bootloader12:05
brobostigonHazRPG: the wiki did say how to get root her, it was to go back to a specific android version, that you could directly su into root, from terminal.12:11
MooDoopopey: it's rubbish, angry birds isn't installed by default ;)12:17
gordwoo, new mini-itx machine is built, dual core atom this time, i can *feel* the power12:25
popeyI want a datacentre full of ARM servers12:26
czajkowskihow do you tell what version chrome you're using :/12:27
popeyyou dont :D12:27
popeyyou just use the latest12:27
czajkowskihow do I know I'm running the latest12:27
popeyPS. click the spanner then About Google Chrome12:27
brobostigonczajkowski: in the spanner menu, about * .12:27
gordi was waiting for a nice arm board to come out, but i couldn't wait in the end :(12:27
popeywhich arm boards did you dismiss?12:27
czajkowskithats what I missing12:28
popeyyes, spanner12:28
MartijnVdSczajkowski: Chrome puts a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d pointing to the Google server with new versions on it12:28
brobostigonczajkowski: top tight.12:28
judgeygot to go for teh car mot now sooo hope it passes, ill be back laster to finish of the domain :| afk12:28
popeyczajkowski: what version you got there?12:28
MartijnVdSif you use the update-manager (or apt-get update) regularly,  you have the latest version12:28
gordi couldn't actually find any to buy :)12:28
MartijnVdS14.0.835.94 beta12:30
MartijnVdSpopey: your time machine is malfunctioning12:31
gordeh, arm is supposed to be cheep. that thing costs more than the mini-itx i got12:33
gordand doesn't have sata at all12:33
gordhow not to run a web store selling ethernet cables "Belkin Cat5e Snagless UTP Patch Cable (Grey) 5m -Buy new: £3.02 - Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months"12:37
daubersgord: I'm waiting for something to say "Usually dispatched never"12:39
MartijnVdS♫ Six to eight years to arrive12:44
davmor2gord: I'm seeing both alt-tab versions currently should I be and how can I turn one or the other off please?12:57
gorddavmor2, either turn off one in ccsm or unity --reset12:57
davmor2gord: thanks12:57
* Howie is still here13:11
MooDoohello Howie13:12
Howiehello again MooDoo13:13
* Howie just got a shock of off the psu13:16
Howieyeah ouch13:16
gord... don't touch it13:18
Azelphurwoo, my G930 arrived13:18
Azelphurworks ootb with Ubuntu :D13:18
Azelphuralso [38954.494487] input: Logitech Logitech G930 Headset as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb8/8-1/8-1:1.3/input/input1513:18
Azelphurheadset is an input device, because I can.13:18
directhexAzelphur, it has buttons for volume, presumably13:19
Azelphurdirecthex: haha, it has more than just that :D13:19
gordoh a headset, i guessed phone13:19
MartijnVdSAzelphur: more than volume? it has a keyboard attached to it?13:20
AzelphurMartijnVdS: yep.13:20
AzelphurI got the full logitech gaming set now, http://gamesweb.sk/editor/images/pages/2/13357/logitech-gseries.jpg \o/13:21
Azelphurapart from I use a Logitech TrackMan instead of that mouse13:21
directhexi need a new mouse. care to mail me a g9?13:21
AzelphurI have a G5, but my brother uses it13:22
directhexmy wife has a g513:22
Azelphurtis a nice mouse :)13:22
MartijnVdSAzelphur: money > sense? :P13:23
MartijnVdSnot anymore then13:24
AzelphurMartijnVdS: haha13:27
diploAnyone know much about Perl DBI ?13:35
diploperl.org down and can't find an answer atm13:35
MartijnVdSdiplo: I know a bit13:35
diploFor watever reason some one at my work place is running XAMPP on our boxes13:35
diploDBI is installed13:35
diploBut the path it's looking for the mysql.sock is /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock13:36
diploWhere as XAMPP puts it in xampp13:36
