controversialbzr versus hg fight -- who wins?00:28
spivclearly bzr, because it has more letters.00:29
fullermdNo way, hg has that underhanded hook to sneak up.00:31
lifelessits a noshow, they both get distracted by git on the way to the arena00:47
fullermdHow monotoneous.00:48
bairuihi, guys. Is this a place to ask about workspace layout, workflow, releases, etc...?00:48
bairuii have read the user guide and the advanced workspaces section, but i am still a bit vague on some of the mechanics00:49
lifelessfullermd: :P00:50
lifelessbairui: sure it, though I'm running out; I'm sure other folk here will help when you have questions00:50
bairuiheh, ok. thanks :)00:50
bairuino. i don't even know enough to ask good questions. :-/ Is there an additional resource I could read? The User Guide feels a bit... sparse to me.01:01
bairuisay I have a   release target   layout (taken from the shared_repository_layouts section of the UG). It has the main   trunk/   branch and containers   releases/   0.1/   0.2/   etc (all in the root of the project repo dir)01:06
bairuithe term   container for foo branch   in the UG means what? Just a regular old directory in the filesystem, right?01:06
bairuiwell, for eg:   "container for release branches"01:07
fullermdbairui: I think so, yes.01:18
fullermdbairui: Don't forget (well, or "don't fail to learn", depending ;) that you can rearrange the branches around inside the repo any time, now or later (just watch out for other branches that might look for their old path).01:19
bairuiok. thanks, fullermd. I have to cook breakfast atm, so I'll be back. :) apologies for the monotony ;)01:19
bairuiright - rearranging - that was on the Q list :)01:19
fullermdThe only important thing is "stays under the repo's dir".01:19
fullermdThe repo doesn't know where the branches are, or vice versa.  bzr just looks at the branch and says "is there a repo here?  No?  How about at $BRANCH/../?  No?  $BRANCH/../../?  ../../../?  [etc]"01:20
fullermdSo if you mv one of the branches 'outside' the repo, the world will end and fire will rain from the sky (not necessarily in that order).01:21
fullermdBut as long as you stay 'inside', it doesn't matter to the branch or repo where it is.01:21
bairuiok, fullermd... that's reassuring. Avoiding fire rain is good. So, if I could now move onto the topic of   creating releases...   Let's say it's a fresh project with nothing in production yet. Dev away, test and ready to release (small cycle with small changesets). What now? Do I tag it? Do I branch a copy as 1.0 and do I need to somehow "freeze" that branch so it can't get altered? Is that even close to the01:29
bairui right path or am I wandering, lost in the scrub?01:29
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bairuiapologies again for the "now you see me; now you don't" - breakfast. bbl01:32
fullermdbairui: Well, that ends up being a question of your flow as much (or more) than a VCS thing.01:37
fullermdAt one extreme you have "OK, I'm releasing this as 1.0 now", in which case you Obviously(tm) just tag it.01:37
fullermdAt the other you have "OK, let's settle this down toward a 1.0 release in the next couple weeks, while we continue to let speculative stuff go on in head", in which case you Equally Obviously(tm) make a 1.0 branch.01:38
fullermd(or do you have a '1.x' branch, that you then tag 1.0 and 1.1 and ... on?  Or do you have a 1.x branch that you branch 1.0 from, work toward 1.0 on that branch, let 1.x keep working toward 1.next, and meanwhile still have the separate trunk moving toward 2.x?)01:40
fullermdThere's no in-bzr way to 'freeze' a branch (though of course you could mess with FS permissions or the like to make it require increasingly heroic measures to commit on)01:41
jimisa "freeze" or "lock" feature would be good though02:07
jimisbesides releases I've needed it for feauture-branches02:07
jimislet's say one week I hack on 15 different features, each on a separate branch02:08
jimisthe *finished* features, I'd like to lock them somehow, to warn me against further changes02:08
jimisand also to be seen as status: locked, so that I know that this feauture is merged and I should not work anymore on this branch02:09
jimisAt present I do it with all caps files at root dir, like branchname_IS_LOCKED02:10
bairuithanks, fullermd. That makes sense... I just have to choose a path. I'll experiment to make sure my understanding matches reality.02:18
bairuiand yes... a lock would be nice and I'll consider an approach like IS_LOCKED, jimis, cheers.02:19
