* danilos -> lunch11:32
danilosbac, gary_poster: any() is almost always cheaper because it does a LIMIT 112:17
bacdanilos: good to oknow12:18
gary_posterdanilos, I figured if count were <10, say, the cost of creating an object might be greater.  WDYT?12:18
gary_postera shame that exists is not exposed12:18
danilosgary_poster, yeah, could be, depends on many other variables as well (like whether count()/any() can do the job based on the index itself, whether that index is likely to be in DB cache...)12:20
gary_postersure, good pt12:20
gary_posterdanilos, I pushed most of the calculation of data from the page template to initialization and was abe to insert some obvious micro-optimizations that pushed the time down from around 2.3 seconds to around 2.0 seconds locally.  Better, but not wildly.  Now you can see that my initialization takes about .9 seconds, and rendering takes about 1.1 seconds.12:30
gary_posterI will try Chameleon one last tim12:30
gary_posterthen consider running away again.12:30
gary_posterI might also see if I can get the page to be faster by doing your branch thing12:30
danilosgary_poster, right, that still sounds pretty good compared to >5s you were seeing12:30
gary_posterdanilos, yeah, it's definitaly an improvement over what I started with12:31
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb (?) call now-ish12:31
danilosgary_poster, my branch is landed already (not in stable though because of a spurious test failure on buildbot)12:31
gary_postergmb, hope your wife is OK12:31
gary_posterdanilos, loggerhead page: cool, good start, much needed. thanks12:40
danilosgary_poster, I am still waiting for lifeless and others to populate it with more details, they promised to do it :)12:40
gary_poster:-) yeah I saw, cool12:41
* bac fetches staging mailbox...good time for tea12:50
danilosgary_poster, ready when you are13:02
gary_posterthanks danilos.  I was busy being prickly. :-/13:03
bacrejoices at clear documentation:  https://dev.launchpad.net/QA/MailHandling13:21
* gmb returns13:50
gmbgary_poster: Thanks. X-rays showed it was just a sprain, luckily, so they just strapped it up and told her not to do any heavy lifting for a couple of days.13:51
gary_postergmb, well, sorry for her pain, but glad that's as bad as it was then.  glad you were able to go with her.13:52
benjigmb: if you'd act better she wouldn't have to kick you so hard13:56
gmbgary_poster: I'm ready for our call whenever you are.14:01
bacgary_poster: good news, that evil bug was able to be duplicated on qastaging without timing out!  waiting to see what the deferred notifications look like.14:12
gary_posterawesome bac!14:13
baclosas on sprint means slow turn around14:13
gary_postergmb, I keep on trying to tell myself that saying "cheers" == saying "bye" but can't make myself do it yet :-P14:33
gmbgary_poster: Also quite jarring is hearing someone call me "mate" in an American accent.14:34
gary_posterdanilos, Chameleon shaves off another .4 seconds.  I guess I'll leave it.15:17
danilosgary_poster, nice!15:17
gary_poster(on inner loop)15:17
baclordy i hate QA of bug mail15:43
* gary_poster lunching16:10
* danilos leaving...16:26
benjigary_poster: you might (not) want to take a look at https://bitbucket.org/kang/python-keyring-lib/issue/50/python-keyring-breaks-on-ubuntu-oneiric16:54
benjiI don't understand what exactly is going wrong, but it looks like gnome-keyring may have changed recently in a non-backward-compatible way.16:55
gary_posterbenji, but Not My Fault as far as I can tell, right? ;-)17:01
benjinope not your fault, but if he's right it means that keyring won't work on oneric17:01
gary_posterbenji, I read this: "the new gnome-keyring implements the new version of the API, without keeping backward compat for older incarnations of the API."  Oh117:04
gary_posterSo IOW python-keyring needs to be updated or else things will be broken?17:04
benjithat's my understanding17:04
gary_posteryeah that's kind of critical to us, I think. :-(17:05
benjimy mind boggles a bit at them intentionally breaking the (keyring) world that way, but it may be true17:05
gary_posterso...benji, whoever fixes this needs an oneiric17:06
gary_posterand ideally confirmation that the fix will actually make it into oneiric :-/17:06
benjiheh, that would seem to be a prerequisite17:07
gary_posterbenji, I'll ask barry about this17:07
gary_posterbenji, we need to get this fixed soon, ideally before beta 1 (Sept 1) and def before beta 2 (Sept 22).  Could you file a critical lp bug please, and put a card for it on our board?17:17
gary_posterbenji, barry says he will sponsor it for us17:17
benjigary_poster: sure17:17
gary_posterthank you17:17
benjigary_poster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/82894017:28
_mup_Bug #828940: python-keyring broken on Oneric <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/828940 >17:28
gary_posterthanks benji.  I triaged it and put it on the kanban board17:33
benjigary_poster: oops, I should have pre-triaged it17:33
gary_poster:-) s'ok17:34
gary_posterbenji, calling now, k?18:01
benjigary_poster: yep18:01
gary_posterbenji, I heard "endemic to large software project..."  should I call you back?18:05
gary_posterI'm still supposedly connected18:05
benjigary_poster: apparently it still sucks18:05
gary_posterbenji, boo hoo18:07
benjigary_poster: well, it is a bit of an emergency, Katie's doctor is checking her into the hospital, she's been having some heart problems and they've suddenly gotten worse18:55
benjiI'm heading to F12g now.  I'll let you know something later.18:55
gary_posterbenji! ok take care18:59
gary_posterbac, getting some water then will be ready18:59
bacgary_poster: isolated the problem.  using a batch with no matching results + direction=backwards triggers the error20:56
gary_posterah ha, bac!  good catch20:57
bacodd corner case that could never happen without using a saved url20:57

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