superflyhiya sakhi06:39
inetprogoeie more sakhi en superfly07:36
superflymôre inetpro07:36
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Kiloshiya superfly and others08:57
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:57
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:57
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:01
KilosMaaz, ty09:01
MaazEnjoy Kilos09:01
drussellKilos: hiya :o)09:01
drussellKilos: sorry I missed your welcome yesterday... you're correct, I'm a new face here ;o)09:01
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za drussell where are you09:02
drussellKilos: well, last week I was in ZA, but I'm back in the UK now (where I'm based)09:02
Kilosdid anyone welcome you yet?09:02
drussellKilos: only you, but I was afk at the time09:03
Kilosthe others are very busy at work. i'm about the only one with time on my hands09:04
drussellKilos: hehe, well thanks for the welcome :o)09:05
Kiloswhat do you do drussell ?09:09
inetprodrussell: welcome at #ubuntu-za09:14
inetproKilos: good morning09:14
drussellthanks all :o)09:16
drussellKilos: I work for canonical09:17
inetprodrussell: wow, nice to know someone working at canonical09:21
Kiloshiya inetpro 09:21
inetproI hope you will stick around in here09:21
drussellinetpro: :o) sure, no worries :o)09:22
inetprodrussell: how long have you been at canonical?09:25
drussellinetpro: since 1st March09:27
inetproyou have a blog?09:28
drussellinetpro: I don't but this is me: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/daverusty09:29
Kiloshehe, inetpro likes peeps to blog09:34
inetproKilos: heh09:35
* inetpro is almost addicted to reading good blogs09:39
Kiloswe noticed09:40
inetproKilos: heh, it's all just a matter of trying to gain more knowledge09:41
Kilosi need someone at canonical in aus with contacts in the govt09:41
Kilosnee nee09:41
Kilosjy't niks by my geleer nie09:41
inetproKilos: jy's verkeerd09:42
superflydrussell: are you originally from SA, or from the UK?09:45
KilosMaaz, coffee on09:45
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:45
KilosMaaz, hurry09:45
MaazHey! Kilos Patience is a virtue, 09:45
drussellsuperfly: from the UK, but was visiting customers in SA last week, so thought I'd come and see what's going on in #ubuntu-za09:46
superflyah, ok09:46
* drussell prefers winter in SA to winter in the UK :o)09:48
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:49
Kiloseish winter just about everywhere sucks09:49
Kilosmaybe ok in the tropics09:49
KilosMaaz, ty09:50
MaazEnjoy Kilos09:50
drussellKilos: very true09:50
inetproKilos: I hate sales talk with a passion, especially those who like to boast and mislead people into buying stuff that they do not need, so I rather keep me self educated so I can have an idea about things09:50
drussellinetpro: that's the best way to be, know a little bit about everything09:51
Kilosinetpro, you should try ubuntu09:51
Kilosdrussell, have you gone unity or like superfly and inetpro , kubuntu peeps09:52
inetproKilos: heh, kubuntu is what I have settled on after having jumped around a few years ago09:53
drusselldrussell: well, it's taken some time, but yeah, I've gone unity for now09:54
drusselllol talking to myself09:54
drussellKilos: although I'm currently using 11.1009:54
Kilosyou like good company09:54
Kilosah nice09:54
drussellKilos: which is certainly better than 11.04, but I do have a strange wireless issue :o/09:54
drussellKilos: reporting bugs like a mad thing while trying to get work done ;o)09:55
drussellKilos: nothing like applying new updates every hour to see what else has changed :oD09:56
superflyhahaha, I can imagine09:56
inetprodrussell: I seriously hope that unity will be better in your next release10:02
inetproconfluency: wb10:11
* inetpro wonders what happened to Kilos again10:13
inetproI seriously wish he could be employed by canonical or some other company 10:14
inetprosurely he should be able to work part time from home?10:15
inetprohe has more skills than other peeps I have worked with in my career10:15
Kilosgrrr Eskom decided i need a 30 min break from pc10:32
inetproKilos: wb10:42
Kilosty sir10:42
Kiloslo |3o|3 11:07
superflyheya bob!11:18
superflyerm, |3o|311:18
SquirmI'm using tint2 as a panel. anyone know of any volume control apps? It can't take applets, but it does have a tray, so there must be a little volume icon that minimises to I can atleast adjust my volume without having to start something like pavucontrol12:17
KilosSquirm, is your modem fixed12:34
Kiloshi morgs 12:34
morgsHi Kilos and *12:34
Squirmnot yet Kilos 12:36
inetproheh morgs12:51
inetpromorgs: wb12:51
superflyaloha morgs12:58
morgshey superfly 12:58
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nuvolarigoed om jou weer te sien :D15:06
LudoHi nuvolari hoe gaan dit?15:09
Ludoja inetpro het gese ek moet bietjie weer begin hier uithang so ek probeer nou15:09
queeryjust a quick Happy Bday tumbleweed 15:16
queeryhehe ;-D15:17
inetproLudo: wb15:18
Ludoinetpro thanks15:18
Ludowill try to set up a ircproxy again and then I will be here more permanent15:18
nuvolarigoen dankie en met jou Ludo?15:20
nuvolariwel, goed as ek nie my werkspyne inreken nie :P15:20
LudoUp and down, maar ek het niks om oor rerig te kla nie.15:20
Ludonuvolari yip werk kan altyd 'n pyn wees15:20
