r2d2rogershello folks02:31
r2d2rogerslittle late here02:31
r2d2rogersdoes that work?02:32
kwadrokedon't have a camera tonight02:33
r2d2rogershowdy Ahmuck02:37
r2d2rogersyou up for a Google+ hangout?02:37
Ahmucku know how i feel about google :)02:37
r2d2rogerstrying to finish my setup here02:38
Ahmuckrecently i noticed logs from this channel publicly posted as well02:38
r2d2rogerssorry I remembered that just after I asked...02:38
r2d2rogersthat's an Ubuntu loco team policy02:38
r2d2rogersbut I'm not sure about the bot that's doing it02:38
Ahmuckheh, that might be why ubuntu-us-ks isn't accepted as a loco02:38
r2d2rogersI know that I haven't been a member of an *accepted* team ;)02:39
Ahmuckthat was the one thing i chose not to allow ubuntu-us-ks to allow, public logs02:39
kwadrokewhy not, Ahmuck?02:40
r2d2rogersWe'll see if we get more traffic in here tonight as I posted the link earlier in the day on the CARLUG discuss list02:43
Ahmuckwhat's the purpose?02:43
kwadrokefor people that miss the chats02:44
Ahmucktuesday night chats?02:46
Ahmucki'd assume the chanop would have logs02:46
r2d2rogersYou would prefer the logs to not be avilable publicly?02:47
Ahmuckmyself, yes02:47
r2d2rogersI guess it comes down to purpose...02:48
Ahmuckthere is a reasonable expectation of privacy in loco rooms.  in ubuntu, i'd agree, there isn't any expectation of privacy, but the loco's are so local one might consider it a small group in a meeting room02:48
r2d2rogersI can see that, but also I consider the purpose of the loco to be visible and grow in an open manner02:49
r2d2rogersthen again, this or the other team I have participated with haven't been very active for a while02:49
Ahmuckunfortunately, i'm working my way out of the AR loco.  i've had two poor experiences already02:49
r2d2rogersI'm sorry to hear that02:49
r2d2rogersI haven't really been in touch with any organized effort before kwadroke and I started the chat night idea02:50
r2d2rogersI know that bad encounters tend to sour me on wanting to spend my time where I don't feel comfortable02:51
QuinDevelinodd linguistic question... can you define 'loco' in this context?02:51
r2d2rogersLocal Community02:52
r2d2rogersrefering to the Ubuntu Local Community Teams02:52
r2d2rogersgroups trying to promote Ubuntu Specifically and Open Source in General02:52
r2d2rogersthis was just a handy channel for me to reference02:52
r2d2rogersand fit well with my desire to get a state wide dialog going02:53
QuinDevelini thought you were calling it 'crazy' :D02:53
r2d2rogersyeah I thought about that more when it was new to me too02:53
r2d2rogersthe LoCo stuff doesn't have to be associated with the effort I'm interested in promoting, but it was a convinent resource02:53
r2d2rogersQuinDevelin: if you want to try the Google+ hangout part I was posting about on the mailing list...02:54
r2d2rogersthe blue "Join this hangout" button should get you there,02:55
QuinDevelinhrm... is it connected to this chatroom?02:56
r2d2rogersbut this channel is a good way to talk to people who don't care for google, or don't have a webcam and microphone setup handy.02:56
r2d2rogersonly in that I talked about both in the email I setup02:56
r2d2rogerstrying to use the google plus stuff to do a "virtual" meeting...02:56
QuinDevelin*nod*  i believe google is not your friend...kinda like facebook and linkedin02:57
r2d2rogershave had a couple of successful (4 or more people attending) sessions so far02:57
r2d2rogersIRC is the accepted medium for many open source projects.02:57
r2d2rogersfor real time anyhow...02:57
Ahmuckour local lug use skype, and are in the process of setting up our own xmpp server to do video02:58
r2d2rogersawesome, I'm a big fan of xmpp02:58
r2d2rogersI was reading about an effort to project to replace much of Dropbox's functionality in a do it on your own server way that was using xmpp02:59
kwadrokeI've seen one, but it didn't work too well02:59
r2d2rogersI'll have to figure out what set of links that would be in03:00
Ahmuckanywho, back to the public logs and then i'll get off my soapbox.  often i don't mind discussing things with friends but don't want public logs because it so easy to take them out of context, or misread them or make them available for every snoop out there wanting to cause a ruckus or mine information.03:01
Ahmuckoddly, i just happened to be on this evening03:01
Ahmuckbtw, why so late for chat night?03:01
