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ionitehow do i check my own KDE version? how can i also check for KDE updates?01:42
AxlinOpen any KDE application (e.g., Dolphin) and go to Help->About KDE01:44
AxlinAs for updates, there are repositories if you want to keep KDE more up-to-date01:44
AxlinFor KDE 4.7: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports               For KDE 4.6.5: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ppa01:49
AxlinBe sure to read the descriptions so you can choose the best one for you. The backports repository is less tested, but I personally have not had any issues using it.01:50
ioniteAxlin: so how do i check for updates?01:50
AxlinIt's quickest to do this in Konsole. First you'll add your repository (either: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports  or: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa depending on which one you select)01:51
AxlinThen run: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade01:51
AxlinIt will run the update in the Konsole. Just wait for it to finish.01:51
AxlinThen the repository you added will continue keeping KDE up to date, and will give you updates through the normal update manager (KPackageKit)01:52
ioniteAxlin: the new kde sc 4.7 is ut just launched in recent days? what's the latest? it's still in the beta period?01:53
Axlin4.7 is official. It released a couple weeks ago, and is the latest.01:54
ioniteAxlin: meaning it's out of it beta stages? what's new?01:54
AxlinYep, it's out of beta. Here's the overview: http://kde.org/announcements/4.7/01:55
ioniteAxlin: are u using it now?01:55
AxlinIt's a good release, but I had issues with my theme. But that's probably just me. I was able to fix it by installing oxygen-transparent from kde-look.org and using that, with opacity at 100%. No biggie.01:56
ioniteAxlin: i'm now using 4.5 how do i upgrade to 4.7? would it disturb my settings and other files?02:00
AxlinThere's always the potential of introducing problems, but it has been solid for me so far. Either way, you should back up your /home directory before upgrading, just in case (don't forget hidden files/folders). Then, in Konsole, you'll do this:02:02
Axlin1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports     2. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:02
AxlinThen restart02:03
AxlinIt may take some time to run the update, so be patient :)02:03
TheSimkinhey guys, getting error "Could not start D-Bus. Can you call qdbus?"02:07
TheSimkini tried calling qdbus and I am told it is not installed and to install a package... but the package is already installed (and i did a --reinstall)02:07
ioniteAxlin: maybe i'll upgrade a year later. till the support is better and the dust settles. haha02:07
TheSimkini am on oneirec if that is relevant.02:08
AxlinHehe well, Kubuntu 11.10 will be shipping with KDE 4.7, so you could just wait a couple of months for its release (late October).02:08
AxlinTheSimkin: It could be relevant. There is an #ubuntu+1 channel for support with Oneiric specifically. They may be able to assist you better.02:10
TheSimkinthanks axlin02:13
ioniteAxlin: thanks for ur help02:17
dante_fluffytailhey all02:38
dante_fluffytailanyone willing to help a new kubuntu user with a network q?02:39
dante_fluffytailguess not02:41
jetscreamerjust ask, sheesh02:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:47
dante_fluffytailwell i asked if there was anyone willing cause 1) out of 250 people in chat, no one's talking and 2) didnt want to just walk in and rudely go "hey, you dont know me, but i expect you to help me fix this".  ie, just trying to be polite02:54
dante_fluffytailhere's my problem though: i installed kubuntu 11.04 to a usb drive earlier.  i've booted it up on my mom's dell netbook.  i've gone through settings and found the wireless network we have here in the house.  i've put the password in.  problem is it just wont connect02:55
bazhangdante_fluffytail, the nature of IRC is ask your issue02:55
dante_fluffytailit works fine with it plugged up to the router (its what im on right now), but i cant get it actually connect to the wireless02:57
dante_fluffytaildoes anyone have any ideas on any settings i should check out?  i can set the interface to desktop or netbook03:02
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sabayonuseris Kubuntu slower than Ubuntu ?05:25
Guest63391hi, I am putting a new hard drive into this computer, and I am going to install fresh.  I want to save my plasma desktop layout, and my panel and widgets...   What configuration files do I copy?  and then I want to make them the system default for all new users... I don't see the documentation on how to do this05:25
Guest63391sabayonuser: no... They are very similar05:26
sabayonuseri just don't like GNOME 3 verymuch T_T05:26
Guest63391sabayonuser: KDE generally feels faster to me.   Urm... you may be using the ubuntu netbook theme... It is abosultely horrible. There are ways to move away from it05:27
