charlie-tcafixed the cheap, broken computer. Reset bios power saving from S3 to S100:05
charlie-tcaGood night00:41
madnickknome: I would need some artwork now :) (you told me to tell you if i did :P)15:11
knomeuhhh. yeah15:13
knomewhat kind of?15:13
charlie-tcaOneiric Desktop i386 image went to 702.3MB today15:13
madnickknome: http://www.madnick.se/~madnick/xubuntu/xubuntu-greeter-draft4.png15:13
madnickArrows for that :P15:14
madnickknome: if you dont like the theme, please tell me what to change :P15:15
knomewere you thinking something in the glow-style?15:15
knomethe center box is for pw?15:15
madnickknome: yes15:15
madnickGlowstyle is nice15:15
madnickcenterbox is password (i need to work on my answers :P)15:16
knomeimo the theme is a bit confusing now, but i think that's easy enough to workaround15:16
knomeis the userbox also writable?15:16
madnicknope, but it could be :)15:16
madnickthats what the arrows are for15:16
madnickto change username and sessions15:17
knomethe session box doesn't need to be writable, imo15:17
knomelet me create quickly an improved mockup15:17
madnickokay :)15:17
knomemadnick, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/oneiric_lightdm/draft.png15:28
knomemadnick, what about something as simple as that?15:28
knomemadnick, the arrows don't really actually need the glow here, imo :)15:28
madnicknice! :)15:29
knomeand this would be as consistent as possible with the plymouth theme15:29
madnickknome: is the arrows ascii chars?15:29
knomeyeah, just < >15:29
* madnick wonders if there is a special one like ^ but for down15:30
knomefor the clock and the shutdown icon, just a sec15:30
knomethere's *something* but i don't know if that's really the "reverse" for ^15:30
madnickbtw knome you said "consistent with plymouth" :P15:30
madnickThere wont be a plymouth if you and ochosi cant agree :((15:31
knomeheh, there will be15:31
madnickI didnt see what was wrong with the orginal idea 15:32
madnickIt was very simple :P15:32
madnickand nice15:32
knomeit was just confusing for me15:32
madnicki mean15:32
madnickthe plymouth15:32
madnickAnd that version works and i have it running on all my workstations15:32
knomeochosi thinks that the progressbar going back and forth isn't the best way to indicate progress15:32
knomeand he's right15:33
madnickYes, but we need a package by monday15:33
knomei know. :)15:34
knomedon't worry baby, i'm an expert15:34
knomedraft for the clock and shutdown icon15:35
knome(just use any shutdown icon that's not that one :P)15:35
charlie-tcaSomewhere along the way, accessibility has gotten lost?15:35
knomeanother dropbox?15:36
charlie-tcaThere should be an icon to click for accessibility options on that screen too15:36
knomewill it be a popup, or dropdown box15:36
charlie-tcashould be next to shutdown icon15:36
madnickcharlie-tca: if the theme is going to implemented accessability in the greeter, i need to know what accessability would mean in a greeter15:37
charlie-tcaI don't know that a clock is important, who cares what time you type a password in, but being to access the options would be important.15:37
* madnick tried current gtk greeter to see15:37
charlie-tcaThere's always been accessibility in the login screen15:38
knomecharlie-tca, yes, we will add the accessibility button.15:38
madnickcharlie-tca: yes, but since this a new theme, i would need to implemented accessability15:38
madnickHigh contrast + large fonts15:38
charlie-tcayes, along with Onboard if the user has selected it15:39
madnickonscreen keyboard?15:39
charlie-tcaboth onboard and orca have options to use them during the login. If we can get them in there, great. If we can not, we will release note it and it will be a regression bug15:39
charlie-tcaIf the user can not use a hardware keyboard, they must have onboard or another onscreen keyboard to use15:40
madnickcharlie-tca: is that possibly in the gtk-greeter? (im wondering because then i can take some of that code)15:40
charlie-tcaIt was in there, but I haven'15:40
charlie-tcahaven't looked lately15:41
charlie-tcaIt was the two icons in the top right corner. 15:41
madnickyep, but for me there is no onscreen keyboard15:41
madnickBut that can be arranged15:41
charlie-tcaRight, it is a option the user has to specifically select, I believe.15:41
charlie-tcaI know accessibility takes a back seat with Unity, most of the rhetoric is "Accessibility is very important", but the actual doing is the last thing that happens, with the least amount of emphasis.15:43
charlie-tcaHowever, maybe we can be the ones to keep it in the forefront ?15:44
charlie-tcaI mean, afterall, accessibility for alpha3 was still not working, because design is more important.15:45
madnickyeah, it should be working15:46
GridCubeknome mockup is nice but it lacks the same "what does the arrows do?" answer that charlie-tca asked to madnick the other day15:48
GridCube\o/ 3 highlights on one sentence15:48
GridCubebut now i want  the greeter to have knome's shutdown icon15:51
charlie-tcamadnick: OTOH, it may not matter, since orca is not working for us either.15:52
charlie-tcaaccessibility is all broken under gnome3, and may not work anyway if we stay with gtk215:53
charlie-tcaKind of between the rock and a hard place now15:53
madnickcharlie-tca: however, the greeter could implement its own accessability16:00
madnickbut it might be useless if the accessability in the OS does not work16:01
* madnick just ate a candybar that had laid in gasolin :(((16:02