diploJust wondering if i can configure DBI to tell where the sock file is13:36
diploRather than ln -s13:36
MartijnVdSdiplo: try looking in the DBD::MySQL manual13:37
diploWill google that now ta13:37
MartijnVdSdiplo: I think it might work in the hostname field13:37
MartijnVdSdiplo: in DBD::mysql it says13:38
MartijnVdSdiplo: "DBI:mysql:databasename;mysql_socket=/path/to/socket"13:38
diploheh just found that as well thanks,13:38
diploHmm, still not happy..13:41
* diplo digs some more13:41
MartijnVdSdiplo: what's the error?13:41
MartijnVdSdiplo: are you allowed to open the socket?13:41
AzelphurAnyone know if there's a way to just loop what I'm saying back through the headset?13:42
diploah good point..13:42
Azelphurnoise cancellation is so good I can't hear myself speak >.<13:42
diplofailed: Cant connect to local MySQL server through socket13:42
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's an option I think?13:42
MartijnVdSAzelphur: in the sound prefs?13:43
Azelphuryea but where abouts :P13:43
diploFails as root as well13:44
diplomysql.sock is owned by nobody so should be fine13:45
MartijnVdSdiplo: what's the message? :)13:45
diplofailed: Cant connect to local MySQL server through socket13:46
MartijnVdSdiplo: maybe it wants to connect to localhost?13:47
diploI just read about that, set to localhost atm13:48
diploWondering about changing to loopback13:48
MartijnVdSdon't set a hostname13:48
MartijnVdSthen it shuold use the local socket13:48
diploDone, thanks!13:50
ali1234regarding that screenshot... this is why zeitgeist is a terrible idea13:54
ali1234at least it wasn't midget porn13:54
MartijnVdSthere's always the next screenshot, ali123414:07
ali1234yeah, unless someone comes to their senses and redesigns unity from scratch14:07
MooDoothat aint going to happen.14:08
MooDooi'd love a key stroke that hides the menu bar from view and doesn't come back until you hit the keystroke again14:08
MooDooinstead of the mouse over14:08
brobostigonlike the superkey in gnome-shell.14:09
gordeveryone should own a revo, if only for the awesome little useful keyboard you get with it14:45
* daubers starts test render 514:45
dogmatic69new meaning to a computer crash... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjK4_sAl90414:48
dauberspopey: Just got the following text message "SAP is a very, very naughty word. AdHoc Query is worse.14:48
MooDoodavmor2: where you been slacker?15:06
davmor2MooDoo: I'm in a QA sprint in London so swapping between rooms etc15:07
Howieafternoon all15:12
gordhrm, anyone know why dhcp might not be working on my server?15:12
judgeyhey :)15:12
judgeymy car passed yippy15:12
davmor2MooDoo: yeah learning how to break czajkowski^WSoftware in new and interesting ways15:13
MooDoodavmor2: czajkowski will love you for that......15:13
Howiejudgey car passed what mot?15:14
czajkowskidavmor2: I can't use gwibber any more :/15:14
judgeymy car had its mot today and passed15:14
davmor2czajkowski: on oneiric or natty?15:14
czajkowskicrashes on start up15:14
* MooDoo doesn't like gwibber in oneiric15:14
MooDooso use tweet deck lol15:16
bigcalmI thought air had been pulled from linux?15:17
MooDoobigcalm: i just download it from the adobe site.15:17
MooDooi'm not using 64bit natty15:17
bigcalmFair enough :)15:18
diplojudgey, Get it all sorted ?15:20
judgeynot yet im so lost with adding the domain :|15:21
diploWhere have you got to ?15:21
judgeyo sorry15:21
judgeyget my car moted15:21
judgeysorry im reading it all wrong15:21
Azelphurjudgey: you was the ehcp guy from yesterday right?15:21
judgeyyer hey15:22
judgeyi have done all of lamp15:22
Azelphurhow goes it?15:22
judgeyim kool thx dude u?15:22
judgeyi di da reinstall15:22
MooDoo-did the :)15:22
MooDoosorry lol15:22
