akgranerhaha he would tag with #akgraner00:03
akgraneryeah - if I used that tag #whymommydrinks and tweeted all the reason - people would think I was drunk all the time00:04
akgranerdamn teenagers!00:04
doctormoNo jono today?00:08
doctormoDoes anyone know of any launchpad/bug lense/source?00:08
mhall119akgraner: heck with the way your life goes, you should be drinking all the time00:30
* mhall119 just fixed a washing machine \o/00:30
* mhall119 feels handy00:30
mhall119now to pour a some alcoholic beverage and sack out on the couch with a good e-book01:30
doctormo-labpopey: Listening to OggCamp podcast, you had help from andrew ion the mixing deck?03:12
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dpmgood morning all06:34
dpmhey nigelb :)06:41
nigelbMorning dpm. So close to Friday! :)06:42
dholbachgood morning07:00
nigelbMornign dholbach07:02
dholbachhey nigelb07:02
dpmmorning dholbach!07:08
dholbachhey dpm07:09
kim0Morning folks07:57
nigelbheya kim007:58
kim0nigelb: hey :)08:00
nigelbkim0: I have a trick question for you :P08:00
kim0shoot hehe08:00
nigelbAmazon vs Rackspace, which seems to have better performance?08:00
kim0they say rackspace08:01
nigelbok, so its not just my feeling.08:01
kim0potentially they have newer cpus08:01
* kim0 sends some priv msgs08:01
nigelbmy attraction was support.08:01
huatshello czajkowski08:47
huatskim0, around ?08:47
czajkowskiSalut :)08:47
huatsczajkowski, I am not sure I'll talk to you till the game :P08:47
huats(kidding of course)08:47
czajkowskioi :p08:50
kim0huats: yeah08:55
huatskim0, so I have talked with Guillaume (my coworker)08:55
huatshe agrees :)08:56
kim0huats: woohoo :)08:56
huatsI'll do the pad really soon08:56
huatsI'll let you know08:56
huatsI just want to finish something first08:56
kim0huats: cool, yeah please let me. We have other volunteers too, so we'll need that for sure08:56
kim0huats: sure tyt, thanks08:57
huatsyeah I have seen that08:57
huatsyou'll have it today for sure08:57
kim0thanks man08:57
huatskim0, where do I create the pad ?09:31
kim0huats: pad.ubuntu.com09:31
huatspad.ubuntu.com ok09:31
kim0huats: pad.ubuntu.com/serverguide09:31
huatsI am on it09:40
huatswhat would you think of doing a finer split that chapter09:41
huatsI would be in favor of splitting in sub chapters : they are numbered already, it is smaller to review so it can be more attractive to people and if someone if not doing is job it will be faster to review :)09:42
huatskim0, what do you think ?09:42
kim0huats: hmm the thing is, every chapter is a single xml file09:43
huatsbut it shouldn't be a problem I think...09:43
kim0huats: sections get split out into subchapters in html09:43
huatsif people don't touch the other part...09:43
kim0think it wouldn't be confusing09:43
huatsbzr will be able to merge09:43
kim0huats: I think it still makes sense for one person to review whole chapter (helps with consistency...etc) .. but if you want to write subchapters, we could still. I'll just encourage people to sign up for full chapters09:45
huatsI agree the consistancy is important09:45
huatsbut I have in the past already reviewed stuffs09:45
huatsand we had the case where someone said :I'll do that chapter and did nothing at the end... and we had a whole chapter to review... it would have been better if it was just sections :)09:46
kim0huats: well ok, we'll do it that way then09:47
huatslet's say that writting down the section prevent people to take a full chapter :)09:47
kim0unless they really can handle it :)09:48
huatskim0, arrg I forgot a word09:48
huatsI meant : let's say that writting down the section won't prevent people to take a full chapter :)09:48
kim0yes, now it makes sense :)09:48
kim0hehe... ok sure .. go ahead09:48
huatsI'll wrte an introduction to the pad saying that09:49
kim0huats: can we have it, so that besides every chapter, there is a name and a status (todo, inprogress, done ) .. like a table09:49
kim0huats: think that looks ok? or should we switch to a google spreadsheet ?09:51
huatskim0, I may idea : we have 3 parts in the pad : the first (Chapters to review) is the todo, the second (chapters that are a currently reviewed) is the inprogress. And when someone starts working on something it cuts  it from the first part to the second and putting is name in ( ) next to it09:52
huatskim0, like this09:52
huatswhat do you think ?09:52
kim0huats: yeah I noticed. But with people doing subchapters out-of-order .. it may look a little messy09:53
kim0I think the question is, do we want to group by status, or by chapter order09:53
huatsboth :)09:54
huatschapter order in each status :)09:54
huats(well that is how I envisage stuffs but you can disagree of course)09:54
kim0huats: imagine when 5.3 is done, but 5.1 and 5.2 is not09:54
kim0huats: we'd have a flying sub-bullet ?09:55
huatsI don't see that as in issue09:55
kim0there'd be no way to know it's 5.3 even ?09:55
huatslet me try to show you :)09:55
* kim0 looks09:55
huatsI'll fill the chapter 509:55