Guest63391It took me a couple of hours to figure it out in Kubuntu to turn of the netbook interface (It hid the web browser..  I was installing off of usb, once the system was installed the link to the webbrowser worked, then I could find a way to make it usable)05:28
sabayonuserGuest63391: thk i plan to try Kubuntu soon05:29
Guest63391also, uninstalling the netbook workspace results in an unusable system... one must switch to regular KDE before uninstalling that garbage05:29
Guest63391This also let to my multiple hours of hair pulling... but once I got KDE up, I love it.05:30
Guest63391Really,  the user interface should make things easy, KDE can be configured to do that.  (I will not diss gnome... nobody cares to hear what they have heard many times)05:31
Guest63391sabayonuser: yes, do it!05:31
Guest63391sabayonuser, all you have to do is apt-get install kubuntu-desktop from your ubunut05:32
Guest63391ok, so I just backed up /home/aaron/.config/kde/share/config    I don't see anything usefull in any of those files.. so I donno if it will work or not05:59
Guest63391but I also don't see any other kde configuration files05:59
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mrtkusaHello, How do I tell if my Kubuntu 11.04 install is 64bit or 32?06:40
mrtkusaShhhhhhh, I really can't remember which it is.....don't tell anyone06:42
rwwmrtkusa: run "uname -m" in terminal. i686 is 32-bit, x86_64 is 64-bit.06:42
mrtkusaok, it's 6406:43
mrtkusaty  :-)06:43
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latagoreanyone here at the moment?07:56
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:56
latagorealvin: It is 4 in the morning here, and I don't plan on staying here for too long, so that's why I asked : P07:57
Who.mobi reader for kubuntu !07:57
Whoi mean do you guys know any07:57
latagorea process called akonadi_control was going completely awol on me, spawning applications that consumed gigabytes of RAM each, any idea how I might find the problem?07:58
alvinI have no idea what .mobi is07:58
rwwit's an eBook format07:58
rwwWho: I use Calibre for all eBook stuff, try that and see if it works.07:58
alvinlatagore: I wish, yes :-) what's your version of kmail2. Is it the new one (from the experimental repository)?07:58
latagorealvin: I haven't grabbed anything from the experimental repos07:59
latagorealvin: I'm not sure about the version, it should be the most recent from the default repositories07:59
alvinlatagore: What's the output of akonadictl --version ?08:03
latagorealvin: does akonadi have anything to do with mySQL queries? I made a MySQL server earlier today, and the errors seem to correspond to the times of the system freeze08:04
alvinlatagore: Akonadi uses a database, yes. Mostly it is an internal MySQL instance.08:04
alvinYou can see it's settings in 'Akonadi Server Configuration' (search for it in the menu. There is no entry)08:05
latagoreIf it is an internal MySQL instance, it probably doesn't have anything to the databases my server is hosting08:06
latagoreso I'll put that aside for now08:06
latagorealvin: my version of akonadi is 1.4.208:06
latagorealvin 1.5.2*08:07
alvinok, must be the stable one.08:07
alvinYou can restart akonadi with akonadictl stop/start08:07
alvinAlso, disable nepomuk. I have the newer version and performance is much worse.08:08
alvinIt's great technology, but the hardware isn't ready I guess. If you search bugzilla ( http://bugs.kde.org ), you'll find a lot of bugs regarding performance troubles. Virtuoso looks like the worst.08:14
latagoreSorry, I wasn't paying attention.08:16
latagoreVirtuoso definitely gave me problems as well08:16
latagoreEating half my disk space in an hour08:17
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alvinThat's the problem. Computers nowadays don't have enough memory and disk space to properly read emails.08:20
latagorealvin: I disabled Nepomuk but it says it is still active08:30
alvinKill it!08:31
latagoreI did08:31
latagoreIt starts up every time I start a new session08:31
latagorealvin: But it literally gets so slow I can't kill it until like a minute later08:32
alvinOh. Hmm, I can disable it here. Kontact does complain, but it's possible. I'm running the version from experimental. (upstream says it's 'stable but needs testing')08:32
alvinYes, it does that :-) I believe there is a support page on http://www.kde.org. Let me see08:32
latagoreI did disable it from a long time ago, but it says it was active for some reason08:32
alvinHere: http://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi There is also a link on that page to a troubleshooting page.08:33
latagoreCould any of my new installations have affected it, or was it more likely an update I applied to Akonadi08:34
alvinnepomuk is the semantic desktop. I don't see the use, but a lot of money was payed on research in that regard. Guess I don't get it. I just sort everything in directories where I can find my stuff back later.08:34
alvinlatagore: There haven't been any updates in a long time, aside from the recent version, so I don't believe it was an update.08:35
alvinYour mail is still being fetched without akonadi I believe. Only your contacts use akonadi.08:35
