bkerensapleia2: O'Reilly sent me a huge box of books the other day00:03
bkerensaUPS had to use a dolly to bring it upstairs00:03
regularjomay I inquire?00:13
pleia2hi regularjo00:15
pleia2bkerensa: they are good about sending books :)00:15
pleia2even better if you write reviews00:15
bkerensaSee but I dont know the rules around LoCo's reviewing stuff00:16
bkerensaIt seems idk00:16
bkerensaI assume when your using the name "Ubuntu" which is Trademark and owned by Canonical00:16
bkerensathat there must be rules for endorsing or reviewing something00:16
pleia2loco members do reviews, just like everything we do, the reviews aren't "officially endorsed by the loco and canonical"00:17
bkerensaI see00:17
pleia2people have events, the loco is here to coordinate and empower00:17
bkerensawell I can review some stuff they send me on Technorati but I already get a lot of stuff00:17
pleia2people write reviews, we're here as a community to share books and reviews00:17
bkerensapleia2: Can I pm?00:18
regularjois there 3rd party software for cd writing, and if so, what is it?00:18
pleia23rd party?00:19
pleia2there are lots of programs for cd writing in ubuntu :)00:20
regularjoWould you tell me one or more?00:20
rwwk3b is the usual one in KDE land, I think Brasero is the usual GNOME one. wodim exists for the command-line, too.00:20
rwwI've had the most luck with k3b, personally.00:21
regularjoThank you. I used the term third party because I thought all software obtained using Synaptic Package Manager was thrid party.00:24
bkerensaBrasero is nice00:30
philipballewfor ripping i used to use rubby ripper00:30
philipballewrubby is an odd language00:30
bkerensaJust a FYI if you guys contact Linux Journal they will list your event in their magazine and on their site05:36
philipballew^ should do that05:41
bkerensaIts published in digital and print edition05:42
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nhainesI just realized after opening this Japanese instant ramen bowl that I can't read the instructions, don't know how much water to add, and don't even know the flavor.16:27
nhainesI don't like fish or seafood, and Japan is a small island nation whose chief food source is the ocean.  Yeah, I should be okay.16:27
akkShould be safe to add water to a little below the top of the bowl.16:28
akkAnd sniff -- does it smell really fishy? Default ramen flavor is pork, but you can probably smell if it's shrimp or fish.16:29
akk(and if not, hey, no harm done)16:29
nhainesakk: it did smell slightly fishy, but now that it's cooked for 3 minutes it smells very fishy.16:29
akkThe shrimp ones are always the ones that go on sale at the local 99c store.16:29
akkand beef, that seems to be another unpopular flavor16:30
nhainesThis one was brought back from Japan though.16:30
nhainesThe little Pokémon medallions in it are cute (and edible, I presume).16:31
akkAh, probably has whale and sea urchin and cricket legs and who knows what. :)16:31
nhainesMy money is on squid ink. :)16:31
nhainesOkay, in the spirit of mankind since the dawn of time, I don't know what this is but I'm going to eat it!16:31
akkThat's the spirit!16:32
nhainesI think the Pikachu medallion is just printed tofu.  (Or whale blubber, possibly.)16:32
akkSo hard to tell the difference between those two.16:33
nhainesIt's actually not too bad.  At least the corn kernels taste like corn.  :)16:33
nhainesHm, that wasn't as bas as I feared.  I'm not sure why I expected beef ramen though.  :)17:06
jyojtatum: Yeah, not sure if I can make it to Mt. View Ubuntu Hour.17:16
iheartubuntui had two photos I wanted to include in the next wallpaper contest but had never read anything about submitting them. Now submissions end on the 25th17:27
iheartubuntuany way I can submit them via flicker?17:27
regularjoI logged in about 6 am this morning and there was no place to enter text. Why was that?17:33
iheartubuntuwhat program are u using for chat?17:34
iheartubuntui notice sometimes in empathy the member list is hidden17:34
iheartubuntuand have to resize and slide the list open again17:34
iheartubuntuit turns out the wallpaper submissions for 11.10 have been locked :(17:35
iheartubuntuI had two great submissions this time around but never did see submission guideline and deadlines for 11.10.17:35
