Tech_SupportGOMI do they both connect to one graphics card or two seperate ones?00:00
dr_willisGOMI,  dosent boot.. or boots but you just dont see a display?   what video card., laptop? desktop?  tried sshing in to see what messages are there?00:00
XenophonTrying to increase the resolution of tty sessions. I'm not finding anything useful... Any ideas?00:00
GOMITech_Support, one card but difffernt connectors one on vga other on dvi00:00
cullermessed up my sound, now alsa doesn't even run even after i reinstall it, aplay -l says no soundcards found as well, anyone have any suggestions?00:01
triplchi all00:01
GOMIdr_willis, yes boot but no display , its a desktop with nvidia 8500gt card , one connected on vga other with dvi00:01
Gunz4MiPPlemayko: is that usb headset?00:01
Tech_SupportI have a similar problem except mine is where I have four screens on two graphics cards, and no I don't do that crossfire b***s***00:02
dr_willisGOMI,  You do have the nvidia drivers installed?00:02
maykoGunz4MiPPle: no; it is an audio jack00:02
GOMIdr_willis, yes ubuntu is working fine now for a couple of months , i just wanted to put an extra screen00:02
Colby_booting from CD: I see ubuntu name with 5 dots cycling red to white...it's been doing this for a few minutes. How long is it supposed to take?00:03
triplchow to fix "Sorry, could not display all the contents of "trash": Operation not supported"" of nautilus ? i am using ubuntu 10.04. I can see that ~/.local/share/Trash/files exists00:03
coz_Colby_,  not that long00:03
coz_Colby_,  reboot and test again00:03
Colby_coz_: k. thanks00:03
dr_willisGOMI,  id ssh in, check the x logs. odd that its not even showing grub, or the bios/post display?    try toying with the nvidia-xconfig tool and restart the x server to see if you can get it going.00:03
Tech_Supporttry disconnecting the screen and then boot ubuntu and then reconnect it while it's running and configure it from there00:03
dr_willisGOMI,  is this a laptop?00:03
Tech_Supportdr willis is getting somewhere00:04
dr_willisif laptop - toy with the fn keys to toggle the monitors..00:04
dr_willisseen some default to  the wrong one/not configured monitors in the past.00:04
GOMIdr_willis,  no a dekstop. but ill check that what you said but do i need to use twinview program or something ?00:04
coz_GOMI, if you want dual monitors  yes twinview is the way to go00:05
dr_willistwinview is a nvidia setting.. not a program.  nvidia-settings is the X gui tool , nvidia-xconfig is the non-x gui tool.. (go figure that one out)00:05
coz_dr_willis,  sorry for butting in00:06
Colby_coz_: I rebooted and got list of options: I chose "try without installing". Now I have blinking underscore cursor in upper left.00:06
Tech_SupportI use ati graphics cards and that problem seems to sort itself out fine00:06
xcoderhow to open another SSH session from an opened one00:06
coz_Colby_,  oh , you are booting with live cd ...yes?00:06
GOMIcoz_, ok00:06
xcoderwithout having to go through the connection.... entirely00:06
dr_willisGOMI,  somthing like --> sudo nvidia-xconfig --enable-all-gpus00:06
Tech_Supportexcept for the fact that the other graphics card isn't enabled00:06
dr_willisthen restart the X servers/gdm00:07
coz_Colby_,  ah ok,, mmm... did you check the md5sum for the iso before burning it?00:07
mrgenixusI want to do something crazy -- don't bother telling me it's crazy, I'd like to get the absolute minimum ubuntu in a zip file; can anyone assist?00:07
dr_willis absolute minimum ubuntu - is vague....00:07
Gunz4MiPPleanyone else have suspend problems00:07
Colby_coz_ I'll DL again and reburn it00:07
GOMIdr_willis, thnx ill check that00:07
coz_GOMI,   if you want to enable twinview dynaimically,, simply open nvidia-settings, X Server Display Configuration00:07
coz_Colby_,  let me get the hashes for you hold on00:08
Gunz4MiPPlehalf the time suspend works and i get a blinking power light, which is good, and half the time it just turns off the screen, and wont ever return till i hard reboot00:08
dr_willisGOMI,  in theory - you can attatch a monitor after the system boots. then run the nvidia-settings tool  but ive had that not work with some pcs00:08
coz_Colby_,     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes00:08
coz_Colby_,  there is also the mini iso 19 megs  and is net install00:08
lion42Gunz4MiPPle, what kind of computer do you have, and what version of ubuntu? that's a known issue with several laptops, AFAIK.00:08
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coz_!mini | Colby_00:09
ubottuColby_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:09
rwwdr_willis: !fx6 now exists00:09
Gunz4MiPPlelion42: its natty, and the its an HP dv9429US00:09
Gunz4MiPPleand i will warn the world not to purchase one00:09
ubottuFirefox 6 will be available as an update for 11.04 shortly. For 10.04 and 10.10, you can use the unofficial and unsupported PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable00:10
lion42Gunz4MiPPle, http://www.jordanpeterson.me/node/23500:10
dr_willisrww,  and theres much rejoiceing by those who have not switched to chrome. :)00:10
axisysis there a tool to find out some details about my encrypted home dir? like what algorithm and stuff.. newbie00:12
Gunz4MiPPlelion42: thats for ATI, but thanks for looking :)00:12
Gunz4MiPPlewill evernote work on this new FF maybe00:12
lion42Gunz4MiPPle, sorry. If you try searching further you may find a similar solution.00:12
Gunz4MiPPlelion42: yeah, it could be the graphics driver, or maybe another driver that burps on unloading00:13
XenophonIs it possible to make xorg detet tty resolutions?00:13
Gunz4MiPPlei do recall  fooling around with the suspend before and after files00:13
Gunz4MiPPlemaybe i broke something00:13
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urlin2uGunz4MiPPle, if not you can try the add on nightly tester tools00:14
kingofswordshi i have pulseaudio and its stopping audio in wine00:15
Gunz4MiPPleurlin2u: it will run, it just wont do anything anymore00:16
Gunz4MiPPleso i been using springpad, which is much purtier00:16
urlin2uGunz4MiPPle, talking about evernote00:16
Gunz4MiPPleafk im going mobile00:17
coz_dr_willis,  hey guys,, again apologies for butting, i just logged on and starting typing :(00:19
coz_butting in rather00:19
Colby_coz_ mini seems to be loading okay. asked a bunch of questions, not downloading files. Can I run this without installing it on a hard drive?00:19
Colby_*NOW downloading files00:19
coz_Colby_,  no this is not a live cd00:19
coz_Colby_,  this is an install cd,,  are you concerned about the install00:19
Colby_i was trying to run without installing actuall00:20
coz_Colby_,  ooooo,, sorry then,,  I was thinking you couldnt install because the live cd wouldnt allow it00:20
Tech_Supportcan someone help me try and figure out how to enable both ati graphics cards without the screen going black when I reeboot?00:21
Colby_coz_ can it dual boot or do i need to find a hard drive?00:21
maykoanyone have advice re: microphones?00:21
coz_Colby_,  it can dual boot yes,,00:21
FriGiNbeen having grub problems, ubuntu 11.04 and windows 7. Grub was saying error: cannot get C/H/S values and error device not found *string of numbers/letters identifying my hdd im sure*00:21
ActionParsnipmayko: let me review the link00:21
coz_Colby_,  it should have  given you options for that00:21
Colby_coz_ k. that'll work00:21
urlin2ucolby is this what you want.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154984700:21
ubuntuhi im now on my ubuntu usb live how can i install it in to my usb and not make it live any mre00:22
ActionParsnipmayko: use the maverick command here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure00:22
coz_Colby_, phew :)  I was thinking you were going to be the one to condemn my support techiques :)00:22
urlin2uColby_, is this what you want.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154984700:22
Colby_coz_ it hasn't asked for that yet. "detecting hardware" atm00:22
ActionParsnipmayko: it should update your Alsa and may help00:22
coz_Colby_,  ok  eventually you will get a list of things you can install,,, arrow keys scroll and the "Space" bar will tick the box,, I suggest only ubuntu-desktop for now00:22
maykoI'll try it, thanks :)00:23
DasEiubuntu:check sudo fdisk -l for /dev of usb , install to there and be carefull when it comes to grub-install so you don't put grub on your internal, first hd00:23
Colby_coz_ it wants to repartition the drive. I don't mind booting from CD. It's just for testing00:23
ubuntuis there an insructions to follow ?00:24
ubuntustep by step00:24
ubuntuso i dont stuff up00:24
coz_Colby_,  yeah that is the part where you can dual boot. however if you dont want that quit now and re download the live cd and makde sure you check the md5sum for the iso first00:24
coz_Colby_,  i you dont know how to check that , let me know00:24
coz_Colby_,  there should be a free  md5sum check for windows if that is the OS you are working on00:25
Colby_coz_ yeah. I think I'll do that. repartitioning the drive sounds more involved than I wanted for a test00:25
coz_Colby_,  actually it does it pretty simply  but yeah , if you arent sure stop now00:25
ubuntui think i found it00:25
Colby_coz_ I'll reDL and reburn the disc00:25
ubuntu1 sec00:25
ubuntulet me read it00:25
coz_Colby_,  cool00:25
Colby_coz_ thanks for the info00:26
coz_Colby_,  check the md5sum before burning the iso however,, and no problem that's why we are all here ...00:26
ActionParsnipColby_: using torrents adds extra checks so will help get a good image00:27
FriGiNhaving trouble with grub, how do i go back to window7 loader with ubuntu listed?00:28
ActionParsnipFriGiN: in ubuntu run: sudo apt-get install os-prober; sudo os-prober; sudo update-grub00:28
ActionParsnipFriGiN: do you see the windows OS listed?00:29
FriGiNgub gives me an error and doesnt load anything00:29
ubuntui want it on drive  /dev/sdb00:29
ubuntuhow can i do that ?00:29
FriGiNgrub my fault.. gives me the error: cannot get C/H/S values error00:29
urlin2uFriGiN, do you have multiple HD's00:30
dr_willisFriGiN,  is this a very old system?00:30
ActionParsnipubuntu: http://www.robertbeal.com/562/rebuilding-grub2-grub-cfg-from-ubuntu-live-cd00:30
ActionParsnipubuntu: just use /dev/sdb in the guide00:31
ubuntuActionParsnip:  :)00:31
escottFriGiN, how large is this drive?00:31
znhUbuntu LTS 10.04 user here experiencing locks ups during Firefox (with flash) usage00:32
znhthe system becomes unresponsive and requires a hard reboot in order to continue functionality00:33
VanillaliteHey can you easily edit PDFs using Libre Office now?00:34
urlin2uznh, what sre your cpu and memory specs?00:34
SeboHi, I am writing /etc/init/*.conf file for the job that is supposed to run VBox VM. I'm almost done but I have a problem causing that the job can not be stoped.00:34
znhurlin2u: E6600/2GB00:35
Seboit always respawns after calling # stop JOB00:35
* Bsims rants I want to listen to the bbc world service and their browser won't let me I want to pay for it as I am in america... any ideas?00:35
urlin2uznh, try adding the FF adon flash aid.00:35
ubuntu/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat `aufs'.00:35
ubuntui get this00:36
ubuntuy ?00:36
escottubuntu, sounds like grub is missing some modules but you shouldn't need the aufs component anyways00:37
ubuntuhow do i fix it00:37
dr_willisBsims,  i get the bbc news from many usa stations web sites..  or the google chrome webapplet00:37
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ubuntuall im trying to do is turn my live usb in to a normal distro00:38
escottubuntu, are you running a stock kernel?00:38
ubuntueverything is stock00:38
ubuntui just downloaded ubuntu  and make a live usb00:38
ubuntui want 2 turn the live usb in the a normal distro00:38
escottubuntu, ok then yes you would need aufs. im not sure this would work. what exactly do you want to do00:38
The_RufusHey there, is there anyone here willing to help me install Ubuntu Server 11 on a flash drive, with a 10Tb RAID5 array as my "home" directory? I'll need to know how to get the drivers installed00:38
escottThe_Rufus, is your raid controller supported by dmraid00:39
ubuntui was sent here http://www.robertbeal.com/562/rebuilding-grub2-grub-cfg-from-ubuntu-live-cd00:39
Jordan_Uubuntu: Do you have another USB drive you can use? It's difficult (though not impossible) to install to the same drive you're booted from.00:39
ga_pro1988i set backtrack 4 but why it don't sounds????00:39
ubuntuand this didnt help me00:39
SeboI defined 3 proceses for that job: pre-start, main & pre-stop . At pre-stop I send the 'close' signal to the main process that tels it to seve its state and quit. I expected that eyrlier finish of the main (while pre-stop is running) would not cause main to be respawned. Hovever it do.00:39
SeqIs there any way to use ufw (or iptables directly) to only allow outgoing traffic that passes through a specific gateway? I want to disable most internet activity if I'm not connected to my VPN00:39
Jordan_U!backtrack | ga_pro198800:39
ubottuga_pro1988: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition00:39
ActionParsnipga_pro1988: backtrack isn't supported here in any way00:39
The_RufusHighpoint RocketRaid 232000:39
bazhangga_pro1988, join the backtrack channel for that00:40
ubuntuyes i have another usb00:40
The_RufusInstalling from a CD onto a 4Gb USB flash drive00:40
ubuntubut does that mean ill need bth usb stick now to make linux run ?00:40
SeboHow can I make this process not to respawn after being stopped.00:40
ubuntui dont have it on cd00:40
The_Rufusthen add the RAID later and relocate the /home directory00:40
SeboHow can I make this process not to respawn after being called to stop?00:40
storrgieAnyone have an AMD Firepro M8900????00:40
ubuntuhm i think i understand wat going on00:40
escottThe_Rufus, sounds about right.00:41
urlin2uThe_Rufus, drive to small.00:41
ubuntui cant install this partition on the usb necuase im using it as a live distro at the moment00:41
ubuntui think thats wats going on00:41
ActionParsnipstorrgie: its just a mobility radeon, what is your issue?00:41
The_Rufus4Gb for server?00:41
kaushalAny free file upload service to share debug log files ?00:41
The_RufusI'd like to move /var to the RAID array too00:41
urlin2uThe_Rufus, server I didn't catch that, sorrty00:42
znhkaushal: yes such services are known as pastebin and such00:42
SeqThe_Rufus: 4GB will be fine for a root filesystem00:42
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storrgieActionParsnip, just installed 11.04 x64 on my new M6600, it is just awful, screen tearing, slow beyond my understanding00:42
ActionParsnipThe_Rufus: sure, the OS will be tiny and leave more space for stuff. A home router will need less than 4Gb easily00:42
kaushalznh: i am looking out for uploading00:42
storrgieActionParsnip, Its on a 256G SSD also00:42
The_Rufusthe idea is the flash drive will be for the OS, all other files go to the RAID500:42
ActionParsnipstorrgie: did you install the Ati driver?00:42
storrgieActionParsnip, flgrx? yes00:42
znhkaushal: in that cause any file upload would suite right?00:42
ActionParsnipstorrgie: have you tried in the Ubuntu classic session?00:42
ubuntuok so in oder for the usb for work porable ill have to install ubuntu from a Cd to usb00:42
ubuntuthen i can use it like a normal distro00:43
The_Rufusto put it in context, I've been trying to get my server working for the past 8 months00:43
kaushalznh: do you have information offhand00:43
The_Rufusnobody can help me00:43
storrgieActionParsnip, I have not00:43
The_Rufusi just bought the RR2320 to make it easier00:43
storrgieActionParsnip, I want Unity or Gnome-Shell00:43
Vanillalitewhat's an easy way to edit pdfs with ubuntu?00:43
ActionParsnipstorrgie: worth a try, could be a compiz issue00:43
znhkaushal: well you need to be more specific00:43
DaghdhaHi. I just logged onto my ubuntu machine. Remote. And found that all Terminal windows i had open where filled with grey. When i tried to open 2 new ones they also became grey. When i CLOSED one of them i was asked 'Force quit' and when i did.. they were all gone!00:43
kaushalznh: http://www.filefactory.com/00:43
escottubuntu, can you back up a bit, and describe what you want to do. you probably want to be using usb-creator-gtk00:43
ActionParsnip!info pdfedit | Vanillalite00:43
DaghdhaWhat makes terminals be dead like that?00:43
ubottuVanillalite: pdfedit (source: pdfedit): Editor for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.5-2 (natty), package size 1957 kB, installed size 6636 kB00:43
znhkaushal: what about it00:43
ubuntui tryed that00:44
ubuntudidnt work00:44
dr_willisgrey = compiz fadeing out the window - to show its 'hung/not responding'00:44
ubuntui think i need 2 udb sticks00:44
storrgieActionParsnip, I did run glxgears in radeon and flgrx, with radeon I got 30fps, with flgrx I got 60fps00:44
dr_willisDaghdha,  so basically they crashed...  and compiz made them look all faded.00:44
ubuntu1 with the live distro and the other one to install it in00:44
ActionParsnipstorrgie: glxgears is a poor test of performance00:44
SeboCan you tell me how to make /etc/init/*.conf auto respawning job not to respawn if the main process ended while pre-stop is running?00:44
Daghdhadr_willis: But all of them, they seem to rely all on 1 underlying process00:44
escottubuntu, you cannot use usb-creator-gtk on the same usb you just booted. so yes you need two00:45
Daghdhadr_willis: How can i make it so they have seperate processes e.g.?00:45
storrgieActionParsnip, I get ~4000 fps on my M4400 with an nvidia card00:45
dr_willisDaghdha,  i always run several differnt terminal apps.... :)00:45
dr_willisterminator, gnome-shell,  xfterm....00:45
dr_willisdepends on what im doing in them00:45
ubuntuescott yea i no my problem now thanks :)00:45
ubuntui no wat i need to fix it00:45
ActionParsnipstorrgie: are there any bugs reported?00:45
The_Rufuscan anyone explain what LVM is in relation to hard drive partition options on install?00:45
ubuntunow just gata find my self another stick00:45
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Daghdhanever happened before.. fingers crossed it's not some update00:46
storrgieActionParsnip, I couldnt find any, I did a lot of searching prior to purchasing this machine (its expensive)00:46
storrgieActionParsnip, I really wanted to be able to use 2-3 external monitors, thats why I bought AMD card00:46
ActionParsnipstorrgie: is it any better with the open driver?00:46
znhThe_Rufus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_volume_management00:46
storrgieActionParsnip, radeon? it was better, but was still wonky00:46
ActionParsnipstorrgie: ive very little experience with ATi, I always always buy nvidia00:47
escottThe_Rufus, software managed partitions, usually placed on top of a software raid partition. allows you to resize and clone partitions without modifying underlying raid or partition tables00:47
coz_The_Rufus,    http://www.davelachapelle.ca/guides/ubuntu-lvm-guide/00:47
htmlthats why  im guess you go with a  openGL00:47
storrgieActionParsnip, I was hoping to find someone around here who does ATI related stuff, I have also always bought Nvidia00:47
The_Rufusis there any advantage in using LVM for my os file system? realisticly00:47
storrgieActionParsnip, do you know if there is an IRC channel some place?00:47
coz_The_Rufus,   also here    http://sinix.org/blog/?p=7500:48
rick_buganyone play the game   Hacker Evolution Duality on ubuntu00:48
ActionParsnipstorrgie: maybe others can help, not sure. possibly #xorg00:48
escottThe_Rufus, if you don't know how big your partitions need to be it gives you flexibility. 1 lvm partition and the volumes inside to your current data usage and then expand as needed00:48
znhThe_Rufus: It won't make things magically faster. It all depends on your usage00:48
storrgieActionParsnip, the fedora installer looks pretty good, going to try it out real quick. There is a driver supplied by dell for RHEL00:48
The_Rufuswell, the flash drive will just house the OS, no log files or home files or anything really00:49
The_Rufusi guess there is no advantage00:49
ActionParsnipstorrgie: worth a shot00:49
escottThe_Rufus, you wouldn't use it on the flash, only the 10TB raid00:49
The_Rufusescott: thanks00:49
znhThe_Rufus: I'd suggest ext200:49
ActionParsnip+1 for ext200:49
htmlthats why  im guess you go with a  openGL  storrgie,00:50
The_Rufusext2? but what about 3 and 4, aren't they better?00:50
storrgiehtml, whaat?00:50
rick_buganyone play the game   Hacker Evolution Duality on ubuntu00:50
coz_rick_bug, i have not . sorry00:50
ActionParsnipThe_Rufus: I'd also recommend you take the server down accasionally and make an image of the server drive, makes resetting up a new server easier (or for when the USB finally gives out)00:50
OrwellDidn't you just ask that =P00:50
Hegelwhat does it as game?00:51
WallyJ2K@dr_willis - I tried to create the xorg.conf like you said. When I opened the file after reboot, it was blank00:51
znhThe_Rufus: well they have more features. you can however store more with ext2 because it doesn't have a journal00:51
coz_WallyJ2K,   nvidia?00:51
ubuntubrb gana install ubuntu on another usb drive so have it on my other usb00:51
WallyJ2Kno, ATI Radeon Mobility U100:51
The_Rufusznh: thanks for the explain :)00:51
Jordan_Urick_bug: Rather than asking if anyone plays the game why don't you ask your actual support question? (If you don't have a support question, then this is the wrong channel, maybe try #ubuntu-offtopic).00:51
ActionParsnipThe_Rufus: ext3 and ext4 have journals which get written to a lot, this wears the USb out faster. I believe there are some tweaks for ext4 to be kinder to flash based storage but no Ext3 and Ext4 are not outright better00:51
coz_WallyJ2K,  ah ok,,00:51
The_Rufusok, installing the base system now00:52
The_Rufustime for coffee00:52
escottThe_Rufus, everyone is giving you recommendations for the flash, i think most would recommend ext4 for the data partitions00:52
Jordan_UActionParsnip: The_Rufus: You can use ext4 without a journal (ext3 is simply ext2 + journaling ).00:52
htmlstorrgie,  http://www.opengl.org/00:52
WallyJ2KTrying to set my external VGA settings, but 11.04 starts with no xorg.conf00:52
VanillaliteThanks for the pdf help btw! Life saver for my GF doing her school work!00:53
WCwarrioranyone please: looking for ati radeon hd 3650 driver for ubuntu 11.04 ... please somebody...00:53
coz_WCwarrior,   sorry,, I have abasolutely no experience with ati cards,, I am sure someone here does or if not...try the #radeon channel00:54
Haematoma !pdfedit | coz_00:54
escottWCwarrior, is it not in jockey-gtk?00:55
WCwarriorcoz: thanks...00:55
bazhangHaematoma, /msg ubottu00:55
WCwarriorescott: i'm literate but just learning linux for first time. Jockey-gtk?00:55
ZoidfarbDoes anyone know what the minimal packages I need to install to run a .jar package are? I don't have a lot of hard drive space.00:56
owen1what is the name of the wireless application in gnome. i want to run awesome instead of gnome, but still enjoy wireless connection...00:56
coz_WCwarrior,  yes you can open jockey-gtk via terminal by typing  jockey-gtk00:56
WCwarriorescott: is what you're speaking of a patricular pkg within ubuntu?00:56
escottWCwarrior, ie proprietary drivers. open a terminal and type jockey-gtk00:56
Zoidfarbowne1: you mean NetworkManager ?00:56
htmlstorrgie,   so what are you trying to do?00:57
owen1Zoidfarb: not sure. can i run it?00:57
WCwarriorcoz: okay...trying now. will you be on for a minute?00:57
owen1Zoidfarb: from the terminal?00:57
owen1Zoidfarb: i tried installing wicd but i can't connect to the internet from some reason.00:57
rick_bugoh.i'm sorry ,maybe i should ask the question in other way ?how to install source code ?for instance,the suffix tar.gz00:58
urlin2uowen1, try logging out wicd can be tempermental.00:58
WallyJ2Khow can I shut down X to run a command to resonf?et my xorg.c00:58
WallyJ2K*reset my xorg.conf00:58
ActionParsniprick_bug: what is the full filename and we can give the command00:58
owen1urlin2u: what is tempermental? not a native speaker. sorry00:58
escottWallyJ2K, service gdm stop; (and then later service gdm start)00:58
urlin2uowen1, a problem at first install you want the daemon running.00:59
ActionParsnipWallyJ2K: just rename the xorg.conf file and reboot, it will put the settings back in to udev and will be the same as when you first installed00:59
owen1urlin2u: i am not following you. what do you want me to try?00:59
urlin2uowen1, logout of the desktop then log back in.01:00
owen1urlin2u: i have internet with gnome. but not with awesome+wicd. logout of gnome and lunch awesome?01:00
Zoidfarbownen1: I've always had good luck with wicd. If you launch if from the command line, do you get any error messages when you try to connect?01:00
urlin2uowen1, ?01:00
WCwarriorcoz: i don't have the card installed yet and have tried but when i boot up...i have zero picture01:01
owen1Zoidfarb: i'll try it and come back here. i use wicd-cursor btw01:01
htmlZoidfarb,  i do , but i use the gui,  it kicks me alot01:01
WCwarriorcoz: so i have my old card in. being new to this, i was assuming that i could install the driver then switch the cards.01:02
escottWCwarrior, that would make it harder for you. i would boot to terminal and then use jockey-text01:02
coz_WCwarrior,  well as I said I dont know much about  ati,, however,, because of that I dont know if one driver is good for a different card,, i believe some cards require fglrx and other the open source01:03
ActionParsnipWCwarrior: what video card?01:03
WCwarriorescott: please educate me on this process to do so cause when i have the card in and boot, i don't get a boot screen...just a black screen.01:03
ActionParsnipWCwarrior: tried the boot option: nomodeset01:04
Zoidfarbowen1, html: using the GUI is fine/the correct way to use WICD, I just meant starting it from a terminal for debugging purposes--you might see errors in the terminal01:04
WCwarriorActionParsnip: it's ATI Radeon HD 365001:04
Marot77Canal for spain please.01:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:04
rick_bugActionParsnip:so sorry,the file  is  a game , and in the folder no illustration,i don't how to do, and i research a lot on the net,but........01:04
escottWCwarrior, if you are going from an older ati to a newer ati its possible that there is an old config laying around. you might uninstall fglrx and go back to radeonhd and then switch to the newer card01:04
ActionParsniprick_bug: what is the filename?01:05
rick_bugHacker Evolution Duality01:05
urlin2uWCwarrior, the xswat ppa probably will work.01:05
WCwarriorescott: trying to comprehend...again, i'm new to linux/ ubuntu 11.0401:05
rick_bugthere is a game01:05
WCwarriorescott: how do i go about of uninstalling fglrx?01:06
escottWCwarrior, we need a bit more info about the specifics. (a) what card do you currently have in there (b) did you install proprietary drivers for that card (c) what do you see on boot with the new card01:06
WCwarriorescott: i'm sure that was a very dumb question...but again, learning here.01:06
WCwarriorescott: give me a sec and i'll provide the details.01:07
The_Rufushahaha 30% of people surveyed in the UK believe time travel is possible right now01:07
The_Rufusrandom fact...01:07
bazhang!ot | The_Rufus01:08
ubottuThe_Rufus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:08
The_Rufusyea yea, i know :) just wanted a quick laugh to say thankyou for the help so far ;)01:08
photonThe_Rufus: more than that believe in an invisible sky daddy. I think the time travel believe is more acceptable.01:09
dv310p3rI'm using ushare to serve movies to my xbox 360. I was wondering if anyone knows why I can't serve files to 2 xbox 360's at the same time01:09
jukebox-zeroHello, this could be a silly question. I'm compiling the latest SVN build of tovid on an Ubuntu dist. as part of an effort to update all things dealing with media playback/encoding. Is there a way to use something like checkinstall or auto-apt to build a deb package of the SVN snapshot or is the ./setup.py the only method? The ./setup.py works great and this version of tovid works splendidly, the onl01:09
jukebox-zero y adjustment is learning to type tovid id * rather than idvid *. But I would like the package management to recognize it as installed in case there are any dependency issues with something else I install down the road. Any suggestions?01:09
dv310p3rThe ushare channel isn't being manned.01:09
ZoidfarbAnyone know how to compile/run a .jar file on Ubuntu?01:10
qinZoidfarb: java -jar file.jar ?01:10
DasEijukebox-zero: deselect or aptitude hold01:10
coz_Zoidfarb,  if you right click the file and open with sun java web start if sun java is installed or yes what qin   mentioned01:11
The_Rufushas anyone ever had any joy getting a Huawei E220 USB 3G internet stick working on linux?01:12
Gasseusumm... I accidently ran chmod 0777 * -R as root in the root directory... is there a script that allows me to revert to the proper permissions, or at least a list of what those are?01:12
escottGasseus, just reinstall01:12
Zoidfarbqin, I get an error, "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from Runner.jar"01:12
Gasseusescott Really? That your answer to everything?01:13
qinGasseus: Back up own data and reinstall, going be faster01:13
owen1Zoidfarb: i don't see errors. it just refuse to connect01:13
Gasseusqin no it isn't, you don't know how much data I have01:13
owen1Zoidfarb: (i am now with a wire)01:13
merlotGasseus: honestly man, I would reinstall too01:13
qinGasseus: Do you have separate /home partition?01:13
Zoidfarbqin, does it require Sun java? I think I just installed java-default from synaptic01:14
jukebox-zeroDasEi: Thanks. But the issue is (and sorry, I copy pasted and didn't make this clear) the install script included with source is python, so it doesn't register with apt-get or aptitude as being installed though it is. I would like to know if I could recompile and use make - sudo checkinstall to build a dep, rather than using their .py install script. I am not a programmer and I suspect their code is probably entirely diffe01:14
jukebox-zerorent than source that uses make - check install if they included a .py installer. But I don't know for sure and wondered if any one feels that indicated that make etc wouldn't work?01:14
owen1Zoidfarb: i am ok to use the gnome app.01:14
DasEiGasseus: you can make a second install and write a script, as this hahppens here and then01:14
Gasseusqin no01:14
WallyJ2K@ActionParsnip - This is 11.04. It doesn't naturally want to use the xorg.conf01:14
qinZoidfarb: Not sure, not really java person here.01:14
Zoidfarbqin, me either...01:15
DasEijukebox-zero: that will be possible, but I'm not in packaging now, so need to ask again01:15
maykostill no go re: microphone :(01:16
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WCwarriorescott: present card is a PNY GeForce 8200 and the driver's shown/ options are, NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 173" (This driver is not activated.) and NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current) [Recommended} This driver is activated but not currently in use.  And, I'm wanting to install ATI Radeon HD365001:16
DasEijukebox-zero: http://tinyurl.com/4kqepb01:17
jukebox-zeroDasEi: Thanks.01:17
=== Guest67688 is now known as LoganWeb
message144Hi, does anybody know which packages provides the "ed" command?01:17
message144Or even better, how I could find this information myself?01:18
dr3mrohi plz how to change dpi in x server ubuntu for whole screen not just font ???01:18
Zoidfarbmessage144, it sounds like apt-file might help: http://efreedom.com/Question/1-4471327/Ubuntu-Equivalent-Yums-WhatProvides01:18
escottWCwarrior, ok. then i would recommend that you disable the nvidia drivers, and rename/move your /etc/X11/Xorg.conf and reboot so that you are booting with xorgs drivers01:18
message144Zoidfarb, thanks01:19
WCwarriorescott: okay. my options are to "remove". would that be correct?01:19
jjb123Hey everyone! I was just wondering what the best command line merge utility is?01:19
jjb123(for version control)01:19
Zoidfarbmessage144, for possible future Linux knowledge, the RedHat package system has a really nice "whatprovides" option that will tell you where a file came from01:20
qinmessage144: dpkg -l ed01:20
escottmessage144, apt-file search ed01:20
escott!info ed | message14401:20
ubottumessage144: ed (source: ed): The classic UNIX line editor. In component main, is standard. Version 1.5-1 (natty), package size 54 kB, installed size 144 kB01:20
tazthaspazhey i wish to write a shell script that will scroll through the FMLS that people post on www.fmylife.com and it will automatically show new posts and put them into the shell any one know how to do it?01:20
DasEimessage144: apt-cache show ed | grep ed01:20
message144wow, thanks for all the suggestions01:20
ozzzyso what is eth0:avahi and why won't a machine connect01:20
DasEimessage144: np, ed ;)01:21
fr0stedhi, im having trouble installing my wifi adaptor with ubuntu, can someone help ?01:21
escott!paste | WCwarrior people won't accept DCC01:21
ubottuWCwarrior people won't accept DCC: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:21
fr0stedits a siemensgigaset 5401:21
escott!best | jjb123, but i use vimdiff01:21
ubottujjb123, but i use vimdiff: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:21
WCwarriorescott: ok01:21
tazthaspazhey i wish to write a shell script that will scroll through the FMLS that people post on www.fmylife.com and it will automatically show new posts and put them into the shell any one know how to do it?01:21
escottWCwarrior, and yes removing the nvidia drivers would disable them01:22
HaematomaIs there anyway I can get EXAILE to display track change info on the right ubuntu status bar instead of its custom OSD?01:22
tazthaspazhey i wish to write a shell script that will scroll through the FMLS that people post on www.fmylife.com and it will automatically show new posts and put them into the shell any one know how to do it?01:22
merlotdid anyone else buy a monitor thats too big? :/01:23
WCwarriorescott: okay. then for the part about rename/move your /etc/x11/Xorg.conf ??01:23
Haematomatazthaspaz, you might be able to write a script using RSS?01:23
=== canon is now known as Acid190
qintazthaspaz: In differend words, you want to wget/curl main page, strip it out of tags, and post only latest post, right?01:23
WCwarriorescott: i'm sorry for the paint by the numbers for me.01:23
tazthaspazummm thanks Haematoma but im new and idk wat RSS is01:24
Haematomatazthaspaz, there is a specific command which generates sysmessages01:24
merlotlion42: its like I have to look left to right too much01:24
lion42Pull it back further away from you?01:24
escottWCwarrior, nvidia uses Xorg.conf what would not be compatible with ati. you should see it if you ls /etc/X11, and then mv /etc/X11/Xorg.conf /root01:24
rcmaehlHow do I install java for chromium?01:24
escottWCwarrior, rather sudo mv ...01:24
Haematomatazthaspaz, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS01:24
merlotlion42: lol, then I can't read the text01:24
rcmaehlAll they have is an .rpm01:24
DasEi!java | rcmaehl01:24
ubotturcmaehl: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.01:24
escott!rpm | rcmaehl01:24
ubotturcmaehl: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)01:24
lion42merlot, increase the font size...01:25
tazthaspazthanks ill look into this HAVE A NICE DAY :)01:25
merlotlion42: excellent suggestion01:25
DasEircmaehl: don't go alien, see above link01:25
Jim455Rwhat is LOOOVE01:26
merlotstill, I went overkill buying this monitor, I should have gone with the 19" model01:26
Jim455Rmerlot which monitior01:26
DasEircmaehl: you get it with sun java from the partner repo, clear on that ?01:26
WCwarriorescott: again, my apologies...is this information listed easily somewhere within the sytem folder or is there like a cmd in terminal to find this out, etc.?01:26
rcmaehlDasEi: yep01:26
merlotJim455R: God is Love :)01:26
owen1how to run the gnome's network managar without using gnome? i try running NetworkManager from the terminal but it tells me it's already running.01:27
htmlmerlot,  yes its called  a biigggg tv01:27
WallyJ2Kneed help changing refresh rate for output to TV01:27
intraderAnyone, elinks text terminal connects properly to network printer hosted by cups on a mac. The elinks program is able to do administrative tasks as well as print a test page. However, the 'Applications->System->Printing applet is not able to locate the printer and connect.01:27
urlin2umerlot, sp is a good pet. ;-)01:27
escottWCwarrior, find what out? i'm saying in your terminal type ls /etc/X11 there should be something called conf, and you can "sudo mv /etc/X11/Xorg.conf /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.nvidia" to back it up and disable it at the same time01:28
Mike9863I think that Ubuntu has stopped recognizing the presence of my laptop charger. For some reason my charge icon is always showing now in the Indicator Applet even though before it would only show when my charger was not plugged in. Ubuntu is also setting my display dim even while it's plugged in, even though in Power Management PReferences it is set to only do this while on battery power.01:28
qinowen1: nm-cli01:28
owen1qin: thanks01:28
merlotJim455R: Samsung something, bought it a few years ago. 22" I think01:28
Jim455Rvery good brand01:29
DasEiWallyJ2K: you can lookup modelines in /etc/X11/Xorg.0.log, and there is a tool cvt out, sadly not in repos01:29
urlin2uMike9863, what does the battery icon say when you hover over t with your cursor?01:29
merlotyeah I still like, except for being too big, need a fast graphics card to see games in its native resolution. Anyhow I keep going offtopic, should be talking about ubuntu. mmm ubuntu...01:30
urlin2uMike9863, actuall a right click on it.01:30
DasEiWallyJ2K: can you give exact model of screen ?01:30
Mike9863urlin2u: When I click it it says "Laptop battery: estimating..." I am pretty sure that it used to give a correct read out before. I haven't made any changes so I'm not sure why this would happen.01:30
urlin2uMike9863, is it running like it is using the plugin rather then the battery=time?01:32
Mike9863urlin2u: It's running as though it's on battery power even though the charger is plugged in.01:33
dr3mrohow to make gui elements like icons and windows in ubuntu looks smaller ?01:34
urlin2uMike9863, time wise I mean, have you used it a lot could it now not being fully charged?01:34
urlin2ube being01:34
ActionParsnipdr3mro: could use a higer dpi01:36
escottMike9863, its possible that the battery is not getting back to 100% of what should be possible. you can see if the power supply is sending power by looking at /sys/bus/acpi/drivers/ac/ACPI???/power_supply/AC0/online and for the battery you can look at power levels in /sys/bus/acpi/drivers/battery/..../power_supply/BAT0/energy_now vs energy_full01:36
dreamy_all the games im tryng to run are giving the same sort of error01:38
blopmI have a new Asus laptop and I wanted to know when the live cd loads why does the screen look so stretched and fuzzy? Any Solutions?01:38
