jbichabillybigrigger: look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log or try sudo lshw -C video00:00
billybigriggerwell i was just under the impression that xorg.conf wasn't needed anymore, so i was wondering where the video driver is set00:01
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:01
jbichait's set automatically00:01
billybigriggerso now what's the most stable ati driver to use with 11.10? radeon?00:02
kyubutsuati is radeon00:03
billybigriggerok so what's the galium driver called?00:03
billybigriggercause that's what worked the best for me00:03
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not currently be installable.00:03
rwwbillybigrigger: I think that's radeon.00:04
kyubutsugallium is the open source driver00:05
kyubutsufor either nvidia or ati/radepm00:06
alex_mayorgawhat color(s) is the dash supposed to be?00:09
CoreyOoh, that worked!00:30
billybigriggeranyone had any luck getting flash 11 working with firefox?01:43
jbichabillybigrigger: are you using 64 bit Ubuntu?01:44
jbichaI just use https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash and it works for me01:44
billybigriggerhmm will look into it01:45
billybigriggeri can't launch firefox right now for some reason? maybe because i'm updating?01:45
jbichabillybigrigger: you could also try firefox -ProfileManager to start with a clean profile01:46
billybigriggerjust needed a few clicks i guess, it fired up now, i was wondering why it wouldn't launch, xorg and update-manager are using at most 40% cpu/mem01:48
billybigriggerthat's not too bad, under 2 mins from restart to back logged into irc :)01:53
billybigriggerjbicha, nice! flash 11 is smooooooth :)02:01
billybigriggerthanks for the link02:01
TheSimkin hey guys, getting error "Could not start D-Bus. Can you call qdbus?"02:13
TheSimkinupon login02:13
TheSimkin(it then kicks me out)02:13
TheSimkin(it then kicks me out)i tried calling qdbus and I am told it is not installed and to install a package... but the package is already installed (and i did a --reinstall)02:14
yofelinstall qt4-dev-tools02:14
yofelor wait a few hours and update02:14
LostyJaihi guys02:17
LostyJaisorry for stupid question, is 11.10 in beta?02:17
bazhang try /topic02:17
LostyJaialpha even02:17
LostyJaiguess it's still in production... koooool02:17
urlin2uLostyJai, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule02:18
TheSimkinin truth i accidentally went to oneiric (update-manager -d and not paying attention...)02:22
TheSimkinbut i am very happy i did!02:22
TheSimkinyofel: thank you02:23
TheSimkinthat worked02:23
billybigriggerno one alive tonight?03:23
escottbillybigrigger, a few zombies are around03:23
billybigriggerright arm03:24
billybigriggerthis channel seems dead compared to the last time i hung around here...10.04 i believe03:24
dr-willisstill alpha stage03:35
dr-willisit will pick up03:35
billybigriggerdr-willis, howdy03:40
billybigriggerlong time no see :)03:40
billybigriggerfeeling ok? :P03:41
dr-willisworking like a dog. been reading up on gnome shell also.03:42
billybigriggerdr-willis, what is the best performing ati driver for 11.10?03:43
billybigriggerand what's all the fuss about gtk3 and lightdm? i don't see any difference between 11.0403:43
billybigriggerlightdm looks the same as gdm, and gtk2 to 3 has no noticable differences for me...03:44
dr-willisbillybigrigger:  i font use ati. :)03:46
billybigriggerahh i see03:46
billybigriggerdr-willis, any idea why i have nvidia-common installed on my ati based laptop?03:46
dr-willislightdm has some digferent features ive noticed. mot sll are obvious.03:47
rwwbillybigrigger: because it's installed by default03:47
billybigriggerrww, seems a bit odd to me, no?03:47
rwwbillybigrigger: not really. Jockey uses it.03:47
billybigriggerjockey can suck it, won't even install fglrx for me03:47
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] What is the keyboard command to invoke the  Activities > Applications button?03:47
dr-williso saw a gnome3/shell keybotd shortcuts cheet sheet at the gnome3 homepage last week.03:49
dr-willisi neef to print it out. when i find it again03:49
ethana2how do I switch from nVidia proprietary drivers to Nouveau 3d through the terminal?04:15
ethana2...'cause the teminal is all that works right now; I'm running this machine off my flash drive now04:16
=== sevensixtwo is now known as Seven_Six_Two
billybigriggerethana2, i've been trying to find out where i can switch my ati drivers aswell04:18
ethana2I guess I'll try modifying xorg.conf04:18
jbichaethana2: you could remove nvidia04:19
ethana2jbicha: may as well i guess04:20
* ethana2 tries that04:20
ethana2...wait, what command should I use for that?04:20
ethana2sudo apt-get remove nvidia-common ?04:20
chrome_when for ubuntu 11.10?04:20
ethana2chrome_: when will it be released?04:21
jbichaethana2: yes, I think you also need to remove nvidia-common and nvidia-settings04:21
ethana2chrome_: October 1304:21
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule04:21
ethana2jbicha: ok, i'll do that now04:21
billybigriggerwho is maintaining the gnome-tweak-tool?04:26
ethana3ok, that still leaves me with no working graphics04:29
ethana3I tried  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  and it did nothing04:30
ethana3When I try to start lightdm manually X complains that it's not set up right..04:30
ethana3*sigh* I do this to myself _every_ release. Download and install alpha 3, screw over the drivers, get frustrated, wait around until the final release04:32
ethana3is there a terminal alternative to jockey-gtk?04:33
billybigriggerethana3, hehe04:33
jbichaethana3: jockey-cli04:33
ethana3jbicha: ooh!04:33
billybigriggerjockey-text i think04:33
jbichaoops, jockey-text is right04:33
ethana3i'll try 'em both04:33
billybigriggermetacity just crashed04:34
urlin2ubillybigrigger, you know how to restart it metacity?04:38
billybigriggerurlin2u, nope04:38
ethana3_ok, jockey-text doesn't show any drivers04:38
billybigriggergnome is effed in A3, i think i might try kde again :P04:38
urlin2ubillybigrigger, in a terminal metacity --replace04:38
billybigriggerethana3_, don't worry, it doesn't show me any ati drivers either04:38
ethana3_I basically just need a "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" that, like, works04:39
billybigriggeroh now compiz crashed :) urlin2u04:39
jbichaethana3_: you don't still have an xorg.conf, do you?04:40
