ChatUserbobI wish they made linux for my device08:41
ChatUserbobanyone around??08:44
rmg51morning JonathanD09:03
JonathanDhey rmg5109:03
rmg51looks like someone has to stay up all night to catch the very early questions :P09:04
JonathanDSeems so.09:06
rmg51just because their up early doesn't mean everyone else is09:07
rmg51they just can't wait09:08
JonathanDhah :P09:08
rmg51used to be andrew never slept09:09
JonathanDclearly he's slacking.09:11
rmg51and still no PennBot :-/09:14
JonathanDjogging time.10:15
rmg51breakfast time10:34
JonathanDgonna be late for work :/12:37
* InHisName Yawns and wonders if it is time to say good morning yet or not.13:38
JonathanDMorning v214:02
teddy-dbearmorning v1 :-D14:13
SadinGuys :D my ubuntu merchandise came and my CDs :)14:59
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!15:53
SamuraiAlbaJust spent 2300US on classes >.<15:57
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!17:03
SamuraiAlbaOk.  On my HP DV6-6170US 2.0Ghz Core i7 lappy, I have Intel HD video, and an AMD Radeon 6670.  When I install the latest catalyst drivers and reboot, I only get a bash prompt and when running Startx, I get "No suitable display device"  any ideas?17:04
rhpot1991SamuraiAlba: all I got is get something with nvidia :)17:45
* rhpot1991 stopped running ATI years ago after an 18 month old bug made it unusable for mythtv17:46
SamuraiAlbaThis is a 975.00 lappy used for college.  I cant exactly rip the vid card out17:48
InHisNameSamuraiAlba: maybe a diff driver if any can be found ?18:02
SamuraiAlbaTried.  Every AMD closed driver does it.18:05
SamuraiAlbaAnd I need the CLOSED AMD drive and Steam SDK for my Gcc stuff I compile like Pyrit18:05
SamuraiAlba*for the18:09
InHisNamedidja google AMD + model name + linux to see what you can discover.  Maybe a forum writer had same problem and got a solution ?18:23
SamuraiAlbagoogled a bit.18:46
SamuraiAlbaWas not fun18:46
SamuraiAlbano solution found, and no WAY to disable INTEL HD in bios >.<18:52
InHisNamebummer,  install VBOX in windows and run ubuntu from there.18:53
SamuraiAlbathen Pyrit has MAJOR issues :(19:00
TheEvilPhoenixthen go get a system without an AMD card :P19:00
TheEvilPhoenixyou can get a desktop for cheap nowadays :P19:00
SamuraiAlbaBut, I cant use a desktop for penetration testing :)19:06
SamuraiAlbaWhole purpose of the lappy :)19:09
TheEvilPhoenixso get a new cheap ass laptop?19:15
TheEvilPhoenixyou can get a half-baked laptop for like $50019:15
TheEvilPhoenixWITHOUT AMD/ATI cards :P19:15
SamuraiAlbaCheap wouldnt work.  Decent GPU for GPGPU computing apps... ;)19:15
TheEvilPhoenixthen you're SOL19:20
TheEvilPhoenixand you should burn your computers while you're at it :P19:20
SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all!21:28

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