=== fr0sted is now known as fr0sted-bnc
escottblopm, it is running in vesa mode, run in a terminal jockey-gtk and install the graphics drivers for your graphics card01:39
dreamy_does anyone knows what this means?    DRM version 1.5 too old to support HyperZ, disabling.01:39
blopmescott:  I can do this on the cd?01:39
blopmescott: its not installed.01:39
escottblopm, not on the cd. you could on a usb01:39
Haematomaosd-notify has stopped working... ARGHH01:40
escottblopm, but even then only if your usb was configured to save data on reboots01:40
Haematomahow do fix01:40
Haematomawhat do01:40
escottdreamy_, DRM is the kernel interface for the graphics card. your kernel is evidently too old01:40
wildgooseHaematom: What is your native language?01:40
blopmescott: if i install it will this gurateed a screen resolution fix to make it clear?01:41
VidaliaSpanglish? are you kidding me?01:41
urlin2uHaematoma, lol01:41
dreamy_escott, it sarted to happend with the new ubuntu versions .. from 10.04 and up, does it means the card is not getting suported?01:41
escottblopm, its not something you want to do with the livecd. if you are concerned that the card may not be supported give us the hardware specs01:41
Haematomaok someone send me pm quickly01:42
HaematomaI want to see if OSD-notify is working01:42
WallyJ2K@dasei - my TV is a 42inch LG Flatscreen01:42
escottdreamy_, don't know ati01:42
jmcantrelli thought firefox 6 was supposed to be coming as an update. mine still shows 501:42
WallyJ2Kit needs a refresh rate of 59.934. I think my external VGA is only sending at 6001:42
dreamy_my kernel is equivelent to ubuntu 10.10 ..:S01:42
ActionParsnipHaematoma: yo01:42
DasEiWallyJ2K: model ?01:42
Mike9863urlin2u: It's usually always plugged in. I had it unplugged and in sleep for about one minute, and when I resumed and plugged it in the icon did not go away, and my settings are as though they are on battery power rather than on AC power which is what it should be when it is plugged in, correct?01:43
VidaliaWallyJ2K, why.. would we want to know?01:43
escottjmcantrell, not the firefox in apt. you get the version that came with your release01:43
dreamy_escott, its a m6 ly radeon 7000 rv10001:43
blopmescott:  the graphics card is UMA01:43
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: you can get firefox 6 via ppa01:43
urlin2uMike9863, did you see the other post by escott01:43
jmcantrellActionParsnip: do you know the ppa?01:43
VidaliaWallyJ2K, i dont go around blarting that i have a 50" tv..01:44
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: i know it exists, I don't use firefox01:44
VidaliaIt has nothing to do with your video card, or drivers.01:44
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: use the web, you'll find it01:44
WallyJ2K@Vidalia - Someone asked01:44
ubottuFirefox 6 will be available as an update for 11.04 shortly. For 10.04 and 10.10, you can use the unofficial and unsupported PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable01:44
ActionParsnipthere we go01:44
escottblopm, not sure what UMA is01:44
WallyJ2K@Dasei LG Model: 42LD52001:45
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: when somebody states there is a PPA, at least TRY and find it yourself before asking01:46
jmcantrellActionParsnip: :P01:46
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: the more autonymous you can be, the better01:46
jmcantrellActionParsnip: i added the ppa, updated, but it doesn't show an upgrade for ff01:47
kingofswordsif i remve wine will it delete my programs too....i want to reinstall it01:47
WallyJ2K@Dasei - might also be a limitation of the fact that I have to run ubuntu in classic mode. Limited choices for video setup01:47
escottkingofswords, it won't remove the files in ~/.wine which is probably where your programs are01:47
skplis 500 mb enough for swap?01:47
kingofswordsok thx01:48
escottskpl, depends. standard recommendation is =RAM, but many people don't use swap01:48
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: you need to run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade01:48
Jordan_Uskpl: Do you want to be able to hybernate?01:48
DasEiWallyJ2K: sorry, can't find it in database01:48
skplescott: do they use something else instead?01:48
ActionParsnipskpl: if you have 256Mb RAM, yes01:48
jmcantrellActionParsnip: did that01:49
Mike9863escott and urlin2u: It turns out that the battery just wasn't at 100%. Since my laptop is usually always plugged in, I assumed that "On AC Power" just meant that it was plugged in. Thanks for your help.01:49
skplActionParsnip: i have 512mb01:49
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: ok if you run:  apt-cache policy firefox     do you see the PPA in the output01:49
urlin2ujmcantrell, I had to run sudo apt-get install firefox01:49
escottskpl, depends on whether or not you need to swap. if you have 16gb of ram and only ever browse the web, you probably don't need swap. anything from 0-2xRAM is reasonable for somebody01:49
ActionParsnipskpl: then you want 1Gb of swap01:49
blopmescott: will the resoution be fixed is all Im asking01:49
ActionParsnipskpl: double RAM amount for swap unless you have more than 2Gb RAM, then it's the SAME amount as RAM01:50
jmcantrellActionParsnip: i do not01:50
skplActionParsnip: ok thank you01:50
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: then you dodn't add the ppa right01:50
escottblopm, if you can get the drivers for your graphics card installed, then you won't be in vesa mode and it wont be stretched, and will be a higher resolution01:50
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: run:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade01:50
WallyJ2K@dasei - What were you hoping to find in the database, and what db are you talking about?01:50
jmcantrellActionParsnip: yes i did. that's the exact command i used01:51
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: what is the output of:  lsb_release -c    please01:51
jewlesw00t my first time here01:51
urlin2ujmcantrell, firefox 6?01:51
jmcantrellActionParsnip: natty01:51
jmcantrellurlin2u: yes01:51
urlin2usudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next01:51
ablyssbanshee music player sure looks a lot like rhythmbox01:51
HaematomaThe square root of 69 is 8-something01:52
ActionParsnipjmcantrell: try the next PPA listed above, same update / upgrade stuff though :)01:52
Haematomayou and me baby, we could have made something01:52
urlin2ujmcantrell, might be the stable though when added later today.01:52
Haematomasomeone send me a msg so I can test my notifaction screen01:52
ablyssHaematoma: off topic01:52
escott!ot > Haematoma01:52
ubottuHaematoma, please see my private message01:52
Haematomathank you01:53
jmcantrellurlin2u: if it's going to be added today, i can wait01:53
Jordan_UHaematoma: Stop that, and don't do it again unless you wish to be banned.01:53
DasEiWallyJ2K: http://pastebin.com/RCvPuFwG, own risk, generic01:53
urlin2ujmcantrell, I don't know it should be in the regular repos then I suspect.01:53
HaematomaOk, I'll behave now01:53
Jordan_UHaematoma: #test and other channels can be used for testing, this is an active support channel.01:53
ElTimoI'm having trouble getting bumblebee to run. Does anyone have any experience with it?01:54
DasEiWallyJ2K: there are tools not available in default ubu, some screens can be found there01:54
ablyssElTimo: sorry still on AGP here01:55
WallyJ2Kmy problem is that I can't get an xorg.conf to even edit01:55
=== hamnegga is now known as mcurran
escottWallyJ2K, have you tried Xorg -configure01:55
WallyJ2K@Dasei - whenever I try to recreate one, the command does nothing01:55
=== jayT is now known as renzhi
ActionParsnipWallyJ2K: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf     will make the file and make it ready for editting01:56
blopmescott: does it cost money to get the drivers installed?01:56
WallyJ2Kescott - I have tried sudo xorg -configure, even with X shut down. It does nothing01:56
WallyJ2Kwhen I reboot there is still no xorg.conf01:56
ActionParsnipWallyJ2K: do you add text and save the new file01:56
escottblopm, no, but they are not open-source so there are more support issues01:57
escottWallyJ2K, that will just create the file in /root i believe01:57
The_Rufuswow, this would have to be the slowest linux install ever....01:57
Jordan_Ublopm: No. But there is a (small) chance your graphics card is not supported, even with proprietary drivers.01:57
=== photon is now known as Guest99563
blopmJordan_U: i dont want to install this on my new laptop and it look a mess.01:57
SIFTUblopm: what laptop did you get?01:58
blopmSIFTU: Asus01:58
blopmSIFTU: k53e01:59
Jordan_Ublopm: You can install Ubuntu using Wubi to test things out. (By using Wubi it is as easy to remove Ubuntu again if you don't want it as it is to uninstall any Windows program).01:59
WallyJ2KOK... created the xorg.conf and added settings to it, but I have to restart for it to work, right?01:59
DasEiWallyJ2K: restart gdm yes, and need general vid-section with radeon by chance02:00
Haematomanotify-OSD is not functioning correctly02:00
Haematomawhere should I begin to troubleshoot it?02:00
escottblopm, fyi... i'm kinda lazy so I'm not going to plug k53e into google and find what kind of system that is. you might want to run lspci and give us the key details list there (cpu and video card)02:00
Jordan_Ublopm: If the graphics drivers work in a Wubi install they will also work in a normal dual boot configuration, so you would either be able to keep the Wubi install or do a normal dual boot install (I prefer the latter).02:00
WallyJ2Kdasei - That is why I did not want to start from scratch02:00
blopmJordan_U: I have Ubuntu on this laptop im on now. i know how it works I just dont want it looking a mess. and yea ill check out wubi.02:01
SIFTUblopm: can you "lspci |grep -i vga"02:01
DasEiWallyJ2K: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg didn't create a file ??02:01
blopmSIFTU: Im only on a live cd can i still do that?02:01
WallyJ2Kdasei - no02:01
SIFTUblopm: yep02:01
DasEistrange then02:01
WallyJ2Kdasei - what is the command to restart gdm?02:01
escottWallyJ2K, sudo service gdm restart02:01
DasEiWallyJ2K: sudo gdm stop , then sudo gdm start02:02
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DasEiWallyJ2K: err, ja service not to forget02:02
WallyJ2Kwhat if I don't have the generic radeon part in the xorg.conf02:03
ActionParsnipWallyJ2K: here is a vanilla xorg.conf file: http://pastebin.com/BaWjyYgP02:03
escottWallyJ2K, if you want to use radeonhd (ships with Xorg) just rename the Xorg.conf02:04
WallyJ2Kdasei - If I want to try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg again, should i rename the current xorg.conf?02:05
Jim455Rin ubuntu firefox browser02:05
Jim455Rthe bookmark folder icons is not there02:06
zroyschwhy is this happening to me02:06
escottzroysch, use parted or install and use gdisk02:06
DasEiWallyJ2K: nope, but then again re-write the mitor sections02:07
zroyschescott: what02:07
smcopenoffice had a special package that was needed to run in spanish, but the name of the package was openoffice something or other. My question is since libre office forked what is the naming convintion for thier packages?02:07
WallyJ2KI ran the command. It did nothing to the xorg.conf file02:07
blompSIFTU: sorry for the disconnect.02:07
WallyJ2Kmy xorg.conf file only contains the commands you gave me in pastebin02:07
blompSIFTU: It says VGA compatible controller: Intel Corp device 0116 (rev 09)02:08
SIFTUblomp: ok and "uname -a"02:08
escottzroysch, it tells you not to use fdisk, so don't. and besides the partitions are different block sizes compare 1953513472 vs 195351449402:08
escottzroysch, but since you are using fdisk on a gpt disk those numbers are meaningless, as fdisk doesn't even know what the real partition table is02:09
blompSIFTU: ubuntu 2.6.32-33-generic #70 ubuntu SMP todays date i686 GNU/Linux02:09
escottzroysch, cat /proc/partitions02:10
SIFTUblomp: your kernel is too old.. geta live cd with at least kernel 2.6.38 and for best performance kernel 3.002:10
zroyschescott: should i even be using this GPT? I did it mostly as an experiment02:10
blompSIFTU: This is Ubuntu 10.04 thats why. But I should get 11.04?02:10
escottzroysch, you need to use gpt for disks larger than 2gb (or something around that). gpt has a number of advantages, but you do have to use the correct tools02:11
Jordan_Uzykotick9: GPT is great, just don't use fdisk.02:11
mASOUD_42hi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667839/   this is a scrip using "zenity" to show a GUI message. it works when invoked form a terminal but when crontab calls it, it doesn't work.what's wrong?here's the crontab line i use http://paste.ubuntu.com/667844/02:11
escottzroysch, 2tb not 2gb02:11
zroyschescott: http://pastebin.com/caBDgqNx02:11
SIFTUblomp: yes your chip came out after that kernel and wasnt supported until 2.6.3802:11
* roma yo02:11
SIFTUand even then it wasnt that great.. but kernel 3.0 it's pretty good02:11
escottzroysch, so there you can see sda1 is not the same size as sdb1 or your md array02:12
blompSIFTU: ok the only thing that annoys me about Ubuntu 11.04 is this side bar thing how do i move it or get rid of it.02:13
zroyschescott: why is sda being made smaller? i even repartitioned it in gparted to maximum size. they are both the same make and model hard drive02:13
escottzroysch, since sda is the same size as sdb your problem must be that you have a few spare blocks in sda that you aren't using. this could be because you aligned the blocks at a MB boundary, and using that additional space could break 4k alignment leading to lower performance. you should try and partition with the additional blocks and then check the alignment with parted before proceeding02:13
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ActionParsnipblomp: log into ubuntu classic and it doesn't run02:13
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urlin2ublomp, you can only shrink it, you can use the classic desktop if you like02:14
mASOUD_42!classic| blomp02:14
ubottublomp: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".02:14
ActionParsnipblomp: oneiric uses unity2D so it will be present in both desktops in future releases02:14
Guest7785just installed ubuntu on my dell m501r with win 7 2 probs, its very slow and wireless wont work02:14
zroyschescott: don't know what much of that meant02:14
ActionParsnipGuest7785: what wireless chip do you use?02:14
zroyschmaybe I should try doing this some other time02:14
fr0stedhi, i cant get my Gigaset usb adapter to work with ubuntu, can someone help please? i cant find anything on the internet about fixing the issue02:14
Guest7785let me remember its the nw501 i think it was02:15
ActionParsnipfr0sted: run:  lsusb   one line will identify the device, use the 8 character hex ID to find guides02:15
ActionParsnipGuest7785: run:  sudo lshw -C network02:15
ActionParsnipGuest7785: what is the product line?02:15
WallyJ2KAlright all... goodnight. I'll work on this more in the morning. Thanks again for all of your help!!!02:16
Guest7785aight one sec let me try when ubuntu loads, its going super slow02:16
SIFTUblomp: off topix but since there isnt an easy solution you could go linux mint02:16
* r3mm test02:16
ActionParsnipSIFTU: please don't suggest linux mint here02:16
blompSIFTU: Would you recommend 32 bit for my laptop02:16
escottzroysch, long and short you didn't do "exactly" the same thing with sda and sdb. (as an aside I would recommend buying different disks from different manufacturers, you don't want to find out that there is a design flaw in your array when they both die suddenly)02:17
infobitSIFTU, this is ubuntu channel so please talk only about ubuntu02:17
SIFTUActionParsnip: sorry but he doesnt have much choice..02:17
Guest7785still waiting for it to load02:17
Jordan_U!classic | SIFTU02:17
ubottuSIFTU: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".02:17
ActionParsnipSIFTU: we can resolve the issues, thats a simple choice to make02:17
SIFTUActionParsnip: ok I hand it over to you02:18
ActionParsnipGuest7785: what is the product line of the wireless device please?02:18
blompShould i use 32 bit or 64 for my laptop?02:19
ActionParsnipblomp: how much RAM do you have and what is the use of the system?02:19
SIFTUblomp: I suggest you listen to the other members of this room in order to get ubuntu working and your sandy bridge proc with on chip intel gpu02:19
Lasersblomp: Run "grep --color=always -iw lm /proc/cpuinfo" and paste one-liner result here.02:20
ewok4357i have a dell mini 1012...if i install ubuntu will i run into problems networking with my windows computers?02:20
blompActionParsnip: 4gb02:20
ActionParsnipblomp: what CPU is it?02:20
Guest7785iys a broadcom02:21
Lasersblomp: Run that command -- and it'll tell you (us too) if your machine is capable of running 64bit.02:21
ActionParsnipewok4357: depends how you mean "networking", it will comunicate using the defacto standards for network communications...02:21
|usr|bin|niceare the packages for Ubuntu only optimize for i386 and x86_64?02:21
ActionParsnipGuest7785: a broadcom 43xx ?02:21
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ewok4357newbie here.....i would just want to be able to print and access shared files/folders02:22
Guest7785trying to figure out how to find out02:22
ActionParsnipewok4357: yes that will be fine. Instead of saying "network" which means very littel, say what you mean02:22
ActionParsnipGuest7785: I gave the command to find out, just run it then wait for the system to be scanned. You wil be shown02:22
Lasers|usr|bin|nice: Looks like "powerpc" arch too.02:22
supercom32So, I've installed apache and the SCGI module on Buntu and I've used the clause "SCGIMount /RPC2" in my apache2.conf file and even when I restart apache, I can't see to find it listening on that port. Any ideas?02:22
ActionParsnipGuest7785: what is there to figure out?02:23
ewok4357will i have to do any extra installs inside ubuntu?  Or will it be easy to setup like windows is?02:23
Guest7785i ran the command  it saya02:23
|usr|bin|niceLasers, I see02:23
escott|usr|bin|nice, i think there are i686 optimizations in i386 arch02:24
Guest7785broadcom clock 33mhz doesnt say what kind02:24
ewok4357also....do i need to do the ubuntu netbook version or will the regular ubuntu install work?02:24
ActionParsnipewok4357: you can browse windows shares with no extra packages to install#02:24
ActionParsnip!broadcom | Guest778502:24
ubottuGuest7785: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:24
Lasersewok4357: If you're new to linux, I hope you don't use that netbook as your primary/sole machine.02:24
ewok4357no i dont...it is an extra02:25
ActionParsnipewok4357: there is no more netbook edition of ubuntu02:25
|usr|bin|niceescott, you mean some i386 softwares are optimize for i686 ?02:25
Lasersewok4357: That's great. Never dive in without any plans. :)02:25
paul67431what happened to the netbook edition of Ubuntu?02:26
ewok4357i just know the netbooks are sometimes slow with win7, and want it to run faster02:26
Lasers!unr | paul6743102:26
ubottupaul67431: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.02:26
ActionParsnippaul67431: its no longer developed, there is a PPA for it if you REALLY want02:26
paul67431oh ok, thanks02:26
mASOUD_42ewok4357, if you want really fast gui i suggest you try lubuntu02:27
escott|usr|bin|nice, a lot of the more performance critical applications will dynamically switch to using sse type features02:27
Guest7785any reason why ubuntu is running02:27
Guest7785really slow02:27
ActionParsnipGuest7785: do you now have wifi setup?02:28
|usr|bin|niceescott, ah, i see. good to know02:28
Guest7785no i unimstalled bcml-modialiases earlier like someone suggested and cant get it reinstalled02:28
ActionParsnipGuest7785: do you have WWW access?02:29
Guest7785yea, im dual booted with win 702:29
Guest7785im on my phone on the irc02:29
ActionParsnipGuest7785: Wni7 is moot, do you have www acces IN UBUNTU02:29
escott|usr|bin|nice, they can play around a bit with optimization. its possible to target a later machine but still be 386 compatible02:30
ActionParsnipGuest7785: is the system a laptop?02:30
ActionParsnipGuest7785: get a wired connection and get fully updated02:30
Guest7785brand new dell m501r02:30
|usr|bin|niceescott, you mean the Ubuntu devs?02:30
escott|usr|bin|nice, its the difference between -march and -mtune options for gcc02:30
Guest7785ok let me go find some cat 5 cables02:31
goerhow to select (gui) and convert pdf to text or OO or .doc pls?02:31
evilivewhy wireshark can't display mine tp-link wireless card?02:32
ActionParsnipgoer: libre/openoffice can export to PDF02:33
ActionParsnipgoer: if you run: sudo apt-get install poppler-utils    you can run:  pdftotext abc.pdf xyz.txt  to convert PDF to text02:34
goerActionParsnip: you did not read my ? correctly. I want to export form pdf to text02:34
goerActionParsnip: I have poppler but dont know how to work it02:34
ActionParsnipgoer: you didn't read my reply, the command converts pdf to txt02:35
ActionParsnipgoer: I gave the command you need02:35
goerok thnx02:35
Guest7785ok im comnected wired02:37
Jordan_Ugoer: Note that if you can't even select the text in evince then it's likely that the PDF is actually just a document filled with images of text rather than actual text (more common that you might think unfortunately).02:37
Guest7785downloading 46 files02:38
goerJordan_U:  u r right i think. cannot select it02:39
Guest7785this slowness is killing me02:39
abc_dallasCan somebody in here that knows how to use Xchat help me out on how to connect to a channel02:40
abc_dallasdo i have to somehow log onto the server before i can join channel?02:40
urlin2uabc_dallas, /join "channel"02:40
GTAXLabc_dallas /join #channel02:40
abc_dallasi tried that...ok, i'm trying again02:41
Blacksykepar example, /join #ubuntu02:41
GTAXLYou might have to register your nick to join some channels.02:41
escott!register | abc_dallas02:41
ubottuabc_dallas: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:41
Guest7785do i need to diwnload the amd/ati proprietary fglrx graphic driver?02:43
Guest7785updating now on file 20 of 2902:45
ActionParsnipGuest7785: let updates finish and reboot, then use the driver app and install the drivers you need02:46
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muelliSo. Nobody has any questions or problems? :-) That's brilliant!02:47
Guest7785wifi is my least prob02:48
Guest7785i wanna know why its running02:48
Guest7785real slow02:48
fschuindtHello guys. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, I'm tryin to install "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" but I always get the error "403 Forbiden Cannot find some files"02:49
fschuindtSomebody knows what could be?02:49
_BS_Can Samba make use of / store passwords encrypted. (NOT talking about exchanging encrypted passwords.)02:49
ActionParsnipGuest7785: you need video drivers probably installing depends on the video chip used.02:49
muellifschuindt: try a apt-get update first02:49
Guest7785its ati radeon hd 4250 card02:49
ActionParsnip_BS_: yes the keyring can have a password on it02:49
chaospsychexi have a dual-boot setup and have a question. I have three partition on my HDD right now. dev/sda1 = ubuntu dev/sda2 =  100mb system reserved that windows 7 created and finally /dev/sda3 = windows 7 partition. My question is if I create a FINAL NTFS partition that acts as a storage bin that i can access from either OS, will i run into problems?02:49
fschuindtmuelli: Yes, I've done ir02:49
ActionParsnipGuest7785: then yes you'll need the ati driver, you will be using the open source driver currently02:50
fschuindtI think that's some problem in my repository.02:50
DanaGNow it's AMD.02:50
muellifschuindt: then pastebin us your exact output including prompt from where you've called the command.02:50
DanaGIf you want to be literal, "ati" is/was a wrapper around Radeon.02:50
fschuindtmuelli: Its in portuguese.02:50
DanaGSay, if I can confirm an Expired bug, should I move it back to New, or Confirmed?02:51
muellifschuindt: that's a problem. Do smth like LC_ALL=C beforehand02:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 677042 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "rhythmbox removes song from library when external visualization is closed" [Low,Expired]02:51
mikiis there a channel for help with tv cards?02:51
fschuindtmuelli: http://pastebin.com/TA6nZNRi02:53
muellifschuindt: execute "export LC_ALL=C" and do it again. That should reset your output to plain english02:53
muellifschuindt: and also show us the output of an "apt-get update".02:54
_BS_ActionParsnip: I anticipate (system) mounting in fstab. Don't know that a keyring is available then. Preferably, I'm thinking it should use /etc/passwd. Alternately, is there not a process whereby the password string is encrypted? e.g. password=8eg47af.02:55
ActionParsnip_BS_: if its a samba mount you can put the account in a credentials file and mark it only readable by root02:56
fschuindtmuelli: apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/F0YMSRhH //apt-get install: http://pastebin.com/aGLcP60a02:57
fschuindtmuelli: how I back to my original language in terminal?02:58
muellifschuindt: unset LC_ALL02:58
fschuindtmuelli: thanks02:58
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Guest7785whats it mean whwn i type sudo apt-get install and it tells me cant find canditate02:59
fschuindtmuelli: So, what you think?02:59
muellihm fschuindt. That's weird. I can download the packages from, say, http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/t/tango-icon-theme-common/tango-icon-theme-common_0.7-0ubuntu1_all.deb. So I think your Brazilian mirror is broken at the moment.03:00
fschuindtmuelli: Hm... Thank you very much! :)03:00
muellifschuindt: you could try to replace your Brazilian mirrors in your /etc/apt/sources.list* by something non brazilian. But that's an ugly work around. The real fix would be to find out why the mirror doesn't have these packages.03:01
brandonHello all, I am having trouble configuring Ubuntu 11.04 to enable Remote Desktop so I can remote into it on the same network from a different room.03:01
JoeR1so, I tried (and failed) to compile the 3.0.1 kernel and now Ubuntu doesn't boot unless I kill the power during disk access thereby forcing a recovery menu - So I'm thinking now would be a good time to wipe all the 3.0 files and maybe try again03:01
muellibrandon: why is that? Just execute "vino-preferences" and you should see every setting you need03:02
DanaGAnyone here familiar with the Unison sync tool?03:02
DanaG(Particularly the CVS version's "repeat watch" option.)03:02
muelliJoeR1: just do it then :-)03:02
Guest13688I am having a problem with a mp3 device mounting.03:03
Guest13688When I click on the mp3 device in the "Computer" folder it doesn't seem to do anything.03:03
JoeR1muelli - well to be honest this is the first kernel-upgrade compile I have ever done so i am not 100% on how to get rid of the files other than just deleting them but I am sure there must be some kind of registry issue03:03
Guest13688It's a GPX Optimuo Mp403:03
muelliGuest13688: hm. Very possible that the device behaves weirdly. Open up a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T). Unplug the device. Execute "sudo dmesg -c". Plug the device in. Execute "sudo dmesg -c" and pastebin us the result.03:04
Guest7785what does .run filea open with?03:04
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muelliJoeR1: well. delete the kernel files in /boot/ and do smth like "sudo update-grub" and "sudo update-initramfs -u".03:05
muelliJoeR1: depending on your GRUB version, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst or the like and remove the lines that refer to 3.0.03:05
muelliJoeR1: And more importantly: Don't do such things if you don't understand what you're doing.03:06
ActionParsnipGuest7785: its a binary, you mark it as executable and run it03:07
muelli!fr | younes03:07
ubottuyounes: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.03:07
JoeR1muelli oi come off it, everything is a learning curve and this is good experience and beside what do care if I screw this thing?03:08
ga_sk8eri loadedubuntu today. been a while since ive ran it ive orgot alot of the stuff03:08
ga_sk8erim running version 9.1003:08
jjb123Hey guys, I need some help getting apache to work. So I'm trying to get Apache2 set up on my Linode server. I used this tutorial: http://library.linode.com/getting-started#sph_set-the-hostname to set up my hostname. I used this tutorial to set up Apache: http://library.linode.com/lamp-guides/ubuntu-10.04-lucid Whenever I try to connect to my server's IP, it says the connection was reset. My apache log files in /var/log/apache2 don't show 03:09
jjb123Any ideas?03:09
ga_sk8erwhats the terminal command to update every program installed?03:09
muelliJoeR1: well. You are basically asking us to fix the system you broke yourself. That's not considered to be nice. But fortunately we gave you hints anyway. So let's hope they worked for you.03:09
urlin2uga_sk8er, that version is past end of life.03:09
muelliga_sk8er: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update03:09
_BS_ActionParsnip: Yes, I know, I'm tried to avoid that. By preference, let me reask the question this way: Can samba make use of /etc/passwd, directly and solely?03:09
muelliga_sk8er: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:09
ga_sk8erurlin2u im using it until i can get windows on my pc03:10
Guest13688muelli: http://pastebin.com/z8EJhpp803:10
JoeR1muelli - actually I think I just figured it out, It looks like I configured lilo wrong and the 3.0 kernel may be just fine03:10
ga_sk8ermuelli thanks03:10
muelli_BS_: you might want to ask the samba guys directly.03:10
ActionParsnip_BS_: not sure there dude, could try asking in #samba03:10
_BS_muelli, ActionParsnip: Thanks.03:10
ga_sk8erbeen a few yrs so i forgot the commnads03:11
urlin2uga_sk8er, no problem just letting you know, here is a wiki. http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/03/29/ubuntu-9-10-reaches-end-of-life-on-april-30-2011/03:11
muelliGuest13688: hm. looks weird indeed. Could you do it one more time please? I.e. unplug, dmesg -c (not interesting), plug in, dmesg -c (whichs result is interesting).03:12
JoeR1muelli - besdies I didn't break it that bad, for example I am using Xubuntu right now03:12
ga_sk8eri saw something i hadnt seen happen before in ubuntu...in the software center i could select a program but i cant see the install button anywhere03:12
Tech_Supportxubuntu has multimonitoring issues03:12
ga_sk8eri cant even get an irc client to install on here03:13
Tech_Supportthen how are you talking to us?03:13
ga_sk8erinternet based...not downloaded or installed one03:13
urlin2uga_sk8er, the 9.10 apps are not in the regular repos.03:13
muellihihi.. "internet based"...03:14
Flannelga_sk8er: Almost sounds like you don't have admin rights03:14
ga_sk8ershouldnt this apt-update & apt-upgrade make it into 11.4?03:14
muelliga_sk8er: no.03:14
Bridge|anyone good with tomcat here?03:14
muelliga_sk8er: there is "update-manager" for that.03:15
ga_sk8erFlannel i should have admin rights. i loaded ubuntu today & im only user on the pc03:15
Bridge|Tech_Support: java web app server03:15
The_Rufusok, i need a hand now if possible. I need to get my HighPoint RocketRaid 2320 working. Just clean installed Ubuntu Server 1103:16
FriGiNam i finally here?03:16
Bridge|i've popped in and out of there support chan on freenode idleing for about 24hrs at a time for about 2-3weeks, and still no ones tried to help me anyone in there03:16
muelliThe_Rufus: what's the actual problem?03:16
ga_sk8ermaybe the newer version will let my floppy drive work. i need it so i  can do something03:17
The_Rufusmy problem is I know nothing03:17
xanguaga_sk8er: 9.10 and it's epository is no longer supported, i suggest you to download and install a stable supported version from ubuntu.com03:17
muelliBridge|: well. IRC is not necessarily the best support medium. Try writing their mailinglist.03:17
FriGiNomg i am.. good .. ActionParsnip sorry bout earlier im on my cell for net and it died.. i dont have network connection on the desktop still having grub issues, and i want windows loader back03:17
urlin2uFriGiN, do you have a windows disc?03:17
FriGiNurlin2u: yes.03:18
FriGiNurlin2u: its win 7 fdisk /mbr doesnt work03:18
Guest13688muelli: http://pastebin.com/FTQ8b1SY (Part 2)03:18
muelliThe_Rufus: well. You have to understand that our crystal ball is broken right now and we can't magically see your problem. So I'm afraid that you have to explain it to us.03:18
ga_sk8erxangua if i run the "update manager that muelli was talking about would that update the whole system to 11.403:18
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xanguaga_sk8er: no03:18
urlin2uFriGiN, repair terminal bootrec.exe /fixmbr03:18
ga_sk8erdang i guess i  got to do the disc then03:19
xangua9.10 upgrades to 10.0403:19
ga_sk8ersomewhee i  got fedora...maybe ill try it03:19
FriGiNcopy that trying now03:19
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Guest72161Hey guys need some help getting my video card working properly, anyone got some time?03:19
urlin2uFriGiN, booted disc repair.03:19
muelliGuest13688: :-/ look as if your MP3 player behaves weirdly on the USB :-( I wouldn't know how to fix that. It's probably a  weird device not according to the standards.03:19
ga_sk8erguest. what is ur mp3 player doing?03:21
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Guest13688muelli: I don't know if this would be the cause of the issue or not but the device was formly plugged up to an apple/ibook and utilized in that way.. Would there be a lock or something on it by that OS/system that wont allow access on other systems03:22
urlin2uGuest72138, have you named the card on the channel/03:22
FriGiNside question while im waiting on win7 recovery to boot.. i saw an error message earlier today when messing about with all this.. it basically said that im limited to udma33 for my hdd's cuz im on a 40wire cable but these drives are udma 133.. any insight? isnt sata cable a sata cable?03:22
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ga_sk8erim  jsut waiting on this stupid thing to finish its updates03:25
FriGiNurlin2u: rebooted after bootrec /fixmbr - still get error no such device: "hex for my hdd" ... grub rescue>03:26
ga_sk8ereven with 1GB memory it takes a while03:26
SIFTUJoeR1: lol i agree.. learn by breaking it.. thats how I learn too03:27
urlin2uFriGiN, try these 4 commands  in the order they appear. http://paste.ubuntu.com/667878/03:27
JoeR1siftu - well yeah, it's not like a car if I break linux I can just re-install no harm no foul03:28
ga_sk8erthats kinda why im in ubuntu right now...hdd error....bios reads my hdd but windows wont read my hdd....ubuntu reads it so i put ubuntu to thehdd for now03:28
urlin2uFriGiN, is the boot on the C partition or a boot partiton?03:28
ActionParsnipga_sk8er: ram doesn't hugely affect updates, its more the drive speed03:28
ga_sk8eraction...but ram does make the pc go faster03:28
ccmonsterhey guys, my wireless wont seem to connect03:29
ccmonsterit just started happening. 11.0403:29
FriGiNurlin2u: at this point only my raid 0 is left in the box. which is the drive that had my mbr b403:29
ga_sk8ercc monster ....have u connected before?03:29
SIFTUJoeR1: I enjoy breaking and and fixing it03:29
ccmonsteryes. it just started happening03:29
urlin2uFriGiN, in other word do you see W7 identified?03:29
ActionParsnipga_sk8er: true but updates are replacing files on the drive with new ones03:30
JoeR1SIFTU - engineer by chance?03:30
FriGiNi didnt really look after i put my raid driver in the recovery console the first time i just assumed it was there like it had been.. im going back in to do what you said03:30
SIFTUJoeR1: yep :) you?03:30
ga_sk8eraction. i know what its doing. replacing with newer versions of programs. im just being impatient & its taking a while lol03:31
JoeR1SIFTU - I studied at Vanderbilt but I didn't graduate (I ran out money)03:31
ccmonsterany idea?03:31
urlin2uFriGiN, run them like this with a C    C:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/92739203:31
JoeR1SIFTU - Mechanical for me you?03:31
The_Rufusmy terminal screen goes off the edge of my monitor and I can't read anything to the left. How can you change the resolution of your command line03:32
ActionParsnipga_sk8er: you can speed up the download speed by using apt-fast instead of apt-get etc03:32
urlin2uoopps hold on FriGiN03:32
urlin2uFriGiN, C:BootRec.exe /fixmbr03:32
ga_sk8erits done now...brb...gotta restart pc03:32
urlin2uFriGiN, the mistaken post is a good link though on bcd03:33
FriGiNmy problem with that is that it wont be c my hdd doesnt load till i load drivers for it.. so it will be f or g or what have you.03:33
ccmonstermy wireless seems to just not connect03:33
ccmonsterit keeps asking for the password, which i know is correct03:33
ccmonsterand i know its on, because my tablet is connected to it03:34
ActionParsnipccmonster: what wireless chip are you using?03:34
FriGiNccmonster: stupid question.. have you restarted your router?03:34
ccmonsterits a usb wireless03:34
ccmonsterand yea, i did it twice03:34
ActionParsnipccmonster: it still has a wireless chip inside03:34
ga_sk8ermiss me? lol03:35
ActionParsnipccmonster: and how did you set it up (if you had to manually do so)03:35
ccmonsterits has randomly stopped working tonight03:35
Guest7785back got disconnected03:35
Guest7785ubumtu is03:36
ccmonsterthe usb wireless adapter is functioning, as it can connect to my wireless hotspot on my phone (which is what im on now)03:36
ccmonsterit is a belkin wireless03:36
Guest7785running faster now03:36
ActionParsnipccmonster: ok, try running:   lsusb    what is the line identifying the device? The make ISN'T the chip03:36
ActionParsnipGuest7785: magic huh03:36
ccmonsterBus 002 Device 002: ID 050d:905b Belkin Components F5D9050 Wireless G+ MIMO Network Adapter v3000 [Ralink RT2573]03:37
Guest7785yea, still cant get wireless working03:37
ActionParsnipccmonster: ok so its a ralink RT257303:37
vitor-brthe firefox stable ppa has released the version 6?03:37
ubottuFirefox 6 will be available as an update for 11.04 shortly. For 10.04 and 10.10, you can use the unofficial and unsupported PPA at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable03:37
ActionParsnipccmonster: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan | head -n 20    what is the device name (wlan0 and ra0 are common)03:38
urlin2uI think that ppa is incorrect.03:38
ActionParsnipurlin2u: you can suggest new factoids if you wish03:38
atdprhsHello, is it possible to decrease the swap to 1 GB instead of 2 GB to give the file system more space?03:38
theadminGosh, Firefox 6 >.<03:38
WallyJ2KOk all... I updated my video drivers in Ubuntu Classic. Now I can get into Standard "Ubuntu" when I log in. But now "Update Manager" crashes when I try to run it. Ideas?03:38
theadminatdprhs: You can resize partitions from any livecd with gparted03:38
ccmonsterthere isnt anything listed as device name03:38