ethana3_jbicha: it has almost nothing in it04:40
jbichayou can also try booting with an older kernel04:40
ethana3_ok, i'm looking at my xorg.conf on my SSD04:41
jbichabut I don't know, troubleshooting these things lost distance is a challenge04:41
urlin2ubillybigrigger, compiz --replce for that.04:42
ethana3_it just has Section "Device" with some meaningless stuff in it04:42
urlin2ucompiz --replace that is billybigrigger04:42
jbichaby the way, don't upgrade Synaptic if you're on amd6404:43
jbichawait for bug 828315 to be fixed04:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 828315 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/polkit-1/actions/com/ubuntu.pkexec.synaptic.policy not in package, synaptic fails to open" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82831504:43
urlin2ujbicha, I could only get it open with the terminal today all updated 32bit04:44
jbichaurlin2u: it should work on 32 bit now, 32 bit and 64 bit traded places04:45
urlin2ujbicha, I will have to look I hardly use it as of now thanks.04:48
ethana3_Should I like, reinstall Xorg?  I really want to get this taken care of before I go to bed04:52
jbichaethana3_: you could reinstall nouveau but reinstalling all of xorg wouldn't help04:55
jbichathe command for that is apt-get install --reinstall04:56
ethana3_jbicha: does the package name for nouveau go before or after the --reinstall ?04:56
ethana3_and will that automatically configure X to actually use the driver?04:57
jbichayou could try looking in your ~/.xsession-errors also04:57
jbichano, X does its thing automatically04:57
ethana3_so, yes?04:57
ethana3_well, I'll try reinstalling nouveau now, bbiab like as not04:58
jbichanvidia tries to force itself to be used instead of nouveau04:58
ethana3I think I'll just reinstall the operating system05:15
ethana3If I would have done that first, I'd be done by now05:15
ethana3thanks for the help and advice though, have a good night05:15
Peddyis anyone running gnome 3 + gnome shell on 11.10?05:37
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:38
Peddywas that directed at me?05:40
kyubutsuyou're exempt05:41
=== kyubutsu is now known as kyubutsu_kde
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] How can I install Sticky_Notes_(applet)?05:44
jbichabullgard4_: install gnome-applets05:46
IdleOnekyubutsu_kde, any good news on d-bus?05:46
jbichaPeddy: yes, it works pretty well05:47
kyubutsu_kdeonly that some folk are still having it05:47
kyubutsu_kdei dun wanna reboot this time05:48
Peddyjbicha, do you mind checking something quickly for me? I've filed a bug report but want to see if it's common05:48
Peddydoes your alt-f2 work?05:48
Peddye.g., if you enter 'firefox', does it open firefox?05:48
kyubutsu_kdei should.. maybe i'll catch a crash log this time05:48
jbichaPeddy: known issue, it will get fixed when we get Gnome Shell 3.1.4 but we're waiting on a new version of clutter to get packaged first05:49
Peddythanks jbicha, is there a bug report? I just filed mine. I'll delete it05:49
bullgard4_jbicha: I did install gnome-applets. Where can I find Sticky_Notes_(applet) now?05:49
jbichaPeddy: you can't delete bug reports but I already marked it as a duplicate of bug 81676205:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816762 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell Alt+F2 can’t run anything" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81676205:50
Peddythanks jbicha, I searched and I searched for that!05:51
jbichaPeddy: what I do is go to the page like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/05:51
jbichaand change the sort to "most recently changed"05:52
jbichaso in answer to your previous question, gnome shell works well except for that bug05:52
jbichayou figured out how to use the Adwaita theme, right?05:53
Peddyjbicha, it does! I didn't mean to ask if it's working well05:53
jbichaoh, the imaginary question I answered, lol05:53
Peddyhmm, how do you  mean Adwaita? Is it not the default?05:53
Peddy(by the way, does your volume level bar work when you change the volume with media keys?)05:54
* kyubutsu_kde eyeballs muon05:54
jbichano, Ambiance is probably default, install gnome-themes-standard and gnome-tweak-tool05:55
jbichathen change Windows>Theme to Adwaita then reload gnome-shell05:55
PeddyI have the tweak tool, but its adwaita looked really buggy (probably because gnome-themes-standard wasn't installed). Installing it now05:56
PeddyIt's pretty! :D05:56
Peddyjust like you.05:56
* kyubutsu_kde facepalm05:57
Peddyis the window border supposed to look like this?: http://i.imgur.com/RnHtw.png05:58
jbichaPeddy: no, reload your gnome shell06:00
PeddyI have :/06:00
kyubutsu_kdebring forth the bugs!  o.006:00
Peddywhat should "GTK+ Theme" be? Adwaita as well?06:00
Peddy(it is)06:01
jbichait's supposed to look a bit more like https://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/Tour06:01
kyubutsu_kdethats a few miles away from your target06:01
jbichamaybe try logging out and back in06:01
Peddyhmm, I will disable the buttons06:01
Peddyminimize etc06:01
Peddynope, logging out now06:02
PeddyNo :/ shall I file a bug report? Are there more tests to be done?06:03
kyubutsu_kdeone of us, one of us06:04
jbichawell if you figure out why it doesn't work then we can fix it06:07
Peddywhere can I start?06:11
jbichaI don't know because it works for me06:15
Peddycan I run gnome shell in some kind of debugging mode? Is there a log file?06:15
jbichaso let's see if we can get it not work for me06:16
jbichathere's looking glass (Alt+F2 lg) but I don't think that will help here06:16
PeddyI'll rename Adwaita to something else (something that's working) in /usr/share/themes06:17
jbichano, that's not a good idea either06:17
Peddyeven for just the sake of testing it?06:18
Peddyhm it is a stupid idea, the folder name doesn't really matter06:19
Peddyhm, other window themes seem to work, it's just adwaita. What package does it live in? (because I had it as an option, even before installing gnome-themes-standard)06:22
jbichait lives in gnome-themes-standard and I just confirmed it worked for me even on a relatively fresh virtual machine06:24
PeddyI will probably reinstall when 11.10 is released then, my system has become rather cluttered sadly06:25
jbichayou didn't exactly have it as an option, that's just the default choice which is confusing...06:25
jbichawell, Gnome's default, not Ubuntu's default06:26