alvinlatagore: This might be your bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24667808:37
latagorealvin: I might have been using an oldversion; how can I look at the logs for the updates I installed today?08:37
ubottuKDE bug 246678 in general "virtuoso: Usage of CPU is much too high" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:37
alvinlatagore: Good question. You remember running updates?08:37
latagorealvin: I believe so, at least sometime this week08:38
alvinlatagore: /var/log/aptitude08:38
alvinI always use aptitude, maybe you need another log file for whatever apt-related software you're using. (It changes every Kubuntu release)08:38
alvinAh, there is also /var/log/apt/history.log08:39
latagorealvin: I just looked it up; no changes to akonadi since I installed it from the live CD08:41
latagoreI'm going to look through the bug report now08:42
alvinlatagore: Well, it's on your own risk if you follow my advice, but you can assume the upgrade to KDE 4.7 is relatively safe. (it actually fixes a lot of bugs). You'll need to # apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports). This will not give you the new kmail. That one is in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental and risky.08:43
latagorealvin: It already looks like the time when I have to reinstall kubuntu, so I'll give it a try later :P08:45
alvinI did both, but on a fresh installation. The akonadi migration wizard messed everything up here. (Might have something to do with Kolab being overlooked by the devs)08:45
alvinTry the troubleshooting akonadi page first then.08:45
latagorealvin: Is the page you gave me the troubleshooting page for akonadi? I don't really know how to navigate the wiki08:47
alvinlatagore: It's this one: http://userbase.kde.org/Special:MyLanguage/Akonadi_4.4/Troubleshooting08:47
latagorealvin: alright, I'll look over the bug report and troubleshooting page08:49
latagoreI have trouble shutting down as well, oddly enough08:49
latagoreIt won't power down, and the problem appeared just as I got this problem08:50
latagoreThis is crazy :[08:50
alvinYes, yes it is. Maybe in a few years I'll have the skills to really start debugging. Might also have a 256MB ram computer and don't need it of course.08:52
alvinThere'll always be mutt too ;-)08:52
alvinThey should change their slogan to "All mail clients suck resources"08:52
latagoreMy problem seems to be getting closer to the bug report, and I looked at the table of contents for troubleshooting and that doesn't seem to be in08:55
latagorealvin: would you know any logs that could help me explain why my system doesn't shut down?08:56
alvinWell, you can enable apport in /etc/default/apport, but boot logging... If you don't find it in /var/log/messages somewhere, I fear you are lost.08:57
alvinKubuntu uses upstart. Upstart isn't known for proper logging. The bug about missing logs has been open for several years. I've given up on it.08:58
alvinThere isn't a message on screen about the shutdown?08:59
alvinYou can always $ sudo reboot That should reboot properly, in theory.08:59
alvin(Unless you happen to use NFS shares. In that case, you'll get a kernel panic)09:00
alvinHmm, I sound a bit bitter there.09:00
latagorealvin: It's alright. sudo shutdown -P 0 is what I tried and doesn't work. It hangs after a blank screen is brought up. I stopped one of my servers, so that may have resolved the issue, but I definitely don't want to start another KDE session to have it hang because of akonadi again!09:02
alvinYes, it is a troubled situation. I'm a sysadmin at a company where we use kubuntu in a multi-user environment. (10 people using the same server). Currently, they are on lucid, but I don't think I will continue this way. Imagine 10 people using akonadi on the same system. What computer will be able to run that?09:04
alvinCurrently nepomuk just segfaults and leaves zombies. A fix will probably never be backported, but it's still better than the newer resource hungry version.09:05
latagorealvin: Do you know anything about other stable full desktop environments?09:10
alvinlatagore: Well, we were using CDE before this :-) But that is really old. I liked KDE3 a lot, and that's why we're using KDE4 now.09:11
alvinGnome people are completely on drugs nowadays, as is Canonical with Unity. The worst part is that multi-user hasn't been working in Gnome for years now. They removed XDMCP support from gdm.09:11
alvinI'm now thinking LTSP with KDE4 and reporting as much bugs as possible. We will probably ditch Kontact, disable nepomuk and switch to webmail.09:12
latagoreyou could also try Xfce on your personal computer09:12
alvinI did and liked it, but after a while I was using XFCE with a lot of KDE3 software. After I got a faster computer, I switched to full KDE.09:13
latagoreah. I have an unrelated question; how did you learn so much about linux? I feel that I'm quite in the dark about many things about linux09:14
alvinActually I still think KDE is interesting. Akonadi is a great idea, and maybe nepomuk too. If inly they weren't so resource hungry. The bad think about Kubuntu is that it is Ubuntu based. Ubuntu is losing a lot of stability the past years.09:14