bairuilet's talk feature branches...   say I have a main (shared) repo at   bzr+ssh://server/repos/project   with a /trunk/ under that. If I    bzr branch bzr+ssh://server/project/trunk bzr+ssh://server/project/0.1   to create a 0.1 pool   and then I   bzr branch bzr+ssh://server/project/0.1   to get a local working copy (into, say, another local shared repo structure). Would I then (locally)   bzr branch 0.102:34
bairui0.1-dev   (to keep the local 0.1 'pristine')?   Or am I now playing with the fairies again?02:34
bairuiok - something in there was not right... after doing   bzr branch bzr+ssh://server/project/trunk bzr+ssh://server/project/0.1   and then   bzr branch bzr+ssh://server/project/0.1   to create a local branch, going into the   0.1   dir and issuing the command   bzr status   gives me the error: bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for that one, mate.02:52
spivbairui: what does 'bzr info' say?03:03
bairuithat it's a repo branch (2a).  The shared repo, repo branch and parent branch look sane... the push branch is .03:05
bairuirepo branch is . (which I assume is sane)03:05
bairuiso, something that has been confusing me is:   Do I create a shared repo on both the server AND on each of my local dev boxes?03:06
bairuimeh - newbie mistake - I didn't read the FAQ. It said to just do    bzr checkout   in my local branch (the one that was complaining about   bzr status   ).03:40
bairuihowever... now my local branch 'seems' to behave better, but it's not updating its parent when I do   bzr push03:40
bairuiit says   Nothing to do.   My local says it's at revision 1 and the remote says revision 003:41
vilahi all !06:55
vilahaaa, pqm queue empty, finally !06:56
maxbMorning vila. 2.4.0 PPA uploads in progress.07:02
* vila thanks maxb !07:02
vila\o/ o// \\o07:02
maxbHmm. bzr-builddeb 2.7.7 FTBFS on <= maverick07:04
jimisHow come some commands accept branches without full path, but others require it?07:10
jimisfor example I can do "bzr switch branch1"07:11
jimisbut I have to do "bzr log -rbranch:../root-dir/branch1"07:11
vilajimis: switch has some DWIM magic (iirc)07:11
jimisvila: DWIM?07:11
vilaDo What I Mean07:12
jimisI love that kind of magic07:12
jimisCan't -rbranch use that magic?07:13
vila-r uses some DWIM magic too :) So it can conceivably borrow some from switch... I don't know the details well enough07:14
jimisallright, thanks vila07:15
vilajimis: don't hesitate to file bugs when you encounter issues, that's the best way to bring feedback and attention to them07:16
jimisok, will do07:17
jimistogether with some other stuff, I've put it on my TODO list :-)07:18
vilagreat ;)07:18
bairuioops: bzr: ERROR: exceptions.ValueError: WorkingTree.set_root_id with fileid=None07:18
vilabairui: bzr version ?07:20
jimishmmm, log needs full path too, like "bzr log ../proj-dir/branch1"07:21
vilathere was a bug with this kind of symptom, fixed in 2.4x, triggered when merging to an empty tree or empty branch07:21
vilajimis: log will be harder as you can specify a file/dir path07:22
bairuii am trying to learn how to manage distributed workflow with branches. I had made changes to a branch and merged it back into my trunk. Then it said trunk is out of date with respect to its parent; update. On the update I got that error. I did a commit successfully, and then update was a (successful) no-op.07:22
bairuivila: I did exactly that07:22
bairuipacman says 2.3.4-1 is the best I've got for now :-/ what's latest stable?07:24
bairuibut on the *bright* side... I *think* I finally get DVCS and bzr's implementation (for small values of 'get')07:25
vila2.3.4, but 2.4.0 is *just* around the corner (I'm waiting for a bit more available packages/installers before doing the official announce)07:25
vilabairui: what OS are you using ?07:25
bairuier, well, i guess that's a distro, but it answers your q too :)07:25
vilapardon my ignorance, what package manager is used there and who package bzr (and when ?)07:26
bairuii dunno who and when, but the package manager is called   pacman07:26
vilabairui: well, in the meant time, the workaround is to avoid merging to empty branch/trees ;)07:27
jimisvila: arch is famous for packaging the latest stable really on-time07:27
bairuiheh, thanks, vila :p07:27
jimisvila: if there is a bug in 2.3, proper solution would be to do a small 2.3.5 fix release07:28
pooliehi vila, jimis, maxb07:28
vilajimis: ok, thanks for teaching me ;)07:28
vilajimis: in theory, yes, in practice, 2.4 *is* the new stable series07:28
vilabah, not therory/practice, sorry, bad english07:28