Peddyhmm. Back in 11.04, I installed gnome 3 + shell from a PPA, if that means anything06:26
PeddyLet me try on a new user account.06:26
bullgard4_jbicha: I did install gnome-applets. Where can I find Sticky_Notes_(applet) now?06:29
Peddynope, still happens with a new user06:31
Peddyooh, if I use metacity, I can use the theme06:32
Peddymetacity: http://i.imgur.com/Yynn6.png06:33
PeddyOho! Window manager warning: Failed to load theme "Adwaita": Line 119 character 50: Did not understand color component "custom(wm_title_highlight,gtk:base" in color specification06:36
jbichaoh, no that's useful06:37
PeddyI have to go now, hopefully we can get it fixed a little later :-)06:38
Peddythanks for your help!06:38
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!06:53
kyubutsu_kdethere are only 9 qdbus bugs on launchpad, none about alpha3's crash though06:58
kyubutsu_kdeoneiric indeed06:59
kyubutsu_kdethis bug does not exist. won't fix07:05
kyubutsu_kdemuon +107:45
kyubutsu_kdesure, the software center part is 90% like its unity counterpart, but with cooler colors07:47
Trewashaving been a gnome2 user for a long time choosing which desktop to use now is a bit of a hassle :/07:56
kyubutsu_kdewell.. i'd say kde now has a more classic desktop and unity is more a new school approach. i still prefer kde apps though08:07
kyubutsu_kdei think unity will greatly appeal most to mobile device users08:08
kyubutsu_kdewhich was kinda the mission statement anyway08:09
Trewasmaybe unity can be made usable for me by removing most egregious design mistakes (global menu and window controls in the wrong side), too bad they are not easily configurable08:09
TrewasI have tried kde, but it is just so different to gnome2, unity is a bit closer since it at least uses gnome in the background (nautilus etc)08:10
kyubutsu_kdeprecisely, in the end you go with what you are most comfortable with08:12
kyubutsu_kdebut, you sure will have more to complain about with unity than kde at this point08:13
Trewashehe, probably :)08:13
kyubutsu_kdesome hate kde 4.x series.. i, conversely, dont like the 3.x style instead, which is fine by me since 4.7 is out!  lucky me08:18
LynoureI love there being choices :)08:19
Peddyjbicha, do you still have scrollback to that error I posted? Do you know which file it refers to?08:38
Peddycould someone please pastebin their /usr/share/themes/Adwaita/metacity-1 file for me?08:49
Peddyaaand I found the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/82854308:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 828543 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Adwaita window decoration broken in gnome-shell" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:52
topyliare the ubuntu light-themes supposed to work in gnome-shell too? window decoration for me is broken just like adwaita (re: bug referenced above)09:27
Trewashrm, pretty much all the configuration options (changing themes, fonts, most keyboard shortcuts, etc) seems to have gone out with change to gnome3's control-center, or is there some separate application for unity configs now?09:41
drussellTrewas: afaik it's all missing for now :o/09:46
drussellTrewas: it's the same for power saving (dim screen, laptop lid etc)09:46
Trewashopefully they'll add some GUI for those before release, though I guess they are still tweakable via gconf-editor (or is unity using dconf?)09:50
drussellTrewas: yeah, things are still usually tweakable via whatever backend is present09:56
drussellTrewas: although with us being passed feature freeze now, I'm not sure how much more change will be coming in... if you've not already I'd recommend filing a bug (after searching first)09:57
drussellTrewas: I've filed for the laptop power settings09:57
topyliTrewas: you can use gnome-tweak-tool for themes, fonts, etc. unity is another matter and never had an UI for many settings10:05
Trewastopyli: g-t-t only changes fonts and the gtk-theme, compiz-decorator (window borders) doesn't seem to be configurable with any GUI now10:05
topylioh yes that's yet another pice in the puzzle10:06
topyliyou asked about "themes, fonts, most keyboard shortcuts, etc" though :)10:07
Trewaswell, I'd consider window borders quite important part of the theme :) also I didn't find anywhere how to change ctrl-alt-arrow desktop-change keys to my liking (only ctrl-arrow), they used to be in g-c-c10:10
topyliah, keyboard shortcuts are in "system settings", with the rest of the keyboard settings10:16
Trewassome of them are, not those10:17
Trewasmeh, with the changes in the configuration backends it will be a real hassle to find how to configure anything10:17
topylithat's where i changed them10:22
Trewasto me it shows only shortcuts for launchers, sound and media, system, universal access and (empty) custom shortcuts10:25
topyliinteresting. mine has a "navigation" section as well10:27
topylimaybe it's becasue i'm using gnome-shell, not unity10:27
topylioh and it probably is actually10:27
topyliso i suppose you now get to fire up gconf-editor and do your compiz stuff there10:28
Trewasit surely will not cause any whining in forums etc if the final version will be just as unconfigurable :)10:30
topylithe total amount of whining is a constant, even though the issues picked by whiners change each year10:32
Trewasok, the keys are under /apps/metacity/global_keybindings, also /a/m/general/focus_mode to "sloppy" for sloppy focus10:34
topyliat least they now finally agree that gnome 2 is the greatest and most perfect desktop ever10:35
Rods_Tigeris there anywhere in this new oneiric that a person can see all of the applications laid out together?10:54
Rods_Tigerat the moment, if you click on 'dash', you get a panel with a handful of apps, but if you click on anything other than the bottom four, for example 'media apps', 'internet apps' and 'more apps' all you get is a search line, and nothing to see. How can a person search for what they don't know is there? I can't remember the names of things, but I recognise what the picture of an app looks like.10:58
BluesKajHiyas all11:05
BluesKajI'm still at the TTY trying figure out what to do about the D-Bus failure ...any fixes in the mix since yestarday afternoon ?11:09
BluesKajguess  it's just too early ..nobody around11:13
Rods_TigerI still can't get my screen to stay on forever11:14
BluesKajRods_Tiger: do you mean that you want a no sleep or no dim setting ?11:18
