philipballew_can someone help me get ssh to work on my computer00:36
holsteinphilipballew_: whats the deal?00:43
holsteinyou have the server running?00:44
philipballew_i have a debian server, but my ubuntu server cant seem to connect to it00:45
holsteinphilipballew_: can you ping it?00:45
holsteinthe debian t0 ubuntu almost cant be an issue00:45
philipballew_let me check. the name og the server is philip4 would ping philip4 work?00:46
holsteinphilipballew_: you have it outside the firewall?00:46
philipballew_no. all hooked up to my router with ddwrt00:47
holsteinphilipballew_: good00:47
holsteinyeah, i would run ifconfig on both, make a note of the IP's, and make sure you can ping each other00:47
holsteinphilipballew_: did you edit the ssh config file at all yet?00:47
holsteinalso, what is the error message...00:48
philipballew_philip@philip-Studio-1558:~$ ssh philip@philip400:48
philipballew_ssh: Could not resolve hostname philip4: Name or service not known00:48
holsteinphilipballew_: lets try by the IP just to be sure...00:48
holsteini find when running static IP's, ddwrt doesnt find the hostnames like that00:49
holsteinand i think thats a feature, not a bug ;)00:49
philipballew_its dynamic currently00:49
holsteinphilipballew_: still... see if you get the same error by the IP00:50
philipballew_need to change that but gonna wait till i move next week00:50
philipballew_I can ping it00:50
holsteindid you just run sudo apt-get install openssh-server00:50
philipballew_but then did it not put the right name in maybe?00:50
holsteinphilipballew_: server side, run this... sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart00:51
philipballew_2 keyboards in hand.00:52
holsteinnot for long...00:52
* philipballew_ hands himself more geek points00:52
philipballew_restsrted ssh00:53
holsteinphilipballew_: no joy?00:54
philipballew_i can ssh in with the ip but the name00:54
philipballew_i know its philip4 my cli prompt says root@philip400:54
holsteinphilipballew_: cool.. that can be your network though00:54
philipballew_how so?00:54
holsteini usually just go fo the IP00:54
holsteinphilipballew_: the router could be acting as the name server? hostname server?00:55
holsteinsomething like that00:55
escottphilipballew_, sounds like you need to configure dns on your router00:55
holsteinyeah, what escott is getting onto00:55
holsteinits *not* an issue with ssh, or that box00:55
philipballew_with my ubuntu server i just type ssh philip@philip3 and it logs in fine00:55
philipballew_so what would you say it is holstein00:56
holsteinthe ubuntu machines might have some extra magic somewhere that doesnt just come with debian00:56
holsteini have not idea what it would be though00:56
holsteinits going to be something you could do in the router though00:56
holsteinthat would be the pro way to set it up00:57
philipballew_alright. ill check with ddwrt forms first00:57
philipballew_ill probably just set up static ip and give the ip a name00:57
philipballew_thanks holstein your the man!01:00
holsteinphilipballew_: anytime... i wish i had more experience with actually sorting that out01:01
holsteinive always just done static IP's on boxes like that, and connected that way01:01
philipballew_im gonna set up static ip's but im having to move and am gonna have to move my network to the college i go to. sophmore year here i come01:02
holsteinphilipballew_: w00t!01:03
thewrathanyone good with postfix03:07
thewrathhello M0hi03:10
IAmNotThatGuyHey thewrath. Testing my Iphone =]03:10
thewrathwhat are u using on ur Iphone03:11
thewrathIAmNotThatGuy: are you good with postfix?03:11
M0hiThewrath, as you know about UBT,don't ask to ask questions. I ll try my best to help:)03:12
thewrathM0hi: http://pastebin.com/uy5Z6vtM03:15
thewraththe certificate issue03:15
thewrathhwo can i resolve it03:15
M0hihttp://www.marksanborn.net/linux/send-mail-postfix-through-gmails-smtp-on-a-ubuntu-lts-server/ you remember you did step 3 thewrath ?03:22
M0hiTry that and ping :)03:26
thewrathall right03:32
thewrathjust sying i work look at that03:37
bodhizazen'lo thewrath03:37
bodhizazenwhat we looking at ?03:37
thewrathwhy my relay server is nto working with gamil03:38
bodhizazenouch, mail servers can be like that03:39
bodhizazenYour ip provider blocking it ?03:40
thewrathM0hi: i think it was step 4 i was missing03:40
thewrathcert issues03:40
M0hiAh! Is it working now?03:42
M0hio/ bodhi03:43
thewrathM0hi: i get the following now03:49
thewrathhost smtp.gmail.com[] said: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. bp11sm1099341vcb.24 (in reply to MAIL FROM command)03:49
thewrathfull output: http://pastebin.com/Usfhp25103:50
M0hiI am on the way to office.I ll check once I reach there03:50
thewrathcan you send me a PM when you look at it as i am getting off of here soon03:51
M0hiSure. Bodhi can help you. Ask him03:52
thewrathall right03:52
thewrathbodhizazen: have nay idea?03:52
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bodhizazenlet me look at your pastebin ...03:53
bodhizazenthewrath, do you have a certificate ?03:55
thewrathi created self signed03:55
thewrathfollowed this: http://www.marksanborn.net/linux/send-mail-postfix-through-gmails-smtp-on-a-ubuntu-lts-server/03:55
bodhizazenyou made a .pem ?03:57
bodhizazenedited config file and restarted postfix ?03:57
bodhizazenany errors in the logs ?03:57
bodhizazenWhat do the logs show ?03:58
thewraththe log i sent you was mail.log in /var/log03:58
thewraththat is the only log i know of for postfix03:58
bodhizazenWhat are the ownership and permissions of the cacert.pem and FOO* files ?04:00
thewrathfoo files are root root and 64404:00
thewrathcacert is 644 and root root04:01
bodhizazenAnd they are in /etc/postfix/certs1/ ?04:01
bodhizazensomething is wrong with your cert thewrath , guessing it does not like that it was self signed ?04:15
philipballewcan a wifi card be old enough not too support wpa?04:17
philipballewcan a wifi card be old enough not too support wpa?04:39
urlin2uphilipballew, is it a internal, and what is the comp model04:41
philipballewits internal. its from a 2002 ibook04:44
philipballewi can grab the card. all i need to do is lift the keybord04:45
urlin2uphilipballew, I suspect the hardware is to old, from a quick glance at the web .04:45
philipballewbut does that mean it wont support wpa then?04:46
urlin2uI suspect that is the case I see references to a airport card being wep only, not sure really.04:48
philipballewill just take the card out and look on apples site04:48
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