ActionParsnipatdprhs: boot to liveCD and you should be able to resize partition03:38
atdprhswill it effect the installed ubuntu?03:38
ActionParsnipccmonster: it doesn't say 'device name'03:38
ccmonsteri can see the essid of my phone that it's connected to03:39
ActionParsnipccmonster: like the wired connection is eth003:39
theadminatdprhs: Not really, except it could end up running slower03:39
ccmonsterit says wlan003:39
FriGiNurlin2u: it finds the directory that has my OS in it.. however both /fixboot and /rebuildbcd return "element not found"03:39
ccmonsterbut there isn't anything titled device name03:39
ActionParsnipccmonster: ok that's cool03:39
theadminatdprhs: Basic idea - delete swap, resize /, recreate swap with a smaller size03:39
atdprhshow much swap is required to be at least?03:39
urlin2uActionParsnip, I don't know how, but the FF6 is rumored on the doorstep, knocking so seems better to wait till then. ;-)03:39
theadminatdprhs: 1 gig is fine03:39
theadminatdprhs: Normally, $swap = $RAM*2, but I'd never create a 8-gig swap xD 1 gig is enough03:40
seclm193How do i update flash?03:40
atdprhsokayz, so with Gparted from the live CD, I delete part of the swap and then give that part that I deleted to the File System "/"03:40
ActionParsnipurlin2u: i guess, not something I use or care about03:40
urlin2uFriGiN, not sure about raid and Windows, anybody suggest the bootscript?03:40
ccmonsterso what next?03:40
atdprhsit will not damage anything, right theadmin?03:40
ActionParsnipccmonster: tried disabling wireless security, to test03:40
xanguaseclm193: did you install it from repository¿03:41
theadminatdprhs: It won't.03:41
atdprhsI actually need to do that because I only have like 20 MB free on the file system...03:41
ccmonsterdisabling wireless security ?03:41
ActionParsnipccmonster: just to test03:41
urlin2uActionParsnip, sounds pragmatic me ethier I use it though. ;)03:41
atdprhswell, thank you theadmin!03:41
ccmonsterin ubuntu?03:41
atdprhsand ActionParsnip03:41
theadminatdprhs: No problem at all.03:42
ccmonsternot sure how to do that ActionParsnip03:42
theadminOh, he left. Wanted to suggest him Bleachbit >.<03:42
vitor-brI updated firefox now, thanks03:42
WallyJ2Kcurrently running the command line update to see if updated packages fix the problem03:42
ga_sk8erhow do i install adobe flash on ubuntu03:44
urlin2uFriGiN, can you boot a ubuntu live cd and come on the channel to post the bootscript03:45
ga_sk8eri want to watch youtube videos03:45
ActionParsnipurlin2u: arora or chromium daily build here. Firefox can die for all I care :)03:45
theadminga_sk8er: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer03:45
urlin2uActionParsnip, lol.03:45
theadminga_sk8er: Also, youtube doesn't need flash :/03:45
ga_sk8ertheadmin thanks03:45
FriGiNno the wifi card i have on the desktop isnt working.. its an ae1000 and ive been having troubles with it03:45
=== mike is now known as Guest81553
ga_sk8ertheadmin ...i went to youtube & it said it does03:46
Pezhedzi'm trying to solve a wifi issue too03:46
thedanglerhello. AllowTcpForwarding is not in my sshd_config file is that normal. running 11.0403:46
bennishey, if i wanted to acces the keyboard config where mousekeys are stored via keyboard and alt+f2, whatcommand would i run?03:46
ferzhi all03:46
urlin2uFriGiN, did you try installing wicd?03:46
ccmonsterActionParsnip, how do i disable wireless security?03:46
ActionParsnipccmonster: its a setting in your router03:47
Pezhedzcan anyone step through a wireless setup with me? I searched the forums and tried everything with no luck03:47
ccmonsteri think i need to be physically connected and I dont have any laptops in the house at the moment03:47
FriGiNurlin2u: dont know about wicd, and dont know how to install if im not connected..03:47
The_RufusCan anyone tell me how to change the resolution in bash?03:47
escottccmonster, you could move the router03:47
urlin2uFriGiN, I see the wireless card, well if you could hard plug that thing and post the bootscript there may be hope03:47
theadminThe_Rufus: xrandr -s 640x48003:48
ccmonsterI wish I could.03:48
ccmonsterthe wireless is next to a box where the actual fiber is wired into the apt03:48
FriGiNurlin2u: i'll do my damnedest. see what happens.03:48
Guest81553hey guys im having a problem running an os on virtual box when i try to startx03:48
The_RufusI'm not in Xwindows, i'm in a command shell03:48
The_RufusI'm running server03:48
escottccmonster, disconnect it. you dont need to be online to disable the wa03:48
urlin2uFriGiN, this sort of fix is easy with the right tools to see if can be done or not.03:48
ccmonsteri am on my phones wireless connectino03:49
ccmonsteri can turn the router off, then back on. is that what you mean?03:49
ccmonsterwhy would the router randomly NOT allow one single device03:49
FriGiNurlin2u: im ready to put a bullet in my head, now it wont boot at all.. post completes but wont even boot off of the usb now.03:49
ActionParsnipccmonster: no, you need to access the configuration in the router and turn off the encryption so that it is unprotected, to see if it connects then03:50
theadminThe_Rufus: Ah... You need to change your kernel line03:50
ActionParsnipccmonster: if I'd meant turn it off and on I would have said that03:50
The_Rufustheadmin: how do you do that?03:51
theadminThe_Rufus: http://shrimpworks.za.net/2005/01/31/change-your-console-resolution-and-colour-depth/03:51
bennishey, if i wanted to acces the keyboard config where mousekeys are stored via keyboard and alt+f2, whatcommand would i run?03:51
ccmonsteragain, why is the router randomly NOT allowing one machine?03:51
theadminThe_Rufus: The grub menu file in Ubuntu though is /etc/default/grub or something03:51
escottccmonster, it may be restricted by mac address03:52
PerfieMI'm UNBANNED03:52
ActionParsnipccmonster: if the wirelees cannot connect to the encryption you are using then you won't be able to connect. You could try reinstating the driver in the same way you installed it the first time03:53
ActionParsnipPerfieM: just don't get banned again ;)03:54
theadminPerfieM: Just try not to get yourself banned again03:54
PerfieMActionParsnip: I can't make any promises :/03:54
ccmonsterit has connected to this router fine, for weeks.03:54
theadminPerfieM: Follow the !Guidelines and you'll be fine.03:54
FriGiNban him hes a heretic... oh wait..that was someone else.03:54
ccmonsterescott, i guess that is possible.03:54
PerfieMtheadmin: okay, thanks for the advice sir,03:55
=== hamnegga is now known as mcurran
atdprhsI'm back again03:59
atdprhsI'm sorry03:59
atdprhsI deleted the swap03:59
FloodBot1atdprhs: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:59
bennisis there a way to access the 'system' menu with the keyboard in gnome?03:59
atdprhsbut I can't add the unallocated resources to /03:59
atdprhswhat do I do?03:59
escottbennis, windows key then type system03:59
bennisthank you!03:59
benniswindows key doesn't doanything?03:59
escottatdprhs, you have to boot the system in a livecd and then grow the partition04:00
atdprhsI am on livecd04:00
escottbennis,  is this classic gnome? maybe the "menu" key (the one on the other side)04:00
jmcantrellshould i use ext2 or ext3 for a large external drive?04:01
bennisescott: the munu key just does a right click basically04:01
escottjmcantrell, ext4 is probably best04:01
theadminjmcantrell: ext2 has no journal thus will wear the drive out less04:01
jmcantrellok. so ext2 or ext4?04:01
atdprhsescott, I'm trying to grow / partition with more space by taking 1 GB from 2 GB swap04:02
atdprhsit seems that swap is in an extended partition04:02
ccmonsteralright i re-restarted the router04:02
ccmonsterhow do i see what is happening AS the card tried to connect to the wireess?04:02
escottjmcantrell, its a bit more like pick your features, ext2=basic ext3=ext2+journal which would wear out an ssd, ext4=ext3+extents, but you can have ext4-journal if you need04:02
escottatdprhs, what are the partition numbers of the relevent partitions04:03
npereai have a problem with my httrack offline software04:03
jmcantrellwould i need journalling on an external drive?04:03
npereait doesnt work04:03
theadminnperea: ?04:03
atdprhsthen sdb204:04
npereasomebody help me04:04
theadminjmcantrell: Unless you plan power failures, no04:04
atdprhsthen sdb304:04
theadminnperea: Define "doesn't work".04:04
atdprhsthe unallocated is sdb204:04
escottjmcantrell, ever knocked a usb cord out? then yes04:04
atdprhsthere is 3 and 4 and 504:04
escott!enter | atdprhs04:04
ubottuatdprhs: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:04
atdprhsI mean 5 and 6 only, no 3 or 404:04
escottatdprhs, and what is what?04:04
stanley_Hi Guys, need some serious help with my graphics card...anybody got some time?04:04
theadminatdprhs: Send a screenshot please, so it's less confusing04:05
theadminstanley_: Just ask the question, whoever knows will help04:05
atdprhsthere is sdb1, sdb2 (Extended)(, unallocated, sdb5, sdb604:05
npereatheadmin it that software in win version track an entire website and download it for offline browsing04:05
theadminnperea: I know what it does.04:05
urlin2ustanley_, name the card and the question?04:05
theadminnperea: How it "doesn't work"?04:05
bennisis there a way to access the 'system' menu with the keyboard in gnome?04:05
npereabut here in ubunto when i try i get an error04:05
npereait didnt nothing04:06
escottbennis, do you have a terminal?04:06
theadminnperea: For god's sake, WHAT error?04:06
bennisescott: yes, i'm in irc in it right now04:06
atdprhstheadmin, how do I send the screenshot?04:06
stanley_ok running natty with an ATI technologies inc Rage 128 RK/VR graphics card, need to install the driver so I can get desktop effects and a clearer resolution04:06
bennisescott: i'm trying to turn on mouse keys04:06
escottbennis, have you tried gnome-control-center or gnome-sys[TAB] i think its the first04:07
theadminatdprhs: Printscreen. Save. Upload to your favorite image hosting site.04:07
stanley_propriety drivers arent available04:07
ActionParsnipstanley_: single monitor system?04:09
stanley_yepp single monitor04:09
The_Rufusstupid Highpoint, release drivers but the tar file is missing the .h files04:09
theadminatdprhs: ookay, that's a pretty confusing setup04:10
npereaok theadmin04:10
urlin2ulinuxuz3r_, need anything?04:11
atdprhswhat do I do?04:11
linuxuz3r_just saying sup04:11
npereathe admin it start to work properly04:11
bennisescott: thanks, it was the first one04:11
npereathank a lot04:12
bennisescott: coulda just alt-f2'd that too xD04:12
escottatdprhs, you can add the 1.91 to part 5 by moving 5 to the left and then growing it. but it takes two steps04:12
ActionParsnipstanley_: what res do you use?04:12
smwDoes anyone know what the feature difference is between ubottu's encyclopedia plugin and the supybot factoids plugin?04:13
theadminnperea: Uhh... %)04:13
stanley_right now I am restriced to 1024 x 768 because my graphics card driver isn't installed properly, but you can see that the screen is out of focused and it fits awkwardly on the monitor04:13
rwwsmw: Metadiscussion about ubottu is more likely to get a response in #ubuntu-bots-team. It's a bit offtopic here :)04:14
ActionParsnipstanley_: is 1024x768 ok for you if it was sharper?04:14
theadminatdprhs: I also wanted to suggest Bleachbit, which is a program to help you remove a ton of junk (e.g. temporary files, cache, etc) from your disk04:14
stanley_Essentially I would like to use a larger resolution04:14
smwrww, awesome, thanks for the tip04:14
ActionParsnipstanley_: that's what I'm asking. What res do you want?04:14
stanley_it would be if it was sharper04:14
npereathe admin a have a question04:14
npereaits about virtualbox04:15
atdprhsI will use that program, but I really want to decrease the swap to 1 GB and give the file system another extra 1 GB04:15
atdprhsEscott, I don't understand how that is possible04:15
stanley_I am not 100% certain what resolution I would like really it depends on how it fits on my screen once I see it04:15
stanley_but 1024 x 768 would be ok if it were sharper04:15
escottatdprhs, what filesystem? you have three of them. please be more specific04:15
npereatheadmin i have a question about virtualbox04:15
theadminnperea: Ask it04:15
atdprhssdb7 is home04:15
escottatdprhs, there is no 704:16
ActionParsnipstanley_: ok run:  gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:16
atdprhsand sdb6 -> I don't know about that, because I did not really requested the manual partition to create it, I want to give 1 extra GB to sdb104:16
ActionParsnipstanley_: paste in this text: http://pastebin.com/Av4NA1jY04:16
npereatheadmin it is posible to conect harware to a virtualized os04:16
atdprhsthere is sdb7 which is 977.14, please look at the uploaded picture again04:17
theadminnperea: Depends on what hardware you mean.04:17
escottatdprhs, im looking at it. there is no 704:17
stanley_ok and save?04:17
The_RufusAAAAAARRRRGGHHH!!!!! Why can't I do something as simple as get RAID to work!!! I hate highpoint now04:17
atdprhsit is sdb604:17
The_Rufuswhat use is having incomplete drivers on your website04:17
npereatheadmin so i want to get two fisical pcs working one with the host os04:17
escottatdprhs, and there is nothing that is 977.14. there is sdb6 which has 977.14 used, but is actually 1.07GB in size04:18
npereatheadmin and the another working with the guest os04:18
jukebox-zeroOk. So after make gets done compiling and starts linking the code for ffmpeg I get an output like "/home/jukebox-zero/ffmpeg/libavcodec/libx264.c:404: undefined reference to `x264_encoder_open_116'" among others. So I get that this is an unresolved symbol, but ok, now what. Am I missing the .c file or ? I checked the directory CC complained about but ~/ffmpeg/libavcodec doesn't seem to exist.04:18
escottatdprhs, now where do you want to add this free space04:18
theadminnperea: Well, Virtualbox can boot from real hard drives04:18
npereait is that posibole04:18
atdprhssdb6 is home, sdb5, I don't know what is about it, because I didn't manually create it, I want to add 1 GB to sdb104:18
theadminnperea: Other than that, idk04:18
=== aztek1 is now known as aztek
stanley_ActionParsnip: ok I pasted and saved that04:19
atdprhsescott, I want to add the free space to sdb104:20
npereahow i can config two keyboard one of them to work with the real machine and the another working with the guest machine04:20
jukebox-zeroEr, LD, not CC sorry. Missed a line: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status04:20
escottatdprhs, to do that, you would first have to delete 2, but doing so will automatically also delete 5 and 6. it is possible (but very dangerous) to write down the exact block locations of 5 and 6, then delete part 2 and recreate a new part 2 that is perfectly partitioned to allow you to exactly recreate part 5 and part 6 thus freeing space for part 1. i would NOT recommend you do this04:20
npereathe same with the mouse04:20
=== _BS__ is now known as _BS_
=== _BS_ is now known as Guest7506
ActionParsnipstanley_: ok, reboot to test. If it is bad then hold shift at boot, select roecovery mode then select root and run:  mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf_old       note the X ni X11 is capitalized. You can then run: reboot and you will be back where you are now04:21
The_Rufuscan anyone tell me how to install drivers for Highpoint RocketRaid 2320 on Ubuntu 11 server edition? Please?04:21
escottatdprhs, you could see if gparted will do this for you by seeing if you can select part 2 and resize it04:21
bazhangThe_Rufus, drivers for what04:22
atdprhsI did it04:22
The_RufusHighPoint Rocket Raid 232004:23
atdprhshow can I create the swap?04:23
atdprhs("I did not delete 5 and 6)04:23
bazhangThe_Rufus, wireless card, or something else04:23
The_RufusI downloaded the driver from mhea: http://www.highpoint-tech.cn/BIOS_Driver/page/rr232x.htm04:23
stanley_ActionParsnip: ok if it is good what should I expect?04:23
The_RufusRAID controller04:23
theadminatdprhs: Choose any unallocated space you may have, create some partition there, format it to linux-swap04:23
The_RufusDownloaded the Open Source driver and tried a make, but it tells me it needs a .h file which it can't find04:24
mASOUD_42hi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667839/   this is a scrip using "zenity" to show a GUI message. it works when invoked form a terminal but when crontab calls it, it doesn't work.what's wrong?here's the crontab line i use http://paste.ubuntu.com/667844/04:24
SIFTUmASOUD_42: you dont have the full path to the script.. and are you running it as your user (the cron). and does it have $DISPLAY set?04:26
FriGiNurlin2u: im finally into ubuntu off a flash drive, for whatever reason it was having troubles had to move the usb to another port.. what now04:26
atdprhsI will reboot and test it, if it worked, I did not touch sdb5 and 6, it should work specially with the 1 GB linux-swap, right?04:26
mASOUD_42SIFTU, i placed the script in ~/bin . yea i run as user like i type crontab -e for editing it. dont know about $display04:27
SIFTUmASOUD_42: but ~/bin isnt in the $PATH04:28
urlin2uFriGiN, in the terminal run all the commands together, a text file will be in home copy and paste all of it to a pastebin and post the http.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/667640/04:28
escottatdprhs, you may need to adjust your /etc/fstab to reflect the new swap04:28
urlin2uFriGiN, link is the commands04:28
SIFTUmASOUD_42: you could add to the $PATH in your script.. or just use the full path in the crontab04:28
FriGiNurlin2u: net.. cant wget04:28
FriGiNurlin2u: oops.. no net. cant wget04:29
mASOUD_42SIFTU, i can run it only by typing its name. does it mean its in $PATH?04:29
escottSIFTU, by default ~/bin is in the path (if it exists)04:29
urlin2uFriGiN, didn't we talk about actually getting plugged in to get to the net?04:29
The_Rufusgah i give up04:29
FriGiNi told you i cant..04:30
intraderAnyone, elinks text terminal connects properly to network printer hosted by cups on a mac. The elinks program is able to do administrative tasks as well as print a test page. However, the 'Applications->System->Printing applet is not able to locate the printer and connect.04:30
FriGiNurlin2u: no cable/dls im on my cell phone via tether.. has to have wifi04:30
SIFTUmASOUD_42: ah ok.. well I would look at $DISPLAY while running in cron04:30
mASOUD_42SIFTU, ok ty. I'm gonna google the $DISPLAY04:31
urlin2uFriGiN, we just need more info to help you that means net access for doing this on that computer.04:31
escottmASOUD_42, if you want a cron job to show something visually you need to export DISPLAY=:0 and XAUTHORITY=$HOME/.XAuthority first04:31
SIFTUmASOUD_42: you can "echo $DISPLAY" in a terminal.. then get your script to write it out to a file to compare04:31
urlin2uFriGiN, I thought I was clear about that, we don't fix what we don't know.04:32
FriGiNurlin2u: i am going to try to use easytether see if that works.. it hasnt b4.. but lets hope04:32
SIFTUescott:  sounds right04:32
FriGiNurlin2u: i can dl on this pc, move it via usb to that pc and run it..04:33
Nach0zHey i got a bit of an issue here... i'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 x64 from a CD and the installer is straightup not working. the only info i can get from it is "Installer has reached an unrecoverable error"04:33
feng_Does anybody use the vim + ctags to browse the kernel source code?04:33
mASOUD_42escott, export it where?  SIFTU , echo $DISPLAY returned :0.004:33
urlin2uFriGiN, there you go if you can transfer between the two we can look at the boot script. ;-)04:33
Nach0zand then it boots into desktop mode. When i select the "help me boot from a CD" in the WUBI installer it gives me a permission denied error04:33
SIFTUmASOUD_42: in your script so as escott said04:34
escottmASOUD_42, in your script before you call the program which will connect to the Xserver04:34
r3b00tanybody maybe able to help me figure out why my netbook wont connect to my network?04:34
mASOUD_42SIFTU, escott , ok,let me try it04:35
FriGiNurlin2u: is there a tar for that.. do i just need the .sh file?04:35
urlin2uFriGiN, the wget will do it all and ask for a pasword.04:35
r3b00twhen I try to connect to my router it says "network failed: bad password" but I didnt put it in wrong04:35
urlin2uthe .sh  file is the one run though FriGiN04:36
FriGiNurl i need to download whatever it is, and move it via usb, then install it.. then paste to pastebin for you..04:36
jukebox-zeroAm I correct in assuming the message "~/ffmpeg/libavcodec/libx264.c:404: undefined reference to `x264_encoder_open_116'" is referring to line 404 in libx264.c?04:36
FriGiNso i can just put the .sh file on my usb04:36
intraderAnyone, elinks text terminal connects properly to network printer hosted by cups `sudo elinks` on a mac. The elinks program is able to print a test page; administration gives 403 error. However, the 'Applications->System->Printing applet is not able to locate the printer and connect.04:36
theadminjukebox-zero: Yes.04:36
urlin2uFriGiN, yeah I forgot the deal put it on the computers desktop and run this   sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh04:39
urlin2uFriGiN, here is the actual site if needed.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/04:40
jukebox-zerotheadmin: thanks. based on google, man pages, etc I know I'm looking for most likely an unresolved symbol, but this is all kind of new territory to me. This is line 404: " x4->enc = x264_encoder_open(&x4->params); " but I don't really know what I would need to check to see if it's actually bad. C is still a foreign language for me.04:40
theadminjukebox-zero: Sorry, but same for me, I know Ruby, Perl, Python and C#, no C04:41
FriGiNurlin2u: about to past to pastebin04:41
urlin2u!yay | FriGiN04:42
ubottuFriGiN: Glad you made it! :-)04:42
jukebox-zero!paste | jukebox-zero04:42
ubottujukebox-zero, please see my private message04:42
jukebox-zerotheadmin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667912/ This is the specific 10 or so lines make doesn't like. I see 8 and 9 where it's throwing the error. Any guess what I can check for "if (!x4->enc)"?04:45
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jukebox-zerotheadmin: I've never learned any languages and just curious if it bears any familiarity to you at all.04:46
theadminjukebox-zero: Well... I can't tell anything from this04:47
jukebox-zerotheadmin: well, no worries. I'll keep googling a while.04:47
=== notapuff is now known as puffin
intraderAnyone, elinks text terminal connects properly to network printer hosted by cups `sudo elinks` on a mac. The elinks program is able to print a test page; administration gives 403 error. However, the 'Applications->System->Printing applet is not able to locate the printer and connect. I have found nothing helpful in Google.04:49
blomphow do i get the two finger scroll working on ubuntu 11.04?04:49
mASOUD_42escott, there's no .Xauthority in my home directory :(04:49
rickjaruizanyone wanna help a noob from windows?04:50
escottmASOUD_42, what is echo $XAUTHORITY say04:50
SIFTUmASOUD_42: I dont think that one is so important as it's running as your user04:50
FloatingGoatIs there a channel for ubuntu sound production?04:51
blomphow do i get the two finger scroll working on ubuntu 11.04?04:51
mASOUD_42escott, SIFTU it say "/var/run/gdm/auth-for-masoud-pipvLh/database"04:51
jukebox-zeromy best guess is it's not finding libx264-dev but it's installed so this is just ... odd.04:52
escottmASOUD_42, thats annoying. that location will change with each gdm login. you could create a script that on login copies that file to .Xauthority or symlinks as needed04:52
mASOUD_42escott, you mean create a cron job that runs on every boot?04:53
SIFTUmASOUD_42: I would start with "export DISPLAY=:0" in yur script and using full paths when calling your script04:55
escottmASOUD_42, no a script that you would add to your gnome-session to make it so your cron session can find the xauth files it needs04:55
SIFTUI didnt think cron processed .bashrc and I'm not sure where ~/bin is added to the $PATH04:55
escottSIFTU, he needs the authority file too. the display is not enough04:56
SIFTUescott: even as his own user?04:56
escottSIFTU, absolutely04:56
greg3000hiya friends, I just upgraded my ubuntu box to the latest distro and now the thing just reboots after passing the grub menu.  Anyone else experiencing this?04:57
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
escottSIFTU, or maybe not, but i would think so04:58
urlin2ugreg3000, maverick to natty upgrade?04:58
SIFTUescott: ok, but man xauth doesn suggest that04:58
theadmingreg3000: Upgrading Ubuntu breaks a lot and is somewhat dangerous. I suggest backing your /home up and reinstalling altogether.04:58
greg3000urlin2u: yes, natty, it gave me the new 2.6.38-10 kernel04:58
greg3000theadmin: gosh, never knew that.  at one point I was able to get into repair, but having trouble getting to that point tonight.  can I not run some commands to rebuild the initrd or something?  I guess I am not the only one who experienced this05:00
urlin2ugreg3000, boot a ubuntu cd, and run the all the commands together in a terminal and paste bin the RESULTS.txt that will be in home. http://paste.ubuntu.com/667640/05:00
theadmingreg3000: Hm, I'm not sure how to rebuild initrd on Ubuntu. Try "mkinitcpio", though can't guarantee anything there05:00
greg3000urlin2u: ok I will check it out05:00
greg3000theadmin: ok thanks for the suggestion05:00
urlin2ugreg3000, theadmin may be correct did you get a clean upgrade?05:01
greg3000urlin2u: this was a minimal 10.10 install running only command line, and so I upgraded from the command line.  Everything seemed to work fine, just after rebooting the screen goes off shortly after it passes the grub menu05:03
greg3000then it reboots05:03
blomphow do i get my touchpad tab to show back up in mouse preferences?05:03
escottSIFTU, i think if the Xauthority is in a non-standard place then you need to specify where it is. since mine is in ~/.Xauthority i don't seem to need to do the export provided $HOME is set correctly05:04
urlin2ugreg3000, okay you might just follow this guide, 3 methods here a load from a Natty only cd or use the third chroot if another ubuntu cd. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files05:04
greg3000urlin2u: ok thanks again05:05
urlin2ugreg3000, if your running headless you could follow this I assume. ;-)05:05
greg3000urlin2u: aye it's a headless box05:06
urlin2ugreg3000, grub2 is the link I assume here as well.05:06
SIFTUmASOUD_42: my try worked05:06
greg3000urlin2u: I think it is grub2, gonna go start hacking away.  thanks - will report back05:07
SIFTUescott: trying it with .Xauth moved05:07
urlin2ugreg3000, cool if you had a upgrade that needs restarting there are a couple of commands  as well.05:07
urlin2ufinishing actually*05:08
SIFTUescott: yep.. you are right.. ~/.Xauthority has to exist then you dont need to export05:10
Guest44352hello all05:11
escottSIFTU, thats funny... im on 11.10 and having the exact opposite. mine is promiscous as the enable xhost, but put the xauth back in the right place05:11
escottSIFTU, it took me so long to figure out how to deal with gdm putting the xauth file in /var and now im using lightdm and the server just doesnt care05:12
mASOUD_42SIFTU, escott , i changed the script to this http://paste.ubuntu.com/667922/        also i changed the cron tab to absolute path but it didn't work05:12
harry_whats the diffrence between 'su' command and 'sudo su -' command ???05:12
SIFTUescott: I'm using openbox.. and I cant open anything if I move ~/Xauthority05:12
theadminharry_: You shouldn't use either of those.05:13
theadminharry_: You should use "sudo -i"05:13
TheUroshi, i have a question ... i hava an old asus eee 900 netbook wich has 4gb + 8gb ssd ... how i can partition this two drives for ubuntu ? .. can i put entire installation on 4gb and leave 8gb for home ?? ...05:13
escottmASOUD_42, the problem you will have is that pipvLH will change every time you login. so you either have to find it each time (you know it will start the same) or force gdm to put the Xauthority in ~/.Xauthority or use xhost to enable host based authentication (less secure)05:13
ActionParsnipharry_: su is for switch user, default is to root which is disabled, sudo su   wil get you a root shell but use: sudo -i   instead05:14
harry_theadmin: but when my application runs it ask for the root password and when i supply the root password my application runs under the root privilages and at that time i am not able to assess the "env | grep GDM_LANG" variable.05:14
SIFTUmASOUD_42: this worked for me but I have a ~/.Xauthority05:15
SIFTUmASOUD_42: http://pastebin.com/pRHhxrRB05:15
statimanyone familiar with pbuilder know how to clean up the environment.  i built something in it, but now there are a bunch of .deb files in the pbuilder area05:15
ActionParsnipharry_: run the app with sudo and use your own password05:15
harry_but when i do 'su' command i can asssess the "env | grep GDM_LANG" but when i do 'sudo su -' i am not able to assess it.05:15
harry_ActionParsnip:its a GUI application launch on Double click.05:16
ActionParsnipharry_: you can launch gui apps with gksudo05:16
theadmin!gksu | harry_05:16
ubottuharry_: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:16
harry_i am usng installerjammer which has no such fasility for it.05:16
escottharry_, launching gui apps from su can break your gui config for non-root users05:17
ActionParsnipharry_: fnie, but your OS does05:17
harry_ActionParsnip:but in iNstallljammer there is a build in command for it and i am not able to chnage is sadly.05:18
mASOUD_42escott, SIFTU , well how can i force the gdm to make the .Xauthority?05:18
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ActionParsnipharry_: you are missing the point05:18
SIFTUmASOUD_42: not sure on that.. I dont use gdm05:19
ActionParsnipharry_: the command apt-get doesn't "have the facility" just the same, but if you prefix it with sudo it run, it gives the access05:19
ActionParsnipharry_: so you need to make a launcher to run:  gksudo command05:19
=== salmenara is now known as Varanger
SIFTUmASOUD_42: probably in you r gdm.conf05:20
rww!cn | yetone05:20
ubottuyetone: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:20
escottmASOUD_42, no idea05:20
afschuldHi bitches05:20
harry_No i am not missing the point but the problem is i just want to understand the basic thing that what happen if i launch my application when it ask for the root password does it use the command 'su' or 'sudo su -'???just the technical clarification i need05:21
SIFTUmASOUD_42: UserAuthDir=05:21
rww!guidelines | afschuld05:21
ubottuafschuld: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:21
ActionParsnipharry_: this will make it run with elevated priveledges, it is moot what the command is so saying install jammer doesn't have the facility is nonesense. There are tools in Ubuntu to give it the access it needs. Hell you can even run web browsers with te extra access and they don't have the facility either05:21
SIFTUmASOUD_42: The directory where user's .Xauthority file should be saved. When nothing is specfied the user's home directory is used.05:21
ActionParsnipharry_: there is no root password in Ubuntu05:21
nicheHey guys, still trying to resolve a problem I've been having. I have two HDDs, one with Windows 7 and after installing 11.04 Ubuntu on my other HDD I am no longer able to boot the Windows 7 HDD if my Ubuntu HDD is disconnected or if the priority of my W7 HDD is first. I get stuck at "grub>" every time. Can anyone help?05:21
SIFTUniche: sounds like you blew away the bootloader for windows05:22
urlin2uniche, were you able to get the sdb drive changed in the bios to be read first?05:22
nicheSIFTU, any way to fix that without formatting Windows?05:22
ActionParsnipharry_: as a user which is what you are, when you launch any app without sudo etc, it runs as your user. That's all05:23
harry_ActionParsnip:so when i launch my applicationa and it ask for the root password what happnes at time??05:23
SIFTUniche: PM05:23
nicheurlin2u, yes I was and can boot Ubuntu without a problem as long as it is first priority. However, I do not always have this hard drive connected and it poses a big issue if I can't boot W7 without using the grub loader on the Ubuntu HDD05:23
escottniche, you installed grub to the w7 mbr, put it on the other drives mbr, then you can restore the w7 bootloader if you want05:23
urlin2uSIFTU, easy fix just needs sdb first read and grub loaded to the mbr of sdb05:24
ActionParsnipharry_: there is no root password so it will fail. The app is running as user. If you prefix the command with gksudo then it will already be running as root and you wil not be challenged05:24
SIFTUurlin2u: even when he pulls the linux disk?05:24
urlin2uniche, so when yo boot ubuntu did you run sudo update-grub05:25
urlin2uSIFTU, not sure05:25
gurifisui plugged in my nikon with a cf card instead, and it appeared on the desktop, but i am unable to write anything onto it (eg. paste)05:25
nicheurlin2u, yes... I have tried all the tricks to restore the W7 boot05:25
SIFTUurlin2u: I dont think he wants grub on his win 7 disk.. its a seperate disk05:25
sgo11ricky26, hi, are you there? yesterday, I asked the question regarding low screen resolution problem. now, I found the cause.05:25
mASOUD_42SIFTU, where is the gdm.conf ?05:25
urlin2uSIFTU, I'm not suggesting that.05:25
urlin2uSIFTU, sda is windows sdb is linux05:26
urlin2uniche, run this whole wget from the ubuntu terminal and pastebin the RESULTS/text that will be in home.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/667640/05:27
SIFTUurlin2u: yeah but when he pulls his linux disk out.. he wants to boot off his windows disk05:27
urlin2uSIFTU, I will get the MS bootloader in the sda it is one command05:27
ricky26sgo11: What was it?05:28
SIFTUurlin2u: yes. restore the win mbr05:28
urlin2uSIFTU, or you can its cool. ;-)05:28
SIFTUurlin2u: go for it.. dd bs=512 count=1? I dont have a win mbr05:28
urlin2uSIFTU, I'm just concerned all the bootfiles are there the script will tell us.05:28
SIFTUmASOUD_42: try in /etc/gdm or something05:29
urlin2uniche, can you run that wget and get the script posted?05:29
andersoncan some one help me ?05:29
nicherunning now05:29
sgo11ricky26, it's just because of the VGA cable. I never knew VGA cables have different versions. one is 3+6 VGA cable. one is 3+4 VGA cable. 3+6 VGA cable supports 1080p. 3+4 VGA cable only supports 1024x768. After changing the VGA cable, the problem is solved.05:29
ricky26sgo11: I never knew that. XD05:30
urlin2uniche, cool you have a windows install disc, or a recovery disc?05:30
sgo11ricky26, :) I never knew this either. very weird.05:30
nicheurlin2u, yes but God only know where it is at. I've moved twice since installing :(05:30
urlin2uniche, you will need it or we can put lilo there from a ubuntu disc.05:31
andersoni need help please05:31
SIFTUanderson: just ask05:31
andersoncan some one help me ?05:31
urlin2uanderson, ask away man.;-)05:31
nicheurlin2u, http://www.mediafire.com/?q3a6a6re94bxm9v05:32
andersoni have ubuntu 11 vps05:32
andersoni need uinstal gui on it05:32
andersoni need very light gui05:32
ActionParsnipanderson: sudo apt-get install lxde     will give a light ui05:32
andersoni need lighter than lxde05:32
SIFTUanderson: twm :)05:33
nicheAh, just wikipedia'ed lilo... this will work for a Windows disk?05:33
popeyanderson: fvwm05:33
andersonopen box or something lik that05:33
andersoncan u give me all the command05:33
SIFTUanderson: then do openbox05:33
BILLYKANEicewm and fluxbox05:33
andersoncan u give me the command  ?05:33
ActionParsnipanderson: then change lxde for openbox or whatever you want, same command05:34
popeyanderson: sudo apt-get install fvwm05:34
EightySixhi all. i'm trying to setup a home server using apache2 + dyndns. I'm not sure if my website is up. http://jumpingcrabs.dyndns.info/05:34
blompwhat does it mean my touchpad tab doesnt come up in mouse options?05:34
EightySixWhat text do you see?05:34
popeyEightySix: sparta05:34
EightySixthanks :D05:34
andersonbut u going to help me on setup vncserver + config the xtratup ?05:34
ActionParsnipanderson: why not just skip the gui and use cli05:34
urlin2uniche, here it is for everybody to see, hold on http://paste.ubuntu.com/667936/05:34
ActionParsnip!vnc | anderson05:34
ubottuanderson: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:34
andersonyes i need vnc to connect to my vps graphical interface05:35
SIFTUanderson: have you ever run openbox before?05:35
blompwhat does it mean my touchpad tab doesnt come up in mouse options?05:36
SIFTUanderson: it's a little more than 1 command05:36
ActionParsnipanderson: that guide wil show how to do it more securely. VNC has zero encryption05:36
ActionParsnipanderson: why not configure just with an SSH terminal?05:36
andersonok what is the commands ?05:36
ActionParsnipanderson: read the link!05:36
andersonwich link ?05:36
urlin2uniche, so you have a grub file in the windows partition we can manualy remove it from sdb205:36
andersoni already connected to the vps via shh , and waiting to just get the commands05:37
ActionParsnipanderson: read what ubottu said.05:37
urlin2uniche, open that partition click on boot and remove anything named grub05:37
andersoni already installed vnc + lxde + gnome on many servers05:37
EightySixmASOUD_42, Thanks.05:37
urlin2uniche sdb2 okay.05:38
andersonbut now the things is change because i need something light05:38
mASOUD_42EightySix, np ;)05:38
gskellingdoes anybody have experience with the bumblebee hybrid graphics drivers for linux?05:38
SIFTUgskelling: yes05:38
ActionParsnipanderson: it makes them use more resources, take longer to boot and makes them less secure05:38
nicheurlin2u, ok wait so how do I open that partition and delete anything named grub?05:38
gskellingah, SIFTU05:38
gskellingI'm back =D05:38
nicheurlin2u, I'm a noober05:38
SIFTUgskelling: bad experiences :) well it was working but performance wasnt any good05:38
andersoni really didnt understand05:39
gskellingbad experiences eh. hm05:39
andersonbecause u didnt understand what i want05:39
SIFTUanderson: openbox isnt much lighter than lxde.. as lxde uses openbox as it;s WM05:39
gskellingfor my laptop, people have found ways to disable both the intel one and the nvidia one, I can't decide which route I should go05:39
urlin2uniche, no problem if your in Ubunrtu go to home and look in the side left panel for partitions I can give you a screen shot of what it looks like if wanted.05:39
andersonso i install lxde its better than open box ?05:39
blompwhat does it mean my touchpad tab doesnt come up in mouse options?05:39
SIFTUgskelling: ok you can disable the intel one? do that05:39
ActionParsnipanderson: its a nicer experience but you can run just openbox05:40
don-iso this is a non ubuntu q, but i think you guys might know. Can any router be used as an AP ?05:40
nicheurlin2u, Gotcha. Now how do I find anything named Grub on this large 1TB HDD? lol05:40
don-ior "repeater"05:40
ActionParsnipanderson: like I said, it doesn't do the server any favours using a gui05:40