alvinlatagore: I have been using linux since 2000, so you pick up some stuff. But other than a bit of perl, I'm no programmer.09:15
James147latagore: it largly takes time and research :) plus allot of playing around with stuff :D09:15
latagoreJames147: The playing around with stuff is something I am unfortunately well acquainted with09:16
alvinOh, and I was lucky. I did take a year of lessons for beginners. That was becaus I couldn't get debian installed. The computers were so slow we had to use the command line. No X. That was the best that ever happened. If you know the command line, you'll have less troubles.09:16
James147latagore: :) yeah, I broke allot of stuff in my early days.. but over time you learn how to fix things... espically if you break allot of things :D09:17
latagoreI think it's time I switch to a more stable distribution09:17
alvinAnd X back then took some configuring to get started ;-) Also, I learned that Gentoo was a great distribution for beginners, because of its installation guide.09:17
* James147 prefers arch due to the not needing to wait hours for compile new updates ^^09:17
latagoreJames147: I've broken a great deal of things. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to fix them yet : D09:18
James147but arch/gentoo are a great way to learn the inns and outs of linux09:18
alvinlatagore: I have been looking for that. (a stable distribution). I'm under the impression that distributions used to be more stable, but can be wrong. Ubuntu is clearly NOT a stable distribution, but in this case you have to separate KDE from the Ubuntu part. The Ubuntu part is mostly unstable. KDE.. Well, there are monthly updates. Most distributions with a stable core, (like debian stable) have old KDE versions. It's a bit of a problem.09:19
James147(even just reading the beginners installtion guides :D )09:19
latagoreJames147: Do you think you could direct me to one of these installation guides?09:19
alvinhttp://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/read.html (I did that one a few times. There's ONLY the guide)09:20
James147yeah, lfs is another way to go, though not very useful for a desktop system (takes allog of effort to maintain)09:21
James147though good to do at least once  (probally in a vm)09:21
alvinVery true. It's mostly a learning experience. When I was a student and could skip lessons, it was a fun thing to install.09:22
James147^^ though this conv should probally be in #kubuntu-offtopic :)09:22
latagoreJames147: No one is here to supervise...right :D09:23
James147latagore: thasts not the point ^^ this channel is to help people and that gets hard if its filled with random convsations :)09:23
alvinWe're not disrupting any questions right now, but I'm willing to move.09:24
latagoreI'm likely to head to bed, since it's 5 in the morning09:24
James147alvin: no, but sometimes questions get asked and then missed due to convstations so its best to keep the channel clear09:24
James147latagore:  :)09:24
latagoreanother night at debugging linux for normal desktop use09:25
alvinWhoa, goodnight then. I'm getting another morning coffee.09:25
latagoreThat said, I think I will just do a fresh install and remove akonadi and nepomuk upon installing when I get back to computer administration09:27
latagoreGood day, James147, alvin. Thanks for the help09:27
zack1233alguem pode me ajudar instalar o Empathy no Ubuntu 11.409:38
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zeldaHi, I have some queries with Kubuntu 11.04 on a multitouch tablet.10:19
zeldaBy default 11.04 worked great with out of the box bluetooth setup10:20
zeldaThe finger touch on the screen worked like a touchpad10:20
zeldaIs there anyway to make it behave point-touch like in Ubuntu?10:21
zeldaHowever the pen works as expeected10:21
zeldaThe issue right now, when I hook the tablet to a TV through hdmi and boot up. I t starts in what seems to be Kubuntu Mobile.10:21
zeldaAnd as soon as I touch the screen with finger the OS goes crazy and constantly flickers, as if somebody has pressed tab key.10:22
zeldaAny ideas and suggestions?10:22
zeldaFirst thing I am looking forward to is to disable Finger touch?10:22
James147zelda: i have a feeling it probally seting it to absalute rather tehn relitive mode ^^ though I am not sure where you cna do that10:26
James147not sure why it goes crazy though :S10:27
zeldaJames147: What does absolute and relative mode refer to?10:28
James147zelda: touch screen control, relitive is what a touchpad normally does, absalute is that a tablet normaly does10:28
zeldaJames147: Could not find that settigs, I think now I would rather disable the finger touch, because the digitizer works great (with pressure sensitivity too). also because currently pen and finger touch does not work great simultaneously (no palm rejection yet).10:32
James147zelda: anything in system settings > input devices?10:34
