gilberthey ppls14:41
gilbertno ones up early i guess :(14:46
paultagohai g14:46
paultagerm gilbert14:46
paultagoahio (morelik)14:46
gilbertwhat up paultag!14:46
paultaggilbert: nada my man! How's things?14:46
gilbertnot too bad :)14:47
gilbertjust busy working on my dissertation14:47
paultaggilbert: how's it going14:48
paultagkicking it's ass yet?14:48
gilbertgetting there ;)  60-some pages written...14:48
gilbertand i hate writing :( i go over every paragraph 10 times till i get it just right...14:49
gilberti'm not really a perfectionist, but for some reason i have to make it sound right14:50
paultaggilbert: dude, this represents years of work14:50
paultagI don't blame you14:50
gilbertpaultag: true14:51
gilberthow's boston?14:51
paultaggilbert: not bad. Works' a bit merm14:51
paultagbut not bad14:51
gilbertu coming in for olf?14:51
paultaggilbert: I'm going to try wicked hard (haahd)14:52
paultaggilbert: might be able to swing it but it's up in the air14:52
paultaggilbert: how's OFL planning going?14:52
gilbertshould be awesome.  looks like Jon's taking care of ubucon :)14:52
gilbertwe've got the booth14:52
gilberti requested swag14:52
paultaggilbert: did canonical get back to you?14:53
gilbertjacob said he was gonna work on a disc burning station14:53
paultagfuck yeah, that sounded awesome14:53
gilberthaven't heard back on that yet14:53
paultagthey're so crappy about this stuff14:53
gilbertwhat should i do?14:53
paultaggilbert: did you CC me on the mail?14:53
paultagI can't remember14:53
gilbertdon't remember either, i'll check14:53
gilbertno, forgot to cc you14:55
paultaggilbert: ack'd14:56
paultaggilbert: pushed it to shippit's boss14:59
paultaggilbert: I'll keep you in the loop14:59
gilbertcool, thanks man, you rule :)14:59
paultagnp man, I got my boys (and gals) in Ohio covered :)14:59
jacobgilbert: you just reminded me of that, actually15:22
jacobi have a bit of it done, but the actual burning doesn't take place yet :P15:22
jacobshould be support for flashing usb drives as well15:22
gilbertjacob: nice :)15:23
gilbertjacob: i think it'll be pretty sweet if ppl can just walk up and say i want this or that version (or even another distro) and burn it themselves15:23
jacobgilbert: I agree15:24
jacobif I was at home I'd show you some screenshots, but i don't have my git repo sync online yet15:24
gilbertyou should package it once you're done :)15:25
jacobgilbert: haha, I feared you'd say that. I plan on releasing it, at least; packaging is the bane of my existence15:25
jacobbut i'll try :P15:25
gilberti'll make a package for u15:26
jacobthat would rock.15:26
jacob(i've still got sour grapes from using PPAs :| )15:26
jacobon a related note, we package things here at work, but for fedora/rhel -- I must say I really like spec files when compared to debian packaging.15:28
gilbertreally?  i've never tried to make an rpm before.  why is it better?15:29
jacobit's not necessarily better, but more compact and "sane" in my opinion15:30
gilberthmmm, debian packaging is a bit scatterbrained with the whole many-little-files with varying syntax syndrome15:32
jacobnamely, everything is in one file. for example: http://pastebin.com/zA104nE515:32
jacobyes, that's my main gripe with debian packaging. that and the format is constantly changing15:32
gilbertit's the difference between a group of volunteers working on all the little bits vs a corporation dictating a solution15:33
jacobvery true15:34
gilbertthe minimalistic debian/rules via debhelper 8 was a major advancement in my opinion15:35
gilbertnow at least you don't have to deal with the nuances need in the rules file.  it gets added automatically15:35
jacobthat's a good point, and admittedly i haven't done much packaging since dh 715:36
paultagdh 8 rocks15:37
jacobperhaps i'll give learning it a go again :)15:37
gilbertpaultag: yes :)15:37
gilbertautomagic is very magical15:38
gilbertanyone using gnome 3 yet?15:39
paultagI was for a while15:40
paultaggilbert: then I got my @fluxbox.org, so I'm sticking with that for a few weeks15:40
gilbertpaultag: nice15:40
paultagthen once Syn's working, I'm going X-less, and a framebuffer based web-browser or something15:40
gilbertwhat is syn?15:41
gilbertit will be nice once x goes away...that code is 50 bajillion years old now15:43
jacobi'm definitely excited to see wayland in action15:43
gilbertjacob: yeah totally.  me too15:43
jacobalas, i have an nvidia card, and the chance of nvidia making wayland drivers is slim15:43
gilberti'm sure someone will start a wayland-nouveau project15:44
gilbert(maybe they can use some of the existing x code...i dunno)15:45
paultagwayland will be used with X for the next few years15:45
paultagx → wayland → app15:45
gilbertpaultag: interesting15:46
gilbertthat's actually a very smart transitional process15:46
paultaggilbert: yeah15:46
paultaglast I checked it was going to use wayland as the root X screen, and push it all on that15:46
jacobthat's probably for the best for compatability, at least15:46
gilbertdon't usually see that from canonical15:46
paultagbut it should work backwards and forwards15:46
paultaggilbert: don't think that design was canonical15:46
paultagthem's a bunch of shitheads15:46
paultagerm, I mean15:46
paultaglovely folks15:46
jacobin any case, good to hear, i always thought it was wayland -> x -> app15:47
paultagnope :)15:47
paultagnot for a little while, anyway15:48
paultaglet me see if I can find the design post I was reading about it15:48
paultagerm wait15:49
paultagfuck, looks like I'm an asshole and read that backwards15:49
paultagjacob's right15:49
paultaglooks like wayland will multiplex X screens15:49
jacobright, that's what i heard15:51
jacobyou should pitch your original thought though ;)15:51
gilbertinteresting: "Wayland reuses the DRI drivers, the kernel side GEM scheduler and kernel mode setting. Wayland doesn't have to compete with other projects for drivers and driver developers, it lives within the X.org, mesa and drm community and benefits from all the hardware enablement and driver development happening there."15:51
jacobmeaning KMS required -> GPL driver required -> little proprietary support. unless i read that wrong15:51
paultagjacob: y'rly15:52
paultagthat would be a smart way of doing it, methinks15:52
jacobanyway, i've got to go to a staff meeting, but i'll probably hop back on on my phone :D15:52
jacobback later15:52
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