SIFTUanderson: well not exactly.. but the DE in LXDE isnt that much heavier than plain openbox05:40
gskellingSIFTU, I get much better battery life with just the intel one though05:40
ActionParsnipdon-i: I'd ask in ##networking05:40
SIFTUgskelling: yeah.. do you game?05:40
don-iActionParsnip, thanks :)05:40
urlin2uniche, the boot file look here. http://imagebin.org/16827105:41
gskellingSIFTU, a little, not much05:41
andersoni need to get connected to my vps via vnc and for do that i need graphical inteface to open browser , open programs etc ..05:41
harry_Ok guys thanks for the information...05:41
ActionParsnipanderson: but it's a server, what programs do you need?05:41
SIFTUgskelling: well the intel one is fine if you dont.. and with kernel 3.0 is actually pretty good (2000fps in glxgears)05:41
andersonbrowser like chromium etc ..05:41
nicheurlin2u, OK, deleted the Grub folder out of boot, woot. Now is this like a Mac where I have to empty the trash bin? lol05:42
ActionParsnipanderson: then its not a server, its a desktop system05:42
urlin2uniche, look on that main page and the boot file for anything grub.05:42
gskellingSIFTU, also disabling the intel graphics card requires me to turn my ASUS laptops SATA mode to "compatible" instead of "Enhanced" which I'm afraid would mess up the performance of my SSD05:42
andersonyes i need install desktop on vps05:42
ActionParsnipanderson: why would you want to vnc to a system to run a browser exactly?05:42
SIFTUgskelling: you are lucky you have the option.. I'm stuck05:42
gskellingSIFTU, what laptop?05:42
andersonjust to browse and use the vps as desktop as i use my computer desktop05:43
nicheurlin2u, there was only 1 item inside of the boot folder. It was a folder called Grub and I deleted it. Is there anything else I need to hunt down and delete? I don't know what you mean by main page05:43
SIFTUgskelling: dell XPS 15 l502x05:43
gskellingI worked on one of those today! =P05:43
ActionParsnipanderson: the guide ubottu gave shows how you can use an SSH tunnel to secure vnc05:43
gskellingbig huge honkin' things, but they are powerful05:43
andersonwhat is the lighter browser on ubuntu05:43
andersoni think dinno ?05:43
SIFTUgskelling: yeah has the i7 quad05:44
gskellingis it hard to get the 3.0 kernel working well on ubuntu 11.04?05:44
ActionParsnipanderson: arora is light, or lynx05:44
gskellingmaybe I'll try the intel one with that first, I really don't want to reduce the performance of my ssd05:45
andersonarora ?05:45
ActionParsnipgskelling: shouldn't be too hard but you won't be supported here as it;s a 3rd party kernel05:45
SIFTUgskelling: you could get it from a PPA or manually compile it05:45
urlin2uniche, no run the script again so we can see that the grub.image is gone, be sure to tab my nic to. ;-)05:45
ActionParsnipanderson: yes?05:45
andersoni realy didnt understand your last reply05:45
nichetab your nic to? Elaboration?05:46
SIFTUniche: means autocomplete.. start typing a nic and press tab05:46
urlin2uniche, and paste here. http://paste.ubuntu.com/05:46
nicheI'm such an idiot05:46
nicheurlin2u, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667946/05:48
ActionParsnipanderson: arora is  alight browser, you asked for the name of a browser, so I gave arora as a suggestion.05:49
andersonarora is lighter than dinno ?05:49
ActionParsnipanderson: its a light browser, much lighter than firefox and such05:50
SIFTUanderson: define lighter05:50
ActionParsnipanderson: there is also swiftfox and iceweasel05:50
urlin2uniche, good job it is gone, now I would prefer putting the MS boot in the mbr, but lilo (another bootloader) works for booting windows05:50
urlin2uniche, can you find that MS disc, or you want lilo?05:51
andersonok thank u , but i need if u can please just the lighter one on ubuntu05:51
nicheurlin2u, hmmmmmmm. Let me take a look for that disk. How much trouble is it to do this with lilo?05:51
ActionParsnipanderson: I'm not quite sure. I'd go for arora. If you want the lightest then Lynx will use very few resources and doesn't even need an x server to be present05:51
urlin2uniche, just a ubuntu disc boot and opening the universal repo and two commands05:52
andersonsudo apt-get install Lynx ?05:52
ActionParsnipanderson: lower case l05:52
ActionParsnipanderson: it will work, but has no flash support05:52
andersonand what is the lighter browser have flash support05:53
ActionParsnipanderson: arora05:53
ActionParsnipanderson: flash will most likely run high cpu usage on the box, depends how much CPU power you have05:54
flametai1Anyone in here have an HP Slate 500?05:54
nicheurlin2u, so I use the 11.04 Live CD to do it? How do I go about opening the universal repo?05:54
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.05:54
nicheurlin2u, does lilo have any strange quirks that the Windows bootloader would not have?05:55
nichelike annoyances when booting the W7 HDD05:55
SIFTUanderson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/667953/ <-- take your pick05:56
urlin2uniche, open synaptic-settings-repositories first tab tick universe, close those windows leaving synaptic open hit reload then close sysnaptic and open a terminal.05:56
zambaboois it possible to install other releases using nattys' netboot?05:57
zambaboo(pxe, preseed)05:57
andersonthank you very much05:58
urlin2uniche, no lilo you will never see it windos bot will show like normal, especially if from the HD.05:58
urlin2uwindows boot05:58
ActionParsnipflametai1: looks decent05:59
nicheurlin2u, so when I have both HDDs installed and W7 HDD is top priority, is it going to ask me if I want to boot W7 or Ubuntu?05:59
urlin2uniche, windows first in bios will boot like it has a MS bootloader straight in. ;-)05:59
urlin2ulike magic niche, ;-)06:00
flametai1ActionParsnip, It is, but I'm unsure if it's possible to put Linux on. And have it operatable of course. Considering Linux can go onto anything.06:00
flametai1ActionParsnip, I saw a thread about it but people were saying the touch didn't work I believe.06:01
nicheurlin2u, sweet, now what commands do I need to enter when I boot with the Live CD and open universe and terminal?06:01
ActionParsnipflametai1: put ubuntu on an SD card etc and boot to it, see how it goes06:01
ActionParsnipflametai1: assuming it can boot SD card06:01
urlin2uniche, so boot the 11.04 let me know if you want those instructions again06:01
urlin2uniche, open synaptic-settings-repositories first tab tick universe, close those windows leaving synaptic open hit reload then close sysnaptic and open a terminal.06:01
ugly_duckwhats the panel called thats at the bottom of the screen, i love it but natty doesn't have it by default, i like seeing what apps are open all the time06:02
flametai1ActionParsnip, I suppose I could. Just didn't want to waste my time lol06:02
nicheurlin2u, I don't understand. So after doing that and opening Terminal, lilo will be installed on my W7 HDD?06:02
urlin2uniche we will run one command after you load lilo.06:02
ActionParsnipugly_duck: probably gnome-panel. Its lxpanel here :)06:03
NubnubCan any one tell me How to get Compiz to work on Kubuntu? I have all of the packages Dl'd...06:03
urlin2uniche, just follow these instructions, I will cover you here. open synaptic-settings-repositories first tab tick universe, close those windows leaving synaptic open hit reload then close sysnaptic and open a terminal.06:03
nichekk I'm just going to boot and do that and get back into chat06:03
flametai1ActionParsnip, lxpanel? So you are not running Ubuntu then I assume?06:04
urlin2uniche, cool I will explain then the two commands after the instructions06:04
ActionParsnipflametai1: lxde is in the repos, it uses lxpanel06:04
ugly_duckActionParsnip: thats not to bad actually..06:04
ugly_duckbut this one only has the trash and thats it06:04
ActionParsnipflametai1: my desktop on my lappy: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/Images/Desktop.png06:05
ActionParsnipugly_duck: natty puts stuff on the top panel06:05
ActionParsnipflametai1: look nito lubuntu ;)06:06
NubnubAany1 Familiar with Kubuntu? and changing Window managers?06:06
flametai1ActionParsnip, ah, okay then. And oh very interesting! It's colorful :D Something my desktop is not aware of lol! And it sort of reminds me of Kubuntu.06:06
ActionParsnipflametai1: its a lot lighter, its very blue, not too jazzy06:06
longjohn30Nubnub: #kubuntu?06:06
Nubnubjust installed 2 days ago06:07
longjohn30ActionParsnip: is your power consumption noticably lower with lxde as opposed to other distros?06:07
Nubnubdl'd and installed 2 days ago06:07
longjohn30Nubnub: i'm saying your question would be better answered in #kubuntu06:07
Nubnubits the Wweb server version amd 6406:07
=== Mud is now known as Guest30760
Nubnubo thanks06:08
flametai1ActionParsnip, my desktop that doesn't see color much :D lmao http://i51.tinypic.com/317gt8i.png06:08
ActionParsnipflametai1: looks groovy06:09
flametai1Also, ActionParsnip, LibreOffice, are those closer to microsoft office than OpenOffice? I've been looking for a replacement for Microsoft Office on Linux other than OpenOffice, it doesn't seem to cut it for me.06:10
flametai1And considering I need them as close as possible for college.06:10
flametai1It would be helpful to find it06:10
SIFTUflametai1: libreoffice is a fork of openoffice, so is very similar06:11
flametai1Ah okay.06:11
ActionParsnipflametai1: not sure what the difference is. I just use what's there. There are plenty of comparison sites talking about the differences06:11
ActionParsnipflametai1: tbh, I usually pull it off and just use abiword, I don't fully use openoffice so I save resources (makes a faster pc :))06:12
=== evil is now known as Guest1303
urlin2uActionParsnip, I like the no format option in abiword, works in capture off the web the others wont.06:13
Snicers-HomeDoes IE9 support SNI?06:13
urlin2uno fromat paste*06:13
flametai1ActionParsnip, faster pc is always good :)06:13
ActionParsnipSnicers-Home: IE9 isnt an ubuntu app so is offtopic here06:13
ActionParsnipflametai1: I need it, all my sysyems are old06:14
linuxuz3r_Snicers-Home, try #windows06:14
speedrunnerG55help i forgot how to turn on drivers06:15
flametai1I know that all too well, I used to run on a machine with only 128mb ram. I'm currently only running 2gns of ram and AMD Athlon processor 2.1Ghz06:16
flametai1gbs* well the heck with my typo's tonight.06:16
speedrunnerG55(whi isnt it in aditional drivers?)06:17
urlin2uspeedrunnerG55, name the graphic card?06:17
speedrunnerG55nvidia gforce 620006:17
urlin2uspeedrunnerG55, help will arrive. ;-)06:17
speedrunnerG55i had it working before, but i removed the driver and reinstalled it, now its not in use06:17
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, I'm back06:17
ActionParsnipspeedrunnerG55: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current06:18
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, col you want the instructions again.06:18
niche-LiveCDnah I remember06:18
urlin2ucool niche,06:18
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, however, I do not remember how to open synaptic-settings-repositories06:19
speedrunnerG55ok do i have to restart now?06:19
niche-LiveCDor I should say ever known06:19
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, click the applications button and open synaptic06:19
flametai1Also, ActionParsnip, I have no SD cards so I am going to attempt it with a USB boot06:19
niche-LiveCDpackage manager?06:20
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, search with synaptic then open06:20
speedrunnerG55it still says its not in use, should i restart?06:20
TophenI'm at the final stage of my problem... But I need help with one more thing...06:20
TophenI'm on a MacBook with BootCamp (don't have admin; it's school laptop) and the bios can't be accessed.06:21
greg3000So I've got an amd phenom II 4-core box and it's having trouble booting ubuntu.  Trouble started after an upgrade to 11.04, but I just downloaded a copy of ubuntu server 64bit, burned it to CD, and this system still reboots near the start of the boot-up sequence.06:21
speedrunnerG55imah try to reboot.06:21
TophenCould I put a bios ISO on a cd and then choose to run off my ehd?06:21
speedrunnerG55ill come back if there is still anny issues06:21
urlin2ubrave soul06:21
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, not finding anything in synaptic package manager that says universe06:22
niche-LiveCDwhere should I be looking06:22
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, synaptic-settings-repositories first tab tick universe, close those windows leaving synaptic open hit reload then close sysnaptic and open a terminal.06:22
rawfodogmy icons wont minimize to the tray. I've deleted the top panel, and moved everything to the bottem. I've included INDICATOR APPLET ALL. Why wont things show up in the systems tray ?06:23
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, your not searching in synaptic but opening these in the top panel06:23
rawfodogNEVERMIND, it's because I didnt add "Notification container"06:24
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, so you want me to Un-tick Community-maintained Open Source Software (universe) ?06:25
rawfodogI take that back. XCHAT still wont show up in the minimized tray06:26
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, don't untick anything first tab at the top far left 2nd line universe tick on.06:26
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, it already had a checkmark then. What do I need to do now06:27
rawfodogWhen I 'x' out of xchat it asks "minimize to tray ?". I won't show in the tray when I minimize it.  I look at the processes and it's still running. It's in the tray right now, but I didn't close it06:27
speedrunnerG55its still isnt in use06:27
speedrunnerG55i thought there was a way to turn it on but i dont remember06:27
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, close those windows leave synaptic open and hit reload let it run then close it and open a terminal.06:27
rawfodogThere is, it asks me and I say yes06:27
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, roger, ready for next step06:28
rawfodogIt used to work before I went customizing the panels06:28
maheanuuDoes anyone here know where I can find manuals for ubuntu and terminal command usage etc  in French.  I have installed 11.04 on my grandsons and daughters computers and they are very much needing instructions in their mother tongue, any help would be greatly appreciated06:28
glebihanrawfodog, did you restart xchat ?06:28
rawfodogmany times06:28
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, so where are yo at.06:28
rawfodogIts in the minimize panel now, but the program window is active06:28
urlin2ulets just for being care run the sudo fdisk -l to make sure sdb is still the windows drive06:28
speedrunnerG55can i at least know here it is?06:29
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, look above06:29
rawfodogThe second I ex it out, it SHOULD be in the panel, the process manager shows it is running, and on default gnome set up it would still show.06:29
rawfodogFor me however, after deleteing the panel and putting everying into one panel, it doesn't show06:29
speedrunnerG55like a general idea of where i can find it?06:29
speedrunnerG55i dont know why it wouldnt be right in aditional drivers,06:29
speedrunnerG55its like i have to go on a scavenger hunt06:30
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, sda2 is my W7 partition06:30
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, are you sure the script said sdb hd.06:30
speedrunnerG55i know i did it before06:30
maheanuuAnd for me I am having a problem when I open anything in places instead of opening documents I bring up a picture etc06:30
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, sb2 on the bootscript is it now sda206:31
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, fdisk -l http://paste.ubuntu.com/667971/06:31
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:31
jojovictorinohi, newbie here :)06:32
speedrunnerG55i need to know where to find it. my moms calling me to bed, amd in not going to sleep well if i know its not set up properly06:32
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, wait there are many HDDs, not sure which one is WIndows 7 arrrg06:32
urlin2uniche cool sda2 now thats why we check, so you ran the reload in synaptic?06:32
i42nspeedrunnerG55: find what?06:33
speedrunnerG55where i can aturn on my video driver06:33
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, it is ada206:33
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, you mean sda2?06:33
speedrunnerG55its not in use06:33
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, kk if you say so!06:33
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, yes you ran the reload in synaptic correct?06:34
GoodADubuntu = virus stuxnet ?06:34
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, yes I did06:34
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, cool here is a link with two commands run both and your set hold on, I will pastebin it.06:34
* speedrunnerG55 pokes i42n 06:34
i42nspeedrunnerG55: You can not use Unity? Or do you just want to have 3D accelleration?06:35
speedrunnerG55i want 3d acseleration, i dont like unity06:35
GoodADVirus Stuxnet = Ubuntu ?06:35
i42nWhat Graphics Card do you use?06:36
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, http://paste.ubuntu.com/667976/06:36
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, run the commands individually in that order.06:37
speedrunnerG55i use an nvidea force 620006:37
maheanuuspeedrunner if you log out and look below your user name you can load 11.04 in classic and it will be like 10.10 as far as using gnome06:37
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, says I have to run liloconfig(8) when process is completed or it won't work06:38
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, is that still ok?06:38
i42nspeedrunnerG55: go to system menu and look for something like restricted drivers.06:38
speedrunnerG55i know06:38
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, ignore that as the link says06:38
speedrunnerG55ok ill try that06:38
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, only error you will ever love. ;-)06:39
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, lol. Alright well it's time to test it out06:39
maheanuuspeedrunner, I also think that unity sux06:39
speedrunnerG55i couldnt fiind that06:39
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, yeah you should be able to boot windows from grub and that HD now.06:39
niche-LiveCDurlin2u,  won't be back on if it works, wife is about to kill me now. Thanks so much, I'm grateful for your help I would be lost without it!06:40
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, no problem you want gthe one command from a windows disc to replace lilo if you want06:40
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, sure06:40
speedrunnerG55there is aditional drivers but its only tlling me its not in use06:41
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, bootrec.exe /fixmbr06:41
* speedrunnerG55 cries06:41
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, from the repair terminal on booted windows disc.06:41
speedrunnerG55i was onlly doing as my a+ book told me to06:41
KE1HAI asked over in ubuntu-server but nobody's home it seems, is there any known problem / bugs with Ubuntu 11.04-Server and Samba, Ive' been trying for hours to setup a simple share, even with SWAT ans still no joy.06:42
niche-LiveCDurlin2u, great. Saved for future reference. Thanks again06:42
speedrunnerG55i dont know hat to do06:42
i42nspeedrunnerG55: I think that's the correct settings window. Try to enable the graphics driver there.06:42
urlin2uniche-LiveCD, no problem glad we got here. ;-)06:42
speedrunnerG55there isnt a wayt, its activated but "not in use"06:42
maheanuuspeed what are you trying to do?06:43
speedrunnerG55make it be in use06:43
maheanuuI read back but not seeing what you are trying to do06:44
i42nspeedrunnerG55: did you modify your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?06:44
brubelsabsWhat should I check if I get an "no such file or directory" when executing an _existing_ file with _proper_ permissions on an ext4 partition?06:45
brubelsabsits not a symlink06:45
brubelsabsthe file is real there06:45
brubelsabshaving right permissions06:45
speedrunnerG55i removed the driver, because i removed a simmilar card and put a new one in thinking i should get a new driver for it06:46
nighterbrubelsabs: you execute the file with ./filename ? I mean so you are sure the file execute from your PATH.06:46
brubelsabsnighter:  Yes I execute it with ./lmutils06:46
nighterbrubelsabs: file ./lmutils06:46
NicheJust logging on to say it works perfectly! Woooo woooo!06:46
i42nspeedrunnerG55: How did you remove it?06:47
* Niche does a dance while holding a trout06:47
speedrunnerG55in aditional driver, i clicked remove06:47
brubelsabsELF 64-bit binary06:47
i42nspeedrunnerG55: ok, and now you can not install it again.06:47
brubelsabseven strace gave me the hint that some file was not found06:47
Karen_mnew laptop, sound does not work.  Any ideas?06:48
brubelsabsstrace lmutil06:48
brubelsabsexecve("./lmutil", ["lmutil"], [/* 110 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)06:48
speedrunnerG55i did, but its not in use06:48
i42nspeedrunnerG55: oh ok. do you have a config manager of nvidia installed? it should come with the driver.06:49
brubelsabsmountoptions: /dev/sda3 on /local type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)06:50
speedrunnerG55config manager? there is a configuration tool thingu in administration06:50
urlin2uyay trout dancing,06:51
filsufI need a streaming-radio app like windows' "tuneradio" ... what shall I download?06:51
i42nspeedrunnerG55: what i mean is directly from nvidia.06:51
eviscaresGood morning, does someone know whether I can coax apt-get to download an older version of a package from a ppa?06:52
speedrunnerG55where would that be? in the home folder as a .somehting?06:52
popeyeviscares: apt-get install packagename=
popeyeviscares: where is the version number06:52
urlin2ueviscares, sure be careful no other are installed watxh the dependencies06:52
dzuphow do i reinstall all gnome related back to original values, all, i can not play flash in firefox, chrome, opera, i try purge and so on, i need to reinstall all gnome with al /etc /usr/etc files ...any ideas?06:52
i42nspeedrunnerG55: for me its in system menu. like synaptic etc.06:53
eviscaresurlin2u: but how can I force him to take an older version? In the repo I use the newest version is 1.4, but I need 1.3 cause 1.4 is still too buggy06:53
speedrunnerG55there isnt annything in my system menue exept other options06:54
brubelsabsnighter: libc6: "No such file or directory" error when attempting to execute LSB executable without lsb-core06:54
nighterbrubelsabs: you run an 64 bits os?06:54
dzuphow do i reinstall all gnome related back to original values, all, i can not play flash in firefox, chrome, opera, i try purge and so on, i need to reinstall all gnome with al /etc /usr/etc files ...any ideas?, this is a i386 machine in maverick, thank you all06:54
Dan18Hello, when does Rump1 usually join in?06:54
brubelsabsit was solved now by installing lsb-core06:55
urlin2ueviscares, put the ppa in sources.list with the concurrent release of that package, run a update, install then put a # in front of the ppa in the sources list06:55
i42nspeedrunnerG55: what about opening a terminal and entering nvidia. then douvle press tab. anything there?06:55
brubelsabsbut this is very uninformative :)06:55
brubelsabsI meant the error message06:55
brubelsabsbut once again a good google search phrase did it :D06:55
eviscaresurlin2u:  that might work. thanks06:56
urlin2ueviscares, did you look on the web for a deb of the package first?06:56
brubelsabsnighter:  bye06:56
urlin2ueviscares, you could down load the tar if one there or a deb.06:56
speedrunnerG55idk what all this is06:56
i42nspeedrunnerG55: paste it06:57
gadlolhi, what is the best video converter for ubuntu? i am using 9.10. thanks...06:57
eviscaresurlin2u:  ther isn't :/06:57
urlin2ugadlol, handbrake is nice06:57
speedrunnerG55Display all 2964 possibilities? (y or n)06:57
FloodBot1speedrunnerG55: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:57
[Sanyi]heheh :)06:58
gadlolurlin2u thanks,I am checking it right now06:58
* speedrunnerG55 puts up a rainbow06:58
=== [Sanyi] is now known as Bendeguz
rwwspeedrunnerG55: I saw you were only up to aa- and figured it was probably worth stopping :)06:59
=== Bendeguz is now known as [Sanyi]
SauceFaceI've got a problem with 11.04 guys. My UI performance is very laggy, using AMD phenom II x4 3GHz and an ATI HD 4890 1GB. Tried enabling/disabling ATI drivers, with no effect. Runs the same in Classic Ubuntu a well. Anyone know what's up?06:59
i42nspeedrunnerG55: i think you did it wrong ;) you have to start typing nvidia, then double press tab. no enter07:00
speedrunnerG55but it does nothing07:00
speedrunnerG55it says y/n07:00
domedagenCan anyone make any sense out of step 4 http://blog.greweb.fr/2011/01/how-to-make-dlink-dwa-140-perfectly-work-on-linux/ here?07:01
speedrunnerG55nvidia-bug-report.sh  nvidia-settings       nvidia-xconfig nvidia-detector       nvidia-smi07:01
i42nit should display 6 nvidia stuff things or nothing if you do not have it.07:01
i42nspeedrunnerG55: exactly07:01
domedagenI do a a "# wpa_passphrase mywireless_ssid "secretpassphrase" > /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf". Am I done?07:02
i42nspeedrunnerG55: run sudo nvidia-settings07:02
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
speedrunnerG55that opened the configurator07:03
i42nspeedrunnerG55: yes07:03
speedrunnerG55nvidia x server settings07:03
SauceFaceAnyone have any suggestions for my issue? :S07:04
wildbatwow Kubuntu changed a lot from 9.04 @@.07:05
urlin2udomedagen, that line your just setting the ssid name and password, probably can be done in the m]network manager, not sure really.07:05
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speedrunnerG55when will it be in use?07:07
i42ntry to generate a new xorg.conf with this tool. that might help.07:08
urlin2uSauceFace, all I can see on the web as far as amd is it will run better on some distros and not others, have you tried any others?07:10
=== evil is now known as Guest83082
domedagenurlin2u: I don't know exactly what wpa_supplicant does but I think it is supposed to get my wilan card working with ndiswrapper. I can't see my WLAN in network manager. Maybe you know how to get a ndiswrapper device visable in networkmanager07:11
SauceFaceurlin2u: I have not with this hardware. That is a bummer, I am one of the few that actually likes unity. Is 10.04 too much different07:12
urlin2udomedagen, not really I was just looking at the command you posted, sorry.07:12
speedrunnerG55its still not in use, i tried to save configurations a xser confiiiguration07:13
gskellingcan someone help me get php-gtk working? It seems to install right, and the demo loads up fine, but when I run phoronix test suite with gui nothing happens07:13
urlin2uSauceFace, don't take my word here though.07:13
speedrunnerG55idk i really have to go to bed now07:13
speedrunnerG55thank you for hellping me i407:13
domedagenurlin2u: I appreciate that you try atleast07:13
urlin2udomedagen, no problem.07:14
lewis93I was playing with Ubuntu Tweak and then my laptop shutdown - now I can't see the launcher or the bar at the top. How do I reverse this?07:14
bazhanglewis93, ubuntu tweak? installed from where07:14
urlin2uLewis29, what were you doing in the tweak?07:14
gskellingcan someone help me get php-gtk working? It seems to install right, and the demo loads up fine, but when I run phoronix test suite with gui (gtk-php app) nothing happens07:14
lewis93bazhang, I can't remember; I'd go in my history and paste the link but I can't get to a browser.07:15
lewis93urlin2u, I was trying to adjust the appearance of things, and then some things got disabled and now I am stuck.07:15
zambais it possible to set up symantec netbackup on ubuntu?07:15
ikoniazamba: yes, but if you are using 64bit it's a very VERY dirty hack, 32bit is less07:16
gskellinganyone? the people in #php-gtk are all idle07:16
ikoniagskelling: not really something we support07:16
urlin2uLewis29, in the termoinal ubuntu-tweak and it will open07:16
gskellingI see07:16
gskellingit has a couple of ubuntu only related issues07:17
gskellingso I thought i'd try07:17
urlin2uLewis29, same fro firefox07:17
ikoniagskelling: how is it ubuntu related ?07:17
gskellingikonia, just the issues during install07:17
zambaikonia: tell me about it :)07:17
gskellinginstalling it on ubuntu requires a few extra steps07:17
gskellingvs other linux distros07:17
zambaikonia: and i'm of course running 64-bit :)07:17
gskellingat least thats what I think07:17
ikoniagskelling: what issue during install07:18
ikoniazamba: the honest answer is, even symatic don't support it (I know their website says they do) but they don't support anything beyond 8.04 due to the dirty hacks,07:18
gskellingikonia, in this one tutorial I found for php-gtk on ubuntu it says "We need to patch the PHP-GTK source because Ubuntu is using a version of libtool which appears to be different than what other distributions are using."07:18
evil_i lose mine secret key,how could i find it?07:18
urlin2uLewis29, if you installed from the terminal history, and ctrl-alt-t opens a terminal07:18
zambaikonia: well, give me the dishonest answer then :)07:18
ikoniagskelling: I thought php-gtk was already in the repos07:18
ikoniazamba: "yes, it's fully supported by symantec and works out of the box"07:19
gskellingikonia, I don't think so...07:19
zambaikonia: hehe07:19
viktor35привет всем!!!07:20
rwwviktor35: English here, please :). /join #ubuntu-ru for Russian.07:20
ikoniagskelling: ah, it's in a PPA07:21
lewis93urlin2u, i reversed all the changes I made and nothing has happened; everything is still messed up. How do I get to System Settings from the terminal?07:21
viktor35im bad english07:21
viktor35veri bad)07:21
ikoniagskelling: or an external repo07:21
iceroot!ru | viktor3507:21
gskellingikonia, yeah I tried the PPA too, the php-gtk demo works, but the php-gtk app I'm trying to run doesn't07:21
ubottuviktor35: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:21
=== sena is now known as senayar
wisevoyagerHi! does anyone know how to fix this problem http://pastebin.com/cxKtyvB0 Thank you in advanced for any helps.,07:21
ikoniagskelling: sounds like the app is a problem, either as an application or as a compatible application iwth the version ubuntu packages07:21
lewis93bazhang, this is where I downloaded the tweak07:22
urlin2uLewis29, I would log out then back in, maybe to the classic if needed.07:22
gskellingthe app however IS supported in the ubuntu repos.. =\07:22
gskellingjust requires php-gtk to run the gui07:22
livingdaylightAnyone familiar familiar with subsonic? just dl it but do not see it anywhere in menu. Alt+F2 and "subsonic" doesn't launch it either. Anyone?07:22
ikoniagskelling: which application ?07:22
gskellinglivingdaylight, hold on07:22
gskellingikonia, phoronix test suite07:23
ikoniagskelling: I'm not aware of it07:23
viktor35i love you)07:23
gskellinglivingdaylight, subsonic can be accessed with a browser. Point the IP address to and whatever port you set07:23
ikoniawisevoyager: it would appear that package is not packaged correctly, where did you get it ?07:23
urlin2ulivingdaylight, how did you install?07:23
rwwviktor35: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support only, thanks.07:23
bazhangviktor35, did you have an ubuntu support question?07:23
wisevoyagerikonia, I'm using Backbox linux 10.04 lucid lynx07:24
livingdaylighturlin2u, I was going to from getdeb, but went to the subsonic Homepage and dl from there. Navigated to Downloads in Terminal and installed it with sudo dpkg -i07:24
ikoniawisevoyager: that's not something we support here, we only support ubuntu here07:24
Rouseviktor35, this is not place to express your personal issues07:25
urlin2ulivingdaylight, gskelling, has an answer07:25
wisevoyagerikonia: I'm using ubuntu 10.04 backbox version..07:26
livingdaylighturlin2u, livingdaylight@pebble:~$ subsonic Started Subsonic [PID 2408, /var/subsonic/subsonic_sh.log]07:26
livingdaylighturlin2u, but don't see anything07:26
livingdaylighturlin2u, ok07:26
bazhangwisevoyager, blackbox? or backtrack07:26
livingdaylightgskellig, just ping me when you're ready - thanks in advance07:26
urlin2ulivingdaylight, I wouldn't know without installing and messing around with it.07:27
nessonicany idea what would cause an ssh login (before password) to hang until a timeout?07:27
wisevoyagerbazhang, backbox linux07:27
gskellinglivingdaylight, its running but can only be accessed with a web browser.07:27
livingdaylighturlin2u, no worries07:27
livingdaylightgskellig, I see!07:27
gskellinglivingdaylight, I can't remember what the default port is for subsonic, I'm looking it up now07:27
livingdaylightgskellig, so, need to go to FF and open an account07:28
gskellinglivingdaylight, it should be able to be accessed by opening a web browser and pointing it to or http://localhost:404007:28
bazhangwisevoyager, that's not supported here try alis for their support channel07:28
popeywisevoyager: backbox is not supported here. it's not an official version of Ubuntu.07:28
gskellinglivingdaylight, all the info you need can be found here: http://www.subsonic.org/pages/getting-started.jsp07:29
bazhang!alis | wisevoyager07:29
ubottuwisevoyager: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*07:29
gskellingalso livingdaylight its a very cool app. I love it for android.07:29
wisevoyagerpopey, thanks!07:29
gskellingstreams my own music collection flawlessly to my phone without taking up my ENTIRE phones sdcard07:29
wisevoyagerbazhang, thanks..07:30
livingdaylightgskellig, sorry, about that. I'll dig in there and see if I can figure it out. I did think it was a great idea but rather more straightforward than that. Not sure working through a browser is a great solution07:30
HSarenaurlin2u : i upgrade my ubuntu but, i can't use unity yet07:30
gskellinglivingdaylight, its not made to be a normal media player, its meant to be able to stream your music collection to any computer/smartphone in the world instantly07:31
gskellingits a media server application07:31
urlin2uHSarena, was it a graphic card driver issue as I remember?07:31
urlin2uHSarena, can you refresh me?07:32
HSarenanVidia Corporation G98 [GeForce 9300M GS]07:32
livingdaylightgskellig, yes, but would prefer if the server wasn't run through a browser but had its own stand-alone application, if you see what I mean07:32
livingdaylightgskellig, the page you linked doesn't say where these settings are?07:32
urlin2uHSarena, I am not good in this area, but others are.07:32
Siegel-hi, yesterday i successfully installed my printer driver (brother mfc-5460cn). now i want to install the scanner and fax drivers. i got to this page explaining how to do it http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/instruction_scn1a.html, yet i dont know exactly what to type into the terminal.07:32
Siegel-can someone help me?07:32
dzupi did a recursive gcon2ftool deal i mess everything in gnome in this i386 in maverick, how can i revert/restore all gnome values to defaults?07:32
HSarenaok, thank U ;-)07:33
toluenehi ! I have setup a ppa server. One of the .deb have problem so I unpack it with "ar", correct the code and pack it back with "ar", after that I replace the .deb in ppa and update "content-length" in the corresponding head file. However, my client got "size-mismatch", after issuing apt-get. What mistake have I made in the process ?07:33
gskellinglivingdaylight, once you can access the subsonic web interface, you can do everything from there. its like setting up a router07:33
gskellingjust click settings =P07:33
gskellingyou might need to login07:34
HSarenahi.. i wanna login with unity mode but indicates this error07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
urlin2uHSarena, there is a additional drivers app in the menu look if there is one waiting.07:37
HSarena"It seem that you do not have hardware require to run Unity. Please choose Ubuntu Classic at the login screen and you will using the traditional environment"07:37
HSarenaurlin2u : i don't understand07:38
livingdaylightgskellig, that's it I don't knwo how to access the subsonic we interface. I been lookng on their homepage but that isn't it07:38
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
dzuphow can i rebuild all my gnome settings? not just the ones in my $HOME but all the system wide gnome modifications i made and restore that to defaults without killing my system in the process (reinstall i386 maverick)?07:38
urlin2uHSarena, log into the classic you can choose it at login, in the menu is a application called additional drivers. You want to run a update and upgrade first though.07:39
dzupor should i reinstall?07:39
gskellinglivingdaylight, typing http://localhost didn't work? or http://localhost:404007:39
bazhangdzup, got any ppa?07:39
gskellinginto firefox?07:39
livingdaylightgskellig, my bad. Am I supposed to type that into a terminal?07:39
gskellingno livingdaylight into firefox. It's a website07:40
flametai1Hey guys, quick question, is there a difference between Wine and WineHQ? o.O WineHQ is just Wine's official site correct? Or is there actually another Wine called WineHQ? Was reading a forum and someone mentioned to try "WineHQ" but never clarified what they meant.07:40
bazhangdzup, more importantly , got a separate /home partition?07:40
livingdaylightgskellig, ok, lol07:40
gskellingit's a website hosted on your computer.07:40
dzupbazhang: no, i can put everything back but only if i can have gconf2 settings back to normal07:40
HSarenaOoooh, i understand07:40
bazhangflametai1, the channel #winehq07:40
livingdaylightgskellig, ok, and now I'm invited to register an account, ok.. Seriously, I'm a noob, lol07:40
HSarenaurlin2u : there is 3 drivers07:41
HSarenaurlin2u : which one i have to install????07:41
urlin2uHSarena, have you run a update and upgrade07:41
HSarena urlin2u : yes07:41
dzupbazhang: then if i get everything back to defaults settings i promise you i will not ever do a recursive gconf2 deal :(07:41
HSarena urlin2u : just 1 hours ago07:42
urlin2uHSarena, do any of them resemble your graphic card?07:42
filsufwhat's the shortcut for moving between TABS in KONSOLE?07:42
gskellinglivingdaylight, I'm not familiar with newer versions of subsonic, when I installed it I just went to http://localhost:4040 and started setting it up07:43
HSarena urlin2u : there are 3 nvidia drivers07:43
gskellingmake an account if you want, I dunno up to you07:43
rethus1how can i completly format a hdd on linux?07:43
rethus1remove all data in secure way07:43
bazhangrethus1, gparted live cd07:43
rethus1it's a usb-hdd07:44
livingdaylightgskellig, do you have to create a username or just the password (its what it seems) and there seems to be a default /var/music path set. But I change that to /home/username/Music ?07:44