judgeydone lamp and phpmyadmin15:22
diploHow far have you got with v hosts ?15:23
judgeyjust stuck at adding a domain im reading this...15:23
judgeyjust lost with it all15:23
Azelphurjudgey: nice :)15:23
AzelphurI use lighttpd myself15:23
diploI take it you have pointed domain to your box ?15:23
judgeynot done named servers yet15:23
judgeywill do when i have this sorted cos i want as less downtime as pos15:23
judgeyits still pointing to the old server15:24
judgeywith ehcp on it15:24
diploIt's quite simple to set up a basic vhost15:24
diploLive ?15:24
judgeyyer on the old server15:24
judgeyonly a few more days on it so nps15:25
judgeynew server will never have it again15:25
Azelphurjudgey: are you running Ubuntu at home too?15:25
Azelphur(not on the server, but at home)15:25
judgeyno win715:25
Azelphurboring :p15:25
Azelphuryou can test the vhost setup on ubuntu without changing the domain, I think you can on windows too but dunno how15:26
judgeydo i need to edit /etc/apache2/sites-available15:26
judgeydefalt file?15:26
Azelphurthat should be a folder not a file15:26
AzelphurI think15:27
diplo001-default I think he is meaning15:27
diploInside said folde15:27
diployeah, that should link to sites-enabled/001-default15:27
MooDooedit the hosts Azelphur15:27
Azelphurmy apache knowledge is weak, I'm a lighttpd guy, someone else be useful :P15:27
MooDoosame as ubuntu but it's just in a differnt location15:27
judgeygot to be a newbie guide somwere15:28
gordevery time i setup an ubuntu server i hit this wall with dhcp... then i figure it out, then instantly forget how =\15:29
judgeylol ;p15:29
diploSo judgey15:30
diploin 000-default15:30
diploYou need <VirtualHost <hostname>>15:30
judgeyi have file called default :o dont have 000- dose that matter?15:30
diploInside ServerAdmin <emailaddresscontact>15:31
diploProbably fine, mines 000 that's all15:31
diploDocumentRoot /var/www/html <IE Path to your web dir>15:31
diploI think that's all you basically need to get a Vhost up on a very basic level15:32
diploJust need to point domain to it then15:32
diploJust reading up it is better to create a file called yourdomain.conf in sites-available15:33
diploand then ln -s domain.conf sites-enabled/domain.conf15:33
judgeykool let me just try :)15:34
diploIt's been a while since I played with vhosts unfortunately, run everything on my localhost and used a shared hosting15:34
diploBut I know you can setup a very basic vhost then add options as you need them15:35
judgeyln: creating symbolic link `sites-enabled/host2k10.conf': No such file or directory15:38
judgeybut its defo there15:38
judgeyi put15:39
judgeyln -s host2k10.conf sites-enabled/host2k10.conf15:39
bigcalmjudgey: use a2ensite15:40
bigcalmSaves messing around with directory paths15:40
diploI just read that, never used that in my day ! :P15:41
bigcalmcd /etc/apache2/sites-available; a2ensite host2k10.conf; /etc/init.d/apache reload15:41
diplojudgey, if you do carry on the other way it's probably because you are not in sites-available15:41
ali1234how do i kill zombies when the parent process is init?15:41
bigcalmOh, and a chainsaw15:42
shauno(I've a feeling he is in sites-available, so needs ../sites-enabled rather than site-enabled.  but a2ensite.  does what it says on the tin.)15:42
bigcalmYou also have a2enmod, which is handy for enabling mods :)15:43
judgeysec guys15:45
bigcalmActually. You don't need to cd to the dir. Just: a2ensite host2k10.conf15:46
ali1234is it worth reporting fglrx bugs?15:47
gordi hate linux :( why can't it just work15:47
judgeyhere is my config but its wrong so says apche15:47
diplo2 secs will edit15:49
diploDont want the Inside part as well15:51
diploSorry meant inside the tags <VirtualHost>15:51
diploI'm not great at explaining am I15:51