BluesKajRods_Tiger: set up your screensaver to stay on indefinitely11:19
BluesKaj'mornin' dr-willis11:20
dr-willisyep. got off work..time for bed. ;)11:21
BluesKajahh , the night shift ...don't miss those11:21
yofelBluesKaj: install qt4-dev-tools11:22
yofelor wait a few hours more I guess11:22
Rods_Tigerthe screensaver can't stay on indefinitely11:25
BluesKajok yofel  , will do , thx11:25
BluesKajyofel:  installing11:26
BluesKajanything else that might be relavent , yofel  ?11:28
yofelnot really, that should be all11:29
Rods_Tigerthere's no option for 'indefinitely' or similar11:30
BluesKajRods_Tiger:  just try 24hrs11:30
Rods_Tigerby what means can I make it that?11:31
BluesKajin the screensaver timer11:31
Rods_Tigerthere's no means to do that11:31
Rods_TigerI want it on all the time, not turning off every time I'm not looking11:31
BluesKajsomeone who runs gnome must know ..KDE here so my memoey fails about gnome11:32
Rods_Tigerwhen you say 24hrs, how do I do that?11:32
Rods_Tigerthis is using the current Oneiric just installed a few days ago11:32
BluesKajanyway BBL, gotta try to get X and D-Bus or qbus working11:33
Rods_Tigerit keeps turning the monitor off every time I look around I see a blank screen instead of what I am expecting to be displayed11:33
Rods_TigerI can't see any way of setting 24hrs or similar. Even 24hrs isn't good enough - I want it on all the time11:36
BluesKajhey folks11:36
Rods_TigerIn fact, I don't require the screensaver to be functioning at all11:37
Rods_Tigeris there a way of making it not active?11:37
BluesKajRods_Tiger, it may be your only option11:37
Rods_Tigerthen it's not an option, if it's the only one11:37
Rods_Tigerthat's what's got to happen11:37
BluesKajhey yofel , fixed! ..thanks for your attention on this :)11:38
Rods_Tigerthere needs to be a way of switching the screensaver activity off altogether11:38
Rods_TigerBut I can't see any way of setting 24hrs or similar.11:40
Rods_Tigeralthough that would still require someone walking over and waking it up each day11:40
Rods_Tigerthe screensaver is highly counterproductive, and needs to be able to be defeated permanently, easily11:42
Rods_TigerThe very few people still running a CRT monitor can set the screensaver to 'active' by themselves, I'm sure. Everyone else doesn't require a screensaver any more than they require a floppy disk formatter utility right up front where everyone can use it.11:43
Rods_TigerGah, I just looked around and it's turned the display off again! Unbelievable. Back in a few minutes while I go over there and kick the bloody thing.11:44
kyubutsufatality! Rods_Tiger wins!11:46
Rods_TigerI'm back, that machine is going to go through the window if it keeps making me angry like this11:46
* kyubutsu looks for qt4 patch down the muon list11:46
Rods_Tigeron another topic, I've installed oneiric to another drive on another machine, but since it updated after install it no longer goes into gnome or x or anything like that. It stops on the black screen after it says "Checking battery state... [OK]" and goes no further11:51
Rods_TigerI wonder what might have happened. I can go into it from a tty with startx, so X itself is ok.11:51
Rods_Tigeranything I need to do?11:52
=== kyubutsu is now known as kyubutsu_kde
kyubutsu_kdeyou're the first i have seen having a dbus issue on gnomunity11:54
Rods_Tigerthe system is running from a usb drive11:55
kyubutsu_kdeplot thickens11:55
Rods_Tigerinstall, it works fine. Let it update the four million or so updates, reboot, then it stops being graphic.11:56
kyubutsu_kdelooks like you're going to have to wait for a fix like some of us have11:56
kyubutsu_kdesigh, i don't see any qt4-dev-tools in muon12:01
* kyubutsu_kde stares at libqt4-dbus12:02
kyubutsu_kdeyou saw it in muon or you just apt-get that12:03
BluesKajyofel told me to install it , it fixed my D-Bus fail problem..no X noscreens were available just the TTY12:03
kyubutsu_kdevia terminal or package manager?12:04
kyubutsu_kde'cause, am looking at muon and there is no such qt4-dev-tools in there12:05
BluesKajso I was able to use one tty for irssi nad another to install , in case I needed more help12:05
BluesKajI had no X , installed from the tty prompt with apt, ky-get12:06
BluesKajoops kyubutsu_kde12:06
kyubutsu_kdei guess i understand you12:06
BluesKajalso i'm using nomodeset in grub , but that's due my use of the nvidia-current driver12:07
kyubutsu_kdestill dont see it in muon though12:08
BluesKajjust use the terminal12:08
kyubutsu_kdei mean, its in the repos, right? it should be showing up in muon, i wanna do this by the book12:09
BluesKajmuon doesn't do anytrhing special or different than apt in the terminal...apt is more by the book than usin muon12:09
BluesKajthey both link to dpkg12:10
kyubutsu_kdefine, maybe the point am making is muon is buggy?  maybe.  i'll update via terminal see what borkeness i get12:11
BluesKajkyubutsu_kde, you're misinformed if you think muon is "proper method or means" to install packages .Where did yo get such a notion ?12:13
kyubutsu_kdethe "package manager" tag it has12:14
BluesKajpackage manager is just gui front end for apt12:14
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)12:14
kyubutsu_kdei know all that, am moving along with the new stuff , bro12:16
ubottuMuon is the current Kubuntu package manager. Please see http://jontheechidna.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/introducing-qapt-and-the-muon-package-manager/ for an overview12:19
Picimuon is installed with Kubuntu BluesKaj12:19
kyubutsu_kdehe IS on kubuntu12:20
kyubutsu_kdehe does talk like he's on gnome or sumthing, doesnt he12:20
BluesKajkyubutsu_kde,my point is apt and the terminal aren't outdated or old stuff , they work like they always have and better ...because muon is the default package manager doesn't make better because it's new .12:21
Picikyubutsu_kde: Not every package is installable via the software center either, like -dev packages. Likely the same 'issue' occurs with muon.12:21
PiciBluesKaj: That wasn't the point of the question.12:22
BluesKajPici, what question ?12:22
PiciBluesKaj: regarding installing qt4-dev-tools12:23
BluesKajI don't appreciate being referred to in the 3rd person kyubutsu_kde ...speak to me directly using my nick if you don't mind.12:24
kyubutsu_kdePici: i also know the difference between 'software center' and package manager, yknow12:24
BluesKajPici, I answered it ., "use the terminal "12:24
