shantorngood evening all?01:50
shantornwhats new this evening?02:20
bkerensanothing much02:58
bkerensawe got food for Ubuntu Global Jam02:59
bkerensaand lots of stuff to giveaway :)02:59
shantornthats great03:06
shantorni always seem to have bad timing in this channel, i rarely get to visit with you folks03:10
bkerensaoh yay I'm now a member of the Software Association of Oregon :P05:36
thefinn93what's that do for you?05:39
bkerensanothing at all :P05:39
bkerensaI guess its good for business people and such05:40
bkerensaI think I get discounts to certain events and things in Portland05:40
bkerensatagging that CLS photo on Google+ was hard06:03
bkerensaI take that back06:30
bkerensaI guess I get to go to an Annual Member Dinner and Golf Tournament06:31
bkerensahi matin15:20
shantornmorning all15:48
bkerensaI'm gonna get the fire started16:11
shantornboy our wiki needs some updating, say is there any way that i can help with the team?16:27
bkerensashantorn: Yeah the Wiki is in progress of being cleaned up16:31
shantornwell let me know if there are any other things i might be able to help with. I have to leave now, bbl16:32
bkerensashantorn: Well of course one of the biggest helps is telling more people about Ubuntu... Aside from going to events one thing the LoCo aims to do is advocate online and offline... I do a lot of work on irc and forums helping people16:32
dgibbonsbkerensa: You/someone/Not it! should post about the loco jam event on reddit/r/portland someone should probably post about the global one on /r/ubuntu17:56
bkerensathefinn93: Will be the one to do that he is a Reddit mutant :P17:58
pl4towhat kind of stuff goes on at the loco jams?18:01
bkerensaWe will be of course do upgrades to Oneiric and Bug work, Documentation and eat food and socialize18:04
bkerensaPlus we got a lot of stuff to giveaway18:04
pl4tosounds good18:04
bkerensaT-shirts, LinuxJournal and Ubuntu User Subscriptions, Ubuntu Swag, ThinkGeek Gift Certificate18:05
bkerensaPlus PuppetLabs has nice comfy couches18:05
bkerensaWe would love to have you join us :)18:06
pl4toit's definitely something I'd be interested in but I live in Bend, course if the circumstances are right I'll show up regardless18:08
bkerensapl4to: Well we do hope in the future to have events throughout the state :)18:38
pl4toI'll be staying up to date here at the least, so in the case that I can make it, I will.18:40
bkerensaMmmm Shanghai Noodle House bowls for the win20:26
bkerensaLinux New Media is sending a box too.... TheFinn93 might have to be my rickshaw and help me get all this stuff to PuppetLabs for the event20:46
thefinn93i can help with that20:46
shantornguys will there be official 1.10 disk for us to use for installing?21:43
shantornwifi and ethernet?21:43
bkerensaThere will be wifi and ethernet21:44
thefinn93and probably some flash drives21:44
thefinn93i'll bring one21:44
bkerensa11.10 wont have CD's out till October21:44
bkerensabut we will have thumb drives21:45
bkerensaand they have powerful wifi21:45
shantornwill we have burned ones?21:45
thefinn93if you make them21:45
bkerensaWhen October rolls around we will have CD's21:45
thefinn93yeah i'll probably burn one or two just to be safe21:45
bkerensaI might have a spare CD-R or two and burn copies21:45
thefinn93i have a spindle of them21:46
bkerensaI always give my spindles away21:46
shantornwell my thoughts are that I will bring my son's desktop and my laptop and we will install together, so bringing a few disks isnt a problem21:46
bkerensaI have no use for them21:46
thefinn93shantorn, what about flash drives?21:46
thefinn93they're my preferred medium of installation21:47
bkerensaFaster to make a USB install fob and then they also dont scratch or break as easy21:47
shantornhmm, i havent found that to be the case, maybe its my flash drives21:47
thefinn93and i find that CDs always get messed up21:48
thefinn93like don't even burn right21:48
thefinn93then you've wasted a CD21:48
shantorni have never had one burn wrong with eother of my pc as long as i use k3b21:54
thefinn93dang, trimet's API and python do NOT like each other22:05
thefinn93microsoft wishes linux happy birthday22:14
shantornvery interesting22:16
shantorni have 11.10 in a vm and its sure is buggy unlike 11.0422:21

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