jimisI'm sure that 2.4 will be packaged by arch very soon after released then07:29
vilajimis: right07:29
jimisvila: Nevertheless if there is a bug on 2.3, remember that many RHEL users will not be able to use that one07:30
vilajimis, bairui : feedback on when 2.4 is available in arch welcome !07:30
vilajimis: 2.4 ?07:30
vilajimis: because we drop support for python2.4 ?07:30
jimisvila: yes07:30
poolievila what's a control.conf?07:31
vilaso, the consensus was that getting python-2.5 on redhat/fedora was easy enough07:31
jimisI went through a lot to be able to run, as we were discussing some other time07:31
jimisvila: *only* if you have root access07:31
vilapoolie: the most unknown config file used by bzr07:31
jimisif not, it's pretty hard07:31
jimisand RHEL users tend to have an admin over their heads :-)07:32
vilajimis: ghaaa, are you subscribed to the bazaar ml ?07:32
poolievila "you're in a balloon!"07:32
vilapoolie: ??? :D07:32
jimisvila: no, but I read it casually (have also posted once)07:32
vilapoolie: control.conf is mainly used by launchpad to provide default_stacked_on07:32
pooliegoogle it07:33
vilajimis: there was a long thread about dropping support for python-2.407:33
vilapoolie: oh, you mean my first answer was useless ?07:34
pooliea bit07:34
pooliei thought that was it but the cover letter might have been more clear with a reminder07:35
vilayeah, I know, but it took me so long to learn about this file and it's so well hidden, I feel *a bit* relieved that I'm not alone there07:35
poolieperhaps a comment or two would be good07:56
vilain the stack types ?07:56
vilato explain how they are built ?07:56
vilathe rationale and so on ?07:56
pooliesomething like that07:56
poolieyes, in the stack classes07:56
vilaright, my next submission will probably be to introduce a stack registry and that's where I intended to explain that but I can as well start here07:57
vilapoolie: roughly the idea is that you call the registry with a stack ID and a context, for example:08:00
vilapoolie: stack_registry.get('bazaar') # no context08:00
vilapoolie: stack_registry.get('branch', branch)08:01
vilapoolie: stack_registry.get('locations', url)08:01
vilaand you get the right stack for the context08:01
vilabranch should chose the appropriate stack depending on 'branch', remote or local08:02
vilaor may be the registry gives bask a factory and *then* you provide the context08:02
poolieso that sounds about right08:03
pooliei do wonder if having a factory function is a bit redundant with also having classes per stack?08:04
pooliealso i wonder if it's more a matter of giving it a dict of relevant things08:04
poolieor even a set/list of relevant things08:05
poolielike stack_registry(a_branch, a_transport, etc)08:05
vilayes, the factory is redundant, the classes were an intermediate step08:06
vilayes, the classes are redundant, they were an intermediate step and the registry will replace them08:07
Riddellhi all08:07
vilaRiddell: hey !08:07
vilaRiddell: I'm not sure I was clear yesterday about your babune failure, you encountered a *transient* failure (cause not well understood, workaround: try again)08:09
Riddellvila: got that thanks, the change got merged in08:09
jimisIs there a way in launchpad to see a list of bugs I have subscribed to, or marked as affecting me?08:19
vilajimis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~08:20
vilajimis: top right corner gives several links08:20
jimisperfect, thanks vila08:21
jamhi all08:27
pooliejimis: no link for bugs affecting you yet08:27
pooliehi jam08:27
pooliebad news on your hpss branch i'm afraid08:27
jampoolie: what's that?08:27
poolieit's still doing the initial pull of gcc-linaro after several hours and it's running one step at atime08:28
nigelbI wanted to try out an easy bzr bug, but not of the "easy" bugs seemed easy08:29
nigelbI :)08:29
pooliehi nigelb08:30
nigelbhey poolie :)08:30
jampoolie: I don't quite understand what you mean by "one step at a time"08:30
jamMy fix was about initial discovery of revisions.08:30
jamIf it has passed about 2MB transferred, it should have gotten the revs.08:30
poolieit's doing many, individually small, get_parent_map calls08:30
pooliewith 19MB transferred08:31
poolienigelb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/328910 should be genuinely easy and useful08:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 328910 in Bazaar "ugly traceback when sftp server drops connection" [Medium,Confirmed]08:32
poolieit has a note about where to start but you're super welcome to ask more about it here, or on the bug08:32
