holsteinFloatingGoat: hello04:51
FloatingGoatI'm a very ameturer musician.04:52
holsteinFloatingGoat: cool... welcome to the channel04:52
FloatingGoatYou ever heard of the mxl 990?04:52
FloatingGoatIts a mic.04:53
FloatingGoatWhat do you think?04:53
holsteinim not a big mxl fan though04:53
holsteinbut, they have some resonably priced gear04:53
holsteini say, save your money04:53
FloatingGoatOh, I'm planning on getting it but I hear you need more equiptment04:53
holsteinfor not too much more, you can get quite a bit more quality04:53
holsteinFloatingGoat: a preamp?04:54
holsteinyou have a preamp?04:54
FloatingGoatSounds nice! What do you recomend?04:54
holsteinFloatingGoat: for a preamp?04:54
FloatingGoatNo I don't. Don't have a mixer.04:54
holsteinyou might want to consider a mixer, or a preamp, or some interface with a preamp or preamps on it04:55
FloatingGoatNo for aa good mic. I might go to my local.seco.d hand music store.for a preamp04:55
FloatingGoatSorry I'm on my phone04:55
FloatingGoatI was wonderung what you recomend over the mxl04:56
holsteinthe sure KSM27 is a nice mic for the $$04:56
holsteinnice entry level mic04:56
FloatingGoatHow much?04:56
holsteini like the rode nt1000 i have, and ive heard the rode nt1a's04:56
holsteinFloatingGoat: depends04:56
holsteini would expect to spend $300 on a decent mic04:57
holsteinotherwise, just get whatever 80 dollar mxl you find thats cheap04:57
FloatingGoatI'm an am though so I peobs won't even use it right when I get it04:57
holsteinFloatingGoat: do you have a mic on the computer then?04:58
holsteinwhy not just use what you got?04:58
holsteinif you find a used one of those mics i mentioned, you can resell them for what you pay04:59
FloatingGoatI want something that sounds good. Well at least the mxl would sound better than what im using now. http://ubuntuone.com/p/1AAK/04:59
holsteinif you buy an MXL, thats a paperweight, or something you have to give away04:59
FloatingGoatIll think about it04:59
holsteinsure, i mean, thats what you came here for right ? :)05:00
holsteinFloatingGoat: you might want to consider your environment05:00
FloatingGoatYeah and to.talk.about different things.05:00
holsteinthink about recording with 2 seperate mics05:00
holsteinor, record the guitar, then the vox05:00
FloatingGoatThat's actually jot a bad idea05:01
holsteinFloatingGoat: if you can, take a look at the way a studio would do it05:01
holsteinif you go to a studio, and pay $100/hour05:01
holsteinthey dont put one shite mic near you playing and singing05:02
holsteinthey have maybe a few mics on the guitar05:02
FloatingGoatNo I.don't want to do that. I really.just go.with the flow when I play I get into a funk. That doesnt happen wuen I record.seperate05:02
holsteinand one really nice one (or more) on the vox too05:02
holsteinyou dont *need* through gear at your problem05:02
holsteini would suggest trying to get the best results with what you have05:02
holsteinFloatingGoat: so, if you want to record them together05:03
holsteinyou need 2 mics05:03
FloatingGoatYeah thanks man. My buds in another server saaid that it sucked.cause my mic did.05:03
FloatingGoatIll.try it.05:03
holsteinive been wondering if these are worth anything05:04
holsteinpretty sure they are crap05:04
holsteinFloatingGoat: that mic sounds like the mic is where it is05:04
holsteinand you are doing what you are doing05:04
holsteinthat mic will have limits of course05:05
holsteinbut, that could be a really nice mic, and you still wouldnt be happy with the results05:05
FloatingGoatI gotta get better im a noob. And do.you recommend any good.piano.sound files? Loke.for.lmms or rosegarden. Like acoustic piano05:06
holsteini use pianoteq05:06
holsteinits not free...05:06
holsteinyou could ask for soundfont advice in #opensourcemusicians05:06
FloatingGoatFree as in beer?05:07
holsteinim more of an acoustic guy05:07
holsteinFloatingGoat: pianoteq is not free in either way05:07
FloatingGoatHowa.mucha monies05:07
FloatingGoatAnd ubuntu?05:07
holsteinFloatingGoat: i would suggest trying to find some free soundfonts05:07
holsteinand put that money elsewheres05:08
holsteini use it on ubuntu05:08
holsteinthey have a linux version05:08
holsteinsure... those guys know more about soundfonts than i05:08

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