urlin2uHSarena, this is where I can't really help, so we are farther along though as far as important info others would probably need to help.07:44
Axlinfilsuf: Should be ctrl-shift-pgup/pgdown07:44
rethus1fdisk only change partition-table... seems nbot to erase all given data on it07:44
bazhangrethus1, its  a 60mb iso07:44
filsufAxlin: doesnt work07:44
Axlinfilsuf: Er, without shift, rather.07:44
filsufit used to work though07:45
filsufsame shit07:45
bazhangfilsuf, no cursing07:45
HSarenaurlin2u : ok, thanks u, i think i can fix it ;-)07:45
filsufnot for me07:45
bakytnHello! Please help me....where can I set up the default profile? I copied .gconf and .gnome2 to /etc/skel but it's not working...it's still loading from somewhere else07:45
urlin2uHSarena, cool.07:45
stowodahi, my lower panel is auto hided and wont show up again.. How can i fix this?07:45
gskellinglivingdaylight, I can't remember, like I said I haven't used it in awhile. If you're at the web interface you're on the right track though. Remember the point of subsonic is to share your music with any computer in the world, so a username and password are a good idea to prevent any random stranger from getting to it07:45
dzupbazhang: if i apt-get --purge gnome ...and the reinstall it will erase all those "custom" systemwide modifications i made erlier?07:46
gskellinglivingdaylight, if I remember their website is pretty helpful, they have a good FAQ section and some decent walkthroughs07:46
Axlinfilsuf: When you say "Konsole", are you referring to GNOME/Unity, or KDE?07:46
rwwAxlin: Konsole is the KDE terminal emulator07:46
pyarunhey, need help with dir permessions..i have a parent dir P to whichi have given some recursive permissions which are applied to sub-dir s1. Now i create a new sub-dir s2, is there any way that child dir takes the permission of parent dir07:46
livingdaylightgskellig, ok, thanks again for everything and pointing me in the right direction :D07:46
drussellrethus1: try a command called "shred"07:46
bazhangdzup, no, not sure what you modified however07:46
Axlinfilsuf: Thought so. You should be able to go into Settings->Shortcuts, to see what it's assigned to.07:47
rethushow secure is erase th hdd on this way? Is there a way to restore the data?07:47
dzupbazhang: you know a way to get defaults values back into gnome?07:47
=== gskelling is now known as Gskellig
drussellrethus: it's very secure07:48
rethusor is it better to rewrite each sector of the hdd with dd if=/dev/zero /dev/sdb ?07:48
drussellrethus: no, that's not very secure07:48
drussellrethus: if you look up shred you'll see it overwrites the area multiple times07:48
drussellrethus: making recovery nearly impossible07:49
stowodaoh, :) this helped me, especially post #16: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1201800&page=207:49
rethusshred is a cmd-commend?07:49
drussellrethus: yes07:49
drussellrethus: "man shred" for more info07:50
rethusk, but seems this only works wor single files, not for a complete partition07:50
drussellrethus: no, it works on partitions also07:52
rethusnow i only need a hdd test-tool which return a nice report of hdd-health07:54
Gskelligrethus, you can join my mission to get phoronix test utility working07:54
Gskelligits a really good benchmarking and testing utility, but I can't get the gui to work =/07:54
rethusGskelling: sorry, have no time for that... i'm very busy and only search for a working tool07:56
bond007is x2go availbale in the new ubunt 11.10 or is there one alternative??07:57
Gskellig=P I know haha07:57
drussellrethus: smartctl07:57
Gskelligit was worth a shot07:57
Gskelligit might work for you actually07:57
Gskelligi cant figure out why it wont work for me07:57
=== tholl583xx is now known as tolland
rethusdrussle: mhh this old hdd has no smart support :(07:59
jose__Hi, which is the best backup software for ubuntu, i want save my actual ubuntu state, files is less important...08:00
drussellrethus: then there's pretty much nothing you can do, apart from run a check for badblocks on a regular basis08:02
urlin2ujose__, best is relative to any user, clonezilla will image the whole thing. You can also save a file of all installed apps and the source list, other methods as well, I use these.08:05
jose__ok urlin2u, u know if clonezilla can write in ext4?08:07
jose__i want my hdd image in other partition with ext4 format08:07
urlin2ujose__, oh yes it packages to ntfs ext, and others.08:08
jose__urlin2u, ok i will try that later, thx!08:09
urlin2ujose__,  no problem .;-)08:09
urlin2unobody but us sleeping dogs08:12
rwwWe're dogs now? I thought we were chickens.08:13
ryryim a hefer08:13
urlin2ucluckety cluck cluck08:13
atdprhsHello, I have installed Ubuntu on a seperate USB drive where I can take my OS wherever I go,  I was wondering if I can edit the grup boot menu on it so that when I plug the USB drive in any laptop, I don't have to see the operating systems on my laptop, what do I do?08:14
zabomberhey guys08:14
zabomberi need some help with WebDAV08:14
zabombertheres my apache config08:14
zabomberno matter what i try08:14
urlin2uatdprhs, remove the os-prober08:14
zabomberi keep getting site not enabled for webdav08:14
zabomberwhen i try cadaver into it08:14
urlin2uin that install the external08:14
atdprhswhat do you mean urlin2u?08:14
overcluckerrww: i'm a chicken08:15
urlin2uatdprhs, the os-prober is what searches for other OS's so in the external terminal sudo apt-get remove os-prober.08:15
ryryanyon know the terminal command that updates everything.is it apt-get?08:15
zabomberCould not access /dropbox/ (not WebDAV-enabled?):08:16
rwwryry: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade08:16
ryrythanks <rww>08:16
atdprhscan I edit it manually?08:16
urlin2uatdprhs, probably, but more risky, when all you have to do is reinstall t.08:17
atdprhsurlin2u, I removed it08:17
urlin2uatdprhs, now run sudo update-grub and that OS will only be in its grun menu08:18
atdprhs4 images found08:19
atdprhscan I edit their visible names?08:19
urlin2uatdprhs, probably two kernel sets on that HD08:19
atdprhsI updated the grub08:19
urlin2uatdprhs, I know a command to remove the memory line and put it back if needed.08:19
urlin2uatdprhs, generally having two kernels sets are advised08:20
atdprhsit's ok to keep it there, but I want to rename the main one to Portable Ubuntu08:20
urlin2uatdprhs, Iam not familiar there.08:20
atdprhsthank you urlin2u, is there anything else I should do?08:21
Halabundwhy can't I *read* ubuntuforums.org pages without registering first?  it's so unnecessary, I don't want to post, just read08:21
urlin2uatdprhs, here is a grub2 wiki . https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Upgrading08:22
urlin2uHalabund, old posts that may not be as relevent.08:22
Halabundurlin2u, well, every time I google, I end up on a page like that08:22
atdprhsthank you urlin2u08:23
urlin2uHalabund, there were complaints of new users running wrong stuff I believe.08:23
Halabundalways end up readnig through google cache08:23
urlin2uatdprhs, no problem enjoy .;-)08:23
absenceis it possible to have a bootable linux partition on a microsoft dynamic disk?08:25
dan_how do i find out what version on ubuntu im running08:26
urlin2uabsence, http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/doityourself-it-guy/diy-can-i-dual-boot-linux-on-a-dynamic-disk/57308:26
dan_nevermind its 10.04, anyone know how i can update distro to the latest one ?08:28
dan_its not showing under the update manager08:28
a-skibbedy-bapIs it possible to get Unity on the latest LTS release?08:28
Lasers!version | dan_08:28
ubottudan_: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »08:28
dan_a-skibbedy-bap, yeah, i had a message asking if i wanted to update to the latest distro08:29
LotusFeetI'm trying to run a Totem Movie Player 2.32.0 playlist on startup but i cant figure out how to add the playlist to startup nor how to fullscreen the app (all i know is fullscreen hotkey is F11)08:29
a-skibbedy-bapa-skibbedy-bap: What do you mean08:29
dan_but i said ask me later, but i cant seem to find out how to get it back now08:29
absenceurlin2u: it says no is the "simple answer", do you know the details?08:30
dan_but it said i mean^08:30
urlin2udan_, change the synaptic-settings-repositories-updates-normal08:30
urlin2uabsence, it basicaly says no.08:31
HalabundWhat tex/latex packages do I need to install in Ubuntu to get scalable (non-bitmap) euler/concrete fonts, like here?  http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/ccr/   In MiKTeX the default seems to be scalable fonts.08:31
dan_urlin2u, thanks sorted it08:32
urlin2udan_, then run a update in the update manager should show the upgrade make sure you are fully upgraded08:32
rawfodogWhat is GNOME Keyring: PKCS# Component ?08:32
rawfodogIt's in my start up08:32
absenceurlin2u: are there any other ways to install linux on a system with windows software raid?08:32
rawfodogand I want to remove it. Will it mess up the OS ?08:32
absenceurlin2u: any way at all, i mean :)08:33
urlin2uabsence, not sure you could run a virtual, and a wubi probably works not sure there though, or a bootable external.08:33
dan_urlin2u, its only showing version 10.10 for some reason :/08:34
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest62936
auronandacedan_: you can only update one release at a time08:35
urlin2udan_, the upgrades from 10.04 go release to release I believe,I always fresh install it is faster if you know how to et set up08:35
auronandacedan_: it is much easier and cleaner to fresh install08:35
dan_yeah ok ill just download the latest one and install that way08:36
somebearshi :) I want to install a programm into /usr/local/bin instead of my home directory (default). But I dont have the permissions to do so. Should I istall it with sudo or change the permissions of /usr/local/bin08:36
dan_thanks for the help anyway08:36
=== fr0sted is now known as fr0sted-bnc
urlin2udan_, you can clone the lucid to in case you have problems.08:36
Razzeeyysomebears sudo is the best solution08:36
Laserssomebears: What program?08:37
somebearsRezzeeyy: will I have problems with permissions later? like updates or changes in the config file08:37
LotusFeetI figured out the Totem Movie Player issue myself =P thanks for leaving it to me, learned more that wayu08:38
Laserssomebears: "mkdir -p ~/bin && mv ~/lame-screensaver.bin ~/bin" -- That can work too. (or /usr/local/bin)08:39
Razzeeyysomebears, depends on what tthe programm is do. But you always free to change permissions08:39
somebearshmmm im just gonna try it :) thank you08:40
Razzeeyyofftop: guys how to enter #openbox channel? it says that i'm needed to be invited08:40
urlin2uRazzeeyy, I think you answer your own question.08:41
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
thebrasseHi! If I want to test this kernel: http://people.canonical.com/~lexical/bugs/lp791752/, I guess that I install the debs with dpkg. But how do I get back to the kerel I have installed now (the latest from the ubuntu repo)?08:42
Razzeeyyurlin2u, :D but can i place question about openbox here? (in case it's not default part of ubuntu)08:43
HaematomaHey guys08:43
HaematomaAnyone up?08:43
urlin2uRazzeeyy, I don't care myself. ;-)08:43
HaematomaI have issues with system slow down whenever moving or resizing windows08:43
HaematomaI have an e5200 processor, which runs at a higher clock speed and has more l2 cache than my laptop08:43
Haematomayet my laptop performs better on ubuntu, no slowdowns while moving or resizing windows08:44
RazzeeyyHaematome, i think you should look into compiz about that problem08:44
Haematomaisn't that a third party window manager?08:44
SeboCan you tell me how to make /etc/init/*.conf auto respawning job not to respawn if the main process ended while pre-stop is running?08:44
HaematomaRazzeeyy, Isn't compiz a third party window manager?08:45
Razzeeyyi was having the same problems when moving windows when unity just came up. due to system monitor the problem was in compiz (about 20%) problem was fixed after update08:46
Razzeeyyyes compiz is a window manager. default in unity08:46
archmani'm trying to use tuxonice to hibernate, but the built in stuff with pm-utils doesn't work, so i'm trying out "hibernate". what is the proper way to add "resume=...." to the grub.cfg?08:46
Haematomaso how did you end up fixing it?08:46
Razzeeyyfix came up with system update08:47
Razzeeyyor google for it if it's not08:47
RazzeeyyGuys I'm using openbox + trayer. Is there any way to prevent trayer minimize? Looked in openbox per-app settings but there is no such function. Anyone can give any good ideas?08:49
Haematomahmm, well notify-osd isn't functioning correctly, so I wonder if that has something to do with it08:49
archmanok, fixed08:51
archmandoes anyone know how to fix the menu which is used when the power button is pressed so it uses different stuff for hibernation?08:51
=== denny- is now known as denny
MuNksince i rebooted just now on 11.04, i can no longer access my private home directory, it keeps telling me i do not own it.. any suggestions?08:58
=== MuNk is now known as MuNk`
wsagentWill you please dhelp me out to enable auto login in lubuntu09:00
MuNk`since i rebooted just now on 11.04, i can no longer access my private home directory, it keeps telling me i do not own it.. any suggestions?09:01
mang0How do I move the virtual c drive of wine? Or is that a question for #winehq...?09:01
wsagentWill you please dhelp me out to enable auto login in lubuntu09:02
mang0wsagent: system > administration > login screen09:02
fwbcan someone give me a hand with making .deb files?09:03
beginneris there any way to debug ntp?09:04
beginneris setup a ntp server but from my clients i receive the message:  no server suitable for synchronization found09:04
greg3000Ubuntu 11.04 working now with "nomodeset" kernel option.  My root user has a prompt like "root@server:/#", but my users just have "$" and they are missing features like autocomplete with ctrl+tab.  Any tips on how to fix that, or a website, or a search term?09:05
Hyperbytebeginner:  man ntpq09:05
yaswanthany one give an ans please  how can i execute the html,xml and javascripts using tomcat6 and how can i set the paths  . .09:06
urlin2ugreg3000, this may help not sure. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/shelldap.1p.html09:07
greg3000urlin2u: thanks m809:08
urlin2ugreg3000, glad to see your up and running.09:08
fwbany assistance in creating postinst preinst scripts for debian files would be greatly appreciated09:09
greg3000urlin2u: yes me too, thanks09:09
mang0Can I move the .wine folder from my home folder to somewhere else?09:10
auronandace!packaging | fwb09:10
ubottufwb: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports09:10
fwbthanks auronandace09:10
beginnerHyperbyte: i did read this already :-)09:10
fwbi cant seem to find what i looking foe :'09:12
greg3000my bash is so broken, when I press up arrow it writes "^[[A"09:12
shellforgerstty sane09:12
Hyperbytebeginner, then what further are you looking for exactly?  ntpq can tell you all about your ntp server's status and you can use ntpdate to test it. :)09:14
=== Arnor is now known as Zahrada
fwbMy idea outline: 1. Make a .deb that unpacks file(s) to a temporary directory. (I know how to do this) 2. use a postinst script to find the MyApp.app directory, re-name the originals of the files to be copied (For backup purposes), and then copy the files from the "tmp" folder, to the MyApp.app folder. (Not sure if this is possible, or how to do it)09:15
domedagen"device not ready (firmware missing)" - How do I install firmware09:17
urlin2ufwb, this is all over the web. https://encrypted.google.com/search?sclient=psy&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=ubuntu+make+deb&btnG=Search09:17
archmandomedagen: firmware for what?09:17
domedagenarchman: USB Wlan deivice09:18
archmandomedagen: which device is it? lsusb09:18
domedagenarchman: "Bus 001 Device 003: ID 07d1:3c0a D-Link System DWA-140 RangeBooster N Adapter(rev.B2) [Ralink RT2870]"09:18
fwbi know how to make the deb i just dont know how to write the preinst and postinst files that i have worked out i need09:18
archmandomedagen: ok, one moment09:19
domedagenarchman: I'm using ndiswrapper I think09:19
archmandomedagen: lsmod | grep rt28    what do you get?09:20
domedagenwait for paste09:20
philipballewwhat comand tells me how much memory i have on my system09:21
wsagentWill you please dhelp me out to enable auto login in lubuntu09:23
MuNk`i just rebooted, now ecrpytfs is telling me i do not own my private directory any ideas?09:23
domedagenarchman: ?09:23
domedagenwsagent: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutoLogin09:24
archmandomedagen: run that command in a terminal09:24
Peddyfor some reason, no matter the keyboard layout I choose, my ALT and SUPER keys are incorrectly swapped. Can someone please help me with this?09:24
archmandomedagen: aaah haven't seen the paste, sorry09:24
domedagenarchman: Should have tab:ed you ofc09:24
archmandomedagen: according to this link, you'll need to blacklist the 2880 http://linuxforums.org.uk/hardware-compatibility/ralink-rt2870-based-usb-wireless-n-adapters-(ubuntu)/09:24
fALSOHi, can anyone point me to a init script template for Ubuntu  ?09:25
archmandomedagen: 2800, sorry09:25
archmandomedagen: watch the blacklist.conf stuff09:25
domedagenarchman: ok09:26
greg3000sudo usermod -s /bin/bash username <--- fixed my broken bash09:27
wsagentdomedagen: thank yol09:28
wsagentdomedagen: thank you09:28
ikonia!google | g0t09:29
ubottug0t: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.09:29
g0tResults for | g0t on Google:09:29
MuNk`\o/ google-fu ftw09:30
MuNk`although sadly it dont allways help :( like in my case09:30
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PeddyIf I don't start X, how can I detect keypresses?09:35
mang0Can someone walk me through moving the entire .wine folder from one HDD to another? I'm a complete noob with wineprefix and wine itself, and I'm not getting a lot of help in #winehq. I've googled, but most results are just moving the c drive, not the whole wine folder :/09:36
Peddymang0, what kinds of things do you have installed with Wine?09:37
ikoniamainrain: #winehq would be the best place to ask09:37
mang0Peddy: Games, Ableton live, a couple of others...09:38
Peddymang0, you'd need to copy the .desktop files (the launchers) that are not in .wine as well. Apart from that, all should work by just copying it.09:38
archmandomedagen: any progress?09:39
=== KindOne is now known as MeanOne
mang0but doesn't wine have to detect where the programs are? Or can I really just sort out the .desktop and move the whole .wine folder?09:39
HannofcartI am trying to boot Ubuntu-11.04-amd64.iso off of a live USB in an Apple Mac Book Pro (I'm using rEFIt). On booting, I get the following logs (I had to write them down on paper and type them out after rebooting to OSX so I only picked the ones I thought significant): http://codepad.org/a9MwAnLC and Ubuntu doesnt boot. Can someone please take a look and point out what I am doing wrong?09:39
mang0Peddy: but doesn't wine have to detect where the programs are? Or can I really just sort out the .desktop and move the whole .wine folder?09:39
Peddymang0, I'm looking for a .desktop file, to see what it's like - do you happen to know where they're located?09:40
mang0Peddy: I was about to ask the same thing!09:40
mang0I've got no idea where .desktop stuff is :/09:41
Peddymang0, from what I remember, there is nothing unique to your hard drive in the launcher - but if the path to .wine is different, you'll need to change that09:41
Peddymang0, e.g. if the other computer has a different username09:41
mang0Peddy: For example, I want to move it from this harddrive to my other one; /mnt/HDD209:42
mang0not to a differant computer09:42
Peddymang0, by the way, the .desktop files are in /home/yourname/.local/share/applications/wine09:42
Peddymang0, oh, I see. Well, in that case, the easiest thing to do would be to move it, then make a symbolic link to .wine in your home directory09:43
mang0Peddy: Okay. So if I move the .wine folder to where I want it, then change the .desktop files, It'll be sorted?09:43
Peddythe above way is much easier and takes 2 seconds :D09:43
mang0yeah haha09:43
Peddydo you know how to do the linking?09:43
domedagenarchman: Yes09:44
mang0Peddy: right click on the folder > create link > put it where I want it?09:44
jmarahi there09:44
Peddymang0, that should work, the command line is 'ln -s' but this does the same thing i think09:44
domedagenarchman: I'm using the liveCD and I've completed every step but those requering a reboot09:44
HSarenaI have problem, after i install ubuntu 11.04  sometimes my mouse does't  working i mean i can't clicking but the touchpad is ok09:44
Peddymang0, how long will .wine take to move? XD09:44
archmandomedagen: aaah..09:44
mang0Peddy: let's find out! :P09:45
domedagenarchman: Think I'll reinstall ubuntu now09:45
domedagenarchman: Because I belive in this tutorial09:45
mang0Peddy: it's moving 2gb09:45
archmandomedagen: if you have an installed ubuntu, that would be wise09:45
jmaraDoes anyone know, if there is a official documentation for the preseed implementation in ubuntu?09:45
mang01 min09:45
HSarenaplz help me09:45
Oana-Who want to talk with a beauty girl msg me09:45
Peddymang0, you have fast hard drives09:45
mang0Peddy: SATA O.o09:46
jmaraI think there are not all options of the debian version available in Ubuntu09:46
mang012 seconds09:46
archmanhow to integrate some command in the "shutdown" dialog of ubuntu when the power button is pressed?09:46
domedagenarchman: Had ubuntu 10.04 LTS but with two wlan cards so I just installed Sabayon instead of solving that problem. Imo Sabayon seemed slow and I was greeted with lots of error msgs so I'm going to swithc back09:47
domedagenarchman: Now that I think this will work09:47
archmandomedagen: :)09:47
archmandomedagen: always try to fix before reinstalling09:48
=== MeanOne is now known as KindOne
archmandomedagen: you shouldn't reinstall, almost ever09:48
domedagenarchman: See you in 30min or something ?09:48
HSarenai install ubuntu 11.04, sometimes my mouse does't work and i can clicking... plz help me09:48
cillo564when comes the new LTS version?09:48
archmandomedagen: ok, i'll try to help if i'll be able to09:48
icerootcillo564: 12.0409:48
archmancillo564: april 2012.09:48
archmancillo564: already waiting? ;D09:49
HSarenamy mouse get stuck, plz help me09:49
HSarenahow to fix it09:49
PeddyHSarena, when did this start happening?09:50
HSarenaafter i install ubuntu 11.0409:50
PeddyHSarena, have you installed all the updates from update manager?09:51
HSarenaPeddy, I install all updates and upgrade it just about 2 hours ago09:52
PeddyHSarena, I think a workaround is to press ctrl-alt-d twice09:52
cillo564archman, im downloading ubuntu 10.04 , was wondering how long I  can use that when support stops and have to move to next LTS version09:52
Peddymang0, how's it going?09:52
ikoniacillo564: as long as you want09:52
mang0Peddy: Everything is working apart from steam09:53
archmancillo564: april 2012 for desktops and april 2013 (i think) for servers09:53
HSarenaPeddy, i think nothing happened09:53
Peddymang0, and what's the steam i ssue?09:53
archmanikonia: do you happen to know how to edit the shutdown dialog? i would like to use some other command for "hibernate"..09:53
mang0Peddy: steam has confused itself with playonlinux mixed with wine. I tried playonlinux and I didn't like it, but now I've uninstalled steam still doesn't like it heh09:53
PeddyHSarena, does the problem still occur with a mouse plugged in?09:53
ikoniaarchman: as I recall it's done through themes09:54
mang0Peddy: It's under control D:< I'm getting there haha09:54
Peddymang0, the solution is to reinstall steam! :D goodnight, good luck!09:54
ikoniaarchman: it's actually not a config file, but part of the theme you use.09:54
archmanikonia: how should i search for it? any keywords?09:54
mang0Goodnight lol09:54
archmanikonia: oh...09:54
ikoniaarchman: no idea, I've done it before in a 9.10 theme ages ago, I don't know if that's the only/best way09:54
archmanikonia: are you talking about the main gtk theme, or the theme for that dialog?09:55
ikoniaarchman: more so I don't know if that's still true in 11.04 with unity09:55
archmanikonia: i'm on lucid09:55
ikoniaarchman: the gnome gtk theme, sets colours, etc etc09:55
archmanikonia: aaah, ok, cheers!09:55
ikoniaarchman: I'd imagine it's still true then of 10.0409:55
HSarenaPeddy, i said that, sometimes i can't clicking but the touchpad is ok, just can't clicking09:55
ikoniaarchman: don't holod me to that though09:55
GargantuaHi, anyone know a good offline english dictionary? preferably cli.09:56
archmanikonia: is there any other channel where i could ask that?09:56
ikoniaarchman: ask the gnome guys on their official irc server, worth a go09:56
archmanikonia: thanks09:56
HSarenais there anyone cane help me????09:56
HSarenais there anyone cane help me????09:57
ChristianAdamskiHi, Ubuntu 11.04 - using FF(6) and now forced to use Firebug 1.8 - my system shows 100% load if Firebug is opened in two seperate windows and page is refreshed - can anybody please confirm this?09:57
ikoniaHSarena: please don't just repeat that, if someone can help, they will09:57
HSarenaikonia, sorry09:57
ikoniaChristianAdamski: where did you get firefox 6 ?09:57
emmkaihey guys09:57
emmkaii have a external hard drive, formatted as mac journaled, can i mount it in ubuntu ?09:58
ChristianAdamskiikonia - regular update in Ubuntu, problem already occured in FF5 - problem is with Firebug 1.8, but they don't seem to recognize this09:58
emmkaiit's connected with usb cable09:58
ikoniaChristianAdamski: is firefox 6 out in ubuntu now ?09:58
ChristianAdamskiikonia - it installed this morning here09:58
ikonia!infor firefox09:58
ikonia!info firefox09:59
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 14881 kB, installed size 30008 kB09:59
ikoniaChristianAdamski: have you contacted the firebug developers ?09:59
ikoniaChristianAdamski: firebug isn't packaged by ubuntu, it's a plugin you download, so if the problem is with firebug - ubuntu can't really do anything about it09:59
ChristianAdamskiikonia - yes, but there were lots of ppl with a similar problem on Windows - and there it was related to some extension called Roboform - so they don't seem to note this UBuntu problem10:00
wildbatFF6 ?! i updated to 5 like 2 month ago...10:00
ikoniaChristianAdamski: ubuntu can't make firebug note this problem10:00
ChristianAdamskiikonia: maybe its local with me, I just would like some confirmation10:00
auronandaceikonia: even more wow is that since firefox 6's release mozilla is only supporting it for 1 and a half months10:00
HSarenamy mouse does't clicking, i can just move the pointer, plz help me, i can't fix it10:00
archmanwildbat: a gay chrome-like approach to versioning now10:01
ikoniaauronandace: seems a bad decision,10:01
Apocalypse_dnhi, is it possible to use shred on patitions, not on disk?10:01
wildbatikonia: agree ~10:01
ikoniaarchman: tone down the gay comments please.10:01
ChristianAdamskiso, does anybody here use Firebug?10:01
ChristianAdamskisimply confirm or not this problem?10:02
Apocalypse_dnChristianAdamski, i used to10:02
HSarenamy mouse does't clicking, i can just move the pointer, plz help me, i can't fix it10:02
tarzeauanyone else affected by #778490 ? i can't find a solution to it...10:02
fatih1993hi, i can't reach ##c , how can i join ? Or am i use wrong way?10:02
ChristianAdamskiHSarena - try unplugging it, try touchpad, try another mouse10:02
dzuparchman: that last comment rocks, no offence people :)10:03
XaniusI seem to have somehow broken mysql on my ubuntu install...the mysql script in init.d is missing and isn't replaced when trying to reinstall mysql-server with apt-get. Anyone able to help me out?10:03
archmani guess it makes them have more clicks on their website that way10:04
ChristianAdamskidzup, archman - I actually don't agree, FF is implementing new features a lot faster now10:04
HSarenaChristianAdamski: i have tocuhpad, and it's ok, but i don't know why i can't clicking10:04
ChristianAdamskiHSarena - can you click using the touchpad?10:04
ChristianAdamskiand have you tried an external mouse?10:05
HSarenaChristianAdamski: no10:05
ChristianAdamskiXanius - can you start mysqld manually?10:05
ChristianAdamskiHSarena - try an external mouse please, maybe ubuntu has trouble with your touchpad10:05
Apocalypse_dnso, anybody knows if I can use "shred" command to partitions?10:05
XaniusChristianAdamski, no I can't.10:05
ChristianAdamskiXanias - reason?10:05
wildbatApocalypse_dn: try and see?;p10:06
XaniusI think I may have accidently deleted the file in a 5am haze the other night...not entirely sure10:06
PolahApocalypse_dn: Use dd and have input from /dev/null or /dev/random10:06
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emmkaii am trying to mount a hfs+ external drive on my ubuntu system, via usb, can anyone help10:06
ChristianAdamskiXanius - if opening a terminal and typing "sudo mysqld" what happens?10:06
emmkaihow do i "find" the drive ?10:07
Apocalypse_dnwildbat, with joy, but i am afraid to loose all the data on hdd10:07
HSarenaChristianAdamski : U mean,  it could't fix, is there any drivers or package that i have to install it10:07
Polahemmkai: lsusb10:07
XaniusChristianAdamski, Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'10:07
Apocalypse_dnPolah, shred, as i know writes random data cultiple times, so it's more reliable then /dev/ramdom10:08
emmkaiPolah: but this doesn't give me the /dev/s* address10:08
ChristianAdamskiXanius - did you restart? Maybe the old instance still running?10:08
archmanPolah: hello, i've been testing that DNS stuff you helped me with, and i still get "Waiting for..." sometimes, although it's fewer now10:08
emmkaii think i need "sudo mount - hfsplus /dev/sd**** /media"10:08
Xaniusoops, that was just sudo mysql... sudo mysqld goes to a new line and has a flashing cursor. There's no feedback on screen10:09
ChristianAdamskiHSarena: I did  not understand that - however, there is the possibilty, that Ubuntu has no drivers for your touchpad - try an external mouse, see if that works, than try to find a solution10:09
PolahApocalypse_dn: Just use /dev/null and it'll blank it then10:09
XaniusRebooting the machine really quick10:09
wildbatApocalypse_dn: just becareful with what you passing in shred then if you pass it a disk it shred a disk if you pass it a partition it wipe the parition10:09
Polaharchman: Hmm, I don't know why it would drop in and out like that. I guess there's some problem between your system and contacting the DNS servers10:10
emmkaiPolah: i need the location of the drive to put in [here]: sudo mount -t hfsplus [here] /media10:11
emmkaiit's supposed to be /dev/ something, right ?10:11
Polahemmkai: Hmm, I don't know how to get the identifier for USB mounted drives. I'm sure there'd be a page on the Ubuntu wiki for it though10:12
wildbatemmkai: sudo fdisk -l10:12
Apocalypse_dnPolah, google says shred leaves smaller chance to recover10:12
XaniusChristianAdamski, ok. Rebooted. Sudo mysqld gives no feedback. sudo mysql now says access denied for root@localhost10:12
emmkaiwildbat: how do i know which one it is ?10:12
lexflexhello geek crowd!10:13
PolahApocalypse_dn: Shred writes random data, dd using /dev/null writes 0s. They're basically the same thing just with different values written10:13
wildbatemmkai: whichever the one  matches the description10:13
lexflexquestion: how to join xyz.zip.001 xyz.zip.002 ....... xyz.zip.124 in ubuntu?10:13
ChristianAdamskiXanius - sounds good, mysql is working - it just maybe uses the wrong configuration? I think you should take this to #mysql now (or similar)10:13
ChristianAdamskioops :)10:14
emmkaiwildbat: for mistake i tried "sudo frisk -l" when i had not feet connected the drive, but there is no other entry when i've connected it10:14
XaniusK, thanks. :)10:14
ChristianAdamskiXanius - try to connect via mysql -u root -p10:15
ChristianAdamskiand use your normal Ubuntu password10:15
Apocalypse_dnwillbat, thanks, I'm currently running shred on /dev/sda710:15
XaniusChristianAdamski, yeah that works. Takes me to the mysql command prompt10:16
ChristianAdamskithere you go, seems perfectly fine10:16
Apocalypse_dnPolah, thanks, I get it10:16
ChristianAdamskitry "show databases;"10:16
XaniusYep, must have been the reboot...I swear I had rebooted it but at 3am I likely to be wrong. Thanks.10:17
wildbatemmkai: that's strange , that mean your usb isn't detected in the linux10:18
ChristianAdamskiXanius - that might be it - a broken mysql instance can block starting a new one10:18
harshadahey, need help with dir permessions..i have a parent dir P to whichi have given some recursive permissions which are applied to sub-dir s1. Now i create a new sub-dir s2, is there any way that child dir takes the permission of parent dir10:18
wildbatemmkai: pastebin : sudo -c sh "lsusb; fdisk-l; mount"10:20
wildbatharshada: man umask.10:21
Polahnetjaxxx: With?10:23
emmkaiwildbat: http://pastebin.com/XcKSAB9b :p10:23
ChristianAdamskiPolah: maybe help in a more general way. Or maybe its a command. Help! Like, we are supposed to help more10:24
domedagenarchman: You still here?10:24
archmandomedagen: yup10:24
enkazhi, any good backup software suggestion ?10:25
wildbatemmkai: oops my bad ~ wrong command10:25
ChristianAdamskienkaz: I use DejaDup10:25
dzupno hard fillings here10:25
domedagenarchman: I see device not ready(firmware missing) before I used ndiswrapper. Should I skip that step and can you link to guide again?10:25
wildbatemmkai: pastebin : sudo sh -c "lsusb; fdisk-l; mount"10:25
archmandomedagen: http://linuxforums.org.uk/hardware-compatibility/ralink-rt2870-based-usb-wireless-n-adapters-(ubuntu)/10:26
archmandomedagen: you probably won't need ndiswrapper10:26
Polahenkaz: You can just set up a script to archive the necessary files and move them elsewhere and use cron to have it run automatically10:27
Hyperbyteenkaz, and rsync for incremental backups. :)10:28
netjaxxxHey buddies10:28
netjaxxxCant install macbuntu on my ubuntu 11.04 any helping hands10:28
domedagenarchman: How can I know both are loaded? It says 0 0 on both(same look at paste)10:28
Polahnetjaxxx: We need more information. What errors are you getting when you try and install?10:29
HyperbyteHaving a little problem with CUPS.  I have a whole bunch of jobs in 'stopped' state, after some printer error.  I want resume/reprint all of them, so the jobs finish.  Is there anyway to do this?10:29
emmkaiok wildcat: i tell you what, i replugged the drive for probably the tenth time… and suddenly it appeared, maybe it took the hfsplus package so long to kick in10:29
archmandomedagen: with lsmod | grep rt2810:29
archmandomedagen: if both are listed, you'll need to blacklist the 280010:29
archmanor whichever10:29
domedagenarchman: I see10:30
emmkaibut thank you very much for your help, i learned some neat commands :)10:30
netjaxxxi run the installer from my desktop this is the response:10:30
FloodBot1netjaxxx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:30
wildbatemmkai: hehe ~ didn't helped but it work for good :> ~10:30
netjaxxxbash: /home/netjaxxx/Desktop/Macbuntu-10.10/install.sh: Permission denied10:30
domedagenarchman: Going to reboot. Stand by plz10:31
archmandomedagen: ok ;)10:32
ace33is there an ubuntu tool for automatically finding and installing missing drivers?10:32
netjaxxxcan someone help please?10:32
Polahnetjaxxx: Make sure it's executable10:32
archmannetjaxxx: chmod +x /home/netjaxxx/Desktop/Macbuntu-10.10/install.sh10:32
jribace33: jockey10:33
domedagenarchman: I can see my networks using WLAN. Epic winning10:34
archmandomedagen: have fun =)10:35
domedagenarchman: Going to continue setup for WPA10:35
khfifcondig shows no wireless interface and no wireless interface appears in gnome panel. can i modprobe it?10:35
archmankhf: first try to "ifconfig wlan0 up"10:35
netjaxxx@ archman chmod +x /home/netjaxxx/Desktop/Macbuntu-10.10/install.sh worked installing now thanks man10:36
archmannetjaxxx: no probs10:36
archmannetjaxxx: see "man chmod" for details10:36
fatih1993hi all, how can i install library packages of gcc? I am using Ubuntu 11.04.10:37
khfSIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 13210:37
enkazasks better way, i am on ubuntu at this moment, but i want a backup from the windows and ubuntu OS's by some files i choose or even whole drive whichever possible ?10:38
jribfatih1993: what is an example of something you want to install?10:38
archmankhf: try to modprobe, if you know which module you need10:38
khfnah i don't i had a quick google i'll keep looking10:39
jribfatih1993: «  apt-cache search -n lib mysql dev », read results10:39
fatih1993well, will i install all packages one by one ?10:39
netjaxxx@ archman thanks buddy10:39
jribfatih1993: no, install the one you want10:40
fatih1993jrib: Ok. Thanks10:40
archmankhf: lspci | grep Network10:41
khfbut lshw -C network yields10:43
fatih1993jrib: It's 211 MB , it seems a bit tramendous.10:43
jribfatih1993: what are you installing?10:43
jribfatih1993: so you want MySQL driver of the HSQL library for GHC6?10:43
fatih1993i dont think so10:44
jribfatih1993: nope10:44
de-levehow can i change the config for my monitor in the ubuntu 11? Tried to change the X, but dont have X, so i created one, and didnt work well.10:44
jribfatih1993: you probably want libmysqlclient-dev - MySQL database development files10:44
fatih1993jrib: yeap10:44
jribde-leve: 11.what?10:44
domedagenarchman: Did you see that? Still online without ethernet!10:44
archmandomedagen: hahah10:45
coz_de-leve,   try opening   gnome-display-properties10:45
mrgenixuswhat is the name of the installer application, please?10:45
jribmrgenixus: to install packages, you mean?10:45
mrgenixusis there a project for the ubuntu cd, I need to file bugs aginst both10:45
archmankhf: find the corresponding module for your interface10:45
fatih1993jrib: will this command provide me the packet what you said?10:45
mrgenixusI mean the ubuntu installer10:45
jribfatih1993: it's not a command, it's a package name10:46
jribmrgenixus: ubiquity10:46
mrgenixusI've been forced to boot my installation media from my installation target drive10:46
coz_mrgenixus,  what is happening or not happening with the cd?10:46
mrgenixusit's pre-partitioned10:46
mrgenixusbut I can't select a root partition in the installer10:46
de-levecoz, have tried before, dont show all the config, i want a better config for the image, i have that, my monitor supoprt, but dont know how to...10:46
jribmrgenixus: make sure it's not mounted10:46
fatih1993jrib: so, will i install this package additionly?10:47
mrgenixusor, more specificially, I can select it, but it wants to unmount the ENTIRE disk, in order to format one of the partitions10:47
jribfatih1993: you need to install only libmysqlclient-dev10:47
scnrHi, can someone please tell me the name of the new scanner application in ubuntu?10:47
mrgenixusbut it can't, It's (obviously) in-use10:47
fatih1993jrib: oh ok.10:47
coz_de-leve,  let me check . hold on10:47