zeldaJames147: Nope, no options there to change from relative to absolute. Under the TouchPad tab there are a couple of settings related to how touch pad works . IBut now I know which driver is behind the finger touch, it is called eGalax_empia Multiutouch controller. I will search around on how to disable it.10:40
BluesKajhey folks11:36
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Jarrisi have got some troble with my graphics chip configuration (kubuntu 10.04). but when i tryed kubuntu (10.10) booting from CD, graphic-configuration where perfect, which config files do i have to copie? i copied the folder /usr/shard../xorg.conf.d from CD to /usr/lib../xorg.conf.d/, but failed.. any help would be very nice, thanks in advance12:02
BluesKajJarris, which graphics ? the kernel source driver on the live cd obviously worked fine . Xorg.conf isn't necessarily the problem on 10.04 , have you been keeping up with updates and upgrades ?12:18
Jarrisusing kernel 2.6.32-33-generic12:21
Jarrisdid you ask for what problem i have? biggest problem is that i aktualy have 1280x1024 but i would like to have 1920x108012:24
BluesKajJarris, ok ,which graphics card / chip ?12:26
BluesKajare you using VGA or DVI/HDMI into your monitor , Jarris ?12:27
Jarrislooking for nae of the chip12:28
BluesKajlspci | grep VGA in the terminal12:28
Jarrissend you the output in a query12:30
BluesKajwell, you're using the right driver altho nvidia-current has many versions depending on your hardware . Also what size  monitor ?12:33
BluesKajsome vga inputs can't handle 1920x108012:35
Jarrisbut they did while cd booted Kubuntu was runing12:35
BluesKajJarris, that tells me the kernel source driver in 10.10 is capable , while your installed on is not , or so it seems .12:37
BluesKajJarris, sudo apt-cache  policy nvida-current . that will tells which driver version ..then you might need to upgrade12:38
JarrisUnable to locate package nvida-current12:39
BluesKajerr sudo apt-cache policy nvidia-current12:40
BluesKajmispelled, sorry12:40
Jarrisso you think a distupgrade will fix it, but i will get 11.04, wound i? you think it will fix it anyway?12:40
BluesKajlets see which driver you have first12:41
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.12:41
Jarrissend output in query12:42
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BluesKajJarris, Pici , makes a good point here ...try dist-upgrade and then we'll see12:44
PiciIt won't bring you to the next release of Ubuntu.12:44
Jarriswhat will it do istead?12:46
BluesKajupgrade the installed package like it says above12:46
BluesKajpackages rather12:46
Jarrisi will not get 11.04? so what is the command to upgrade to 11.0412:48
JarrisThe following NEW packages will be installed:12:49
Jarris  xul-ext-ubufox12:49
JarrisThe following packages will be upgraded:12:49
Jarris  ubufox12:49
FloodBotK1Jarris: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:49
BluesKajJarris,  you can't jump over versions ..you either should do a clean install or you'll have to upgrade 10.10 first then upgrade again to 11.0412:49
BluesKajupgrade to 10.10 first12:50
BluesKajthe command is sudo do-release-upgrade..if you want to use the terminal , Jarris12:51
Jarrissorry i will need some sec, some partitions are nearly full ..12:54
BluesKajJarris, are you going to clean install or ?12:56
Jarrisjust did the dist-upgrade and got an arror, wills end you in query12:57
James147!paste | Jarris12:58
ubottuJarris: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:58
James147^^ queries are useless for anyone else trying to help you ^^12:58
Jarrishttp://paste.ubuntu.com/669206/ like this ?13:00
BluesKajJarris, exactly13:00
BluesKajlooks like firefox/ubuntu installer errors13:03
Jarrisrestart requierd, see you soon *hope so..13:03
Jarrisso, i will do do-release-upgrade now, and it will automatically upgrade to 10.10?13:12
BluesKajJarris, yes , it will take between 1 2 hrs or so depending on your internet connection13:14
Jarrisseems not to work13:16
DaemonFCI hope you don't mean 11.1013:16
DaemonFCthe first thing it would do right now is not boot :)13:16
Jarrisi have to configure japt-proxy13:16
BluesKajJarris, I'm restricted to 800kbs download speeds here and it takes about 2.5 hrs to totally download and install13:17
BluesKajJarris, sudo do-release-upgrade13:18
BluesKajDaemonFC, he's upgrading from 10.04 to 10.1013:18
James147Jarris: need to change from lts to normal release in one of the configs :p13:21
DuolosI'm having a problem with Eclipse (#eclipse is barren) in Kubuntu.  For some reason, it seems to be missing fonts and displaying empty boxes in place of characters in most of my code.  Any ideas?13:29
Jarrisi would like to skip configuring japt, couse i sould set up an central pakage-administration-programm for the computers of my local network anyway. could you recommend one to me?13:30
James147Jarris: japt?13:31
Jarriswas it an question to me James, or an anser?13:33
James147^^ question13:33
Jarrisand what is BBL ?13:36
James147why configure that? just need to change the config on your box13:36
BluesKajjarris , or here  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades/Kubuntu13:54