judgeylol ;p15:51
shaunofwiw, the config I use is http://pastebin.com/wpCAEY8K  .. I literally just replace every occurance of TEMPLATE with the domain, and I'm done15:51
diploOr just copy shauno one which is fuller :)15:52
judgeyoky that seemed to go without any errors, sorry to be a nub but how dose it no my domain from that?15:56
judgeyha wait15:57
judgeyServerName TEMPLATE << template is my domain?15:57
judgeyiwthout www. ?15:58
bigcalmYou can also have ServerAlias15:58
judgeywith out www.15:58
bigcalmServerName example.com15:58
bigcalmServerAlias www.example.com15:58
judgeyand thats it then just need to point the domain to my server?16:00
judgeyand /var/www is were i put index and stuff dont need to make the folder host2k.info16:02
judgeyas my DocumentRoot /var/www/ < is that16:03
judgeyor do i need to make the path /www/mydomainname.here/httpdocs/16:04
bigcalmjudgey: I would suggest having a sub directory for your website16:06
bigcalmIt's up to you as to where you have it16:06
judgeywill i have to change the document root?16:06
bigcalmIf the DocumentRoot is to be other than /var/www, then yes16:06
ali1234bug 70950516:10
lubotu3Launchpad bug 709505 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[MASTER] fglrx failed to install/upgrade due to being incompatible with 2.6.38 kernel" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70950516:10
gordheh, spent five minutes learning how to write an upstart script. they are completely right, its easy16:21
bigcalmThis isn't fun16:46
bigcalmPHP Fatal error:  Class 'DateTime' not found16:46
bigcalmVersion of PHP on this server is 5.3.616:46
mgdmbigcalm: using a distro package?16:55
mgdmbigcalm: chances are the packagers have broken^Wfiddled with it16:55
bigcalmmgdm: RHEL server. I'm not installing anything16:57
bigcalmClient's tech is responding to my requests via email16:58
bigcalmI do get to alter php.ini though if I need to16:59
bigcalmSo, where would I look to see if the right bits are being included?16:59
bigcalmDate is showing up in phpinfo()16:59
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
lubotu3For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:11
AlanBellso what is going on if the additional drivers window is empty?18:12
ali1234ati sucks18:12
ali1234see rant on #ati18:12
hamitronATI drivers have a nice GUI to build a .deb18:13
ali1234yeah a nice gui that DOESN'T WORK18:13
hamitronminor issue18:13
ali1234to go with their APP SDK installer that ALSO DOESN'T WORK18:13
AlanBellwhere do I find the nice non-functional gui?18:13
ali1234AlanBell: you don't want it, even if you fix it so it produces a deb, the resulting drivers don't work properly anyway18:14
* hamitron offers ali1234 a coffee to calm down18:14
Azelphurali1234: so...I got a G930 :D18:14
Azelphurseems to work ootb though :)18:14
mgdmbigcalm: weird one. Can you get a phpinfo output and paste it?18:14
AlanBellso I just go with the flow on the 2d driver then?18:14
ali1234the distro driver works better than the latest one18:14
ali1234here is the new catalyst driver if you feel like wasting your time: http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-11-8-x86.x86_64.run18:15
ali1234you must sudo apt-get install debhelper dh-modaliases execstack18:15
ali1234and then --buildpkg Ubuntu/natty18:16
ali1234then install the debs it builds18:16
ali1234Rage XL?18:16
ali1234what is that??18:16
AlanBelldunno, on the mobo of an HP Proliant DL36018:17
AlanBellreally don't care much if it doesn't work, but I thought I would try18:17
mgdmit's an ancient ATi chipset, roughly 4MB or maybe 8MB18:17
ali1234i don't think catalyst is gonna support that18:18
mgdmaround about 1999 vintage IIRC, but they soldiered on for server motherboards for a few years18:18