iheartubuntuand my newest one... http://www.flickr.com/photos/iheartubuntu/6053563012/in/photostream/17:36
iheartubuntui think they would have been great for the autumn months too17:36
regularjoi'm not sure what program I use. I have Ubuntu 11:04  and it kinda logged after I went to CA.org chat and entered my name and the other thing.17:37
iheartubuntusounds like you are on a website?17:37
regularjoI am at http://ubuntu-california/chat/17:38
iheartubuntuso you can enter chat now apparently17:40
regularjoYes. I just wondered why early I couldn't enter text. Is someone saying that I can use empathy from my destop with going to a website?17:43
iheartubuntuyou can use Empathy or Pidgin to access IRC chat. More popular is XChat, a stand alone IRC program17:46
bkerensaI love the iheartubuntu blog17:49
iheartubuntuthanks :)17:49
iheartubuntuno one paid you to say that did they? :)17:51
iheartubuntuim on the verge of some major changes there (like several posts a day) but not quite ready to implement it.17:52
iheartubuntudoes anyone here have experience helping a school district switch to Ubuntu?17:53
bkerensahelping or trying to get them to do so?17:54
iheartubuntui may have the opportunity to help them17:54
iheartubuntuthey are "interested"17:54
bkerensaWell I worked for my school district after High School17:54
bkerensaas Network Tech17:54
iheartubuntuthey have linux?17:55
bkerensaits a big job depending on the size of the district17:55
bkerensanot completely17:55
bkerensaThey did use Linux for some things like servers17:55
bkerensathet had a debian desktop or two17:55
nhainesiheartubuntu: Partimus is a huge area of focus in Northern California for the team.  They've been mentioned several times during meetings and events and in the reapproval application.  You've never head of them?17:56
nhainesregularjo: oh, did you ever find a nice CD burning application yesterday?  :)17:56
iheartubuntui thought they were mostly a computer donation group17:56
regularjoI did not. I installed Brasero but i couldn't burn my xp program from my usb stick to my new writable CD. I"m in no hurry though, so I'll keep working on it.17:58
regularjoAlso I just installed xchat and now i logged in with it.18:00
iheartubuntumarkdude pleia2 dont you two help out with partimus?18:02
* MarkDude speaks about partimus18:03
MarkDudepleia2: actually DOES more stuff- grantbow does too- less so with his going to africa18:03
nhainesregularjo: brasero comes installed by default on Ubuntu.  Did you get any error messages when the burn failed?18:06
regularjoI thought I installed it. I guess I just opened it. It did get a message, but I didn't write it down and don't remember it. Maybe I'll do it again. i don't see other CA team members asking questions like I have. Should I go to the forums for questions like this?18:25
nhainesregularjo: yes, probably, because there are more people there and this isn't a support room.18:35
nhainesregularjo: but that's not to say we won't try to help!  Just that it might be slower.  :)18:36
nhainesBut the error message will be the most important thing.  If we don't know that, we don't know what failed, when, or why.18:36
akkSometimes it's faster to ask in a small channel like this one, though, since #ubuntu is such a zoo.18:36
akkAgreed about the error message -- exact error messages are critical.18:37
nhainesakk: well, that's why I +1'ed the forums and not #ubuntu.  :)18:37
akkAlso, you can google on an error message and very often get an answer.18:37
nhainesregularjo: there are more eyeballs on the forums.18:37
nhainesakk: oh, right.  That's a good idea too.18:37
akkYeah, the forums are good if you can stand forums. :)18:38
akkDunno how fast that is, though. Do they work for trying to get same-day answers?18:38
nhainesDonno.  askubuntu.com is really good for that but I don't know if they do brasero support.18:39
philipballewforms are nice except when you get people giving you wrong advice.18:40
nhainesphilipballew: that's the way the entire earth works.18:40
philipballewlike when you have new users not knowing how to install software.18:40
akkheh, nhaines18:41
