Unit193He already did the disco...00:33
charlie-tcaUsually, when they are on the web service, it means they finished reading the slideshow, clicked, and then the install finished.00:40
Unit193I thought about maybe pointing it to offtopic, but figured it was better as it is00:42
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philipballewhey, when i upgraded to 11.04 access to my desktop via ssh cut off03:44
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raevolso it's only 2 months until oeneric and thunar still has the first-launch-after-boot issue05:33
raevolis this the level of quality we should expect from xubuntu?05:33
well_laid_lawnyou only get disappointed if you expect things05:34
Sysinot new thunar version out yet05:35
raevolis it still not fixed in xfce?05:35
raevoloh, i'm really sorry then, i'm complaining in the wrong place :(05:36
Sysiyou can try some other filemanager05:36
raevolmany apologies, off to #xfce05:36
raevol#xfce is telling me there's a newer thunar05:42
raevolSysi: you lied to me :P05:42
Sysididn't know.. :/05:48
raevolwell i didn't either05:49
raevolso i can't blame you :P05:49
philipballewhey! i updated to 11.04 today and now i cant seem to ssh into my desktop. what might be causing that?07:10
tsunamiuseri came here because on xubuntu.org/help is said that I may get some help here09:54
tsunamiuseris that correct?09:54
Sysipop a question and you may get an ansver09:55
tsunamiusercheers :)09:55
tsunamiuserI have xubun09:55
tsunamiuserto installed with a ubuntu 11 version09:55
tsunamiuserhow can I know which version is installed? xubuntu version09:56
knomelsb_release -a'09:57
knome'lsb_release -a' in terminal without the quotes09:57
tsunamiuser11.04 but that is ubuntu version... so does this means that xubunto version is the same as ubunto version?09:59
Sysisame package repositories = same version and basically same OS, with different default packages(apps)10:00
tsunamiuserhum... I don't think I like this version, the scroll bar on the left side is a bit slow... do you have any suggestions on that? is it a question of configuration?10:01
tsunamiuserand thank you knome and Sysi10:01
knome"scroll bar on the left side" sounds like something that isn't in xubuntu 11.04 by default.10:04
tsunamiuserhum... it came when I upgraded from 1010:05
tsunamiuserdidn't had that before10:05
tsunamiuserthough is much better now...10:05
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tsunamiuseris there a way to be sure I have the right installation? or the right packages? or to reinstall it again?...10:07
knometsunamiuser, if you have a reason to avoid a fresh install, you can take a screenshot of the actual problem and we can try to help with it10:16
tsunamiuserthank you knome10:28
tsunamiusererrrr... hum... sorry, but how can I send the screenshot?10:29
tsunamiuserknome, I am sending you a screenshot10:40
knometsunamiuser, please don't use dcc, use imagebin10:46
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.10:46
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tsunamiuserubottu, thank you I'm uploading now10:49
ubottutsunamiuser: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:49
tsunamiuserquite a nice bot you are ubottu :)10:50
knometsunamiuser, doesn't look like you are in a xubuntu session10:51
knomedo you use autologin?10:51
knometsunamiuser, xubuntu 1104 is supposed to look like: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TbqXvD4wEDI/AAAAAAAAENU/dv_zS0XwUCM/xubuntu-11.04_2.png10:53
tsunamiuserI guess so... just have to enter my password10:56
tsunamiuserwhen it starts up it sais xubuntu10:56
knometsunamiuser, is there a dropdown box to select the *session*10:56
knomeif you manually log out, do you then have the dropdown box?10:57
Sysi"panel" at the bottom of screen10:57
tsunamiuserno, no panel at the bottom10:57
tsunamiuserI will logout now to see10:58
tsunamiuserknome and Sysi thank you for your help12:07
tsunamiuseronly now I could connect bak12:08
tsunamiusermy signl is very weak, I'm at sea now12:08
ChristopherNGHello fellow Xubuntu users!12:58
ChristopherNG where is everyone? :)13:18
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ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko13:19
