* astraljava noticed that on #xubuntu-devel, there was a lot of useful talk regarding lightdm(-greeter) while he was sleeping. Hopefully I get out of work early today, so I can start hacking.06:32
Kokitohow are my US friends doing?10:01
astraljavaYou're not interested in your EU friends? :D10:52
Kokitoonly US matters to me :)10:58
* jussi giggles at astraljava12:02
astraljavaShut your trap, jussi. I've had 2½ weeks of sh****ness. I don't need no giggling.15:53
astraljavaAnd yes, yes I know. This will only result to more laughter.15:54
scott-workemail sent to the mailing list responding to cory's email16:56
scott-worklet the shit storm begin :)16:56
* astraljava starts hoarding the groceries and fresh water16:57
ailoScottL, Good email20:05
astraljavaScottL: That was a good email. Thanks for that! I'll respond soon enough, but have my blessings on the target audience (which you were most worried about.)22:24
ScottLthank you ailo and astraljava  :)22:55
ScottLailo, you were partially the inspiration for the second email about someone focusing on the "upgrade" path23:00
ScottLyou had talked about -controls to do this or a single package to install for ubuntu studio23:01
ailoScottL, -controls would have ability to tune the system for low latency in system settings, while adding audio packages need to be done through a package manager. Either the regular ones, or a custom one. Upgrading Ubuntu to US from Software Center, in my opinion, should be a meta-package that includes: kernel, -controls, jack, (fonts and what else), and a basic set of apps. The only difference between the software center upg23:05
ailorade and a full install from DVD would be dropping XFCE dependencies from the "upgrade"23:05
ailoAnd the "upgrade" could be even slimmer yet23:06
ailoThat's my idea of it, anyway23:06
ailoAs always, I'm not taking into account graphics and video23:07
astraljava-desktop would be the one to draw in the XFCE dependencies anyhoo, so that's easy to circumvent.23:07
ailoAs ScottL mentioned in the email, I'm not going to be as active in development as I would have wanted. Perhaps not at all. All though, I will still pursue the objects I have had all along: kernels testing and developing a -controls application. The -controls application may turn out to be an unbranded app, which I could try to push into Debian repo.23:11
ailoI don't have a time plan right now, though23:11
ailoI will want to start with kernel building and testing23:12
ailoI'll set up a PPA project for that later on23:12
ailoThe goal is to find out if -lowlatency is needed and try to push it into Ubuntu repo23:12
ailoJust testing the kernel is a challenge for me, so that will take some time to do23:14

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