PiciOkay, nevermind me.12:24
* Pici wanders off12:25
kyubutsu_kdeit lives!  0.o  muahah13:01
kyubutsu_kdepolicykit1-kde and jockey still crashed before reboot but system seems stable13:04
kyubutsu_kdeand i did use muon to complete the update anyway13:05
BluesKajkyubutsu_kde, was qt4-dev-tools listed in muon?13:08
h00kEmpathy's theme by default broken on purpose?14:34
h00ker, I mean, is this a new theme on purpose?14:34
h00kIn the works, I suppose.14:34
yofelhm, anyone an idea how to tell nautilus to NOT start in my kde session?14:46
yofelit doesn't actually do anything it seems, but then it shouldn't be running either14:46
Rods_TigerYes, I can definitely confirm it is repeatable: take a usb drive, install oneiric to it, reboot, update it, over 700 packages later it finishes, reboot, and it will not make it to the GUI at all, it stops after the text "Checking battery state... [OK]" and goes no further. Just like my previous usb drive install, except this was repeated clean over the past few hours.15:01
Rods_Tigerand using a different drive.15:02
jtaylorsomeone using opera here?15:10
RRRRubeRods_Tiger: I've had a similar problem (though not running on a USB drive) and it was with lightdm. If you press Ctrl + Alt + F1, then log in at the command prompt, then type sudo restart lightdm, this brings up the regular login screen, where you can log in again normally. This may not be the exact problem you're having, but this worked for me.15:11
Rods_Tigerif I do control alt f1 and log in, I can just type startx and it will go straight into where I should be. I'll try your thing too.15:14
jtaylormake sure lightdm-greeter-gtk is installed15:15
Rods_TigerAs I say, it's a fresh install a couple of hours ago15:16
RRRRubeIt may not be the same issue, but I had that stuck at battery stage too, and typing startx didn't work for me. I experienced this on my laptop with Oneiric, also on my desktop with Natty, where I had installed lightdm to test. The problem did resolve itself presumably after an update on the Oneiric rig.15:16
Rods_TigerWell, this is taking a usb drive, installing from the oneiric alpha image, rebooting into the install, letting it update for a few hours, rebooting, and this occurs.15:17
Rods_TigerSame as it did before on a different install on a different drive.15:17
BluesKajjust noticed kded4 is uding 50% of cpu ...wonder what's causing this , any ideas ?15:17
Rods_Tigersudo restart lightdm hasn't done it with me15:18
RRRRubeAh, too bad :(15:19
Rods_Tigerstartx is the thing that works15:19
Rods_TigerI must say I'm really finding this updated oneiric very difficult to use. I need to see the apps. I need to see the pictures. I can't just type in the names, I forget what the names are. There needs to be somewhere that I can see all the apps all laid out so that I can pick the one I want. The search box is useless for that. I can't describe 'that blue round one with half a banana in the bottom corner' and have it f15:59
escottRods_Tiger, you might like gnome3 better16:00
Rods_Tigerwhat's oneiric got right now?16:00
escottRods_Tiger, by default unity. gnome 3 is similar but has an "applications" tab in the overlay window that provides vertical iOS like scrolling through apps16:02
Rods_Tigersounds good16:02
Rods_TigerI don't even know the names of the apps I use on my iPad or my Mac, I just know what their picture looks like. I'm sure most people are like that.16:03
Rods_TigerI just can't use this. I have no idea what to search for. This 'dash' has just simply crippled ubuntu. The only apps I can find are the ones that were default installed along the left side - the office stuff and the web browser. Now I'm expected to know the exact name of everything else or it remains hidden forever - and I expect it'll be fussy over spelling too.16:10
Rods_Tigerthere were previously a lot of different utilities and configuration apps. They've all just simply gone.16:11
Rods_TigerIt's not as if it's like OS X, where I've got an Applications folder I can trawl through, reminding myself of what's in there. The apps in linux don't have such a concept.16:12
Rods_TigerI'm effectively disconnected from the applications other than the ones in the sidebar.16:12
Rods_TigerIf I wanted to type in the name of apps, I wouldn't need a gnome or unity or whatever the gui is, I would be using the command line.16:13
escottRods_Tiger, well you can search by keyword like "monitor" or "torrent" etc16:14
Rods_Tigerno, I want to see the picture and click on it16:14
Rods_Tigerif I wanted to type stuff, I'd use a linux that doesn't have Xorg at all16:15
Rods_Tigerif I can't see the pictures, it's the same as not having the apps at all - they're effectively gone16:15
Rods_TigerI don't know what to type, and will probably get it wrong16:16
Rods_Tigerthis is a huge step backward in usability.16:16
Rods_Tigerthe latest Ubuntu linux takes computing back to before Doug Engelbart.16:17
Rods_TigerWhat's next in the pipeline for Ubuntu? Punch card storage?16:17
escottRods_Tiger, lets try and keep it a bit more ontopic and less I hate unity. it gets old after the 100th person. you could go back to 11.04 and use !classic or try gnome3 or use something else16:18
Rods_Tigerit was fine just a few days ago, but now it's not.16:19
Rods_TigerI liked unity until just now16:19
Rods_TigerIt had pictures of apps. Now it hasn't. I liked it when it had pictures of apps, that way I could tell that I had apps, even apps I didn't know I had.16:20
PiciMaybe what you're seeing isn't supposed to be happening, can you take a screenshot of it?16:21
jtayloranyone here also haa problems with opera and flash?16:22
wh1zz0Hi guuys... I tried upgrading to ubuntu 11.10 via the update manager, after downloading the packages I restarted my system. I went into synaptic manager to see it everything is fine there. So I reloaded the dependencied and packages but it gives me this error. It this harmful? How can I fix it to avoid this error? http://imagebin.org/16855116:25
wh1zz0if* dependencies*16:25
jtaylorwh1zz0: does that ppa provide packages for oneiric?16:26
jtaylorif not thats normal16:26
mvowh1zz0: just disable the ppa in question16:27
jtayloryou can ignore the message until the ppa updates or remove the ppa from your listing16:27
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wh1zz0jtaylor: I don't understand16:30
wh1zz0I selected all from the menu and then clicked on reload16:30