huatskim0, well chapter 6 (the chapter 5 is too short)09:57
kim0huats: that way, ch. 6 itself will be repeated ?09:58
kim0in all sections .. wouldn't be clear if it's done or todo ?09:58
huatsit could09:58
huatslet me ask my colleague if you want to have some more opinions :)09:58
kim0 :)09:58
huatskim0, so he choose your way :)10:05
kim0huats: hehe ok cool :)10:05
huatsbut ;)10:05
kim0indeed I think it would be clearer10:05
huatshe thinks that this way is harder to find out what needs to be done10:06
kim0CTRL+F TODO10:06
kim0they all light up :)10:06
huatsthat is an idea :)10:06
kim0ok guess we have a plan now10:07
huatsgreat !10:07
kim0huats: you know .. let's add all sub-chapters, then you could switch color to red, and paste TODOs .. that'd be extra clear10:09
huatsI am adding them !10:10
kim0ok cool nvm :)10:10
huatsindeed that would be great !10:11
huatskim0, I think were are good :)10:23
huatsI mean we are ready to go :)10:23
huats(it was a bad french translation)10:23
kim0huats: we're good works too :)10:25
kim0good to go10:25
kim0huats: Do the instructions look good to you10:26
kim0huats: think I should convert the #words .. to normal comments on their own lines10:27
huatskim0, yeah probably10:27
kim0nice .. starting to look good10:28
huatsThe instructions are good Ithink10:28
huatskim0, may be you can add in the "cycle" the validate and if it succeeds to commit10:31
huats(instead of having one single commit/ validation)10:31
huatsin my opinion multiple commits and just one push10:32
kim0huats: I'm gonna reply to the serverlist with a link to that page .. thanks man10:34
huatskim0, my pleasure !10:34
kim0huats: you have the privlege of picking up with preferred chapters now .. so pick or be picked :)10:34
kim0s/with/your/ oO10:34
kim0huats: let you friend pick too :)10:35
huatsI am saying it right now :)10:35
kim0and let him know millions of ubuntu users are thanking him too :)10:35
kim0oh chrome12 .. he should upgrade :10:36
huatskim0, I am telling him10:38
huatskim0, we have started our market :)10:42
nigelbdholbach: did you get a chance to poke at that harvest code review?11:27
dholbachno, I'm patch piloting right now :)11:27
dholbachdid mhall119 say anything about it?11:27
dholbachit looked good to me, but I had no chance to test it some more yet11:27
nigelbhe didn't11:29
nigelbI wonder if james has time to do a review11:29
nigelbjames_w: Could take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/harvest/cache-add/+merge/71904 for that harvest bug?11:30
james_wnigelb, I'm not well placed to review that, as I'm not familiar with the caching stuff11:37
nigelbjames_w: heh, neither am I :( Any clues who would bthe right person to ask?11:38
nigelbsomeone on ISD perhaps?11:38
james_wI don't know11:38
nigelbok, I'll poke mhall119 again for help :)11:39
mhall119nigelb: dholbach: what did you guys need me for?12:49
dholbacha review of https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/harvest/cache-add/+merge/7190412:50
dholbachand get your opinion on fixing the weirdness12:50
nigelbmhall119: originally for a code review, I anthony is looking too.12:50
nigelbmhall119: in -isd12:50
mhall119nigelb: ok12:50
nigelbdholbach: anthony said, the missing index theory makes sense12:55
nigelbI don't know anything about postgres12:55
nigelbso, I'm sort of usless at this point.12:55
dholbachI have no idea about this either, but isn't this something that django takes care of itself?12:56
nigelbideally, yeah.12:56
mhall119nigelb: commented on it12:57
nigelbmhall119: that was dholbach's change ;)12:57
AlanBellwho maintains developer.ubuntu.com now?12:57
dholbachAlanBell, dpm among others12:58
nigelbAlanBell: dpm I think12:58
mhall119nigelb: did you test it? was there a noticable speed improvement?12:59
AlanBellok. o/ dpm there are problems with developer.ubuntu.com. The feedback page tells people to bug jono direct, the irc channel is shut down but linked and the packaging tutorial doesn't work12:59
nigelbmhall119: very noticeable, yes.13:00
nigelbbut that was cache13:00
mhall119it looks good to me then13:00
nigelbdholbach: do you want to drop by in #canonical-isd?13:02
nigelbI think you might be able to answer questions better than me13:02
dholbachnigelb, I can, but I'm quite busy with other stuff right now13:02
dpmAlanBell, I'm working on d.u.c now, so you can bug me (let me change that page to reflect that). On what page did you see the packaging tutorial?13:16
dpm(checking on the IRC channel too)13:18
AlanBellmfraz74 was trying to follow it and failing13:36
AlanBellrunning on kubuntu13:36
nigelbAlanBell: shadeslayer is fix0ring13:36
duanedesigndholbach: Einlocken could be Log In?13:41
dholbachduanedesign, Einloggen?14:03
dholbachduanedesign, I'll rush out real quick to take the dog for a walk - dpm speaks German too14:04
duanedesignaha, thank you14:07
akgranerAlanBell, thank you for following up on this15:00
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:11
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