itnet7Hey there, Anyone around for the meeting?01:00
itnet7Hey there n3gbz !01:01
n3gbzHi, are you back home?01:01
itnet7Let's see if a couple of more show up before we start one.... 01:02
itnet7Yes, we're back home now01:02
itnet7How have you been?01:02
n3gbzstill struggling with family issues in PA; otherwise pretty good01:02
n3gbzHow about you?01:03
itnet7ah, Sorry to hear that, was hoping things had improved01:03
itnet7Not bad at all!01:03
itnet7Well anyways... I was going to bring this up at the meeting, but I know that most people will read the backlog01:04
n3gbzI chatted with Steve Conklin on Ubuntu-hams; he is going to try to put a session on ubuntu-hams01:04
itnet7Let me see if I can get some people in...01:05
itnet7hey there MichelleQ !01:05
n3gbzHi Michelle01:05
maxolasersquad_hI'm around too.01:18
itnet7Hey there maxolasersquad_h !01:19
itnet7Well I was just going to bring up an idead about something we can get this time to commemorate this UDS for everyone01:19
mhall119itnet7: totally forgot, sorry01:24
itnet7n3gbz: `of course legal01:24
itnet7no prob mhall119 01:24
itnet7I was just going to bring up pathtags01:24
mhall119que est?01:25
itnet7they are quarter sized coins01:25
itnet7that are used for trading to others and tracking01:25
maxhSounds a bit sinister.01:26
n3gbzfirst time I heard of them01:26
mhall119itnet7: is that like the shuttle coin you have to Mark?01:26
itnet7You can design your own01:26
itnet7mhall119: kind of....01:27
itnet7if you wanted to make one like I gave mark, it costs around 12k to mint01:27
mhall119what's plan B01:27
itnet7and they are 20-25 dollars a piece01:27
maxhWait, that’s US dollars?01:27
itnet7these you can design them and get 100 for about 100 dollars01:28
mhall119now you're talking my price-range01:28
mhall119we'll probably need more than 100 if we're giving them out at UDS01:28
itnet7Well we'd still need close to 500 of them for the sow01:28
MichelleQhey itnet7, n3gbz :-)01:28
itnet7i mean for uds01:28
itnet7Hey there MichelleQ 01:28
MichelleQwhat are we commemorating UDS with?01:29
mhall119itnet7: I assume these will be plastic and screen-printed, not pressed metal01:29
itnet7no, they are pressed metal01:29
itnet7very good quality too01:29
mhall119itnet7: cool01:30
MichelleQwe could actually set up a series of geocaches *at* UDS...01:30
itnet7MichelleQ: I was thinking that ti could be cool to find a vendor could/would sponsor some prizes01:30
itnet7and hide a couple of caches, with coupons to redeem them for the prizes01:31
mhall119atlantic.net sponsored t-shirts last time didn't they?01:31
itnet7mhall119: Yup01:31
itnet7The cool thing about that pathtags also is that you can have them create a custom backing with a vanity code for logging01:32
MichelleQLet me know if I can help with anything, itnet701:32
itnet7and whenever you order refills they'll donate money to that Charity01:32
mhall119itnet7: I may have an idea on a prize, let me get back to you01:33
itnet7MichelleQ: no problem01:33
itnet7mhall119: Sweet!01:33
itnet7Any Ideas you guys have would be Awesome!01:33
itnet7I am going to see if I can get them to give me a good deal on like 600 of them, and see if they can design a custom back 01:36
mhall119let us know what they quote you01:36
itnet7I am trying to think about the Artwork now01:38
itnet7I designed my own tag01:38
itnet7and it came out pretty good01:38
itnet7here is a link for it... Not sure if it will let you see it01:38
itnet7does it let you see it?01:39
mhall119does that say "Blunder Cats"?01:40
itnet7the pinkish/orangeish part is copper01:40
* MichelleQ is glad it wasn't just me. 01:40
itnet7I know, unfortunately that's the letter that represents capital P 01:41
itnet7in that open source font01:41
mhall119"ubuntu" is an open source font ;)01:41
itnet7I guess I should've modfied it01:41
itnet7Well that's the cool thing01:41
itnet7to log the pathtags the code length is 7 characters so we can either use UDS2011 or UBUNTU1 or something01:42
mhall119I think it would be a cool give-away01:42
itnet7Any Ideas for a layout?01:43
mhall119UDS1110 or UDS1204 I'd say01:43
itnet7I wish I knew what the "P" was01:43
itnet7Oh, sweet01:43
itnet7didn't think of UDS120401:43
MichelleQI vote 120401:44
itnet7me too01:44
itnet7Puma, Python, Panther01:45
mhall119Puma or Panther would be too many cats01:47
mhall119we already had a Lynx and Ocelot01:47
mhall119or Peregrine01:49
mhall119Persistent Penguin, I like it01:49
itnet7Very cool... 01:50
n3gbzPossum (my hillbilly past is showing)01:50
mhall119at any rate, I say we get a quote on those pathtags and see if we think we can raise the money01:50
itnet7Well I will try and contact the place tomorrow to find out how much they want and what the can get done... they paint each of them by hand01:51
itnet7so it will take close to a month before we get them01:51
mhall119by hand?01:51
itnet7Well they use needles I've heard that hold paint but a human applies the paint01:52
itnet7there are some links on their page that describes the whole process01:52
maxhHehe, UDS 1204 sounds like a course code.01:53
itnet7I can't believe how awesome they are once you see the actual coins01:53
itnet7maxh: :-)01:53
maxhitnet7: UDS 1204 could be a college class.01:53
itnet7maxh: True, If it were, I'd take it! :-)01:53
maxhWait, how did I misread a smiley as a question mark?01:53
itnet7I will definitely let everyone know once I find out something soon02:00

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