mrgenixusbut it doesn't really need to be doing this. I just needs to mount the (already formatted) partition10:48
jribmrgenixus: I suppose you should still file the bug but as a workaround can you format yourself and tell it not to format?10:48
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest65913
khfarchman I think o worked the problem out :-$10:48
coz_de-leve,   out of curiosity,,which video card is on your system?10:48
mrgenixusI can't select it as the root partition, unless I tell it to format10:48
mrgenixus^^ that's the bug10:48
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
domedagenarchman: Would you accept a small donation of 100SEK via PayPal as a thank you gift?10:48
mrgenixusI'm hoping that, as a stop-gap, the alternate cd will work10:49
archmandomedagen: not needed, thanks :)10:49
archmandomedagen: i just volunteered, heh10:49
Polahmrgenixus: Why can't you format it?10:49
archmandomedagen: have fun, hope you fixed everything10:49
scnrI'm using Suse, but was using ubuntu 11.04, there is a new quick document scan program on it, but I can't remember the name10:49
mrgenixusPolah: it's formatted10:49
Polahmrgenixus: As?10:49
mrgenixusthe installer wants to repartition, in order to format10:49
mrgenixusit's XFS10:50
scnrsimple scan - you can all stop replying now ;-)10:50
Polahmrgenixus: And why can't you reformat it to install?10:50
scnrcatch ya later ubuntu noobs :-D10:50
domedagenarchman: But I insist, I don't see how you can fully understand my gratefulness without it. I'm not rich but I would I'd like to give you some kind of compensation10:51
mrgenixusPolah, I've got the install media written to the first partition10:51
mrgenixusso, it can' be unmounted, as it's the running session10:51
mrgenixusergo, I can't reformat10:51
mrgenixusergo, I can't select a root partition10:51
ikoniamrgenixus: thats not really a bug10:51
Polahmrgenixus: Well you can't install it there then. Burn the ISO to a disk or USB and install...10:51
mrgenixusikonia: in what way is that not a bug10:51
mrgenixusmy cdrom is ruined, won't boot10:52
mrgenixusthe system is a laptop, and predates booting from usb, apparently10:52
ikoniamrgenixus: in that how can you expec tto format a partition you are using10:52
coz_mrgenixus,  what about a flash drive10:52
Polahmrgenixus: The same way you can't install onto a USB from the same USB... Then burn a new CD or put it into a USB flash drive10:52
mrgenixusI'm not trying to format the partition I'm using10:52
Karen_m100 Swedish kronor = 15.6764 U.S. dollars10:52
mrgenixusI'm trying to select an entirely different partion10:52
ikoniamrgenixus: so why can't you unmount it10:52
ikoniamrgenixus: if you're not using that partition why can't you unmount it10:53
mrgenixusI don't need to unmount it, it's not mounted10:53
Polahdomedagen: Everybody in here is a volunteer. We do not expect payment for helping people.10:53
coz_de-leve,  are you still there?10:53
ikoniamrgenixus: why can't you select a root file system then ?10:53
mrgenixusthe installer insists it needs to unmount the partion I'm using, not the one I'm installing to10:53
mrgenixusikonia: because there's a bug in the installer10:53
ikoniamrgenixus: that doesn't sound correct10:53
mrgenixusit won't select a partition, unless I select a filesystem format10:53
mrgenixusIf I select a filesystem format, it says it has to repartition (which it doesn't)10:54
Polahmrgenixus: Shrink the partition with the installation files, make another partition to use as root and install there instead10:54
auronandacedomedagen: if you want to you could always donate to ubuntu10:54
auronandace!donate | domedagen10:54
mrgenixusbecause it need to repartition, it has to unmount /cdrom (because /cdrom is mounted with /dev/sda110:54
ubottudomedagen: To donate to Ubuntu, you can !participate or go to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate10:54
mrgenixusPolah:  there's a 95Gb partition, formatted XFS with nothing on it that I want to install on on /dev/dsa210:55
de-levecoz, dont know now, by the way, im not at home. ill try this later when im at home, ok? its easier and i can tell you everything of my machine, thanks a lot.10:55
mrgenixus^^ sda210:55
mrgenixuswhy should I shring anything?10:55
mrgenixusI have everything I need now10:55
mrgenixusif this was gentoo I would be done a week ago10:55
Polahmrgenixus: Yes, so move the installation media to another smaller partition. Therefore you can format the partition you plan to install on with no problems.10:55
mrgenixusPolah: like this: the installation media is on sda1, formatted FAT, trying to install to sda210:56
coz_mrgenixus,   I would strongly reccommend  jfs and dont bother with xfs  but that's just my opinion10:56
Polahmrgenixus: So there's no problem with just reformatting it, then...?10:56
majestikany plans for 11.10 to be scalable? i mean if it detects your GPU cant handle Unity is it gonna fall back to say Unity2D or Gnome3.x10:56
mrgenixuscoz_: srsly, not relevant10:56
mrgenixusPolah: IT's FORMATTED10:56
Polahmrgenixus: Yes, but if it wants you to reformat it in order to install and there's no reason why you shouldn't, then the obvious choice is to just do that.10:57
mrgenixusthe installer won't format it, unless it unmounts /dev/sda110:57
coz_mrgenixus,  so the istall wants to format to ext4 ...yes?10:57
mrgenixuscoz_ no.10:57
domedagenauronandace: TY for advice10:58
coz_mrgenixus,  if it wants to reformat the partition and you are trying to install 11.04,, my guess is it will reformat to ext410:58
majestikext4 = win10:58
* p1l0t *yawn* Good morning10:58
majestikmorning p1l0t10:58
mrgenixusPolah: first, I tried repartioning from the installer (FAIL), then I tried partitioning manualy with fdisk (Success) and then doing the install, and formatting with the installer (fail)10:58
coz_majestik,   ubuntu 11.04 is using ext410:58
jattempathy with messenger account: network error10:58
jattis this a known problem?10:58
jattdid they change the protocol10:59
mrgenixuslastly, I formatted manually and tried to just select the destination (it wants to unmount /dev/sda1)10:59
mrgenixuscoz_: there is no way that what you're describing could possibly require the system unmount unrelated partitions11:00
mrgenixuscoz_: I insist that my choice of filesystem is not relevant11:00
majestikcoz_: ext4 is a win dude, unless your using a SSD then i'd suggest manual ext2 with no swap personally11:00
coz_what ?11:00
Polahmrgenixus: Have you actually tried with another filesystem, though?11:01
mrgenixusPolah: in fairness, no.  I still call this a bug11:01
mrgenixuseven if my use is off-label11:01
mrgenixusI'm not asking the system to do anything I shouldn't be able to do11:01
majestikignore me coz_ stick to the guy you was talking to i dont have enough info on your issue and i'm currently at work sorry to but in lol just my two cents11:02
Polahmrgenixus: So perhaps try with another filesystem, and if it still happens then I'll guess you have a faulty installer, or if it works then it's a strange problem with formatting to XFS11:02
mrgenixusPolah: I'm sure the md5 on the installer would match spec11:02
mrgenixusit's def. a bug, even with XFS11:02
mrgenixusit's just a more specific bug11:02
Polahmrgenixus: Go and check the MD5 just in case, and try with another filesystem so as to determine if it's the installer in general or just when you attempt with XFS.11:03
ranjanHi all, i have 3 nics on my machine, how can i make service to use these interfaces selectively, ie apache through NIC1 , Sendmail through NIC2 etc11:07
PolahRanjan: Are they assigned different IPs?11:08
ranjanPolah, Yes11:08
Polahranjan: Are you behind a router?11:08
ranjanPolah, Yes11:09
Polahranjan: Well, you could configure the router to direct traffic on specific ports to the different IPs. i.e traffic on port 80 and 443 to one of the IPs for Apache and so on like that11:10
simmerzHi, is there a way to stop my empathy chat windows from growing horizontally when typing? It's really annoying!11:10
ranjanPolah, ok.11:10
coz_simmerz,  sorry I dont use empathy,, stick around for a while for an answer11:10
SimonJaianyone use ZFS in ubuntu?11:16
HyperbyteHi!  I have a whole bunch of jobs in 'stopped' state, after some printer error.  I want resume/reprint all of them, so the jobs finish.  Is there anyway to do this?11:20
HyperbyteErm, and this is about CUPS by the way... details, details. :)11:20
stedetHey this is Denmark calling11:20
th0rHyperbyte: have you checked in the cups interface? I am not sure, but I think you can resume the jobs there11:21
stedetWe are using a very old pc :-)11:21
jackhow do i modify my system cofiguration in ubuntu 10? want a screensaver...11:23
Hyperbyteth0r, I can resume the jobs, but not all of them... since it's 351 jobs.....11:24
glebihanjack, system->preferences->screensaver11:24
DebiansArmyIs there any way to load a cricket usb modem ec1705 i think having trouble loading the ppp-wvdial because of all the dependicies on Ubuntu julia.  Otherwise I will have to load about 50 dependency files separate before being able to use this Usb modem.. Is this available in Ubuntu 11??? as a default or am I going to have the same problem??? If so I will just buy a Cricket Crosswave hot spot...11:24
DebiansArmy...and use wireless... Thanks..11:24
jackglebihan: where?11:24
jackthere"s no menu or so11:25
DebiansArmyThis is the thread I have been following how to install cricket ec1705... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155569611:26
glebihanjack, in the main menu11:26
glebihanjack, you can also run the "gnome-screensaver-preferences" command11:26
glebihanjack, you said you were running Ubuntu 10, not 11.04 right ?11:26
simmerzHi, is there a way to stop my empathy chat windows from growing horizontally when typing? It's really annoying!11:26
jacknatty narwhal11:26
glebihanjack, natty is 11.04...$11:27
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=== dma is now known as Guest61750
glebihanjack, have a look at http://techotopia.com/index.php/Ubuntu_11.04_Unity_Screensaver,_Desktop_Lock_and_Power_Management_Configuration#The_Desktop_Screensaver11:28
DebiansArmyThis is the other thread I have followed to try install???? Am I unaware of a change in Ubuntu from ubuntu 10 to ubuntu 11??? such as is natty installed by default do to the number of usb modems and hot spots???11:29
cook1eshello what is the easiest way to change username of my administrator account?11:30
Hyperbytecook1es, you mean of 'root'?11:30
glebihanDebiansArmy, Julia is not Ubuntu, it's Mint, and it is not supported here11:30
dr_williscook1es,  make a new user with the same rights..11:30
jacksudo passwd11:31
Kingsywhat is the grabbit equivilant on ubuntu ?11:31
SimonJaianyone use ZFS in ubuntu?11:31
dr_willisjack,  unneeded for the most part.11:31
cook1esHyperbyte: no the username infront of @ubuntu11:31
cook1esdr_willis: will my settings transfer aswell then?11:32
coz_SimonJai,   I do not but this is a start   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS11:32
dr_williscook1es,  no..  but you could copy them over and chown/chmod them to be owned by the new user..11:32
DebiansArmyglebihan: stop with this its ubuntu for all tents and purposes.... Is this the kind of help I am going to receive... Fine I will just by hot spot... No reason to waste your time... thanks for nothing :)11:32
dr_willisDebiansArmy,  the channel guideslines dissagree.. theres official Mint channels..11:33
MyrttiDebiansArmy: it's not supported here tho, there are official Mint channels, please use them11:33
cook1esdr_willis, ok copying will not be a problem, how do I chown something?11:33
DebiansArmydr_willis: tried it wow five people with less skills then me thanks again... To much to have a ubuntu user think out side the box... Wow... Thanks again :)11:34
SimonJaithat's great...11:34
coz_DebiansArmy,  we dont have the resources to support linuxmint,, that is why there are separate channels for things,, each with their respective resources11:34
dr_williscook1es,  with the chown command11:34
dr_willis!permissions | cook1es11:34
ubottucook1es: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:34
root___join #uni-c11:34
cook1esdr_willis thanks11:34
root___leave #ubuntu11:34
=== ross is now known as Guest60319
* DebiansArmy me keeping mouth shout will wait for ubuntu solution and just piggyback ride the idea... mum is the word....11:35
dr_willisDebiansArmy,  to much for you to ask for this channe to support all the dozens of ubuntu variants.. thats how it is.11:35
cook1esDebinsArmy, we could argue that #tech covers everything computer related, but then there would be alot of people there11:35
dr_williscook1es,  why are you changing the  admin users name anyway?11:35
cook1esdr_willis, I am uncomfortable with my current adminusername, its a VM so no sour business going on :-)11:36
dr_willisyou got a 'naughty' user name? :)11:36
Guest60319join #50plus11:36
kalibhi people. I didn't like unity. How can I use gnome instead of it?11:36
dr_willis!classic | kalib11:37
ubottukalib: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".11:37
coz_Guest60129,   use  /join #channel :)11:37
* DebiansArmy mumms the word, I have done reverse engineering and thinking before when it comes to ubuntu and linux mint... No need to here what I already now your not going to help...11:37
cook1esdr_willis, no, I just don't want all to know my real name when I pastebin my sudo commands and I am too lazy to erase it manually11:37
dr_williskalib,  but gnome2 as you know it is getting phased out.. so you may want to try Lubuntu/lxde or xubuntu/ xfce  or kubuntu if you cant stand gnome shell or unity11:37
kalibdr_willis, what about gnome3?11:38
dr_williscook1es,   you could just do a sudo -i11:38
dr_williskalib,  what about it.. Its not in 11.04.. it is in 11.1011:38
Kingsywhat can I use as a GUI newsgroups prog for ubuntu ?11:38
Kingsywith windows I used grabit11:38
dr_willisUnity technically is running on top of gnome3 in 11.10  :)11:38
kalibdr_willis, thanks. Until there, I'll keep the classic.11:38
mang0Steam is very, very, very laggy under wine. Is that fixable or not?11:39
cook1esdr_willis excellent I will knock that into my head, is it also possible to change the "computer name" which is after the @11:39
bazhangmang0, #winehq for particular wine issues11:40
Hyperbytemang0, what bazhang said.  But I believe Steam can work normally under Wine.11:41
mang0I'll ask in winehq then11:41
HyperbyteThe games is another story of course, but Steam should be able to work fine.11:41
dr_williscook1es,  thats the hostname. yes  its changeble11:41
dr_willis!hostname | cook1es11:41
ubottucook1es: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.11:41
cook1esdr_willis: cool11:42
dr_williscook1es,  you could just change your bash prompt  ... and not alter either of those.. :)11:42
cook1esdr_willis, how would one do that?11:43
DaghdhaHi, is there a chckdisk (THat checks the entire RAID) for raids?11:43
marhellHi, im using our schools computer wich has ubuntu and the cursor doesnt show. i tried to google it, but couldnt find a solution that would work.11:44
marhellAny one? Our teacher gave me this impossible task to update this and i cant get it work :(11:52
coz_marhell,   is it an optical mouse or a wheel mouse?11:52
mang0marhell: what do you mean to update this?11:52
coz_ball mouse11:52
ttolsHi there11:52
coz_ttols,   hey11:53
marhellits an optical11:53
archmanDebian! Run!!11:53
coz_marhell,  which  version of ubuntu is this?11:53
coz_marhell,   in terminal    lsb_release -a11:54
marhellwell thats like one of the problems. i cant found it anywhere :D11:54
coz_marhell,   ok  first lets test something... go to System/Preferences/Appearance11:55
coz_marhell,  then click the "Customize" button then the  "Pointer"  tab11:55
marhelli have default11:55
* DebiansArmy me run???? No hold ground... Stampede of the Raging bulls ;p11:55
coz_marhell,   in that dialog you mean?11:56
coz_marhell,   are there other cursor themes  listed there?11:56
dr_williscook1es,  bash basics check out the 'bash prompt howto' you just set your PS1 variable. :)11:56
dr_willisHmm no factoid for it.11:56
marhellcoz_: yeah there is11:56
coz_marhell,  ok  click one of the other themes to see if the cursor shows up11:56
archmanDebiansArmy: no, us :D11:56
=== hasan is now known as Guest99433
marhellrandom the cursor just stardet working on its own :D11:57
coz_marhell,  cool... so now ..check if the cursor  shows up after logging off and then loigging back in and come back here to let us k now11:57
marhellbut thaks now it works.11:57
* DebiansArmy Me Raging Bull... Hold ground.... Me no Stop... Be silent .... Be still.... then boom... Me attack...11:58
MyrttiDebiansArmy: please keep to the topic11:58
cook1esDebiansArmy: why u mad11:58
rcmaehlhow do I connect to my desktop directory to access files via ssh using windows11:59
rcmaehlI need to be able to transfer files11:59
coz_marhell,   are you able to log off on that computer?12:00
coz_marhell,  or even restart it?12:00
marhell_Dindt work :/12:01
coz_marhell,  ok  open a terminal and type this command    sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme12:02
marhell_I cant get it back anymore :(12:02
coz_marhell_,  when that reads... you have choices with numbers... choose the default number,,, hit enter,,, then again if possible restart the system or restart x12:03
cook1esis there some trick to give my admin user root access? I am aware of the insecureness of this, but wondering anyways12:03
iceroot!sudo | cook1es12:04
ubottucook1es: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:04
icerootcook1es: never EVER put your user in the root-group12:04
dr_williscook1es,  your admin user techinally does have 'root' access...  clarify what you are wanting to do exactly..12:05
=== neo is now known as Guest85284
Guest85284hello world12:06
flametai1dr_willis, you're my best friend. <.<12:06
marhellDidnt work im afraid12:07
flametai1You've helped me quite a bit, and I sorta need help again. lol.12:07
flametai1You wouldn't happen to be familiar with wine would you dr_willis?12:07
marhellI cant get home untill this works :D12:08
cook1esdr_willis, I want to open geany and be able to edit /etc/ files without having to sudo geany12:08
sets88Who knows how to defragment FAT32 under linux  (no "cp;mkfs.vfat;cp" please :) )12:08
cook1esiceroot: so that's how you get root access, why should one never do it, because of security or does it screw other things up?12:08
=== mang0_ is now known as mang0
coz_sets88,  are you trying to defrag a windows install?12:09
icerootcook1es: everything you are starting is running as root, desktop, browser, mailclient, irc client and so on12:09
sets88coz_ almost, i'm trying to defrag bootable USB image12:09
mang0How do I  find out what window manager I'm using at this moment? I have compiz and metacity installed, I need to know which I'm using...12:09
dr_williscook1es,  i suggest you learn the proper methods and practice good security habbits...12:10
Razzeeyymang0 what sessions do you use? Ubuntu or Ubuntu classic?12:10
mang0Razzeeyy: Ubuntu, without unity.12:10
coz_sets88,  oh well... I am not sure that would be necessary , however,, there is no defrag utility on linux,, ext4 has one somewhere,  not even sure how to use that,, however   you will have to defrag that from a windos installation12:10
Razzeeyygnome2 -- metacity12:10
dr_williscook1es,  there are some addons/scripts for nautilys that let you right click and 'edit as root....'   it then just asks for the password and you are set..12:11
sets88coz_ ok, thanx12:12
marhellcoz_: Any more ideas how to get this work?12:12
zorluhey i am trying to write a python script that shows notification when capslock pressed. so notification-daemon shows when capslock pressed, but i want to display on/off state of caps key. anybody?12:12
coz_marhell,  did that command not work for you?12:12
marhelldidnt work12:12
coz_marhell,  ok hold on12:12
marhelli dont know i restarted it wrong, cuz the command restart didnt work :D12:13
marhellif i*12:13
Razzeeyyguys how to get screenshots like software-center does but from terminal?12:14
=== rene is now known as Guest7554
coz_marhell,  oh  ok if you want to restart the system,, in terminal    sudo init 612:14
rumpe1Razzeeyy, "gnome-screenshot"?12:14
marhellso i should try the commands again?12:15
dr_williscoz_,  sudo reboot   may be a better idea. :)12:15
RazzeeyyRumpe1, nope. I mean images in description what software-center does12:15
Razzeeyybut i want to get it from console without software-center12:15
dr_williseasier to rember...12:15
coz_marhell,  if you already set that number in the config command then no you dont need to redo it12:15
coz_dr_willis,   didnt think of that :)12:15
coz_marhell,   so either  sudo reboot  in terminal or   again   sudo init 612:16
marhelli restarted the computer already without a command12:16
marhellso they didnt get lost?12:17
coz_marhell,   oh!  ok probably didnt get lost  so hold on while I check again12:17
mang0How do I disable compositing for compiz?12:17
mang0for metacity12:18
coz_man0 open  gconf-editor   maneuver to /apps/metacity/general   compositing_manager12:19
Razzeeyytrophy -- cool racing game :D12:19
coz_marhell,   out of curiosity,, which video card is on that system?  in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga12:20
dr_willis!hostname | cook1es12:20
ubottucook1es: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.12:20
marhell00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 01)12:21
coz_marhell,  ok .. not up on the intel video chips,, let me check12:22
DebiansArmyrumpe1: print screen on the keyboard give the same command as gnome-screenshot...12:23
mrryanjohnston_I'm running ubuntu server 11.04 on vmware player. I added a second interface in /etc/network/interface and now I can't resolve outside network addresses. Any insight into this?12:23
coz_marhell,  are you permitted to update the system there?12:24
mrryanjohnston_Added the second interface by adding the following lines: #Host-Only  /  auto eth1  /  iface eth1 inet dhcp12:24
coz_marhell,   in terminal   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:24
speedrunnerG55my driver is still not in use, can someone help me make my video diver be in use?12:24
marhell0 updates :/12:24
coz_marhell,  ok hold on12:25
marhellbut the cursor just came back... :D12:25
ranjanHi all i have a dv4-3015TX, but when booting ubuntu from a live usb, it results in a black screen. What might be the problem? its the same with Pinguy and Mint too12:25
coz_marhell,   something is definitly wrong on that end  if it is on and off12:25
marhellwell it loses when i restart12:26
coz_marhell,  is this a clean install of 10.04  or was it updated from a previous version?12:26
Razzeeyymarhell try sudo apt-get upgrade             to check for updates12:26
marhellthen when i try to get it it just pops up :D12:26
marhelli uptadet like with the update manager12:26
dr_willisspeedrunnerG55,  somt times it is in use and tools are lieing. :)12:26
marhellRazzeeyy: 0 updates12:27
Razzeeyytry to enable proposed repository for updates12:27
HaakonKLHello, does anyone here have any experience with Wacom tablets?12:27
kn100-wooIs there any way to make wireless autoreconnect under ubuntu12:27
marhellRazzeeyy: i have no idea how to do that.12:27
speedrunnerG55really dr_willis ?12:27
coz_marhell,   ok I want you to do both of these commands one after the other    sudo apt-get update    then   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:27
kn100-woooccasionally mine will drop out and then ask me to re-enter my password, I have to hit connect to reconnect12:28
dr_willisspeedrunnerG55,  yes.. Mine says not in use right now.. but it defainatly is in use..12:28
speedrunnerG55i did notice minecraft runnin ecseptionally well12:28
HaakonKLspeedrunnerG55: LOL12:28
kn100-wooWas thinking a cron job but how do I connect to a wpa2 protected network from the terminal12:28
speedrunnerG55and the dual monitor configuration saved12:28
speedrunnerG55whitch it didnt before12:28
dr_willisspeedrunnerG55,  sounds like its in use to me..12:28
marhellcoz_: 0 updates it says12:29
speedrunnerG55i re intstaled my driver since i replaced it with a similar card12:29
dr_willisspeedrunnerG55,  nvidia? you could edit the xorg.conf and have it show the logo at startup also.. to prove its in use. :)12:29
coz_marhell,   do you have compiz running on that system?12:29
speedrunnerG55how do i do that?12:29
coz_marhell,   just in case   hit alt+F2  and type  metacity --replace12:29
marhellcoz_: compiz?12:29
speedrunnerG55is that after the os boots?12:29
dr_willisspeedrunnerG55,  edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf if it exists and enable the showlogo option12:29
speedrunnerG55or like option rom12:29
marhellcoz_: done12:30
HaakonKLGosh darn it!12:30
coz_marhell,  is the cursor still visible?12:30
Razzeeyymarhell, update-manager then click settings button so you must be in software sources then select natty(or what your distro)-proposed12:30
marhellcoz_: yes12:30
coz_marhell,  ok then the off / on behavior is puzzling me,,12:30
BluesKajhiyas all12:30
HaakonKLQuestion, does anyone here have any experience with Wacom tablets?12:31
coz_HaakonKL,  yes I have one here12:31
Razzeeyyi have with Genius tablet12:31
marhellcoz_: i can try to restart now12:31
marhelland see what happens12:31
coz_marhell,  ok yes12:31
farciarz84ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I cannot install libssl-dev, 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.6, packages are damaged12:31
farciarz84why, how to solve that?12:31
HaakonKLGreat, see, it all works and stuff, but it acts like a mouse.12:31
HaakonKLWith the exception of that, it Just Works[tm]12:32
coz_HaakonKL,   like a mouse?12:32
Razzeeyytry to look into wizardpen packages to configure your tablet right12:32
Razzeeyywizardpen is works for me12:32
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: try this command for a list of packages that may need to be updated??? apt-get upgrade -> n12:32
marhellcoz_: doest matter if i restart from the terminal or just from up there12:32
coz_HaakonKL,   it should work like a mouse12:32
gamer1990farciarz84: try to change the software-sources, choose another mirror12:32
coz_marhell,   doesnt matter12:32
RazzeeyyDebiansArmy thanks12:32
HaakonKLYeah, but then I can only draw with half the tablet.. :(12:32
coz_HaakonKL,  oh?  which size tablet is it?12:32
HaakonKLIt's just the cheapest bamboo tablet.12:32
HaakonKLAbout A6 or so?12:33
=== vivek is now known as Guest92083
coz_HaakonKL,  and it is not resoving the resolution of the monitor?12:33
coz_HaakonKL,  resolving I meant12:33
HaakonKLWhat do you mean? I have two monitors, so...12:33
syskkhow do I find out which driver my wireless card uses?12:33
HaakonKLIt correctly puts itself at the relative position.12:33
jpdssyskk: sudo lshw -C wireless12:33
coz_HaakonKL,  ok    so dual monitors... on a small tablet,, that is going to be very sensitive ...yes?12:33
HaakonKLI have good motor skills.... :p12:34
syskknothing there jpds12:34
coz_HaakonKL,  is it not "spanning" both monitors  when you move the stylus?12:34
HaakonKLYes it is, but I wish that it would stick inside gimp.12:34
marhell_coz_: and the cursor is gone again.12:34
jpdssyskk: Oh, '-C network'12:34
coz_marhell,  oh geez... ok guy,, I am definitly puzzled by this one12:34
coz_HaakonKL,   is it somehow bouncing out of gimp when you work with it?12:35
HaakonKLmarhell_: could you pastebin your xorg.conf?12:35
syskkmmm says "wl0" weird12:35
marhell_HaakonKL: a what?12:35
RazzeeyyHaakonKL try to look in gimp preferences. Somewhere there must be section for config tablets and input devices12:35
HaakonKLcoz_ yes, I set it to stick inside the window but it will click outside.12:35
HaakonKLRazzeeyy: I have. That's where I saw the option of having it stick inside the window. :)12:35
HaakonKLmarhell_: It's a file. It lives in /etc/X11/12:36
coz_marhell,   what he want is for you to open a terminal   sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   then go to pastebin.com  and paste the entire contents of that file ,,  hit submit and paste the url address here so we can see it12:36
HaakonKLIf you post that file to pastebin.org, we can see what your computer thinks your mouse is.12:36
HaakonKLcoz_: Nice explanation.12:36
DebiansArmy[THC]AcidRain: Yeh, can you help me with a LinuxMint/ Ubuntu question12:36
coz_HaakonKL,  so it is not calibrated to gimp's interface12:36
usr13marhell_: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:36
usr13easier   ^^^12:36
HaakonKLwait, let me mess around with gimp for a bit first.12:37
syskkjpds: this is what I'm getting.. no info on the drive except "wl0" http://pastebin.com/D4SDyQGd12:37
dfaureLibreOffice fails to open files on an nfs mount. With "nolock" I get errors opening files ("used by another user"). With "lock", openoffice doesn't even show up (lockd errors in the logs, maybe bug 181996)12:37
coz_HaakonKL,  ok ,,  open your home directory,, hit ctrl+h to show hidden files and delete the  .gimp-2.6 directory and restart gimp12:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 181996 in linux-source-2.6.22 (Ubuntu Gutsy) "NFS server: lockd: server not responding" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18199612:37
marhell_now the cursor came back12:38
DebiansArmy[THC]AcidRain: Can you tell me when natty got introduced into Ubuntu as a full package???12:38
HaakonKLrm -rf ~/gimp12:38
coz_marhell_,   we might to see that xorg.conf file  to see hwcursor or software cursor is being used12:38
jpdssyskk: modinfo wl0 ?12:38
coz_HaakonKL,  you can set nautilus to have a delete with right click12:38
marhell_xorg.conf is empty?12:38
farciarz84Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I cannot install libssl-dev, 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.6, packages are damaged12:38
coz_marhell_,  ok12:38
dfaureshould I use nfs-user-server or nfs-kernel-server, btw?12:38
marhell_did i do something wrong12:38
HaakonKLI just prefer to do it in the terminal.12:39
PiciDebiansArmy: Natty is not a package, it is the codename for Ubuntu 11.0412:39
usr13farciarz84: apt-get -f install12:39
coz_marhell_,  make sure the command is spelled correctly   sudo gedit  /etc/X11/xorg.conf   that X11 must be  upper case12:39
=== zhanglearn_ is now known as zhanglearn
Razzeeyy>>an set nautilus to have a delete with right click12:39
Razzeeyydangerous :D "Hey, Wait, Wait.. i just wanted propeties" :D12:39
HaakonKLActually, he doesn't need sudo, since he's not supposed to write anything... :)12:40
DebiansArmyPici: funny thanks was looking at ppp-wvdial... I thought it was around up of the ppp pacakages available12:40
syskkjpds: nothing there12:40
marhell_coz_: i copy pasted the text and it gives me an empty thing12:41
coz_marhell_,  ok no biggie12:41
marhell_im really sorry for my english its not the best :D12:41
Razzeeyyguys is anyone have to use an openbox? i have one question.12:41
* DebiansArmy what names they use for Ubuntu distro....12:41
coz_marhell_,  I couldnt tell english is not your native language :)12:41
Pici!codenames | DebiansArmy12:41
ubottuDebiansArmy: Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more12:41
HaakonKLI'll be right back12:42
syskkjpds: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module wl012:42
coz_marhell_,  ok I am at a loss with this issue,,,  you may want to ask again , and let someone else take it on12:42
* DebiansArmy natty does that equal a whole bunch of natts on your back????12:42
marhell_ill try tomorrow12:42
coz_marhell_,  ok guy,, sorry I couldnt solve this one12:43
marhell_thanks anyway12:43
marhell_not prob12:43
Razzeeyyguys is there any way to speed up firefox start up? maybe some preloader for firefox?12:43
coz_marhell_,  its that on off behavior that is puzzling me12:43
loutaskerRazzeeyy: preloader12:43
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: version of firefox???12:44
marhell_coz_: it just comes when i do something and disappears when i restart12:44
raventhunderbird: possible to run thunderbird on one machine as slave with connection to another machine with the master databases?12:44
loutaskerRazzeeyy: pacman -S preload12:44
Razzeeyyrazzeeyy@MSI-Netbook-U130:~$ firefox --version12:44
RazzeeyyMozilla Firefox 6.012:44
marhell_coz_: but im going home, hope the teacher doesnt kill me for not getting this work :D12:45
Razzeeyyinstalled preload but it works a little bit lazy :D12:45
marhell_coz_: but thaks for effort12:45
coz_marhell_,  ok guy,, come back tomorrow12:45
jasonmsphey all.   How can I move my current swap drive to a new partition on another hard drive?12:45
Razzeeyyjasonmsp, gparted?12:46
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: That is what I figured...  There are youtube videos to show you how to speed up load times not sure if they will work with ff 612:46
MuNk`raven, as long as your mail is using imap you can run thunderbird on multiple machines and the mail will be synced12:46
RazzeeyyDebiansArmy ok will google for vid12:46
tsimpsonjasonmsp: just create another swap partition and enable it (by changing /etc/fstab) and disable the old one12:46
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: Give me a minute will look it up hold on..12:46
jasonmspRazzeeyy:  Im sure it could probably done command line..  Id prefer that.12:46
HaakonKLOk, well, I'll give up and just use the whole screen for now.12:47
jasonmsptsimpson: thanks!12:47
HaakonKLIt works, and I have nimblen hands.12:47
Razzeeyyjasonmsp, commandline is my fault :D sorry12:47
HaakonKLThanks for your help coz_12:47
RazzeeyyHaakonKL, your tables uses whole screen instead of one monitor?12:47
mrryanjohnston_I'm running ubuntu server in a vmware player. I added a second interafce of type "host-only." I run dhclient on it and I can access it from my host machine. However, I cannot access sites outside of my network. I can if I put the second interface down. Thoughts?12:48
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: Its the about.config command in firefox that gets pages to load faster and quicker connection times...12:48
RazzeeyyDebiansArmy yep i saw that things about pipelineing, but i'm looking for speed up start up of firefox12:49
mrryanjohnston_it says temporary failure in name resolution12:49
ravenMuNk`, no imap12:49
Razzeeyyit takes about 10 seconds to load after i've launched it12:49
farciarz84ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I cannot install libssl-dev, 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.6, packages are damaged, apt-get -f install doesn't help12:50
HaakonKLRazzeeyy: yes12:50
RazzeeyyHaakonKL try sudo apt-get instal wizardpen12:50
WaltzingAlongRazzeeyy: disable plugins ?12:50
Razzeeyythen try to config your tablet with wizardpen12:50
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: that is a load time and access to the network my takes about 20 seconds with modem in windows 7... oh I mentioned windows... lol ;p12:51
farciarz84require =0.9.8k-7ubuntu8 but there will be installed 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.6, wtf, why I cannot just install it?12:51
EightySix^ Does that load for you guys?12:51
Razzeeyyif I remember rightly wizardpen doin something around coordinates12:51
mrryanjohnston_ah, it seems like e/tc/resolv.conf is getting re-written12:51
RazzeeyyWaltzingAlong, a lot of plugins disavbled12:51
Razzeeyy>>that is a load time and access to the network my takes about 20 seconds with modem12:52
ziIf I crypt my home and I want ubuntu to ask me for password on startup, will it? how does that work?12:52
Razzeeyyi used chrome before and it was ready in 2 seconds after launch12:52
EightySixzi, It's called a login screen.12:52
farciarz84Why it's not possible to install libssl-dev on my pc? ubuntu 10.04 error: packages are damaged12:53
DebiansArmyRazzeeyy: what are you loading for add-ons there not built the same chrome and firefox work different12:53
cook1eswhy is sudo on
mang0How do I mount an ISO file in ubuntu?12:54
HaakonKLaccording to the wiki wizardpen was for non-wacom tablets?12:55
Razzeeyymang0 as the man mount says12:55
RazzeeyyThe standard form of the mount command, is12:55
Razzeeyy              mount -t type device dir12:55
pyghassenI ran into an incident when I tried sudo then it told me that i'm not in the sudoer....12:55
pyghassenhow to fix it12:55
ikoniapyghassen: are you in the "admin" group ?12:55
dr_willisfarciarz84,  from that error mesage. i would guess the files on the server are currupted. try a differnt server.12:55
Razzeeyytryed to launch firefox on my desktop -- it start a lot of faster... i think firefox wery processor-depended12:56
denebhello... i have an internal disk with is NTFS formated, and is has only data.....i want to share it through my lan network.... i configure samba but it tells my i can't access this location... how can i do this? thanks a lot12:56
pyghassenxuser is not in the sudoer file. this incident will be reported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:57
WaltzingAlongRazzeeyy: then you may look into firefox6 which apparently should load faster on gnu/linux12:57
pyghassenI don't need this now, guys how to work around this issue?12:57
ikoniapyghassen: please respond to the question I asked12:58
ikoniapyghassen: is your user in the admin group12:58
pyghassenikonia: I tried:  cat  /etc/group | grep admin12:59
ikoniapyghassen: just pastebin the output of the command id12:59
pyghassenand I got admin:x:13312:59
pyghassenI guess I'm not!!12:59
ikoniapyghassen: or paste in the channel the output of the command "id"12:59
pyghassenso what no, reinstall the whole damn thing now!!!!!!!!!!13:00
ikoniapyghassen: ok - I'm going to stop helping you unless you start listening13:00
ikoniapyghassen: calm down and listen to the advice I'm giving you - then I can help you13:00
pyghassenikonia: what did you say?13:01
ikoniapyghassen: please show me the output of the command "id"13:01
pyghassenok I'm listening13:01
pyghassenikonia: here it is uid=1000(ghassen) gid=1000(ghassen) groups=1000(ghassen),1001(subversion)13:02
ikoniapyghassen: was this the default user you setup ubuntu up with ?13:03
pyghassenikonia: it is the same exact one13:03
ikoniapyghassen: (eg: when you installed ubuntu, was this the user account you created)13:03
ikoniapyghassen: have you modified that account in anyway ?13:03
pyghassenlike what? ikonia13:03
ikoniapyghassen: changed it's users/groups13:03
pyghassenI just added a this user to www-data group that's all13:04
ikoniapyghassen: it would appear you've done that wrong, as that user is not a part of the www-data group at all, plus it has been removed from some of the core groups such as the "admin" group13:05
DebiansArmyWaltzingAlong: I think it is like most people say Firefox has become blooted just to much...13:05
ikoniapyghassen: to resolve this is quite simple, boot into recovery mode (from the grub menu) select a recovery shell and use the command "usermod -G admin ghassen"13:06
ikoniapyghassen: that will add the user back into the admin group, from there you can reboot and you'll have sudo access again13:06
ikoniapyghassen: you can then use the user gui to correct add the user to the groups you need13:06
