billybigriggeranyone here running 11.10?01:37
cyphermoxbillybigrigger: yup02:01
billybigriggeryup what02:01
cyphermoxrunning 11.1002:01
cyphermoxbillybigrigger: nah, intel; I have some nvidia hardware running 11.10 though02:24
cyphermoxif you have a question, ask; I may be able to answer02:24
billybigriggercyphermox, just wanting to know which ati driver works best and how do i easily switch between them02:55
cyphermoxdepends largely on your card02:59
cyphermoxolder cards will probably work with the radeon driver; newer ones will almost definitely require fglrx02:59
billybigriggerradeon hd 420003:15
billybigrigger01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M880G [Mobility Radeon HD 4200]03:16
billybigriggercyphermox, ok so where do i change my driver?03:16
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BluesKajhey folks11:36
BluesKajhey falconeer12:29
dscasselMorning, folks.12:30
BluesKajhey dscassel12:35
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dscasselIf you'd like to cheer me on, my membership meeting starts in ~10min in #ubuntu-meeting.23:48
dscassel(If they get quorum, anyway... :)23:49

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