wh1zz0It started checking and some installed then I suddenly got that error16:30
wh1zz0What does the error me16:31
jtaylorit means that ppa has no packages for oneiric16:31
wh1zz0Ohww.. I see16:31
jtaylorit only has them for lucid maverick and natty: https://launchpad.net/~pidgin-developers/+archive/ppa/+packages16:31
jtayloroneiric is a development version, you must expect some stuff to not work16:32
wh1zz0Yea true16:32
dabukalamI just installed oneiric minial. What do I need to apt-get to get a desktop?17:09
Picidabukalam: ubuntu-desktop ?17:10
dabukalamthat's it?17:10
dabukalamno gdm17:10
dabukalamno xfce17:11
dabukalamno bullshit?17:11
Picidabukalam: Mind your language please. The ubuntu-desktop metapackage will give you everything that it is installed with the desktop CD.  If you don't want that, please clarify.17:11
sykeI got a crash of colord on boot, and when trying to submit the crash detail I get this from launchpad:17:27
syke"Unexpected form data17:27
sykeLaunchpad doesn't understand the form data submitted in this request."17:27
sykeknown problem?17:27
dabukalamPici: I'm getting an error that says Unity not installed. E: Broken Packages. -f does nothing, and when I try and install Unity it gives me something else not installed17:32
wh1zz0Please I want some clarifications about what this back up tool is all about? I'm referring to Deja-dup17:37
wh1zz0After backup.. Where are the files stored?17:37
billybigriggerwhereever you define them17:37
wh1zz0Online on a cloud like what ubuntu-one does? Or offline on the computer17:37
wh1zz0What's the difference between ubuntu one aqnd deja-dup?17:38
billybigriggeryou can choose whereever on your computer you want17:38
charlie-tcadeja-dup backs up your files automatically, UbuntuOne is a storage site you can use if desired17:38
wh1zz0Owh.. so it's just a local (offline) backup tool17:39
billybigriggeryou can backup to a cloud too i think17:40
billybigrigger • Support for local, remote, or cloud backup locations, such as Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files17:40
billybigrigger • Securely encrypts and compresses your data17:40
billybigrigger • Incrementally backs up, letting you restore from any particular backup17:40
billybigrigger • Schedules regular backups17:40
billybigriggerwh1zz0, do some googling man, it took me 2 seconds to dig up all your answers17:41
charlie-tcawh1zz0: deja-dup can do either off-line or online backup17:41
charlie-tcaI used it to back up to dropbox17:41
wh1zz0Yeah I did some googling but havent found anything other than adverts about oneric coming out soon and the new look and all17:42
wh1zz0So that's why I asked here17:42
billybigriggerreally, my first 2 results where the deja-dup.gnome.com homepage and it's homepage on launchpad17:42
wh1zz0Thing is which is the most stable version of ubuntu17:42
wh1zz0Cuz Im really having serious issues here17:43
wh1zz0Is it possible for me to downgrade back to 11.04 without re-installing from scratch?17:43
wh1zz0Hmm.... Whew17:43
billybigriggerjust re-install 11.0417:44
billybigrigger...if .10 is too unstable17:44
wh1zz0Actually, my files are about 150gig17:44
wh1zz0And that would take very long for it to be backed up on ubuntu one .. even if I decided to buy m0re space17:44
billybigriggerwhy put your files in jeopardy over an unstable OS?17:44
wh1zz0Well.. I felt most of the problems in 11.04 I was experiencing would be answered or solved in 11.1017:45
ali1234good luck with that17:45
wh1zz0But apparently not17:45
billybigriggerwh1zz0, well .10 is still alpha...so you should have just been patient and waited for .10 to be released, after all the bugs were worked out :P17:46
charlie-tcaThey might be, by the time it releases. But until we get further along, it is kind of unstable17:46
ali1234yes, like they were for 11.04 (lol)17:46
ali1234you would have been better off downgrading to 10.0417:47
billybigriggerwh1zz0, tip for next time, devote a spare machine, or hard drive partition, to the development releases....so that you never have to worry about 150gb of data....17:47
ali1234btw, you can install an old release over a newer one without formatting17:48
wh1zz0I hear 10.04 and 10.10 are more stable than 11.04 is this true?17:48
dsathenot recomended17:48
ali1234not recommended, but it works17:48
ali1234upgrading to an alpha release is also not recommended, go figure17:49
dsatheuse a dist upgrade17:49
dsathemay cause conflicts17:49
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dsathewh1zz0:  not rally18:00
dsathe10.04 is lts indeed18:00
wh1zz0Isn't it logically more reasonably to go with something that's lts?18:03
wh1zz0Or what do you think?18:03
wh1zz0cuz Im now confused18:03
wh1zz0When will 11.10 be fully out of development stage?18:05
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule18:05
PiciThe version number is the Year.Month of release.18:05
wh1zz0Ah, I see18:06
wh1zz011th of Nov18:06
Piciwh1zz0: What? No.18:06
wh1zz011th of Cot18:06
wh1zz011th of Oct18:06
Piciwh1zz0: 10th month of the year 201118:06
wh1zz0Yeh I know18:07
wh1zz0Thought it meant day and month18:07
wh1zz0So which oen are you currently using Pici?18:07
wh1zz0And why?18:08
Piciwh1zz0: 11.10 on my laptop, 11.04 on my server, and 10.04 on my work machine.18:08
PiciBecause I like to test on my laptop, which I don't care much about reformatting (I have a separate /home) and my server is for personal use, and I don't want to worry about big upgrades on my work machine so it is running LTS.18:09
billybigriggeranyone here testing the compiz pre-release?18:27
bullgard6[GNOME 3] Can you recommend a Teatime substitute?18:35
kyubutsu_kdewelcome to ubuntu's proving ground. and whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC18:40
kyubutsu_kdei think the topic needs a better tag line18:43
kyubutsu_kdeBluesKaj: after i ran apt i still had a bunch of packages showing up in Muon, including the new kernel.18:49
kyubutsu_kdekinda odd if you ask me, since apt should have installed ALL packages. but no errors were found so all is good anyway.18:51
BluesKajkyubutsu_kde, there's probly a reasonable explanation why the qt4-dev-tools isn't listed in muon , perhaps it has to do with a dev OS in it's Alpha phase .19:18
BluesKajand qt4-dev obviously being dev package19:18
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yofelBluesKaj: muon shows qt4-dev-tools for me20:02