nlsthzn_workCool, happy b day tumbleweed ... may you have many more15:23
inetprotumbleweed: Happy Birthday!15:54
tumbleweedagain, thanks15:54
* nlsthzn_work can see it is going to be a long night of typing thank-yous by tumbleweed :p15:56
tumbleweedthis morning in #clug was worse :)16:00
tumbleweedand I cheated on facebook16:00
marcogtumbleweed: you can cheat in irc too you know: either set the topic or use an ibid factoid :)16:00
tumbleweedor write an irssi plugin16:01
Kilosevening *16:06
Kiloshey nlsthzn_work 16:07
nlsthzn_workHey uncle Kilos :)16:07
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scar[w]naand Kilos16:38
Kiloshaai scar[w] 16:38
scar[w]ek sal maar ook die irc proxy metode moet vat, dan sal ek ook meer op irc wees16:40
Kiloswatse proxy metode16:40
scar[w]eintlik is dit nie die regte woord om te gebruik nie, ek is op soek na 'n app wat irc-server join en dan vir my toe laat om by die app in te log16:42
Kilosinstaleer xchat an stel dit om te begin op boot dan as jy by die pc is dan is jy by irc ook16:42
Kiloswatse ubuntu gebruik jy scar[w] 16:43
scar[w]sodat ek op my pc by die huis en op die masjien by my werk gelyk ingelog kan wees met net 1 nick wat op irc wys16:43
Kiloskubuntu het quassel16:43
Kilosen xchat op gnome16:43
scar[w]lucid hier by die werk, oreiric by die huis16:43
Kilosop lucid sudo aptitude install xchat16:44
scar[w]ek gebruik altyd konversation, creature of habbit :)16:44
Kiloswat is oreiric16:44
scar[w]ubuntu 11.1016:44
Kilosoh my16:45
Kiloskry xchat op altwee16:45
scar[w]die icelot16:45
superflyscar[w]: quassel is an IRC bouncer of a sort, which allows you to read the backlog after connecting16:45
superflyI love Konversation, but Quassel's bouncer is like none other16:46
superflyso I use Quassel16:46
scar[w]bouncer was the term I was looking for :)16:47
Kilosquassel uses lotsa data on non kubuntu16:47
Kiloswhats a bouncer superfly 16:47
scar[w]I did not know they incorporated that into irc clients16:47
scar[w](gui clients)16:48
superflyscar[w]: not until recently... I think Quassel is the first one16:48
Kilosi dunno the new releases but others have quassel in synaptic16:48
superflyKilos: it's where you have an IRC client that stays connected to the network all the time, and then you just connect to the client to get into IRC - that way you stay connected all the time without needing to be logged in to a PC16:49
Kilosoh goodness. ty superfly 16:49
Kilosdidnt you have bandwith limits scar[w] 16:49
scar[w]Kilos none for the next 3 months :)16:50
Kilosyay then get quassel16:50
scar[w]hence me being on the latest kernel with mesa git :)16:50
scar[w]if I want to use quasel I will have to run it in a vfb, thats just nasty :P16:53
scar[w]I don't keep my desktop at home on through out the day16:53
Kiloswhy what does aptitude say16:53
scar[w]I don't have an xserver on my server16:54
Kilosthen get xchat man16:54
scar[w]I'll have to go with psyBNC16:56
scar[w]xchat also requires an xserver16:56
Kilosim lost16:56
Kilosinst xserver part of you basic install16:57
Kilosthat xorg goodie16:57
scar[w]I actually purposefully did not install it16:57
superflyscar[w]: you don't need X on your server, you install quassel-core16:58
Kilosis there a reason for that16:58
superfly(or quasselcore, or whatever the package's name is)16:59
scar[w]thanks superfly I will try it out16:59
superflyscar[w]: and then your on your desktops you install quassel-client-qt4 for the Qt version or quassel-client for the KDE version16:59
superfly(use the Qt version if you're on Gnome, it doesn't bring in any KDE dependencies17:00
scar[w]Kilos: yeah I need to save all the processing power / memory that I can possibly save17:00
Kilosoh 17:01
scar[w]last time I used quassel that wasn't a version that used kde4's libs, seems I'm a little bit behind, need to read up!17:02
superflyscar[w]: yeah, Kubuntu wanted to make the monolithic version of Quassel the default IRC client, so they made it integrate with KDE better17:03
Kilosso is the xserver mainly there for the graphics then17:18
Kilosand what desktop you got without graphics?17:19
scar[w]command line :)17:36
Kilosis that all??17:36
scar[w]of cource :P17:37
Kilosid be lost17:37
Kiloslike my cli to be surrounded by a pretty desktop17:37
nlsthzn_workTerminal is only for the ultimate fu-master...17:37
scar[w]need to go play some moonbuggy while you're waiting for stuff to compile/download17:38
Kilosscar did you look at weechat17:46
Kilosscar[w], ^17:46
scar[w]I have not seen it before17:48
scar[w]mostly used irssi17:48
scar[w]if I need multi protocol chat I suppose I can intergrate it with minbif17:49
Kilosoh wont that work either without x17:50
Kilosxserver i mean17:51
Kilosit says its a console irc client scar[w] 17:54
scar[w]yes it will work :)17:54
scar[w]home time for me17:54
Kilosgo safe17:55
Kiloscold out there17:55
scar[w]tyvm cya!17:55
Kiloswill hylafax-client enable me to send and receive faxes please someone19:12
Kilosnight all . sleep tight19:50
nlsthzn_worksuperfly: could you edit http://ubuntu-za.org/planet/bloggers to display my IRC name after Righteous Indignation (like the other bloggers)?20:32
superflynlsthzn_work: mkay20:34
nlsthzn_workThanks :)20:35
superflynlsthzn_work: there20:37
nlsthzn_worksuperfly: your the man :)20:37
nlsthzn_workgrammar nazi20:46
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