jampoolie: so I just tested my branch as of right now, and things look fine, it got to "Using fetch locgic" in 79s08:33
nigelbpoolie: hehe, thanks :)08:33
poolieso i did init-repo, then bzr branch lp:gcc-linaro/4.6 into there08:33
jampoolie: do you have the .bzr.log for me to look at?08:33
jampoolie: well, I'm doing "lp:gcc-linaro" just trunk, not a stacked branch. That may be the difference08:33
nigelbheh, there's something magical about doing bzr branch lp:bzr :)08:33
jamTry that first, see if it helps, and we may need to do more work w/ stacking08:33
jambut yes, trying /4.6 I see that I'm already at 4MB @ 50s08:35
pooliejam: in chinstrap:~mbp08:36
jampoolie: so I see similar behavior from a stacked branch, so I do think there is something we need to look at, but I think that is *in addition to* what I fixed08:37
jamcan you try lp:gcc-linaro directly?08:37
jam(I'm at 206s ,and a huge number of round trips)08:37
jammy guess is that the caching provider isn't triggering at the right layer08:37
poolieyes, starting it now08:38
jamso we make a request against StackedRepo find it isn't there, then fallback to StackedOnRepo and find it in the cache08:38
pooliegood example of the value of having someone else test i suppose08:38
jamand we do that *for every step*08:38
pooliemichaelh just reported a dupe of this today, and his was with /4.608:38
pooliethat looks a lot better08:39
pooliegot to 'using fetch logic' in 94s08:39
jampoolie: right, and compare that with bzr.dev08:40
jamso I think my fix is still practical and good, we just need to also fix the "stacked repo gets queried before we check in cache" sort of bug.08:40
jamI could be wrong, but that is what it looks like to me08:40
pooliei think you're right08:40
pooliei'm glad i avoided saying "it's fixed" to them prematurely though08:41
jampoolie: agreed.08:41
jampoolie: So I think I remember spiv poking in this area. Where he realized we were double caching, and moved to expose the cache to the higher levels.08:42
jamIt is pretty vague, though.08:42
jampoolie: but yeah, I'm seeing 500s 10MB transferred, and still discovering for a stacked branch.08:43
pooliei'll comment on the bug08:46
vilapoolie: I now get mails for list moderation but I'm not able to connect, I suspect it's because you used vila@c.c instead of vila_bzr@c.c, can you try to change that ?08:47
vilagrr vila+bzr@c.c08:48
vilaIt's a bit strange that the login ask only for a password and not for an email, but it probably tries all passwords for all admins...08:49
pooliejam as a workaround we could unstack their 4.6 branch08:52
jampoolie: because they are branching from it a lot?08:53
jampoolie: certainly that will give them an immediate boost if it is something they are active on.08:54
jam(should it be the dev focus if it is the active branch?)08:54
pooliei don't know about that08:55
jampoolie: so the *big* win is that unstacking it will mean they get immediate benefit regardless of what bzr client they are using08:58
jampoolie: so I would recommend for that because it helps them *today*, though I still want to fix this09:00
vilajam: but won't they run into issues when *pushing* if 4.6 is unstacked ?09:01
vilaor is that the opposite ?09:01
jamvila: The main issue is that it will have all the history there, but if we do that part then it doesn't matter for them09:02
jamso *if* they bring in a lot of new data from trunk into 4.609:02
jamthat will get copied when they push to 4.609:02
vila'that part' == unstacking ?09:05
jamvila: yes09:06
jamit will have to transfer, say 500MB, of history09:06
jam(not sure on the exact amount)09:06
jambut if we get someone close to the datacenter to do it, it should be pretty fast.09:06
vilaand how about keeping it stacked but still add the missing revisions ?09:07
poolievila i doubt they will be regularly merging such large amounts from trunk to 4.6 to outweigh the existing history09:08
pooliejam, ok, it completed in 27m09:08
jampoolie: well, you could stack it and leave the history, it would be a bit odd. And I think I'd just unstack it09:10
nigelbpoolie: hm, unsure how to get the right info to raise ShortReadvError.09:23
nigelbActually, unsure how to get the parameters for it.09:23
vilanigelb: identify one file that is read, remove its content (or part of it, may the first few bytes needs to be there so the file can be identified properly)09:24
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vilanigelb: a pack or a an index file will do09:25
nigelbheh, didn't understand that. let me grep where its used and try to decipher what you wwant09:26