pyghassenfor some reason I needed it be in the www-data group, I didn't know that when you put it in one group it will be revmove13:06
pyghassenremoved in the other group13:06
ikoniapyghassen: you didn't put it in the www-data group as you can see, it's not in that group13:07
ikoniapyghassen: if you follow the instructions I've given you, you will be back working fine in about 5 minutes13:07
klingelbarti have downloaded an tar.gz file. iside there is a shell-script. how can i execute it? thank you! I'm a linux noob13:07
=== vastu is now known as pgulley
ikoniaklingelbart: what have you downloaded ?13:08
gamer1990make it executable and then  ./yourscript13:08
pyghassenikonia: so how can I put it the admin and www-data group in the same time13:08
klingelbartikonia: tor browser bundle13:08
klingelbartgamer1990: how do i make it executable?13:08
DebiansArmyhi, hello, howdy what up .... good morning...13:09
Polahklingelbart: cd to that directory and do: chmod +x <filename>13:09
imiklingelbart: chmod u+x yourscript.sh13:09
ikoniapyghassen: get it in the admin group first with the command I gave you, then use the user/groups gui, it's easier and you won't make a mistake like this time13:09
=== satellit_afk is now known as satellit_
klingelbartPolah: is this compiling?13:09
Polahklingelbart: No, that's making it executable...13:09
Polahimi: u+x?13:09
gamer1990at first unpack the tar.gz13:09
lvhI have a WD Velociraptor drive that used to be part (half) of an isw software raid array. Even when I tell the alternative installer to not run dmraid, it refuses to create filesystems on that drive (saying it's in use by the system -- it appears the md subsystem thinks that drive is interesting too...). How can I kill the isw metadata on the drive? I've checked dmraid, but the installer doesn't have the manpage and it isn't obvious to me how I should go forward.13:09
lewis93I can't get my wireless driver to work. I installed the linux one (it is realtek rtl8192se) and it says everything is working fine but I can't connect. I am using a USB wireless adapter at the moment.13:10
lewis93What do I do?13:10
imiPolah: chmod u+x means add execution rigts to the owner (user)13:10
klingelbartgamer1990: and then?13:10
ikonialvh: use the livecd and remove the partition, and if needed the first 512kb of the disk with dd13:10
Polahimi: Oh.13:10
gamer1990make the script executable as written earlier13:11
klingelbartis a shell skript only piece of text or already compiled?13:11
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
imiklingelbart: shell script is interpreted by bash (generally not previously compiled)13:11
venilsuryaAkregator crashed with this error: Executable: akregator PID: 2413 Signal: 11 (Segmentation fault). What should I do?13:11
klingelbartimi: so do i have to compile it?13:11
lvhikonia: There are no more partitions, and I already put a new MBR on there with a second machine. No idea where the metadata is supposed to be stored? Is that the first 512b? (I don't know anything about these software RAID devices)13:12
Polahklingelbart: No. There's no compilation involved13:12
ikonialvh: correct zero the first 51213:12
imiklingelbart: you needn't (actually even, you can't)13:12
venilsuryaAkregator crashed with this error: Executable: akregator PID: 2413 Signal: 11 (Segmentation fault). What should I do?13:12
lvhikonia: zero as in /dev/zero? Thanks13:12
ikonialvh: that's fine13:12
klingelbartimi: why?13:12
imiklingelbart: just add exec rights or alternatively you can write bash ./myscript.sh13:12
ikoniaklingelbart: untar the file, make the script executale, run it, what is the problem ?13:12
Polahimi: Does that work the same as sh file.sh?13:13
imiklingelbart: scripts are interpreted runtime line-by-line. it's actually the same when you type CMDs to the shell13:13
klingelbartikonia: i want to understand everything13:13
ikoniaklingelbart: then do some research13:13
imiPolah: you can also write sh ./file.sh13:13
ikoniaklingelbart: there is a README file normally in the tar file along with an INSTALL file , read them13:13
ikoniaklingelbart: there are guides to bash and scripting on tldp.org13:13
klingelbartikona: i don't need yout coments.13:13
ikoniaklingelbart: there is bash scripting support/advice in the channel #bash13:13
klingelbartimi: thank you13:13
imiin the first line there is a #!/bin/bash or #!/bin/sh or perl or whatever. that's the line to check what interpreter should used to run that script13:14
venilsuryaDoesn't anyone here know what to do for a segmentation fault13:14
ikoniavenilsurya: a seg fault is a fatal error, the dump would need to be analyised13:14
pyghassenikonia: thanks man it's ok now :)13:14
imivenilsurya: report the bug to the authors13:14
klingelbartimi: thx13:14
zagibuvenilsurya: Segmentation fault can have many causes13:14
zagibuthere is no patented solution for segmentation faults, although you can try segment --force, but if you don't have lazybuttlinux, this won't work13:15
klingelbartikona: i'm sorry. thanks for your help.13:16
venilsuryaikonia, imi, zagibu: thanks. It keeps happening even if I reinstall the program. Can I do anything else?13:17
ikoniavenilsurya: report it to the developers13:17
imivenilsurya: report as bug to developers. maybe there is lib version mismatch, maybe the source is buggy13:18
DebiansArmylewis93: Found this on that card good luck... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166714013:18
lvhikonia: Oh, for future reference: apparently the command I really really wanted was dmraid -x13:20
lewis93DebiansArmy, no I have a WLAN card inside my laptop - RTL8192SE but it doesn't work. It says it does, but it doesn't. I am using a seperate USB Wireless Adapter to obtain internet access but it isn't as convenient.13:20
klingelbartimi: the first line in the shell skript is /bin/sh. what exactly does this mean?13:20
lewis93DebiansArmy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11160266#post1116026613:20
lvhikonia: (I'm cautious since I'm recovering an already very badly crashed machine -- a command like that looks a lot friendlier than dd even if it ends up doing the same thing ;)13:20
venilsuryaikonia, imi, zagibu: ok, thanks guys13:21
imiklingelbart: #!/bin/sh as 1st line means when you add exec right and write ./myfile.sh, a /bin/sh process will be started to inprement yous script13:21
imilike when you write to shell /bin/sh ./myfile.sh13:21
klingelbartimi: understand. thx13:22
klingelbartis it normal, that files have no suffix in nautilus? can i make them visible?13:22
imiklingelbart: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shebang_%28Unix%2913:22
iridiumklingelbart, also tells the system in which language is written, you can fin #!/bin/perl #!/bin/bash #!/bin/python13:22
j0d0__if i move /home to another hdd, i know i have to modify fstab and use the old /home as a pointer, but do do i have to set the other hdd to automount?13:23
klingelbartiridium: wich language does /bin/sh mena?13:23
WaltzingAlongj0d0__: would probably be a good idea13:23
ikoniaklingelbart: use the websites I've given you to get an overview of shell scripting13:24
ashickur-noor@klingelbart shell13:24
ikoniait's actually bourne shell13:24
DebiansArmylewis93: If you would have read the post they were say it was referring to a su card not a se card so they run command dmesg | grep 819 to see if the firmware is passing or failing13:24
j0d0__k, thanks13:24
netjaxxxhey guyz can someone help me with this log whenever I startup ubuntu no wubildr13:25
iridiumklingelbart, is sh, i belive that is ash, look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almquist_shell13:26
lewis93DebiansArmy, apologies. I just ran that, and the output is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668256/13:26
iridiumbecause bourne shell is already in /bin/bash13:26
ikoniash is representative of bourne shell, which ubuntu has linked to dash/ash depending on how you set it up13:26
ikoniabash is bourne again shell, it's updated clone of it, it is not bourne13:27
DebiansArmylewis93: RTL8192SE has a failure... The problem is a driver .... Post that to Ubuntu let them work out driver... It is not supporting Natty...13:31
iridiumyes, but almost the same in terms of compatibiity and usage13:31
lewis93DebiansArmy, thank you. Post that pastebin to the forum, you mean?13:32
klingelbartif a folder name contains one empty space, who do i make the terminal understand this folder name?13:32
DebiansArmylewis93: yes13:32
erryklingelbart, put a \ behind the space13:32
beekklingelbart: Use either 'file name' or file\ name13:32
iridiumklingelbart, use \   (dash space)13:32
DebiansArmylewis93: firmware issue...13:32
j-rjoin #bash13:35
SubNormalcan any one tell me why I have "eth0-eth1" and not "eth0" and "eth1"?13:36
iszakHow do I set a bandwidth limit on apache/nginx?13:36
usr13klingelbart: I got in the habit of eliminating spaces in files some time ago, it just makes things a little easier.  When I save 'file name' to my computer I save it as file-name.  I just don't like spaces in file-names, I never have.  It just causes undue complication.  <IMO>13:37
klingelbartfiles don't have an ending in nautilus. is this normal?13:38
Piciklingelbart: file type is not necessarily determined by file extentions on Linux.13:39
klingelbartPici: but sometimes they are? sometimes the aren't?13:39
DebiansArmylewis93: Seen this there is no guarantee this will work... Looks to be some else's attempt to build a driver for this card... They only give source code not a deb package... try at your risk... http://pchelpforum.blogspot.com/2011/04/realtek-rtl8192se-wireless-driver.html13:40
Piciklingelbart: Most of the time they aren't.13:40
=== matt_ is now known as Guest32068
DebiansArmylewis93: these are hits and usually a bunch of misses to get your wifi card to work....  Just wait would be best advice will take at least 3 months for Ubuntu to get around to a new driver...13:42
ikoniaDebiansArmy: that's nosense, ubuntu won't randomly update or not update a drive13:43
ikoniaDebiansArmy: it needs to be defined if the card is supported, if there is a problem with the current kernel module, a bug needs to be logged detailing it so it can be updated to resolve it13:43
ikoniait won't just happen on it's own13:43
lewis93DebiansArmy, I'll play it safe and wait then - thanks so much for your help. Someone on the forum said the same thing as you; it is indeed a firmware issue. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. Cheers again13:44
DebiansArmyikonia: how said randomly if there is a lot problems with Natty they work through driver problems one step at a time... Where did you get random13:44
ikoniaDebiansArmy: you said just wait around for 3 months13:44
ikoniathat is random - with no reason or structure13:44
ikoniaDebiansArmy: a bug needs to be logged if the card is supported, detailing the problem and if possible the resolution, that then needs to be pushed through the bug process13:45
DebiansArmyikonia: I don't know how long the list of driver problems is with natty I gave him a good estimate... not guessing game13:45
ikoniaDebiansArmy: is there even a bug logged for his issue ?13:45
=== evil is now known as Guest32108
usr13klingelbart: *nix systems are a bit sophisticated than MS Windows when it comes to file recognition and actually analyzed the file itself.  If you issue file <filename> you will see that the file type will be printed on the screen for you. file is a command that determines file type.13:45
klingelbartusr13: thx13:46
DebiansArmyikonia: That is hopefully what lewis93 is pushing through and if you read some of the other sited material you would see that there were more then a couple people working on Realtek driver...13:47
martin``hi, how can I downgrade from oneiric to natty?13:47
ikoniaDebiansArmy: is there a bug logged, yes / no13:47
xangua martin`` reinstall13:47
ikoniamartin``: you can't do that13:47
DebiansArmyikonia: Its not my computer stop if you want ask lewis93 then ask him.... Don't give me the third degree burn...13:48
=== LmtdAt is now known as LmAt
ikoniaDebiansArmy: he's left - however, finding out if there is a bug and helping a bug get logged will get it progressed, saying "just wait for 3 months" won't get anything done13:49
ikonia!google test13:49
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/13:49
DebiansArmyikonia: If you were so concerned why didn't you jump earlier and state the problem... I am not the only tech sitting in this site..13:50
klingelbartis it possible to copy the path to a directory i have opened in nautilus?13:50
ikoniaDebiansArmy: I only saw the end, hence why I jumped in as soon as I saw your advice to sit back and wait for 3 months13:50
DebiansArmyikonia: thanks alot :( If you would have read his post he will just wait and futhermore ... here you go on what is done... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11160266#post11160266    If you want to log it be my guest ....   I would like to know how long have you been using linux one day been 18+ years and somethings take time...13:53
ikoniaDebiansArmy: how long I've been using linux is nothing to do with anything13:53
ikoniaDebiansArmy: a forum post is nothing to do with getting a bug resolved13:53
=== Guest32108 is now known as Jaco
ikoniaDebiansArmy: sitting back for 3 months will do nothing - if there is a bug that needs work, a bug will need to be logged, finding out if that is done, and getting it done (if not)is prudent rather than saying "just sit back for approx 3 months for it to get fixed"13:54
rumpe1klingelbart, rightclick→copy13:54
ircmonkeyhow to set up your own nickserv (my own IRC Server )13:55
ikoniaircmonkey: depends on what IRC daemon you are using13:55
ircmonkeysomething about modules13:55
ikoniaircmonkey: I don't see a nickserv modeul13:56
ircmonkeyNickCore Modules13:56
ikoniaircmonkey: there is an email address on their site for support questions13:57
ikoniaqa at anope.org13:57
ircmonkeylol ke13:57
DebiansArmyikonia: I don't want to here it.... I had a Acer Aspire 4250 that had a wireless card that took ubuntu and linux 6 months to get around to fixing ... Good thing was I was running ethernet there were about 10 different drivers around the internet and none worked for my acer so I had to wait was the bug reported yes... You act like there aren't a thousand other thing developers are working...13:57
DebiansArmy...on... Right now since I belong to libmpt there working on making sure that over 100 new tablets can communicate with linux...13:57
Piciircmonkey: They have their own support resources that would be much more helpful than us.  See: http://www.anope.org/contact.php13:58
ikoniaDebiansArmy: what you are working on does not have any releveance, the fact remains, telling someone to just wait for 3 months is not acceptable advice, next time - don't do it. That said it would be really helpful if you could help people like that make sure there is a bug logged, so it will get worked on in the future13:58
ircmonkeyah thnx13:58
iridiumikonia, cool down mate :)13:59
ikoniairidium: I'm sorry what ?13:59
klingelbartafter openung a directory in nautilus, how do i copy this path into the terminal?14:00
latagoreHow can I get the java 6 jre?14:01
usr13iridium: ikonia is just offering constructive criticism14:01
xangua!java | latagore14:01
ubottulatagore: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.14:01
xanguaklingelbart: there is an open terminal here plugin for nautilus14:01
iridiumyes I get it but, lets keep it enjoyable :)14:01
usr13and informative14:02
xangua!info nautilus-open-terminal | klingelbart14:02
DebiansArmyusr13: Thats not constructive criticism that is called lazy know I'14:02
ubottuklingelbart: nautilus-open-terminal (source: nautilus-open-terminal): nautilus plugin for opening terminals in arbitrary local paths. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.18-1 (natty), package size 47 kB, installed size 836 kB14:02
hroiis there a difference between freetype 1.4 and libfreetype6 2.4.2 that shows up in aptitude search14:02
latagorexangua: Java isnt available in the partner repos14:02
DebiansArmyusr13: know I going to have to post the bug to ubuntu great... make me work14:02
latagorexangua: sorry, sun java14:02
hroiI have software that says it needs freetype 1.4 or later.14:03
ikoniaDebiansArmy: how dare you call me lazy - you are the one who advised a user to do nothing,14:03
Lioobahello, i have trouble mounting a hard drive via a usb sata adapter, despite searching forums. i'm not used to the mount command.14:03
Lioobai know lsusb command and i found my device there : Bus 002 Device 004: ID 152d:2338 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. JM20337 Hi-Speed USB to SATA & PATA Combo Bridge14:03
Lioobahow can i mount it ?14:04
xangualatagore: it is14:04
usr13ikonia: I think he was refering to himself as being lazy.14:04
hubI didn't succed to make jre work for firefox :s14:04
hubanyone can help me please ?14:04
Polahhub: What kind, Sun or Open?14:05
latagorexangua: sorry, I thought it had updated when I changed the repos. It's there now, thanks14:05
hubPolah : I've insytalled the one with Synaptic, and directly from wreb site14:06
sproatyhi, in 11.04, when I'm SFTP'd into a server in nautilus, I don't get autocomplete for directories in the 'location bar' - I did using 9.10, though. anyone else had this?14:06
klingelbarti have got a shell skript. how do i create a button for this script in the starter panel in unity?14:07
hubPolah : the jre-6u23-linux-i586.bin14:07
crillAnyone know of a better way to have have iptables refresh dns names other that a cron to restart iptables14:07
designbybeckanyone know a good way to have a few RSS feeds automaticlly being pushed to my Ubuntu Desktop?14:07
designbybeckI want them running on our office TV so when people come in they can kinda see headlines and such14:08
usr13crill: iptables does not refresh dns names.  What are you trying to do?14:08
datruthThe verify-cn script in openvpn on Ubunutu can I not add the allowed CN's in a file to read from?14:08
paniqcan someone help me with ipv6, i am trying to add neighbour on my router, but no success14:09
Polahhub: I don't know what kind of Java that is, did you get that from the Sun Java website?14:09
xanguadesignbybeck: if you have adobe air installed you can try http://snackr.net/14:09
usr13crill: nameserver IPs are kept in /etc/resolv.conf14:09
hubPolah, : yes with wget javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=438714:09
designbybeckThank you xangua14:09
xangualooks pretty ;)14:09
usr13paniq: Try ipv414:09
Polahhub: Do you have OpenJDK installed too?14:10
paniqusr13: why should i if i have native v6.. i am asking on dd-wrt but nobody is answering14:10
Picipaniq: How is this related to Ubuntu?14:10
crillusr13: I know… I have a dynamic ip that changes frequently.  I'd like to not have to log into my server via ssh to restart iptables thus updating the ip of the domain.14:10
usr13paniq: What exactly are you trying to do?14:11
Lioobacan someone help me with a sata->usb hard drive mounting, please ? I can see it with lsusb but i doesn't auto mount, and i don't know how to do it manually.14:11
usr13crill: Why not just use static IP?14:11
datruthOr would I need to patch the scriupt with https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/browser/sample-scripts/verify-cn ?14:11
Polahhub: Don't message me privately, talk in this channel. Remove anything that the binary you just downloaded installed, and then do: sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin14:11
Jacohi all.. how to set the ugfw?14:12
hubPolah, : ok14:12
slaytonJaco, ugfw?14:12
klingelbarthow do i open a file with the terminal withouth the cd command?14:12
llutzklingelbart: path/to/the/file14:12
Polahklingelbart: cd is to change directories...14:13
crillusr13: ip changes all the time.  I have http blocked to a few users on our staging server. having a dyndns domain in iptables makes it easier to manage.  I'm looking for a way to not have to restart iptables manually14:13
Jacoslayton,it's a gui for gfw..14:13
hubPolah,  : should I uninstall the JRE and JDK from the Synaptic tool ?14:13
slaytonJaco, generally you don't need a firewall under Ubuntu14:13
PiciJaco: Are you talking about gufw?14:13
slaytonJaco, but otherwise I'm not familiar with gufw14:13
slaytonJaco, yes b/c ports are closed by default unless there is a service listening14:14
JacoPici,it's ugfw not gufw14:14
rumpe1hub, jdk ist the development kit for developers14:14
fredrik_Cant get usb to work in virtualbox. I have added myself to the vboxuser group. But if I click on the USB icon in the guestos window All my usb units is greayed out... Anyone that can help?14:14
slayton!firewal > Jaco14:14
slayton!firewall | Jaco14:14
ubottuJaco: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.14:14
slaytonJaco, no problem14:14
hubok, ty Polah and rumpe1 I'll try that... have a nice day, bye14:14
Polahhub: No, that should be OpenJDK. Just run this command: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless openjdk-6-jre-lib icedtea-plugin icedtead-netx14:15
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:15
Polahhub: Should install everything you need for java in browsers14:15
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)14:15
hubPolah, : ok14:16
LaykeI'm using standard USA keyboard layout. Where is the pipe key?14:16
slaytonLayke, SHIFT + \14:16
LaykeIt would normally be (when in Windows)... but isn't for some reasons.14:16
=== dsafds is now known as thesss____
PolahLayke: Key just to the left of Z, hold shift for it14:16
LaykePolah / slayton  Yeah tried that.14:17
LaykeIt comes out with >14:17
PolahLayke: Seems like your keyboard layout isn't correct then.14:17
PolahLayke: You could try Shift+. to see if they're just switched around for some strange reason14:17
rumpe1Layke, try "setxkbmap us" in terminal14:17
klingelbartis there ANY different between: cd /path ;then ./file  and /path/file14:18
slaytonLayke, under System->Prefs-->Keyboard-->Layouts click on your layout then click the Show button14:18
llutzklingelbart: not really14:18
slaytonit will show you the keyboard you are using14:18
LaykeIt's not showing me anything. (I know how to find the image of the keyboard though)14:18
sipiorklingelbart: the current working directory will be different, if that matters.14:19
SubNormaldoes any one know of a good dummy guide for gateway setup?14:19
klingelbarti want to create a starter in unity wich executes two shell-commands. how do i do this?14:20
LaykeWhat keyboard model should I have?14:20
jrqinstalling 11.04 on a samsung n150 with wubi - it's frozen during installation, what gives?14:20
Benkinoobyjrq, if possible avoid wubi install14:21
Polahjrq: Not enough hard drive space, perhaps. Corrupt download of the image. Also +1 for Benkinooby, a proper install is much better.14:21
LaykeFound the solution for the missing pipe key.14:21
Laykexmodmap -e "keycode 94 = backslash bar"14:21
Laykefixed it.14:21
jrqPolah: by 'proper' you mean usb14:21
rumpe1klingelbart, write a script an put it into autostart or maybe use command "{command1 ; command2}"14:21
Benkinoobyjrq, usb or cd14:22
Polahjrq: I mean installing Ubuntu properly in it's own partition, rather than just as an image within your Windows partition.14:22
jrqn150 doesn't have an optical drive14:22
jrqand i'm installing to a seperate partition14:22
Benkinoobyjrq do it with pendirve14:22
Picijrq: Wubi creates a disk image inside your windows partition.14:23
bfreisIs it possible to install Oneiric's package openjdk-7-jdk on Natty without upgrading the whole system?14:23
jrqok the consensus is pendrive is the best usb tool?14:23
Benkinoobyjrq, Pici is right... it just pretends to be a partition14:23
Polahjrq: Still not a proper install. WUBI makes a virtual install, it makes an image in the Windows filesystem and boots into using the Windows bootloader. A proper install is an independent install on a separate partition, with its own filesystem and booted using a suitable bootloader. GRUB can boot Windows and Ubuntu so you needn't worry about getting into your Windows install14:23
Benkinoobyjrq, check out http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download there you will see how to make a usb for ubuntu install with windows14:24
jrqthanks guys14:24
PolahFor anyone that is interested and doesn't know yet, Firefox 6 is in the repos.14:24
Benkinoobyjrq, all the best14:25
pea_brainhi all, when i connect a lan connection to 11.04 machine and run squid on the same machine, it works properly from firefox. the same thing if i do by disabling the lan card and by enabling any wireless device, it does not work. any clues why ?14:25
Polahbfreis: Do you NEED OpenJDK 7?14:25
Polahpea_brain: Because your wireless probably doesn't work properly.14:26
SubNormaldoes any one know of a good dummy guide for gateway setup?14:26
=== Mud is now known as Guest57321
PolahSubNormal: Gateway? By which you mean a router?14:26
dougskoanyone know how files would get stored to the volume group if you added a non-raid drive to an lvm volume that already contains a raid5 array?14:27
=== Sonne is now known as Guest76968
bfreisPolah, yes, I do. For now I installed it manually, but it sucks!14:27
pea_brainPolah: i tried it with properly working photon+ and idea netsetter. it behaves exactly the same way. it works fine if i dont introduce squid in between14:27
user__hello everyone, wondering if somebody could help me with a question about a server install?14:27
SubNormalPolah I want to make my server to act like a router, controlling all internal IP's14:28
usr13!ics | SubNormal14:28
ubottuSubNormal: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:28
Polahbfreis: Because it's not properly supported. Where did you get it from?; perhaps look for a PPA?14:28
zagibuuser__: probably not, because few people can read minds14:28
klingelbarti want to create a starter wich executes two commands in the terminal. how do i do that?14:28
TrfsrfrCan someone recommend a good PDF creator?14:28
user__Does anybody know if it's possible to start something like orca when installing an 11.04 server?14:28
=== Guest76968 is now known as Sonne
sipiordougsko: good question. the overarching filesystem won't generally know about the underlying structure, so the assumption would have to be that the file is spread over all involved physical groups. could be wrong, though.14:29
SubNormalallright thanks usr1314:29
user__I need an on screen keyboard for an install ( the ncurses one, no gui ) anyone?14:29
sipiordougsko: if you're backups are up to date, you could run some experiments :-)14:29
bfreisPolah, I got the zip from Oracle's download page and manually installed the alternative. Everyday since 28 July I look thoroughly for a PPA, but there's still no one available!14:29
sipiordougsko: "your", sorry.14:29
dougskosipior: yeah i might try and simulate it in a vm first14:29
zagibuuser__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Accessibility14:30
HSarenaHi, my touchpad does't working, i have natty14:30
HSarenaplz help me14:31
user__zagibu thankyou I've seen that page I still don't know if it'll work with the ncurses setup? as the server doesn't provide the gui install?14:31
zagibuoh, server, misread, sorry14:31
Polahuser__: In a production server environment, I'd recommend not having any GUI at all.14:32
klingelbarti want to create a starter wich executes two commands in the terminal. how do i do that?14:32
Polahklingelbart: A shell script to run two commands when you run the script?14:32
user__Polah, yes it is my intention not to have a gui but I don't have a keyboard on this machine ( nor access to one ) and need to follow the installation14:33
zagibuit should show the F5: Accessibility option in the install menu, too14:33
user__will try if anything I'll be back14:33
sipiorklingelbart: gnome-terminal takes a "--command" argument, which you can use to run whatever you like in a terminal window.14:33
user__thanks to everyone...14:33
zagibubut how do you press F5 without a keyboard?14:33
Polahuser__: Use the alternate ISO or minimal to install via command line?14:33
klingelbartPolah: how do i do that?14:33
Polahuser__: SSH in14:33
Polahklingelbart: Is that what you're trying to do?14:33
klingelbartPolha: think so14:34
user__Polah that sounds reasonable14:34
user__will look into it14:34
user__thanks again everyone, goodbye14:34
HSarenai have a problem, how to fix my touchpad, it does't working14:34
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
Polahklingelbart: What commands do you want to run?14:34
tomatobrosklingelbart,  just open a text add commands  like this for exam "command 1 && command 2" save command.sh14:35
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
tomatobrosklingelbart, right click command.sh u created go permissions click allow executing file as program14:36
klingelbartPohla: cd /path/to/ and ./file (in this case the command /path/to/file is not possible)14:36
Polahtomatobros, klingelbart, think it should be more like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668322/14:37
usr13klingelbart: user or admin ?14:37
usr13klingelbart: Sorry, I was back a ways in the buffer14:37
Polahklingelbart: You want to make a script to run another script...? You can just do: sh /path/to/file in a terminal14:37
sipiorPolah: i believe he wants a desktop launcher item to launch a script.14:38
edbianklingelbart: sipior Polah Just put path/to/file.sh in the command for the launcher14:38
HSarenaPolah: Hi, i have a problem with my touchpad, can you help me?14:39
escott!help | HSarena14:39
ubottuHSarena: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:39
Polahsipior, klingelbart: http://paste.ubuntu.com/668324/ edit as necessary14:40
Polahedbian: Doesn't that only work if the file is marked as executable? I though prefixing with sh executed even if it wasn't?14:41
HSarenaescott: after i install ubuntu 11.04 my touchpad does't working, how to fix it??14:41
sipiorPolah: i wasn't asking :-)14:41
edbianPolah: perhaps you're right.  I didn't think the executable bit was an issue14:41
mcotostli'm new to ubuntu, i just installed ver 11.04, but my keyboard won't work, it works in dos, and in windows 7, but not ubuntu, any suggestions?14:41
escottHSarena, its not working at all? what kind of laptop is this?14:42
Polahedbian: He might've marked as executable, but I just have a habit of prefixing my lines with sh anyway (:14:42
PolahHSarena, no sorry.14:42
edbianPolah: what if it's bash! :)14:42
dr_willisthen it breaks. ;)14:42
HSarenaescott: no sometimes it's working, but in can't clicking, i can just moving the pointer14:43
HSarenaescott: i have sony - vaio14:43
escottHSarena, you want tap to click?14:43
Polahedbian: Isn't sh basically the default shell, i.e. bash in most cases?14:43
mcotostli'm new to ubuntu, i just installed ver 11.04, but my keyboard won't work, it works in dos, and in windows 7, but not ubuntu, any suggestions?14:43
Polahmcotostl: What kind of keyboard is it?14:44
BluesKajBBl, stuff to do14:44
DebiansArmyusr13: Just did some research on that bug report interesting Natty been out since April 28, 2011 less then 4 months bug report for ubuntu still has unresolved issues is what 9.04.... There the bug page doesn't get updated for more then enough or there is still unsupported hardware... Natty has about 10 or 15 wifi cards that are currently not working... Hmm... Yet for 4 months that's a good...14:44
edbianPolah: I don't think so.  At least, on my system if you #!/bin/sh at the top and you write bash specific stuff (like [[ ) you'll get syntax errrors14:44
DebiansArmy...rate of resolution already lewis93 has a support person looking into his card... Hmm... funny ikonia jumps down my shit doesn't even look to see if he reported the bug which he did using the same name as on here.... Yet since I haven't been in this IRC site in what 2 years I can't remember either of your handles ... Lets see I remember [THC]AcidRain , Pic and dr_willis  just not you funny ....14:44
mcotostlPolah, its an HP wireless keyboard, i think its from an old pavillion14:44
Polahmcotostl: Probably an issue with drivers for the receiver then. Use a wired keyboard (;14:45
bassohello, how can i force the grub menu to show up at boot?14:45
Polahedbian: I've found using #!/bin/bash and #!/bin/sh fairly interchangeable. Maybe the stuff I've been using isn't particularly bash specific.14:46
Polahbasso: Hold shift while booting14:46
sipiorDebiansArmy: we've moved on. throwing gasoline on the embers of an earlier argument is considered poor form here.14:46
edbianPolah: maybe sh doesn't mean bash for me14:46
HSarenaescott: yes, and sometime it get stuck and don't moving14:46
auronandace!dash | edbian14:46
ubottuedbian: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash14:46
mcotostlPolah, is there a way to have Ubuntu scan for the wireless keyboard driver (kind of like scanning Windows Update) once I get a wired keyboard?14:46
bassoPolah: no go on 11.0414:46
edbianauronandace: a-ha14:46
jrqhanding this machine over with 11.04 as a windows replacement...just wondering if there is a quick way to auto-prevent old grub entries from piling up after each update14:47
edbianmcotostl: Ubuntu is actually doing that automatically to all of your hardware.  That's the way the kernel works14:47
escottHSarena, hit the windows key, then type mouse. its on the second tab of the mouse preferences. as for it getting stuck you can play around with synclient to tweak sensitivities14:47
Polahedbian: I just did man sh and got the man page for dash14:48
edbianPolah: me too14:48
mcotostledbian, thanks14:48
jrqor is it only possible to remove old grub entries manually after each update14:48
edbianmcotostl: sure14:48
mcotostlpolah or edbian, one last questions, is there a way to enable the on-screen keyboard once i get past the login?14:49
Polahmcotostl: If you go to System > Preferences > Accessibility (or something along those lines) you'll be able to set options for that I believe14:49
escottjrq, remove the specific kernel versions you don't need with dpkg14:49
dr_willisjrq in the next release they get under a 'old kernels' grub menu item. ;) which is nice14:49
mcotostlpolah, i checked there, but i didnt see anything, i'll check again14:50
mcotostlthanks all14:50
Polahedbian: Wouldn't using #!/bin/bash at the start make it work as bash anyway?14:50
jrqescott: this computer is for a windows noob, i wanted it done automatically14:50
edbianPolah: If you did sh /path/to/file.sh and the file started with #!/bin/bash would definitely make it bash14:50
Polahmcotostl: I recall options for it floating about somewhere14:50
HSarenaescott, how to set mouse option as default??14:50
Polahedbian: Well, I guess you just need to make sure your first line is pointing to the correct shell then (:14:51
Lioobahello. i have a big bug with unity. on the screen used for searching file or apps in my pc, the "search" field is now blocked, the carret doesn't blink and impossible to write anything inside. does it looks like already known to you ?14:51
escottHSarena, "mouse option"14:51
llutzPolah: _that's_ what the shebang is for (the first line of a script, starting with #!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shebang_(Unix)14:52
HSarenaescott, i do what you said, but nothing changes14:53
Polahllutz: Mhm, as I recently discovered14:53
escottHSarena, you enabled mouse clicks?14:53
deowoodI connect to internet via a proxy server. But I get a very low speed. Lan address et. are obtained via DHCP. So I just wanted to ask if I use vlan and have multiple virtual LANs and some other mac address, can my speed improve? Is it possible in principle?14:54
HSarenaescott, yes14:55
ikoniadeowood: doubtful14:55
usr13deowood: pastebinit /etc/resolv.conf14:55
HSarenaescott, i think it because of my laptop, by the way i install synaptiks package for it14:56
usr13deowood: In other words, take a look at the nameserver(s) you are using.  A dead first one will make for slow response14:56
HSarenaescott, but nothing happened14:56
deowoodok. but should I try the vlan option or is it a dead end?14:58
escottHSarena, im not sure. there might be something special about sony vaio. if you xinput list you can get the actual name of your touchpad14:59
TrfsrfrCan anyone recommend a good PDF creator program?15:00
MyrttiTrfsrfr: depends on your source format15:00
TrfsrfrMyrtti, I am a newb here. I dont understand what you mean by source format?15:02
bullgard4_http://the-simple-layman.blogspot.com/2009/09/keypassxcrossplatform-security-key.html: "KeePassX is available as a Ubuntu install through synaptic." What package name should I search for it in Synaptic?15:03
MyrttiTrfsrfr: what are you doing exactly? there is several applications for creating PDF's, but if we don't know what you are actually doing, it's difficult to say anything to what would be a good option for you15:03
escottedbian, Polah just tested sh foo.sh (containing #!/bin/bash\necho $BASH_VERSION) and it appears to have been executed by dash not bash15:03
Myrttibullgard4_: "keepassx"?15:04
Picibullgard4_: Oddly enough: keepassx  (although keepass2 is the more recent branch of the software)15:04
stimpiedoes anybody know now to strip the first and last x characters of line on the commandline?15:04
edbianescott: Interesting...15:04
TrfsrfrMyrtti, I am working in a windows CAD program operated through wine.15:04
escottstimpie, cut?15:04
stimpieescott, thanks thats it!15:05
=== Cyrus is now known as Guest25099
sosaitedCan someone tell if ssh-id-copy needs to be run in an already connected ssh terminal to the server? or the client terminal?15:05
HSarenaescott: just use xinput command???15:05
bullgard4_Myrtti, Pici Thank you very much for your help. --  It worked.15:05
Picisosaited: from the client.15:06
escottHSarena, "xinput list" will give you the model name15:06
Polahescott: Seems to not have interpreted that shebang line. Interesting15:06
escottPolah, well it is technically a comment line15:06
sosaitedPici, Won't that require the ssh server's username and password?15:07
HSarenaescott, SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad              id=12[slave  pointer  (2)]15:07
Picisosaited: yes. ssh-copy-id user@example.com15:07
Polahescott: Yes, but the combination of #! should make it interpret the script using the provided shell15:07
escottsosaited, yes it will ask for your password15:07
sosaitedPici, Hmm. So I'll need to enable user authentication for a bit till then15:07
Picisosaited: Correct.15:07
sosaitedescott, Thanks15:08
Picisosaited: Or if you can just ssh into it, copy the keys manually.15:08
Picisosaited: er, that didn't make any sense now that I'm thinking about it.15:08
yshiHey are there any utilities to fix windows?15:08
OsmodivsHello. I have Empathy and I need to have a sound everytime someone logs in or sends me a message, I have checked all options in preferences, but still have no sound, How come? I reallly need sound notifications15:08
MyrttiTrfsrfr: one option would be installing a pdf printer and printing the stuff as pdf15:08
sosaitedPici, Keys on the server are stored in home directory of current user or shared directoiry?>15:08
rumpe1yshi, not ubuntus job15:09
Picisosaited: In each user's home.15:09