philipballew"hi, i just downloaded this .gz for flash player and want to get flash player on my computer" then the person tells them how to install then and not using the ubuntu software center or apr get18:41
nhainesWell, that's nothing unique about forums.18:42
philipballewtrue, still frustrating when I have to explain what really needs to be done18:43
nhainesregularjo asked in channel yesterday for a list of third-party CD burning software, but no one thought to ask him "What are you looking for in CD burning tools and why doesn't Brasero fit your needs?"18:43
nhaines(Well, I did, but by the time I was in channel he was gone.)18:44
philipballewthe root of the question is what is really needed I guess18:44
nhainesWell, if he just wants a list of burners, he doesn't need that--Software Center can do that.18:46
nhainesBut if he wants recommendations, then we need to know what he's looking for.18:46
nhainesHopefully if he'd said, "I tried to burn a CD but it didn't work, so I want to try another burner" then the channel would have switched to tech support.18:47
philipballewyou would know how to do tech support if need be more then others nhaines18:47
akkAnd ideally, "I tried to burn a CD but it failed in this way [details]"18:48
akksince "didn't work" is generally not an easy thing to help with18:48
nhainesakk: yes, but at least then we can ask.18:49
philipballewbrassaco or however you spell it never works for me. the cd as to be manually ejected after each burn18:49
EurekaDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.18:49
nhainesphilipballew: sounds to me more like "my CD drive's eject feature doesn't work with Brasero", not "Brasero never works."18:50
nhainesBrasero's a CD/DVD burning program, not a CD tray ejecting program.  :)18:50
philipballewtrue, it works with k3b though. so the cd drive is fine :)18:50
akkEjecting is such a tiny part of CD burning ... I'm pretty happy if I get a CD burned and it works.18:50
nhainesSee, that's important info.  :)18:51
nhainesIt annoys me a lot when the CD doesn't eject on my laptop with Brasero.  But that's a problem for me and Launchpad.18:51
akkI mean, I would never want to use a CD burning program that didn't play a little victory tune like k3b does. :)18:51
nhainesakk: on the other hand I hate that trumpet sound.  :)18:52
philipballewtrue. i just opened up my terminal and tyoe eject . the tune makes me wanna dance18:52
nhainesThe tune always catches me unawares.18:52
jyoGood technical support has the spidey sense to intuit what the customer actually wants to do rather than help them figure out their convoluted processes18:53
nhainesjyo: +118:53
philipballewwhat internet browser does everyone use here?19:26
akkstill firefox, but my commitment is starting to waver19:28
rwwspeaking of which, Fx6 should hit -security today, I think19:32
philipballewff 6 came in an update yesterday19:33
rwwDepends on mirror, I guess :)19:33
rwwoh, wait, security. no mirror. I must have just missed it then :)19:33
philipballewakk, i have used both chrome and ff. i feel like both have their benefits. but not sure what one is better19:34
rwwIt just occured to me that I haven't seen the bot do wikipage change announcements in a while. Did that stop working, or have I just missed it?19:35
pleia2stopped working after the wiki upgrade19:36
rwwfigures. that's what we get for horrible abuse of HTML scraping19:36
philipballewhey pleia2 do you know who runs planetubuntu?19:37
pleia2it's on a canonical server, why?19:38
philipballewI added my name yesterday but it hasnt shown19:38
* rww takes a look19:38
philipballewit say's it should only take a few hours, but hopes he didnt do something wrong.19:39
* philipballew might have added the wrong wordpress address19:39
rwwI don't see a revision from you on https://code.launchpad.net/~planet-ubuntu/config/main , so I bet you didn't push it back to Launchpad properly.19:39
philipballewi just copied every line of code from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu under adding my blog19:41
philipballewadded this as my blog https://philipballew.wordpress.com/feed/rss/19:41
rwwdid you read the instructions, too? :P19:41
philipballewyeah. I usually dont do it right though :)19:42
rwwokays. pastebin config.ini from your local copy of planet-ubuntu and we'll check that first19:42