mgdmI used it in VESA mode18:18
mgdmdunno if that still works18:18
AlanBellit does 2d no problem18:19
ali1234ok how do i roll back to the old debs from command line?18:19
ali1234Azelphur: what's a G930?18:21
Azelphurali1234: more G-Series devices for the driver :D18:21
Azelphurit's a headset complete with G-Keys on the headset18:22
Azelphurali1234: http://hotronica.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/g930_side.jpg18:22
AzelphurIs there a nice service that provides free wikis?18:31
mgdmAzelphur: wikia.com?18:32
AlanBellthere are services that provide wikis though18:32
AzelphurAlanBell: that's what I mean, :)18:33
Azelphurwikia sounds good I guess :)18:33
AlanBellalso wants libqtgui4 and libqtcore418:34
AlanBellaticonfig: No supported adapters detected18:42
ali1234um... well18:42
* AlanBell gives up on that then :)18:42
ali1234you have a card that is 10 years out of date18:43
AlanBelland is on a server that will be running headless18:43
AlanBellI just wanted to see what the current ATI install process was really18:43
ali1234it's identical to the nvidia install process18:43
ali1234if you have a supported card18:44
ali1234the card you are using is equivalent to like a nvidia TNT card or something18:44
mgdmis MSN messenger broken for anyone else?20:21
ali1234i'm connected20:22
ali1234no one is online though20:22
ali1234so i dunno20:22
webpigeonI'm online20:35
Howiehow do I make my pc boot from usb20:38
Howiecos it ant doin it20:38
webpigeonHowie, check the boot order in your bios?20:39
bigcalmHowie: you will need to change the boot device order in the bios20:40
Howiewhat one.do I.select to go first20:40
webpigeonIt depends on the bios20:40
HowieI have an amibios20:41
olyhum, any mail gurus who are able to help with a fetchmail / maildrop issue ?20:42
bigcalmHowie: I personally use this order: USB -> CD -> HDD20:42
webpigeonI do when i'm setting up, but i set as HDD when done - then lock the bios with a password :P20:42
olybasically i want to replicate the remote folders locally if possible ?20:42
olyi have got the mail coming down fine but i loose the folders grouping so curious if there is  way around this ?20:43
Howieusb fdd?20:43
webpigeonHowie, what other options are there?20:43
webpigeonmy older mashine only boots from usb if you set the boot option to usb zip which is damned odd20:44
Howiecdrom ide-0 ide-1 scsi network floppy zip atapi. disabled20:45
Howiethats all20:46
bigcalmHowie: how old is the machine?20:46
ali1234how old is this computer?20:46
bigcalmJinx ;)20:46
ali1234no u20:46
Howiequite old20:47
ali12346 years?20:47
bigcalmHowie: the bios might pre-date the ability to boot from usb20:47
bigcalmYou could look for a bios update, but I wouldn't be too hopeful20:48
Howieit struggles with booting from cd or hdd as well20:48
webpigeonoggcamp show \o/20:48
webpigeonbigcalm, there is a work arround where you boot from cd and that boots from usb20:49
webpigeonI don't remember the link though :(20:49
Howieweird pc20:49
Howiebelonged to a prep school previously20:49
Howiealso it makes weird noises sometimes20:50
Howieand it used to boot from usb but now it doesnt20:50
bigcalmMaybe it only booted from 1 or 2 specific USB ports20:52
bigcalmTry different ones20:52
Howiemabe its my hub20:52
ali1234it is20:54
ali1234usb boot doesn't like hubs20:54
ali1234also you might not be able to boot from every usb port20:54
Howienope just boots into ubuntu20:54
Howieport 120:56
Howie(annoying noise followed by hdd boot20:56
bigcalmThere we go then :)20:56
Howienope it dont boot from usb20:58
Howiecurse you prep school.kids who fiddle with things till they break21:02