charlie-tcaI heard that we now have accessibility working in the alternate session for Ubuntu. As far as Unity, it changes too often to follow again.16:02
charlie-tcaum, gasoline is bad for the humans16:02
madnickyeah :\16:02
charlie-tcanot too good for any animal, as far as I know16:02
madnickIt was wrapped in plastic, dont know if any of it got in16:02
charlie-tcahm... I tend the to follow the "bad for me if it smells bad" thing16:03
madnicki did not smell it :(16:03
madnicki shouldve16:03
madnickI tasted it, but then i spit it out, well most of it16:03
charlie-tcaWell, then it shouldn't be too bad16:04
madnickbut i ate a candy bar from the same location eariler :(16:04
charlie-tcaalthough the last time I drank gasoline, it made parts of me numb16:04
madnickbut it did not taste gaslin16:04
madnickyou drank gasoline? :(16:04
charlie-tcaMaybe the plastic protected it16:04
charlie-tcaHow else do you siphon it?16:04
madnickwas it by accident?16:05
charlie-tcastick the hose in the tank, suck on it to start the flow, spit and hack for an hour...16:05
madnickdid you visit the doctor?16:05
charlie-tcano, I just figured it didn't kill me16:06
charlie-tcaMaybe that was wrong?16:06
madnickmight not be good for the liver / kidneys, but my friend texted me "you will puke if there is gasolin in it, and that clears it up"16:07
charlie-tcaI have since given up gasoline as one of those things that is bad for me.16:07
charlie-tcaSee, so you are fine!16:08
madnickyeah hopefully :)16:08
astraljavacharlie-tca: I see you haven't done that enough times. At some point, I did it so many times I began to notice when to stop sucking before the liquid actually hit my mouth. :D16:10
astraljavamany enough*16:10
astraljavaOr how do you say that, actually?16:10
knomeastraljava, you say it like "et vaan osaa"16:12
charlie-tcaI think you got it right. 16:12
* astraljava has frowned too many times today already16:12
astraljava...and probably keeps on frowning16:12
charlie-tcaYeah, some days are better days for frowning then smiling16:12
charlie-tcaI had to quit doing the gasoline, it seems to be getting bad for me.16:13
astraljavacharlie-tca: Yeah. Work has prevented me from my hobbies (read: ubuntu) for two and a half weeks now, and it doesn't look good for the near future either.16:13
astraljavaYeah, but you really have to push it to keep on going, cause you'll get used to it eventually.16:14
charlie-tcaOh, by the way, anyone running oneiric should be waiting to restart after updating. It seems some computers are refusing to restart X after yesterdays glib update16:14
astraljavaOh nice.16:14
charlie-tcaYou think?16:14
astraljavaYeah, but it might require some mutations.16:14
charlie-tcaIt seemed like the numbing was pretty bad last time.16:14
astraljavaDid you know that by every generation, there are about 60 mutations in the genepool?16:15
charlie-tcawork is like a bad habit sometimes, gets in the way of everything :(16:15
knomeastraljava, you are one of those?16:15
* knome hides16:15
charlie-tcaI had no idea about the genepool.16:15
knomei think i'm the rest 5916:15
astraljavaknome: I am the equivalent of the whole genepool's worth of.16:15
knomeastraljava, :)16:15
charlie-tcathe problem with the reboot failing is that you don't know if you have a computer affected until you reboot it.16:16
knomeastraljava, ha! we watched QI @mums yesterday, she's started to record those!16:16
astraljavacharlie-tca: That's just wonderful.16:18
charlie-tcaThat's why I thought I should tell people.16:18
astraljavaGoddamned. I've completely forgotten all about QI. I need to get that channel package that shows that.16:18
astraljavacharlie-tca: Thanks!16:18
charlie-tcaOf course, I don't know how to tell when it gets fixed now, either.16:18
astraljavacharlie-tca: Well, that's why we're rebooting after every test install, despite your warnings. :D16:19
knomeastraljava, hehe. you know, the new series start this fall, and you can watch it on the bbc iplayer if you're in (a proxy in) britain.16:19
astraljavaknome: Good to know, but I don't think I have anyone in UK who could setup such.16:19
charlie-tcaOh, test installs don't matter so much, but some of us do use Oneiric all the time now.16:20
knomeastraljava, i don't think there is any free-to-use uk proxy lists on the web either.16:20
charlie-tcaWell, back to the important things. I guess I better go do the minutes from the meeting16:20
astraljavacharlie-tca: Yeah. I'm tempted. This vanilla 11.04 classic has pissed me off since the dawn of time, but since the on-going projects require me to keep the dev env alive, I cannot install another.16:21
astraljavaknome: I'm pretty sure the feds have gotten rid off of those way back.16:21
charlie-tcaTrue. I test, thus I run the latest development release. 16:21
astraljavacharlie-tca: Have I missed a meeting?16:21
charlie-tcaI know when it breaks, right away, too16:21
astraljavaWhen was that?16:21
knomeastraljava, yeah, especially that proxy i used the last time ;)16:22
astraljavaOh, I think I was there.16:22
astraljavaknome: Hah! :D16:22
charlie-tcaastraljava: You were there.16:22
astraljavaYeah, thanks.16:24
micahgcharlie-tca: CD size ACK, but we're still ok, we should be able to get a little bit back with some library transitions16:40
micahgactually, I take that back, I think we might be done w/transitions...idr anymore16:41
micahgopenssl is done for the CDs anyways16:41

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