cyberangerpace_t_zulu: good job? still in nashville?00:45
Juzzyany of you guys know any perl + php guys in nashville looking for ft employment?01:38
vychunei'm homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee02:07
Unit193Where were you? And welcoem back to the Tennessee LoCo!02:08
vychunecreating web pages and laughing at steve harvey02:08
vychuneand thank you lol02:08
cyberangerJuzzy: perhaps I know some willing to relocate, none off the top of my head already local & looking02:09
pace_t_zulucyberanger: yes15:08
pace_t_zuluJuzzy: i was15:08
pace_t_zulumorning wrst15:08
wrstmorning pace_t_zulu15:10
XpistosWhat up all15:13
Xpistoswrst: Capo15:13
pace_t_zulumorning Xpistos15:18
pace_t_zuluXpistos: wrst get a formal greeting and i don't ;)15:38
XpistosWe're Greek. We don't need to stand on formalities.15:39
* Xpistos breaks some dishes and dances around his office listening to some bazuki music15:39
* pace_t_zulu yells "opa" while throwing plates near Xpistos' feet15:40
pace_t_zuluperhaps breaking more plates was too much15:44
* Xpistos gets out the broom16:02
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: glad to hear16:52
XpistosHere is a loaded question. How can i take a spreadsheet and turn it into an online editable wishlist. So I can check off a checkbox (like boolean) when I get an item on the list?17:02
cyberangeryep, that is loaded17:20
cyberangerhammer looks cocked too17:20
cyberangerXpistos: sorry, you'll need a webdev in that17:21
cyberangerthat was a long time ago for me, I can still do some things, but uh, that's not it17:21
wrstXpistos: or use a google doc :)17:33
Xpistosgoogle docs doesn't let you17:34
pace_t_zuluXpistos: teuxdeux.com17:35
wrsthmm Xpistos thought you could do them in a spreadsheet17:40
wrstthat's a very low-tech way anyway :)17:40
XpistosWell I have a giant comics wishlist and I want to add a boolean checklist that shows if I have it or not without major hurdles17:42
cyberangerfinally some of my stocks are making a comeback22:46

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