BugeyeDmy laptop battery indicator shows RED - "only" 1hr 25 minutes left. i love my circa 1995 laptop. :)01:29
holsteinBugeyeD: i let mine go the other day :/04:44
holsteintook it to the recycler04:45
BugeyeDholstein: what cpu type?12:08
BugeyeDmine is a centrino, 1ghz i think, with 512MB ram. as small as today's netbooks, but mine has an optical drive. :) refuses to boot from usb, though.12:09
BugeyeDalso the first laptop with built-in cellular service (att) which i never used because *nix never supported the hardware.12:10
BugeyeDsony vaio vgn-t350p12:10
BugeyeDkeyboard is a bit on the small side, but that's my ONLY complaint.12:10
BugeyeDokay, that's a lie. video has been a pain off and on, but when that works it works great.12:11
holsteinBugeyeD: did you try plop ?13:17
holsteinive had decent luck forcing USB boot with plop13:17
holsteinthe dell i had was a 500hmz with 256 of ram13:17
holsteinone of the small ones with no CD-rom drive onboard13:19
holsteinit was like a pre-netbook in most every way13:19
BugeyeDholstein: i was able to "boot" from usb using something or other, just not from the bios.13:36
holsteinits such a convenience, when you go back to no USB boot, its odd13:37
BugeyeDjust found a screenshot of plop - that's definitely what i used13:38
holsteinhehe.. its cool :)13:38
holsteingot the galaxy.gif or whatever13:39
BugeyeDakgraner: wrt the grub issue mentioned earlier, this appears to have fixed my particular issue:14:16
BugeyeDGRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768    --> /etc/default/grub14:16
akgraneroh good14:16
BugeyeDi was unable to figure out what mode grub was using that was out-of-range for the monitor14:16
BugeyeDso now i'm back on track. just have to get the user data moved back over and deliver.14:17
akgranerglad it worked out for you!14:17
BugeyeDanyone here use lvm snapshots?14:17
akgranerI was broken last week somehow in one of the updates - when you rebooted it removed unity14:18
BugeyeDakgraner: me too. of course this isn't even a linux issue. which is why it was so lost.14:18
akgranerit was crazy - it's fixed now14:18
BugeyeDremoved unity? as in deinstalled?14:18
akgraneryep..it was a bug14:18
akgranerthey fixed it14:18
BugeyeDi'll say. wow.14:18
akgranerwhich is why I am not upgrading to the alpha on my main machine14:19
akgranerI'll see what else wonky is happening and may even wait til Final release to upgrade this time14:19
BugeyeDserver-side, in general, i use solaris10 or freebsd. and take advantage of zfs, which has snapshotting capabilities. i'm looking for something similar for linux boxes. does lvm snapshots work in this capacity for anyone here?14:20
BugeyeDmy main boxes have to be stable, else i get no work done. so i'm hesitant. i'm still at 10.10 on my main linux dual-headed box.14:20
BugeyeDand have only been there for a few months.14:21
BugeyeDhi all. server-side, in general, i use solaris10 or freebsd. and take advantage of zfs, which has snapshotting capabilities. i'm looking for something similar for linux boxes. does lvm snapshots work in this capacity for anyone here?14:22
BugeyeDfwiw, i'm not looking for a howto - i can figure it out on my own and plan to write a program to handle it anyway. i'm mostly looking for gotchas or pains that others may warn me about in order to save myself some time/suffering.15:00
internalkernelBugeyeD: on the trilug mailing list there was someone just talking about how to use LVM to manage snapshots, one of the guys referenced a presentation he did a while back... he said he uses LVM on everything... I was meaning to check out what he was talking about... having had a moment though... http://trilug.org/17:13
internalkerneldo you (or anyone) use rsync to do incremental backups? I'm trying to sort this out in my head...17:15
BugeyeDinternalkernel: thanks, i'll take a peek20:38
BugeyeDand yes, i use rsync for 300+ servers nightly. works like a champ. been using it for a decade at least.20:40
BugeyeDinternalkernel: rsync nightly to same spot every time. following the rsync, snapshot (target side). rinse, repeat. you now have versioned snapshots/backups.20:41
BugeyeDi use zfs for the storage/snapshots, with all kinds of things as sources. i'm looking for a similar function with linux and figured lvm snaps might do the trick.20:42
internalkernelBugeyeD: nice, I saw that trick with ZFS - I answered my own question... I was confused about --link-dest, but... then I thought about it. :D21:04

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