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johndonehi, where does dolphin store the login informations for network shares?14:14
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alvinjohndone: I suppose that would be kwallet14:16
avihayjohndone: I don't know, first guess would be kwallet14:16
johndonenope, I checked kwallet but could only find log in information for a different server14:17
avihayyou mean shares on your computer?14:17
=== hacked is now known as vinces
johndoneI have my notebook with dolphin and two servers, I can access both without typing in any login information (only did once for each) but kwallet only shows login data for one of them14:19
alvinMaybe you have set up public key authentication without password?14:30
kingh3mpi have a question14:51
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:51
kingh3mpa friend told me lenex has alot of available games how can i access these14:51
szalwth is lenex?14:53
susundbe1gEvil twinbrother of linux?;)14:53
kingh3mpi been fiddling with this thing an i think i have it kinda figured out lennex is cool linksword2 converte me from windows xp professional14:53
DarthFrogkingh3mp: The name is Linux.  Not lennex, Linux.14:54
kingh3mpsorry got the spelling wrong14:54
kingh3mp*slaps self*14:54
DarthFrogkingh3mp: The fellow who developed it, his name is Linus.  Thus Linux.14:54
DarthFrogkingh3mp: As for your question, open the package manager and search for "game".14:55
kingh3mpok brb14:56
kingh3mpi found it im waiting to see wat happens15:12
kingh3mpthis hp blows15:14
DaemonFCI had an HP that blew15:15
DaemonFCit left burn marks on the wall15:15
kingh3mplate 2004 hp pavillion dv-1000 1.7 ghz15:15
kingh3mpthis one gets hot15:15
kingh3mpi want a quad core dell or somthin like that15:16
DaemonFCDell doesn't have much selection, and the 1-2 Ubuntu models all have Intel15:17
kingh3mpim not real familiar with laptops15:18
kingh3mpi had a few desk tops that i loved15:18
kingh3mpthanks for the help darthfrog15:22
kingh3mpim off to work15:22
DuolosI'm having a problem with Eclipse in Natty: http://postimage.org/image/36bwwq6zo/ looks like missing fonts.  Anyone know how to fix that?15:26
mintlars_Ok, anyone got time to help with a bogged akonadi-server? Figure it's probably some easy fixes, but not sure how.15:43
mintlars_Here's my akonadi self-test report: http://pastebin.com/UdSbk0Mb15:45
mr-richis there a setting for "sloppy focus" in 11.04 (kubuntu)?15:51
mr-richmintlars_: bogged down how?15:52
mintlars_well, it simply won't start15:53
mr-richwhat won't start? the computer or a program?15:53
mintlars_kmail's not working, kadressbook's not working and not kcal either15:54
mr-richOk ... so programs aren't starting, correct?15:54
mr-richWhat is the uptime on the computer?15:54
mintlars_uptime as in...?15:55
mintlars_I just restarted it15:55
mr-richas in uptijme -a15:55
mr-richoh ...15:55
mintlars_the thing is, it's not completely random15:55
mr-richdamn ...15:55
mr-richI thought it might be the kpackagekit bug again ...15:56
mr-richbut if you just restarted, that's not it ...15:56
mintlars_before the restart I was messing around to get Drupal and Joomla up on this can15:56
mintlars_and it got kind of messy, so I had to remove and reinstall Mysql amongst other things15:56
mr-richThat shouldn't affect anything ...15:57
mr-richwhy couldn't you get a CMS running? what problems where you running into?15:57
mr-richI assume you're trying to get a local LAMP working?15:59
mintlars_can't really remember now, but as I said, it involved doing a purge and reinstall of Mysql (also apache2 and php5, but guessing it has not much to do with this)15:59
mintlars_seems like something happened though as akonadi is complaining of not finding default settings in Mysql16:00
mintlars_amongst others16:00
mr-richso, you installed all the LAMP stuff ... where did you try to install the CMS?16:00
mintlars_the CMS itself went into /var/www/<name of CMS>16:01
mintlars_both require a mysql-db though as I understand (at least I was asked to create one for each, which I did)16:02
mr-richOk, that sounds right ...16:02
mr-richand what happened during the CMS install process?16:02
mintlars_my first try with Drupal, went just fine, but when I tried to get Joomla in, that's when things started to go wrong, I found that I couldn't access the phpmyadmin amongst others16:04
mintlars_my logic was to try from scratch again, purging what I installed for this, and reinstalling it to get it to work16:05
mintlars_and it did actually :P16:06
mintlars_except now I got this problem instead16:06
mr-richOk, so you said kmial won't start?16:06
mr-richGo to a terminal and type "kmail" and hit enter ...16:07
mr-richtell me if you see any messages ...16:07
mr-richso, Drupal & Joomla! are working?16:08
mintlars_Joomla and Drupal are working16:09
mintlars_I'll paste the output in pastebin, hold on16:09
mintlars_when running kmail in terminal, the program starts, but I can't do anything in it 'cause it's giving me akonadi-errors and the whole mail-area of the window is greyed out16:11