vilaShortReadvError occurs when a file is truncated (it should never happen under normal circumstances)09:27
nigelbah, so when the ftp does get disconnected, that's what would happen.09:28
vilanigelb: sry, didn't notice your reply09:53
vilanigelb: hmm, so, if you're working on ssh disconnections, that's a bit different09:54
vilanigelb: truncating the file may not be the right way to trigger the problem09:55
vilanigelb: reading bug report09:56
vilaright, so what you really want is a test server that will drop the connection, catch that on the client side and (as spiv suggested) turn it into a ShortReadvError (I don't fully understand why spiv suggested that though)09:57
vilaShortReadvError are really serious, when we encounter them it has always been linked to hardware issues (or bad crashes), raising them for network issues seem a but weird09:59
spivvila: we're talking about FTP?10:06
spivvila: FTP doesn't have any standard way to tell you how many bytes to expect on your data channel10:07
spivvila: and it's a separate connection to the control channel10:07
vilaspiv: sftp, see bug above10:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 328910 in Bazaar "ugly traceback when sftp server drops connection" [Medium,Confirmed]10:08
spivvila: in that case probably a ConnectionError of some sort is probably a better match10:09
vilaspiv: why did you suggest to turn a network error into a ShortReadvError ?10:09
vilaha right10:09
vilaI agree10:09
vilanigelb: ^10:09
jimisCan I write a message for some changes I just shelved, but forgot -m?10:56
vilajimis: unshelve/reshelve :-/11:00
vilajimis: not ideal11:00
fullermdvi .bzr/....    ;)11:00
fullermdbairui: Hey, I snuck off to sleep while you were eating.  Hope you got on the right track.11:02
vilafullermd: you... what ?11:03
fullermdIt's not my fault!  I'm sick!11:03
fullermdI mean, physically, this time.11:03
vilaha, ok11:04
jmlmgz: hi. how's things?11:19
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Riddellhow comes there's no  bzr qremove command ?11:45
jelmerRiddell: what would it use qt for?11:47
Riddellwell same as bzr qadd I would think11:47
jelmerI wasn't aware there was a qadd either :)11:48
* jelmer gives it a try11:48
bairuifullermd: heh... yes, I did, thanks mate. I read dozens of bzr articles and wiki entries and whatnot... I grok it! Thanks for your pointers this morning - good start to digging further. :)12:10
bairuiI'm doing up a dev & mig workflow doc & diag now12:11
fullermdbairui: Oh good.12:19
fullermdIf you haven't come across them, some of the SpotDocs I wrote up a little while back may be useful.12:20
bairuisweet :)12:20
fullermdParticularly the PiecesInBrief section.12:20
fullermdThey're all totally useless as tutorials or introductions.  They're made to more fully explain the conceptual models of what happens, once you get used to basically using the system.12:21
bairuinice. i've added them to my read queue. cheers. :)12:21
fullermd(they're pretty rough; haven't had time to do much editing etc  :( )12:25
bairuithat's cool... I know where you live if I need to clear anything up ;)12:25
pooliejam, so, anything else you need?12:28
poolieotherwise i might poke at some more jubany failures and then stop12:28
jampoolie: I think I'm good for now, probably time for you to take a break :)12:33
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jamvila: ping15:00
jamjelmer_: do you still think you're going to be releasing bzr-svn ?15:00
vilajam: pong15:01
jelmer_jam: Yep, working on that at the moment. It's way overdue :-/15:01
jamjelmer_: k, I won't spin up ec2 yet.15:01
jamvila: Thoughts about get_parent_map and caching15:01
jamhave some time to chat?15:01
vilaalways for you :)15:01
jamvila: mumble/voip/skype? I'm thinking it will be faster than trying to type it all15:02
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briandealwisjelmer_: does bzr-git support accessing a repo over http?  I'm having problems branching from Eclipse's git repositories: trying 'bzr branch http://git.eclipse.org/c/platform/eclipse.platform.ui.git' results in HTML being spat out, and they don't seem to be running a git smart server15:45
jelmer_briandealwis, I can't clone that URL with git either, it just hangs15:48
briandealwisoh!  It works for me… or at least it was15:48
briandealwisjust checked again: it's working from here15:49
briandealwisjelmer_: is there a way to force bzr to look at the URL for bzr-git?  There's no git+http scheme15:53
briandealwis(I vaguely recall there being some "+xxx" addition to do something different)15:53