BluesKajyofel, it does if it's installed , kyubutsu_kde , claims it wasn't listed20:04
yofelhm, maybe he mixed muon and the software center20:04
yofelalthough his issue sounds odd indeed...20:05
Machtincan't log into KDE since qdbus isn't there or something. (says the info message in kdm) - known issue?20:29
yofelknown issue, install qt4-dev-tools20:33
Machtinthanks :) wil ltry20:35
Machtin*will try20:35
BUGabundoevening!! :D20:42
BUGabundoping me20:42
BUGabundoping me all nite20:42
BUGabundoI HAVE SOUND BACK!!!!!20:42
ali1234well how did you fix it?20:42
BUGabundotodays pulse upgrade20:42
BUGabundonow I need to fix my login session20:43
BUGabundoand see if I can get back to gnome classic20:43
BUGabundotired of lubuntu20:43
* charlie-tca was thinking "BUGabundo knows the right people"20:43
BUGabundowanna help ali1234?20:43
BUGabundocharlie-tca: I tried to nag crisum, but he isn't coming here20:43
ali1234i dunno about that20:43
ali1234any time i installed to desktops i ended up with a mess20:43
charlie-tcaWhat's wrong with your login?20:43
BUGabundoI can't reach lightdm20:44
BUGabundoit fails, and fallsback to CLI20:44
charlie-tcaat all?20:44
BUGabundoI have to use $ startx20:44
charlie-tcaor did you forget to install unity-greeter?20:44
BUGabundolet me check20:44
BUGabundomaybe it's a conflit with some old gdm20:44
BUGabundo  Installed: (none)20:45
BUGabundofont is soooooo small20:45
BUGabundoI'm going blind like this :(20:45
charlie-tcaYou have to have either unity-greeter or lightdm-gtk-greeter installed for it to work20:47
Machtinyofel: thanks, worked :)20:51
Machtinanother issue though: nspluginviewer is a dependency but doesn't seem to be in the repos20:51
micahgMachtin: it's a new package in oneiric20:52
Machtinsoo.. why is it not there?20:53
micahgMachtin: are you on amd64?20:55
micahgMachtin: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2011-August/000886.html20:56
Machtinah, sweet. Thanks20:57
BUGabundogdm purged21:04
BUGabundoand  lightdm-gtk-greeter installed21:04
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BluesKajkded4 using a lot of cpu here ...any others having the same issue ?21:30
yofelnot here. Can you try to attach gdb to the process and try to get a backtrace of what it's doing right now?21:38
BluesKajyofel, ok , what command do i need to use ?21:40
MachtinBluesKaj: kdeinit4 uses 100% of one core.21:43
BluesKajMachtin, yup ,.that's what I'm seeing ...it switches between cores every so often , sharing the 100% load21:46
BluesKajMachtin, any idea why so much ?21:46
BluesKajmemory is also using 1.1G and all i have open is a browser with 2 tabs and konverstion21:48
BluesKajerr konversation , the irc client21:49
Machtinno clue.21:54
Machtinthough i do not feel the load.21:55
Machtinwatching a 1080p-mkv with dts sound at from an encrypted hard disk at least doesn't get me an trouble.21:55
BluesKajmy PSU fan keeps powering up and down , which normally doesn't do21:56
Machtinhm, right.. i noticed something like that half an hour ago, too21:56
BluesKajMachtin, ok let me try a DD coded mkv ..all I have is 720p ..I'll see what happens with the load21:57
yofelBluesKaj: sry, telephone. Now...21:58
yofelBluesKaj: sudo gdb attach $(pidof kded4)22:00
yofelthen run 'backtrace full' after it finished reading the symbols22:00
lenAfter updating last night, the kded4 process is consuming 40-50% cpu usage at idle.22:01
yofellen: do the same thing I told BluesKaj22:01
lenI didn't see what you told him.  I just loggin in22:01
yofellen: the 2 lines I said after you logged in22:01
kyubutsu_kdesystem monitor: kded4 50% cpu   <---22:04
kyubutsu_kde100% of core two overall22:04
lenOK.  Did it.   What am I supposed to look for?22:05
yofelgood, 3 people with that issue and I can't reproduce it..22:05
yofellen: can you pastebin the top? (from #0 ...)22:05
kyubutsu_kdebut things are running so smoothly i didnt notice22:06
lenI haven't been on in a while.  Can you give link to pastebin.  I don't remember22:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:07
BluesKajyofel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/669588/22:08
BluesKajthat's all i could find with debugging symbols22:08
kyubutsu_kdeam guessing it's also independent of what driver is running. gallium/radeon <---22:09
yofelBluesKaj: that's not the trace... see the paste from len22:09
yofelwhich is from... nvidia? @_@22:09
lenYeah, I'm using the Nvidia driver22:09
yofelI guess I should reboot, maybe I can reproduce it then22:10
BluesKajyofel, my usage dropped near normal , sfter running the command22:12
yofelBluesKaj: having gdb attached to kded freezes the process, it'll jump back to 100% once you detach gdb22:12
BluesKajyofel , yup 100% on one core again22:14
* yofel wonders why he has nautilus starting at kde login...22:15
yofelyay, stuck kded here too22:15
spacebug-I downloaded the daily-live CD and when I open the dash and search for a program like Terminal, writing "ter" I get Terminal and two others. Now I can't use the arrows on the keaboard to select the search result or start the prorgam I have to use the mouse and click. Known issue? Or something local for me?22:15
simo_hi all, i'm running a impress presentation on oneiric my desktop became black after a while, i already disabled screen save and other power management stuff,  how can i solve this issue22:18
kyubutsu_kdespacebug-: try adding one more letter, see what happens22:21
spacebug-kyubutsu_kde: nopp. Same22:24
spacebug-seems like after hitting any of the arrow keys I have to hide the dash and bring it back up again to be able to even write in the search area again22:25
kyubutsu_kdehow many more letters till the only option is the terminal?22:25
spacebug-well it dod not just show it even if I write "terminal"22:25
spacebug-writing full name "gnome-terminal" will only show terminal but still I can't launch ut with enter key or select it with arrow keys22:26
kyubutsu_kdei was going with 'design flaw' but now i think you might be witnessing a bug.22:26
spacebug-quite a critical one if that is it hehe22:27
lenI have another problem with oneiric, I never had before upgrading.  Every once in a while my machine will just shutdown.  I think it is usually when playing video on a second monitor22:28
lenI wonder if that is an Nvida Twinview issue22:29
spacebug-nothing in the logs?22:30
BluesKajstopped kded4 , all seems to be working and the cpu load is now normal, yofel22:30