Polahescott, edbian: You might find this interesting if you haven't already seen it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DashAsBinSh15:09
Cyberpunkhi everyone, does anyone know how to use ndiswrapper in Ubuntu ?15:09
escottsosaited, yes. the public key is copied to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (but the premissions have to be a particular way)15:09
yshiRumpe1, all I know of is clamav15:09
mang0I've heard that Half life works with wine. I've got it, and installed, but it won't run...?15:10
Cyberpunkplease help... how to use ndiswrapper ?15:11
Polahmang0: In what way won't it run?15:11
auronandace!appdb | mang015:11
ubottumang0: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:11
Cyberpunkplease help... how to use ndiswrapper ?15:12
mang0Polah: I double click Half Life.exe and nothing happens15:12
mang0auronandace: half life is platinum15:12
Polahmang0, right click it, is Wine Windows Program Loader first on the list?15:13
mang0Polah: yup15:13
Polahmang0: Try running it from command line: cd to the directory and then Wine <file>.exe15:14
Detoxok folks, here is a puzzler,  at some point rsync corrupted and i cannot do any updates.  I have tried uninstalling reinstalling but no go15:14
Detox what can i do?15:14
sosaitedescott, Then if some other users logs in. I won't be able to connect to the server? Is there no way to make the keys available to all users?15:14
CyberpunkHey, does any one have ever used NDISWRAPPER ?15:15
zagibuDetox: did you try the purge flag while uninstalling?15:15
Detoxyes I have done all things I can think of and googled on, that is one of the suggestions that comes up automatically15:15
CyberpunkOk man i gotta go........ it's too busy here...15:16
DetoxI am thinking the only thing I have left is to save my data and dump the drive starting over15:16
sosaitedPici, , Then if some other users logs in. I won't be able to connect to the server? Is there no way to make the keys available to all users?15:17
escottsosaited, key based authentication allows anyone who can prove they know the secret (that matches the public info listed in authorized_keys) to login without a password. you could hand out the secret, but that defeats the purpose really15:18
EduardHello everyone15:19
zagibuDetox: what's the exact error message?15:19
EduardGuys, any ideas wth is causing this strange stuff? see img->  http://www.part.lt/img/6bb5cd73faadb399011c03d4bcecbeb0336.png15:19
raventhunderbird: any way to attach a "slave thunderbird" to a master one on another machine?15:19
Eduardbtw, running unity 2d15:19
=== ellimistd is now known as dreich
zagiburaven: what is your goal?15:20
Polah raven: You want a thunderbird to get messages from another thunderbird which gets messages from a mail server?15:20
ravenzagibu, Polah right and NOT with imap15:20
=== gskelling is now known as Gskellig
OsmodivsHello. I have Empathy and I need to have a sound everytime someone logs in or sends me a message, I have checked all options in preferences, but still have no sound, How come? I reallly need sound notifications15:21
Polahraven: So, why don't you just connect both Thunderbird's to the mail server...15:21
zagibuwhy not have two tbs that both get messages from the server? do you need synced folders and read/unread states etc?15:21
Detoxzagibu --- cannot provide as I am at work and pc is at home15:21
mang0Polah: its in Program Files, but I can't CD to it because of the space in between program and files :/15:21
zagibutoo bad15:21
DetoxI can shell in, create a txt and paste but will take a bit15:22
TrfsrfrMyrtti, how would I do that?15:22
Trfsrfrinstall a pdf printer?15:22
Polahmang0: Put the path in quotes. cd "/path/to/file"15:22
Eduardany ideas guys? i'm quite desperate, such error never occurred to me before15:22
IdleOnemang0, cd "Program Files"15:22
Picisosaited: As far as I know (and I just looked through the sshd_config manpage) there isn't any sort of global key config available.15:22
MyrttiTrfsrfr: install cups-pdf. it may or may not work, but is worth a try15:22
ravenPolah, NO IMAP!! because of inconsistences of database15:22
Polahraven: You could use POP instead...15:23
sosaitedPici, Hmm. Thanks15:23
Eduardcmon, some 1, btw, you can bring icons back by changing you screen resolution to bigger one and the changing the resolution back15:24
ZebraI'm having trouble with startup resolution on Ubuntu 11.0415:24
zagiburaven: maybe you could make TB save its internal DB to a network share, then set other TB's DB to the same share?15:24
mang0err:module:import_dll Library MSVBVM60.DLL (which is needed by L"C:\\Program Files\\Half Life 2\\Half-Life Source.exe") not found15:24
mang0err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"C:\\Program Files\\Half Life 2\\Half-Life Source.exe" failed, status c000013515:24
mang0I meant to pastebinit, sorry :/15:25
zagibuEduard, I get a 403 following your link15:26
Polahmang0: Well, look in WineHQ for a solution15:26
Eduardzagibu: uhm, it works, just tested it15:26
mang0Polah: okay15:27
mang0thanks anyway :)15:27
DebiansArmyEduard: Most people are customizing the Natty notification bar there unhappy with the messages so some have made it a drop down menu15:28
ravenzagibu, Polah yes i need something like a network share for thunderbird but this should be the local home folder of the master machine but the major problem would be, to run both tbs parallel so i need to configure the second thunderbird as slave because of database collisions i imagine15:28
Polahraven: What do you mean database collisions? Are  you running them for separate mailboxes or what?15:28
EduardDebiansArmy: uhm, but why indicators shift off the screen at 1024x768, and are not brought back if you close the window that caused the to shift off15:29
ravenPolah, i only imagine collisions if two instances of an application write simultaneously to the same databas4e15:29
ActionParsnipraven: you'd expect semaphores to manage that ;)15:30
zagibuEduard: a 403 is a permission problem, so if it works for you, it might still not work for others15:30
mang0Polah: I just found a guide to get tf2, hl1, hl2, portal 1, 2 to work on ubuntu. woot!15:30
Polahraven: If it's any decent it should queue writes up if it the tables are locked due to another write at the same time.15:30
ravenActionParsnip, yes but how for Thunderbird ;)15:30
Eduardzagibu: i know what 403 is, btw the link i gave is to public image host15:31
ActionParsnipmang0: never had an issue with HL2, it just ran15:31
Polahraven: It shouldn't spontaneously break just because it can't write when it tries to, that would be fairly stupid to not design around the eventuality that it can't write for a while15:31
zagibuEduard: that's cool, i still get a 40315:31
zagibumaybe you can describe the problem?15:32
ravenPolah, you're right but do you know what is the normal way to setup something like a microsoft exchange server for thunderbird? i am sure there is something similar. perhaps that could be a hint?15:32
=== pr0ton_ is now known as pr0ton
deowoodhow to add virtual network interfaces15:33
zagibuno, TB is a mail client, NOT a mail server15:33
Polahraven: No. I'd just go with the second client and I imagine it'll work. Is it even two separate clients on two machines, or just two instances of the same program?15:33
ravenzagibu, outlook also only is a mail client but there must be something similar to an exchange server for outlook too doesn't it?15:33
ravenPolah, two machines15:34
zagibuyeah, but that's a server feature, not an outlook feature15:34
DebiansArmyEduard: Sounds like driver issue with Video Card some have posted x and y variables in games and others having trouble in netbooks with screensize....15:34
ravenzagibu, ok15:34
zagibuyou can'tmake slave outlooks for pop3 accounts15:34
zagibuor imap15:34
ole_oz6ohalle hjælpsomme ubuntusser er der een eller anden der kan fortælle mig hvordan man kommer in på #python  jeg var der i går efter at have modtaget et password over en email. Hva søren laver jeg galt ?15:34
ActionParsnipdeowood: I only know how to add subinterfaces in /etc/network/interfaces15:35
Polahraven: Just set up the second client and it'll be fine I'm sure. If it's two machines then there'll be separate databases, so no collisions...15:35
Amin_anybody have an idea how to copy char #255 to clipboard?15:35
ravenzagibu, Polah ok i will try that with a network share perhaps it's easier than i imagine15:35
mang0ActionParsnip: :/15:35
th0rAmin_: install charmap?15:36
DebiansArmyEduard: There are already been bug reports about screensize....15:36
ole_oz6ohalle hjælpsomme ubuntusser er der een eller anden der kan fortælle mig hvordan man kommer in på #python  jeg var der i går efter at have modtaget et password over en email. Hva søren laver jeg galt ?15:36
sipiorole_oz6oh: you'll have better luck in english, i would venture to guess.15:36
ole_oz6ohvi er TO der får samme fejl  er vi bannet ?15:36
EduardDebiansArmy: for now i switched to 1280x1024 but it's too big to for me15:36
ActionParsnipmang0: make sure you get wine 1.3 from the PPA15:37
gugugagai use the login screen memtest to test my memory and found out that the ram is running a t 177 mhz15:37
th0role_oz6oh: yes15:37
organikscould someone give me a hand getting wine to read usb ?15:37
gugugagathe ram is rated at 667mhz why it is running at 17715:38
=== sam_ is now known as FollowerOfMendax
gugugagais memtest accurate ?15:38
ActionParsnipgugugaga: check BIOS settings15:38
mang0ActionParsnip: maybe it's because I've got hl1 with the source engine. let me re downlaod the non source15:38
mang0engine version15:38
DebiansArmyEduard: Some users saying Blank spots in resolution on desktop others say off center... xorg needs worked out with video card driver...15:38
ActionParsnipgugugaga: I'd ask in ##hardware15:38
ActionParsnipmang0: not sure, since all this source stuff came along it made half life suck if you ask me15:40
mang0ActionParsnip: Gonna download original version and try haha15:41
organiksCould someone help me out with getting wine to read my usb?15:42
T_Burnguys help me....how can i rotate my webcam ?is it possible to change webcam[grab]file???15:42
T_Burnit is laptop camera15:43
T_Burnyou can get wine in soft center15:43
ActionParsniporganiks: if you rightclick an executable on any storage media and the file is marked executable, it will run in wine15:43
T_Burnbut thats stupid15:44
ActionParsnipT_Burn: is it part of a laptop per chance?15:44
T_Burnfind a way to work in linux15:44
T_Burnyou could use windows like that15:44
organiksAction: i got it running just trying to get it to read usb15:45
organiksit doesnt see my usb device15:45
ActionParsniporganiks: ahhh, then you will need winecfg and set the mount point as a 'drive'15:45
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organiks xasgcfdtcfwhce2hcu2ecgwdchg15:48
morriHi guys15:49
ActionParsniporganiks: did you add the config in winecfg like I said?15:49
TrfsrfrMyrtti, Thanks, i'll give it a try.15:49
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albechanyone successfully got a wacom artpad II working?15:51
albechserial version that is15:52
Tim55 GAIL !15:52
Tim55guys my LAN shares expire after a while and i have to click on them to reconnect15:53
Tim55how do i stop that from happening?15:53
morriI I would like to run some games , but they don't work. It is both the graphics which don't work, and I'd like to know how I can find out what isnt working, or if there is a dependency I am missing. Have you go any Ideas?15:53
SamuraiAlbaI have an HP DV6-6170US with integrated INTEL HD video AND an AMD ATI Radeon 6670.  Upon installing the catalyst drivers from AMD and rebooting, it says "no suitable display device"  how can I remedy this?15:53
=== Logan_ is now known as Guest30844
Amin_anybody have an idea how to copy char #255 to clipboard?15:54
Amin_the channel seems dead! is there anybody out there?15:55
SamuraiAlbaI'm here, physically.  As for mentally?  I just spent 2300US at the college, so I am drained.15:56
SamuraiAlbafor _4_ classes15:56
SamuraiAlbaWTH is a "comprehensive fee" and why is it 238?15:56
flechaHello! Is the a way to set a hotkey to a menu bar applet?15:57
morrithis is the irc15:57
ActionParsnipmorri: what video chip do you use?15:57
organikshow can i see what connected to usb15:57
morriI have got geforce 2  if that what youre asking15:58
PolahAmin_: What charset?15:58
morriVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV15 [GeForce2 GTS/Pro] (rev a3)15:58
lualianhello, i wounder if the program "Neobot" will work the same in Ubuntu like Windows 715:58
ActionParsnipmorri: what games are you wanting to play?15:58
organiksAction:  i have the device connected and can see via lsusb but cant see it in wine cfg15:59
morriActionParsnip : Supertux and torcs15:59
Amin_Polah, ascii16:00
morrisupertux has an image but it is flickering badly and torcs works fine until the race screen isteself which is just black16:00
ActionParsnipmorri: what driver are you using currently?16:00
morrinouveau afaik16:00
ActionParsnipAmin_: I have seen all your posts in here and I'm sure you have seen mine, so the channel "being dead" is false, and you know it16:01
ActionParsnipmorri: sudo lshw -C display     will show you, I'm guessing its nouveau though16:01
Amin_ActionParsnip, sure sir, no need to complain16:01
ActionParsnipAmin_: then why say it's dead when you know it isn't?16:02
Amin_ActionParsnip, there was a HUP !16:02
Tim55this channel.. is DEAD !!!16:02
ActionParsnipAmin_: what is a HUP please?16:03
Amin_HANGUP !16:03
morriit's niveau ActionParsnip16:03
Amin_can anybody insert an ascii char #255 so I can copy it to clipboard?16:03
PolahAmin_: Here, this should be it: " "16:04
zambabooguys does anyone know where i can read up on rebuilding netboot.tar.gz16:04
CyrusJPolah how did u created that char ?16:04
ActionParsnipmorri: try running the games from terminal, may give clues16:04
Amin_well thanks16:04
=== Guest30844 is now known as Logan_
t1m310rdi have tried the alpha release of Oneiric and am really impressed by the efficiency of LightDM, but i want to use it in Natty. how do i replace GDM with LightDM16:05
PolahCyrusJ: Actually got it from HTML using &nbsp and copied it16:05
ZebraI'm having video problems after I login to v11.0416:05
ActionParsnipt1m310rd: oneiric is offtopic here, try #ubuntu+116:05
PolahCyrusJ, Amin_: Apparently you can do Ctrl+Shift+U and it'll give you a u, then you can enter the hex code for the character.16:06
PolahASCII 255 is 00a016:07
dddbmt_Hi guys. I'm trying to reinstall Ubuntu 11.04 with a ISO burned to CD. I boot up on the CD, start the installation - but only get to "Select language", and after that this appears: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/3/imag0286a.jpg/16:07
CyrusJPolah:That's what i was looking for.. Thank u very much..16:08
Amin_Polah, thanks much !16:08
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded?16:08
Zebraany thoughts?16:08
ActionParsnipZebra: try some  details....16:09
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, no I didn't. But downloaded it from ubuntu.com. (I don't know how to md5 check it)16:09
Polaht1m310rd, https://launchpad.net/~lightdm-team/+archive/ppa16:09
ZebraEverything seems to work fine but after I login, the screen recolution seems screwed16:09
CyrusJpolah:i did it "ß= 225" u are absolutely right..16:09
zambabooZebra, what hardware platfrom?16:09
ActionParsnip!md5 | dddbmt_ thesource is moot16:09
ubottudddbmt_ thesource is moot: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:09
morriActionParsnip http://pastebin.com/uvxzSf6y16:09
ZebraZambaboo: Intel chipset, is that what you mean?16:10
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, I can't check the iso, I only got the CD.16:10
zambabooZebra, http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html16:10
zambabooZebra, read that, formulate your question and ask again16:10
zambaboowe're not playing 20 questions here16:10
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: the cd has a self check wen it first starts to bootup16:10
Polahdddbmt_, hold shift while booting the CD and check "verify integrity" from the menu that appears16:10
Zebrazambaboo: thanks... I appreciate your help. Have a nice day.16:11
zambaboothat i will.16:11
zambadamn it :)16:11
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, okay - Is that the same as Polah is mentioning? Polah, okay I'll try that. Thanks a lot!16:11
zambazambaboo: your presence fscking up my highlight :)16:12
zambaboozamba ;)16:12
nbubuntuubuntu doesn't recognize samsung galaxy tab at all16:13
zambabooare you waving the cd in front of the tablet or something?16:14
morriActionParsnip : http://pastebin.com/A4H8J5DY16:15
Don`Corleonehello all16:15
nbubuntuanyone can guide me through with it ? using ubuntu 10.1016:15
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
nbubuntuhow to check drive connected ?16:17
coldboot|homeHow do you fix the window resize lag for "Normal" mode in the new version of compiz that comes with Ubuntu 11.04?16:18
ActionParsnipcoldboot|home: the guys in #compiz may also know16:19
coldboot|homeI'm asking there, too.16:19
ActionParsnipgood :)16:19
coldboot|homeBy the way the new Unity Desktop sucks and shouldn't be forced on upgrade.16:19
coldboot|homeI can see it's an attempt to imitate Mac's interface, but it's too crappy to force on users when they upgrade, just like pulseaudio was.16:20
sipiorcoldboot|home: suck it up.16:20
Polahcoldboot: So just select Ubuntu as a session when you log in. You're not forced to use it and nothing else.16:20
auronandacecoldboot|home: feel free not to use it, my favourite is xfce16:20
ikoniacoldboot|home: don't use ubuntu if you don't like unity, or move to kde/xfce etc16:20
zagibunbuntu: did you do the connect USB thingie on your Tab? or is that not necessary in honeycomb?16:20
kingofswordshow do i get wine 1.3.25 to work with pulseaudio16:20
coldboot|homeI was already using Ubuntu, and it automatically switched to Unity when I upgraded to 11.04. On my machine at work, for some reason it didn't do this.16:21
=== spookz is now known as spo0kz
coldboot|homeMy point is you shouldn't force the switch when a user upgrades, even if they can change it later.16:21
morriprobabyl because your work machine can't display unity16:21
coldboot|homeHow fortunate.16:21
ikoniacoldboot|home: it is forced because it is the only desktop - the gnome 2 interface or "gnome classic" is dead to ubuntu16:21
inhyeoggimwhat is your favorite movie player on Ubuntu?16:21
zagibuif Unity wasn't forced on update, noone would use it16:21
ikonia!best | inhyeoggim16:22
ubottuinhyeoggim: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:22
coldboot|homeYou could present users with a screen allowing them to choose.16:22
zagibumy point still stands16:22
morriyou can choose at the login screen can't you?16:22
ikoniacoldboot|home: not if ubuntus plan is to remove gnome classic16:22
sipiormorri: yep.16:22
Polahcoldboot|home, there is. Session menu at the login screen.16:22
coldboot|homeIt smells like the pulseaudio change Ubuntu did, which pissed tons of people off and made for a jarring experience.16:23
ikoniacoldboot|home: ubuntu is dropping gnome classic, they are pushing unity as all of a sudden in 11.10 gnome classic will be gone16:23
shLONGwhy is ubuntu a better choice than arch linux?16:23
ikoniashLONG: personal opinion, try them see if it is better/worse for you16:23
coldboot|homeYou can't right-click anything. It removed all of my launcher icons.16:23
organikscould someone tell me why i cant update wine to 1.316:24
organiksis it only for 11.04?16:24
nbubuntuubuntu doesn't recognize samsung galaxy tab at all , anyone can tell me how to fix it ?16:24
ikoniacoldboot|home: you'll get used to it, or you'll move to a different desktop, it's a tough choice, but its realistic16:24
zambabooomg this reminds me why i hate distro channels16:24
dr_willisnbubuntu,  odd. for most android tablets ive tried (and phones) i just plug them and be sure the usb is set to media mode,.16:24
mikael_i have a question is it possible to mount a disk to a username in /home such as /home/mikael ?16:24
Polahcoldboot|home: I've noticed Unity copied all my GNOME panel launchers...16:24
ikoniamikael_: sure16:24
dr_willismikael_,  you can mount a filesystem anywhere you want.16:25
ikoniamikael_: a disk can be mounted on any mount point16:25
kingofswordshow do i get wine 1.3.25 to work with pulseaudio16:25
zambabooyou ask 100 times until we break down and tell you16:25
mikael_so i can have /home/* mounted to disk A and /home/mikael on disk B ?16:25
zambaboocuz you know, its a secret16:25
zambaboomikael_, yes16:25
dddbmt_Polah, the only menu I got on the screen, had a item "Check disc for defects" - when I choose that it starts something, but then black screen.16:26
mikael_thanks :-)16:26
Polahdddbmt_, sounds like you have an improper burn or an incomplete ISO then.16:26
coldboot|homeikonia: I think a compromise would be to present the user with a suggestion that they try the new Unity desktop, like Gmail does with their new interface. When enough people switch to the new interface, you decide that it's good enough to push to everyone.16:26
ikoniacoldboot|home: there isn't a compromise, perhaps I'm not making myself clear16:27
ikoniacoldboot|home: ubuntu has dropped gnome-classic - it doesn't want you to use it, to it will not offer you the option after 11.10 as it will not exist16:27
JemtHi. Ubuntu 11.04 contains a bug causing custom URL handlers not to work. How do I make an application open when entering e.g. woox://Test in the run dialog in Gnome ?16:27
ikoniacoldboot|home: 11.04 is being used to move people to unity16:27
dddbmt_Polah, okay - thank you for your time! (Now I need to wait untill tomorrow :/ )16:27
coldboot|homeikonia: Right, so I'm saying that is a mistake, and it should have been presented to users in previous releases to get people to actually use it.16:28
ikoniacoldboot|home: you may think it's a mistake, canonical who develop ubuntu don't,16:28
JemtI'm pretty Sure Gnome will still be available - at least as an additional install16:28
Polahcoldboot|home, like ikonia said, it was presented in 11.0416:29
ikoniaJemt: it's not in main anymore which is what canonical support16:29
Jemtikonia: As long as it's available in one of the other repositories :)16:29
coldboot|homePolah: How was it presented to the user?16:29
ikoniacoldboot|home: it's the default desktop16:29
ikoniacoldboot|home: that's how it is presented16:29
geekbrii think the beauty of open source is if somebody really doesn't like it they'll just fork it16:29
Jemtgeekbri: Exactly :)16:30
Polahcoldboot|home, yeah. What do you consider as it being presented?16:30
auronandacecoldboot|home: perhaps a better place to discuss it is at #ubuntu-devel16:30
CarlFKwhats the package name for the app that periodically sets the clock?  it looks for drift and gets aggressive if the clock is screwy16:31
MyrttiCarlFK: ntp?16:31
ikoniaauronandace: no, as it's not development discussion16:31
ikoniaCarlFK: ntp16:31
coldboot|homePolah: Showing the user some screen that says "Would you like to try the new Ubuntu Unity desktop?", similar to how Gmail says "Try the new interface", or Google Chrome says "Select your default search engine" when the option to choose those things becomes available.16:31
vachohow do I switch to sudo?16:31
MyrttiI know this discussion over Unity and the roll out schedule of it is very interesting, but could you please take it elsewhere - it's not exactly on topic here. #ubuntu-offtopic has been quiet for a few moments now...16:31
coldboot|homeSo that the upgrade is always optional.16:31
ikoniacoldboot|home: sorry to have to explain this again, the decision has been take, ubuntu is dropping gnome desktop, that decision is taken, it's over, you now have a choice of using unity, or something else16:32
CarlFKMyrtti: ikonia - thanks.  that's the one.16:32
coldboot|homeI'm just saying that decision was foolish.16:32
vachoguys how do I switch to sudo? su??16:32
ikoniacoldboot|home: that's great, now the discussion is over, as canonical disagree with you16:32
coldboot|homeAs was the decision to use pulseaudio before it was ready.16:32
ikoniavacho: sudo $command16:32
ikonia!sudo | vacho16:33
ubottuvacho: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo16:33
inhyeoggimi want to see directory structures, what tools are useful??16:33
Polahcoldboot|home, it's obviously what Canonical thought was the way forward. It's not like they're saying "You can ONLY use Unity and nothing else."16:33
ikoniainhyeoggim: ls16:33
coldboot|homePolah: I'm not saying they're saying that, I'm saying they shouldn't default people so unfinished software without giving them the choice.16:33
inhyeoggimno, i am sorry, i want to see all subdirecties16:33
auronandacecoldboot|home: do you have a support question?16:33
ikoniainhyeoggim: ls -lR16:34
zambabooinhyeoggim, man ls16:34
llutzinhyeoggim: "tree"16:34
geekbriaren't there ubuntu variants with gnome and kde?16:34
llutz!info tree16:34
* zambaboo facepalms16:34
ubottutree (source: tree): displays directory tree, in color. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.3-1 (natty), package size 30 kB, installed size 96 kB16:34
Polahcoldboot|home There is a choice. You have the choice to move  to another environment if you don't like Unity.16:34
inhyeoggim thank you, i think tree is what i want16:35
coldboot|homeauronandace: Yes, how do you fix compiz's broken "Normal" window resize mode in 11.04. The compiz channel is, as it often is, idle. And there are reported bugs with no comments about this issue here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/815103 and here: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg3090041.html16:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 815103 in unity (Ubuntu) "Window re-drawing is laggy when window Resize Mode is set to "Normal"" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:35
coldboot|homePolah: Sure, there is the after-the-fact choice. Give the users a choice before you disrupt their user experience.16:35
sipiorPolah: coldboot|home: time to move on to #ubuntu-offtopic.16:35
ikoniacoldboot|home: this discussion is over - canonical have taken the decision, is up to you how you deal with it16:35
coldboot|homeI'll probably get a Mac.16:36
ikoniaok, do that16:36
tensorpuddinghello hello16:36
auronandacecoldboot|home: sorry, i don't use compiz, hopefully somebody can help you with that16:36
Kirejiok, so the libdate-manip-perl in lucid is v 6.05, and according to the creator of Date::Manip, this version has some erros in it fixed in 6.06, and the latest is 6.24.16:37
Kirejihttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=lucid-backports&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=libdate-manip-perl shows that libdate-manip-perl in suite(s) lucid-backports doesn't exist16:38
Kirejihow can use apt to get a newer version of libdate-manip-perl into lucid?16:38
ikoniaKireji: not available16:38
coldboot|homeauronandace: I've been using Linux since Redhat 5, and unfortunately it seems that it will take a few weeks to solve an issue after upgrade.16:38
designbybeck_i know 'uname -a' will give me some info on what Linux I am running, but how do you get it to show the version? Like Ubuntu 10.04 or 11.04 from the command line?16:39
delacis there any scanning program that enables you to divide the scanned area to smaller sections and then save each one as separate image?16:39
Kirejihow do I find the package maintainer for libdate-manip-perl ?16:39
ikoniadesignbybeck_: lsb-release -a16:39
ikoniaKireji: look on launchpad.net16:40
designbybeck_hmmm that didn't work ikonia16:40
IdleOnelsb_release -a16:40
drusselllsb_release -rd16:40
IdleOne_ not -16:40
designbybeck_there we go! Thanks ikonia and IdleOne16:40
jewleshello all16:40
jbwivis anyone here using multiple X screens (with or without Xinerama) on Natty with success? I use nvidia cards, and every time I try to configure separate X screens X crashes when trying to bring up the gdm login screen16:41
rhizmoeis there a better picasa for ubuntu than the excreble picasa?16:41
abourgetI installed Oneiric.. but I lost my keyring passwords.. is there something to do to migrate the gnome-keyring ?16:42
auronandace!11.10 | abourget16:42
llutz!11.10 | abourget16:42
ubottuabourget: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:42
rhizmoedelac: i think xsane might have multicrop16:43
coldboot|homeWhy doesn't Gnome-terminal show you the size of the terminal as you resize the window in 11.04, where it did before?16:48
edbiancoldboot|home: It was just turned off in compiz.  You can turn it back on.16:49
delacrhizmoe: do you know if there is any help page on internet for that?16:49
coldboot|homeedbian: Where do you turn it on?16:49
edbiancoldboot|home: ccsm, you have to install it first though: (sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager16:49
auronandace!ccsm | coldboot|home16:50
ubottucoldboot|home: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz16:50
coldboot|homeYeah I have ccsm, what is the specific setting to change it in ccsm?16:50
edbiancoldboot|home: looking now.  I thought it was in resize but I don't see it there...16:51
coldboot|homeedbian: Yeah it's definitely not there.16:51
coldboot|homeWhy was that turned off in 11.04?16:52
coldboot|homeIt's the "resize info" gadget.16:52
tarelerulzWhen I leave my sony vaio for long time it seem to reboot?  I will start in windows or Linux and I find it has boot back into Linux . Any idea what to do16:52
edbiancoldboot|home: a-ha!16:52
dr_willismust of gotten decided it was useless eyecandy. :)16:52
nyraghuI have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a Lenovo Ideapad S100.  The wireless16:53
nyraghunetwork card is a Realtek RTL8188CE.  Have installed the driver from16:53
nyraghuRealtek, with make, make install.  The wireless connectivity is still16:53
nyraghunot working.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.16:53
edbiancoldboot|home: There are too many plugins in ccsm :P16:53
coldboot|homeThe joys of upgrading Linux distros, spend two weeks fixing everything you had working before.16:53
scxi want to create FAT32 partition on SD card for digital camera16:53
scxi use cfdisk16:53
edbiancoldboot|home: :)16:53
dr_williscant say ive ever seen a upgrade turn off my compiz settings..16:53
edbiancoldboot|home: use Debian.  Nothing ever changes16:53
scxwhich partition type i should use? 0B OR 0C?16:53
edbiandr_willis: well unity has a whole bunch of different compiz settings.16:53
rhizmoedelac: this should get you going: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1165797.html16:53
dr_willisUnity is also using a differnet area to store its compiz settings by default.  if it dident.. then the old settings could break unity  i guess edbian. so it makes sence.16:54
coldboot|homeedbian: Yeah I left Debian because nothing got better.16:54
nyraghuOops, sorry about all those line breaks; anyway, I hope the question is clear.16:54
edbiandr_willis: yeah16:55
edbiancoldboot|home: haha :)16:55
edbiannyraghu: did you check the driver you compiled is actually being used?16:55
kingofswordshow do i get wine 1.3.25 to work with pulseaudio16:56
filo1234Hi all, guys there is some pretty explanation about this? http://pastebin.com/xYQf8y8G16:56
BluesKajkingofswords, for a game ?16:56
organikscould somone help me out with this?16:57
organiksi dont have a patch cmd16:57
kingofswordsi read there were pulse driver for wine in a ppa or s'thing but cant find them16:57
edbianfilo1234: gnome likes to insist you have some browser installed16:57
nyraghuedbian: lsmod | grep rtl shows rtl8192ce 127492 0, so it looks like it is being used.16:57
edbiannyraghu: then perhaps that driver just doesn't work16:58
BluesKajkingofswords, does the game have any audio or media configurations , like linking to an audio device ?16:58
filo1234edbian: :-/ gnome is freaky16:59
edbianfilo1234: yes16:59
kingofswordsBluesKaj, i dont really understand what u mean....its not connected to any audio device thou16:59
filo1234so I obbligated to have a browser16:59
nyraghuedbian: perhaps.  I was hoping if there were any alternative ways/drivers.16:59
Kirejiikonia: thanks, I just submitted a bug report on launchpad17:00
edbiannyraghu: what card do you use?17:00
kingofswordsBluesKaj, should i uninstall wine 1.3.25 and install a ppa ver of 1.3.26?17:00
filo1234edbian: kde too...have nonsense17:00
BluesKajkingofswords, for example , are there options like choosing audio settings in the game17:01
edbianfilo1234: yes, haha17:01
nyraghuedbian: Realtek RTL8188CE.17:01
edbianfilo1234: A browser is an important app on the desktop17:01
kingofswordsBluesKaj, no there isnt17:01
BluesKajkingofswords, bummer17:01
kingofswordsthe sound works when i disable pulse but if i do anything included changing volume it stops17:01
t1m310rdis there a way to map multiple folders from one volume into other folders in another volume17:02
delacrhizmoe: yes, that seems to work, althoug it seems that xsane wants to scan each area separately rather than scanning once and then dividing the large image to smaller sections. bit more harsh for the scanner but might suffice. thanks!17:02
filo1234edbian: yeah but I'll like to use what I want! :D like opera, and don't have cromium or firefox too....or rekonk or konqueror17:03
edbiannyraghu: This site: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/rtl819x?highlight=%28RTL8188CE%29 says your driver is correct for your card.  sudo iwlist scan   ?17:03
edbianfilo1234: Mm, I'm pretty sure you can remove all drivers.  I'm just not sure how.17:03
edbianfilo1234: is opera in the rpeos?17:03
filo1234edbian: nope was only an example...17:03
edbianfilo1234: a-ha17:04
filo1234edbian: change my example with lynx :p17:04
edbianfilo1234: :)17:04
faLUCEhi. I just installed ubuntu with a live cd on a acer old netbook,. I chosed to mantain windows vista. All the installation was OK, but after booting grub doesn't show and windows always starts. How can I solve?17:04
organikscould somone help me out with this , http://wiki.winehq.org/USB?17:04
rhizmoedelac: ah, well that's what my 5min of googling turned up :) could be better done in postprocessing17:05
filo1234edbian: OMG http://pastebin.com/VvfjtBKA17:05
edbianfilo1234: that's... wrong17:05
ravenconnected to ssh share folder via places, connect to... - where is this connection linked in the file system?17:06
nyraghuedbian: iwlist scan gives lot of output, and lists all the 4 wireless switches that are accessible to me.17:06
Piciraven: Under ~/.gvfs17:06
edbiannyraghu: the network card is working17:06
edbiannyraghu: :)17:06
filo1234edbian: nope that's crazy IMHO17:06
edbianfilo1234: yes17:06
ravenPici, tnx17:06
rakathandoes anyone here have experience working with hostapd?17:08
delacrhizmoe: might be. do you know any image prosessing programs that are able to auto-crop and save large images to several smaller ones?17:08
sosaitedCan someone help me with setting up SSH with key authentication? I am confused between where to run ssh-keygen and ssh-copy-id.17:10
rhizmoedelac: "multi crop" is the search term i used17:10
sosaitedI ran ssh-keygen on my client computer, as stated by the guide on community pages (The computer I will be connected FROM, TO my server/main pc)17:11
rhizmoesosaited: i've never used ssh-copy-id for that stuff17:11
Picidelac: imagemagick17:11
sosaitedrhizmoe, I should have run ssh-keygen -t rsa -b4096 " etc on which computer?17:11
Picidelac: via the 'convert' or 'mogrify' binaries, See http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php for documentation, as it is very powerful.17:12
oCeansosaited: you got the first part correct. Now use ssh-copy-id on that same machine, to copy the id file to your remote server17:12
WCwarrioranyone: i know linux "should" be just about virus free from the net; however, is there software, ie. avg, spybot, malware bytes, etc. that is available for ubuntu 11.0417:12
rakathanWCwarrior: look up ClamAV17:12
escottsosaited, doesnt matter where you run it, but generally you would run it on the client machine so that if the client is compromised other clients dont have to get a new key from the server17:12
sosaitedoCean, By "remote" server. You mean the server, or the client, FROM WHICH I will be connecting to my pc?17:12
WCwarriorrakathan: k thanks. anything else as well?>17:13
rakathanWCwarrior: not that I know of...common sense is my best defense :P17:13
escottsosaited, so if A,B,C will connect to D then A,B,C each run ssh-keygen and then ssh-copy-id username@D17:13
oCeansosaited: on your client, from which you will be ssh'ing, run ssh-copy-id user@server17:13
sosaitedescott, Ok. I did run it on the client. but now my client has 4096 bit key. and server has 2048 bit17:13
escottsosaited, and if A is compromised then the line corresponding to A in D's .ssh/authorized_keys is removed17:13
sosaitedoCean, I already did that. It said "No identities found";17:14
organikscould someone help me with getting wine to see a usb device17:14
Piciescott: or copy the public and private key pair to each of those, there may not need to be a different keyfile created for each17:14
WCwarriorrakathan: thanks.17:14
rhizmoeno. you want one key that you copy your one private key to each of your potential source accounts, with the pub key going to each of the destination accounts17:14
nyraghuedbian: yes, it's working in the sense that it recognizes the switches, etc, but it is not connecting to them, even though i don't need authentication for  them.  network manager takes a few minutes trying to connect, and then gives up saying "wireless network disconnected".  Should I try ndiswrapper?17:14
oCeansosaited: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@server17:14
sosaitedescott, , Got it.17:14
rhizmoetypically i try to choose just one "home base" where the priv key lies and that i connect to all other machines from.17:14
escottPici, but if you do that and A is compromised then everyone has to get a new key. if each has its own key then only D would be a critical point of failure17:15
Piciescott: Aye, you need to weigh your options :)17:15
intraderAnyone, elinks text terminal connects properly to network printer hosted by cups `sudo elinks` on a mac. The elinks program is able to print a test page; administration gives 403 error. However, the 'Applications->System->Printing applet is not able to locate the printer and connect. I have found nothing helpful in Google.17:15
Eryn_1983_FLok now i feel  really dumb, can somebody tell me how to  call  I guess network manager from the cli and connect to some wifi?17:16
Piciintrader: On a mac? What does that have to do with Ubuntu?17:16
DebiansArmyPici: Can't you have the system to reissue a new key after a certain number of days???17:17
intraderPici, the mac hosts the CUPS server. I want to print from ubuntu.17:17
neguebahey folks, don't know if the problem happens just for me but in ubuntu 11.04 the drivers atl1c and ath9k don't work at the same time... the system always happens to freezes at the splash screen... to get the system work i need to first disable my wireless card and then rmmod any of the drivers17:17
escottsosaited, in my network every computer has every other compu