philipballew^im at the bottom19:45
rwwThis is optional, but if you're going to be posting both Ubuntu and non-Ubuntu stuff to your blog, it's better to add a PlanetUbuntu tag and use the feed for that, btw.19:46
regularjoI was worried about asking a dumb question. But the alternative was asking nothing at all. I live in Seal beach and have looked for places where other Ubuntu people meet, but I haven't found one. I picked this chat channel because it was the only one designated with California. I don't want to make philipballew or anyone else frustrated, so no one should feel compelled to respond. My questions are only directed to anyone who19:47
regularjowants to respond.19:47
philipballewill mainly post ubuntu stuff. I made the blod for it. but anything else would be simple and still interesting19:48
philipballewseal beach is in la right?19:48
philipballewdid you see anything wrong rww19:49
rwwphilipballew: k. apart from that, it all looks fine. check 'bzr diff' to make sure it's sane, then run 'bzr commit -m "adding blog by philipballew"' (or something similar)19:49
rwwif you get any notable output from the bzr commit, pastebin that19:49
philipballewwould i need to run19:50
philipballewbzr launchpad-login yourusername19:50
rwwdidn't you do that already?19:50
philipballewi did yesterday when i tried to upload19:51
rwwregularjo: There are Ubuntu Hours in Pasadena and Lake Forest. I think that's the closest thing to you right now.19:51
philipballewid go to those regularjo19:52
rwwphilipballew: launchpad-login is a setting that's retained (in ~/.bzr) between runs19:53
philipballewoh. my nad19:53
jyophilipballew: Aurora is where all the cool kids are.19:55
philipballew^ rww19:56
rwwphilipballew: bzr whoami "philipballew <philipballew@ubuntu.com>"19:57
rwwor whatever you want to use, it doesn't have to be @ubuntu.com or your LP name19:57
rwwand then do the commit again19:57
philipballewwell your line would work19:57
rww(it should be an email address associated with your LP profile)19:57
philipballewi have my .ubuntu and my .gmail on lp19:57
philipballewso i ran bzr whoami "philipballew <philipballew@ubuntu.com>"19:58
philipballewdo i run bzr commit -m "Added philipballew to Planet Ubuntu"19:58
philipballew again?19:58
regularjorww, could you tell me how to connect with someone at the Lake Forrest Ubuntu Hours?19:59
pleia2regularjo: nhaines runs them19:59
* rww goes off to edit Ubuntu Wiki and add that whoami command20:00
philipballewrww well, it appeared it worked. maybe ill blog about you now as a thanks!20:00
rwwyup, LP shows it went through :)20:00
philipballewregularjo, nhaines will see your interested on here, ubuntu hours are his specialty20:01
philipballewhow can you tell rww . are you just that good?20:01
pleia2it's in launchpad :)20:02
rwwphilipballew: https://code.launchpad.net/~planet-ubuntu/config/main20:03
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philipballewmy use of launchpad consist of me adding groups on there to make my profile look like i know what i am doing and also looking at other peoples weird badly cropped head images20:03
philipballew                                                                                        ^you know who you are20:04
philipballewphotoshop people. its simple!20:04
pleia2gimp :P20:05
philipballewits what I use everyday :)20:05
philipballewis photoshop a generic term these days? or does that mean adobe?20:05
pleia2I guess "photoshopping" has been generically verbed20:06
philipballewi use a kleenex but its really a tissue or a band-aid.20:06
philipballewthe brand has become the verb to discribe all versions of products like it20:07
pleia2but your comment seemed to say that photoshop is easy, which I'd assume meant the actual product20:07
pleia2not that image editing is easy20:07
philipballewtrue, Ive had photoshop on here before. it runs great with wine.20:08
philipballewbut i prefer gimp. probably just because im used to it20:08
philipballewand prefer a floss program20:08
pleia2I've never used photoshop (too expensive)20:08
philipballewmy school has copies20:09
* pleia2 mostly just crops and resizes anyway :)20:09
philipballewgimp is just different then photoshop and therefor people say it sucks20:10