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:19
ChristopherNGPici: whats wrong? everything has been so dead in here all week13:19
Sysieveryone's xubuntus are just working13:19
ChristopherNGIts a miracle! lol13:19
PiciThere are other Ubuntu support channels if you want to help out elsewhere.13:20
ChristopherNGI like this ubuntu channel the most, you have fewer people but the quality of the responses is better even though it might take longer to get a response.13:21
ChristopherNGI need a new project to work on..13:21
Sysisetting up archlinux took me almost entire day13:22
Sysilittle server could be fun too13:22
ChristopherNGwhy did it take all day?13:28
Sysia lot to set up, packages to install13:30
ChristopherNGNever used that distrobution myself before13:31
ablomenhmm i noticed that firefox 6 crashes on computers with nvdia optimus video cards (because of hardware acceleration being enabled by default) what would be the best place to report this so other people with the same problem can find the solution?14:07
ablomenthis is down to the lack of nvidia support for optimus on linux btw, not firefox and it also is not (x)ubuntu specific, so i'm not sure where to report it14:08
GridCubei would report it to nvidia driver14:09
GridCubeubuntu-bug nvidia(whatever the package name is)14:09
ablomenhmm well the problem with that is that nvidia already know's it does not work (and said they won't support it *shakes fist*) and it only happens with firefox (which the package maintainers can't do anything about eiter, i'm guessing)14:12
ablomenah well, ill throw a message to both nvidia and firefox anyway, thanks GridCube14:14
GridCubeindeed fill a bug to firefox trackers so they know14:14
h0llerHello, has anyone else experienced difficulties with XFCE since yesterday's updates? I seem to have lost the top bar and borders to all windows, along with the minimize/maximize/close buttons. Bookmarks menus in Firefox disappear as soon as the mouse comes into contact with the menu. Have lost transparency in my bottom panel where my application links reside. Not sure what broke. Any ideas?15:39
Sysialt+F2 "xfwm4"15:40
h0llerWhen I tail /var/log/syslog, I can see the following: WARNING: Could not launch application 'metacity.desktop': Unable to start application: Failed to execute child process "metacity" (No such file or directory)15:40
Sysixfwm4 --replace possibly15:41
h0llerSysi: removing && installing now...15:42
h0llerSysi: will reboot and see if it worked. Thank you.15:43
h0llerSysi: no luck.15:45
Sysierr I told you to run xfwm415:45
h0llerSysi: oh, sorry. I misunderstood.  Will try now.15:46
h0llerSysi: ok, wow, that seemed to work!  I have been on hiatus from XFCE for many years and have just come back to it recently. I don't recall what that command does. What just happened when I executed xfwm4? Does that just restart XFCE, or does it reset things back to default, or something else?15:48
Sysiit's the windowmanager, takes care of many things15:49
Sysiyou should propably 'rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions' and then save session on logout15:49
h0llerSysi: Got it, thanks! That would explain why "Window Manager" was not available in my Settings menu. It must also be tied into Metacity and somehow restarts it when that command is executed. Found more info here: http://www.xfce.org/projects/xfwm4/  Thanks much for your help! Very appreciative!15:50
ChristopherNGDoes anyone know if the youtube-dl program from the repos still works?16:03
ChristopherNGIm trying to use it doesnt seem so16:04
GridCubenever used that16:04
Sysitry some firefox addition, downloadhelper or minitube or something16:04
GridCubei use the downloadhelper for firefox to do that16:04
ChristopherNGthanks download helper works16:07
ChristopherNGwhere does it download to, the home directory?16:08
ChristopherNGi got it now16:10
ChristopherNGmy n00b question for the day, ubuntu in general comes with a bourne shell because of $ as opposed to a c shell which uses % ?16:13
ChristopherNGor have i got that back to fornt16:13
Sysibash is used in most distributions by default, I guess promt has nothing to do with it (you can set it to be anything anyway)16:16