jelmer_briandealwis: the problem is that that site doesn't return 404 for files that are not found :-/15:54
briandealwisoh!  that's not useful15:54
jelmer_briandealwis, bzr-git doesn't support smart server access over http to git repositories15:56
briandealwisjelmer_: and it doesn't support dumb access either? :)15:57
jelmer_briandealwis, it does support dumb access, but I'm not sure if that's enabled on the server15:57
briandealwisjelmer_: they're supposed to be running a smart server (their examples show using the 'git:' protocol too), so I'll bug them about that.15:58
jelmer_briandealwis, the main problem is the missing 404 though15:58
briandealwisI'll file a bug with them about that.  There's no +xxx I can append to force bzr-git to continue on?15:59
jelmer_briandealwis: no16:00
briandealwisok. Thanks for the help, jelmer_16:00
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briandealwisjelmer_: sorry to bug you again: would you happen to know what file is being probed for — the file that's returning 200?  (In case I'm asked)16:31
jelmer_briandealwis, *any* file that doesn't exist16:32
jelmer_briandealwis, e.g. http://git.eclipse.org/c/platform/eclipse.platform.ui.git/.git/foo16:32
briandealwisjelmer_: I understand that — they likely have done that to make things 'easier' for people.  They may be loathe to disable that.  But they might be willing for a particular file name…16:33
jelmer_briandealwis: I'm not sure if it's actually worth reporting this just yet16:35
jelmer_briandealwis: it'll be slow as hell until there is support for the smart server over http in dulwich/bzr-git16:35
jelmer_briandealwis, any reaosn you're not cloning over git:// ?16:35
briandealwisIt's not working.  I've reported that to them too :)16:36
jelmer_briandealwis, seems to be working fine here16:36
briandealwishuh, weird.  I get an error.  I'll check that I'm running the latest dulwich and bzr-git16:37
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briandealwisjelmer_: You mentioned that you were able to clone over git:// from the Eclipse server?  I'm now up to dulwich 0.8.0 and tip of bzr-git on bzr 2.4b4, but I'm unable to branch from http://git.eclipse.org/c/platform/eclipse.platform.ui.git/.  I get an 'bzr: ERROR: The remote server unexpectedly closed the connection.'  -Dtransport doesn't reveal anything in the log18:41
jelmer_briandealwis, does git:// work for you with git itself?18:42
briandealwisjelmer_: I can pull from github. Though I get a NotImplementedError exception when I try 'missing'18:52
briandealwisjelmer_: sorry — I misread.  No, git doesn't work with the URL either.  Weird.  But it works for you?  Maybe I should move to Europe.19:00
jelmer_briandealwis: "bzr missing" should "work" now (just pushed a fix to lp:bzr-git)19:00
briandealwisah right, now it doesn't error :)19:02
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briandealwisjelmer_: the Eclipse sysadmins note that the 200 behaviour is part of cgit, the web front-end to git that they're using, and it isn't configurable.  They do run the git smart-server over http.  And I realize I had the wrong URL for the git:// smart server — not sure where I got it from.19:28
jelmer_briandealwis: ah, cool19:33
jelmer_briandealwis: so, bzr-git only supports "dumb" http access, but even if that works it'll be pretty slow for projects the size of eclipse19:34
briandealwisjelmer_: they do have working smart servers — it still feels slow as molasses, so I shudder to think of what it would be like to use the dumb access.19:35
briandealwisjelmer_: and thanks for your work with the ",branch=" work. Is this supported in bzr-git?  Out of curiosity, is there some more work required for that still?19:35
jelmer_briandealwis: yeah, should work with current tip of bzr-git and bzr19:42
briandealwiscool!  I'll give it a shot.19:43
briandealwisIs there some way to disable or prevent a particular plugin from being loaded from the CLI?20:44
cody-somervilleIs there any way to make bzr update atomic?20:46
briandealwisNot sure how I missed it, but BZR_DISABLE_PLUGINS is what I was looking for20:58
jelmer_cody-somerville: what do you mean by atomic exactly?21:04
cody-somervillejelmer_, ie. if the operation fails (ie. conflicts, etc.) that nothing changes21:04
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jelmer_cody-somerville: it is atomic, there just isn't any support for rollback if the transaction contains conflicts :)21:23