mintlars_here's a screenshot of it to: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=237016:15
* fayaz is having a dejavu on seeing that screenshot...16:17
fayazmintlars_: which version of akonadi and kmail are you using? i used to get this error long back...16:18
terbaddo_I have a problem with smooth tasks16:20
fayazmintlars_: is your mysql running? do a 'ps aux|grep mysql'16:20
mr-richIt appears as though something in the mysql install is hosing up akrondi ... not sure what I can suggest ...16:20
mintlars_mysql is running alright16:21
fayazmintlars_: uhh... akonadi runs a mysql of its own16:21
mintlars_ok, this is the output I got: mysql     1092  0.0  0.2 139764  9092 ?        Ssl  17:10   0:01 /usr/sbin/mysqld16:22
mintlars_lars      7904  0.0  0.0   5148   524 pts/1    D+   18:20   0:00 grep mysql16:22
fayazsomething like "/usr/sbin/mysqld --defaults-file=/home...."16:22
fayazonly two lines?16:22
mintlars_missing one ?16:23
mintlars_...or a few?16:23
fayazmintlars_: yeah...16:23
terbaddo_When I create a launcher for application and I close it, plasma-desktop crashs16:23
mintlars_ok, seems reasonable akonadi would complain then :P16:24
mintlars_so I just need to start it up then?16:24
mintlars_got I kewl command for that?16:25
fayazmintlars_: try 'akonadictl start'?16:25
fayazterbaddo_: which application?16:25
terbaddo_@fayaz Smooth tasks (widget for plasma)16:26
ubottuKDE bug 268256 in general "Smooth-Tasks crashes launcher when using 4 6 app launchers" [Crash,Resolved: downstream]16:27
terbaddo_I have the same problem16:27
* fayaz shrugs16:28
mintlars_posted output of 'akonadictl start': http://pastebin.com/1nw1KueC16:28
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mintlars_kmail's still not working after16:29
mintlars_I especially like the last line there, seems like akonadi and I aren't the best friends right now :)16:29
fayazmintlars_: this is probably nothing, but did you try a system-wide restart?16:31
mintlars_I could try and come back, but as I said earlier, this happened right after a restart16:32
mintlars_I'll try it though and come back16:32
terbaddo_Anyone ?16:35
mintlarsok, so restarted now and still got the sam problem16:36
seinghHello to all16:37
seinghHello to all16:38
mintlarsthinking of just reinstalling the whole akonadi-realted thingy's and see if it fixes it16:38
bbeckI asked this over on the KDE channel, but I didn't get much of a response so I am trying here:  In dolphin I can set tags on files, but how do I search for those tags?17:26
James147bbeck: the search bar in dolphin? or alt+f2 or kmenu  should be able to as far as I know though I havent really tested tagging yet17:30
bbeckI've tried that, it doesn't seem to work.17:31
Peace-bbeck: 1 activate stringi and nepomuck17:33
Peace-then indicize the folders you need to indicize17:33
Peace-you have to add folders you need17:33
Peace-to indicize17:33
Peace-then you can search17:33
James147bbeck: works from alt+f2 here17:34
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bbeckhmm, I don't have stringi enabled, I guess that might be my problem.17:38
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PythonSnakeKDE wins. Period.18:40
PythonSnakeKDE wins. Period18:40
PhoenixzIm installing Kubuntu 11.04 right now on a new laptop, but as with my previous laptop install (9.04) I want to have an LVM based install.. This worked on 9.04 without problem, but now on 11.04, I have the logical volumes available, but when I select them to assign them to mount points, Kubuntu installer wants to install a partition table there.. WTF? How can I get this installed?19:04
PhoenixzThe kubuntu installer should recognize the logical volumes as partitions, not a complete device..19:05
rwwPhoenixz: If you're using a Desktop CD, the Desktop CD does not do LVM.19:06
rww(one uses the Alternate CD for that, RAID, and other similar tech)19:07
Phoenixzrww: I know, Im using a hack, start to desktop, install LVM, create PV, VG and the logical volumes, then start the installer..19:07
Phoenixzthis worked perfectly on the 9.04, which recognized the logical volumes as partitions..19:07
rwwAlrighty. I'm sticking with my answer of "Use the Alternate CD instead of hackiness". :P19:08
PhoenixzWhy cant kubuntu live not just support lvm? its really a fairly simple thing that has served me on many occasions19:09
PhoenixzNext problem: How can I download the alternative CD? http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download has info about the alternative CD, but no download link.. It seems there is a bit torrent link, but please tell me that I do NOT have to bit torrent that thing?19:12
PhoenixzAnd now it is there.. weird thing19:13
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terbaddo_Comment on désactive le tilling de KWin ?20:10
Pici!fr | terbaddo_20:11
ubottuterbaddo_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:11
terbaddo_so, how to disable the KWin tilling effect ?20:13
CoboldI have a problem with iBus. It only works in KDE applications for me, but not anything else (firefox, libreoffice)20:16
mr-richis there any way to set "sloppy focus" in Kubuntu 11.04?20:39
