traskersAfter upgrading to 3.5.0 on Ubuntu+1, my .config/openbox/autostart doesn't load? I've tried using /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart as well, and still, nothing.03:48
traskers(Of Openbox, sorry)03:48
bioterrorwho broke autostart :(03:49
traskersI'm glad it's not just me, I suppose :\03:50
bioterrorhow about using .desktop file in a ~/.config/autostart/03:52
bioterroris that broken too?03:52
traskersUm, haven't tried that..03:52
bioterrorafter copying .desktop file, check your Desktop Session Settings03:57
bioterrorI'm off to work, goodluck with that ;)03:57
episyronhi, i just installed lubuntu 11.04 with ubuntu mini cd, but keyboard layout setting in X does not survive logout/login, it reverts back to english layout. any ideas how to make it permanent?14:34
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FollowerOfMendaxhow to edit items on lubuntu menu?16:03
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: The panel or the actual menu with the categories on it?16:06
FollowerOfMendaxmenu w/categoies16:06
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: What did you want to change about it?16:06
FollowerOfMendaxi have kubuntu and lubuntu install and don't want it to list kate knetwork manager etc.16:07
KM0201ugh, the one thing that sucks about adding a GUI.16:10
KM0201if you could only keep it all separate16:10
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: I have found a way for you! :)16:12
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: Download this application: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lxmed/16:12
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: Extract the tar.gz and then make the install.sh file executable and run it as sudo and it will install the menu editor on your system16:13
FollowerOfMendaxk thanks16:14
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: Then you can find "Main Menu Editor" in Preferences in the menu. Select your application you want to hide, hit the Properties button and uncheck the visible tickbox to hide it from the menu.16:14
kvarleyFollowerOfMendax: No problem :)16:14
kvarleyIs there an LXDE drop down terminal anybody knows of?16:15
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philipballewwhats some things i can uninstall from lxde to make it even lighter?21:35
jrgiffordphilipballew: that's kinda like, "can I put more helium in helium so it'll weigh less". ;)21:41
jrgiffordIn all seriousness though, I haven't discovered anything that'll make it even lighter... maybe use Midori instead of Chromium, but that's about it.21:42
philipballewhum. jrgifford makes sence. i thinking likt the actual interface itself though21:47
kvarleyHow do I change the behaviour when I close my netbook's lid?22:18
jrgiffordphilipballew: I see. Haven't come across anything that makes it lighter on your CPU/RAM.22:18
kvarleynvm got it22:20

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