lenI'm not sure what would be logged.  I just goes down instantly like someone pulled the plug22:32
BluesKajcould it be a unrecognized zombie process?22:32
yofelwell, killing kded will help, but kdeinit won't work right for the current session22:32
lenIs final going to us 3.0, or 3.1 kernel?22:35
Trewaslen: 3.0 I think, 3.1 is only rc2 now so it won't be released until quite close to oneiric22:37
lenoneiric:  Of, relating to, or characterizing the clinical state of oneirophrenia22:45
lenoneirophrenia  o·nei·ro·phre·ni·a (ō-nī'rə-frē'nē-ə, -frěn'ē-ə)22:45
len A mental state that is characterized by hallucinations and other disturbances and is associated with prolonged deprivation of sleep, sensory isolation, or psychoactive drugs.22:45
lenBuckle your seatbelts, we're in for one hell of a ride :)22:46
lenBet they'd never have picked that name for an LTS release.22:47
lenIt's a good lead in to psychodelic porcupine, or maybe Psychotic Porpoise :)22:53
rwwsabdfl made up some etymology involving dreaming or something22:53
lenDream'n or trip'n maybe.  Sure doesn't connote stability in any case.  :)22:56
lenIt's a good tounge twister though.  Try saying Oneiric Ocelot 10 times as fast as you can.  :)22:58
Ian_CornePimpin' Panda!23:03
lenThat would be a rough job considering the Panda's notoriously low sex drive :)23:05
Ian_Cornewell, that'd mean he'd not fool around with his employees23:09
Ian_Corneso all's good?23:09
lenI'd be hard finding customers though23:10
lenUnless, of course you was working with all kinds of animals, and not just Pandas23:11
Ian_Cornewho's to say what he's pimpin'?23:11
Ian_Corneit's just a pimpin' panda23:11
lenTypos in my last line make me sound like a pimp :)  "you was working"23:13
lenIs it usually this sleepy in here?23:14
lenI suppose it picks up when betas come out.23:17
Ian_Cornewell, my idea is that most people here are gmt+1 or earlier in the timebelt23:17
lenI usually don't do the alpha myself, because they're are almost always huge issues with proprietary video drivers until close to release.23:21
lenthere are23:21
Ian_Cornenvidia is often pretty fast23:24
Ian_Corneand fglrx is fast this time23:24
Ian_Cornebut often sloooow23:24
lenI wish someone would iron out the issue of not being able to watch flash full screen one monitor when working on the other monitor.  You can set flash to work full screen one monitor, and it works, but as soon as you click on the other screen it un-fullscreens23:24
lennvidia seems to be running ok for me, but it didn't upgrade smoothly.  It wouldn't startx because it was trying to do something funky trying to use parts of nvidia and parts of the free drivers at the same time.23:27
ali1234len: flash has almost no concept of multiple monitors at all23:28
ali1234it's like it was coded in 199823:29
ali1234all it can do is "go fullscreen"23:29
lenDoes it work right with multiple monitors in Windows?23:29
ali1234no idea23:29
lenWhy does it kick back to non-full screen when you click on the other monitor?23:30
ali1234i don't know23:30
ali1234i do know why it always letterboxes videos though23:30
ali1234and it isn't pretty23:31
ali1234you can never move the fullscreen window to a different monitor after the plugin has loaded, for example23:31
ali1234and it doesn't understand the difference between a single monitor and the whole desktop area23:32
lenIt's bad news being at the mercy of Adobe for something used so much23:32
ali1234i'm not at their mercy23:32
ali1234i fixed their bugs for them: http://al.robotfuzz.com/content/workaround-fullscreen-flash-linux-multiheaded-desktops23:32
ali1234by patching library calls23:33
ali1234i could probably fix the fullscreen/focus thing too23:33
ali1234just by preventing focus switch messages from ever reaching the window23:33
lenAre you Al?23:37
lenyour website?23:37
BluesKaj is there away to look into the kded4 process to see what is using 100% on one core of a 2 core cpu ?23:38
ali1234you could attach gdb to it and see what it is doing23:38
lenCool.  I bookmarked the page, and will track your progress23:38
ali1234would be tricky to see which thread is using the cpu though23:38
ali1234you'd need some kind of profiler for that23:39
lenI assume it is stuck in some kind of loop23:40
ali1234yes, i doubt it is doing anything useful23:41
BluesKajalready did that but was what I posted wasn't the porblem , but it was the only proicess that showed any debugging symbols23:41
lenIs everyone who updated recently having this problem?23:41
BluesKajwas told23:41
BluesKajjust we kde users afaik23:41
BluesKaj/usr/lib/kde4/kded_remotedirnotify.so 0x00007f5c1f314597 in _XSend () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libX11.so.623:42
lenI mean all kubuntu users :)  Non-KDE users wouldn't have much call to be running kded4, I wouldn't think.  :)23:42
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* yofel didn't get very far in debugging this23:43
BluesKajlen, yofel, the above is the process where  gdbstopped23:43
yofelif I kill kded4 it stays killed since the respawn fails with kded4: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ntrack/modules/ntrack-libnl3.so: undefined symbol: ntrack_list_insert_sorted23:43
ali1234check dbus, see if something is spamming it23:44
ubottuKDE bug 178228 in kded "kded4 makes high CPU load and hangs ths system on STOP signal" [Crash,Resolved: invalid]23:45
ali1234it is resolved invalid because this can be caused by several different bugs23:45
BluesKajhow to check dbus23:46
ali1234seems kded4 has modules and you need to disable them one by one until you find the real cause23:47
IdleOnekyubutsu_kde, how is dbus acting today?23:48
lenIt's just this last build that is giving people problems.  I don't believe the KDE code changed since the last build, did it?23:50
BluesKajthis is te repeating message in kded-monitor that looks lika loop to me ....'method call sender=:1.94 -> dest=org.kde.knotify serial=285 path=/Notify; interface=org.kde.KNotify; member=event23:51
BluesKajrepeats every 5 secs or so23:52
lenI also got snagged two days about when qdbus was pulled from libqt4-dbus, and no dep was added to the dev package it was moved to.23:53
ali1234BluesKaj: 5 seconds is not fast enough to cause 100% cpu23:53
ali1234BluesKaj: when it scrolls so fast you can't even read it, that is your culprit23:53
BluesKajnope ali1234 , then dbus isn't the culprit23:57

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