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sven_oostenbrinkmr-rich: what would sloppy focus be?21:05
mr-richWell, in FC5, I could focus a window without being on top21:07
mr-richsven_oostenbrink: ^^^21:07
mr-richsven_oostenbrink: I could do something like move the mouse wheel and the window would focus but not be on top ... so I could, say, read form one window and type into another window underneath it ...21:09
BluesKajmr-rich, make sure you have blur tuned off in desktop effects21:11
mr-richBluesKaj: blur is now off ... still no "sloppy focus"21:13
mr-richGot it ... I think ...21:20
sven_oostenbrinkJust installed kubuntu on a Dell E6400, and wifi is not working.. I tried using Jockey to install it, but jockey fails.. any ideass?21:50
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, which wifi chip ?21:53
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: BCM431221:54
BluesKaj!bcm | sven_oostenbrink21:54
ubottusven_oostenbrink: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:54
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/669582  According to that site, my wifi should be supported, but jockey fails with this log..21:58
BluesKajsven_oostenbrink, sudo modprobe wl22:02
sven_oostenbrinkBluesKaj: FATAL: Module wl not found22:10
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joshua__is there a good twitter client for KDE?22:38
joshua__btw hello22:39
LINKSWORD2Is there a reason that Amarok crashes when you try to play music files from a folder?22:42
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: is it an evil folder?22:44
SIR_Tacosure you have all the codecs for your given directory?22:47
LINKSWORD2Please explain?22:48
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: the are all MP3? OGG? WMA? etc?22:51
szalyou have MP3 codecs installed?22:51
SIR_Tacodo you have the restricted extras intalled then?22:51
SIR_Tacoand you installed MP3 support?22:54
LINKSWORD2Oh, yes. When I first ran Amarok.22:54
LINKSWORD2That was back when 10.04 came out.22:55
SIR_Tacodo you get an error running amarok from the command line?22:56
LINKSWORD2 Let me find out.22:57
SIR_Tacowell, Konsole I should say22:57
sven_oostenbrinkon a dell e6400, I have (I think) bad 3d performace, glxgears shows some 50FPS.. What might be a solution to improve this?22:58
SIR_Tacosven_oostenbrink: any idea what your video card is?22:58
szalif you don't have one, get one -> lspci -k <- look for "VGA", also shows what driver it uses atm22:59
sven_oostenbrinkSIR_Taco: Intel Mobile 4 series chipset integrated graphics controller...23:00
szalsven_oostenbrink: for improved Intel drivers you can essentially only wait till the next *buntu release -> new kernel, new Intel drivers23:01
LINKSWORD2 amarok -- debug (Fixed it!)23:01
sven_oostenbrinkszal: are you kidding me? Thats it, intel drivers curerntly suck, come back next year? :S23:01
sven_oostenbrinkIm reading a lot on the internet about UXA, which is from 2009, which should improve speed a LOT23:02
sven_oostenbrinkbut, that requires some xorg configuration, and as I understood it, X no longer uses a configuration file..23:02
SIR_Tacosven_oostenbrink, szal is giving you a solution to your problem...23:03
szalsven_oostenbrink: X doesn't use a config file by default, you can still produce one & it will be used23:03
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: you fixed it then?23:03
szaland other than waiting for the next release, you could perhaps try the newer-X-stuff PPAs (Ubuntu-X-Swat and Xorg-Edgers)23:03
LINKSWORD2I think so...23:03
sven_oostenbrink SIR_Taco: "Wait till next release" isnt really a solution.. More of a way to say that Im stuck in shit :)23:04
sven_oostenbrinkszal: That config file should be in /etc/X11, then right?23:04
Unit193!pm | noglipe23:05
ubottunoglipe: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.23:05
szalsven_oostenbrink: /etc/X11/xorg.conf (as usual), or split up in sections in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/23:05
SIR_Tacosven_oostenbrink: maybe, but it's a solution.... you can't crap on people trying to help you... it's very counter-productive23:06
szalsven_oostenbrink: also, I don't make the updates policy, I just tell you what I know23:06
sven_oostenbrinkSIR_Taco: It was not meant to crap on people, it was an observation.. I'm on many channels helping others, I know the drill.. Its just that it means that there is no solution, and ... well, thats a bit dissappointing, comming from Ubuntu :S23:07
sven_oostenbrinkszal: I know, it was nothing personal23:07
SIR_Tacosven_oostenbrink: ok, fair enough... but intel cards are hit or miss23:09
SIR_Tacoand 3D is more of a miss 99% of the time23:09
SIR_TacoIt's nice that Intel put their driver out there.... but it really doesn't make their hardware any better23:11
SIR_TacoI think I *could* be better, enough to run general desktop effects, etc. but they haven't put that much effort into it23:12
SIR_Tacomaybe I do have the uncanny ability to remove people from IRC....23:16

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