crashsystemsI prefer gimp, but the lack of 16 bit color support is extremely limiting.20:12
philipballew2.8 i hear is nice20:15
philipballewhey regularjo are you on the mailing list?20:20
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nhainesregularjo: if you have any questions about Ubuntu Hour in Lake Forest, feel free to ask.20:43
regularjogood, yes I have. when is the next Ubuntu Hour in Lake Forest? What time? what location?20:49
* akk wonders why freenode doesn't see xchat disconnects/reconnects when all the other servers do20:50
pleia2client timeout could be longer than the server timeout20:51
nhainesregularjo: the next Ubuntu Hour meeting is on Thursday, August 25th, 2011 at 6:00pm, at the Panera Bread in Lake Forest, CA.  Details are available here: http://nhaines.livejournal.com/61885.html20:52
akkHmm, wonder if I could adjust that client timeout?20:53
* akk doesn't find anything helpful googling20:55
pleia2irssi calls it "lag_max_before_disconnect"20:59
pleia2not sure about xchat though :\20:59
akkI didn't see anything looking through prefs.20:59
akkWhat happens is, if I suspend with xchat running, all the other servers ping out (I guess) so when I un-suspend, they reconnect21:00
akkbut the freenode tabs just sit there, not seeing any new traffic but not reconnecting either.21:00
akkI have to close them all then reconnect to freenode.21:01
nhainesAnd that is why you should never suspend.21:02
akkbut ... wasting that 5 watts while at lunch?! heresy!21:04
akk(or more like 30 if it's my desktop, but strangely, that one usually does reconnect)21:04
nhainesSee?  Q.E.D.21:05
bkerensa:D If I go to Blue Lake will you guys have a Ubuntu Hour?21:21
bkerensaor Nice, CA even?21:21
nhainesbkerensa: you can always plan your own.  :)21:27
bkerensaI dont think anyone would show.... Nice has 100 people21:28
bkerensaBlue Lake has maybe 200 :P21:29
bkerensaBut I like both places.... Blue Lake has a epic casino worth visiting and Nice, CA has some nice lakes21:29
bkerensaWhen I go to California I start with Crescent City -> Blue Lake -> Nice -> Sac -> Davis - > San Francisco then back home21:30
nhainesNice.  :)21:34
philipballewsac ftw!21:36
rwwphilipballew: Is that where you are?21:37
philipballewbasically. you?21:37
rwwNope, I'm an hour or two south of there. Just wondering where everyone is :) (also, see PM)21:40
* bkerensa was born in Sacramento... I got family all over Sac area then in the Bay and Far North or The State of Jefferson as we like to call it21:42
philipballewauburn for me. so your like fresno rww?21:49
philipballewmodesto maybe?21:49
bkerensaModesto is ehh21:50
rwwFresno is about three hours south of Sac. I'm more Vallejo<->Concord sort of area.21:50
philipballewgeorge lucas grew up there21:50
bkerensaVallejo = Hot and has a amusement park of some sort21:50
philipballewoh, you said south. i go to napa all the time. thats a nice area21:50
bkerensaalso Jelly bean factory is not to far from there21:50
bkerensaMy cousin lived in Fairfield for a bit21:51
bkerensawell American Canyon21:51
bkerensasame diff21:51
philipballewwas there last week21:51
rwwphilipballew: sorry, yeah. I tend to think of I-80 and I-680 as going N-S, when they don't.21:51
bkerensaHave you ever been North?21:52
bkerensaTo Jefferson State?21:52
philipballewfact: freeways that are even numbers go east/west and odd go north/south21:52
rwwI went to Ashland once21:52
bkerensaAshland Oregon?21:53
bkerensaI can barely handle Portland21:54
bkerensaPortland is barely a city by my standards21:54
rwwhehe. I was in LA for a while, I know what you mean :)21:54
bkerensaToo bad my lady has to live in Oregon otherwise I would be back in Cali in a hot second21:55
akkThat even/odd freeway number thing works for the base freeway numbers (5, 80) but not always for extensions (like 280 N).21:57
rww280 is weird anyway. Isn't even directly connected to 80, iirc :(21:58
akkyeah, and part of it goes E-W even though it's labeled N-S.21:59
philipballewauburn has 2 main roads. the 80 that runs through it and the main road that goes through town21:59
nhainesakk: logical east-west22:02
* rww goes afk22:02
nhainesOkay, I'm proud of this one!  :)  http://ubuntuone.com/p/1B6S/22:46

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