ubuntuuk-planet[Ubuntu UK Podcast] S04E13  When Two Worlds Collide - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2011/08/17/s04e13-when-two-worlds-collide/21:21
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] That Was The OggCamp That Was - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/08/17/that-was-the-oggcamp-that-was/21:21
bigcalmTo the gpodder!21:21
* Howie yawns loudly21:29
AlanBellMyrtti: each pin needs a different description21:29
MyrttiAlanBell: sorry?21:30
AlanBellMyrtti: you can't do two pins, both with a blank description21:30
Myrttiah right, had to go to read my lastlog before things clicked21:32
bernhard2any has knowledge on exim4 and tsl21:40
* AlanBell tickles Daviey 21:58
AlanBellok, so the Ubuntu UK happy hour22:20
AlanBellwhere shall we do the first one?22:20
ali1234the what now?22:21
AlanBellpick a pub, any pub22:21
mgdmThe Ben Nevis, in Glasgow22:25
mgdmat a stretch, the Bon Accord has more seating22:26
AlanBellgreat, where next?22:26
popeyprince of wales, farnborough22:27
AlanBellnow where?22:28
mgdmThe Jolly Judge in Edinburgh? Bit mobbed at this time of year22:28
mgdmI'd also suggest MacNeil's in Stornoway22:28
popeyAlanBell: The Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge ☺22:29
AlanBellneed some in the middle kind of options22:34
popeythere are some great camra pubs in brum22:34
AlanBellI know the Nottingham contingent wanted one22:35
popeyAlanBell: The Hobgoblin on Broad Street, Reading22:35
popeyThe Warwick on King's Road, Reading22:35
popeyThe Back of Beyond, also on King's Road22:36
popey(apparently the best of the wetherspoons)22:36
popeyGetting this data from a local yokel22:36
* popey pokes Ng 22:36
popeywhat pub (if any) would canonical people be seen in, in that london22:37
ali1234home in nottingham does the best steaks evar22:47
ali1234it's not in the city centre though22:47
ali1234and the pub bit is a bit rough22:47
ali1234but those steaks are amazing22:48
bernhard2how can i check if Exim was compiled with OpenSSL (or GnuTLS) support23:06
ali1234check the package depends23:08
ali1234exim4-daemon-heavy depends on libgnutls2623:10
ali1234and so does -light23:10
bernhard2so whats the command ?23:10
bernhard2dpkg -l "exim*"23:11
ali1234apt-cache showpkg exim4-daemon-heavy23:12
bernhard2so does this mean.. those are installed and in use ?23:13
bernhard24.72-6+squeeze2 - exim4-base (2 4.72) libc6 (2 2.7) libdb4.8 (0 (null)) libgnutls26 (2 2.7.14-0) libldap-2.4-2 (2 2.4.7) libmysqlclient16 (2 5.1.21-1) libpam0g (2 libpcre3 (2 7.7) libperl5.10 (2 5.10.1) libpq5 (2 8.4~0cvs20090328) libsasl2-2 (0 (null)) libsqlite3-0 (2 3.7.3) debconf (18 0.5) debconf-2.0 (0 (null)) mail-transport-agent (0 (null)) exim4-base (1 4.61-1) mail-transport-agent23:13
bernhard2(0 (null))23:13
ali1234it means the package needs all of that stuff to work23:14
ali1234so it must be using gnutls23:14
ali1234at least compiled with it23:14
bernhard2Configuring Exim4 to use TLS. Configured 03_exim4-config_tlsoptions but when i restart exim4 and check with:  exim4 -bP | grep tls_23:15
bernhard2i get this output..     http://pastebin.com/VYwTEihg (it does not show what i have configured) when i test get this message  Host did not advertise STARTTLS23:15
ali1234well that is probably a configuration issue23:18
ali1234i can't do basic math :(23:23
ali123416+12 != 2423:23
directhexmats is unpossible!23:24
ali1234what i wanted was the first 12, skip 4, then the next 1223:25
ali1234so i wrote: for line in range(12)+range(16,24):23:25
ali1234and lost 4 lines from each file23:25
ali1234then spent an hour trying to figure out why23:26
ali1234i had actually ruled out errors in every other part of the code and decided that the problem must be in that line, before i saw it23:27

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