Ahmucksome of us do have lives u know03:01
r2d2rogersMy original thought was it was after the bedtime of my elementary age sons03:01
r2d2rogersbut the time should be set to serve the group.03:02
az7hey hey, sorry i missed chat/hangout night03:02
r2d2rogersI'd be open to change it03:02
r2d2rogersaz7: still about 30 minutes left in the hour ;)03:02
r2d2rogersthere's no reason why people couldn't come in earlier/later and chat...03:03
QuinDevelinperfect time for me...everyone else is in bed...wife included03:03
r2d2rogerswe were just trying to set a regular time that people could expect there to be someone here to talk to .03:03
Ahmucki understand the sons thing03:05
r2d2rogersI'm habing fun adjusting to a new job still, I recently moved back to Arkansas after 10 years in Louisiana03:08
az7night all03:09
r2d2rogersG;ngiht az703:09
r2d2rogerswhat part of arkansas are you from QuinDevelin?03:09
QuinDevelincentral arkansas03:09
r2d2rogersCool, I'm in Conway03:10
QuinDevelinschweet...you should come to the conway gaming center this thursday03:10
r2d2rogersoh yeah?03:10
r2d2rogersI don't think I have anything else to do03:10
QuinDevelinyep...some of us are gathering there at about 7PM03:10
r2d2rogerssounds fun.03:10
r2d2rogersI know kwadroke is usually there.03:10
kwadrokethere now03:11
r2d2rogersthat would be an interesting setup...03:11
* QuinDevelin chuckles and tells kwadroke to get a life.03:11
kwadrokethis is my life03:11
r2d2rogersa group video conference between multiple groups03:11
r2d2rogersI had a video interview with a place in Little Rock when I was on the job hunt... that was interesting.03:12
r2d2rogersQuinDevelin: what kind of meetup is it on Thrusday?03:14
QuinDevelinDefCon Group 501 Social Gathering03:15
r2d2rogersI never did remember to email the person I was refered to for hta03:18
QuinDevelinaye...we're actively recruiting...anyone interested in technology in general and especially information security is not only welcome, but encouraged to come.03:18
QuinDevelinbring your family, bring your friends...hell if you don't have friends, bring your enemies!03:18
az7the pizza is good too03:19
QuinDevelin:) social skills not necessary...we have workshops for that kind of thing03:19
r2d2rogersIt seems like I'm very interested in hands on tech stuff, but also things I can get my boys into..03:20
r2d2rogersI'd love to have them playing with Arduinos and the like03:20
QuinDevelinsweet!   how old?03:22
r2d2rogers7 and 903:22
r2d2rogersthey've been wanting me to do the heli-rocket project from make magazine all summer...03:22
r2d2rogersbut with moving up here and trying to get details sorted out, the materials have collected and nothing else happened03:23
QuinDevelinvery cool...next thursday we're meeting in Maumelle to go over a project a couple of the newer members have been working on...you should come and bring the heli-rocket project idea with you03:23
QuinDevelinwe're looking for our next group project (the last one was a beginner's introduction to lock picking)03:24
r2d2rogersthe heli-rocket is about $5 worth of materials03:24
QuinDevelinno way!03:25
r2d2rogerspaper towel rolls, some thin card board, a bit of balsa, a wire hanger...03:25
r2d2rogersand the engine03:25
QuinDevelinthat's awesome!03:26
r2d2rogersif you have all the stuff, it's a saturday project03:26
r2d2rogerspossibly a friday night, launch on saturday one.03:27
* r2d2rogers looks for the link03:27
QuinDevelinsweet!  i bet we can incorporate a gps tracking device in it so we can facilitate recovery :D03:29
kwadrokeneed some sort of celluar communication to send out the location03:30
r2d2rogersmight have to up scale it a bit03:31
r2d2rogersbut that would be an awesome enhancement03:31
Ahmuckhow was Louisiana?03:31
r2d2rogerspretty darn good, really, I met my wife there for instance.03:32
r2d2rogersworked for the same company that whole time.03:32
* QuinDevelin yawns... g'nite all bedtime for quin03:32
QuinDevelinhope to see you guys at CG03:33
QuinDevelinCGC Thursday03:33
kwadrokecya quin03:33
kwadrokeall kind of electronics03:34
kwadrokegood for projects03:35
* r2d2rogers is looking03:37
kwadrokemake sure your credit card is far way while you browse03:39
r2d2rogersgood advice03:41
r2d2rogersI just grabbed a bunch of stuff from amazon03:42
r2d2rogersprolly about $50 worth of under $5 items03:42
kwadrokewell, I;m out04:05

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