charlie-tcaright, as far as I know, bash is one of those things that became more or less standard for linux16:18
Sysis shell is csh? it's propably not GPL, zsh would be real alternative but not really reason to change16:25
Sysic shell*16:25
PiciChristopherNG: I've been using clive (or cclive) to download things from youtube lately.16:44
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Viva_NeroPanel disapeared on my karmic install, and the entry for it in settings manager won't bring anything up20:29
Viva_NeroI made a new account, and panel shows up on it20:29
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels20:30
Viva_Nerookay, let me change accounts and see if it works20:31
MrPopinjaySup ChristopherNG21:15
ChristopherNGNot much yourself?21:16
ubuntu__hey guys, I'm testing Xubuntu from a live usb21:18
ChristopherNGyes and?21:19
ubuntu__well I have been trying many different distro's on my CR-48 laptop21:20
ubuntu__and only some distro's based solely from ubuntu seem to work well with the mutli-touch track pad21:21
ubuntu__but Unity is still way too slow for my tastes, even on a powerful machine, so I wanted to try Xubuntu21:21
ubuntu__I heard you can get the Gnome-globalmenu to work in XFCE but21:22
Unit193What do you think so far?21:22
ubuntu__I like how fast it is :)21:22
ubuntu__for some odd reason firefox won't open at all21:22
ubuntu__idk if thats just cause that particular package is broken some how or what, but I'm using Midori to test it so all's good at the moment21:23
ChristopherNGBasically i like Xubuntu and i really cant see myself going back top regular ubuntu.21:24
ubuntu__but would you guys know how to get the Gnome-globalmenu to work in XFCE?21:24
ubuntu__oh no? why not?21:24
Sysiinstall and add to panel, or compile from source and add to panel21:24
Unit193Arora is also a good little browser21:24
ubuntu__oh I'll check Arora then :)21:24
Sysiquite the same as midori but qt21:25
ubuntu__ooh qt is generally faster than GTK2 isn't it?21:25
Unit193I have Aurora and Arora in internet options :P  Arora seems to render better than Midori though21:25
ubuntu__does it work with any extentions or plugins? I have grown quite attatched to Lastpass :-P21:26
Sysiubuntu__: how would you compare speed of appearance libs21:26
ubuntu__maybe this is not quite the right channel21:34
ubuntu__but I have tried installing a couple different distros on a few machines, and a couple that are based on Ubuntu 11.04 get an error just before the installation is finished, then rebooting just gives a black screen with a blinking underscore21:36
ubuntu__and this has been on 2 different machines and I have tried getting ISO's from a couple different networks than my own. So I know its none of those things. Any ideas as to why some 11.04 distro's do that and others don't?21:37
ubuntu__hmmm I think you guys got busy or its late where you are lol, well I'll come back another time, thanks for being so friendly :)21:43
Unit193Wed, 17 Aug 2011 17:43:10 -040021:43
Unit193Not late yet, just eating kinda21:43
ubuntu__Unit193: ah mkay :)22:21
ubuntu__I'm just playing around with Cairo dock and seeing how I like it and other apps before I install22:21
ubuntu__by the way, I tried installing the Gnome global menu from the terminal,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8,   sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get install gnome-globalmenu22:23
ubuntu__but it didn't find the package :(22:23
feydcan anyone help me with gvfs-mount and an ntfs drive?22:24
feydnevermind, just needed -d flag, thanks anyway22:28
ChristopherNGHello does anyone know of any software that can change your voice and do different effects like the sound recorder?22:34
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ChristopherNGHello anyone there?23:44
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:45
ChristopherNGAnyone know where I can get Jack to work with mixxx?23:45
Unit193Hmmm... Wouldn't this be better to ask in #mixx OR #jack ?23:51
PiciOr perhaps #ubuntustudio23:51
Unit193^^ Might be best (Or even #opensourcemusicians :P )23:52

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