jelmer_cody-somerville: I agree it makes sense to have an option which can abort and not touch the tree if there are conflicts21:24
cody-somervilleyea, I'm basically looking for it to be an atomic transaction21:25
thumperhi people21:55
thumperI have a weird merge problem21:55
thumperI've done a bunch of work in a branch21:55
thumperwhich ends up being branched from the packaging branch (with distro patches et al)21:55
thumperinstead of the upstream mirror21:55
thumpernow I want to make another branch21:55
thumperand merge in particular changes to particular files21:56
thumperis there a way to say "merge the changes to this file from that branch"21:56
thumperbut not get the revisions?21:56
jelmer_thumper: Do you perhaps just mean "bzr merge" followed by "bzr revert --forget-merges" and reverts of the other changes you don't want?21:59
thumperhi jelmer_21:59
thumperthat should work21:59
thumperalthough I'm going to have to revert a bucket load of changes I don't care about21:59
thumperI did "bzr revert .", but it did the opposite of what I wanted and I couldn't remember the syntax22:00
thumpercan I just merge changes from a particular file?22:00
jelmer_thumper: you can, just specify that specific file22:00
* thumper tries22:00
thumpercan't specify a file in merge22:01
jelmer_thumper: "bzr merge ../path/to/branch/file.txt" works here22:02
thumperah... I was doing two parts22:02
thumperjelmer_: it also appears that just merging a file doesn't have pending revisions to merge22:03
jelmer_thumper: yep22:03
jelmer_we don't properly track cherrypick merges of individual files or individual revisions yet22:03
thumperthat works for me22:03
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maxbjelmer_: Do you have any plans to release subvertpy 0.8.4 soon?22:53
maxbI had been intending to not obsolete karmic from the ~bzr PPA until after bzr 2.4.0 happened, but there's no bzr-svn/karmic compatible with bzr 2.4, and there won't be unless subvertpy 0.8.4 happens, or I backport that. Which I was hoping to avoid :-)22:55
jelmer_maxb, sure, I guess I could do a release22:57
maxbIf it's not too much effort, great23:04
maxbOtherwise, we can just obsolete karmic now, before bzr 2.4 hits ~bzr/ppa23:05
maxbWhich, come to think of it, might be the sensible thing to do anyway23:06
maxbit is over 3 months EOLed23:07
idnardoes bzr have anything like mercurial queues?23:24
idnarI guess loom is the thing I need to look at?23:25
lifelesspipelines are closer to queues23:25
lifelessloom versions the stack of patches as a unit, which is useful for distro / collaboration-around-the-queue23:25
idnarI'm not yet sure which approach I want here23:27
idnar(some background: I'm trying to find out what changes I need to make this code run on pypy, so I'm just hacking stuff willy-nilly to get it working; later I want to clean things up and eventually break changes out as separate branches to hopefully be merged into upstream)23:29
idnarI think pipelines may be the easiest way23:31
idnarI guess I can't sync-pipeline to Launchpad23:35
lifelessidnar: pipelines fit that use case23:37
lifelessidnar: sure you can23:37
idnarbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~divmod-dev/divmod.org/divmod-on-pypy/.bzr/branches/divmod-on-pypy/": : Cannot create branch at '/~divmod-dev/divmod.org/divmod-on-pypy/.bzr/branches/divmod-on-pypy'23:38
idnarer, the line before that was: Creating new pipe at bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~divmod-dev/divmod.org/divmod-on-pypy/.bzr/branches/divmod-on-pypy23:39
lifelesshmm, where is abentley when you need him :)23:39
lifelessidnar: oh23:39
lifelessidnar: so, what you do is have the pipeline local23:39
lifelessand publish all the pipes to lp as separate branches23:39
lifelessthis is a bit different to loom23:39
lifelesspipelines is a less intrusive plugin :)23:39
lifelesspoolie has a plan to merge various bits of guts and make them separate policy layers on a common substrate.23:40
lifelessI'm not sure that the substrate is enough for loom without being in the way of pipeline, but I guess we'll see ;)23:40
idnarI should have looked at pipelines again before now; I read about them a while back, then forgot about them23:44
idnarI did a think the other week that would have been much easier23:44
idnar*a thing23:44
pooliehi all23:49
* idnar waves to poolie23:51
pooliehi idnar23:51
pooliesome parts of that unification are now landing23:51
pooliefor example 'bzr branches' will tell you about colo branches23:51
poolieit's not connected to pipelines or looms yet though23:52

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